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elcome to this your 62nd edition of The Inland Magazine and a Happy New Year to everyone. We hope that you all had a very good Christmas and enjoyed opening all your prezzies and eating your traditional Christmas dinner.

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The New Year normally begins with many people making a New Years resolution, and indeed 70% of New Years resolutions end in failure within 12 hours of first making them, and a further 15% of New Year’s resolutions reach the end of the road by the 24th hour, and did you know approximately only 15% of resolutions actually succeed. So if you have made a new years resolution, try being one of the minority who actually succeed in sticking to their chosen resolution. And good luck to all of you who have chosen to make a resolution.

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A Very Happy New Year to You All

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The Orange Capital of Spain by Derek Workman

Having commented on a number of occasions about the fact that it is almost impossible to get into a church in the Valencian Community because they are almost always closed, thus being unable to view the, usually, incredibly ornate decoration that has been so wondrously restored with hefty chunks a EU money, i.e. you and I have paid for it but they won’t let us in to have a gander, my visit to Burriana’s Iglesia del Salvador surprised me on two accounts: a. it was open, and b. it was delightfully simple – or at least as simple as a Spanish church can get. The church was constructed on the order of Jaime Primero, as he marched his way through Spain fighting the Moorish forces, and has influences of the style known as románico catalán – although I’d rather you didn’t ask me what that is as architecture isn’t my best subject. There are seven ornate and gilded side chapels, each with a gorgeous retablo, but other than those, the church’s interior is only modestly decorated, and in some cases in need of restoration. Its glory are the beautiful stained glass windows, not seen often in Spanish churches, framed in unadorned stone below a splendid ribbed ceiling. There is far more glory in its understatement than many of the overly kitsch, overly restored churches you see elsewhere in the Community. As you walk around the exterior, after having stared up in awe at the 51metre bell tower, you will find a pair of ancient bronze sculptures, both so weathered by time that they look like stone, flanking a small metal door. They seem totally out of place on their low plinths and look as if they would at one time have done service as gargoyles – although not of a very ferocious kind. Their appearance is of two cat-like creatures sat on their haunches; one has its paws raised and a big smile as if waiting for you to tickle its belly; the other has the fingers of one paw stuffed in its mouth as if chewing its fingernails or licking its paw with pleasure after having just enjoyed a supper of an unsuspecting supplicant. To the side of the church there’s a pretty park to while away the hours, but where once the complaint along the coast was that all you heard were English accents, here those of Eastern Europe prevail. On Calle Major, along the side of the town hall, is the Museo de Taronja, a homage to the orange and its importance to the economy of Burriana and the whole of the Valencian Community during the 19th and 20th centuries. At one time there were over two hundred growers exporting the fruit, and most of it went to the UK. As well as a selection of agricultural implements, photos and models, the museum displays some beautiful print publicity, mainly the labels that would be slapped on the side of a crate and the delicate tissue that would have been wrapped around the oranges to protect them on their long journey from Spanish orchard to British table. Real works of art in miniature. Burriana still maintains some fine examples of Modernista architecture, and not all of it of the highly decorated variety. The Mercado Municipal is a curious looking building – vaguely late Modernista but in the


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Costa Blanca ‘railway shed’ school of design, with flourishes of stained glass depicting edibles such as rabbits, ducks, fish and – inevitably – oranges. After all, this is Burriana, said to be, at least by the Burriense, the orange capital of Spain. Opposite the market, on the Plaça de Merced, is the soaring structure of the Casa de Cultura, well worth a look for its splendid internal courtyard, which has been converted into an auditorium, its arched and colonnaded quadrangle creating a Roman Coliseum ambience, a feeling enhanced by the headless statue on a platform above the performance area. So fragile does the support look that I’d be very nervous about performing under it. An enormous pleated shade gives the impression that you are in the open air, but a glass roof keeps out the unfriendly elements. A display of paintings by local amateur artists lined the columns on my visit, proving that what might look nice on a living room wall is probably best left there. The original 18th-century layout has been a prison, Guardia Civil barracks and a monastery, and was totally restored in 1991. Outside is a bronze model of the ancient circular walled town, with castellated towers and four gates – although it’s doubtful that its moat was filled with beer bottles and soggy fag ends as is the case now. A shame, because it would take all of ten minutes to clean it out. For a coffee, you could do worse than nip into the Fundacio Caixa Rural, not necessarily because the coffee is any better or cheaper than anywhere else, but because of the totally over-the-top salon at the side of the café. Lined from ceiling to floor in a splodgy brown marble that looks as if the design came out of the deranged, LSD-hallucinated mind of a pop artist of the 60s. The heavily ornate chandeliers do nothing to alleviate the visual distress, in fact, if anything, they heighten it. A more restrained hand has been shown in the inlaid marble floor, a roundel of which displays the signs of the zodiac. In one of those little bits of street theatre that occur at the most unexpected of moments, I saw a young man so busy directing a wagon through a narrow street so as not to damage the parked cars, that he was blithely unaware of the crane jib overhanging the side of the back of the wagon – until it gave the balcony of a lovely Modernista building an almighty ‘thack!’ and sent cascades of stone over the wagon and the street. Here’s hoping he was well insured!

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Aromatic Plants for the Garden


by Barbara Barton

Tarragon is a widely-grown culinary herb with a strong and slightly sweet flavour, reminiscent of mint. It is superb with chicken or fish and is a basic part of fines herbes, in the preparation of sauce tartar and French mustard and I really love it. Unlike many herbs, tarragon was not used by ancient peoples; it did not really become common until the 16th century. The name is reportedly a corruption of the French word meaning “little dragon” relating to the days when it was thought to be a cure for the bites of snakes and other venomous beasts. There are two species of tarragon for the kitchen garden: French tarragon and Russian. The Russian variety is native to Southern Europe and is generally a hardier plant than the French. Some say that the Russian tarragon does not have such a pungent flavour. It is true that if you are just taking in the scent of the leaves, the French one does smell stronger but once it comes to the cooking of the herb then the Russian one is just as effective and if necessary you can just use more. In terms of having a plant that will survive in the Spanish climate then the Russian one wins every time. It’s more vigorous, prefers poorer soil and tolerates neglect and drought. In Spain, tarragon is called estragon and is easily obtained in its dry form but its does lose a lot of flavour when dried so its best to use fresh and as its so easy to keep in the garden then that should not be a problem Tarragon is best planted in a light welldrained soil in full sun or part shade. A severe frost could damage the roots but it’s a chance you have to take or you could mulch around the base of the plant to offer some protection if you live in an area prone to frosts. The aromatic, narrow grey-green leaves cluster around upright stems. 4

Small, white, globular flowers appear in loose clusters during mid-summer. It can grow up to a metre high but will be quite lacks and may lie over. If you want to encourage development of the leaves then pinch out of tips of the flowering stems as they appear.

Water weekly in the summer but be careful not to overdo it as tarragon does not like to be waterlogged. Feeding the plant through the growing season is also a good idea as it helps achieve a good flavour. This soup is just right for the winter months and is adapted from a Delia Smith recipe Carrot and Tarragon Soup Ingredients: 350g carrots 1 medium sized potato 2 big sprigs of fresh tarragon 2 leeks 1 small onion 50g butter 1 level teaspoon sugar 3 level tablespoons cream (optional) Salt and black pepper Method: Wash carrots and leeks and slice finely Peel potato and chop in small pieces. Chop onion finely In a heavy-based saucepan gently melt the butter and soften the onion and leeks for a minute or two, then add the carrots and potato, stirring to get a good coating of butter. Now put a lid on and let the vegetables gently sweat for 10 minutes. Next, strip the leaves from the tarragon, pop them in, then add 1½ pints (850 ml) boiling water, the sugar and a seasoning of salt and pepper. Bring to simmering point, put a lid on and simmer very gently for 25 minutes. Now either liquidise or sieve the soup, taste to check the seasoning and reheat gently, stirring in the cream just before serving.

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by Chris Haney

EATING WELL!! OK!! Back to normality, festive season over and all it’s very enjoyable fun and frolics, but the after affects can lay a ‘great weight’ on our physical appearance!! We all want to enjoy what we eat, especially in December!! Eating a balanced diet is an important aspect of adopting a healthy lifestyle. It is easy to slip into bad habits, when we are in holiday mode, but it is possible to make healthy eating routine without being obsessive or a chore. Take your time Sitting down to eat a meal, especially with friends and family can be one of the great pleasures of life. Not rushing your eating not only makes your food more enjoyable, you can savour the flavours and take a breather from a busy day, but it is also more healthy to eat while in a good posture, chewing your food rather than gulping and giving your body a chance to digest what you consume. Keep your eyes open Convenience food is great, but do be aware of how much sugar, salt and fat can be tucked away in those ready meals. Food labelling means that you can keep easier track of what you are eating. Educate yourself about what contains what. Do not be fooled either, 75% “fat free” means 25% fat! Take control Plan your meals but don’t be a slave to the clock. If you are not hungry, do not eat. On the other hand if you wait until you are ravenous resisiting less healthy food will be more difficult.


Train your taste buds If you usually take 2 sugars in your tea or coffee, or think that skimmed milk “tastes funny”, keep trying. Cut down before you cut out, in time you will get used to the change and 2 sugars will be too sweet. Be experimental Healthy food can be exiting too. Try mixing and matching bitter, savoury and sharp tastes. If you think you can’t face salad without a full fat dressing, try lemon juice, herbs and low fat yoghurt. You can wean yourself on to new tastes as well as off. Don’t go overboard A balanced diet means just that. Unless you are advised to avoid particular foods by your doctor, you should aim to eat a wide variety of foods in moderation. Don’t be tempted to go extreme and cut out all fat, all sugars or carbohydrates in an attempt to speed things up. To be healthy we need a full range of food types and we derive essential vitamins and minerals from many sources. Be choosy When looking at the food you buy to eat choose well. You should pick foods which contain unsaturated fats in preference to saturated fat. Choose unrefined foods and avoid foods full of additives. Fresh fruit and vegetables play a vital part in providing you with the nutrients and protecting agents your body needs. Plan ahead If you keep some healthy foods in the fridge, freezer and store cupboard you are much less likely to resort to fast food or convenience snacks. Chris Haney is your local Personal Trainer and is based at the Esport gym in Hondon de los Frailes, and is always available to advise you how to exercise correctly and follow a better dietary plan. Telephone 679 008 021.

