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Confused with all the myths you hear about driving and living in Spain? We have linked up with Trafico, The Guardia Civil, Abogados, Vehicle Re-plating Experts and more to bring you: A free unbiased resource packed with legal & general information together with imprtant contact telehone numbers and documents that can be downloaded and copied for our existing and future clients

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Non-resident tax return What do you need to do? Do you need to do this…? Did you know that the Spanish & UK tax authorities share information

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Non-residents are liable for tax on any income arising in Spain, such as a money deposit with a Spanish bank, a property in Spain, or income derived of any business in Spain.

Non-Resident’s must make their annual

tax return for their Spanish tax liabilities by December 31st of every year. Many non-residents either choose to ignore this issue or are unaware of the need to do this - incorrectly thinking a UK tax return suffices.

Remember there can be benefits as well as legal compliance and peace of mind with establishing your correct situation in Spain.

Welcome to the December edition of T.I.M. Covering the Costa Blanca, inland and coastal

145th Edition

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Front Cover Merry Christmas

r you here fo the s y a w l A uring n 609 187 808 even dGraham: T. 00 34 965 480 737 M 00 34 606 056 282 seaso v festi e Watch our videos at ristmas Guardamar El Raso, Quesada and Torrevieja h C y r r Me MORAIRA ALICANTE (C/Sandistricts. Fernando, 46 1ºizda) La Marina area and surrounding CUIDAD QUESADA



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Christmas FREEBIES Normally I review the best tech for Christmas, but to be honest, this year there is nothing really new that has come along, apart from VR (Virtual Reality), so instead, let’s look at the best software to put on your new Christmas present (and as always, if you are looking for a new PC/Laptop, please make sure you get a good one, my personal recommendation is for a minimum specification of an Intel Core i3, 4Gb RAM or above). For this review, I am going to suggest the best price only – that is FREE!

1) Windows 10 It’s been out a year now, so it’s finally stable. No, it’s not technically free, but it generally will come with the computer, so it’s kind of already paid for (in my mind, that’s just about free!).

5) CCleaner This list would not be complete without CCleaner. From piriform. com – this little wizard of a piece of software is officially legendary! Run it once a week to keep your new machine like that, new!

2) An alternative browser. This is the software that allows you to go on the internet. Windows 10 does come with “Edge” on it, but there are still some websites that struggle with Edge, and having an alternative browser is always useful. Mozilla Firefox ( or Google Chrome ( are both fine alternatives. You don’t have to use it all the time, but it’s always best to install it as a “just in case”.

6) VLC Media Player The problem with Windows 8 and above is they no longer support DVD playback. It also may not be able to play all the types of video you can download. VLC (from is the best, and of course, it’s free.

3) Anti-Virus. I have mixed feelings on this one now. Personally, I don’t use a third party antivirus anymore, as Windows 10 has a good one built in, but on the flip side of that argument, I can generally spot a fake website or pop up, and ignore it. If you want to, try AVG free or Avast Free. 4) Malwarebytes Free Available from – this is an excellent scanner to keep the nasties from your PC. The free version requires you to run it when you think something may be amis, whereas the paid for one runs all the time. Personally, the free one is normally sufficient.

7) Microsoft Office – Nah, OpenOffice Want to use Microsoft Office, but don’t want to pay the €120 to buy it (or €79 a year) – then head over to and download their free office suite. It works much the same as Microsoft Office, but has the advantage of being completely free. 8) Want Photoshop, but cannot afford the €700 price tag? is free (although their website is a nightmare to navigate – “getpaint. net”). Better than the built in paint, it was designed by Microsoft itself, to replace Paint. GIMP ( is more powerful, but much more complex to learn.

I hope that this article will help you set up your new PC, or even give you some ideas on what to install on your old PC to give it a Christmas Present of its own. Until Next Year!! Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year. See you in 2017! Please view my advert on page 5 2

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The 12 Savings of Christmas

With more than a hint of poetic licence, this month’s savings tips come with a festive feel. On the twelfth day of Christmas MoneySaverSpain gave these tips to me: 12 Plumbers Plumbing When you call out a plumber or other tradesman (or woman) don’t be tempted to pay less by paying in cash to avoid paying sales tax. All repairs are guaranteed for six months, but if you don’t have an invoice and something goes wrong there’s nothing you can do. 11 Peppers Popping Not only is the Mediterranean diet good for you, it’s cheap too. With fruit and vegetables at your local market, decent red wine for under 5€ a bottle and a splash of olive oil you’ll probably live longer and healthier too. 10 Laws for Learning Don’t rely on well-meaning friends and neighbours, and even less on online forums, when it comes to the laws in Spain ignore them at your peril. The traditional Spanish “picaresca” characters, those lovable rogues who never pay their taxes or traffic fines, are disappearing fast. Get advice about your taxes, pension, residency papers and any other area that you might be worried about from official bodies and the people who know, and do so in writing to avoid misunderstandings. 9 Ladies’ Savings Have you heard of the pink tax? Goods aimed at 50% of the population cost more: ladies razors, dry cleaning, toiletries and the list goes on. With some items over 40% more expensive, don’t give in to the hype and just buy the same items made for men! 8 Made for Walking With Spain’s beautiful climate, it’s a shame to


be stuck inside. Going for a walk is free and good for you. If you think you know your local towns and cities, think again! Act like a tourist, discover hidden quarters and streets and remember to look up – we miss so many things by only looking around at eye level. The tourist office is a great place to start. Free leaflets, street plans and advice in multiple languages means you won’t have to spend hours planning. And while you’re at it, create a bucket list of Spanish towns to visit. Visit outside the normal tourist season to get cheap rail tickets and avoid the crowds.

official complaints form. Is your telecoms company a big numpty? Use the official Government telecoms claims service. Electric bill no thrill? Check your tariff yearly and swap to save. Register at the Town Hall, there are savings for all. Free courses, discounted gyms and more.

7 Swanky Savings Long gone are the days when you needed to spend a fortune just to dress up for a party or celebration. Low cost stores can be found in most cities: Primark, Lefties (Zara group), Kiabi and Pimkie. With a few well-chosen accessories, no one needs to know where your outfit came from. If you’re looking for something with a brand name, visit your local outlet. Found just outside cities across Spain, they sell previous seasons’ clothing and footwear with discounts of up to 70%.

3 French Apps Or Spanish, or German. Download to your phone or tablet and practice languages for free. Top apps are Duolingo, Busuu and Memrise (all three include Spanish). You could also consider giving Google Translate a try. Not a learning app, but as well as translating Google Translate verbalises so it’s useful for practising your pronunciation.

6 Grease for Spraying OK, so olive oil isn’t cheap. And infused oils with exotic ingredients can get quite expensive. Why not make your own? No, not the oil! Buy an oil spray bottle at your local homeware store, fill with olive oil and use for salads and grilling – you’ll use a lot less than pouring out of a bottle. For infused olive oil buy two or three small glass bottles, fill each one with olive oil and other ingredients such garlic, chilli or herbs. Seal the bottle and leave for a week before using. Infused oils taste fantastic with bread for dipping!

4 Credit Cards Are you still paying an annual fee for a credit card? Well stop it and apply for a free one. Top cards include Carrefour’s Pass, Ikea Visa and WizInk. With cash back for shopping, loyalty discounts and other perks it makes little sense to continue being loyal to your bank.

2 Turtle Neck Sweaters The winter sales used to start in Spain on 7 January, but every year they get earlier both online and in bricks and mortar stores Your consumer rights are the same during sales periods. However if you’ve simply changed your mind a store can refuse to accept returns. If you’re not sure about that fluorescent green suit and pink tie, buy online where you have a statutory 14-day cooling off period.

5 Golden Rules Insurance renewal: investigate, negotiate, reduce your rate. Complain to gain: Most items have a 2-year guarantee. Not happy? Ask for the

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After all that saving… AND A PARTY IN THE NEW YEAR

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Words by John Bishop

It’s here - and another TIM first: the Brexit Christmas Online Shopping Mall. Never to be repeated (except for the next 2-3 years) Your chance to make this a Christmas like no other, with a choice of unique presents that will mark you out from the common herd. Sorry? What did you say? Brexit hasn’t happened yet? If you insist. But someone has to get in first, I mean, lead the way and besides it means if you can’t get shut of these presents on some mug this year, you’ll have a couple more opportunities. At least. So, can we proceed?

your Brexit cushion and laugh as the seagulls pass overhead. Warning: can be difficult to dispose of. Price: 50 cents for ten.

fact that, in trials, players were going around poking anyone, as opposed to anyone they thought was foreign.

That present will combine well on Christmas Day with the Michael Gove Carving Set, especially the steak knives, if you turn Boris to face outwards and then throw. But take care if you’re on the top floor. And don’t show them off to friends who’ve just arrived. They may make hasty excuses and leave before you can display your true nature. Free loyalty card included.

First up, the Brexit Advent calendar. A different lie for every day and great value because it keeps going until Brexit is complete, or Doomsday, whichever falls sooner. Illustrated with your favourite Brexiteers – Liam, Andrea, Genghis Khan etc. Available by subscription only (amount could vary) in range of currencies (no pounds).

For any friends who are avid Brexiteers the Big Brexit T-shirt is a must. On the front it reads ‘Brexit & Proud’; on the back ‘D***head’. Colours: grey, deep grey or any colour not on any EU nation’s flag. Price: negotiable in the Euro Shop.

