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1st issue of “BUTA” – the newspaper of Regional Session of EYP Azerbaijan by the Editor of the session Teymur Mehdizade

All about SEDE 1 Article by Fidan Ahmadzada The committee work of the SEDE I with the topic of “EU vs ISIS” started extremely energized and active. Luckily, all the delegates were aware and informed about the topic and immediately started the discussion. The first one to read gathered information was Narmin, whose strong voice made everyone interested and willing to listen and suggest ideas. By the start of the last Committee work session for the first day, the whole committee was already finishing on concretizing the problems and coming next to solutions. Very surprising, most of the delegates already had strong positions and opinions and were ready to convert them into a great resolution later on. During the following work Lala, Erlan, Latifa and Narmin had a discussion about the refugees in Europe and used their Chairs’ advices for future concretization. By the way, Gosia and Aykhan were extremely helpful and led the delegates to the right way of understanding and finding a solution for the theme. The guys divided into three groups to speak about different problems. Lala, Vusala, Sheyda, Tusi and Narmina were talking about cultural shock of refugees and locals; Elmira, Aliya, Amina, Hasan, Erlan and Eldar were discussing the lack of cooperation among neighborhood countries; Yusif, Latifa, Narmin and Turkana spoke about the absence of educational courses for refugees. Fortunately, the delegates were summing up with all the solutions they came up to and using them in their resolution, which seemed very strong and meaningful. They are fully prepared for the upcoming General Assembly. Good luck!

On the right way with JURI Article by Gulnar Gurbanova Delegates were spinning around certain problems for quite a while, they managed to find the way through and gathered their thoughts. The atmosphere was on the highest level of respect towards each other and never needed strict rules. At the beginning they played very interesting games. After these games they had to draw each other with different features and started to work really hard on the topic.

As I see, they really like each other and for my mind all of them will be friends after the session. It is really nice that they listen very carefully and try to understand each other’s opinion. As Sani (one of the chair of Juri committee) mentioned this committee is the most respectful committee I have ever seen.” And I completely agree with him. For me as a journalist seeing this amazing work, inspires to participate more sessions and make always that kind of astonishing sessions. I hope all committees in the future will be like them. For my mind, active conversation and mutual cooperation will bring them to the point where they can easily start writing actual clauses in their resolutions. And finally, I want to add some opinions about the session from the delegates of our committee. During my interview one of the delegates mentioned that before the session when I heard about the EYP I thought it was really serious and weighty organization. Merely, it wasn’t just about that. I understood it after the teambuilding and icebreaking games. Those games made us become friends and start to like each other. The people who were working there voluntarily at least during last three or four months just for their personal improvement are a good example for those next generations as a role model of hardworking and dedicated professionals. It really inspires us.” Those words made me think that we as active EYPers are on the right way.

Feel the ECON Article by Guldana Dadashova On the 2nd day of the session, delegates involved into the topic more intensively in comparison with yesterday. First day the problems were almost done and the following day it is time for solutions. The role of the dear chairs Sevinj and Jan are undeniable as they could create the open space for the ideas. Considering the fact that the topic of the ECON committee related to the oil and economic issues, it is easy to predict the energy of the delegates during the non –stop discussions. Various perspectives help to be more focused and think out of the frames. Speaking about the team spirit I would like to mention that the level of respectfulness and understanding is on the top of it. So welcome the amazing delegates of the ECON committee. Amina, Halima, Hasan and Arif encourage the others with their active engagement to the topic and facts that they have prepared beforehand. You can feel the positive vibes spreading around the room by two amazing girls Mehinbanu and Beyaz. Esmeralda is nominated for our most strong – willed delegate for her control of the face emotions while playing “Honey, tell me that you love me”, but at the end we were able to make her laugh and join us. In addition to the Fidan, Samaya and Arif ‘s skills could be added the most hardworking delegates as they were still phrasing the solution even though the lunch has begun. Samrin and Humay are the most easy going delegates in the committee and it helps them to be more active in the group works. Despite the fact that

Aysun characterized her adjective “A”- ngry (Angry) in the teambuilding , during these two days she became the smiling face of the committee. What about Rena can be said ? Her charm and elegance say everything. So, you should know that messing with ECON is not a good idea !

