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This month’s front cover photo is of Los Nietos On the Mar Menor, Photo taken by Chris Thompson.

Inland and Coastal Hello and welcome to this, the October issue, the 107th edition of Tim magazine! For those of you who do not already know, we are proud parents once again. Baby was born at 10.36pm on 21st August weighing in at 8 lbs. She, mum, dad & her 2 elder brothers are all doing well and we would all like to thank the many well wishers for all their kind thoughts and generous gifts. T.I.M. Fun in the Sun party at The Manor House was so nearly a completely washout. Fortunately, someone up there was looking out for us. The rain actually stopped in the nick of time and those who did battle the early morning weather were rewarded with a pleasant afternoon. October 12th is a RED day but as it falls on a Saturday it is less likely to cause too much inconvenience. Ayuntamiento of Fortuna are again organising free Spanish classes for residents and are also seeking qualified musicians to assist the Municipal School of Music. Anyone interested should contact John Chandler for further details.

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Last month’s competition winners were Mr J.Cheadle of Bigastro , who spotted Bully hiding on page 7 in last month’s edition in the SOS insurance advert (a crisp 50 euro note is winging its way to you, & the winner of the Sol Aero pleasure flight was Christel Simek of Pinoso.

Going Out

See entry form in this month’s edition for your chance to win another pleasure flight or two lucky readers could win a night’s stay including breakfast at Cases Noves in the gorgeous Guadalest.

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TIM Magazine™ The weather has turned a bit rough. Your boat is in a bad way. Engine gone. Adrift. Lost in a whirl of stinging spray, howling wind and an ever moving world. You’re drenched, you’re freezing and things don’t look at all good until the Lifeboat crests the wave, plucks you out of the water and takes you home in a flurry of foil blankets and hot soup. Ages ago, at a very boring party, a fireman told me about his new issue soft soled boots. He loved them. He loved them because they made it less likely that he would die in a ball of flame as he paddled through spilled petrol at the scene of a road traffic accident. Effectively the soft soles closed around any loose pebbles that the fireman trod on and so, more or less, eliminated the chance of sparks. I can tell you now that if I were hanging upside down in the mangled wreck of a car breathing in petrol fumes I’d be pretty pleased to see that chap and his non sparking boots coming to get me out. This romantic idea of heroic police officers, fire-fighters and medics always crosses my mind as I pull aside to let their vehicles struggle through traffic. I know that most of it is mundane and that fire-fighters spend the majority of their time pumping out flood water or pulling cows from slurry lagoons whilst most ambulances are glorified taxis. But not always. Imagine that you’re at home. Years of a little too much brandy and fatty foods conspire to grip your heart with the steel fist of a heart attack. Maybe the gas cylinder turns into a fireball that demolishes half the house and leaves shards of sharpened steel sticking out of the wall, your Sky box and your left leg. Lots of us live in the middle of nowhere up some bumpy track. The Marks and Spencer or Amazon delivery people can’t find us even in the clear light of day. Now imagine how hard it’s going to be to give the 112 operator sufficient information, in Spanish, to get the ambulance or Guardia Civil to your door in the teeth of a howling gale in the dead of night maybe with blood running into your sock. I like simple and elegant solutions. A little while ago I was impressed to find that the local police in Pinoso were creating a register so that in an emergency they could find the right house whatever the weather conditions and time of day. All we had to do was to complete a simple form produced by the police. They then sent someone around to check the GPS co-ordinates of our house. We now have a little card with a reference number on it. In case of emergency we have only to dial one of the emergency numbers – also given on the card – and, with a bit of luck after that we just wait for them to come and rescue us. I know, for a fact, that a similar scheme exists in Ontinyent where registration is initially through the Town Hall. They check that you are on the padrón and up to date with the various municipal taxes and then send you to the local police who take over the process. The card is different but the end result is the same. I asked on a couple of the expat forums if similar systems existed in other towns. I’m told that it’s a widespread phenomena but nobody came back with information about other schemes. Nonetheless it may be worth while asking. It could, literally, be a lifesaver.

By Chris Thompson


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To advertise with TIM call 606 891 644 NOW! Many of you may have enjoyed a series of Autumn/Spring Roadshow Seminars providing information on the New ‘Asset Declaration – Modelo 720’, with the help of fellow professionals, followed by your obligation to put through our Annual Tax Returns (Impuesto Sobre La Renta) and we added additional value with general information on Spanish Compliant Bonds. We are on the road again throughout September and October, simply giving the opportunity for individuals to come along in an informal manner. A couple of Seminars have taken place already in September but we are pleased to invite you along to a couple of other Seminars venues where we have joined forces once again with Pellicer & Heredia Abogados (Tax Advisors and Legal Services) to offer an independent view on a series of informative subjects: ALL ASPECTS OF FISCAL RESIDENCY / INVESTMENT STRATEGIES & THE BENEFITS OF ASSET ALLOCATION WITH YOUR INVESTMENT. We are not authorised to provide our Clients with Tax advice and we have fellow professionals on hand to provide a brief overview of factual information on the importance of Fiscal Residency and how it can play a vital role in estate planning. We face many enquiries from Clients seeking to invest capital sums aiming for a regular income or growth potential. AES International will be discussing and presenting the benefits of Asset Allocation and Investment Strategies. Come and find out more about the reasons behind Investment Strategies and Balanced Portfolios. Each Seminar is free to attend but booking your place is essential to reserve your place. You will receive a warm welcome and the opportunity to ask questions to our team of professionals. Also look out for other forthcoming venues and dates. FORTHCOMING SEMINARS Glenns Restaurant Tuesday 8 October 2013 11.00am start - Castalla Centro Municipal Tuesday 15 October 2013 11.00am start - Ciudad Quesada (we will be joined by Pellicer & Heredia Abogados) Please contact: Tel: 965 704 338 between 10 – 2 pm (out of Office hours 689 151 631) or you may Email: AES International does not provide individual Tax Advice and we strongly recommend you either come along to one of our Joint Seminars or speak to your local Tax Adviser. E-mail: • Web site:


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JAGUARS Pussycats and Wolves

“Pussycats and Wolves”, what is all that about you may ask. The Jaguar Enthusiasts Club in Spain latest event happened on the 25th August. Club members brought their beautiful Jaguars to Font Del Llop Golf Resort on the CV847 near Aspe. Loosely translated Font Del Llop is the drinking point of wolves in an old Spanish dialect. Just a fantastic day in all respects, a fantastic location, the views from the club house are stunning. If you want to see more pictures, follow this link. Pictures kindly provided by John Parkin. albums/5916361762051354289 As usual in fabulous Spain, we had perfect weather. The golf club had given us special permission to display the cars on the club house front terrace overlooking the pristine golf course, a photographers dream. A few drinks and a chat then lunch. Bread, fresh salad, chicken coujons in batter and reuvelto with home made biscuits, then a choice of Paella De Elche, hake fillet or an Iberico sirloin steak for the main course, followed by a black current cheese cake to die for, coffee, wine, beer and water etc. all for 23 Euro’s, just extraordinary value for such a beautiful spread. May I take this opportunity to thank all those that attended especially the new members and to thank Ian our Events Manager for putting together such a brilliant day. The superb selection of 14 Jaguars at this meeting, a little down on our normal numbers but typical for an August meeting, but those few cars brought 34 enthusiastic members. No real classics this time but a stunning display of XJ’s, XK’s, S Types and a new XF . The raffle for motoring books, the sale of Jaguar magazines and members kind donations raised 110 Euros towards club expenses. Thank you so much to those who contributed. “Murphy’s Law” was fully functional on this day as the car chosen as best car of the day by the ladies was our Events Manager’s, Ian McMenemy’s pristine blue S Type, this was obviously declined and the prize for Ladies Choice went to David Marshal with his absolutely stunning white XJ, well deserved.

photo by John Parkin

photo by John Parkin

More photographs and a last chat and people started to depart just after 4:30pm. A beautiful day, great food, fabulous cars, all in an absolutely stunning location. Our next meeting is on Saturday 21st September, JEC Spain has agreed to support the Royal British Legion in their Poppy Day Gala Appeal, this will include a cruise out to The Manor at Paradon near Pinoso. Ian is still making final arrangements but lunch will take the form of a carvery, contact Ian for more details. A great a run out to help support a great cause, lunch and an opportunity to join in all the other activities, bring the family. I believe we will be joined by members from other car clubs as well. Many members have requested that we return to La Torreta for another Country Lunch Convoy, we will be sorting out the details in the not too distant future. The Jaguar Enthusiasts Club is the largest of the worlds Jaguar Clubs, apart from joining in the fun at the meetings, members also benefit from a glossy 132 page A4 monthly magazine, Jaguar spares department and a technical advice service second to none. If you live in Spain and own a Jaguar you should be a member of The Jaguar Enthusiasts Club. The JEC in Spain is organised by Eric Arnold and Ian McMenemy. Eric can be contacted by email at or by phone on 609931647 or alternatively check out the JEC web site Our Events Manager, Ian McMenemy can be contacted at McMenemy@JEC-events. com. 4

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photo by John Parkin

photo by John Parkin

by Eric Arnold

Costa Blanca

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T.I.M Magazine™

Structuring your Garden In this last piece I want to mention the middle ground. When you are planting shrubs to “fill in” then give some thought again to structure to add interest and variation. Pittosporum is an evergreen shrub and it is found in many of the garden centres here. It is hardy and very decorative with slightly waxy leaves and small purple flowers. It is easy to grow and will enjoy the sun but not really strong drying winds so try not to place it in a very exposed area. It wants a welldrained soil and is reasonably tolerant of drought conditions. However, for best results put some mulch around the base to offer a bit of protection to keep roots cool and prevent too much evaporation Pruning, if you want to keep it to a desirable size, should be done before the new spring growth. Don’t be afraid to cut it quite hard as it normally responds well and will grow back readily Yucca plants are striking and are very easy to grow. Yuccas are valued for their attractive evergreen foliage and the pretty flowers which are produced on flower spikes during the summer. Yucca plants are hardy and once established are easy to grow, requiring very little maintenance Choose a location which receives full sun and has well drained soil. Yucca plants can tolerate quite poor dry soil but are ideally planted in a good soil with good drainage. If your soil is not great then introduce a decent layer of compost into the planting hole Do not over water as this can be damaging. Every few days should be enough during the summer, less in winter months. Prune after flowering by removing dead flower stalks and, if you want, any dead leaves. Although these will often fall off on their own during the winter. Finally, Oleander. Oleander is a hardy evergreen which means at the very least you are guaranteed some sort of display all year round. Anything that can withstand growing on a central carriageway in Spain has to be pretty robust and clearly can cope with relatively poor soil The leaves of the shrub are dark green and glossy and quite narrow and pointed in shape. The flowers are borne in clusters and are red, yellow or white The Oleander bush is a drought resistant plant, so obviously it doesn’t require that much water which is a big bonus, especially if your home here is a holiday home or if you are one of these people who flit back and forth to the UK a lot. However if you want your Oleander to produce plenty of flowers then you may want to make sure it does get a regular watering so that, in addition to flowers, it will keep healthy and generally in better condition A general prune each year after flowering will help stop the shrub becoming too leggy and will also stimulate new branches to grow So – the good news - they are hardy, require little maintenance and produce beautiful flowers. They don’t need much water, and they can live in poor soil as long as there is plenty of sun BUT before you rush off to the garden centre, please be forewarned that Oleander is toxic Despite the fact that it is commonly grown in public places all over the world, including around hospitals and schools, Oleander is poisonous. If you have any doubts about young children or animals coming into contact with the Oleander and possibly trying to eat the leaves then it’s probably best to give it a miss!