Also, unfortunately, the Brexit present that was most in demand – the Make Your Own Irish Passport kit - has had to be pulled on copyright and Health & Safety grounds. Typical EU red tape, you ask? Not exactly though it does follow a recent ‘official’ visit I had. Not from the Guardia Civil or the Irish Embassy, just two big blokes from somewhere up on the Albacete road. I didn’t follow all the Russian but managed to catch ‘We copy, right?’ and gathered that the gesture of running a finger across his throat wasn’t a sign that he was drawing a line under the problem. To avoid any misunderstanding, before they left they burnt the five gross of sets already delivered. As the Chinese printers had managed a ‘c’ instead of the ‘r’ in ‘Ireland’ I decided not to object.

You can view this from your Brexit Whoopee Cushion (made in China) with a tasteful Union Jack cover (detachable cross of St Andrew if needed). Comes in hard, extra-hard or eye-watering. Only 25€ each or two for 60. Want something more exciting? The lifesize Boris Blow-up Doll is for you (explosives not supplied). Provides hours of fun (well, seconds but stuff the Trades Descriptions Act now we’re out of Europe. What? We’re not, yet? Stuff that, too). Simply place on your balcony (it is self-inflating), sit back on

There’s wide selection of games available this year. The Brexit Shock Cluedo Whodunnit is proving popular but here’s a tip: it’s not the unemployed steelworker from Teeside but the suburban housewives in Maidenhead who are the likely culprits. Old favourites like ‘Snap’ are making a comeback, although ‘Happy Families’ are in decline. However, there are some disappointments: the Nigel Farage dartboard is encountering production difficulties. It seems that locating the bull in his mouth means it’s impossible to find. Similarly, those of you wanting a copy of my book ‘Brexit –Your Fears Allayed’ will have to wait until 2034. Meanwhile Brexit Pokaman (sic) has been banned owing to the

If all I’ve done so far is fill you with dread, especially at the thought that you may be given one of these presents, there is an answer. (No, not topping yourself with the Gove carving set, though the chopper does have a habit of bouncing back). It’s a refreshingly non-Brexit present and can also be used for any of the above you do receive. Yes, it’s the Cor Bin. Virtually shapeless, its garish deep red will brighten any home while the inside, plastered with grotesque caricatures of pinko Blairites, will have you gasping with laughter as you throw things (or up) in. Happy Brexmas! 6

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Non-resident tax return What do you need to do? Do you need to do this…? Did you know that the Spanish & UK tax authorities share information Non-residents are liable for tax on any income arising in Spain, such as a money deposit with a Spanish bank, a property in Spain, or income derived of any business in Spain. Non-Resident’s must make their annual

r you o f e r e h Always during the even e season festiv tma s i r h C Merry 14 8


tax return for their Spanish tax liabilities by December 31st of every year. Many non-residents either choose to ignore this issue or are unaware of the need to do this - incorrectly thinking a UK tax return suffices.

Remember there can be benefits as well as legal compliance and peace of mind with establishing your correct situation in Spain. We will be more than happy to advise you.

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when we stopped on the way back it was 24°. Managed to get most of my kit off but no replacements for the thermal socks melting my feet. So, just like I said last month, check the weather, it changes drastically this time of the year. MotoGP went out with a bang eh?. Jorge Lorenzo sticking two fingers up to Marquez and Rossi as he led from practice to pole to the finish line. Vintage stuff from the outgoing world champion. He was also red hot on his new Ducati in the practice sessions just after.

Well that cold snap hurt didn’t it? It was 9° when I set off the other day on my new bike. Did I mention I had a new bike? Oh yeah, loving the Triumph Explorer XRT Already had the first service. Triumph Alicante even gave me a new screen (it’s adjustable btw) when I didn’t think I needed one. I don’t like to advertise, especially for free, but they’ve done me proud there. Anyway where was I? Oh yeah it was 9° when I set off, even had to use the heated grips I laughed at when I was shown the bike. “Never need those in Spain” said I, doh. So off to Blanca, beautiful little town in the Ricote valley, Murcia and

Lorenzo on his 2017 Ducati, hot off the press! Wasn’t the fastest on track though, that would be young Maverick Viñales on the Yamaha Lorenzo vacated. Mouth watering prospects for next year. Whatever happens I guarantee Marquez won’t win at a canter like this year. Speaking of mouth watering prospects Jonny Rea did indeed get enough points in Qatar with a 2nd and a 3rd to win by a massive 51 points but Chaz Davies did another double meaning he actually won 7 of the last 8 races. Amazingly that wasn’t enough to get 2nd in the championship as Rea let Tom Sykes pass him on the last lap. Great teamwork or cheating? You decide. Anyway if you’re a betting person get some money on Davies for next year. For those willing to risk the changing weather a reminder of the Novelda Ruge on the weekend of 2-4th and that’s all I can find folks so make your own fun. Remember to check those tyres for the winter weather guys and carry cold and wet weather gear. Keep the feedback coming and have a great month. Remember if you have any comments or want to advertise your club, group or an event, Santa runs spring to mind, I can be contacted via email at or on Facebook at Tim Bikers where you will also find details of events where I have got less notice. Spanish word of the month – cambio (change) as in tiempo (weather) or aceite (oil) Stay safe moteros, have a great festive season and all the Biking Best

Jack Blanca, lovely riverside too. Thursday is market day (oops) 10

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VERNON GRANT WRITES Be afraid. Be very afraid. Christmas is coming to a town near you! The fi rst serious snowfall has fallen in the Sierra Nevada mountains that I look at as I write. Toy Santa’s can be seen climbing up the front of houses in my village. And so it begins. Deep snow. Deep joy? Not for me. You see I don’t DO Christmas. Inevitably that leads to me being compared to Victor Meldrew or Scrooge. So where can you go in Spain to avoid Christmas? It is a much more diffi cult task than it was only four years ago. Once upon a time even fi nding a Christmas tree here was a challenge. Today all the usual suspects are there for the Spanish to enjoy. Infl ated prices on wine and food, supermarkets that are full to bursting, traffi c congestion in City centres, and children demanding a toy they will discard within an hour. So I ask you, is there a place in Spain where Christmas does not happen? Three years ago, I stayed in Aqua Amarga on the Cabo de Gata. There was not a Santa or a grotto in sight. Aqua Amarga is small, peaceful and a splendid place to go if you want to avoid the dulcet tones of Noddy Holder uttering those dreaded words, “Are you hanging up your stocking on the wall”? For the record, I am not! If you need to see how most of rural Spain looked forty years ago then head for this often ignored region. In the days when the Berber pirates sought a hiding place on the Almeria coastline, it was in the coves of the Cabo de Gata that they sought seclusion. Today the region may still be remote but improved road and air links have ensured that people know about the area. Such progress has not upset the local wildlife. Birds such as ospreys, peregrines, eagles, the dupont lark and the avocet can be seen. At San Miguel de Cabo de Gata a four kilometre wetland, created by a saltwater lagoon, attracts wintering fl amingos and herons. There are 1000 species of plants to see, including yuccas, the prickly pear cactus, the pink snapdragon, wild olives and esparto grass; which is often used for making basketware gifts. The symbol of the park is the dwarf fan palm Europe’s only native palm. Local resident Paco Ramirez says: “We see many birdwatchers, walkers and scuba divers. We get the best kind of tourist down here. I don’t understand why some British men come here to look at lighthouses, but they are very nice people.” Silent nights are mandatory in Cabo de Gata. There is a control on decibel levels in local villages and no loud music is permitted – it disturbs the fl ora and fauna apparently. In Lucainena de las Torres, the town hall provides residents with free baskets of geraniums each spring to ensure the village is full of colour. You don’t have to watch an old black and white movie starring James Stewart to experience a Wonderful Life. Instead go to the Cabo de Gata. It is a place where you can forget all about jingling bells, unwanted presents and relatives you would rather not spend time with. What with much of Spain already beginning to look a lot like Christmas; a good book and a peaceful December 25th sounds very appealing to me. 12

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A cure for overeating & Indulgence By Julian Flint

What’s the best way to enjoy a celebratory meal without jeopardising your diet and fi tness goals? And what happens if you do ‘overdo’ it?

The average Brit eats a whopping, button-popping 7,0008,000 calories on Christmas Day alone. And it’s not just the day itself - thanks to parties, drinks with neighbours, and get-togethers with friends and family, the traditional 12 days of calorie-cramming Christmas now extends from early December right through to January.No wonder then that for those of us trying to watch our weight, the Christmas festivities can be ruined by a real fear of gaining weight in bulk. If you’ve struggled for months to fi t into your little black party dress, the the last thing you want is to have your self-control tested to the limit every single day of the festive season. Get back on track straightaway The day after a blowout, get back to your usual diet and drink more water than usual. Try to eat a lot fewer carbohydrates, especially if you indulged in a lot of breads and pastas and potatoes and cakes. Drink plenty of water and eat lightly for the next two to three days, concentrating on fruits and vegetables and pure proteins. Get out and do some aerobic exercise. Pick yourself up, dust yourself down and get going. Feeling sorry for yourself won_t get you anywhere. If you go to a gym, look at the people around you for inspiration and motivation. Indulge and enjoy Splurge, splurge, splurge. If you work hard 95 per cent of the time - exercising, and eating in moderation, etc. Enjoy Christmas by relaxing and being with friends or family and eat without worrying about what you are eating.The general feeling is that going off your diet for one day or two is not a bad thing. As this can also have the effect of speeding your metabolism up when you go back to your usual eating plan after a day or so. Everyone deserves one day of guilt-free eating.One or two days of unhealthy eating is not going to ruin your fi gure. Enjoy yourself for one day. You could be gone the next day. We all deserve it. Do not worry about overeating. The festive season is a time to enjoy and relax and you can get back into normal eating and exercising habits after the festive season ends.Everyone needs to relax a bit, so eat, drink and be merry. If you start to feel uncomfortable, you know that it is time to stop It is not healthy to worry so much about whether or not to enjoy Christmas because you’re eating more than usual. Don’t feel guilty, enjoy the festive season whilst its here and get right back on track as soon as it is over.


