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Internship storyes Ст. 10-11

Ст. 3 small story about conference in India ...

.... Не хочете по людськи, буде по моєму .... boss page

Hello Піпли ! ск газети назріває пу ви ій ет тр ь ос е му Привіт вж помозі !!! Народ ко до в а еб тр по ся ть відчуває му дизайні пишіть но іч аф гр в та бо цікава ро очас приємно =) дн во і но ис ор К !!! навчу хто чим... а я батьків, зикою сучасною му нати виганяю з кім

*ами *того*, шо у виші

х, и ознак и в крана д о в Основним ь т іс н - це наяв паперу у перевірка алетного у т , к у р я ирається дл який доб сушилок , а н а к е д ках і ро, а на всіх кабін му падже є о в с а н не на роботу і маршрутц

* * *

Харків. Їдемо з друзями на пари. Чекаємо трамвая №6. Приповзає... Сіли. Доїжджаємо до Площі повстання. А він тут повин їхати далі по Московському проспекту, а він звертає в сторону... Ми до кондуктора: - А....? - Та вам не цей номер шість треба, вам треба той №6, що прямо їде.

І знову про ст удентів. Пішли недавн о кімнатою в магазин. Саш тому часто бе ко не дуже по ре всяку марсі любляє готува анську їжу по ти степендії скуп типу "Мівіна". итися. Стоїмо Вирішили зі в черзі перед водою, крупи касою. Хто з х ... В Сашка рук лібом, з и забиті пачка пробитої 15-т ми Мівін. Тітка ої пачки: на касі після -Хлопці, вам куди стільки? Продавати бу Сашко не довг дете? о думаючи: -Та ні, накрива тимемо стіл н а День народ ження.

* * *


LC life small story about conference in India ... Hey, AIESEC! =)

– For u answer laughing Yo ll wi – h Ha ?? ce eren one like cal Induction Conf ?? YES!!! National ce en er Have You visited Lo nf co ee itt m Com AHA!!! Not er been on Local ternational one??? in t ou Sure!!! Have you ev ab at wh d An shy e more time YES! OOO……)) I won’t be OO SO is! it ol co New horizons?? On w ine ho er) 600 use you can’t imag ce previous summ en er nf co l yet?)) Poor you, beca na io at rn inte atmosphere+ I was in India on d of international ise pr to say that I was) m co e nc rie to meet people of the great expe d an opportunity ha delegates, 10 day I y da 10 g rin how environment. Du and understanding es tri un co r great educational ei th EC in develop , hear about AIES r…. Here you can he ot ch ea from 107 countries m fro ke ta ld ones that t how much can we Some cleaver guy to ll. we different we are bu as ly al on rs e conference is ofessionally but pe . And imagine if th ng yourself not only pr hi et m so n ar le where e fastest way to eat Global village gr a th wi conferences are th ce en confer nity to !! We started the tes had an opportu ga le de l al international one! d an ng ocki rent food))) 1 tries was really sh !!!and also try diffe es th difference of coun clo nt re ffe di and of course with the guys in sessions started! =) y make 100 of photos da xt ne e th on finally ter Global village t, lunch, dinner))) as kf ea br – additional plus! Af ns io ss e se ions… It’s had 3 our favorit ds, interesting sess en fri w during the day we ne e, dg le ow tour or just ence it’s not only kn untry in a study co international confer r he ot an e nc e the conference nity to experie portant things mak also great opportu im e th l al s, ye n) for me g transportatio mmer I discovered su us io ev Pr observations durin . … ce nferen ternational ial international co country during in e m so really special…spec er ov sc di u will be next to India…. Maybe yo it=) conference….Just do own! Just ty to try it on your ni rtu po op an ve ha you ol? Impressive? So when!!!! p.s. Interesting? Co TM – where, what, VT k as or am te r ou check the news on



Екологія - це наука про місце людей в природі....