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by Paul Lock


ello, and welcome to the first motoring column of 2010. And after me going on about how mild and warm the weather was...along came Mr winter and gave us a cold snap. Don’t know about you, but we had snow in Sax, which looked really picturesque, but turned our normally nice roads into ice rinks. It caused a few crashes too on the Autovia, so i’m glad it has gone now!! It has just been announced that Peugeot-Citroen has just built their 10 millionth HDI series engine. Now this may not mean a lot to you but if you own a Xsara Picasso or a Peugeot diesel car, then you may have this engine under your bonnet. The engine is most popular in its 2 litre diesel state but there are many more versions of it. It was first built in 1998 and branded as a “ superior engine with great driveability, performance and very eco friendly”. I have had a lot of dealings with this type of engine and can vouch for its greatness. It was built to supercede the old 1.9 XUD diesel engine that Peugeot and Citroen used in their diesel vehicles for many years. That engine was bullet-proof and very reliable, but sadly not very eco friendly! So they developed a new type of engine and the HDI was born. HDI stands for high pressure diesel injection which basically has a high pressure fuel pump, feeding a common fuel rail. Nowadays most makers are using this technology incorporating ECU controlled injectors, which open electronically, giving a more efficient injection. There is very little waste fuel spilled off thus giving better economy. In the days gone by we had mechanical injection pumps and just normal injectors, and those of you who have had one will recall the poor fuel economy, once the injectors wore a bit!! Still progress has been made and the French have lead the way in development, so for once and once only, well done France!! I suppose all of us have really fancied on of those classic old VW camper vans, at some time. I know I have. I wanted one when I moved out here for days at the beach etc, but never got round to following it up. I did find one in a field near Alicante, but sadly the Spanish chap did not want to sell it, preferring I reckon to let it rot away in his field. Still how far would you go to own one or restore one? I know from my years in the trade that they were really not all that rust-proof or reliable, but iconic all the same. Well here is a story I came across about one such VW. A Norwegian VW fanatic has just had on recovered from a Fjord in Norway. A Fjord? Yep, it was dumped in the drink in 1974 by its cheesed-off owner after the gearbox failed. 30 years later enthusiast Morten Lund heard of the story and decided to recover it from the deep. He found it, via a submersible, 50 feet down on its nose. Undeterred Mr Lund hired a crane and pulled it out of the cold waters. Here the mammoth task begins!! Mr Lund on first inspection found the steering still worked and it was not too rusty (yeah right!). Anyway, why this particular camper. It turns out it is a VERY rare 1957 Samba model which has legendary status in the VW book of fables. It has 23 windows and 8 roof light windows and is extremely rare. Mr Lund when he restores it could be persuaded to part with it, if he so wished. In 2008 a 1958 Samba made £58000 at a UK auction and Jamie Oliver’s personal Samba sold for £48000. Nice if you can get it, but is it worth all those skinned and burnt knuckles? Mmmmm who knows!! Finally. Please take care on the roads as the Police and Guardia have a safe-driving campaign on at the moment. One of my Spanish mates told me the other day. It’s not anything specific, but there is a big anti Drink-Driving campaign on now, so please, do not be tempted. The punishments have caught up on-par with UK ones now and there is NO way out. Till next time, take care and be safe. Paul Lock 679551665 or please email are the contacts for any help and advice you may need. 8

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by Rob Innis

Given the current furore over the withdrawal of free health care to

for tax in Spain. There is an important difference between resident and fiscally resident from the tax perspective.

Much is written and said about the Spanish taxation system and whether or not it applies to Expats. Therefore, for those uncertain if they fall into this category, the golden rule is:

Bear in mind under the Double Taxation Treaty agreement between Spain and the UK, you do not have to pay income tax in both countries once you have completed the process to opt out of the UK system. However, if you are an ex-civil servant, this agreement does not apply in which case you are obliged to continue paying tax on this income in the UK and will not be taxed on it in Spain. You can claim your Spanish tax allowance which enables you reclaim any tax withheld by your Spanish bank on any interest your investments have earned.

early retirees in the Valencian province, I thought it might be useful to write about some of the things that are still good news in Spain, namely tax benefits and subsidised holidays.

Those residing in Spain for more than 183 days in any one calendar year are liable for tax in Spain. That is the law although many people tend to treat it as optional, probably because the hard up UK government is hardly likely to reject your tax payments even if you do not live in the UK. Conversely Spain will not chase you to pay income tax here (do not confuse this with SUMA which are municipal taxes) or at least not yet anyway, they prefer you to volunteer. Another invalid assumption is that you cannot make a tax declaration here if you are on a low pension or other income. I have even heard that said in the tax office in Orihuela by an employee and, as incredible as that may or may not seem, (depending on your Spanish bureaucracy experiences) it is simply not true. You are required to declare and either pay or maybe, depending upon your income and allowances, receive a tax refund. In exchange for declaring, they will grant you tax advantages after the relevant qualifying period, for both Capital Gains Tax (CGT) and Inheritance Tax (IHT). In addition, although probably of more interest to the younger Expats (however I personally know of two pensioners with Spanish mortgages) you can still get tax relief on a mortgage for your main Spanish residence if you live here and declare for Spanish tax. However, this tax benefit is being phased out for new mortgages in the near future. Returning to CGT and IHT, both of which worry many people. One way of minimising these taxes is to become a Spanish tax fiscal resident and make a tax declaration every year. Then, by contributing to the Spanish tax system, you will be entitled to relief via additional allowances on these taxes. You will not be eligible for relief if you are solely a resident i.e. you have the old residents card or the new certificate but do NOT declare 10

Perhaps with this general information you need to reconsider your tax position, in which case you now need to take professional advice from qualified experts and/or search the UK tax site for further information to fully understand if and how it applies to you. A word of caution, there does seem to be an abundance of people advertising tax services, as it is the ‘flavour of the month’. Please ensure you only deal with professionals and get accurate up to date information on which to base your important financial decisions, refer to the advertisements in The Inland Magazine. For UK tax information start here: jsp?formId=982 More good news…. Subsidised Holidays – Organised by the Spanish Government Did you know that you could apply for cheap holidays, courtesy of the Spanish government? To qualify you must be Spanish fiscally resident aged 65+, or aged 55+ and receiving a government Widow’s Pension or aged 60+ and receiving a government Invalidity Pension or other type of government Early Retirement Pension and spouses qualify as well. The holidays are based in Spain in good quality hotels. So why not explore Spain and take advantage of these offers. Needless to say, there is an application form: Start here: You can get part of the site in English, click on ‘Active Ageing’ Look on the TIM forum if you need more help to access the full information. I hope this good news benefits many of you.

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Ontinyent Centre of the Valencian Textile Industry by Martin Finch Back in the Medieval times Ontinyent was one of the ten most important population centres in Spain. This status led to it being offered the title of ‘city’ in 1660 by Felip IV but the town refused the offer and It was not until 1904 that Alfonso XIII gave the town the title by royal decree. Situated in the Vall d’Albaida and standing on the river Clariano, to which it owes its economic growth, Ontinyent initially prospered as an agricultural centre. However, by the beginning of the 18th century there were numerous mills along the river, which fuelled the growth of a thriving textile industry. Today it is hard to imagine the city of that period as the River Clariano is now no more than a narrow stream and most of the mills have disappeared. Despite this Ontinyent remains at the heart of the textile industry in the province of Valencia and its high quality wool blankets and fabrics are exported all over the world. A City in Transition Today the city of Ontinyent is undergoing change. Many of its older buildings have been allowed to decay but there is evidence of a belated restoration throughout the old town. Unfortunately this has resulted in some previously accessible buildings being temporarily closed to the public. Nonetheless, there is still much to see. A stroll in the old town will take you past the most important historical monuments which include the church of Santa Maria, built between the 14th and 16th centuries on a site originally occupied by a mosque. One of the tallest bell towers in Valencia can be seen from various vantage points but is largely obscured by a clutch of modern buildings. This is a shame as it is possibly the city’s most symbolic reference points. The tower itself houses the regions oldest bell which was made in 1563. In the Plaza Mayor you will find the Casa del Connell and the Alamode, both dating from the 16th century, plus the Comets de Trefoil Palace and Ells Poxes (the Porticoes). A ‘Hidden’ Museum Well worth a visit is the Museum of natural Sciences. This is located on the north bank of the river – cross at the Pont Nou (new bridge) and walk up the hill to the Convent of the Franciscan Fathers. The building now houses a college and there is no external indication of a museum inside. An enquiry at the information desk inside, however, will result in the extraction of a set of keys from a drawer and an accompanied walk through the college halls and up a flight of stairs. Here a door will be unlocked and you will be left in a ‘u’ shaped corridor lined with glass cases containing a treasure trove of the natural world with fauna not only native to Spain but also examples from all over the world. There is also a display of foreign bank notes and coins to see as you leave. Ontinyent is undoubtedly suffering badly from the economic recession. There are many boarded up shops and the restaurant we ate in had only one other occupied table at lunchtime on a Friday. However, its people rightly still retain great pride in its history and traditions and with its historic old town and beautiful surrounding countryside it makes for an interesting and varied day out. 12

FACT FIL E Travel: A-3 1 motorwa y north to tunnel is th Villena. Th e CV81wh e first exit ic h passes B a scenic m after the ocairent be ountain pa fore going ss just before Tourist In through emerging a formation t Ontinyen : The touri old town t. st office is at Plaza d located clo e Santo D are helpfu se to the omingo. T l and spea he tourist k some E informatio office staff nglish. Th n available e re is printe in English. Eating: La d tourist Gamba de Oro (Calle good selec Martinez V tion of well alls, No 23 presented d 8.00 euros ) has a ishes and is per head fo excellent v r menu del d Highlights alue at ia. : The old town with museum o its narrow f natural sc and steep iences. lanes. The

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Hello, and a Happy New Year to you all. This year will see some exciting new technology making an appearance - 3D TV. Just when you thought HD was the newest and best quality available, some boffin somewhere has now come up with this! Sky, are already planning the launch in 2010 of its first 3D channel for those who already have a Sky HD box. How does Sky’s 3D system work? OK, take a deep breath – by imitating human vision, Sky mount two cameras on the

same rig film side-by-side, which captures slightly different left and right images in 1080i resolution thus creating two 540 pixel images. Together they create a 1920x1080 image that “in quality terms” is a quarter as good as the Full HD 1080p picture found on a Blu-ray disc. Each feed, which represents a slightly different perspective, is split by polarised glasses and received exclusively by each eye. Your brain then processes them separately and stitches them together, as we do normally every time we open our eyes, thereby creating a field of vision that has depth. This is stereoscopic 3D, and it’s set dominate.