Gardens... should be like lovely, well-shaped girls:

So to recap on the last 3 months, try and introduce variety into your planting and have in your mind the end result you want to achieve as this will certainly help you in choosing the right plants.

all curves, secret corners, unexpected deviations, seductive surprises and then still more curves.

Till next time……………….

~H.E. Bates, A Love of Flowers 6

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By Barbara Barton

Costa Blanca

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T.I.M Magazine

Aquafarms Fish Farm Pollution-Part 2 by Stephen Toman

Fish farming in China has grown to prominence as an export industry over the past 25 years. Southern China is a major aqua farm area and if you forgive the pun spawned 1000’s of fish farms. The problem is as the industry grew so did supporting industries, and they pumped their waste products such as effluent, pesticides and chemicals into the rivers where the fish is farmed. Fish farms were also created next to rivers in huge ponds or man-made lakes and all of the fish excrement continues to be pumped into the surrounding rivers creating a toxic environment. In the past fish farmers have been using illegal veterinary drugs and pesticides to combat the pollution and reduce the mortality rate of the fish. In recent years Japan, the European Union and the USA have all issued temporary banning orders on Chinese fish exports due to toxicity levels. More than half the rivers in China are too polluted to be used as a source of drinking water but fish is farmed in many of them. Because of pollution problems many fish farmers are relocating to different areas of China in the search for cleaner water. There is an environmental problem associated with fish farming, some of the larger farms are stocked with over 100,000 fish and their excrement has to go somewhere and that is directly below them. This pollution is damaging the sea floor and destroying the habitat of the shellfish and fish that live there. The same applies to the smaller sea farms as well. In some countries where fish is farmed in huge man made ponds or lakes the excrement is pumped into the adjacent rivers adding to the pollution that already exists. Mangrove forests have been destroyed in some Asian countries because of the pollution. Recently a new problem has developed in the Pacific Ocean which affects both wild and farmed fish. The Fukushima Nuclear Reactor continues to leak radiation at the rate of 400 tons of radiated water a day. Although the radiation should dissipate as it moves on the currents contamination levels have risen in fish stocks. Both the Canadian and American Food Authorities instead of blocking the import of contaminated food have simply raised the acceptable levels of radiation.


Are there benefits to fish farming?

• Certainly many species of fish are being consumed at unsustainable levels and aqua farm s are removing some of the pressure of over fishing. • As the ocean fishing industry cont inues to decline due to allocation of catch quotas employm ent is being created within the aqua farms. • There could also be a reduction in the number of fish killed in the deep trawl nets saving thousand s of dolphins, turtles, and sharks as farm fish is gradually taking precedence in the way fish is supplied to the cons umer. • It is a more efficient way of supplying the market consequently the price to the cons umer is lower. • The demand for fish is increasing annually and with the restrictions introduced by fish quo tas aqua farming is the only viable way that supply can mee t the demand. • Warnings have been issued on wild fish at the top of the food chain e.g. shark and tuna regarding mercury levels so problems are not containe d only to aqua farms, and consumers have been recomm ended to regulate the quantities that they eat of these fish.

If you want to know more about fish farms and pollution all this information and more is available on the internet I still eat fish and enjoy it but I always look at the labels to ensure I buy ocean fish rather than farmed.

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Aspe – Hondon de las Nieves – Pinoso

1 day from 45 €

1 week from 100€

Hyundai I10, I20, I30, IX20 (deluxe spacious 5-seater family saloon) or similar models available Automatic cars available Full airport service Child seats & booster seats available Ex hire cars available for purchase with FSH urbanisatie " La Montanosa " Avenida de Elche 27 , Hondon de las Nieves – Tel: 620 900 690 – 966 195 205

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Warning! Please DO NOT Read Any further If You Are Easily Offended

the Jokes page


Three Italian nuns die and go to heaven. At the Pearly Gates, they are met by St. Peter. He says, ‘Sisters, you all led such exemplary lives that the Lord is granting you six months to go back to earth and be anyone you wish to be.


The first nun says, ‘I want to be Sophia Loren;’ And *poof* she’s gone. The second says, ‘I want to be Madonna and *poof* she’s gone. The third says, ‘I want to be Sara Pipalini..’ St. Peter looks perplexed. ‘Who?’ he asks. Sara Pipalini’ replies the nun. St. Peter shakes his head and says, ‘I’m sorry, but that name just doesn’t ring a bell.’ The nun then takes a newspaper out of her habit and hands it to St. Peter. St. Peter reads the paper and starts laughing. He hands it back to her and says... ‘No sister, the paper says it was the ‘Sahara Pipeline’ that was laid by 1,400 men in 6 months.’

After my accident, I came round to find a paramedic cutting my clothes off. I quickly explained that I didn’t have any clean boxers that morning and being in a hurry, had slipped on a pair of my wife’s knickers. “I understand,” he said, snipping through my bra-straps.

3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

This Autumn I plan to start a leaf clearing business. I’ll be raking it in. I was at the pool today and decided to have a sneaky wee in the deep end. The life guard must have noticed though. He blew his whistle so loud I nearly fell in. My teenage son threw the chemistry set I bought him onto the floor. If he thinks he’s going to get a reaction that way, he’s got a lot to learn. My wife used to complain that the magic had gone out of our relationship. So I sawed her in half. My wife and I were in the middle of a heated argument when she said, “Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t throw you out that door?” I replied, “I’m driving.”

8. 9. 10

As my new neighbour walked up the drive, I opened the window: “I see you’re pregnant love” I said, “with a boy or girl.” “With a boy, obviously” she sneered, “you can’t get pregnant with a girl.” A little girl says, “Daddy, I wish I had a little sister.” Trying to be funny, the daddy says, “Honey, you do have a sister. You just don’t see her because when you are coming in the front door, she is always leaving through the back door.” The little girl thought about this and remarked, “You mean like my other Daddy does?”

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THE artificial grass experts Artificial grass supplied & installed Complete garden design service Many different effects available Free site survey & quotation Patios/paths/planters/garden lights • 8 year guarantee • • • • •

The Royal British Legion in Spain, Pinoso Branch, Pinoso branch of the Royal British Legion in Spain held its major fund raising event on Saturday 21st September. The Gala Day was an enormous success and special thanks are due to the Manor House, Paredon for hosting the event, Steve Turner from Get I.T. Connected who organised the Evening Concert with local band Alternative 5 and Janice Rawlings who co-ordinated the Gala Day. Thanks to Steve and advertisers in the programme, independent stall holders, Donna & her amazing Zumba Team, the Jaguar Enthusiasts Club and Barneys who held a dog show. In addition the Gala Day would not have been possible without the considerable commitment and extraordinary generosity of all the members and friends of the Pinoso Branch of the Royal British Legion in Spain. (N.B. amount raised etc. not available at time of submission to magazine, further details in November issue).

The annual Royal British Legion in Spain, Pinoso branch, Service of Remembrance takes place on Sunday 10th November at the Parochial Church of St. Peter, Pinoso from 10:30 a.m. All are welcome. The Pinoso branch of the Royal British Legion in Spain has a full programme of social events throughout the year. New members are always welcome, meet people, make new friends and raise money to help the armed forces of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Next Meeting Tuesday 29th October at 19:30 at Meson Tonet restaurant in Pinoso. For more details, please contact: Ann Booth, Branch Secretary. Email:; Tel: (0034) 686 696 365 12

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Costa Blanca

HondónVillas Hondón Valley Property Agent

Buy, Sell or Rent What a year so far!

2013 has been a good year so far for Hondon Villas. Not only have we had record sales, rentals and listings, we opened our new office in Frailes and we have expanded our team to add considerable experience & languages to our service. Our Hondón websites are consistently on page #1 of the main search engines and we advertise right across Europe in different languages. Call us. We are waiting to help arrange your property needs. We have over 30 years’ experience selling property in the UK and Spain. Please visit our new office Monday to Friday).

OFFICE: Avda de la Constitucion 60, Hondon de los Frailes

TEL: 965 075 357 MOB: 0034 622 314 244

New Build. Quality Villa. Fully Legal.

Hondon Valley


• 3 bedrooms • 2 bathrooms

#973: Countryside Detached Villa Show House

• 3250sqm plot • mountain views • electric • water • pool • parking • pre-installed air-con & central heating ensuite bathroom • fitted kitchen • and • ensu more... Visit our show house to see the quality build. Other plots available

prices start from as little as €150.000 All villas include private pool.

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The Dog You Need

Dogs are fascinating animals and here are some facts about our furry friends that may be of interest to you. When dogs are born they have no hearing and no sight. The one thing that is working is something they will use more than anything else for the rest of their lives, their nose. After around two weeks, their ears open and after three weeks so do their eyes. A fully grown dog has forty two teeth. Dogs do have memories, but unlike humans, they live in the moment. A dog will not lie down and think about the past or future like we do. An abused dog, knows they were abused, but they will not relive it in their minds like some humans will. Dogs know when you are going to taking them for a walk, because they are masters at studying our body language. No one knows us better than our dogs. They also know what is going on inside our bodies. They know 100% accurately, when we are sad, happy, nervous, anxious, frustrated or calm. The best emotion you can show when around dogs is calm. This then transfers to the dog, as would a negative emotion.

hand a Labrador retriever has floppy ears, because the human did not want them getting distracted with noises, when retrieving. On the subject of German Shepherds, you will have noticed that some people call this breed an Alsatian. There is in fact no such breed as an Alsatian. They do not exist. The reason why you may be familiar with the name is because it was made up by the English, as after the war, they refused to call anything German. As you will be aware, a dog’s sense of smell is far greater than ours. The part of a dog’s brain that controls smell is forty times larger than ours. It is a well known fact that dogs can smell cancer and many have saved their owners lives because they kept smelling or licking where the cancer was. A dog smells the world, we see it. I have been contacted in the past by people worried about their dog who went blind. There is no need to worry, as long as a dog has the function of smell, they adapt very quickly to no sight. A dog likes to keep their nose wet, because this increases their sense of smell.

Dogs are colour blind. They cannot see all colours but do recognise blues and yellows. To a dog, orange and green are the same, so if you play with an orange toy in the grass, you may find your dog loses this rather easily. Dogs can process a moving object a lot quicker than we can. If you ever play ball with your dog, have you ever noticed how good they are at catching it? It is as if they see in slow motion. Also, have you ever noticed a difference in your dog when taking them on an evening walk? The reason for this is because they can see a lot better in the dark than we can. When taking your dog out when it is dark, you would not see a moving object some distance away, but your dog is well aware of it.