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Sterling v Euro update Who would have thought the Trump card would boost the pound! It looks like last month’s prediction of Sterling bottoming out and recovering from the October ‘flash crash’ is ringing true! With Donald Trump bizarrely helping to boost Sterling and lift the GBP/EUR rate back above 1.165 and the GBP/USD rate above 1.26. Over the past few months the markets seemed to have priced in a Clinton win for the Presidential elections in the U.S, this was completely overturned when Donald Trump unexpectedly won the elections. This has put the FX markets into a bit of spin, not really knowing how to react, they weren’t expecting Trump to win so now are unsure about how his Presidency will work, there seems to be some moving of goal posts in his crusade! One positive so far is that the Pound has strengthened against all major currencies, this is the most the Pound has gained since the Brexit Referendum. It seems this Sterling strength is the expectation that a Trump Presidency may be a positive for the UK and Brexit. Trump previously had publicly backed Brexit and has already met with Nigel Farage to discuss plans moving forward. He is also thought to have spoken with Theresa May and assured her that Britain is “At the front of the cue” for a trade deal with the U.S. Given that the recent strength we have seen for the Pound has been purely based on speculation as Trump doesn’t get inaugurated until January. We may see this short-lived, however, there are still significant events coming up that have the potential to move the markets such as the Italian Referendum. If I were needing to move Euro’s to Sterling, I would be inclined to get on with it sooner rather than later as it does look like the pound is now on the move. Whether we will see the 1.20 area hit this side of 2017 is questionable but not impossible.

If you are interested in any of the other services in we offer in ‘The Foreign Exchange office’ in Pinoso call us or pop in for more details:- Vehicle Change of ownership & Vehicle re-registration, NIEs, Residencias, SIP Cards, UK Passport renewals, Car, House, Pet & Health Insurance and mailbox rental. Janet Lees - Operations Director - Spain 965070584 / 635015818 Wishing you all a Happy Christmas and prosperous New Year!

Whatever you are considering moving money for, large or small, call us or come and have a chat for free help and advice. There’s no charges or fees at all and we will always get you the best rates. We can save you around 5% compared to transferring through the banks. We will also beat any written quote from any other companies. Safety of your funds is paramount, we only use protected escrow accounts authorised and regulated by the FCA. We can also help you set up a Spanish bank account so you can benefit from the banking agreements offered to all Currencies4You clients.


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Keep your eyes peeled for these films that feature spies. A member of the famous Cambridge Five spy ring is to be found in the unused letters.


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In 1965 aged just sixteen I first acquired a scooter. It came via Jim, a teacher friend of the family who had graduated from two wheels to four when he got married. The 10 year-old Lambretta was sitting redundant in the back of the garage of Jim’s new house when our family were invited to tea. Some years before I had gone on the back of the scooter with Jim for a camping holiday in the Lake District. Jin would happily have given me the scooter as it was in the way, but my strict dad decreed I had to give him £10 for it. As a hard-up schoolboy I earned the princely sum of £1 per day at weekends working in a Mace grocer-cum-newsagent - so it took me a few weeks to pay it off. Scooters are tricky to ride with their small wheels and low balance, and it took me a few spills before I mastered it. But I then ‘took off’ in a big way, fully mobile and independent for once in a way I never was with a mere pushbike – Ready, Steady, Go! That year I left my all-boys grammar school in Nottingham and went to a college of further education to enhance my qualifications, intended to improve my chances of emulating my dad to become a pilot. At the college I met other likeminded lads, most riding scooters and much more sophisticated and interesting than any of my schoolboy friends. More bonuses were there were also fascinating, lovely young women at the college to ‘fraternise’ with. In this surprising oasis I discovered ‘my’ music, being introduced to Tamla Motown and Soul by my new friends, having moved on from the schooldays Beatles and the Stones. Whizzing around on scooters, especially 20

on winter nights can get cold so I soon acquired an ex US Air Force Parka which I loved, and which was part of the expected uniform for such riders. My lovely Mum could knit anything, and I asked her if she could do something to insulate me from my chest up to about my nose: ‘Like a sort of balaclava without the top half?’ was all she asked. The next day when I came home she threw me a woollen navy-blue affair which of course worked perfectly. My new mates were dead envious, but Mum was much too busy looking after four of us to go into production - she should have… Today I still burn with embarrassment about the helmet situation. Wear it to save your life? Oh no, it was fashionable to belt about the city with it dangling from the back luggage rack – on more than one occasion where as I came off I would think ‘I wish I’d put my crash-hat on…’. Yes, I was a Mod - up to a point. ‘Mod’ is short for ‘Modernist’, a movement from the late 50s, idealistic young men and women harbouring new strong opinions on clothes, styles, music and the vital importance of being seen in all the right places. As the sixties evolved trendy Italian-style scooters became the transport choice of Mods, chiefly due to their clean, hip look with no oily, greasy moving parts on show to dirty one’s pretty clothes. This attitude and way of life was a direct antithesis to the big opposition of the day – Rockers, i.e motor bike riders, greasy anachronisms derived from the undesirable Teddy Boys of the fifties. One huge problem for a ‘modest’ Mod like me was money. You needed cash

to buy clothes to look the part, and as previously explained I didn’t earn enough to buy much. I drooled over Ben Sherman button-down shirts – still do, actually – and Lee Rider jeans: desert boots, soft and stylish completed the image. One day in a city centre boutique window I saw a rack of men’s jackets at the almost reasonable cost of £8 and I particularly admired a light mustard-coloured one with a chalk white stripe in it. Astoundingly on the other side of the window were trousers made from the same cloths – and so I reasoned I could have a complete, flashy new suit for only £14. By raiding my meagre Post Office savings, working evenings at the shop and Mum I soon acquired this outfit, plus a chocolate-brown coloured shirt and a yellow and white striped tie. For once, I did actually feel as if I looked the part, although it became known as my ‘ice cream suit’ and was called ‘Luigi’ when I wore it: jealousy’s a terrible thing, isn’t it? The Lambretta gradually became a little bugger to start, especially on cold mornings. Fortunately the road I lived on had a steep hill at the end and I became very adept at bump-starting her, more and more gratefully using the hill. But when someone at college wanted to buy the Lambretta, somehow financially I managed to acquired the scooter of the day: a Vespa 160 GS. This little silver beauty had everything an aspiring Mod would want: style, speed, reliability and for a while with my suit etc I was almost the complete Mod model.

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Official newspapers I like to know what’s going on around me. Living in Spain, and not quite understanding the language, means that sometimes I don’t. But the other day I realised that whilst the Spanish system was as plain as day to me I had no idea how the same thing was done in the UK. I’m talking about the BOE or Boletín Oficial del Estado which translates as the Official State Bulletin. The BOE is the official gazette of the Government of Spain. It’s published, every day except Sunday, by the Ministry of the Presidency. Nowadays it’s published to the Internet. The purpose of the Bulletin is to provide information about new laws, council procedures, taxes and bylaws – in fact anything that affects the general public. For instance it’s where bankruptcies and the registration numbers of cars caught speeding are published so you can’t say you weren’t told! Private concerns can also publish information in the bulletins.

crees it would be good publicity. The newspaper he instigated, first published in 1661, became known as the Gaceta de Madrid (The Madrid Gazette) a name it used for nearly 300 years being renamed the BOE in 1986. In England, in 1665, Charles II was King. Like his old dad before him being King had had its ups and downs. When London was ravaged by the Great Plague Charles and his court scuttled off to Oxford. Charles thought a newspaper might be good for his public image so he used a new publication, the Oxford Gazette, to prove he was still working hard. When he moved back to London the Gazette went with him and changed its name to the London Gazette only recently changed to The Gazette. King Charles II

The Spanish constitution says that the people have a right to be told about new laws and rules produced by any of the three branches of government - the legislature, the executive or the judiciary. Unless that information is published it is not considered to have been legitimately shared. So, although the difference is subtle, the Boletín is not about publishing; it’s about about not keeping secrets. The Boletín publishes Royal Decrees, the laws of the National Parliament (Cortes Generales), made up of the Senate (a bit like the Lords) and the Congress of Deputies (akin to the Commons). The arrangements and decisions of the Regional Governments, the Autonomous Communities, the Provinces and Local Town Halls as well as judicial rulings are also published in Bulletins.