Purpose: Format ion of ecological consciousness in implementation, ex people and dire change experienc cting it to es in the develo countries, person pment of civil so al development of ciety in other pupils and studen about the ecolog ts, bringing youn ical state of educ ge at r generation io n in society and nature, willingness youth to love thei to work for its prot r native land, ection. Measures to be im plemented under th e project: The project will be activities such as English lessons, school students (8 training and sem -11 grades) and st inars for high ud ents of the Univers situation in our co ity of Lviv on the en untry and the wor ld that will take pl vironmental people. ace in one stage fo r ab out 1000 For the sessions involved foreign sp ecialists - interns different countries AIESEC (7 repres ), faculty members entatives from , staff training cent Project Objectives ers. : 1. Interns will pres ent educational pr ograms for univer global environmen sity students in Lv tal problems of ec iv dedicated to ology; 2. Interns are expe cted to prepare an d work to improve th lesson; e educational prog ram for each 3. Being an active member of the team and provide tips an sustainability of lo cal committee; d techniques in en vironmental 4. Motivate studen ts to further their pe rs onal and profession 5. Select the glob al development; al problems of m ankind, local prob interns come and le ms, and those co find possible joint untries where solutions. 6. Get ideas of ec ological situation university students organizations. and members of environmental OC : OCP of this projec t Nadia Mehalev uch


LC Lviv

WWB (World without borders)

ip project whose purpose is to develop leadersh "World without borders"- a social education es ibiliti poss liarization senior students with the existing skills, improve English proficiency and fami for help informed choice of future career. ing and seminars for high school students, "World Without Borders - English lessons, train in Lviv Science at Lviv city council, which will be held supported by the Department of Education and EC (6 AIES ions involved foreign specialists - interns students grades 9-11 schools. For the sess project will be undertaken: representatives from different countries). The ■ training and seminars: - Leadership; - vocational guidance; projects); - project management (organizing their own ; ities - setting goals and prior - psychological tests; - team games; the purpose entations of their cultures and countries for Also, foreign representatives will make pres of broadening students. OCP of this project Ira Ykrainec

Ти все ще бажаєш реалізовуват и чужі мрії ? Якщо «НІ» тоді ці книги тобі допоможуть : - Рэнди Комисар. Монах и загадка

- Маркус Букингэм и Курт Коффман.Гла вное — нарушить все правила - Майкл Лектер. Защити свой актив № 1 - Блэйр Сингер. Собаки продаж

Внимательно относитесь к тем, кто завладевает вашим разумом. Не зрямы вешаем замки на наши двери. По той же причине замок следует повесить на свой мозг. Ваш величайший актив — ваш мозг, и вам нужно держать двери туда под замком. Роберт Киосаки



LVIV feedback...

uld ink that they co th t o n o d I s. se . It is enjoy our clas r English skills ei th e v ro p a im remarkably e skill in only ag u g n la a e v pro e put four difficult to im s. However, w k ee w o tw d eaking, month an our classes: sp to in s ie it v ti was skills with ac and listening. I hope our l in Japan. That el w n g w o n k t o to at they writing, readin Ukraine is n me here. I like ents to find wh d co u st to e se th o ut ch ed p I y classes hel skills througho iliar with. sh the reason wh m li g fa n t E o n r e ei ar th e at v people ing need to impro me students might realize th explore where orried a little bit about stay So s. ht w ie it the activ hile others mig . ever, thanks to Actually, I was w w , o g H in e. en er st h li th at n mo they are poor need speaking practice more SECers, my IE one and a half A er th o e th Vanko, was realize that they my buddy, Ira the other interns, my worry e d viv, I could hav L in . ay ay st st host family an y y m m y future. Throughout d I could enjo will help me in were not at th gone soon, an s ce n ie er ions that many exp Language ad some situat h ut the project, I o e h ab g u o rd th ea h o en I Ev e wh emories for m m When m r d o fo o g as e w ar it they sure that as this one easy and fun, School, I was . Since there w ill never forget er w h I ac at te th sh re li g su n E now. I am planed to be an da and we have to teach iv. en f month in Lv al ag e, h ic m a if r d fo ec an e sp g t n o n alle lish, it was a ch English in Eng would be a good experience it but I knew that as well. gh not have enou not go id d e w ce n si ses did At first, g classes, clas in n n lf. la p r fo g n meeti the project itse t u o ab d ie rr o s en w well. I was ev ly I, but also the other intern n o n. t io o However, n ut of this situat o et g to e av h e roject is realized that w ized that the p ents, al re I e, m ti e ith stud At the sam ion not only w at ic n u m m co t decided to abou er interns. We th o e th h it , and w but also asses everyday cl re o ef b s g n have meeti asses. ut plans for cl discussed abo ly, proved gradual im s se as cl r u o emed to Since then, the students se at th e se ld u and I co