The other form of 3D is autostereoscopic (sometimes called ‘true 3D’), which doesn’t require glasses. Instead, a lens is placed over the TV screen that does a similar job by sending a different point of view to each eye. Unfortunately, the lens lessens the perceived resolution and the effects aren’t anywhere near high definition. (By the way, the glasses are rather more fashionable these days than when Jaws 3D was released!) That’s all this month. Regards, Lee

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FC Chaplins FC Chaplin’s have now completed a third of their Season and are currently lying in 9th position in Division 2, only 3 points adrift of 5th position and 2 points off the bottom, highlighting just how tight it is between the teams.


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Again, Chaplin’s are only too aware of how close they have come to securing at least another couple of points after having lost both of their last two games 2-1, a real shame as in both games they could have drawn and even won them. Considering these matches were against the top team in the Division and the team in 4th the results were quite creditable but Chaplin’s are aiming to get up into the top 3 and so any points dropped will always be seen as an opportunity lost. On a more positive note they did have a fantastic win against their perennial rivals Toldos Baixa, having their lead cut back twice in the game before finally clinching a precious 3-2 win that put them on 10 points, not a dramatic haul by any margin but incredibly they are now only 1 point short of their entire points tally for the whole of last Season!

One more win will see them eclipse that and a few more points will see them overtake their previous best of 17 in the 2007/8 Season. However, with their much anticipated local derby match against bitter rivals FC Oranje having just been postponed they will have to wait a little longer to get their chance to add to their total. It may have been temporarily stuck in the station but the Chaplin’s train is building up a head of steam! If you would like to keep an eye on FC Chaplin’s please visit their website at 14

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To Me The Legion! by Chris Thompson

You’ve probably heard of the French Foreign Legion - I certainly have

though I’m not quite sure why. It may have been that film, Beau Geste, reserved specifically for BBC2 on wet, winter, Sunday afternoons or maybe it was that Frank Sinatra song but thinking back I rather suspect that it was Airfix who made me aware of them. There were Foreign Legion soldiers available in the same scale as the Afrika Korps and the Eighth Army – blue jackets, white trousers and that funny flap on the back of their hats. What I didn’t know, till I saw them on the march past on the televised celebrations for “Hispanic day” on 12 October was that there is a Spanish Legion too. Like the French unit it has a reputation for being a crack fighting unit born of a strong esprit de corps and a hard military regime.

The Legion was founded in January 1920 by José Millán Astray and, not to put too fine a point on it, the man was bonkers. He was dead impressed by a completely inaccurate book about Samurai and he built what he thought were Samurai ideas into his new army unit. He came up with some of the phrases for which the Legion is still famous, like calling its soldiers “The Bridegrooms of Death” and for repeating catchy little slogans like “Long Live Death.” The Spanish Legion was originally known as the Spanish Foreign Legion or as El Tercio in memory of the Sixteenth Century Spanish infantry formations that were hugely successful in Flanders and all over Europe. The Legion is intimately associated with the Spanish presence in Morocco and North Africa. Unlike its French counterpart the Spanish Legion got the Foreign part of it’s name not because it was made up of foreigners but because it was expected to fight in foreign lands. When Milán formed the Legion the man he recruited to join him as second in command was one Francisco Franco Bahamonde - the man who went on to rule Spain for 40 years. The Legion, along with colonial troops from Morocco, formed the spearhead of the Nationalist armies that eventually overthrew the legitimate Government in the Spanish Civil War. They seemed virtually unstoppable until they came up against the equally well trained International Brigades. On the other hand they also got their backsides well and truly kicked by irregular untrained troops in Morocco in the late 1950s. Oh, and they shot down a bunch of unarmed demonstrators in the 1970s again in Morocco. The Legion is currently on active service in Lebanon and Afghanistan where they seem, by all accounts, to be doing a good job. The Legion has some funny ways that set it aside from other army units. The modern Legion uniform is plain khaki job topped off with a cap with red tassel and braiding. Legionnaires can wear beards and leave their shirts open more or less to the waist. Its members are called Knight Legionnaires, and, as we know, they call themselves “The Bridegrooms of Death”. These little mottoes and the dress code may be causing them some difficulties now that there are women in the regiment; I suppose Dame Legionnaires and Brides of Death work fine though beards and open shirts may or may not be appropriate! When Legionnaires march in the big military parades they seem to shoot past, swinging their arms high in the air and across their bodies at a cracking march step of some 190 steps per minute as against the more usual 90 spm. Their mascot is a fast moving uniformed goat. Just like the US Marines there is a pride amongst the legion that they

don’t leave anyone behind. Indeed when they find themselves in a spot of bother on the battlefield and shout ¡A mi la Legión! (To me the Legion!) anyone within earshot has no option but to lend a hand however great the peril.

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The Inland Magazine™ MABS Cancer Support Group THE RAIN IN SPAIN FELL MAINLY ON FORTUNA The MABS Cancer Support Group Christmas Fayre at Fortuna Cattery on Sunday, 29th November experienced the first rain for some time in Fortuna, Murcia. Right on time, as the fundraising event opened, so did the heavens. Jane and Adrian of Fortuna Cattery and Fortuna Footcare, generously provided their garden for the fayre which, despite the very un-Spanish weather, raised 580 Euros for MABS Cancer Support Group, Murcia North, which is based in Fortuna. This is a significant amount to raise, considering that the event had to be abandoned after an hour, because of the appalling weather. Thank you to the local community who enjoyed a soggy browse through the MABS donated items and the wares of the invited stall holders, who also supplied numerous raffle prizes. MABS Co-ordinator, Marion Nicks, said “We are so grateful to our stoic supporters, who were asking when we would be holding the next one. Rest assured, we will be back, next time with real Spanish sunshine!!” Details of forthcoming events will be published on a regular basis. MABS Cancer Support Group is a registered charity and helps ALL people who are affected by cancer, providing drivers, translators, information leaflets, equipment, a listening ear, or a shoulder to lean on. Volunteers are always welcome, especially in the Murcia North area. If you would like to volunteer, donate or you need help, you can contact MABS on 693 275 779 or visit their website: www.

The Pinoso Branch of the Royal British Legion BR3614

The Royal British Legion Pinoso Branch Poppy Appeal 2009 The Pinoso Branch of the Royal British Legion would like to thank all of those businesses that carried poppy appeal boxes in their premises and all of those individuals who bought poppies. A total of 452.16 Euros was collected. The Royal British Legion - Pinoso Branch Wine Bodega Visit In November last year, members and guests from the Pinoso Branch of the Royal British Legion embarked on a visit to the Salvador Poveda wine bodega just outside Monóvar. The visit began with a highly entertaining tour led buy the bodega owner, Rafael Poveda which was followed by a wine tasting. The bodega is the top producer of Fondillón and its best example of this wine is Gran Reserva de Fondillón 1980, a mahogany-coloured jewel in the Poveda crown. Following the visit, an excellent lunch was enjoyed at the Abuelo Victor restaurant in Manan.

The Pinoso branch of the Royal British Legion was formed with twenty-one members on 27 January 2009. Since that time the membership has grown to twenty-nine with more joining all the time. Meetings are held on the last Tuesday of every month. New members are always welcome and don’t forget that you no longer need to have served in the armed forces in order to join – membership is now open to everyone. A calendar of social events is planned so why not join now. For more details please contact: Ian Booth, Branch Secretary. Email: Tel: (0034) 634642693 18

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Hondon de los Frailes Tel: 965 482 151

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Firstly,wewouldliketowishallourMembers,VolunteersandSupportersaveryHAPPYNEWYEAR.Well,it’sbeenquiteayearforPAPAs,whatwiththeopeningof theCharityShopandCafé/Bar(PAPAsPantry)andthechangeofAbandonedAnimalCollectorsinPinosotoProtectoraVillena.Theyear,insummary,lookedlikethis. ANIMALSRESCUEDANDHOMED

FromJanuarytotheendofNovember2009,wehaverescuedatotalof86dogs,fromthePinosoarea.Ofthese43werecollectedbyPAPAsandweretransportedby ustoVillena.AllbuteightofthosedogsgoingtoVillenahavebeenhomed.Theremaining43dogswerecaredforbyP.A.P.A’svolunteersandofthese38havebeen directlyadoptedfromus.Atotalof32Catshavebeenrescued,only2ofthosewenttoProtectoraVillena(astheyalreadyhaveover40intheircarethattheycannot home),theremaining24areinthecareofPAPAs,withonly6beinghomedbyus.PAPAshavepaidforalltheveterinarycare,foodandothercostsinvolvedincaring fortheseanimals.WecollectedandtransportedalloftheanimalstoProtectoraVillena,meetingallthecostsofthis.Wealsoadvertiseandhelptohomethese animals. Becauseweareanindependent,legalAssociation,wehavebeenabletohelp,rescueandhomeotheranimalsfromoutsidethearea,mainlyfromAlgueña,Abanilla, Fortuna,HondonLasFrailesandLaRomana.AsP.A.P.A’sdealsprimarilywithabandonedanimalsfromPinoso,ourabilitytohelpanimalsfromtheseotherareasis limited.ItisatragicfactthatmanyofthemendupinanimalpoundssuchasCerecowhoroutinelyeuthanasethem.Ifthereareanygroupsofpeoplefromthese areaswhowouldliketoformanAssociationtoassisttheseanimals,thenP.A.P.A’swouldbepleasedtohelpthembygivingadviceandpracticalhelp. THESITUATIONINPINOSO th