Juan José de Austrias

The BOE gets mentions in the Spanish media quite regularly but I had no idea how the British Government officially disseminated information - was it through Hansard or Her Majesty’s Stationery Office for instance? I was surprised to find that HMSO has been TSO, The Stationery Office, since privatisation over 20 years ago but I was even more surprised to find that we Britons have an official newspaper - The London Gazette The Gazette is where all the official stuff, from the Honours List to new laws and army commissions is published. This is the official national record; the exact equivalent of the Spanish BOE. The Belfast and Edinburgh Gazettes provide similar information to Northern Ireland or Scotland. I thought that the history of the British and Spanish official national newspapers was strangely similar. In Spain there was a bit of a tussle for the crown between Carlos II and Juan José de Austria. The latter thought that if a daily newspaper, a gazette, published his de22

By Chris Thompson

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Spanish Christmas Traditions By Gayle hartley -

The Christmas holiday season in Spain is a truly magical affair. Although it doesn’t get going until seemingly the last minute, the Spanish throw themselves whole heartedly into the spirit of things and the festivities fi nally culminate on the 6th January. The true mark of the beginning of Christmas in Spain is the Spanish national lottery draw held on December 22nd. ‘El Gordo’ or the fat one, is so called because it is the largest national lottery in the world with the total prize fund running into billions and it also has the best odds of winning. The draw takes place throughout the whole morning and the whole nation tunes in to watch the very elaborate drawing of the numbers. The tickets can cost up to 200 euros so many people club together to buy a share, although there are those who put aside a saving fund, sometimes up to 1000 euros to buy a few tickets for the family. The lottery draw is the moment when Christmas comes to Spain, this symbolic tradition has been going for centuries and Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without it. Once the lottery draw has been made, the festivities really begin, students and children break up for the holidays and lights, decorations and trees suddenly appear overnight. The traditional Christmas decoration for a true Spanish Christmas is the ‘belén’ or nativity scene. Just like other countries across the world, where Christmas trees take centre stage in town and village squares, each town and village has its own belen. Some of these scenes are breathtakingly beautiful and elaborate and can be visited in town halls and churches across the land. Even personal ones can take over whole rooms in the house and just with the Christmas tree it is a magical family time spent putting it together and adding all the little touches. As well as the traditional religious characters and popular local scenes, one special character is paramount to the Spanish belen. He is known as ‘el Cagón’ and to be polite, he is a fi gure in a squat position doing a poo! His presence symbolises the fertilisation of the land for the coming year but of course provides much amusement for the children. Although an important and historical fi gure in the belén, he has been banned from public nativity scenes in many towns by local governments so as not to cause offence…Just like other Christmas celebrations, here in Spain it is a time to gather the family together and celebrate with a meal. The main Christmas meal in Spain is held on Christmas Eve or ‘Noche Buena’The meal on the eve of the 24th is the most important meal in the Spanish calendar and is always held in the evening, many people won’t even start until after midnight as the old saying goes, “ Esta noche es Noche Buena, y no es de dormir” this night is the Good Night, and is not meant for sleeping”Generally, the celebrations usually begin early evening when friends and family meet in bars for a drink before returning home for the main event. Like most Christmas meals, the Spanish one involves a lot of preparation, many courses, lots to drink and lasts all night.


You can expect to find a large array of moth watering seasonal delights at the table during the meal. Popular foods for starters or appetisers are shellfish and cold cuts of meat which are usually followed by soup and then another fi sh dish. A traditional one is ‘besugo’ which is baked bream but you may also find lobster, crab, salmon, hake, sea bass or trout. Then for the main course the traditional roast is lamb or sucking pig although duck, or turkey served with truffl es are becoming more popular. Dessert is traditionally a selection of sweets and cakes such as marzipan, ‘polvorones’ a sweet kind of bread or Spanish turrón which is nougat made with sweet toasted almonds and has been made in Spain for centuries. The only drink to accompany your meal is cava, the Spanish equivalent of champagne which many say is far better than its French counterpart. Another must do for a true Spanish Christmas is midnight mass which people go to either before or after the meal, depending on the time they eat. Christmas midnight mass in Spain is known as ‘La Misa del Gallo’ or ‘Rooster Mass’ because the rooster was the first to announce the birth of Christ. Once the meal and mass is over, people return home to exchange gifts. Children will often only receive a small gift as ‘Papa Noel’ is less popular than the Three Kings who arrive on 5th January with presents for all the children. The evening, or morning, usually ends in a bar or disco where whole families gather to party and celebrate once the family festivities are over. Christmas day is a quiet affair and the quietest in the Spanish calendar. People meet up for a walk or a drink and while many continue the celebrations with a meal in a restaurant, most people are still recovering from the evening before. In Catalonia, there is a wonderful Christmas day tradition which goes by the name of “El Tio.” Basically a decorated log or tree trunk is ‘fed’ with sweets and other goodies during the few days before Christmas and then on the day, Children sing the traditional catalan Christmas song and beat el tio with a stick when he produces sweets and other delights for all the family.Shortly after Christmas day on December 28th there is another curious celebration unique to Spain called ‘The Day of the Innocents.’ Although the origins of this fi esta lie in murders of women and children committed by Herod in Judea, modern day celebrations are similar to those of April fools Day on a much larger scale. Newspapers print ridiculous stories and even prominent political fi gures get involved. Never believe anything you see or hear on this day and watch your step carefully! New Year’s Eve or ‘Noche Vieja’ in Spain is celebrated much like everywhere else with a few unique exceptions. It is apparently tradition to wear red underwear which must be bought for you by someone else (although I’ve never been brave enough to check this one out for myself.) Another great and long standing tradition is ‘las doce uvas’ or the twelve grapes. At the stroke of midnight, one grape must be eaten with each

chime of the bell or clock, anyone who manages all twelve are said to have good luck throughout the coming year. It is a tradition taken very seriously by many Spanish people and while some of us are still struggling at ten past twelve, there are lots of people well practiced in the art. Preparation is everything though, I remember helping to peel and deseed enough grapes for 10 people last year… You can buy ready prepared grapes in tins but it is not the same somehow.Once the grapes have been eaten and multiple kisses bestowed, the party really begins. Again, whole families from the young to the old can be seen in bars and discos celebrating the beginning of the New Year until the early hours.For Spanish children, the best days of the festive season have to be the 5th and 6th of January. While the rest of us are packing away the trees and tired decorations, Spanish children everywhere are preparing for the arrival of the Three Kings. In Spain it is not Santa who brings the children their presents, but the Three Kings or ‘Los Reyes Magos’ On the 5th January, the eve of Epiphany children go to local parades which herald the arrival of the Three Kings. Each village parade consists of decorative floats with a variety of themes and sweets and streamers being thrown into the crowds. At the end of the parade, children get the opportunity to ask the Three Kings for their chosen gift and then leave their shoes out overnight in which their gift will be placed. In many villages though, the parade of the Three Kings culminates in a gathering at the local church or school hall where each child’s name is called out and they receive a small gift. The day of the 6th January is a national holiday, much like Christmas day and children wake up to presents left by the Three Kings. The typical dessert of the day is called “Rosca de los Reyes” and is a home baked ring style bread decorated with coloured jellies to symbolise the jewels worn by the three Kings. Inside is hidden a small surprise similar to what we fi nd in Christmas crackers. Anyone lucky enough to fi nd the hidden surprise may be crowned King or Queen for the day!Christmas celebrations in Spain are fantastic and what I like is the way things are not commercialised as they are in the UK for example. Walking down the road at the beginning of December, you would hardly notice that Christmas is round the corner, there are very few Christmas adverts on TV and it seems ages before lights and decorations go up. However once the fever takes over, you are spoiled by the generosity of Christmas spirit bestowed on you by the locals, you get free gifts in the shops and free tipples in the town hall, lights and decorations appear as if by magic, there is music to be heard and people seem to suddenly take to the streets and squares just to wish you well and enjoy the atmosphere which goes on right until January. The 6th January marks the end of the Christmas celebrations in Spain and then like everywhere else, it’s back to the same old. But don’t worry the next fi esta is just around the corner…

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A Rustic Dwelling at Christmas with a few diamonds and perls to sparkle it up!

Fir trees bedecked with tinsel and sparklingglass baubles; huge multicoloured decorativelights strung across the calles; red carpeting laid on the footpaths in front of shops; long queues to have presents wrapped at specially set aside counters - are all part of the Spanish Christmas, but perhaps the feature that represents the celebration most in this countryis the belén. The nativity scene is an integral part of Christmas throughout the world, but no where, except perhaps in its native Italy, is the representation of Jesus’ birthplace created with as much gusto as in Spain. The origin of the belén dates from 1223 when Francis of Assisi arrived at Greccio inItaly on an evangelising mission, sixteen years after Pope Innocent III had prohibited representations of the sacred family. While walking in the area surrounding forests of his rustic dwelling he discovered a grotto that he thought would make an ideal place to create a ‘living birth’, so he asked a friend to recreate that night in Bethlehem when the Infant Jesus was born. His friend agreed to do so and set up the first nativity scene, using live animals and people. On Christmas Eve, St. Francis, carrying alighted torch, led his followers and all the towns people to the woods where the nativity scene 26

was located and celebrated Mass. As Mass was said, there, before the eyes of all to see, was a stable, animals and a manger. It was said on that night Francis’ message was so powerful that when the people looked into the empty manger, they saw the Christ Child. The evening proved to be highly successful, leading to nativity scenes being set up in churches, where people brought gifts to the Holy Infant. The Franciscans, following the example of their founder, became the pioneers of the ‘Bethlehem’ in the churches and convents that opened by all Europe. For that reason San Francisco is considered the universal patron of the belén. Very quickly the nativity scene became popular, leading to craftsmen and artisans making miniature scenes for their own homes. The popularity of this custom spread to the court, and wealthy nobles hired others to produce lavish nativity scenes. The first Bethlehem is thought to have been made by the architect Arnoldo di Cambio, in1289, a crib designed for Florence’s cathedral, which is now preserved in part of the Basílica of Santa María La Mayor in Rome. During the14th and 15th centuries, nativity figures beganto be built inside Italian churches. During the Baroque period scenery was added to the

sculptures. Some of he most elaborate nativity scenes, or presepios, were created in the Neapolitan Baroque style during the 17th-century, but the presepe, reached its golden age in the 18th century, under the reign of the crèche-crazed Bourbon monarch Charles III. The king commissioned a magnificent presepe at Naples’ Palazzo Reale, complete with mountain ranges, caves, streets bridges, taverns and shops. Over 150 angels were suspended over the Christ child, asleep in the manger, with real silver, precious gems and ancient coins at his feet. Charles III surrounded himself with artists and architects and was active in all design aspects of the crèche, while his queen, together with other elegant ladies of the court, busied themselves creating tiny silk clothes and fashionable accessories for the figurines. With the arrival of Carlos III to the Spanish throne in 1759 belenismo arrived in Spain. It quickly caught on. Of the ancient Spanish maestros one of the most famous was Francisco Salzillo, born in Murcia in 1707, who gained a name for the realism of his figures. One of his most famous belénes is the 556-piece set in the Museo Provincial de Murcia. Little by little, the Italian tradition