LC life

e I had in Lviv. about the great tim y or st y m es go meet amazing Hi, here life. There I could y m in e on st be e was th rticipate of the much more. I've pa rience I had in Lviv d pe an ex e es th nc , rie re pe su ex r , Fo ledge ars old about s from 13 to 16 ye share feelings, know er uld ag co en I te o g wh hin le, ac te op t pe great. All the y abou my "team" was also ct" which is basicall d oje an t Pr ea ve gr s Wa wa en ct re "G e proje ther, including mental education. Th d Poland) lived toge on an vir il az en d Br , an sia gie ne olo do ec d everything. from In d share material an project (4 people an e ct th of oje s pr te e an th t cip ou rti ab pa s talk way we could alway me, of course. That ct. eat and perfe of It was absolutely gr ganization process raine is about the or Uk it in st, ey fir rn At jou . es ole ss e cla I have about my wh o the schedule of th als d ed an d em foo se The only complain y t, all fla re r n, it me troubles with ou dealing wirh. I mea AIESEC. We had so ow what they were kn ay countries that nt aw did far EC m ES fro AI m were people e er th lack at th looked like people fro t fac e zed that it was just really care about th er some time I reali d aft t, foo e Bu . th that the OCs didnt on th wi so d d s we ha rainian habbits an spite all the problem De . ing am be te s were not used to uk e ek th we of 2 st er the OCs and the re ally settled down aft of experience from flat (we were just fin e th en 6), I can say i , be s) ve ek ha we ld 3 ou for sh d it foo ile d wh ve rk cie re wo (we just d 2 weeks of EC Lviv did for me. e project (we only ha for everything AIES ll kfu an th in Lviv) and with th ry ve i'm my life there and had the best time of Thanks a lot


Story from New EB (11/12)... Olenka Khomichak (

LC life VP CICX 2011-2012)

new history of my life !!! Two days in Novoyavo rivsk were full of wory ing and emotions!!!! All these people who EB elections were real where there gave me Omg, I remember thes ly cool! support and and warm e three minutes when elected one by one. we, candidates were smile. standing together an When Svjatik was elec d Zory ted VP F , I expected VP CICX!!! OQX position=) But no a The whole day I cant ! Im be the evening my min lieve in it, I understood what happened wh d woke up and tell m en came back to hom elections!!! e: this wasn’t elected e! In OCP position, this wa s EB I shall never forget it!!!! Ira Vanko ( OGX DT/E My impressions from T Coordinator) EB elections These EB elections I will remember for all my life. It was my second (firs t was when I joined opportunity to change AIES something in my life EC) big really glad that I used and I ‘m What I felt during thesit! e all my emotions. At fir two days? It is hard to express st I doubted and I didn ’t believe in myself. Than before m y sp ee ch , I wa s re But when I heard my al song, I took Zorya’s ly worried. and Yulya’s hands smiled and st happiness (maybe, icearted my speech. After that I felt –cre When Zorya pooled wa am helped me too) and surprised. But af ter on my head I was shocked responsibility and tru ter few days I understand all my st which was given to me. And I didn’t regret for my de I want to thank AIES cision. EC who believed in me, wh for all opportunities, to people o inspired and motiva ted me. You made a lo t for me! Thank you! Daria Ivanova ( Com munication Coordina tor 2011-2012) And here it is simulta the two days combineneously happy and very busy day, electio n d feeling of joy, doubts , worries, in the executive board. In I want to thank Yulia , Zhenya, Zorya, Mar yana, Olya, Lubass, during these two days Tim, Sergey for their Know how nerves othebecause it was necessary =) support r candidates and I wa nt to congratulate thos very glad that these pe e who passed this test We build cool team th ople will face Aiesec in Lviv. . I am at does not bring that all forces will strive to Aiesec in Lviv the next improve the results an level. d lead Also believe that this wi ll be th e best year of my life. I do not know what we will do without our BO RD, because we have and quickly love you ... become accustomed please us with their pr I trust that you will not forget about us to you ))) and will from time esence))) to time to Kisses =) Zoryana Balko (LCP 2011-2012) I will never forget that day when was elected my team. only in that day, I realized that