On10 December,membersofthePAPAsExecutivemetwithSñr.Monzo,theEnvironmentalOfficerforPinoso,andresponsibleforthecontractforthecollection andcareofAbandonedAnimalswhichiscurrentlyheldbyProtectoraVillenaandfundedbytheAyuntamiento.PAPAsExecutiveaskedSñrMonzoif,giventhe overwhelmingnumberofabandonedanimals,wouldextrafundingbeavailableintheNewYearforthiscontract.SñrMonzorepliedthatitwasregretfulthat,dueto theeconomiccrisis,thebudgetsuntil2011werenowfixedandthattherecouldnotpossiblybeanincreaseinfundinguntilafterAprilthatyear.Hewentontosay thattheAyuntamientowereverygratefulforthecontributionthatPAPAshadmadethisyear,bycollectinganddeliveringalltheabandonedanimalswhichwentto ProtectoraVillenaaswellasfosteringandhoming75animalsthisyearandpayingforalltheveterinarycare,vaccines,foodandothercostsfortheseanimals,(saving theAyuntamientoandProtectoraVillenathousandsofEuros). Inthelightoftheinflexibilityinrespectofbudgets,SñrMonzosaidthatitmaywellbethattheAyuntamientowillhavetoworkwithanotherProtectora(thatthey hadidentified)inthecomingyear,whowerepreparedtoworkwithintheexistingbudgetarylimitationsandwhohavealimitedeuthanasiapolicy.P.A.P.A’s ExecutivemadeitclearthattheirpreferredoptionwastocontinuetoworkwithProtectoraVillenaas,totheirknowledge;itistheonlyProtectorawithanonͲ euthanasiapolicy. NEWYEAR’SPROGRAMME Asmanyofyouwillbeaware,ourshopandCaféatCalleCuraGarcia12,PinosoareopenMondaytoSaturday,10amto4pm.IntheNewYear,wewillbestartingour newThursdayeveningProgramme,withsomethingforeveryonethroughthemonth: th

January7 CinemaClub–RecentlyreleasedUKfilm.Mealjust4.50Film3.00,orfreeifyoueat!Mealsstart7pm,Filmat8pm th January14  MikeFrancis’POPQuizͲMealjust4.50starts7.30pm st January21 FineDiningNightͲAFabulous3CourseMealatjust15.00each,plustheChef’sChoiceofWineat3.50each th January28 TrickyDickiesPUBQuizMealfor4.50starts7.30pm BOOKINGISESSENTIALFORALLTHESEEVENTS.PLEASEBOOKATTHESHOPORCALL:690774447

‘Each and every one of us has the ability to look at an animal and see if that animal is in pain, surely if we are human, if we are caring, thinking, people, surely it is our responsibility to try to do whatever we can to stop that suffering’ John Hicks, Founder of ‘International Animal Rescue’ Patron s of Pinoso Association for the Protection of Animals 26

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The December meeting of the Epicureans was

brought forward this month to accommodate some of the member’s holiday arrangements, so we all met for the December meeting at lunch time on Sunday 22nd November at a fabulous restaurant in Pinoso. Only recently opened, Restaurant El Raco de Pere i Pepa in Pinoso, is an absolute gem, one not to be missed, in fact I will say that this is probably one of the best restaurants in this area, and probably one of the best in the Alicante region, unless any of you readers know different, if you think you know a restaurant better than this one please let me know. Beautiful crisp white table clothes, good quality cutlery and “proper” wine glasses. Menu’s are in Spanish and English for those of you that struggle with “Espanole”. Whilst we made our choice from the extensive selection on offer we nibbled on the most exquisite black olives and roasted almonds. One member of the club went so far as to say they were the best black olives he had ever had, I have to agree. We chose the house red when it came to the wine, Heredad Ugarte Rioja, Crianza 2006, 92% tempranillo and 8% Garnache grapes, an extremely pleasing, slightly dry, deep red wine with a hint of oak from the 15 months in the barrel. At 14.00 Euros, a good price for a wine of this quality. The menu offers a wide range of dishes to tempt your taste buds, dishes that you will probably not find anywhere else. This restaurant compares favourably with some of the top restaurants in Spain but at prices that do not require a “new mortgage”. First dish to the table was “compliments of the chef”, succulent deep fried, lightly battered cod balls served with a herb mayonnaise, what a lovely surprise. When ordering we had all agreed on the first courses, superbly cooked scallops seated on a bed of herb mash with a red martini and black truffle reduction, a chef’s special for that particular day, a treat to the eye and an even bigger pleasure on the tongue. This was followed by Nuevos Huevos Rotos, roughly translated as “Our Broken Eggs”, this is an unusual dish, a combination of fried eggs, fried potatoes and ham, chopped up and mixed, if you like ham egg and chips, this is a “posh” version, you will love this one, it is one of my favourite dishes. Main courses varied across the attending members. Personally I chose pan fried escalope’s of Foie Gras with grapes and a muscatel reduction, three “steaks” of Foie cooked absolutely to perfection, flashed in a pan to give a skin as thin and as crisp as “sugared breeze”, the centre, uncooked, as soft as warm cream that just floats in your mouth and a taste that only “the gods” should be allowed to experience - if you have not guessed, I really like this dish, for me this is heaven on a plate, just perfect. My wife chose a rice dish with fish “Caldosa” style, more like a broth of rice, fish and lobster bisque. My wife loved this dish, I did sample it and I have to agree it was gorgeous. Another dish chosen by one member was the Papardalle Pasta with lobster, Foie gras sauce and Soya vinaigrette which got a definite thumbs up. The remainder of the members chose the “mini steaks” of wild Iberica ham served with a rich parmesan cream sauce. As you can probably see from our selections, this restaurant offers dishes


The Epicureans The Exclusive Dining Club Dec. 2009 A Gourmet Treat in Pinoso El Raco de Pere i Pepa By Eric Arnold

that are somewhat different from the “run of the mill” restaurants normally found in inland Spain, and of a quality that is not easily found anywhere. Desserts followed at a leisurely pace. Crepes with chocolate sauce and whipped cream was my particular selection, delicious. Apple tart was chosen by another member and everybody else chose the pistachio, chocolate and praline ice cream, a speciality of this particular establishment. Coffee’s and a small glass of a dessert muscatel which was compliments of the house. This has been three hours spent with good friends, lots of laughs, fabulous food, perfect service, what more does anyone want? A little tip, sometimes, I do appreciate a cheese course after or instead of a dessert with a nice glass of port, something that is not often offered in Spanish restaurants. If you want this option, choose the cheese selection from the starters section of the menu and team it up with a good vintage port or a petit verdot dessert wine. So now down to the money, to be fare we did not indulge in brandies or liqueurs so that kept the price down. When the bill arrived, I was amazed that it equated to 33.00 Euros’ per head plus the tip, phenomenal value for a restaurant of this standard. This restaurant is one that The Epicureans will be visiting again and one that my wife and I will be visiting regularly. Just a quick side note, my wife and I went back the following week and experienced yet another gastronomic delight. Shavings of Foie Gras Pate with a conserve of tomato and Muscatel followed by Baby Squid with mushrooms, baby beans and herbs and as a main course we both had fillet steak with apple and an escalope of Foie Gras served on a bed of herb mash with a port reduction. I have to say this was one of the best steaks I have had for a very long time, melt in the mouth tender and cooked to perfection, with the wine and water the bill was 82.00 Euros. I must not forget the two beautiful glasses of 1866 brandy, compliments of the house. Restaurant el Raco de Pere i Pepa is located on Carretara Jumilla, 26, 03650, Pinoso. Come in to Pinoso from the Jumila direction, past the petrol station about 150 Mtrs. and the restaurant is on the left, next to Bar Buddha. Opening hours are Friday and Saturday nights and every lunchtime except Monday. Telephone 965477175. If you want to try this restaurant on a Saturday or Sunday I strongly advise you to make a reservation or get there early so you will not be disappointed. So that is another fabulous restaurant added to The Epicureans list of eating houses, if you appreciate good food and fabulous company why not join us. If you think that you may be interested in becoming a member of “The Epicureans” register your interest by sending me an email to barberic@terra. es or drop me a note to Eric Arnold, Appt. Correos 201, Sax, 03630, Alicante. For Restaurants who think they can meet the discerning needs of The Epicureans, email me a suggested menu and price guide plus brief details of the restaurant and reasons why we should give you a try.

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Cheryl Cole’s Left Breast

by Marty Funkhauser

Happy New Year to some of you. I’ve decided to be selective this year and there are some of you I would rather not waste a pleasantry on. In 2009 I received more complaints than most of you have had warm menus del dia. You really do get offended easily don’t you, how was I to know that Jade Goody was your favourite ever female or that you wouldn’t like comparisons being made between Michael Jackson and Gary Glitter? Anyway it’s a brand new year and let’s have a look at what has been happening that is likely to make more news in 2010. Oh Tiger how could you? By the time you read this column even I might have admitted to having slept with boy wonder, how many is it now, eight, nine? They’re coming out of cupboards like skeletons and this is going to be costly. According to reports, Swedish former nanny Elin Nordegren has hired attorney Sorrell Trope who has acted for Britney Spears and Nicole Kidman. First action was to file for divorce in California as opposed to the home state of Florida to benefit from the state’s community property laws. I particularly like the comments by Tiger’s faithful caddy Steve Williams who stated that he knew nothing of his employers indiscretions but acknowledges “he has a problem” well duh Steve! Treacherous Tiger romped with his mistress on the night his father died claimed former model Jamie Jungers, “I was laying beside him in bed wearing nothing but a pair of panties”. Isn’t it amazing what you remember and when? Most people remember where they were when they heard that Elvis/Lennon/Kennedy died but Ms Jungers is more interested in what she was wearing. Unfortunately for Ms Jungers the affair was to end six months later after she asked Mr Woods for financial aid, “he’s a cheap 30

so and so and he just didn’t want to help me” she said. You really couldn’t make this up. After ten minutes of nestling his head into the left breast of Cheryl Cole; the rather forgettable Joe McElderry was declared the winner. If I had been nestling my head in Ms Cole’s left or even right breast for as long as Joe did then I wouldn’t care if I came first or second (no pun intended). I’m extremely disappointed that supposedly bisexual teacher and bully Danyl didn’t win. It is admirable how a teacher has managed to keep his position even though he can’t spell his own name and he received the greatest X Factor euphemism ever when Cheryl said that “I’d take you in my category any day”. This is turning into the Cheryl Cole monthly but I have to add that Cheryl’s wonderful husband Ashley has dropped his case against the Sun and the Mirror for invasion of privacy after he was caught visiting the hairdressers for more than a haircut. It was only two years earlier that the Sun declared Mr Cole a homosexual, it seems they were certainly wrong on that one. What of my other favourite Kerry Katona? Well, according to a friend or a source or someone on a bus, Kerry is thinking of opening her own Kebab Shop “she wants to find a small, sound business” the friend was quoted and went on to say “her idea is for a fast food joint as she is always pictured chomping on a kebab and wants to cash in on that image”. Kerry chomping on a kebab, Kenneth Williams must be turning in his grave; he never had material this good. Wishing you what you wish yourselves this year only remember, don’t try any of this at home E-mail: • Web site:

Costa Blanca

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Parc Natural El Fondo

Words and photos by Rob Innis


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Costa Blanca Parc Natural El Fondo is a wetland natural park covering an area of around 2,387 hectares (1 hectare = 10,000 m2) and is one of the Valencian provinces 23 natural parks. It is located in the village of San Felipe Neri, near Catral (more directions below) and consists of two huge reservoirs, the Levante and Poniente that irrigate around 40,000 hectares of the Vega Baja area. I originally visited the park a few years ago and was a little disappointed as the access round the park was restricted. However having noticed they had opened some new trails I decided to revisit on a bright hot autumn day to explore the new routes.