Finally, I have one last interesting fact for you about dogs. When it comes to being best friends, they are a lot better at this job than humans!

Their hearing is also superior to ours. They can hear things four times farther away than us. So if you think your dog is barking at nothing tonight, you would be wrong!

Peter is a dog behaviourist, offering one to one consultations in your own home, along with dog psychology classes across the Costa Blanca.

We have set up an animal charity, where we help the most severely abused and injured animals in Spain. If you would be kind enough to donate anything to this special cause you can do by PayPal, where the account details are peter@ or to our Nat West charity account, where the sort code is 60-16-03 and the account number is 73754900. Even one euro will help, so please, please, try and support us. Thank you.

When breeding dogs, humans have in the past concentrated on certain traits that were important to them. Take for instance the German shepherd. Humans wanted this breed to have superb hearing, which is why their ears stand up. On the other 14

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To advertise with TIM call 606 891 644 NOW!

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Important update on recent tax changes We are all well aware that Spain, like most of Europe, has serious financial problems and consequently the government is having to introduce new policies to help balance the deficit. The problem varies across the 17 autonomous regions and so policies and levels of taxation vary according to the laws of local community governments. The Comunitat Valenciana (government of Valencia region) has been reviewing a number of fiscal policies with the objectives of: ‘The main objectives of the tax measures included in this DecreeLaw, first, that in the current economic crisis and budget deficit in our Region, contribute more the haves Secondly, to Strengthen legal instruments of the tax administration and control Valencian fight against fiscal fraud in the field of taxes assigned by the State to the Valencia. Encouraging, while voluntary compliance by taxpayers with their tax obligations, and simplifying formal tax obligations thereof.’ One of the main taxes to have been revised is the Inheritance Tax Impuesto Sobre Sucesions and Donations. Many people are aware that this is more complicated and potentially more expensive than in the UK. We have written before on this topic and advised ensuring taking professional advice to guarantee that you have planned in advance how to deal with this tax liability. This has now become even more important as the tax levels have been revised and allowances amended. Again it is important to point out this tax does vary greatly from region to region and we are primarily highlighting the changes in the Valencian region. Before the change, which came into effect on August 6, 2013, published Decree Law 4/2013, of August 2, allowances of up to 99% were possible this has now been reduced to 75%. However, the actual financial base figure has increased and so the actual final allowances are calculated using a number of complicated factors relating to relationship to deceased, age, residency etc meaning it is vital to seek professional advice to understand your potential exposure to this tax.

Now is a good time to review your financial planning and this naturally goes hand-in-hand with making wills. The law in this area was recently beneficially revised providing more options for foreigners living as residents in Spain and was the subject of The Legal Page in last January’s edition of TIM. Tax Increase on second hand property purchases Following recent changes in IVA (known as VAT in the UK) the level of taxation of purchasing a new property was raised to 10%. Traditionally the transfer tax, known as Impuesto sobre Transmisiones Patrimoniales – ITP applied to second hand house transactions has been set at a lower level than the IVA levied on a new property. However the Valencia region (in line with many other regions) has revised the ITP to be in line with IVA. Therefore the transfer tax on a second hand property will now be 10%. Remember also that the base figure used for this calculation is the predetermined Valor Catastral not the actual purchase price paid. So even if you strike a bargain, and you probably will in the current market, the tax will be calculated on the government’s official valuation figure for the property. There is a complicated set of rules where the 10% ITP can be reduced and primarily applies to the under 35s with low incomes and other factors. Again we urge taking professional advice. If you are the seller - this is of course the buyer’s liability and will not affect you. Transfer tax also applies to other goods i.e. cars and there have been changes for these and other types of goods as well. These are only general guidelines. It is recommended that all technical and legal matters pertaining to taxes be referred to a lawyer for advice, guidance and execution. Pellicer & Heredia Lawyers & Tax Advisors will be pleased to help you. We shall be holding fiscal residence and non-resident tax seminars in Castalla and Quesada during October. See our advert and the TIM website for more details. For more information and free advice, call us on +34 965 480 737 and do not forget to mention that you are a TIM reader. See their advertisement on the front cover for full contact details. Or e-mail

Written by Rob Innis with Ignacio Pellicer Mollá (Abogado- Solicitor – Barrister - Tax Advisor) of Pellicer & Heredia Abogados


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Costa Blanca


These seminars will be delivered by fully qualified, professional, international lawyers. PELLICER&HEREDIA are a company of solicitors that you can trust. We have a wealth of experience in dealing with Spanish law and in representing international clients. We shall be joined by Nick Venn of AES International and SOS Insurance. Dates&Places 30th Sep ¦ Gran Alacant ¦ Cafetería Huginn & Muninn 8th Oct ¦ Castalla ¦ Glenns Restaurant 15th Oct ¦ Ciudad Quesada ¦ Centro Municipal To avoid disappointment and to reserve your place at one of the seminars, please contact us on: 965 480 737 ¦ 606 056 282 ¦

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The reason I have both 7” and 9.7” is that both can be bought for just over 200 euros

A little history of the computer as we know it today I have called it FROM TAPE TO TABLET Part 2 by Alan Barnfield Along came the LAPTOP my first was a 286 with a red screen weighing a ton and costing a bomb you would not want to use it on your lap it would squash it and also cook your lap ,Still things have moved along at an alarming 286 Laptop rate since then from laptops to netbooks to tablets. Each has its own part to play I still use a tower/desktop for most of my work be it at work or at home, My laptop is handy to take to customers or to use in other rooms apart from my office I don’t have a netbook as I feel that the screen size is not to kind to my aging eyes also with the intervention of the tablet there is another option, I have a 7” tablet which is just perfect for travelling as it fits in my coat pocket. I can watch a film on the plane, store my photos to bore my friends, read e books, listen to my music, use Skype with the built in camera, learn a language with Google translate, watch live TV, read all UK newspapers, surf the net and access my emails these are but a few of the many thousands of free apps available I also have a 9.7” tablet to use in the house which will eventually replace my laptop.


Most people when they are looking at tablets look at the ipad or the ipad mini, these can cost up to 600 and 300euros respectively, there is an alternative especially if you have children who can be a bit hamfisted or if you want to try without committing to such a large amount of money. At our shop we sell tablets from 80euros come and have a look and a chat (Steve can chat for England) . If anyone is still reading!! If you ever go back to the UK, take a trip to Bletchley Park there is the amazing Colossus which was the world’s first electronic digital computer that was at all programmable designed during ww2 to decode German messages, a fascinating day out.


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A “Spaghetti Western” Adventure, as suggested by Peter Barlow,Fortuna Fancy doing something a little different for a change? How about going to “Mini Hollywood” for the day. No, not the one in California that is 5,800 miles away but the one here in Spain, in Andalucia to be precise, about 150 miles away - a comfortable 2/3 hour drive. It was here that the famous “Spaghetti Westerns” were made during the 1960’s. What is a Spaghetti Western? If you’re under 60, you probably have never heard of them. Primarily, they were Itallian produced or Italian/Spanish made movies shot mainly in the Tabernas Desert area in Andalucia during the 1960’s and 70’s. They were low budget films usually made using relatively unknown actors and local extras. Such cult films as a Fistful of Dollars and the Good the Bad and The Ugly starring an up and coming actor of the time, the legendary, Clint Eastwood and Lee Van Cleef and were filmed here. As you travel around the sets, you can really sense the atmosphere and you keep expecting Clint to come riding over the ridge. It’s a must day out for all Western fans. However, it’s not just westerns that were filmed there. Tabernas may well look familiar from other well known films too. The hills of Arabia in Lawrence of Arabia were filmed in The Tabernas Desert as were scenes from other classics such as Cleopatra, Dr Zhivago and The Lost Crusade..

There are actually three film sets a couple of miles apart. The first one you come to is Fort Bravo, the one we visited, which consists of two film set towns. The entrance fee is €17.90 for adults and €9.90 for children. Opening times are 9.00 am – 8.00 pm and included in the entry fee is a ride around the sets in a Stagecoach. There are also Wild West shows at various times of the day during the summer months. Whilst we were there, there were some cowboys enacting the odd gun battle. We really enjoyed our visit to this set. The second set is Oasys Safari Park and Pool, entrance fee €22.50 adults, children €12.50. Opening times 10.00 am - 6 pm. This was a combination of a modern theme park/film set. Western Leone Movie Location and Theme Park. This is the smallest of the sets. Entrance , adults €11.00 children €6.00 Opening times 10.00 am – 7.00 pm summer. I suggest you look up Mini Hollwood Theme Parks, Tabernas before going, to help you to decide which one you would prefer to visit. All in all, an excellent day’s excursion.

Where is Tabernas? It is easily reached by taking the A7 – E15 all the way towards Almeria. Once you cross the Murcia / Almeria border, look out for the signs to the right for Tabernas.

If you’ve had an adventure you would like to share with us, let us hear about it. Editor.


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Lose it – with Cambridge 800! Bridie did. This is her before – and after! We know that losing weight is only half the battle. Keeping it off long term is what really Bridie, before matters. With its unique one-to-one support, Cambridge 800 is the nutritional, convenient and healthy way to lose weight. Cambridge


TS in CONSULTAN ta , Orihuela Cos uel, La Marina Elche, San Mig , Torremendo da, Torrevieja Rojales, Quesa ada r de la Horad Benijofar, Pila

Call 952 586 324 today or email for the name of your nearest consultant.

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142mm x 75mm

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Sterling v Euro update You may wonder how Currency brokers such as Currencies4You can manage to keep the rates so much lower than the banks and make a profit of their own without adding charges! Well it’s really no secret, we aim for high volume and lower profit margins on each transaction – better for the client. We basically make our money on the difference between the rate we give you and the rate we get, it’s that simple. We do incur a small international transaction charge which we pick up ourselves rather than passing to the client, this is why on very small amounts of say £100 it’s difficult to get a brilliant rate as we have to ‘at least’ cover the charge, or it would actually cost us.

back a cent but this may well just be a breather before the next leg up. In my view 1.20 + is still on the cards – I will get it before the year is out!! Whether transferring large or small amounts call us or pop into the Pinoso office. We can advise on how to get the very best rates with no fees or charges. Join us on email or Facebook to get daily rate updates - www.facebook. com/janet.currencies4you

In addition, we do not have to allow for commissions to 3rd parties, in the rate we give you.E.g. If you are buying or selling a house and find yourself guided/coerced towards one of the high street Currency brokersit’s likely because there are large commissions on the table for passing on clients, this means the rate you get has to reflect a chunk for the commissions. We are careful to only work with agents who pass clients on to us because they want the best deal for their clients and not the best commission for themselves! We actually now have agents approaching us for that very reason. -The better the rate you can achieve, the less you pay for your house or the more money you achieve on the sale of it, so everyone’s happy! GBP/EUR UPDATE GBP/EUR rate has had a good month, hitting an eight month high of 1.1975 (0.8350) on 18th Sept., poor retail sales data and improved Eurozone data quickly dropped it 22

965 070 584 / 635 015 818 E.