I’ll be LCP AIESEC in Lviv during in 2011-2012, only in that day I felt truly happy! I could not say everything that I felt perhaps there are no words that would be expressed my feelings. I strongly believe that this year will be one of the best in our life, and my life will be with those cool people – my best team!!! Don’t be afraid and only believe in yourself and people will believe in you! …Team….own team…. What can be better…? We are all so different and in that time similar ... cause we have one goal, one aim - to grow and develop our lovely AIESEC Lviv!!!


Story from New EB (11/12)... LC life Timothy Aleksandronets ( VP ER 2011-2012) This day i will not forget to the end of my life. I was elected. This is such a feeling - feeling of absolute happiness. It was difficult to think or to talk anything. It is happiness. Happiness of feeling trust. Happiness of having a possibility to act. Happiness to be happy. Now I will not ask myself about motivation. When i think about these bright emotions i strongly want to work, to help and to love. The next day when i worked up i felt like a different person. There are no words to express those feelings to feel these changes inside. Now i am new person. And this is the next stage of my life! If life gives you a chance then take it! I love my dear AIESEC in Lviv! <3 Ustyna Hasiy ( ICX DT/ET Coordinator) So… It was just great, I have never had so much emotions in one weekend. It was scary, it was magically, it was significant, it WAS. Thanks God it really was. I don’t regret any moment of what happened. Especially when that water (it wasn’t sooooo cold ;) was poured on me and I became a part of my new family cold EB 11-12.We can grow, have in what to grow, and for whom :) Thank you a lot AIESEC in Lviv. Really love you and will work to leave a good memories and signs in our history! Lots of love :) Nadya Myhalevych ( TM Coordinator 2011-2012) "I became VP TM" - this phrase I repeated many times in a raw with happy smile on my face. I couldn't even imagine such future for me half year ago but now my life turned in unexpected way but I don't regret, it's even better than I supposed! I can't wait when I would be working with my new team and can't wait when we will gather together to solve global problems=)) Push Yourself beyond your limits! There is nothing in the world that you can't overcome, it is worth trying something new! The result will be amazing (like wet hair and clothes, happy smelly faces and congratulations). It was such a great day! One of the best days in my life! Thank U guys for your support=) Svyatoslav Shchur ( Finance Coordinator 2011-2012) These two days of EB elections were really hard for me especially from emotional sight. All these feelings like fear, worrying, a lot of doubts from one side, and happiness, shock from another, made me so happy in the end that I realized that it was worth of it!!!) I know that this day changed my life for better as AIESEC and really cool people in this best organization do this every day. To tell the truth I was really shocked to be elected as VP Finance!!!!=) But І was very happy when Zorya pooled half of whater in the bucket on me! It was unforgettable feeling!) And this "шооооо?????.....і дякую!!!!" I will remember for whole my life!) Now I understand and realize what a huge opportunity and responsibility at the same time was given me. I believe that this year will be unforgettable for me, and i really want to spend it with such a great team and to develop as much as possible not one myself and other but also our lovely LC! Thank u for believing in me! I'll do my best to justify your trust and expectations!!! Love u all)))) Tereza Dmytryshyn ( OGX DT/MT Coordinator 2011-2012) It was really a hard decision for me to apply to the Executive board 2011-2012 Aiesec Lviv,because I thought that I haven’t got enough experience to be in one team with a strong and experienced people.After elections of the Board I was really glad for the people who were elected, because they are my friends, but I was feeling a little bit uset that I didn’t even try to join them. After the elections I saw that one position is still free. I was thinking really a lot before applying,but then I realized that if I will be afraid of something I will never achieve my goals,and I will lost really a great chance.Then I applied and had interview with Zorya,our LCP, And when I heard from her that I became a part of Executive board,I was really happy and proud of myself, but still I was afraid if I can be good leader ,and if I really can work in OGX MT/TT cause I never worked in this area.But then Zorya persuade me that everything is possible if you believe in it! And it’s really true.