You may be lucky to see: marbled teal, white-headed duck, various types of herons including the rare purple and the black-crowned night heron. Also, look out for northern shoveler, marsh harriers, moustached warbler and various members of the tit family. Ironically, the common shelduck is also listed as rare but UK birders will know how common they are in the UK. There is a large information centre (closed Mondays) displaying a range of informative wall charts, photographs, and larger than life ‘static’ bird life. Most of this information is in Spanish but you should be able to pickup an English version of the park guidebook. The park warden delighted in explaining to me the new routes in Spanish, but he may be encouraged to speak some English if your Spanish does not get you by. I spent a very warm relaxing few hours in this tranquil environment and eventually managed to capture some photos of exotic and glamorous Plain Tiger butterflies. Which I later discovered are notoriously restless, so you have to be quick with the camera. My thanks go to Peter Loveday of the Volunteers Group of La Mata Nature Reserve for identifying this information. Regular readers will know I have featured this park and their group who now have a blog at www.

The park now offers a greater choice of routes than either the parks guidebook (which can be down loaded from their web site) or the excellent web site shows. Hopefully, these new routes will soon be added to the parks publications and online information.

Returning home through San Felipe Neri I noticed a congregation of egrets standing in a wet muddy field adjacent to some houses. Naturally, I had to stop the car and take some more photos wondering how I could explain to them that they should be in the park! By the way, the village has a great Spanish bar for the essential pre and post park visit refreshments. Don’t ever say I don’t share all the inside information. Enjoy your visit.

You can walk around the original yellow circular route, which may be ideal for some visitors, but I would expect many to find it rather short. Much of the route is on a wooden decked path but you will probably be better rewarded by tackling the new longer green route, which is on flat but sandy pathways. This route is circular out through the reed beds and alongside the water to a brick built ‘hide’ which has a rooftop viewing terrace (rather unusual for a bird watching hide) which offers panoramic views of the reservoirs and surrounding area. Further round the route you will discover a more conventional hide with a bird identification chart and good views over the water of varied the bird life. There is a third route – designated as the red route but this is only available if you prebook in advance, as you have to be accompanied by the park warden. Pre book on 96 667 85 15 I have not walked this path but the guidebook promises excellent views from the vantage spots and so is probably a must for the real bird watching enthusiasts. There is also access to the S. E. section of the park via the CV 861 road out of Dolores. The nature reserve is on land that used to form part of the huge Elche lagoon, which in the 18th century disappeared due to the natural silting up of the land and man made drainage systems. This was part of the ‘washing’ process to remove salts and irrigate it ready for crop growing. The vegetation and plant life is primarily reed beds and rather uniform with palm trees and a line of eucalyptus bordering the main canal. Fauna and in particular the bird life is the parks greatest biological attraction which gives it the RAMSAR classification and also the European Union Birds directive – Zone of Special Protection for birds.

Park Information Access: From the Alicante – Murcia AP7 motorway exit 76 (Crevillent Train Station) Go towards station-Elche approx 5kms. Take the RH turn to San Felipe Neri and look for park entrance. Car Park: Large free car park. Information Centre: Closed Mondays Please follow the rules of the park: Do not leave marked paths or drop litter No picking flowers or plants No smoking or lighting fires Do not try to catch the animals Dogs only on leads Website: More photos:

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How far can you see? by Roger Holden

In photography one of the fundamental things to master is ‘depth of field’. Basically this allows us to keep the main subject in focus and the background out of focus, or have the whole scene appear sharp front to back. Regardless of what type of camera you use it is important to understand this concept and when and how to use it. A lens really only focuses at one point, which is the sharpest area of the image. Using depth of field you can control the zone of sharpness to suit the type of subject you are photographing. There are three main factors that affect the depth of field in an image: the choice of aperture, the focal length of the lens and the focusing distance. The choice of aperture is probably the most important factor in controlling the depth of field. The general rule is that the wider the aperture the less depth of field is produced. For example, choosing an aperture of f/5.6 will not give you as much depth of field as an aperture of f/22. The focal length of a lens is important also. For example, using a wide-angle lens gives a much greater depth of field at a given aperture than a telephoto lens. The length the lens is focused also has an affect on the depth of field. In other words the further the subject is from the camera, the more depth of field will be produced. In this photograph, shot a few weeks ago in Valencia, I wanted sharpness from front to back. I chose an aperture of f/22 using a 28-135mm. lens. At Valencian Photographic Holidays we cover this in a very ‘hands on’ and practical way. It only goes now for us to wish you a very Happy Christmas and an extremely creative 2010. Rodg Holden Images copyright of Rodger Holden and cannot be used without prior permission


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90 cm


149 � SETGERALDINE Taps and light not included.

87 cm


Consiting of base unit, porcelain sink and mirror.

CARPET BAMBOO Dark Brown. 60x90 cm.

80 cm

40 cm


Centro Comercial Ociopía +34 96 673 79 40 C. Obispo Victorio Oliver, 2 Monday to Saturday 10 am - 10 pm. 03300 Orihuela (Alicante) The store is opened on the 3rd and the 10th of January 2010.


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20 € (+iva) per hour

Individual Websites: Sell Your House / Promote Your Business Computers Repaired and Upgraded; Sales; Training Sax, Alicante STEVE: 966 967 439 or 650 354 629



Chimneys and log burners cleaned. Fire Wood for sale. Almond, Olive etc, best prices in the area. Logs cut to size. Free Delivery & Free Chimney/log burner clean when you purchase more than 3 tons of wood. Land clearance & Tree Pruning

CALL ANGELA 658 626 315 36

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Costa Blanca

Tel: 965 474 314 • Mob: 675 218 436 • FA B pr oper ties • FA B p r i c e s • FA B s e r v i c e We would like to w i s h e v e r y o n e a Ha p p y Ne w Ye a r

Sax - Ref: ff0267 Country house in natural parkland 3 beds, 2 baths Underbuild Swimming pool


Monovar - Ref: ff0199 Superb country house 3 beds, 1 bath Plunge pool & fabulous gardens Manageable plot of 1,500m2 JANUARY SALE NOW 125,000 EUROS

Fontanares - Ref ff0361 Huge farmhouse for renovation16 rooms Fantastic B&B/Hotel opportunityGreat location JANUARY SALE NOW 108,000 EUROS.

La Romana - Ref: ff0487

Biar - Ref: ff0404 Country finca 4 beds, 1 bath Fabulous views Swimming pool. JANUARY SALE NOW 145,000 EUROS

Villena - Ref: ff0341

Country house3 beds, 2 baths Conservatory 5000m2 land

Pretty finca 3 beds, 2 baths Tastefully renovated Garage & swimming pool



E-mail: • Web site:

Sax - Ref: ff0241 Country house close to town 3 beds, 2 baths Lovely gardens & pool 2 reception rooms JANUARY SALE NOW 166,000 EUROS

Sax - Ref: ff0362 Country house with guest accommodation5 beds, 2 baths Swimming pool Gorgeous views JANUARY SALE NOW 165,000 EUROS


The Inland Magazine™

Few people are as practical and ambitious as Capricorn. Yours is the tenth sign, an earthy element, which makes you down to earth and matter-of-fact. Caution is your second name and this is due to Saturn, your ruling planet. You are sometimes shy and lack self confidence and self-esteem. You are ambitious and go for your dreams and usually end up successful. You like money but not if it involves risk. You prefer to know exactly where your dollars and cents are going. You prefer traditional types of savings. Others do not generally see you as too enthusiastic but when people get to know you, you do have a side to your nature which is humorous and affectionate. You like to work quietly and effectively without creating too much bother or attention to yourself.





You might put yourself out to make sure someone who has recently suffered an accident or illness is okay. In the spirit of the Season you are considerate of other people’s needs. When it comes to Christmas shopping, the golden rule is to ignore impulse buys. Don’t be tempted to pick up anything not on your list. How many times have you gone in for milk or bread and come out with an assortment of gifts and other goodies? Remember: no impulse buys!

There is still a lot you have to get through. You might find yourself focusing on one chore and completely forgetting you were meant to do something else! Or someone is expecting you and the arrangements just flew out of your head. Although friends will see the funny side and your forgetfulness gives you all something to laugh about, try not to repeat the same mistake in a hurry. Other people won’t be so amused if you let them down again.

You really need a plan if you’re finding it hard to keep on top of everything. Organise the household so everyone takes a part in the festive preparations. Draw up a budget so you have control over how much gets spent on food, cards, drink and presents. Looking back over the past few months, a lot has changed in your life. Now would be a good day to take stock of what you have achieved, lost and learned.

If you’re worried about affording Christmas gifts remember some of the best presents don’t cost a lot. A handmade card or a voucher with a promise to do something special for someone will mean more to them than another box of chocolates or woolly hat! If you’ve got a large extended family, suggest giving small gifts to the children only. Through focusing on your relationships you feel you are making progress in the most important areas of your life.





A desire to make a success of the coming festivities could take its toll on your health. You could even make relaxation and meditation part of your daily routine. If you have to go into work today, you might feel slightly resentful when some people seem to get away with being absent without leave. Reward yourself by planning something enjoyable to do with the family this evening. You will feel better about your enforced spell of duty.

It’s quite unlike you to want to idle away the hours doing as little as possible but that’s how you feel today. You know you’re being contradictory especially if you’d promised to carry out certain chores. Even so it’s not easy to motivate yourself when you aren’t in the mood. A friend will let you know they feel you’re wasting a good opportunity to get out and enjoy yourself. As much as you disagree you might feel obliged, in the end, to join them in attending a Christmas party.