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By Janet Lees

Operations Director - Spain

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CYCLOGICAL - Cycle Route 30. Cycling round the “The EL-Hondo nature park. This is a great little ride and suitable for all levels of cyclists including young children. You can either cycle to the nature reserve or you can take your car with the bikes on the back. There are numerous entrances to the park by cycle but if you are going by car you need to drive to Dolores then Catral head for and through San Felipe Neri and about 1km past you will see the sign post for the nature reserve. In some signs it’s spelt El Hondo and others it’s El Fondo. ( There are also some new cycle routes to and from Crevillente from here and are well marked ). Drive along this track and you will arrive in a large car park where you can leave your car and enjoy the miles of beautiful cycle and walking tracks. Just passed the car park there is the park information centre which is always closed when we are their but we have been told in good faith that it is well worth a look. There are walkways and tracks all around the park and they are well signposted. There is also a viewpoint tower to climb up where you can see all the lakes and beautiful wildlife you can also see for miles from here. All around the lake there are information boards with pictures of the various wildlife and plants. If you are cycling to the park you are spoilt for choice of entries. If you cycle towards La Marina from San Fulgencio at the crossroads where right goes to La Marina ( Iceland , Lidl, N332 ) or left takes you to Dolores there are 3 canals turn left at the last one and cycle through the side of the fence and follow the canal all the way crossing over a tarred road on route and this irrigation canal will take you straight into the Park. Alternatively you can keep going on the La Marina road for about another 1km over the bridge and turn left at the next crossroads onto a dirt track road this will also take you to the canal turn right at the canal and again follow it to the park. There are also another couple of entries / exits to the park which are on the San Felipe road which circumnavigates the park. Hope you find a suitable way in and out and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Total Cycling time : 4 Hours Total Distance :Approx 45 Kms. Summary : Beautiful , Peaceful, Scenic route over flat terrain , with lovely views and great cycle tracks. The Dark Nights and Safe Cycling.

r website on ailable from ou av w d no e ar es r newly publishe All of our rout .com or from ou ca an bl ta ”. os lc ce and Advi www.cyclogica utes, Maps, Tips book “Cycling Ro a, Monday to gical” in Quesad lo yc a “C at e bl la till 2.00pm on are avai from 10.00am d Gary and Lynn an . ts pm en m 30 5. ire l am til cling requ Friday from 9.30 on all you’re cy u yo ce vi ad d st an Saturday to assi


The nights have already started to close in and it will only be a matter of days before the clocks go back and it gets considerably darker in the evenings. If you are planning to ride your bike at night or in the early mornings you must ensure that you have not only a front and rear reflector but also bright lights on the front and a good red light at the back of your bike. The darkness comes down very quickly and it is very easy to go out cycling and get caught out, or you may stay somewhere longer than expected and have to leave to go home and it’s already dark. Many of us have to cycle regularly in the dark due to the hours / shifts that we work therefore we should also consider purchasing and wearing either a fluorescent harness, armbands or a waistcoat and always remember to carry a strong lock with you and wear your helmet as it’s the law in this part of Spain.(Albeit very ambiguous) So think health and safety and of other road users and be seen.

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TWENTY NUMBER SIX (Part One) By John McGregor Suddenly people were shouting and arguing, rushing in and out of the loading bay - and the language was appalling. ‘What’s going on? I asked Arthur, who knew everything about Players Cigarettes and the Victorian factory sweat shop in Nottingham that I was temporarily working in. ‘Annual bonus just ‘bin announced ‘ said Arthur gravely, shaking his head. ‘Much less than the rumours, so there’s ‘ell to pay. People plan their lives around it, certainly their holidays to Skeggie (Skegness). It’s about £70 quid a head this year, but everyone was expecting over a hundred’. Seventy pounds seemed an absolute fortune to me in 1972, as I was earning about £12 a week. I had just left the RAF, having spent five years serving my Queen and country, and was in the middle of interviews for sales trainee jobs with various big companies. I had moved back home to Nottingham with my parents until I hopefully landed my new position, and to get some necessary money I had gone to the old Labour Exchange and told them I wanted a job, anything considered. I was duly sent to see the Personnel Manager of Players Cigarettes in one of the four, forbidding factories in a rough old part of the city called Lenton. The factories were a terrible culture shock: inside where the fags were made it was almost Dickensian. You could barely see across the factory floor, the air was so intense with the essence of tobacco, your eyes stung and you felt you could smoke the air it was so pungent, plus the noise of the machines was deafening. I

was amazed anyone could be expected to work there. But luckily as ‘casual labour’ I was given a job in the loading bays for the six weeks I worked there, although Mum complained as I walked through the door at home I still reeked of tobacco. Mind you, although I didn’t smoke, she did and loved the sixty free Number Six I brought home every week. My job was loading the huge lorries every day with boxes of cigarettes, of which about half were Number Six, then the most popular fag of the day. When I got bored I used to try to work out in my head the value of the load I was working on, it was usually more than £50,000 per load, by today’s prices a fortune. Little Arthur was my guru: I came under his kindly wing and he never let me down, explaining everything hilariously in this mysteriously funny-to-me world. Short and slight, with milk-bottle glasses Arthur’d been at Players all his working life, over thirty years and so knew everything and everybody, and always put me right, regularly making me howl with his wry observations of life and people. One day a tubby, officious little man in a brown coat attempted to walk across the loading bay when someone shouted something at him. Arthur immediately nudged me, nodded at the man, winked, and whispered ‘Shop steward – watch this...’. ‘Oi, yo – ‘yer fooking wanker, I wanna word wi’ yo’ shouted Dave, the burly, mutton-chopped sideboard greaser who worked in our gang, addressing the brown-coated man. ’Did yo’ tell ‘em worra I towed yer ter?’ ‘I expressed to the management that certain members of our union were unhappy with the new overtime rates of pay and - ‘ ‘Never mind that shit, what’d they say?’ demanded Dave belligerently. ‘The management expressed the view that the new rates were in line with current trade union practices and -‘ ‘Yer bottled it, dinya? I knew yo would, yer wanker - yer fookin’ useless!’ My first observation of trade unionism at the sharp end was not encouraging, but highly amusing. The brutal language and confrontations with union management about current working practices were a constant factor in the everyday factory life. The concluding part of life at Players factory will be in next month’s TIM.

John has a new book out ‘A Flock of Female Friends’, RSP only €10, detailing another entertaining slice of his life which follows his escapades in his first book ‘Fairy Tales of an SAC’ about his RAF days, which has now sold over 1,000 copies. If you would like a copy (of either) please order directly from woodfieldpublishing. or by telephone on 01243 821234 or via Amazon - or you can e mail John on or telephone him on 6000888341 to arrange a copy, personally signed if requested – they’re ideal as birthday or early Christmas presents! 26

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*Spacious Kennels All Tiled and Insulated *Large Kennels for the Friends that can’t be Separated Park your car here, then pick *Special Rates For your friend up as soon as you Groups return with our Airport drop off *We Stay Small For the and pick up Personal Touch *Large Exercise Area Only 20 mins from *Rural Location Alicante Airport *Variety of Walks Just off the AP7 and A7 *Pick up And Drop off

Come and see for yourself You won’t be disappointed Call Ali or Chris

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Although the weather turned against us on the day, Tim’s fun in the sun or should that have been fun in the rain! The day went ahead as planned, and we would like to thank those hardy people who turned up on a rather damp, cold and rainy day, and also the staff at the Manor house for the hard work they put in. We would also like to thank the artists Paul Harris and “Icarus” Chris Pickles for playing two superb sets. And we would also like to take the chance to apologise to those who came along to see Plata y Oro whom decided at around 5 pm to call ourselves and inform us that they wouldn’t be turning up, needless to say we won’t be booking Plata y Oro for any future events that we plan to hold.

THE INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGES AND FRIENDSHIP GROUP GRUPO INTERNACIONAL DE IDIOMAS Y AMISTAD We are a friendly group of Spanish and English Speakers. The aim of our group is to promote friendship, integration and the interchange of languages through social evenings, events, cultural activities and outings.

Novelda - Mondays 5 pm to 6pm IES La Mola, calle Benito Galdós 1, Novelda If you have one hour one day per week to spare and would like to practice or improve your language skills and are willing to help the students to improve theirs

We also do voluntary language Practice in The Official School of Languages in Elda and Novelda. At the moment we have social evenings in both Aspe and la Romana and we are hoping to develop new groups in Pinoso and Elche very soon. So come along and enjoy the chat and meet new people!

Please contact

Our Facebook Page: Spanish International Alicante

Comments by participants in the exchange:

La Romana - Thursdays, 9 pm to 11 pm Bar Victor, Calle Mayor,.La Romana Contact Ann Marie Aspe - Tuesdays, 8 pm to 10 pm RyR Bar, Avenida Juan Carlos Primero, Aspe Contact Eva Sax - Mondays 10 pm to 11.30 pm Sala Polivalente (next to Sax Library, staircase to the right of the indoor market)


Conversation exchange with students of the EOI (Escuela Oficial de Idiomas) Elda - Wednesdays 5 pm to 6 pm EOI Elda (Escuela Oficial de Idiomas), Calle Pico Veleta (next to the San Crispin park, near Elda hospital) Contact Elspeth

“Without any doubt, Conversation Exchange has been one of the best things we have done to actually become, and feel truly part of Spain. The sheer fun of learning more about day to day life here and a real insight into the culture is invaluable. It is so true that it is better to give than receive - but you cannot give in this Exchange without receiving back many times over the time and help you give to the students. Greatest of all, however, has been the lasting genuine friendships that we now have. Vive espana! Viva Escuela Oficial De Idiomas!”

John and Maggie Chocqueel-Mangan

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Going Out

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“T de Tapas” Just before the Repsol Garage

Pinoso Tel: 628 824 587

All-day Breakfasts Full English or Irish Every day from 9am Delicious Daily Specials Or choose from our extensive menu Saturday November 2nd Moroccan Theme Night Selection of authentic Moroccan food and delicacies

10.00€ per person 34


Fish & Chips 5.00-9.00pm Freshly cooked beer battered cod Booking Advisable Wednesday Happy Hour! 6.30-8.30pm Pint San Miguel 1.50€ Shorts with free mixer Special menu on request at the bar Friday Steak Night Juicy, tender fillet or Sirloin & all the trimmings Booking Essential Sunday Carvery 1.30-4pm from 7.95€

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Pudding Recipe

Vanilla Fruity Strudel Active time: 40 mins


»» 350g/12oz ripe pl

ums, halved, destone


d and

»» 4 ripe nectarines

, halved, destoned an

»» 65g/1½ oz multig

rain hoops cereal, su

d sliced


ch as

»» 1 medium orange

, juice only

»» 1 vanilla pod, ha

lved and seeds scrape

»» 1 tbsp brown su


d out

»» 175g/6oz filo pa


»» light olive oil spra


»» 1½ tbsp flaked alm


»» icing sugar for du


Preparation 6. gas mark 200C/400F/Gas ctarines, x together the plums, ne

»» Pre -heat the oven to »» In a large bowl mi

r. Set to

la seeds and brown suga

cereal, orange juice, vanil one side.