* * *


їхав я вчора поїздом вночі додому.Загальний вагон, людей як оселедців, жарко, сморід.Я ледве притулився десь з краєчку полиці.Навпроти мене їде мама з з хлопчиком років 3-х (як виявилось).Малий, не зважаючи на свій вік та пізню годину був дуже жвавий і говіркий.Виглянувши у вікно він побачив на сусідній колії поїзд Київ-Вроцлав.Поїзд аж блистів від новизни.Ітут малий дивиться захоплено видає фразу на весь вагон "МАМО, А НАШ ПОЇЗД ТОЧНО ДЛЯ ЛЮДЕЙ?" Вагон випав.

Amazing Lviv

I already got back to my university, but when I’m taking lessons in classrooms or eating in cafeteria, I still wonder about the life when I was in Ukraine. I can’t forget those handsome boys and pretty girls, those yummy snacks sold beside streets, those yellow lights in the nights and shining stones on the roads. I took an internship of the project be tolerant for seven weeks in Lviv, Ukraine. Although I only lived in the city for 3 weeks (I traveled a lot), but it’s like my second hometown, because I had a home there, I had work there, I had my family there and a bunch of good friends. I lived an amazing life in Lviv. Using the popular saying in our flat, I’d like to say, Lviv has something amazing! The aiesecers here are amazing. Before I came here, I thought people here might live satisfied life and don’t struggle in work as much as in China. But actually the aiescers here made me change my minds, it started from the moment I got off the train, I couldn’t believe it was not one but three people went there to wait for me. Can u imagine how happy I was then? I want to shout their name out, they were: Ustyna, Tanya and another cute boy, whose Chinese name pronounced Funaide. My buddy is a very pretty and kind-hearted girl, her name is Muroslava. I like her for the first time we met. It was very early in the morning, we got off the train waiting out of our flat without key, then we heard someone going up, thought she must bring the key to us, after we rushed to her, hugs and cheers, she told us she has no key. We all laughed and started to talk happily. She companied me to a lot places, such as school, story café, beer factory, traditional fair. She’s so sweet that it’s so hard to say goodbye. I love all the aiesecers in Lviv LC, I will always remember there are young people like us in another part of the earth, with whom we talked together, we eated together, and we laughed together. The life here was amazing. More accurately, it’s comfortable. We got up a little late in the morning and found it was another sunny day, then we cooked a good branch for us, took camera and went out. Getting off the minibus, the place we started must be the Opera House. Bought a snack near the street, we began to search every church, museum street by street. After 4 or 5pm, museums started to close, we just hided into some interesting cafés that we newly found. Café and cookies here were terrific! By that time, street artists appeared in every corner by the streets near city hall. I love those Ukrainian songs lingering between those old churches, buildings, stylish cafes and clubs. Young people hanged out on the street maybe from one bar to another bar, they were energetic and cute, and often shouted, ”ni hao”(hello in Chinese) to us. We were a little scared at the first time when a group of boys shouted to us, but now I think I love them. Goodbye Lviv, maybe some time in my life I’ll go back, maybe not. But anyway I’ll cherish the time there. Wish all my friends good luck and welcome to China! 10.03.2011 Caris (China) In Beijng


I keep Ukraine in my heart....