Honey, say that you love DROI!

Article by Medina Mursagulova

The most memorable thing that gathers everyone together is EYP games. This kind of activity helps to face new people in your life, get to know them better(before working together for the next 3 days), smoothes the atmosphere in a committee and motivates everyone. And of course the most interesting part is having fun, cause as our editor said “though it’s a serious organization, without fun EYP is not EYP”. As a result we have stronger ties between the members of the committee which leads to “building a team”. In this case, DROI can make an impression of a harem, there are 14 delegates, 13 of them are girls. Nevertheless, this doesn’t influence their team work. Rafik ( the only guy in a committee) has a really good connection with his team mates : Irina, Leyla and Nata. And what about the fun part? DROI has his youngest participant, Aydan, at the age of 13. Committee’s chair decided to play a game called “honey say that you love me” which makes people laugh and breaks the ice in their relationships. Can you imagine a little girl approaching you and saying with her angel voice ‘honey say that you love me!’ Well, that’s what happened. And that was the moment when our hearts melt. Aydan is now working in her group consisting of 4 more girls: Tomris, Ayla, Nargis and Natavan.

While playing they have even got to the “desert island” deciding which items do they need for surviving out there. Turns out the only thing you can seriously argue about right here is whether taking an axe or a knife: Jama and Nurana had a huge discussion on this. But now they are amazingly working together with Havva, Nigar and Aysel. And that’s what EYP does- connects people and strengthens their relationship. Next task given by the chair of the committee, Anastasia Pavlotskaya, was “drawing your perfect day”. Everyone draw their favorite parts of the day: sleep, food, food and more food. One picture attracted our attention. And that was Irina’s drawing: a gun crossed by a stop sign. That’s how she explained it: “I’m from Ukraine and I live near the border so my way of imagining a perfect day is a day without wars.” That was worth the applause.

While EYP session is going on, you’re 24/7 in this atmosphere and you see how everyone here has something to say, express themselves in their own way (our head orga Shahin was even trying to play tar-our national musical instrument, not saying he succeed at this), how everyone is really passionate about what they do and this really inspires everyone around creating a special EYP-spirit.

Bright Ideas of SEDE II Article by Kanan Huseynov SEDE II is one of the most hardworking and interesting committee in 2 nd Regional Session of EYP Azerbaijan. What makes them so hardworking and interesting is their important topic and, of course, the smart people in the committee. The topic of the committee is the growth of extremism. This topic discuss ensuring the safety and Defence Policy which is needed to empower the common security.

After gathering information and coming up with bright ideas, delegates started to discuss the topic more widely in order to create a resolution which will be powerful and useful enough to pass from General Assembly of the session. The discussions are contacted by the experienced chairs Altun and Aytan who have great knowledge about the topic and always ready to help their committee. The delegates are very enthusiastic about the topic and contribute to the discussion in their own style. Eldar and Lala always bring new ideas and make critical comments and it helps the committee to rethink some of their ideas and make them better. Lamiya, Leyla and Nigar also contributes to the discussions in their own way, they bring related examples, comes up with solution oriented ideas and help the committee to visualize the situation in the Europe. Lukas is the only foreigner in the committee that is why he approach to the topic in a different angle. Nadir, Aygun, Ashraf and Shahmar never hesitate to share their opinions and always helpful to the committee. Samad, Bahar and Nijat prefer to stay calm during discussion and express their opinions whenever it is necessary. In conclusion, the level of group work in the committee is quite high and this committee is doing their job very well. It is for sure that in the General Assembly they will show us a great resolution and will be able to make it pass there.

Why would you want to discuss CULT? Article by Esra Solhi Firstly, this committee has focused on the well-being of all members of the human race and the increased opportunities for education in all countries of the European Union and on specific countries. Additionally, looking at the Union's education policy, both in the school education systems and in lifelonglearning programmes, such as museums and libraries. In this current term, the Committee on Culture and Education has looked at three issues. The first issue is the protection of members of circuses in the European Union.