If you are a parent you might be giving some thought to your children’s education. A youngster in the family may be in the process of moving to a new school or wants to join an after school club. This could mean making some slight changes in your daily schedule. Shopping with a sensible friend will be a great idea as they suggest ways of saving money without cutting back on Christmas goodies. Tasks that occupy you this evening will not call for a lot of thought.

Information received from a reliable source gives you more scope to make some informed choice. In important business, financial or social matters you will be encouraged to research for yourself and make up your own mind. No one wants to feel they’re putting undue pressure on you. Now you realise you’ve been fed false information in the past, you might agree to stand together with those who intend to fight for fairness and justice.





If something has you puzzled, examine your gut feeling about it; you need to put more trust in your intuition. A visit or contact from an old friend you’ve not seen for some time could make for a pleasant surprise. Don’t be drawn into social plans that are likely to put a strain on your pocket. If you can’t afford it, don’t get involved. By far the easiest way to avoid money related worries come the New Year is to set a budget and stick rigidly to it.

You have good reason to be a little irritable and impatient today. With you being so well organised, it won’t be much fun having to drop everything to help out a partner or relative who has made a mess of some arrangements. A visit, meeting or festive get together is on the verge of being cancelled because of a mix up in communications. You will sort it out so no one misses out and although your frustration is well justified, try hard not to let it show!

Your boss or a senior colleague might intrude on some personal plans with an urgent matter they need you to deal with. This will upset family and friends who had expected to spend some time with you. If a job can’t wait, you’ll feel obliged to show your face and help resolve the problem even if you aren’t too pleased about it. Some wonderful things are happening in your life but there is a strong degree of tension and apprehension as well as anticipation.

Try to come to an agreement with friends and colleagues on a price limit for presents. If someone is arranging a Secret Santa, don’t feel embarrassed to ask others to agree on a budget and stick to it. A Company you have dealings with is arranging ways to reach out and help those in the community who are in need. Although you are keen to volunteer be sure you aren’t expected to do all the work while those who organised the event are conspicuous by their absence.

By Philip Garcia - 38

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Costa Blanca

Inelbe Electricas s.l.


Inurbe fincas c/ San Rafael, 11 03318 La Murada Alicante,


CIF: B54336409 Licensed for all types of low and medium tension installations, transformers, underground/aerial lines. Technical plans, permissions, bulletins, name changes etc For more information or a free estimate without obligation: Contact: José Ramon Office/fax: 966 779 788

679 951 140 (Español) 699 457 387 (English) 648 450 312 (Holanda)





Fully furnished detached country house. 2 beds, bath, nd lounge/diner, 2 lounge, fitted kitchen. Patio, terrace. A/C. Ample space for pool. 5 minutes from amenities in the town. Build: 150 m2 € 127,000 Plot: 1000 m2

Traditional country house with 3 beds, 2 baths, lounge/diner, fitted kitchen. Terrace. Solarium with views over the countryside. 5 minutes from town. Build: 150 m2 Plot: 350 m2

€ 145,000

Detached house in a popular location with underbuild conversion. 3 beds, 3 baths, lounge/diner, fitted kitchen. A/C and energy saving radiators. Garage. Solarium. Walking distance of town. 2 Build: 175 m € 155,000 Plot: 202 m2

New villa with full plans and 10 year guarantee. 3 beds, 2 baths, lounge/diner, fitted kitchen with appliances. Elevated position with panoramic views. One kilometre from amenities. 2 Build 140: m 2 € 169,000 Plot: 6,300 m





Detached villa on a large plot. Full plans and 10 year guarantee. 3 beds, 2 baths, lounge/diner, fitted kitchen. Lovely views to the mountains. 10 mins from Pinoso. 2 Build: 160 m 2 Plot: 11,200 m € 167,000

Stunning house in an elevated position. 3 beds, 2 baths (one with jacuzzi), fitted kitchen, pantry, lounge/diner. Outdoor kitchen, terraces, solarium. Pool. Free internet service. MUST BE VIEWED. 2 Build: 157 m 2 € 277,000 Plot: 16,337 m

Substantial country house in a pretty village. 7 beds, 2 baths, large kitchen/diner, pantry, utility, 2 spacious lounges. Many original features. Rear walled courtyard. Ideal for B & B. 2 Build: 403 m 2 € 193,700 Plot: 500 m

Detached country house in an elevated locationn with beautiful views. 3 beds, 2 baths, lounge/diner, fitted kitchen. Beamed ceilings. Porch. 3,000 m2 of the plot is enclosed. 2 Build: 130 m € 119,000 Plot 10,000 m2





Bungalow on the outskirts of town with views to the mountains. 4 beds, 2 baths, lounge/diner, fitted kitchen. Porch, terrace, spacious patio. Within 5 minutes walking distance of town. 2 Build: 160 m 2 Plot: 200 m € 155,000

New detached villa, ready in one month, with full plans and 10 year guarantee. 4 beds, 2 baths, lounge/diner, fitted kitchen. 20 m2 solarium. Panoramic views to the mountains. Build: 200 m2 2 € 186,000 Plot: 5,100 m

Canadian style detached house with pool. Full plans and 10 year guarantee. 3 beds with wardrobes, 2 bathrooms, lounge, dining room, fitted kitchen, utility. Covered porch. 2 Build: 135 m 2 € 176,000 Plot: 14,000 m

We have a range of building plots available with full architect´s plans and works licences. Water and electricity connected. Prices start at 56,000 €

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The Inland Magazine™

Memories Of My Life In The Navy John Wilkinson This self-published book does what it says on the cover and gives the reader in Wilkie’s own words his memories from his fifteenth birthday up to the time he left the Royal Navy just over thirteen years later. He says early on that he was never any good at English, but it’s a great pity he didn’t get somebody to edit or proofread the book first, as it contains many spelling and grammar mistakes, which may prove off-putting. At the outset, he wondered why they put him into the communications branch! He also makes a point of not apologising for the ‘bad’ language, stating that’s how it was. If readers can accept these two aspects – spelling/grammar errors and earthy language – then this book should appeal to two sections of people: those who are curious about what naval life was like forty years ago, and also those who experienced that life or similar. It’s bound to appeal to expat matelots, I’m sure. Many people say ‘I could write a book about my life and experiences’, but few actually manage it. To produce from memory a 192-page book is no mean achievement; it takes time and effort. Like Wilkie, I’m a Geordie and I too joined the RN in the 1960s, but I never met Wilkie – until now, through his words. The style is basic chat and jocular, so that by the end I felt I knew the man quite well, having lived with him through the vicissitudes of a colourful and varied naval life. I joined the RN at the same Newcastle upon Tyne recruiting office some four years after Wilkie, so some of his memories evoked my own. This I think will be true of other readers too. The cover price may be steep, but the book is illustrated with many photographs, some in colour; so, you get colourful pictures and colourful language in one package… Because Wilkie was a boy recruit, he started his basic training at HMS Ganges, Shotley Bridge, Ipswich. There are a number of amusing moments, for example the new blokes had to sew their name-stamped labels onto their clothes – and with long surnames such as Wilkinson that took him quite a while! (Happily, my surname, Nicholson-Morton, was shortened by the supplier of the wooden print to N-Morton!) The female dentist was exceedingly attractive and apparently only wore black underwear beneath her white coat, so all the recruits left the training establishment with good teeth. He loses his virginity while on leave and this is the beginning of a long career of shagging at home and abroad. Being a Geordie, he’s already accomplished at boozing. Most of his training for being a sailor is done, then. No, not quite. He next goes to HMS Mercury near Petersfield, to learn Morse Code, flags and signals. 40

Wilkie preferred seagoing ships to brick ones, and for most of his naval career he got his wish. His drafts – or postings in non-naval parlance – included HM Ships Hampshire, Cavendish, Devonshire, President, Bulwark, Arlingham, Collingwood and Sirius. Over the years, he travelled to far-flung places such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Malta, Greece, Italy, Durban, Gibraltar, Poland, Russia, Aden and Australia. These were the days when Great Britain had a substantial navy and ships visited foreign ports to show the flag. Now Britain has dropped the ‘Great’, the navy has shrunk, there’s plenty of sea-time but few foreign visits, and none of our government politicians seem interested in showing off the flag in case it offends someone. On the surface, Wilkie’s naval life seems one long round of piss-ups, shags, soccer matches and runs ashore. This is not the case, of course. He points out that in between all those foreign visits there were long stretches of hard work and seagoing exercises in conditions no health and safety conscious trade unionist would sanction. Beneath the surface, Wilkie’s book touches on his lasting friendship with old pals from that period, including several ex girlfriends. He fondly remembers friends and family, some sadly departed, and equally recalls a very few individuals he disliked intensely. That all changed, however, when he met and married his blonde Wren. Drink and soccer were still viable options, but that was all. Dog lovers will warm to one member of HMS Arlingham’s ship’s company, Tramp, a black mongrel complete with dog-tags and his own ‘uniform’. In conclusion, ignore the bad spelling and language and just listen to the man’s fond memories of people and a time now gone. You can get more information or a copy of the book by contacting Nik Morton Author of The Tehran Transmission (Libros International) a spy thriller about Iran in1978, also featuring secret naval operations in the Persian Gulf.