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Costa Blanca extended throughout the Mediterranean, to Portugal, Spain, and France, later moving to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, England, Holland, Sweden and Norway. During the 18th century it reached Poland, Czechoslovakia and Russia. Many of the finest historical examples of belénes are held in museums, ecclesiastical institutions, private collections, and foundations and are often crafted in extremely valuable materials such as gold, silver, pearls, ivory, and coral. But whether they be grand or small, on someone’s mantel piece or in a vast cathedral, made from precious stones or papiér maché, they usually include the same three basic features. First of all, you have the characters. These can be carved from wood, formed from wax, papier-mache, or clay, or hand painted on cardboard. Next you have the buildings, which range from Alpine stables and guest houses to romantic Roman ruins. Others have oriental style structures with minarets and domes. The third part found in many crèches is a paintedbackground. Some show pastoral hill sides and others the buildings in an imagined city of Bethlehem. Different cultures have different names and ways of celebrating the belén. In the Spanish-speaking countries of Latin America the nativity scene is known as nacimiento, pesebre, portal, or pasito. In

French-speaking Haiti it is called crèche and in Brazil, the term used in Portuguese is presépio. Families may begin to set up the nacimientos a few weeks before Christmas up to Christmas Eve. This often calls for inviting family, friends, and neighbours as wells as the local priest to bless the nacimiento. Food and drink are often served and villancicos (Christmas carols) are sung. Most nativity scenes have the Holy Family, with the ox, donkeys, sheep, angels, and Wise Men. They can be quite large and elaborate, sometimes taking up a whole corner of a room. Often el Niño Jesús is placed in the manger on Christmas Eve and the Wise Men - Gaspar, Melchior and Balthazar - are placed in the nacimiento on January 6th. Insome countries the nacimiento cannot be taken down until prayers are said or it is blessed by the parish priest. The belén industry is now multi-million euro and world-wide. With it comes changing styles to suit personal tastes. Sr Francesco Esposito, a Neapolitan and one of the world’s leading craftsmen in miniature shepherds, said he recently received a confidential e-mail from abig-wig in Hollywood saying he’d pay anything for a model of George Lucas, director of Star Wars fame, transformed into a proud miniature shepherd warrior with a shield. (Sr Esposito can also supply you with

up scale manger accoutrements, including tiny silverswords, miniature golden pouches and handsewn leather shoes for the figure of Virgin Mary, and if you want to update your figures you can even choose from a large selection of limbs and terracotta heads.) Elsewhere in Italy, children clamour for the latest trend - a presepe made purely of pasta. Using spinach noodles, squid ink rigatoni, and red pepper fusilli, a craftsman who gave his name only as Giuseppe said working with his preferred medium of pasta was akin to Michelangelo expressing the divine inspiration through stone. “I prefer pasta, the texture, the colours and shapes,” he said, as he nestled the baby Jesus snugly onto a bed of spaghetti.Thankfully, the Spanish don’t appear as yet to have used their national dish of paella to create nativity scenes but it can only be amatter of time. Belén Museums Alicante, C/San Agustin, 3. Tel. 96 520 2232. Open 10.00-14.00, 16.30-19.30 Tuesday-Friday and Saturday mornings. Guadalest, Museo Antonio Marco, C/LaVirgen, 2. Tel. 96 588 53 23. Open every day from 10.00. Asociónes de Belénistas web page, These groups often have their own exhibitions.

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Article by Derek Workman


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Big Cats Rule Written by Eric Arnold many other beautiful Jaguar “works of art”. The meeting also held another surprise, Ian organised a “LadiesChoice”, two ladies chose their favourite car, the trophy was won by beautiful blue XK. May be I’m biased but Jaguar owners are a special sort of person and we are lucky enough to have some very special people as members of the club. A great meal, brilliant company and lots of laughs - just an exceptional day, why not come and join us at our next meeting on the 18th of December for our Christmas bash. We have a few things planned for 2017, firstly The Presidents Choice on the 28th January, a cruise in convoy to one of the best restaurants in the Costs Blanca for a Gourmet experience. Then The Big One 2017 at Parador Leon in April, and maybe a run down south, another chance to meet the members from the Costa Del Sol.

The Jaguar Enthusiasts Club in Spain held its last meeting at Restaurant Nugolat near Elche on the 30th October 2016. Our third visit to this brilliant restaurant. May I take this opportunity to thank all those people that attended. A very special thank you to Ian McMenemy, our Events Director for organising another fabulous event and the sterling work he does organising all of our meetings. And a thank you to David Sleap for his presentation about his stunning XKR Silverstone. Last but not least a big thank you to the staff at Nugolat for helping to make it a very special day. At the end of the meeting we presented Vincente, one of Nugolats management with a JEC trophy recognising their efforts in making it such a great day. Restaurant Nugolat is a very popular restaurant and I can highly recommend it. Nugolat is located just outside Elche on the Carretera Dolores, Km 5. It’s blessed with beautiful gardens and great parking and we were lucky enough to have fabulous weather. We were allocated our own special dining room which opened up to the garden terrace, perfect for us, a good job as the rest of the restaurant was absolutely packed. Blue sky’s and warm weather is very conducive to Jaguar owners and on arrival most of us congregated in the garden terrace for a “natter and a noggin” with old friends and to meet new members. We sat down for lunch just before


2:00pm in our private function room in which the tables had been set “to the nines”; they were incredible. I had high hopes for the rest of the day; I was not to be disappointed. The feast commences. To start, fresh bread, garlic and tomato, a plate of succulent ham and Manchego cheese, a crisp smoked salmon salad and squid rings in a light batter. This was followed by hot potato and ham croquets. On offer for the main course were two types of paella, fish, solomillo of pork, and lamb chops, my choice, tender succulent, melt in the mouth even better with mint sauce (my own supply). Dessert was ice cream and a light cream topped sponge. Drinks a plenty accompanied this delicious feast, unlimited wine, beers, water and coffee. For 25.00 Euros a head, fantastic value for money.

The Jaguar Enthusiasts Club is the largest of the worlds Jaguar Clubs, apart from joining in the fun at the meetings, members also benefit from a glossy 140 page A4 monthly magazine, Jaguar spares department and a technical advice service second to none. If you live in Spain and own a Jaguar you should be a member of The Jaguar Enthusiasts Club. The JEC in Spain is organised by Eric Arnold and Ian McMenemy. Eric can be contacted by email at jaguarspain@outlook. com or by phone on 609931647 or alternatively check out or the JEC main web site Our Events director, Ian McMenemy can be contacted at: McMenemy@ Not forgetting David Shea who looks after our Facebook identity.

I take this opportunity to thank all the members that attended especially the new members and the members that bought guests, bringing the total to 62 people and 20 cars which included Chris Fox’s fabulous XK120, a stunning white XJS Coupe, David Sleaps XK Silverstone and

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Making The Perfect Christmas Pudding

Don’t be put off by the number of ingredients in this recipe, although it may seem daunting, just assemble al`l your ingredients in advance, and the rest is easy.

INGREDIENTS • 450g (1lb) dried mixed fruit (use golden raisins/sultanas*, raisins, currants) • 25 g (1 oz ) mixed candied peel, finely chopped • 1 small cooking apple, peeled, cored and finely chopped • Grated zest and juice • ½ large orange and • ½ lemon • 4 tbsp brandy, plus a little extra for soaking at the end • 55 g (2 oz ) self-rising flour, sifted • 1 level tsp ground mixed spice • 1 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon • 110 g (4 oz ) shredded suet, beef or vegetarian • 110 g (4 oz) soft, dark brown sugar • 110 g (4 oz) white fresh bread crumbs • 25 g (1 oz) whole shelled almonds, roughly chopped • 2 large fresh eggs • Prep Time: 45 minutes • Cook Time: 480 minutes • Marinating Time: 720 minutes • Total Time: 1,245 minutes • Yield: Serves 8 PREPARATION • Lightly butter a 1.4-litre pudding basin (2½ pint) 17cm • Place the dried fruits, candied peel, apple, orange and lemon juice into a large mixing bowl. Add the brandy and stir well. Cover the bowl with a clean tea towel and leave to marinate for a couple of hours, preferably overnight. 32

• Stir together the flour, mixed spice and cinnamon in a very large mixing bowl. Add the suet, sugar, lemon and orange zest, bread crumbs, nuts and stir again until all the ingredients are well mixed. Finally add the marinade dried fruits and stir again. • Beat the eggs lightly in a small bowl then stir quickly into the dry ingredients. The mixture should have a fairly soft consistency. • Spoon the mixture into the greased pudding basin, gently pressing the mixture down with the back of a spoon. Cover with a double layer of greaseproof paper or baking parchment, then a layer of aluminium foil and tie securely with string. • Place the pudding in a steamer set over a saucepan of simmering water and steam the pudding for 7 hours. Make sure you check the water level frequently, so it never boils dry. The pudding should be a dark brown colour when cooked. The pudding is not a light cake but instead is a dark, sticky and dense sponge. • Remove the pudding from the steamer, cool completely. Remove the paper, prick the pudding with a skewer and pour in a little extra brandy. Cover with fresh greaseproof paper and retie with string. Store in a cool, dry place until Christmas day. Note: The pudding cannot be eaten immediately; it does need to be stored and rested then reheated on Christmas Day. Eating the pudding immediately after cooking will cause it to collapse and the flavours will not have had time to mature. • On Christmas day reheat the pudding by steaming again for about an hour. Serve with anyone of these lovely accompaniments. Brandy or Rum Sauce, Brandy Butter or Custard. Left over Christmas pudding can be reheated by wrapping tightly in aluminium foil and heating through in a hot oven.