. a clean tea towel or cloth /4in into a htly overlapping by 10cm

»» Cover the table with »» Lay out the filo slig

n border. pastry leaving a 2.5cm/1i the strudel th to help you. Transfer »» Roll up using the clo th tick baking tray lined wi onto the centre of a non-s shape into a crescent. baking parchment and ht olive oil udel with a little more lig »» Lightly spray the str for approx onds. Bake in the oven and scatter over the alm and golden. 35/40 minutes until crisp r and serve warm. »» Dust with icing suga 36

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cut out and keep

oil. ly spray with light olive 30cm/12in square. Light er the filo cereal mixture evenly ov »» Scatter the fruit and

Costa Blanca

Function room for up to 60 covers

  

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T!” A H T g in t a e t o n “I’m – or: The dilemma with my kids diet

All parents and grandparents love to see the kids happy and healthy. Unfortunately, when it comes to food, there is often a huge discrepancy between what makes your kid happy and what keeps it healthy. Feeding children is often fraught with emotion, and kitchen table situations have the potential to ruin evenings and weekends. I’m sure you, too, found yourself not only concerned but rather disappointed having prepared, what you believed to be, a nice meal,only for it to be pushed away with the comment: “I won’t eat THAT!” A recent study shows that of more than 6,000 kids and teens, about a third of vegetable consumption was fried potatoes (potato chips, french fries, etc.), and a little more than a third of the fruit consumption was in the form of juice. It seems that for kids vibrant colours are great for t-shirts, butnot so ‘cool’ on the dinner plate! It is very unsettling to see that powerful food for your child’s mental and physical development is being refused, most of the time without even trying it. One thing is clear, the earlier you start getting your child interested in food the better. Once you have teenagers at the kitchen table it’s getting very difficult. What can we do?

A great way of hiding fresh fruit are smoothies. They look great, kids usually like the texture, and you fill their bodies with vitamins and minerals without them knowing. Smoothies are very versatile. Just throw in what you have and try out a few combinations. Make up cute names. If your children are young, giving food different names is worth a try. I have a friend who started calling Brussels sprouts “Harry’s power food” (Harry Potter, that is).Her kids couldn’t get enough of them. It depends on the child which names work. Fairy-tale names, words from cartoons, or the favourite action hero story, whatever works for your kid. Great idea! Patience and persistence Don’t expect immediate results.Changing your child’s attitude towards food can be an ongoing journey and you may need to present a particular vegetable/dish a number of times before they are brave enough to try it. Familiarity is often key, it is widely reported that, if a child initially rejects a particular food, it normally takes at least ten times for it to become accepted. Make a meal of it

Get them involved. Browse through recipes togetherand let them contribute ideas to a weekly meal plan. Pick dishes that contain food that kids and teens usually like (chocolate, pasta, bananas, etc.). You could also try taking them shopping to a market or supermarket and letting them select a fruit or vegetable they want to try. Let them pick out the fruit and vegetables, smell the produce and admire the colors. Hide it! If you’ve got a serious veg-dodger on your hands then there are plenty of sneaky ways of getting the good stuff into them. Dishes likeapasta salad or home-made pizza without cheese but loads of toppingscan soon start racking up their five-a-day.


Finishing a meal with a nice (but healthy) dessert is a great way of adding extra nutrients and giving a reward, too.Chocolate mousse made with lowfat ricotta and melted dark chocolate, for example, or a carrot cake could get you into your offspring’s ‘good book’.

This is a point so often forgotten and underestimated. Sit down at the table and eat together as a family – and not in front of the television! Making it a relaxing experience can work wonders. Watching parents and siblings get stuck in can also be agreat incentive for younger children to follow suit. Make at least one meal a day a family-meal. Your kids will soon associate food with family time, instead of something you shuffle into your mouth whilst watching the latest soap opera. This is a topic very close to my heart as it is about giving the next generation a good, healthy, long life. Please feel free tocontact me and share with me your experiences and ideas. Until next time,

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The Cooking Fairy

Costa Blanca

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Clear blue skies greeted the competitors in the SAMM Annual Charity Race. The Commodore’s charity for 2013 supports HAH ( Help at Home) and featured seven boats with 17 helms and crews ready for a round the island race. Two dinghies, Laser 2000’s soon showed a clean pair of heels and maintained that lead to the finish, Tug Wilson and Pete Cadwell in the lead boat with Jack Moss and Ingo Wilson in their wake. There was much competition on the water as the Catamaran helmed by John Clarke with a crew of three made up of Graham Warrad, Richard Hext and Bob Blinkhorn, was determined to hold off the challenge from the two Deltanias, one helmed by John Wallace with Pete Ewers and Clive Wilkinson crewing and the second of the class helmed by Danny Scott and Bob Cranston. Meanwhile the remaining boats of the same class, a couple of sailfish were engaged in their own duel. Bob Miles helming Sorocco with his crew Carol Sibson having their own race with Mistral, helmed by the Commodore Janice Penning and crewed by Ed Penning. The winds speeds favoured the smaller boats but in spite of the efforts of the Laser crews when the handicaps were applied Bob Miles and Carol Sibson won the cruiser trophy and the overall winner with Tug Wilson and Pete Cadwell taking the prize for winning dinghy and second overall. With sponsorship still coming in it is anticipated that the day raised in excess of 1200€. SAMM supports all types of sailing and has also acquired its first motor boat. Information on all the groups is available on the web


( La Romana Amateur Theatre Society) Our next production will be on Friday and Saturday 18th and 19th October 2013. Starting at 20:00 hours. A fabulous and very funny farce, Deborah’s Party by Geoff Bamber. Tickets will be available soon from the usual outlets in La Romana: Malvina Book Shop; The Market Tavern and Charity Shop. As always, a fun evening out for only 5 Euros. Raffle and refreshments will also be available with proceeds going to our local community. Thank you again for all your support by attending our previous productions. We look forward to seeing you next month. 40

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Costa Blanca

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The Fun Pages Sudoku




Clues Across 1 State — country (7) 8 About to happen (2,5) 9 Inspire with love (7) 10 Arabist (anag) (7) 11 Body language indicating indifference or resignation (5) 13 Southeast Asian country, independent since 2002, capital Dili (4,5) 15 Greek equivalent of Roman Venus (9) 18 Thorax (5) 21 Proverbially clingy marine gastropods (7) 22 Virgin Mary (3,4) 23 Slender songbird — a law git (anag) (7) 24 American-born British sculptor, d. 1959 (7)

3 2 Transmitting now! (2,3) 3 American world heavyweight champion boxer (and grill promoter), b. 1949 (6,7) 4 Commercial passenger plane (6) 5 Sense of unity (6,2,5) 6 Australian marsupial with dense fur and a long tail (6) 7 Patch up (6) 12 Assist (4) 14 Likelihood (4) 15 Tolerates (6) 16 Respectful deference (6) 17 Part of a shoe or boot (6) 19 Lift (5) 20 Attempt at deception (3-2))

Down 1 Narrow mountain valleys (5)


Sudoku Solutions

1 42

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Costa Blanca


Find and circle all of the words that are hidden in the grid.

Accosted Advises Arise Avenue Beard Berets Bides Canaries Ceased Conceal Convicts Displace Easies Erupts Extend

Fastened Givens Glower Heavies Inquests Knits Latest Lives Lulls Onion Onsets Pangs Pounce Raffle Sandy

Scalp Seats Shown Sized Skein Skillets Solemnly Squirt Tanks Tinny Toyed Vowed Wildcats Yields

Reverse Wordsearch Each of these circled letters is the first letter of one or more of the words on the given word list. Your task is to fill in the grid completely using only the given words. No word will repeat itself, though remember, any starting letter may be used by more than one word at the same time! Words can be positioned the same as in a regular word search

Apart Arable Arise Badness Bills Bossier Cache Cones Coral Crunchy Disaster Dished Dolls Elope Epsilon Establishments Expediency Fence Feuded

Fever Tiffs Fiery Wreaks Yawns Foremost Hamlets Haystack Indiscriminate Mauve Messy Mikes Penthouse Perforations Pries Propels Refine Retards Scuffled Skinny Spruces Succinct Tends E-mail: • Web site:


TIM Magazine™ Hope he doesn’t mind me saying this, Steve enjoys life…. (Indian restaurants, kebabs, beer, English breakfasts etc )…..but he wanted to fly so lost nearly 20kg in seven weeks! Incredible!!

By Chris Pickles, Sol-aero flyers Nights are closing in, we’ve had the first of the rains, and flying days are fewer. Great summer though, with three students achieving their licences. The three fledgling pilots span the generations….Jimmy Dicker 17, Steve Mclean at fifty-something, and Derek Holley at 71! I’ve particularly enjoyed teaching these guys and admire them all for different reasons. I’ve just hit 50 so, myself, Steve, and Derek know how bloody irritating it is when new skills that take us weeks of practice are mastered in three minutes by young whippersnappers like Jimmy!! His first flight at 16 was a gift from parents Gary and Nicole. He was a natural, and fancied the idea of upstaging his mates at 17 by producing a pilot licence when they proudly displayed their newly earned driving licences….. excellent plan!! Gary and Nicole, happy that he had a purpose, provided the finance. So, two months after his 17th birthday having scraped through his written exams, completed his training and 10 solo hours, Jimmy attained his PPL! He’s now studying harder at school wanting to fly commercially.

Buy some new shirts though mate… look worryingly like a choirboy Derek was told he was ‘too old to learn to fly or I’ll eat my hat’ by some Trilby-tasting person…game on! It has taken a while, over two years to be exact. His hours have been sporadic, and he’s found the ground study tough…why? Poor health coupled with ailing mental agility perhaps? Erm……no! He’s away more often than Alan Wicker!!! We eventually had him sewn into the plane to keep him here! In two years he’s been on safari in Africa, horse riding in Mongolia, touring the Andes, exploring Antarctica, something in Turkey, Ice hotels in Sweden….these are just the places I remember! He also runs a U.K company in his spare time!! He got his wings on September 19th, just before he whisks girlfriend Linda to the Galapagos islands (Bring me a tortoise….apparently they taste divine!). The examiner commented how well he flies. I may have shown him how to fly, but he’s shown me how to live! And he’s become part of the place…….we’re gonna miss him!

Derek…sewn in! Jimmy….Clever Dick(er)!

Steve has always been interested in flying and saw my advert. The course became a labour of love for a year, learning with a methodical ‘don’t rush, do it properly’ approach. He stuck his head in the books achieving good results in the written exams, and passed his flight test on September 12th as an above average pilot. The next day he bought a share in an aircraft…..way to go!!!

For me, it’s nice to make a difference to people’s lives. Congratulations all….fly safely, keep learning, and for the final time…. AIRSPEED WITH ELEVATOR – HEIGHT WITH POWER!!! Until next time, Chocks away! For more information see our main advert or call 609 685 132/966 195 508 (Chris/Jan)

Steve (right) with examiner


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Costa Blanca

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August 24th - September 23rd

Aries Teaming up with a partner will lighten your load. As a general rule, you’re independent. You hate having to confer with someone before acting on an idea. In this case, you will benefit from a sounding board. A friend will stop you making a hasty decision that will undermine your financial security. If you’re enjoying a romance, it may be time to make a serious commitment to your amour. The two of you balance each other’s weaknesses and enhance your respective strengths.