LC life My story in Ukrai ne

opportunity that we re capable to chan My project is called life and by this exch ge my Magic Castle, in Trus an ge I learned more cavets. The soul of the pr myself and I ha about oject was that it d I great develop was an English Winter Ca fin m ish en ed t. I th e project and I lik mp for children fro ed to work with m many cities of Ukraine. I ki ds be ca us e worked with nice ch I ha d to ov er co ildren as Yasia, Oleg, Pash me m ch al le ng es an d I ha d m any m om en an y experience was am , Dash, and others. The ex ts of tre m e joy. The family ow azing and in the sa ner of the me time it was really chall we camp re at te nt enging. Because th ions an e camp wa s fo cu se d on days with them bed nice with me- i spent tree wo rk wi th ki ds fore the start of th it challenging. Challen e camp an d it wa s ve ry ging because the kid wa s in te re st be ca us e too young betwee s were be sid e pr ep ar ing th e house for the be ginning of the they didn´t speakn 8 and 12 years old and camp, I lived with English very well them and I could know that on that as we tell them about my country age it is expecte (Brazil) and answ d. The different climatequ er their es tio n ab out it. I know that strongly cold (- 7 I realized a good degrees Celsius) and cultu wo rk bu t no w re were reasons that I have passed chosen to work in why I thru the Exchange experienc e I know that I co were organized by Ukraine. All the activities uld do have ne m uc h more and much tre better. One more two Ukrainian girls. e young people- Me and th ing be fo re We did activities sin the ca be gi nn in g of th e ce the days in the house mp I lived in Lviv for five da y st ar tin g wi th of two Ukrainian stu morning and wake go od and they were supe dents up songs to cheer r nice with me, th them up. After that we ey m e treat ve ry we ll, they showed th e center of the competitions. Lated i d g r o u p g a m e s a n d city, we hang out r were time for to pubs and famou English classes that we us s pla In the beginning ed theater, Christm they were shy bu ces. as carols and others activiti m om t any en t th ey es in the evening. felt more comforta ble and tried The kids were impressive be to communicate as cause they didn´t much as they could get tired and it was funny sin more. We became and friends very easy an and sleep late. As ce we wake up really early d to I we th nt e cin ema (in Ukrainian) outside activities we and to dance class used to go to swimming po with them. In the ol, bowling, go to th e ce of the city with th only ZUPINIT BUDL movie I could understand e right to treasure´ nter ASKA (stop please) s hunt and a snowman. By . I want to send a big hug th to e my friends Roman wa y it was the first time that I have th . After e ca m p I liv ed with a friend fro temperatures unde been to a country with m Indonesia called Hary. I had r zero degrees an a great time with d saw snow. The ex him and i could know more perience was wond that I places in the city erful but there is nothing be AI ES and the EC loc al meeting. During m tter than the warm y exchange I weather of Brazil. The kids also met Brazilians were so happy in Paula e Gabriel wh the night competitions. Their o were really good for me to rememb any parent proud. performance would make e co r my un try .W as a pleasure to m The attentions were eet them and I dance, sing and to the want to say than arts competitions. Others great activities we moments I had withks to them for all good re going to the mou them and for all su nt slager (snow´s car), ain to pport. I met so many peop it was the first tim le and they were one e that I did a winter Sportbe of the st th ing s ab out my exchange. I were a clown and we had so fun. Beside that I met others Indonesian as it was so funny beca Ra use the kids were supposed Ukrainians as the br d i n k a , m a n y o t h e r s to feel happy but th scared at the first ey go all that I met on th others Victor and SAHI and t moment and only wh e dance class. I lik en they realized that I wa ed all of you. I don’t forget s the clown they th e friends that I Just laughed about it. We went by talked te lep hone. Also I had gr eat moments with do special activity- to the Center of the city to m y fri en ds from Georgia Who dr I lived tree dayswas good to solve ink medicinal water that Eliso, David and stomach´s ache. Nino. Thank you But the water had a bad ta e v e all for r y t h i n g . Yo u g a v e sty me unique and the children to drink making hard to convince un fo rg et ta ble moments. . The point is that in life to have something go od we ha ve so m deal with hard, tu I keep Ukraine in ff situations. And etimes to my heart. that is so true because my gr eatest learning wa s to deal with obstacles and March 10, 2011 challenges- I adm it that I didn’t overcome all of all of them. Talking them, but I learned with thanks to the girls about this I want to say who worked with Roberto Nunes M me and were patient and artiniano de Olivei friends specially ra in the moments when I were tired and m issed my family. I also say thanks to Maryan a from AI ES EC be ca us e sh e gave m e th is gr ea t


Випуск 3/ 2011

by Myroslav Gret

LC Lviv Newspaper  

LC Lviv Newspaper

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