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Costa Blanca


WINTERR WARMELS SPECIA SERVED sat hurs, tues, t 12 - 2


ng ess ent

carvery every sunday




sittings at 1.30 & 3.30

pre-booking recommended

El Castillo

Bar Restaurant and Music Parque Municipal, Calle Pintor Sorolla, ONIL 03430 for booking or information call Steve 620433010

Open Mic Last Wednesday of every month Starting at 8.30pm

LINE DANCING Every FRIDAY eyes down 3pm

Every Tuesday morning Beginners: 11 - 12 Intermediate: 12 - 1

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see the New Year in with us! tickets only


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The plant grew through a crack in his greenhouse. Dazzled by its color, he gave it the botanical name, Euphorbia pulcherrima meaning “very beautiful.” •Joel Roberts Poinsett was the first United States Ambassador to Mexico being appointed by President John Quincy Adams in the 1820’s. At the time of his appointment, Mexico was involved in a civil war. Because of his interest in botany he introduced the American elm into Mexico. During his stay in Mexico he wandered the countryside looking for new plant species. In 1828 he found a beautiful shrub with large red flowers growing next to a road. He took cuttings from the plant and brought them back to his greenhouse in South Carolina. Even though Poinsett had an outstanding career as a United States Congressman and as an ambassador he will always be remembered for introducing the poinsettia into the United States. A Few Interesting Facts: • The Aztecs called poinsettias “Cuetlaxochitl.” During • William Prescott, a historian and horticulturist, was the 14th - 16th century the sap was used to control asked to give Euphorbia pulcherrima a new name as fevers and the bracts (modifi ed leaves) were used to it became more popular. At that time Mr. Prescott had just published a book called the ‘Conquest of Mexico’ in make a reddish dye. •Montezuma, the last of the Aztec kings, would have which he detailed Joel Poinsett’s discovery of the plant. poinsettias brought into what now is Mexico City by Prescott named the plant the poinsettia in honor of Joel caravans because poinsettias could not be grown in the Poinsett’s discovery. high altitude. • Poinsettias are the most popular Christmas plant even • In the 17th century, Juan Balme, a botanist, noted the though most are sold in a 6 week period. poinsettia plant in his writings.• The botanical name, Euphorbia pulcherrima, was assigned to the poinsettia by the German botanist, Wilenow. Poinsettias have become as much as part of the traditional Christmas as holly and ivy and are now available in a range of pastel colours from white right through to the traditional red.They originate from Mexico where the plants reach large proportion although they tend to remain quite small when grown as houseplants. The bright red bracts are often mistakenly though to be flowers, which are in fact the small insignificant yellow buds in the centre. Keep the compost just moist and place in a warm brightly lit room to ensure the brightest bract colour. Plants will discolour and start to drop their leaves and bracts if they get too cold so make sure that they are well wrapped when you buy them. Poinsettias are not poisonous.


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Spanish Healthcare Written by Rob Innis One of the major worries for retired UK Expats following the Brexit referendum is the future access to Spanish healthcare. Although nothing will change until Brexit is invoked. Access to Spanish healthcare is currently available to persons eligible for a UK State Pension and their dependents as an automatic right. Persons falling into the ‘Early retiree’ category may also qualify for access if they fulfill the following conditions. In order to obtain a SIP (health system) card as a “persona sin recursos” or a person without means, one has to comply with the following: People who became resident in Spain before the 24th of April 2012, are freely able to access the Spanish National Social Security system, even if they did not make national social security contributions during their working lives in their own countries. And: * are not working * are not contributing to the national Social Security system in their own country * are not receiving any other type of benefit from the Spanish Social Security system * are a citizen of the EU or EEA (European Economic Area) or Switzerland * have registered as a resident in the “Registro de Extranjeros” before the 24/04/2012 * be able to demonstrate an annual income of less than 100,000 Euros * are not entitled to sanitary assistance via any other route Those falling into this category of “personas sin recursos” typically early retirees, are able to obtain SIP cards once they have presented the required documentation as proof of their status in the INSS (Spanish Social Security) administration office nearest to their home.


The documents which are required to present the application at the INSS office are: * Passport or ID card * Residence card or certificate showing exactly when the applicant became a Spanish resident * Up-to-date padron certificate * Letter from the home country confirming that the applicant is not entitled to health cover * Documents reflecting the total annual income (less than 100,000€) Once these documents have been presented along with the application form, they will be checked by the Social Security official, and a document will be issued with which the applicant can then directly obtain a SIP card at their local “Centro de Salud”. For those who became residents after the 24th of April 2012, and who otherwise fall into the category of “personas sin recursos”, they will be able to voluntarily contribute to the Spanish Social Security System on a monthly basis and thereby receive full sanitary assistance. Note that this entitlement does not include a card (known as TSE in Spain) to gain health cover whilst travelling in Europe as so health travel insurance can be used. Expats living as residents in Spain cannot use a UK EHIC card to access medical services. So this current EU law will benefit many people previously denied access to healthcare and having to pay prívate medical insurance. If you need help to make your application contact Jill Buske at A-Z Paperwork on 659 93 49 33. Useful link /

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Boarding Kennels. Sax / Salinas We would like to wish all of our old and new customers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thank you for your continued support. For all of your enquiries: 677 343 653

606 584 826

lezsonjas boarding kennels salter

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CAMPO GOLF SOCIETY Campo Golf on 28th of October at Las Pinaillas in Albacete Winner in gold was Koos Beek with 27 points Runner up was Manny Niessen with 26 points Winner in silver was Hans Lambo with 20points Runner up was Mariette Ten Wolde with 18 points N/P on the 3rd was Allen Rickson N/P on the 12th was Jan Hendricks N/P on the 17th was Hans Lambo. We went to Las Pinaillas a week later than we wanted to, but as it turned out the weather was great and the course was as always in great condition, plus the price of 50 euros ‘including our lunch. What a great day out it was, and it is well worth the drive of 2 hours to get to the course .I will be booking the courses again for 2017 so if there is anybody body would like to play with us just contact me in 2017. The next meeting is at ALENDA on 16th of December 1st tee time 10.40 plus it includes our Christmas dinner so if any member has not put their name down, please ring me Brian Mob 618834774 The 1st meeting in 2017 is ALTORREAL. on the 20th of January 1st tee 10.32 Thanks Brian Mob 618834774

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In January 2017, a brand new bespoke web site for renting out your holiday property in Spain will be launched. will make renting out your holiday property in Spain, easy, fast, secure and functional to use, for both you the property owner and the holiday maker looking to rent a holiday property in Spain. will solely be advertising Holiday rentals available throughout Spain, so when people come to they know exactly what country they are looking to rent their holiday home in. Over 72 million people choose Spain as their holiday destination in 2016, and this figure is predicted to rise to over 79 million in 2017. With an estimated 33% of these visitors renting a private holiday home, that´s an unbelievable 22 million visitors to Spain looking to rent a private holiday property for their holiday in Spain during 2016, and with next year’s projected visitor numbers expected to climb further, this means more visitors looking to rent privately owned holiday homes during 2017. If you want that extra income stream from your holiday home, then remember to visit in January 2017. Who Will Be In Control? You will, once you register with, you will then be able to upload as many images of your holiday property rental, you will also be able to place your holiday homes location via Google maps and alongside this you will be able to include all the local amenities and areas of interest that are and will be available to the Holiday maker, you will be in control of all the bookings you take, and there will also be a full year on year calendar where once you have taken a booking and deposit, you can then mark these weeks/months off from your availability calendar. All booking inquiries for your holiday home will come direct to your email address with No third party contact but direct to your email via remember the name, coming January 2017 ,renting Out Your Holiday Home, Will Never Be So Easy!! “Special Offer” In order for our new web site to have enough holiday home properties available to rent to potential customers/holiday makers for 2017. To celebrate the release of our brand new property rentals web site you the holiday property owner will be able to advertise your holiday property 100% Free of charge for the first year. What have you got to lose “Nothing” but everything to gain!