In addition, the CULT committee is one of the most responsible committees of the session. Firstly, chairpersons (Milana Ibrahimova, Zviadi Jolokhava) are very patient and responsible in their work. They are always on time and very good on time managing. Besides, they always try to be very patient and listen to each delegate’s opinions and guide them. Furthermore, delegates are very easy going and respectful with each other. They always try to help each other when they need. Delegates of CULT try to write resolutions related to their topic, and each one of them has very bright ideas that they learn new things from each other. In addition, their expectations were both positive and negative which they faced during the session as well. For instance, they never thought about EYP to be this much fun, but as a fact EYP is one of the most entertained and educated events. I should mention to this point that all of the delegates are very hard working. For instance, I would like to mention to some of them, such as Agahuseyn is very creative and ambitious person that expresses his ideas and make people to think about them. In addition, I should mention Rahila who is very patient person and all the time listens to chairs and other delegates as much as possible. Furthermore, Kubra is also very friendly person who motivates other delegates as well. All delegates and chairpersons are the reasons of making this session unforgettable and enjoyable.

DO YOU KNOW WHO’s THE BOSS HERE? Article by Ulkar Gurbanaliyeva The Second Regional Session of EYP Azerbaijan is on the Brust Mode and it is the best time to check do us know the highest and mightiest, those who are invisible but omnipresent. They should receive all the Oscars and still they prefer to stay in the shadow. Meet the crouching tigers and hidden dragons of RSM – the Officials Team! The major purpose of this article is to introduce our bosses to you guys from different perspective. Let’s start with Head Organizers Shahin Pasha and Elvin Ramazanzade. Usually we use to have one Good cop and one Bad in a team. However, this time both of our cops happens to be very Pokerfaced! Pasha – demanding, sometimes too strict but still he doesn’t forget about fun. Elvin – looks as a very introvert observer but something makes me believe that he has another quite amusing side. At least he is called Deli Maraz not in vain.

This is the base and eventually doesn’t matter how perfect the base is it still needs operating hands, in other words, our adorable Orga Team. Here they are: Nargiz – Tender and always ready to help; Nigar – Calm but very talented; Nigga – Fun! Fun! Fun! :D Rufat – Loud, amusing and kind; Ayten – Charming and positive; Telman – tries to look like tough guy but so cheerful; Elvin Haci – for some he is “Dvijenie” Elvin; Hasan – silent walker; Sarxan – IT expert

Actually, all those guys are “ürəhhlər” (which means that they are totally adorable). We shouldn’t forget about our lovely Jury team Tayfun Gudratli which is one of the experienced EYPers, Shukur Quliyev – he is new in our family but he already proved his loyalty to the EYP Azerbaijan and one of the pioneers of EYP Azerbaijan, one and only, the president of EYP Azerbaijan Narmin Mammadova. These guys will choose future participants for International Forum of EYP in Ganja.

And our President of RSM Laura. You might be surprised by her appearance. She might look very young but still she is very experienced and have crucial skills for a young leader. I would like to mention separately our Vice presidents: Milana is most experienced EYPer of Azerbaijan and she is very dedicated to every event of EYP. As a chairperson in CULT she is very punctual, not only in timing but also in performance of her committee. She is tolerant and respectful to each of her delegates. The second Vice president of our session is Malgorzata Oszpiuk whom most of us know as Gosia, is very helpful, trying to sum up the best resolution, leading the delegates towards the most important problems and efficient solutions.

How can we conclude without our gorgeous Editor? I am 100% sure that everybody adores this young, extremely talented and ambitious man. Teymur Mehdizade may be demanding in terms of job of his crew but he will never neglect the fun. As he said: “Don’t forget about fun guys!” Well, that’s all for me. Just want to add that these guys have done quite huge work in order to make this session unforgettable, so lets be thankful to our bosses!

Thank You delegates for being the part of this Amazing Session! We hope you love it and see you again soon in the second issue of our newspaper “BUTA�

BUTA - 1st Issue  

BUTA is the newspaper of Regional Session of EYP Azerbaijanand here is our first issue. Editor: Teymur Mehdizade

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