COMPETITION WIN a copy of Memories In The Navy Simply post this coupon to T.I.M, Apartado de Correos 285, Sax 03630 Name .................................................................. e.mail ................................................................... Address ............................................................... Day time telephone number ............................. One entry per household The Editor’s decision is final Closing date for entries is the 18thJanuary 2010 You’ve got to be in to win

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Costa Blanca

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Hondon Valley Golf Society


Ken Baillie braved the cold and windy conditions at Alenda Golf on the first day of December and scored 35 points to win first prize and the Gold Section. New member, Dave Tomlinson and the evergreen Cliff Parkinson won Silver and Bronze sections carding 29 points and a modest 19 points respectively. Thirty two members turned out to support new captain, Bob Watson, on his first day in charge. As well as the Stableford competition, Captain Bob decided to introduce a ‘Better Ball’ competition where the best two scores from each team on each hole was recorded onto a separate score card. The team scoring the most Stableford points would be the winners. No surprise then that Bob’s team won? New Chairman, Ron Graham, had a bad day. To start with he forgot to give the first group off the Nearest the Pin markers. Later on he tried to regain some brownie points by recovering the markers from the Fifth that, incidentally, had been left behind by Messrs Stevens, Blair, Baggaley and Hubey. No problem - markers safely recovered except car keys were lost! Keys were never found despite retracing steps and asking all forms of human life within a five mile radius if they had found a set of car keys. Captain Bob tried to make himself heard at the Presentations. He congratulated the winners who had won in difficult conditions, the members for their support and, finally, he looked forward to seeing everyone again at the Presentation Dinner Dance which was only three days away. PRESENTATION DINNER DANCE So to Friday 4th December and the end of season Presentation and Dinner Dance at La Finca Restaurant situated between the Hondons. Sixty members and guests enjoyed a memorable evening of good food and dance music

provided by the husband and wife duo ‘The Kings’. The mustard soup, including three different cheeses and bacon, was a popular choice as was the Brazilian sirloin steak. The apple pie and custard proved to be an excellent choice in view of the surprise apology from the owner chef who got onto the microphone to explain that he had had an accident in the kitchen and dropped nine of the thirteen tiramasus ordered! The good news was that four had survived but who was going to be one of the lucky four? After Dinner, President Bill Yuill gave a brief history of the HVGS mentioning that it was the brainchild of Kevin Wells who had sadly passed away in August 2008. He welcomed Linda Wells who was guest of honour and who would be the first to present the Kevin Wells Memorial Claret Jug in Kevin’s memory. Bill then handed over to Les Goddard, last season’s Captain, to conduct the Presentation of Trophies. Mick Graham was first in line to receive the Claret Jug from Linda Wells. Terry Hopper won the President’s Trophy and Tony Brewer picked up the Matchplay Knockout Trophy from newly elected Captain, Bob Watson. The raffle sponsored by El Plantio Golf, Bar Pepin and Terry Hopper, raised €238.00. Pam Pearn won the main prize of two green fee vouchers; David Fellows won the Meal for Two. The third prize, an MP3 Player, was won by Jean Woodcock. For information on how to join HVGS contact the Secretary, Trevor Batchelor, on 687987229 or email . To reserve your place on the list for the Society Golf Days contact the Captain, Bob Watson, on 663316366 or e-mail

Winners HVGS December Stableford – Alenda Golf – Tuesday 1st December Member





Gold Winner


Malt Whisky and Rioja


Silver Winner


Malt Whisky and Rioja


Bronze Winner


Malt Whisky and Rioja


Nearest the Pin


Bottle of Brandy


Bottle of Brandy


18th, second shot

Bottle of Brandy

Best ‘Better Ball’ Team

Six Pack of Beer

Team 5

Six Pack of Beer


Six Pack of Beer


Six Pack of Beer GF Refund

40€ refund

Forthcoming HVGS Golf Days and Other Events Tuesday 12th January Tuesday 9th March


Alicante Meet 09.15 am in Clubhouse El Plantio Meet 09.15 am in Clubhouse

Tuesday 9th February

El Plantio

E-mail: • Web site:

Meet 09.15 am in Clubhouse

Costa Blanca



Extra sockets, External Lights, Faults….

Electric Gate Motors fitted from 650 euros NEED A TELEPHONE/COMMS Engineer?

Extensions installed, Phones moved, Faults investigated. VOIP Phones free calls to UK and Spanish Landlines

Mobiles 12c per min calls, 10c International

Telefonica Landline – cut your call costs

Looking for a Business Opportunity?

Contact Steve on: 966195876 or Mobile 699408939 email - or Skype: steve.kilgallon1

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FAPC, SACDip Palmist, Clairvoyant Tarot Consultant Psychic Artist Crystal Healer 965 696 864 or 650 243 299 44

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Costa Blanca

Sierra Telecoms.


UK Tel Nos, FREE calls in. All major Cities. FAX without a fax machine. Land line Spanish No. NO Line required!! ADSL Free calls. Internet connection. No Landline required! FREE calls to your PC anywhere in the World AND more!

Plumbing, Drains, Tool Hire, Mobile Welding and Repair Service. Caravan, Auto Tractor and Digger service and repair, I.T.V. Electric Mobility Scooter hire and servicing, also Foldable Wheelchairs, Walking Frames and Crutches etc Delivery possible at extra cost anywhere. Garden Maintenance adn Gravelling. Digger Hire or just operation. Pool cleaning and maintenance Land and Orchard Cultivation or Rotovation Anything you need we are here to help to Help You.

Agents wanted for the magic box? Tel: 965698128 Mob 696640747 UK 01179 117390.

Tel Jim 650 867 009 or Denise 965 562 594

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Singer Entertainer Available for Private Functions. Bars, Hotels, etc... For Details or Demo Cd

Tel: 630 681 408


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IT’S SIMPLE IT’S FREE * & IT SELLS! FREE ADVERTS If you have an item to sell which is up to the value of 500 euros entrance into the Bargainads pages is FREE for no more than 25 words, no more than 3 items per household, this service is open to non commercial enterprises. Send your items for sale to or text 680 976 823, please make sure your Bargain advert is accompanied by the area in which you live. If all available space is taken, your advert will appear in the next available magazine. FREE at You can now also place your Classifieds up to the price of 750 euros FREE of charge in our classified section at www.

* PAID ADVERTS For Commercial adverts in the Bargainads section or to place adverts that are over the specified 500 euros, contact us on 606 891 644 or email Closing date for Bargain Adverts is the 18th of the month. Small Ads can be sent to TIM, Apartado De Correos 285, 03630 (SAX) Alicante

Send your small ads to BARGAINADS@YAHOO.ES 46


SWIMMING POOL & SPA Test Strips, Chlorine, Alkalinity and PH, 3 in 1 and 5 in 1 Test Strips. Takes five seconds to accurately check your pool or spa chemicals. 50 test strips per pot. Accurate and easy to use. 7 Euro’s each or 3 pots for 20 Euro’s. Telephone 965978247 or 609931647. Sax Rotavater pasquale diesel engine 1.2mtr dig,all in very good condition,for large garden.Aspe price 1,500 euro. tel 693920127 Rieju 50cc on off road motorbike,4 years old, very good condition 450 euros Tel Jim Castalla 965 562 594 Glass Computer desk 125 euros, Sofa 120 euros Coffee table 20 euros Garage sale every saturday for next 4 weeks until sold tel 966770388 Jacarilla Box trailer, Excellent condition. 300 euros Ideal for markert stall holder, or local transport tel 626716342 Bigastro Chicken rottiserie gas and cabinet cooks 8 chickens 295 euros 0034 617944030 Campello you can view this item at www. or through Classifieds. Woodburner for sale in very good condition.I can deliver if necessary, 250 euros ono. Please call 644125374 or 660397525 Alicante area, Busot UPVC double glazed sliding window 145x120 cm - Euros 100 UPVC double glazed glass door 220x90 cm including frame - Euros 150 Sax area-Tel 965475997 Swimming pool pump, sand filter, fibre glass casing, 500 euros Tel 966 979 609 Mana/ Xinorelet GAS HEATERS – 3 Stand-alone gas heaters including regulators, 45 Euros each or the 3 for 120 Euros. Also 2 “Red” Gas Cylinders, 10 Euro’s each. No Offers. Located Sax. Telephone 609931647 or Email barberic@ H.P. scanner,Scan jet 3,400 ,printer epsom stylus c82 35E each or 50 e for both tel 649229353.

Quad bike, as new, desert cat 95cc, serviced and registered just itv for road use, elec start, 2 seater 499 euros Pinoso 676 400821 3,000 litre polycarbonate water storage tank for sale cost over €750.00, bargain only €150.00 tele 628904390 Tibi area. Finches and zebra finches for sale 2.50 euros each Tibi Tel 664 753 231 Rustic ceiling lamp Bigastreo area, 25 euros Tel 626716342 Washing machine smeg 50 euros Bigastro area tel 626716342 Solid wood rustic but modern table and 4 leather high back chairs, as new, 300 euros can email photo tel 626 716 342 Two white aluminium double glazed obscure windows in good condition. Size 60 cm wide x 80 cm high. €80 the pair .Hondon. 676327078 White aluminium double glazed patio doors/frame and roller blind in good condition. Size 217cm x 150cm. € 75 .Hondon 676327078 Outdoor Table-extends to seat 8 with 2 carvers 6 chairs plus 8 matching seat cushions + ex large parasol €110 La Matanza Orihuela 965369345 Greenfit Treadmill. 6 months old unused 450x1300 running area. LCD readout heartrate, speed incline, calories TEL 672019706 Hondon Frailes area. 490 euros Butterfly table-drop leaf, pine with 4 folding chairs that store inside......ex cond €50 La Matanza Orihuela 965369345 2 single mattresses 180 x 90 never been used 15 euros each Tibi area 664 753 231 LEXMARK 5400 PRINTER / COPIER / SCANNER / FAX MACHINE COMPLETE WITH POWER AND USB LEADS PLUS DRIVER DISCS FOR PC OR MAC. EXCELLENT WORKING ORDER AS ONLY ONE YEAR OLD AND LITTLE USED. 30 EUROS TELEPHONE 965 528 170 OR MOBILE 691 0477 84 ONIL / CASTALLA AREA Pace sky box , nearly new remote and cables, 75 euros Pinoso 659 888606

E-mail: • Web site:

Mahogany extending dining table with extra leaf, six wheat eared upholstered chairs, including 2 carvers, over 1500 euros new , asking price 350 euros Hondon Valley area Tel 660 886121 New vanity bathroom mirror with light, 79cmx97 25 euros ono, saisho mw combi oven old but good working order 25 euros ono Tel 633 405748 Caudete PATIO HEATER little usedE80,WHITE-CANE DRESSING TABLE and stool E50,BAMBOO shelf unit E10.966979630 (pinoso area) Pentax Espio 160 Compact 35mm camera, with Autofocus, Autoexposure, Autoflash, 38mm160mm Zoom lens, carry case and instructions. Excellent condition. Euros 95. Tel: 966 195 516 or Mobile 664897443. Hondon area. Lateral Thigh Trainer with digital record meter 80 euros ( o.n.o ) New Leather Poufe 10 euros Ladies Cowboy Boots- brown Size 7 Italian as new 50 euros ( cost 140 euros new ) o.n.o Fortuna Quantity of household furniture for sale at low prices Pinoso Tel 667 049647 Panasonic NV-DS15EN Digital Video Camera. Compact, zoom lens, rechargeable power pack, new tapes, carry case, all leads and instructions. Used twice, as new. Bargain - Euros 170. Tel: 966 195 516 or mobile 664897443. Hondon area. Ariston 80 Litre electric water heater. Used for six months only. Euros 55. Tel: 966 195 516 or mobile 664897443. Hondon area Packard Bell Platinum Computer Parts 2 sets of ram ,1 str board , cd writer , dvd rom and motherboard 50E ono .649229353. Mink coat genuine 450 euros bargin Tel 628 749 209 Hondon Goldfish




for sale. Goldfish from 3 Euro’s, Koi from 15 Euro’s to 100 Euro’s. Koi food also available. Pond and filter design service, advice given for free. Telephone Eric on 965 978 247 or 609 931 647. sax