Place your Holiday Home Rental and watch that extra income soon come rolling in. 38

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Taxation of urban buildings owned by non-resident individuals If you have the condition of non-resident in Spain and are the owner of an urban property located in this country, you will be subject to Non-Residents’ Income Tax. When a property is owned by a married couple or by several people, each of them is an independent taxpayer, and therefore they must file separate tax returns. If you are not the owner of the property all the year or if the property has been leased for a period of time, it will be declared the proportional part. The filling period form Non-Residents’ Income Tax for the year 2015 finishes on 31st December 2016. In the event of online filing, payment can be direct-billed until 23 December. Tax rates for 2015 and 2016 are as follows: Tax rate Year of return Tax Rate



Residents in the EU, Iceland and Norway

Other taxpayers

Residents in the EU, Iceland and Norway

Other taxpayers





If you have to submit your Non Resident Tax Form, contact us, we are Registered Tax Advisors: GESTORIA ASSINTEM SL Registered Number 2388 Telf. 965561043 Email:

Professional Auctioneers & valuers CALLE LOS NAZARIOS, 11B FORMENTERA DEL SEGURA



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“Trofeo Penon de Ifach” Cycle Sportif, Calpe 2016. On Saturday 12th November 2016 Ten members of Team “Cyclogical” based in Ciudad Quesada travelled to Calpe to participate in the 7th Trofeo Penon de Ifach Sportif. They all stayed in the Diamante Beach hotel which has been the main Headquarters for the race for the past 6 years. On arrival at the hotel it was a quick check in, register for the race, collect your commemorative sportif top and race number, unload and park up cars, bikes, cases etc.into the bedrooms and off for Dinner in the hotel dining room followed by a few drinks and an early night. The Sportif / Race is usually well organised and was supposed to start at 8am with a mass start of 550 riders with 50 % participating in the Medio Fondo 85kms and the other 50% taking part in the Gran Fondo 140kms but we all started just after 8.30am with everyone now cold and a little bit peed off as we had been on the start line since 7.30am. All riders were sporting a number on the front of their bikes which was chipped for recording the times. We all started well with the long slow climbs out of Calpe which sorts everyone out and thins out the group. After approx 25km we were all stopped by the Guardia Civil who made us all wait until everyone was together so as they could escort us through Moraria en mass. Can you imagine !!! all the hard work and effort wehad put in to get away from everyone and get to the front then to be stopped dead in our tracks. We waited for about 15 mins and were then escorted through and stopped again. Last year was a big improvement on previous years as there was no mass start and no following a pace/ police car, you could start anytime you liked between 8am and 9am it was basically a race from start to finish against the clock and all the other riders, this was what we had expected this year. Anyway we were now off doing our best to pass as many people as possible and get to the finish line , all of us this year were doing the Medio Fondo as 6 of the riders were taking part in their first ever Sportif. Harry who is only 18 years old and is our apprentice mechanic has only been cycling on a road bike for 8 weeks and did brilliantly getting all the way round without walking also Dom TJ who is 21 has only been cycling with us for 12 weeks and was 4th back in our group and 68 year old Mike Wilks who took up Road cycling earlier this year was 6th in our group , Fraser who came over to watch last year was smitten and went home bought a road bike and flew over to part in his first Sportif also managed the complete course without walking, it was an excellent effort by all four of them. There were 2 food / water stops on route which were optional with beer and Paella at the finish. The route was brilliant slightly different from previous years with fantastic views and the weather was great, beautiful and sunny and not a cloud in the sky. At the finish all of the team celebrated with a beer and Paella before returning to Quesada for a night out at Sabores in La Marquesa. Well done to all the guys and here’s to hopefully a better organised event next year. Team “Cyclogical” meet every Tuesday and Thursday nights at 5.30pm and Sunday mornings at 8am and cover between 90 and 100kms at a moderate to


fast pace so if you fancy a challenge come along and join us. We also have a newly formed Improvers Group so if you are looking to improve your fitness, riding ability and speed and also have a new group of friends to train with then why not come along and give it a try or call Gary on 637487377. Gary and Lynn are available at Cyclogical in Quesada Monday to Fridays from 9.30 am till 5.30pm and from 10am till 2pm on a Saturday to assist and advise you on all your cycling requirements.

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On behalf of the all the staff at

The Inland Magazine,

we would like to wish our readers and our advertisers a very Merry Christmas and a very Prosperous New Year

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HONDON VALLEY GOLF SOCIETY CELEBRATING TEN YEARS The society was formed in Hondon de los Frailes in 2006 by local golfers who wanted to play competitive yet sporting golf, regularly and at affordable rates. Since then the society has grown over the years and has welcomed members from as far afield as Benidorm and Caudete in Castilla La Mancha.

El Plantío – Results for 08/11/2016

Forty-eight competitors attended the tenth anniversary game at El Plantío. The weather was cold with strong winds as the players teed off. Around about midday it warmed up and the wind subsided allowing the golfers to enjoy the course that was generally in good condition. Overall winner, Trevor Batchelor, was the only one who managed to play to his handicap with a solid thirty-nine points. Afterwards the society’s captain, Ken Knight, invited founding members Ron Graham and Jim Lynch to make the presentations. Ron said a few words about the society and Jim handed out the prizes. Ken Knight extends a vote of thanks to Lesley Beecham who kindly sent along a file containing all the articles published in the TIM magazine regarding the Hondon Valley Golf Society for the last ten years.




Trevor Batchelor (28)

Overall Winner


Steve McGuiness (14)

Overall Runner Up


Terry Hyde (15)

Overall Third Place


Gerry O’Reilly (20)

Overall Fourth Place


Malcolm McGuigan (18)

Gold Winner


Martin Taylor (15)

Gold Runner Up


Clive Dalton (17)

Gold Third Place


Ken Knight (21)

Silver Winner


John Sercombe (19)

Silver Runner Up


Graham Blank (22)

Silver Third Place


David Fellows (24)

Bronze Winner


Graham Smith (24)

Bronze Runner Up


Les Goddard (24)

Bronze Third Place

26 Hole

Graham Palmer

Nearest the Pin


Trevor Batchelor

Nearest the Pin


Les Goddard

Nearest the Pin


Jan Hendriks

Nearest the Pin


Steve McGuiness

Nearest the Pin in Two


Malcolm McGuigan

Two on the card


Trevor Batchelor

Two on the card


Martin Taylor

Two on the card


Graham Palmer

Two on the card


Wallace McKillop

Football Scratch Card

Trevor Batchelor

Football Scratch Card

Alan Rixson

Captain’s Pick

Monty Carr

Captain’s Pick

Terry Hyde

Captain’s Pick

Tony Brewer & Terry Hyde

Green fee refund

Forthcoming Fixtures & Social Events

To reserve your place on the list for the Society Golf Days contact the Captain, Ken Knight, on 638190 567 or email him at


Friday 2nd December – Restaurante YA, Av. 3 de Agosto 42, Aspe Presentation Dinner Dance Meet at 19:15 for 20:00 Tuesday 6th December – Las Colinas Society Christmas Reward Meet in clubhouse at 09:15 Tuesday 13th December – Altorreal Golf plus Menu del Dia Meet in clubhouse at 09:15 Tuesday 10th January – Alicante Meet in clubhouse at 08:30

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Penultimate SAMM Race Day

Remembrance Sunday was the date of the penultimate race day of the SAMM Autumn 2016 season and those attending observed a minutes silence to honour all those who made the ultimate sacrifice so we could enjoy our current life style. Seven boats entered but the start was delayed to 12.15pm when the support boat engine would not start and the old rib had to be forced into service. The resulting disruption saw only one boat make the start on time as the wind had died away as the morning progressed to less than 3 knots. The slow pace forced the Race Officer to shorten the race to just one lap which took between 1 and 11/2 hours for all boats to complete. The wind had increased to 5 knots when the second race started, still making for a slow pace but making two laps possible with boats finishing in between 41 minutes and 11/4 hours.

Unless he made a drastic tactical error, the low wind speed foretold another two wins for Don Clark in his Hartley 12.2 and this proved the case as he won with a margin of over 300 seconds in both races. But there were some close battles and finishing time differences between many of the other boats. As on the previous race day, Mistral was still not sailing well and still need checking for rigging or other problems. Final results were Race 1. First Hartley 12.2, second Shoestring Cuatro, third RS Quba. Race 2. First Hartley 12.2, second RS Quba, third Shoestring Cuatro Interested in sailing? Then have a look at our web site check out the various options and contact us for more information.

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BUYING A NEW CAR/ MOTORBIKE? Want to check out your Car/Bikes History “HPI Check In Spain” All we need is your nie and car/bike registration. 35 euros per vehicle Email us at


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9, used once, complete. €30 for the three. ALBATERA 965488288 mob: 699304503 Ocean Blue 28 in 1 accessories for Wii in box 6€ Pinoso area 679548451 Secondhand sky satellite box’s for sale 5 available some HD from 40 eu Alicante, Murcia Almeria region phone 689291753 Many DVDs for sale, Single and series e.g.- Game of Thrones, Merlin, Atlantis. Call to see if the one your looking for is amongst them. Telephone 603157662 Samsung galaxy J1 Mobile phone for sale with spare battery, leather case, power supply, usb charger in good condition 70Eu phone 6892917534 x 1m sections plus various fittings. Any reasonable offer considered. Buyer collects. Casas del Senor area. 636301811 Antique/Collectables Books For Sale. Large Quantity No Sensible Offer refused Fortuna Area Tel: 968 686 212 Pine dressing table, 3 side drawers, shaped legs, not flat packed furniture, cost 120pound in uk – accept 50euros, excellent condition, tel 687345058 Castalla. Pine dressing table 3 sided mirror, 10euros, tel 687345058 Castalla. Hammock, green & white striped, easy to assemble. 6’ x 2’ 3” 28€. Tel: 96-619-5231 - (Albatera) Lacquered Beer Barrel on castors for easy movability. Would be suitable to convert into mini bar. 85€. Tel: 96-619-5231 - (Albatera). Giant XTC sx adult bicycle with Spe-