Leo As far as you’re concerned, life is just one big buffet table. You’re eager to try a sample of every dish, rather committing yourself to a single offering. Friends will roll their eyes and call you fickle, but they’re secretly jealous of your adventurous approach. Normally, you stick to what is comforting and familiar. Lately, these luxuries have lost their lustre. You’re ready to try something new. Don’t be surprised when you discover an affinity for a cuisine or nearby city that once seemed abhorrent.

Sagittarius Doing your own thing should be your first priority. You’ve always been a bit of a rebel and this instinct will be especially powerful now. Authority figures will despair of getting you to toe the line. Fortunately, it’s impossible to be angry with you for very long. That’s because you always manage to make people see the amusing side of things. As far as you’re concerned, life is too short to get mired down in pointless rules and regulations.


Taurus Be discriminating about the choices you make, for you’ll have to live with them for a long time. It’s better to hold off on a major purchase than buy something of inferior quality. If there’s a waiting list for a particular item or property, put your name down and hope for the best. A well connected colleague could put your application at the top of the pile, thereby reducing your wait time by a considerable amount. You’ll get by with a little help from your friends.




You turn heads wherever you go and the attention is gratifying. You’re tired of deferring to a demanding relative whose aches and pains command the lion’s share of attention. Fortunately, you’ve caught the attention of a sophisticated artist who admires your wit and intellect. Together, you can create work of tremendous beauty. Don’t be afraid to sprinkle a liberal dose of humour on this project. People want to be amused and diverted. Trust your instincts and give the public what it wants.

Devoting your attention to domestic concerns proves fulfilling. You enjoy shopping for artwork, furnishings and appliances. If you’re thinking of moving, this would be a good time to do so. After a protracted search, you’ll find the ideal abode for you and your family. A charming relative could poke their nose where it doesn’t belong. Be ready to set a boundary, even at the risk of seeming stuffy. There are some matters you just aren’t willing to discuss.



Obey an impulse to treat yourself to some additional luxuries. Usually, you work to satisfy others. Now you have a chance to satisfy your own desires. Whether this means buying a beautiful piece of jewellery or splurging on a smartphone is immaterial. The important thing is to cater to your heart’s desire. If you’re overdue for a raise, ask for one. Your boss knows you are exceptionally talented and will go to extraordinary lengths to keep you in the fold.

After a long period of preparation, you’re ready to put a plan into action. People will be startled to see you move with such determination, but that’s because they don’t realise how focused you can be. Normally, it takes you a long time to figure out what you want. Once you realise the best course of action, you’ll pursue it with remarkable speed. Your energy and enthusiasm is infectious. If you need help, ask for it. Friends, relatives and neighbours will be happy to oblige.



You’ll be put in charge of an important project. You’re proud of this appointment. Very few people would be capable of handling the responsibilities involved with this project. You’re the exception to the rule. Not only will you be able to set a reasonable timetable, but you’ll also know which chores to assign to each member of the team. You’d never let personal feeling get in the way of doing a good job. You’ll give the hardest jobs to the most talented people, regardless of pre-existing friendships.

You’re ready to take a bold financial or romantic risk. As far as you’re concerned, it’s much better to embark on an unfamiliar path than carry out the same routine. If you’ve been longing to take a trip, do some research into plane tickets and hotel fares. You could discover a wonderful travel package that will allow you to visit an exotic country at very little expense. Fortunately, your employer will be willing to grant additional time off. Try to give as much advance notice as possible.

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You’re eager for an escape. Lately, it feels like everyone has been tugging at your sleeve, demanding favours and help. Although you enjoy being of service, it does get tiresome. Heading off for some secluded location will allow you to recharge your batteries. Don’t bother to leave a forwarding number. If an emergency arises while you’re away, you can deal with it upon your return. These days, people put too much emphasis on staying in constant contact. It’s really unnecessary.

Pisces You’re determined to fulfil your goals, even if it means putting yourself on a strict budget. Putting money aside for a trip or tuition will seem like a small sacrifice. It may be necessary to take a second job as a means to finance your plan. Opportunities related to property, art and the law are worth pursuing. The important thing is to find a pleasant place of employment that doesn’t feel odious or oppressive. You’re too sensitive to thrive in a nest of vipers.

Costa Blanca

Ser2Main is a local Spanish company based in Pinoso established in 2012 by Israel and JosĂŠ to help the local community source tradesmen, materials, products and services. Our primary focus is the design, manufacture and installation of high quality kitchens, fitted wardrobes, personal studies and bespoke furniture. Our customers use us because we consistently deliver the highest level of guaranteed workmanship and our obsession with detail makes us work meticulously to achieve a perfect finish. With our eco-objectives, we want to use products that are energy efficient and sustainable. In this respect we believe in the use of Pellet Stoves, which are a clean burning, costefficient form of heating using a by-product of the forestry industry and therefore a renewable resource. We also want to promote the use of LED Lighting as it is more cost effective for use in the home or business. Additionally we have a team of local experienced tradesmen, who offer a range of services including carpentry and joinery, plumbing, electrical work, plastering, tiling, brickwork, guttering, roofing, painting and decorating, fencing, gardening and cleaning. Whatever our customers needs, we try to deliver.

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T.I.M. Magazine™ Over the years I’ve lost count of the conversations I’ve had with people bemoaning the delays in having their house restored, but Sofia Alonzo and Toni Serrano have a golden rule that served them well when they were having a ruin converted to a casa rural in Guadalest – be nice to the builders. It’s how they turned an enormous project around in three months.

“We didn’t have the money for an interior designer,” says Toni, “but fortunately Sophia knew exactly what she wanted and where each piece would go. We wanted somewhere where people could feel at home, without worrying about it if they broke anything, so we kept it simple in that respect, using things from Sophia’s grandparents and great-grandparents as decoration.”

Toni had spent fifteen years working in a hotel in Benidorm and six in a travel agency; Sophia, Guadalest born-and-bred, worked in the family bar, Bar Guadalest. Between them they had a pretty good idea about how to run a small hotel.

While Toni was keeping an eye on the restoration, Sophia went on a furnishing shopping spree, buying beds, chairs, tables, chests of drawers and sofas – without the rooms even being finished. “We had so little time we couldn’t just wait until all the work was done and check measurements, and because some of the furnishings had to be specially ordered with quite long delivery dates we had to just trust to luck that everything turned out as we planned.” And it did, bang on schedule.

“We’d been looking for somewhere for about five years,” continues Sophia, “as much as anything because we hardly ever got to see each other and we wanted to do something together. This house had been empty for years but for some reason we’d never looked at it. One day my mum suggested she and I had a look at it, and I fell in love with it immediately. It was in a ruinous state, but I could see the possibilities.

Cases Noves actually does feel like your own home – or more likely one you’d like to have. The decorative scheme is ‘elegantly rustic’; rich, dark woods contrasting with fabrics of browns, creams and beige; deep, soft sofas ideal for settling in to. There are as many salons as there are bedrooms, so you almost never need to cross paths with anyone else staying there. The TV room has a large selection of films on DVD, the music room has an even larger selection of CDs (which you can also take up to your room because each one has a DVD player and flat screen TV), if you just want to put your feet up and read a book you can do that in front of the fireplace, and if you want to check your email or plan something for the next day you can do it at the computer provided for guests (although it’s just as easy to ask the encyclopaedic Toni and Sophia about what’s going on). At any time day or night you can help yourself to complimentary tea, coffee and infusions, and an ‘honesty bar’ added a couple of years ago, (and not found in many Spanish hotels) has been a major success. Sophia provides a large breakfast, including home-made cakes and jams, varying slightly each day so you never get bored. Her dinner menu changes constantly, so even if you stay there a whole week you will never eat the same meal twice. And the contrast between the tourist hectic Guadalest during the day and the silent Guadalest at night is a total surprise.

The name Cases Noves, Valenciano for ‘new houses’, comes from the fact that when the house was built in 1932 it was one of the first houses built outside the historical old town of Guadalest. The small group of houses was always referred to by that name, even after almost a century, so Toni and Sophia decided to stick with it as the name for their casa rural.


“People think of Guadalest as just a tourist village,” says Toni, “and of course it is, but we always suggest to visitors that they take a stroll in the evening, to see just how different it is.” And he’s right. When I take a walk in the old town just before turning in, there are just me, three cats and a fat sapo (a big frog) in the mutely-lit street. (Sophia tells me that she always tells her visitors to say hello to the sapo for her, because he’s always there, on the steps up to the

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Costa Blanca tunnel into the old town.) Sophia is continuing the family history of providing a service to visitors that goes back four generations. Before the Bar Guardalest became established as a cafeteria her great-grandmother ran it as a fonda, a wayside inn that catered for travellers from the coast on their way to Alcoy on foot, on mule or in horse-drawn carriages. After the first British tourist ‘discovered’ Guadalest, when he puttered his way up the mountain in a Seat 600 in the 1970s, Sophia’s grandfather established a small kiosk in the village square selling orange juice and sangria, while her grandmother hand-crocheted doilies and mañanitas, the shawl women wore over their shoulders to protect them from the chill of a mountain morning. And far from the hilltop town just being a day-trip out for the British holidaymaker on the coast, Guadalest has gone international. “It’s quite amazing where our guests have come from,” says Toni. “Last week we had a couple from Hong Kong, but we’ve also had people from Australia, Canada, Argentina, New Zealand, Israel, South Africa, the United States, and every European country apart from Iceland.” “And we’ve met some very, very interesting people,” adds Sophia, “and quite a few of them we consider as friends.” “Running a casa rural is not a hobby,” Toni says. “You work from sunup to sundown and beyond. You need to be there when the client wants you, and when they are partying you are still working. But it’s our life and we wouldn’t change it. I think it’s the best business we could have chosen, and certainly this is the best location for us.” Cases Noves, Calle Achova, Nº2, Guadalest. Tel. 96 611 20 64/676 010 171; email

You can learn more about Guadalest in Inland Trips from the Costa Blanca, a series of five ebooks, each of four excursions, that cover the whole of the Valencian region. For further information and immediate download from, visit spainuncovered. net.

Competition - WIN a FREE nights stay Cases Noves are offering two lucky readers of T I M the opportunity to spend a night at Cases Noves (with breakfast included). (If you would like to spend a night at Cases Noves in the gorgeous Guadalest, simply tell us the names of the owners? ) The date of the stay is with the agreement of the owners and must be taken before 28 de February, 2014. The prize is valid from Sunday to Friday. Saturday night can only be booked as part of a two-night stay, but the prize can be included as one of the nights. Excludes all main holidays, puentes and festivos. Answer the question above and fill in your details, cut out the coupon and send to T.I.M. Apartado de Correos 285 • 03630 SAX (Alicante)

Answer.............................................Name.................................................... Email Address............................................................................................................... Address............................................................................................. Your Contact Tel number............................................................................................... Closing Date for entries is the18th of the month TIM’s decision is final

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Putting all the blocks in place and providing you with the complete solution for all your building needs including permissions, construction, electrical installations, pools, carpentry and decorating. FREE ESTIMATES, HELP & ADVICE email us: or phone: 658 605 366 or 625 541 807 E-mail: • Web site:


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HONDON VALLEY GOLF SOCIETY RECORD TURNOUT FOR CAPTAIN’S DAY AT ALICANTE GOLF An all time record turnout of 52 players assembled at Alicante Golf to support HVGS Captain Graham Palmer on his special day. Local businesses had kindly sponsored many of the prizes on offer. Alicante Golf, Marife Hernandez in particular, played a vital part in ensuring the day ran smoothly; all the holes were correctly marked and the buggies individually marked with the player’s names and tee times.