Costa Blanca SERVICES

FRANCISCO MARTÍNEZ RIVAS Solicitors & Barristers, Murcia Got a problem you need to talk through? We can advise you regarding alltypes of legal matters. Discuss it with us in ENGLISH with Joaquin our FORTUNA based English Speaking representative Tel 628 623 406 To arrange a meeting locally to suit you

Long wheel base van with space returning to Spain from the UK at the end of February 2010, reasonable rates , very reliable Tel 966 500 121 or 690 818 090

Chain Link Fencing and Perimeter walls. For a free no-obligation low cost quote, log on at www.Billericky. com or call Keith 628 613 350 or 962 389 622

Joiner / Carpenter Fully qualified Joiner. Can undertake anything from A shelf to a new roof. All general repairs including break in damage Pergolas/ carports/ wood stores made to order and any size or collect one today Example of items stocked Pergolas: 5m x 3m €330 - 3m x 2m €230 Mature, solid timbers. Treated clear Workshop between Pinoso & Fortuna

649540016 or --------------------------------------------Enjoy out door living 100% free from Mosquitoes, Flies, etc GO TO – Email: Tel: 649540016

Long wheelbase van leaving for the Uk, 10th February going to UK, returning to Spain 24th February , space available both ways Ring Paul on 634 030 636

ANNOUNCEMENTS Are you starting a market Stall/ Shop? If so we have thousands of new, quality clothing lines for sale, visit our web site at www. or e.mail or tel 675 218 436 nobody can compete with us on Price. We also have tons of other items non clothing available through our web site. STRANDED! Your Driver incapacitated but your vehicle available. No Worries. Phone Michael. Ex Professional Driver/ Chauffuer available to drive you wherever you want or need to go. Reasonable rates. Tel: 965978907/659658760. VEHICLES



Large variation of finishes available including: > Skimming (Smooth walls) > Rendering (Sand & Cement) > Monocapa/Raspado (All Colours) > Stone Cladding > Tiling All work guaranteed. All areas covered Call now 868 000 039 Mobile 636 573 791

Tue 10.30am - 12.30 Improver/Intermed Bar Central Barbarroja. Wed 12 - 1.30 pm Impr Bar Yenisa La Matanza Thur 2.45 - 3.45pm Beginner La Carcelera Fortuna Thur 4 - 6pm Impr / Inter Bar La Carcelera Fortuna LINE DANCE SOCIAL At Bar Yenise (Pizzeria) La Matanza. January 29th 7.30pm till Late All Welcome. Phone Ian or Kate 660 234 754 email

Private sale. Onil - Fully renovated town house. 3 Double bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, new fitted kitchen. Light, bright and spacious. Close to all amenities. Absolute bargain. 79,000 euros. Tel: 636 167 650. No agents please. House for Sale Brand New House on large plot, close to Pinoso, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, lounge, dinning room etc, electric and water connected, 105,000 euros, 90 % finance guaranteed Tel 610 044 860

From 1€ - €10.000 Same day collection


Kabaret & Race Nights. Bar, Private Function or Celebration. Call me now to discuss your requirements.

689 077 551 Fortuna & Inland Areas Covered

Short lets / holiday. Near Pinoso village house four bedrooms three bathrooms and much more. Sleeps eight people. Ideal for chill out or house hunting. Spacious modern comfortable, and tastefully furnished. Call +0044 (0)1752 863353 U.K 669804117 mob Spain for more information

Are you house hunting/ or looking for a relaxing Holliday 30 minutes inland from the coast and 25 mins from Alicante Airport in the real Spain! Long and Short lets available, fabolous road connections to all parts of Spain. Golf Couse 15 mins drive away.Two beds, two bathrooms, American kitchen/ dinner, Sky tv, Air con, use of pool and jaccuzi, beautifull views, great for walking or cyclists. Sax area call 638 026 230 for more info and prices.

Available now in Pinoso 2 x Static Caravan Plots, pool, bar and park area Tel 669 880 544 HOUSE FOR RENT WITH S TA B L E S - F O RT U N A 3Bed/2Bath Lounge Dining Room Kitchen Swimming Pool Pool Bar. 3000m2 plot. Stables. 600€pm + Bills. Tel 633 239 590

Ring Lee Now 663 673 143 Phil: 607 848 332 FORTUNA

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We pay INSTANT CASH same day for cars, vans, bikes, quads, aravans, trailers.Absolutely anything

ENTERTAINMENT PREMIER PLASTERING All aspects of plastering undertaken.


CLASSIFIEDS For sale authentic village house in Hondon de las Nieves, ground floor kitchen diner, with white goods, bathroom with shower, lounge with t/v signal and landline phone, dining area with log burning stove. first floor 2 large bedrooms one en suite both with A/C study or office area private roof terrace. Price includes some furnishings €113,000 to view phone 628093490 or visit htm

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Static Caravans 4 sale starting from 2,000 euros excellent condition Tel 669 880 544

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FOR RENT/OR FOR SALE. LA ROMANA. Unfurnished newly built end townhouse. Close all amenities, 30mins Alicante Town & Airport. 3 beds, 3 baths, Kitchen/diner, Utility, Lounge/diner leading to small courtyard & large upper sun terrace. Massive underbuild. Long term preferred. Tel: 659658760/ 965978907 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Do you have a Tea Wagon/ Burger van? We have an ideal opening for you with fabulous earning potential if you own and run a legal tea wagon/ burger van here in Spain for more details call 691 260 502 or 638 026 230 start earning straight away. Closing your business/ shop down? We buy all types of liquidation/ bankrupt stock for CASH! Call 675 218 436 or 966 196 777 and turn your unwanted stock into cash.

NEW Health and Wealth Products. Electronic Cigarettes. Vaporized HARMLESS Smoking Alternative. Different nicotine strengths available. Distributors wanted in Spain and UK. P/Full time.www.myinlife. com/wellbeingnetwork T e l : 6 9 6 6 4 0 7 4 7 wellbeingnetwork@hotmail.

662 048 747

Person wanted to house share, modern luxury villa, own en suite bedroom. Modest Rent and share of bills, must be dog friendly Tel Pat on 637 993 667

PETS CLAIRE CROFTS, Mobile dog grooming service. Back in business. Tel: 649 280 204 My name is Rory.I am an 8 year german shepherd.My daddy died recently and I am looking for a new mummy and daddy to take care of me.I am good natured with all hunam beings but I prefer to be where there are no other pets.I love playing with my toys and going for walks .For further information call 670238463

All types of solar equipment, windturbine, generators, panels, inverters, chargers, batteries, etc, etc. Also, Solar hot water equipment. Cash waiting, call 686 181 995 Musicians wanted to play music & just have fun. Fortuna 627 806 934 Wanted T chests condition 649229353


HEALTH REIKI courses in Dec/Jan and Feb. Also Cosmic Ordering seminars. A method of Healing for self, friends and Family. Reiki Master. Tel. 696640747 email wellbeingnetwork@

Restaurant San Francisco

As you have seen, this restaurant is for sale after 2 and a half years open. Now probably the busiest bar & restaurant in la Romana, owner motivated to look at all offers. The Restaurant/ Bar makes a profit, and we have all figures for two and a half years of trading to show to potential buyers- income guaranteed! Owner will stay with buyers to ensure smooth transition. takings of gross average 16k per month net profit to husband wife team over 3k per month!! Even in current crisis with huge upside potential. For more info and price, Price Reduced Call Steve on

preferably. Contact Robert on 966 193 426



Due to further expansion into the Murcia region, The Inland Magazine is now looking for sales staff in the following areas, Cehigin / Mula / Mazarron. If you feel that you fit the following criteria, of smart, self motivated, friendly, trustworthy, and have some knowledge of the Spanish language, and connection to the internet and would like to be part of a friendly / professional team. Please contact John Chandler on 620 042 601 or e.mail your details to john. theinlandmagazine@yahoo.

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GADGET PAGE The LG GD910 Watch phone LG has finally launched the GD910 Watch Phone to the world wide public, for the far-less-than expected price of £500 or 556.170 EUR dependent obviously on exchange rate values. The question we wanted to answer in our LG watch phone review is as it’s packed with a touch screen, Bluetooth and even a camera, is it still just a gimmick or the start of a real life Dick Tracy era? The phone/watch is a sleek little number, given the amount of technology packed under the casing and strapped to your wrist. The SIM slot is located with the battery at the back of the phone, removed with a fair amount of force using a coin or similar instrument. The phone will still work without a SIM card, but unless you’re desperate to use it as a music player on the wrist, it’s more than a little redundant. The watch phone itself is of a very sleek design, and the touch screen is much better than most others found on the market today. The three main buttons on the side are more than a little fiddly to operate, especially if the owner of the watch phone is a man with arm hair, which often gets pinched when using the buttons. Similarly, when wearing it on your right arm, the screen is also obscured by the hand trying to work the phone. LG has been very clever in the design of the GD910 Watch Phone though, with the call button opening up a number of menus, and the hang up button taking you back to the top screen, with the middle button simply navigating back and forth. The watch/ phone are indeed very light on the wrist, with the chunkiness far less than most were expecting. It’s no stretch of the imagination to see this being used as a ‘normal’ watch. The charger is a novel design, with a clamp holding the phone to a metal plate, which then connects to a USB charger for computer compatibility as well. One must admit that the LG watch/ phone is a pretty cool gadget, and it’s almost definitely going to be the gadget to acquire for many in the 2010.

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