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old.€50 Hondon de los frailes. Tel.965072589 Mob.620260309 SERVICES Lady available for: Translating services or looking after the elderly. I am Spanish and speak English. Contact me on: or call 626695928 (Pinoso and surroundings) Reasonable rates 7€ per hour. SPANISH


I am also fluent in Spanish for help with translations. Call Callum on 634 309 459


TRANSLATION SERVICE - Hospital, Notary, Court, etc. In the Castalla Area, Spanish Classes for all levels from



communication conversation.

to Feel

confident in your Day to Day life in Spain !Also, TRANSLATION SERVICE - Hospital, Notary, Court, etc. PHONE PETER 625-834-920

Peak Transport, Vince Webster Large Van UkSpain-Uk, Monthly runs, competitive quotes, reliable, friendly service. Telephone 690 818 090 and Uk mobile 0750 492 7034 email: spain2ukpeaktrans

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Interpreter & Translation Service,(English, Spanish, German). Castalla and the surrounding areas. Regardless of whether you need to speak to a doctor, a lawyer, an estate agent or a builder, we here to help you understand and to be understood. For a Reliable, Discreet, Professional and Affordable Service, call JeanPaul: 606 268 241

Costa Blanca WANTED

SQUASH PLAYERS WANTED ALL LEVELS. In areas close to Villena, Caudete, Biar, Sax, Yecla, Pinoso. For monthly league. Tel. 689162480 Spanish lady wants to meet once a week to converse in English/ Spanish. “Come and meet me for a coffee and a chat, I will teach you Spanish and I can learn English Pinoso area Tel 626 695928 VEHICLES 2nd hand cars bought and sold Tel 691 260 502 CLUBS/MEETINGS SILVERWINGS AVIATION LUNCHEON CLUB, Costa Blanca Silverwings is for retired, and operational, civil aviators and support crews of all nationalities. We will meet at a venue near to Alicante Airport and major routes. If you are interested, please contact Sue & Sarah at:

YOGA CASTALLA Classes Friday and Wednesday mornings 10:00 am to 11:30 am. Enjoy YOGA and MEDITATION in our studio situated in the countryside 5 mins from Castalla. For more information and details of our Address contact - Yanina 607 754 009 English and Spanish spoken


EVENTS PARTY YOURSELF INTO SHAPE FOR CHRISTMAS!! Ditch the Workout, Join the Party!! Zumba Fitness Classes








the Hondons. For details contact

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November 23rd - December 21st

Aries Beware of putting controversial information on a social networking site. You may not know it, but people are doing some research into your background. If a recruiter or potential employer doesn’t like what they see, you’ll be passed over for another candidate. That doesn’t seem fair, but it’s reality. Take pains to put added security measures on your profile, but be aware that this information can always be obtained by anyone who really wants to get it.

Leo It’s difficult to work out family problems. A stubborn relative won’t listen to reason. Trying to hammer out a reasonable agreement will be like bashing your head against a brick wall. Wait a few days before broaching this painful subject. If you have to get power of attorney from an elderly or infirm family member, you must formulate a strategy. Read some books on eldercare for advice. The proper presentation will make all the difference. Fortunately, you’re very stubborn and will stand firm in the face of resistance.

Sagittarius It will be difficult to get your head out of the clouds. You keep getting distracted by office chitchat and social media posts. Beware of missing an important deadline. Set an alarm as a reminder to stay on task. A disturbing secret about a relative or neighbour will be revealed. Try not to jump to conclusions. We all have elements of our personal lives that we’d like to keep private. That’s becoming increasingly difficult in the electronic age. Be compassionate.


Taurus It’s difficult to communicate with someone who is wilfully ignoring you. This passive aggressive technique is starting to unnerve you. You’re a practical person who believes the fastest route between two points is a direct line. When your lover or best friend refuses to answer direct questions, you throw up your hands in disgust. Don’t let your disgust undermine your professional reputation. If your employer thinks you’re being uncooperative, you will suffer for it




You’re a little worried about a loved one’s health. It always concerns you when you see someone indulging in risky behaviour. Someone who isn’t eating well or abusing their body with drugs and alcohol needs a reality check. Reach out to your friend and share your concerns. They may treat you like a nuisance. If that happens, don’t press your point. It may be necessary to keep your distance for the next few weeks. That way, you can’t be accused of being an enabler



Communication breakdowns make it impossible to do any work. At times like this, just go with the flow. If your computer or phone isn’t working, send it in to get fixed and find some amusing distractions. Is the stress getting to you? Go for a light workout at the gym. Take a brisk walk through a beautiful neighbourhood. You have a tendency to store up tension in your body. Pretty soon, you’ll forget your troubles and enjoy the change of pace.

Financial worries force you to revise plans at the last minute. You might have to cancel a trip or change your reservations. Take this opportunity to shop for discounts on airfares and accommodations. A little persistence will pay off. A youngster may ask you for an expensive gift. It makes you feel terrible to deny anything to your young friend, but try to maintain perspective. Treat this as a lesson in character building. You’ve seen what happens when children are spoiled. Don’t make the same mistake.



You could get bad advice from a well meaning friend. Weigh their comments with a big dose of common sense. If a financial deal seems like it is too good to be true, it probably is. Keep your money safe in a secure interest account. You work too hard to throw resources away on a get rich quick scheme. It’s tempting to bend the rules for a friend or relative, but don’t. Using your influence to do someone a favour will undermine your reputation.

Unfavourable publicity makes you uncomfortable. When faced with a situation like this, the only thing you can do is issue a sincere apology. Own up to your mistakes, and vow to do better. Follow up your words with actions. If people see you trying to make amends, they’ll give you a break. Everyone makes mistakes, and you’re no different. Remember this the next time you are forced to deal with someone who embroiled in a scandal. You can be kind without making yourself open to manipulation.

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You’re having a great time, but there’s lots of work to be done. It’s time to put your toys away and get down to business. Stay off the Internet and stop checking your messages every five seconds. Plan to take regular short breaks from work. This will keep you focused and productive. If you reach a certain earmark by the end of the day, give yourself a reward. This may seem like a simplistic way to get through the day, but it will yield impressive results.

Beware of adopting a know it all attitude. You’ve got an impressive amount of experience, but it isn’t necessary to emphasise it with newcomers. Anyone who works with you will soon see the true extent of your knowledge. If you listen more than you speak, you’ll realise several of your colleagues are really quite talented. Together, you can make some impressive inroads at work. Creating a new product line will result in big profits for you and your employer.

Pisces Disagreements over religion, politics, or cultural beliefs are tearing your professional circle apart. It’s time to establish a more respectful tone. By treating everyone with dignity, everyone will become more productive. That applies to everybody. Each member of your team should be permitted to contribute, no matter how other members of the group feel. If the prospect of working in a diverse community is too offensive to some, they should probably leave.

FAB FINCAS FAB Pr oper ti es • FA B P rice s • FA B S e rv ic e

Tel: 965 474 314 • Mob: 675 218 436 • Apartado de Correos 3, 03630. Sax. Alicante

Sax - Ref: ff0836 Villa with equestrian facilities. Price: 179,995 euros. In a gorgeous location, this villa has extremely well proportioned rooms with 2 large double bedrooms, huge conservatory, fitted kitchen, family bathroom, central heating, an orchard, swimming pool, paddock and stabling for three horses. There is a very efficient solar & generator back up for free electricity. A telephone with WI-FI internet is also connected. The house is on a plot of about 17,000m2 land and is a 7 minute drive to the beautiful town of Sax.

nts e i l c r u all o g n i h ture s i u f W d n a d esent past, pr Christmas an appy h y r e Year. v w a e N s u prospero

New year New start in 2017? Sell your property with Fabfincas - very competitive rates - new properties urgently needed.

Sax - Ref: ff0835

Biar - Ref: ff0837

Caudete - Ref: ff0831

Salinas - Ref: ff0798

Villa with fantastic views. 6 beds, 2 baths Swimming pool Separate casita

Beautifully presented villa. 4 beds, 4 baths Very modern, light and bright. Fantastic views.

Lovely renovated country house 4 beds, 2 baths Gorgeous kitchen/ diner Breathtaking views

Traditional renovated town house 3 beds, 2 baths Casita & underbuild Walking distance to village.

Only 159, 000 euros.

Only 280, 000 euros.

Bargain Price 149, 995 euros.

Reduced Now Only 104, 995 euros.

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With access to a complete property management system, you can add and edit your properties 24/7; Photographs, facilities, pricing, availablity and much much more.

We market your property, you make the sales. All enquiries from the website will come directly you. No middle-man, no commissions - you are in full control.

Literally! You can select your property location to allow potential clients to not only see where your property is but view the surroundings via Google Streetview.

100% FREE for the first year. Our website will up and running in January 2017 - Simply visit our site between January and April 30th to register the property that you have available for rental within Spain, 100% FREE for the first year!


Who Will be In Control? You will, once you register with you will be able to upload images of your rental property. You will also be able to place the properties location via Google maps. You will also be able to include all the local amenities available to your potential holiday-maker, you will be in control of the bookings you take and there will be a full year on year calendar to allow you to manage availabilty. No Commisions to pay and we take no rental payments - it’s your money 100%. All enquiries for your Holiday property will come direct to your email, no third party contact - they come direct to you. Don´t Forget Get Your Rental Property Seen! coming in January 2017.

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TIM December 2016  

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