Winners HVGS Stableford – Font Del Llop Golf Resort Tuesday 13th August 2013

Four previous Captains led the field competing for the inaugural Bob Watson Memorial Trophy which, thanks to Lin Watson’s approval, will be contested annually by the ex-Captains of the Society. 12 fourballs followed in their wake and found the course in wonderful condition. The sun was beating down out of a cloudless sky as one team lost their Yellow Ball with their first shot off the first tee! In the event, only two teams managed to get their Yellow Ball round the 18 holes. Scores were modest on this narrow course with few golfers breaking 30 points. The full list of Prizes, Sponsors and Winners is detailed in the Winners List printed below. After the round, members were spread around inside in the bar and outside on the terrace awaiting the Presentation of Prizes. The scorecards and annexes to the scorecards took a while to check and involved 4 members of the committee. Finally everything was ready for Captain Graham to call on the members to congregate outside. He thanked the players for a magnificent turnout, the generous sponsorship of local businesses and Alicante Golf for their excellent organisation and administration. He also thanked the HVGS Committee for their part in producing a day to remember.




Ken Knight

Overall Winner


12 30 Gold Winner Sponsor: Albert Hnos Hondon de los Frailes 14 28 Gold Runner Up

€20 voucher & Red Wine

19 33 Silver Winner Sponsor: Albert Hnos Hondon de los Frailes 19 30 Silver Runner Up

€20 voucher & Red Wine

24 33C/B Bronze Winner Sponsor: Albert Hnos Hondon de los Frailes 22 33 Bronze Runner Up

€20 voucher & Red Wine

10 34 Best Guest Sponsor: Pinoso Villas Hole 3 Nearest the Pin Sponsor: Aulsberry Catering Services Hole 6 Nearest the Pin Sponsor: The Manor House Paradon Hole 8 Nearest the Pin Sponsor: Get IT Connected Pinoso Hole 12 Nearest the Pin Sponsor: Centro de Bienestar, Frailes Hole 15 Nearest the Pin Sponsor: La Buena Vida, Frailes Hole 17 Nearest the Pin Sponsor: Viverhondon, Viveros Garden Centre Longest Drive Gold Longest Drive Gold Sponsor: Villas in Hondon Longest Drive Silver Longest Drive Silver Sponsor: Restaurante Corazon, Rojales & Manny N Longest Drive Bronze Longest Drive Bronze Longest Drive Guest Longest Drive Guest Sponsor: Stratus International 10 34 Nearest Capt’s Drive

6 Bottles Crianza Red


Arriving at 08.30 am, the members enjoyed a continental breakfast ‘on the house’ whilst reading the aide memoire outlining the rules of the many competitions running within the main Stableford competition and itemising the host of prizes up for grabs on the day. The popular Yellow Peril was back along with the Best Pair, Longest Drives in all 3 categories and a Lost Ball Sweepstake.




Trophy, Red Wine, Cava

5 ltr Box Crianza Red

5 ltr Box Crianza Red

5 ltr Box Crianza Red

6 Bottles Crianza Red Sunday Lunch for 2,Cava Comp/Ser+Stick, Cava €20 Voucher, Cava Meal Voucher €20 Voucher, Cava 6 Bottles Crianza Red Meal for Two, Cava

6 Bottles Crianza Red Bottle of Brandy

19 28 16 28

Green Fee & Buggy Green Fee & Buggy

19 33 13 28

Case of San Miguel Beer Case of San Miguel Beer Case of Beer & Golf Cap Case of Beer & Golf Cap Case of Beer & Golf Cap Case of Beer & Golf Cap


18 23 Yellow Ball Team 10 34 Yellow Ball Team 19 28 Yellow Ball Team Yellow Ball Team Total team points 113 points Sponsor: Mick the Grip Best Scorecard Best Dressed 171 Balls Lost Ball Sweepstake 168 Balls Lost Ball S’stake R/U Actual balls lost 172 balls Blackpool Football Scratchcard 1 Wigan Athletic Football Scratchcard 2


Green Fee Refund




Best Pair Best Pair Sponsor: Alicante Golf Best Pair Runners Up Best Pair Runners Up • Web site:

Bottle of Bacardi Bottle of Scotch Cash Cash €20.00 €20.00

To advertise with TIM call 606 891 644 NOW!

Forthcoming HVGS Golf Days and Other Events Tuesday 8th October Alenda Golf: Meet in the Clubhouse at 09.15 am Tuesday 12th November Bonalba Golf: Meet in the Clubhouse at 09.45 am Monday 18th November Bar Pepin: Annual General Meeting 6.00 pm Friday 6th December Venue tbc: Presentation Dinner Dance 7.30 pm

Tuesday 14th January Alicante Golf: Meet in the Clubhouse at 09.15 am

For information on how to join HVGS contact the Secretary, David Fellows, on 965978104 and 649552730 or email: . To reserve your place on the list for the Society Golf Days contact the Captain, Graham Palmer, on 966 180 612 and 689 296 694 or e-mail him at :

Captain’s Day

Tuesday 10th December Font Del Llop: Meet in the Clubhouse at 09.15 am

CAMPO GOLF SOCIETY Golf Golf Society Font Del Llop 23rd August 2013 This is the first time info we have played this course and we were made very welcome, and the course was in very nice condition, the slopes in and around the whole course make it hard to work out the right way to play the holes. If you have not played Font Del Llop before. I think in time you did, as this could become a really good course. The weather as always was not only good but very hot. The winners on the day. Gold winner was Koos Beck with 25 points Silver winner was Barry Gannaway with 29 points N / P on the 3rd Jan Hendriks N / Put the 8th Chris Mangham N / P on the 12th Barry Gannaway N / P on the 17th Gordon Winning Guest was Frank 20th September meeting Alenda Fri 1st tee 10.32 1st meeting October 25th tee 11.0amFri Altorreal Alenda Meeting Thursday 21st November 1st tee 9.36 December To Follow with our Christmas Dinner Thank you to all the members and i look forward to the next meeting If you need to contact me or wish to join new members ring the Following Numbers 966 677 852 or 618 834 774 Brian E-mail: • Web site:


TIM Magazine™

Win a Pleasure Flight Courtesy of Sol Aero Simplyanswer the question below and fill in your details, cut out the coupon and send to T.I.M. Apartado de Correos 285 • 03630 SAX (Alicante) Question: How many students achieved their licenses with us this summer? HINT: Read our article on page 46 Answer.................................................................................. Name..................................................................................... Email Address......................................................................... Address.......................................................................... ....................................................................................... Your Contact Tel number.......................................................... Closing Date for entries is the18th of the month TIM’s decision is final Weight and height restrictions apply. 54

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Costa Blanca


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FIREWOOD 658 626 315 With every delivery FREE kindling chimney clean as required . Fruit tree, Olive and Almond wood cut to size of wood burner

56 • Web site:

To advertise with TIM call 606 891 644 NOW!

Spain Tel: 0034 661 156 278 UK: 0044 7701 013 276


TEL 659401945 or 677 804 691

Adverts for 50€ for 6mths. See our website for details E-mail: • Web site:


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CLASSIFIEDS BARGAINADS@YAHOO.ES Sell it Fast Sell it For FREE! You can place your unwanted items in our Classifieds section FREE of charge up to the value of 500 euros. Simply text your unwanted items too 680 976 823 or email them to remember, no more than 25 words per item and no more than 3 items per household, and please always include what area you live in, we do not take FREE classifieds over the phone. Last day for Free ads is the 18th of the month

If you have an item for sale over 500 euros or if you have a commercial advert and would like them listed in the Classifieds section of the magazine, then call 606 891 644. Closing date for Classifieds in the magazine is the 19th of the month.

Send your small ads for print to BARGAINADS@YAHOO.ES

Advertise Your Classifieds For FREE No Value Restrictions. Sell anything fast at classifieds, its totally FREE. Sell you House/car/boat or what you have at

When sending through your items by email, please only send in normal size text.

GENERAL WALKING FRAME AS NEW Lightweight, folding, 2 wheels Little used cost 75 euros will accept 45 euros Pinoso area Telephone 96 597 8591 Navigator inflatable, 2.35m two man, never used 250euros, Bearing compass never used 45 euros ,Chest high waders size 9 20 euros Also 2.75mx2m caravan porch awning Leisurwise 100euros Mar Menor area 647 037 495 Large amount of stone boulders all sizes 175 euros,other flat stone and slabs for sale Offers Crevillent 966 682 185 Pallet forks to fit on tractor 300 euros, also auger Banyeres Tel 622 381 314 Green 6 seater corner sofa 150euros. Selection of childrens toys nearly new, used Bedguard eleven varying prices. 965 369 673/611 100 863. Drop leaf table and 4 wooden folding chairs 30e, 15e glass oblong coffee table, fold up single bed 30 euros Urb La Marina 634 313 492 Sony stack system, bought 20 years ago, hardly used,like new,double tape deck, record player,radio, includes two 58

wharfdale speakers and teak cabinet w/glass doors cost 800 pounds when new, will accept reasonable offer Sax 667 757 843 Pair of Ford lockable roof bars to fit Ford C-Max (2008 model) In very good condition. 30 euros. Tele: 968 732 065. (Calasparra area) Acer Aspire One 532h 2ds netbook, very little used, comes with mini detachable mouse, carry case, charger and box and all instructions. 130 euros ono also Doymos cross trainer 50 euros ono can deliver at buyers cost, works fine but needs a clean Tel 606 891 644 Sax For Sale. Secondhand Bric-abrac, four banana boxes full of: mobile telephones, various charge-up wires, books, CD’s, Videos, kitchen utensils, electric connectors, and more, .... 50 Euros the lot! Tel 661 856 778 racer area. PORTABLE GAS HEATER + 2 GAS BOTTLES EMPTY ORANGE 50 euros. Phone number 965 482 144. HONDON. For Sale : DVD Home Cinema September , Panasonic SC ht75 Including new DVD ‘ s, asking price Euro 150, also For Sale, Blaupunkt TomTom, asking price Euro 25, - 628 029 279 Aspe

2 Small portable oil filled radiators. Excellent condition. € 18 also Large Vari-Kennel Airline approved pet transporter. L 36 “W 24” H 26 “Suit Spaniel / Terrier type dog. Good condition € 20, also Pine bookshelves - 4 shelves vgc € 12 Tel: 628 662 421 (Ibi)

Small kettle used 3 / 4 times, 8 litre, 8 euros ono Sax 667 757 843

Quad wheels and tires x4 AT20X11-9. All good condition. 200euro Two pine effect bedside tables 40euro Ring 680 188 257

Wood and glass display cabinet large room going cheap Fit Aiwa music center needs some good speakers attencion10euros 2 dehumidifiers 20 euros each Gas bottle heater needs 10 euros Ladies bike good condition 20 euros 965 480 098 Hondon

Good quality wooden furniture . Two single beds, one double bed and one ‘sleigh’ type double bed, all complete with mattress. Also a selection of chairs and tables. Prices negotiable. Tel: 690 108 907 Hondon de las Nieves. PEUGEOT 206 [2004] HALFORDS WIPER BLADES, BRAND NEW, BOXED, 10 €. RIGID GALVANISED CHIMNEY LINERS [unused] 1 METRE x 300mm € 10 and 1 METRE x 250mm € 7 653 200 682 PINOSO. Half set of Lady Derby R / H Golf Clubs 5,7,9, + s / w + wood and putter with bag. 150 Euros also Electric lawnmower - Bosch rotak 32 vgc 50 Euros also Sturdy, wooden framed hammock 150 Euros Ibi TEL: 661 312 768 WWW.TIMSPAIN.COM

E-mail: • Web site:

De-Luxe Genuine Mothercare Baby Walker, as new, used adjustable only. Fully eleven o’clock, with attached toys.30 euros. Fortuna 968 696 190.

Mattress, double 135 x 190, clean has always been covered 50 euros ono Sax 667 757 843 well over 250 books, mixed soft/hardback, good selection of authors all in good condition. Ideal for either car booter/ auctions or just to read over the winter and sell on when finished. Buyer collects. less than 20c a book! Villena. Tel. 602 505 469 3 + 2 Seater sofas, fabric, classic style , colour gold / terracota/ duck egg blue very good condition, Pinoso area , tel 696 270 359 , 300 euros ono. Place your classified listing here, just email bargainads@yahoo. es or text 680 976 823


SERVICES REMOVALS-DELIVERY AND PICK UP SERVICE. Large van and competitive prices. Call 658 626 315 Weed Spraying Service For driveways,paths & car parks etc. Prices start from 20E Tel No: 675 874 665/691 260 502 PREMIER PLASTERING ALL ASPECTS OF PLASTERING SPECIALISING IN DAMP PROOF TREATMENTS *Mono capa *Skimming *Rendering *Tiling All building works undertaken Call: 636 573 791

Large van leaving Spain to the UK and UK to Spain every month. space available both ways, very reliable Tel or 690 818 090, UK mob: 07504 927034 email:

CRAFTSMEN & DESIGN SERVICES 35 yrs unique skill base all work licensed and guarenteed specialising in * plastering internal/ external wall covering *stone masonry / brick & block work *plumbing, painting& decorating *mini digger for hire, mini excavations, gravelling driveways etc Free estimates help & advise Tel :966180636 or 620543155 e mail: craftsmendesign@


125 cc Scooter Blue have had a bump on front left, its OK everything works fine VG runner, very reliable, good runaround, UK plates, HENCE price, 250 euros ono contact David on 649 552 730 or davidfellows13@ Sax area


CLUBS ACE Group Rallies We are a group of mainly British expats, but we do welcome and indeed have amongst us, other nationalities, who own either a caravan, motorhome or tent, that organise and hold monthly rallies. If you would like to join us, and meet new friends, all you need to do is come along to a rally, there are no joining or other fees. Forthcoming coming rallies are listed below and if you would like to come along or would like more information please contact us by email: 7th-14th September -Camping Lo Monte, Torre de La Horadada, Spain 4th11th October - Camping Parque Campismo, Fuseta, Portugal. A group of us meet every Thursday at the Sunset Cafe on the n332 in Cabo Roig for rideouts. We are multi-national, and all makes of motorcycle are welcome. for more info contact Rob on mollyandbaileybassett@ Men at munch meet every second Wednesday of each month to coincide with the Fortuna Ladies Luncheon Club. Next meeting at “Alonso” near the Fortuna info centre at 13.30. All welcome,good company,no agenda!

VEHICLES 2nd hand cars bought and sold Tel 691 260 502

WANTED SHOP SHELVING, approx. 20 to 30 meters, would like free standing but anything considered. Must be a bargain. 636 781 019 or leechappell@ Wanted car transporter going to Uk October Tel 633 092 827


Wanted all cage and aviary birds from finches to Parrots, Pinoso Phone 966 966 072 or 633 386 752

INSTANT CASH WAITING Cars Vans M/Bikes Quads etc.

Wanted, Parrots, Conures, Lorries, Pinoso Phone 966 966 072 or 633 386 752



COLLECTION SERVICE Tel Phil (Fortuna) 607 848 332

Wanted to rent for several months. Large plot of land with accommodation water / electric etc. 635 796 255

E-mail: • Web site:

DUPLICATE BRIDGE. We play every Wednesday at 2.30 at Bar La Mata, Avda Switzerland, La Mata. For more info phone 966 715 897 Audrey. Do you have any clubs you would like to advertise? Well why not place them here? From gardening to knitting! Email today!


TIM Magazine™



At PAPAs we are selling off literally hundreds of books. Lots of top titles, good authors, all good condition, many hardbacks. All going at the same price of just 25 cents each. Such a bargain, so come and have a browse and pick some good uns. Just what you want to pass away those winter evenings Find our contact details in our PAPAs advert in the TIM magazine Friday 11th October 10.30 until 2.30

We have a lovely 7 year old black cat, we have to return to England and we need to find her a new home she is nice natured and likes a cuddle. If any kind person can rue home her please ring Jenny on 965 529 793 or 625 754 852

NEW! Zumba Classes in Sax and Villena. Burn calories and have fun with a qualified exercise teacher and licensed zumba instructor. Call Judith for details 603 438 384 Forget the Workout – Join the Party! PARTY YOURSELF INTO SHAPE THIS AUTUMN! Ditch the Workout, Join the Party!! Zumba Fitness Classes with Certified Zumba Instructor in Pinoso, Fortuna, the Hondons for details contact Donna 966 195 876 / 699 408 773 www.zumbaiberia. com

Canaries for sale,Cocks and hens various colours all this year’s birds, 10 eros each Castalla Tel. 672 924 557 For sale or exchange, African Grey Parrot, Budgies, Zebra Finches, Phone Pinoso, 966 966 072 or 633 386 752. For sale or exchange Senegall Parrots Breeding pair of 200 euros. Pinoso Phone 966 966 072 or 633 386 752.


CHARITIES The Community Shop of Hondon de los Frailes. Open every Friday 10.30 until 1.30 pm. All saleable items gratefully received. Proceeds are spent on much needed projects in the village, it is not intended for individuals. Examples are medical equipmement, items for schools and public areas, such as the park and municipal pool. Many thanks for past and future support. More details from Sue Warner on 618 162 598. We are situated in the Post Office building between Restaurante 28 and the Farmacia Do you have a charity event coming up? Do you want to get the word out about your good cause? Then why not email let everyone see what your charity is all about 60

Has your dream place in the sun become a nightmare of shoddy workmanship? Ricochet Television is currently producing a brand new series of Channel 5’s Cowboy Builders and is keen to hear from British Ex-Pats who have fallen victim to rogue builders away from home. We would like to hear from anyone who has lost money on building or renovating a dream new abode or holiday home in Spain as a result of under qualified workmanship. So if you’ve been ripped off by a British or English speaking builder and you want us to expose them and maybe even help to fix your property, then please contact the Cowboy Builders team on Ricochet Television is one of the UK’s leading independent television production companies that produces high quality Factual and Entertainment programmes for broadcast by major networks in the UK and the US . Recent, award-winning shows include Food Unwrapped, Britain’s Empty Homes, Hollywood Me and Cowboy Traders. For more information please visit our website

EMPLOYMENT One of UK leading Care Companies are looking for hard working, compassionate caring people to join our team of carers working in UK on 2/3 weeks on 2/3 weeks of basis. We offer full training program, top rates of pay, 28 days holiday, excellent support team. For consultation call 685406881



The UK hit TV show Cowboy Builders is currently searching for cowboy builders abroad. Have you been ripped off abroad? Has a language barrier cost more than it should have?

fabfincas@gmail. com Website:

E-mail: • Web site:

PROPERTY RENTALS 3 bedroom furnished house to rent, quiet country location, 2 klms from town, 45mins to Alicante / Valencia airports, 60 euros per week, rent includes water, electric and council tax. tel..963 146 701.


Costa Blanca

FAB FINCAS FAB Pr oper ti es • FA B P rice s • FA B S e rv ic e

Tel: 965 474 314 • Mob: 675 218 436 •

Buy and sell with confidence knowing Fabfincas has voluntarily joined the AIPP

Onil - Ref: ff0592

Sax - Ref: ff0567

Pinoso - Ref: ff0694

Huge cortijo for renovation Fantastic business opportunity 26 rooms over 3 storeys Structurally sound. Reduced - now only 109,000 euros

Large family home 4 D beds 3 baths Large kitchen/diner Conservatory & pool Huge reduction - now only 109,995 euros

Beautiful country villa 4 beds 3 baths Swimming pool Casita & outbuildings

Sax - Ref: ff0342

Salinas - Ref: ff0709

Sax - Ref: ff0565

Caudete - Ref: ff0601

Country house with separate casita, 4 beds, 3 baths Huge swimming pool Rental income potential

Modern country house Walking distance to village 3 beds, 2 baths Fabulous views

Finca in natural parkland 4 beds 2 baths Outbuildings, BBQ & pool Fabulous location

Price now 198,000 euros

Price 275,000 euros

Reduced - now 179,995 euros

Country house close to town with guest/rental accommodation 4 beds, 2 baths BBQ & outside kitchen Reduced - now 174,995 euros

Salinas - Ref: ff0668

Chinorlet - Ref: ff0603

Salinas - Ref: ff0688

Sax - Ref: ff0707

Renovated villa close to village, 3 beds, 2 baths Stables & paddock Swimming pool

Gorgeous village house Beautifully renovated. 3 beds, 2 baths Enclosed garden & courtyard

Well priced country house 3 beds, 1 bath Huge conservatory/sun room Swimming pool & veg plot

Lovely country house 3 D beds 2 baths Separate casita Swimming pool

Price only 179,995 euros

Only 114,995 euros

Reduced - now 139,990 euros

Only 139,995 euros

Sax - Ref: ff0597

Caudete - Ref: ff0621

Salinas - Ref: ff0669

Sax - Ref: ff0672

Beautifully renovated town house, 3 beds, 2 baths Large kitchen/diner Gorgeous roof terrace

Bargain finca 2 D beds, 1 bath Large roof terrace Only finishing off required

Finca for renovation Fantastic opportunity 2 beds, 1 bath Close to town

Only 82,000 euros

Now 79,995 euros

Pretty house close to village 3 beds, 2 baths Casita Swimming pool Reduced - now only 99,995 euros

and agreed to be bound by the industry code of conduct.

E-mail: • Web site:

Price 324,950 euros

Only 34,950 euros

10% OFF with this coupon on

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