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What can we say? Well, whether it was TIM’s doing, Sir Alex’s or possibly even 007’s presence, Britain now has a serial winner. Well done, Andy Murray. He is now U.S.Open Champion & the first British grand slam winner since time immemorial. He would probably win the Ryder Cup single-handedly were he to enter. On a personal note, I would like to try the same formula with Liverpool F.C. but on current form, maybe that’s too much to ask!! I feel a debate coming on.... Seriously, success really does breed success and this month we are looking forward to our 8th anniversary edition in November. Currently 95 not out and getting stronger all the time we are, hopefully, delivering to you, dear reader, by way of the interesting and informative articles that you so enjoy, the type of content that you want to read. From your amazing feedback, this certainly appears to be the case. We love to hear from you, so please, keep those new ideas and suggestions coming through. A bigger magazine this month has given Bully a few challenges as to where to hide. He’s easily confused and especially so as the summer temperatures continue into the autumn months. He’s in here somewhere - bashful as ever. Last month’s Bully was spotted in the Panel Craft Advert on page 9 by Mr S. Hatton of Aspe.The winner of the Sol Aero pleasure flight was Mr Graham Knight of Av. Finlandia, Puerto Marino Gran Alacant. Congratulations to both of our lucky winners. This month’s free to enter competition can be found on page 53 Apologies for the very early mention of Christmas last month but you can never plan too soon. (Buy next year’s cards in the January sales!). Until November

Octobers Front Cover: Casa de las Conchas,

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by Derek Workman

Charlton Heston may have made Peñiscola famous in the ‘60’s film, El Cid, when he charged his marauding hordes along the beach, but long before his arrival Carthaginians, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, and before them Phoenicians and Greeks, were all aware of the location of the town and its secure position as an unyielding stronghold. Its situation could hardly have been more secure, having its own supply of fresh water that still springs today from the heart of the rock underneath the fortified town. The present day castle was built by the Knights Templar between 1294 and 1307, and the stout walls added between1576 and 1578. Stand on the Castillo ramparts today and you get a clear idea of modern Peñiscola – a three kilometer sweep of beach forming a bay, more developed than when Charlton was here, but much of it still only a one apartment-wide strip of buildings separating the sea from the huerta. Peñiscola’s most famous resident was Papa Luna, who took up residence in the castle in 1411, changing it into a palace and papal library (although it must be said that his ‘palace’ is hardly palatial). With this move Peñiscola became, with the Vatican in Rome and the Papal Palace in Avignon, one of only three Holy Sees in history. Papa Luna was widely known as a bit of a controversial figure but had the misfortune to be appointed Pope at a time when Christianity divided into two opposing schisms. In an age marked by war, ambition, greed and corruption that affected even the higher dignitaries of the Church, he decamped from Rome to Peñiscola where, in spite of being accused of being a heretic, and after surviving more than one attempt to poison him, Papa Luna died peacefully in his bed. On the day I visited Peñiscola the sky was heavy with drizzle-bearing clouds. Even in these gray conditions, the Castillo does have a certain charm, not the least of which is that it allows you to overlook life in the narrow streets below its walls. Those stout walls may have repelled innumerable invaders, but they are as naught against the latter-day invasion of tourism. The meandering alleyways are full of tiny shops dedicated to relieving the visitor of his holiday spends. For every artisan shop there are three dispensing such ‘musthave’ souvenirs as the porrón (drinking jug) made to look like a Guardia Civil with the spout being an engorged penis. But there are some surprisingly good crafts.

Derek Workman is a journalist living in Valencia City, although his work takes him throughout Spain and Morocco. You can read more of his travels at

On C/San Roque, at number 29, Tiziano has some pretty paintings done by the owner, and opposite, at 32, his wife sells attractive small crafts. Meanwhile, on C/ Farones, Casa de las Conchas is a tiny shell covered building with Arabic horseshoearched windows, which houses a bright beach wear and knick-knack shop, and is a charming bit of kitsch that must have taken hours of seaside walks to collect enough shells to cover the walls. Someone has tried to maintain its kitschy appeal by covering even the downspouts with shells. As the day drifted into evening and the rain lifted, the narrow cobbled streets came alive with the paseo, and old men and women brought out kitchen chairs onto the streets to chat – though kept themselves carefully segregated. The people who live up by the Castillo must have legs like whipcord and soles on their feet like welltanned leather because not only is it a steep climb, but the small stones placed sideon to form the patterned cobbled streets are crippling on the feet. If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the streets, wander down through the Medieval Portal de San Pere, once the principal access to the castle, and cross the small wooden bridge that brings you onto the quayside where Peñiscola’s fishing fleet tie up. Below the stone clock tower you will see an orange illuminated sign saying Puerto Mar, and alongside it a large knife and fork illuminated in blue. This is a four-table restaurant (although the whole of the quayside is its patio) that only sells fish fresh from the boat. Great bowls of berberecho’s, spouting jets of seawater, sit on the open counters, and fishermen and their families discuss the merits of dishes of fish that they could have well caught themselves earlier in the day. As heavy black clouds drifted in from the Maestrazgo, I finished off my excellent fritura mixta and fat, pink salmonetas and took a walk along the prom. One of the nicest things about Peñiscola is that it is the sort of seaside town not seen in Britain for the last three decades. Stroll down the prom during the summer months and you are provided with a feast of free entertainment. Pavement artists, balloon twisters, juggles, Punch and Judy (Spanish version), and people selling all sorts of trinkets and tat under the glaring light of a camping gas lamp. Splendid entertainment, especially if taken with a big ice-cream cornet.


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Face to Face is best? Nick Venn DipPFS

Speaking to our Clients, for many years since they arrived in Spain, they have left their investments or pensions firmly in the UK. These can be a selection of ISA’s, Investment Bonds and benefits accumulated through a company pension or personal pension. More often than not, these underlying investments have not been monitored or reviewed since they arrived and the UK Adviser that once used to look after your interests, is perhaps a little uncertain on how these investments will fair now that your roots are firmly established in Spain. It is important that you continue to have your investments continually monitored to ensure you are giving your hard earned money every opportunity of growth over the medium to longer term. AES International are FSA regulated and also registered with the Comisión Nacional del Mercado del Valores (CNMV) and Dirección General de Seguros y Fondos de Pensiones (DGS) and is authorised to give investment advice under the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFiD). Our advice can extend to the provision of regular income for you from invested capital which can compliment your existing pension provision or earnings from employment. We can arrange for a portfolio of investments linking in with your risk profile, but bear in mind that capital values can fall as well as rise, however this need not necessarily affect your regular income pattern. This can prove ideal for your regular monthly budgeting. Another example, you may have several UK pensions (benefits not taken) that you wish to leave in the UK and we can offer you independent investment advice and recommend the best course of action for you. It is important that you seek quality and qualified advice from professional independent financial advisers. If you would like more information, please contact me by phone 966196563 / 689 151631 or email: AES International does not give advice on currency exchange, the above article is for general information only. E-mail: • Web site:


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The Garden

By Barbara Barton

Planting for Spring Yes, I know we’re only just out of summer but gardening is all about planning ahead. To fill your garden with colour next spring, why not consider some bulbs. Planting times are from October to December. Daffodils, tulips, crocus and hyacinths are just some of the varieties to choose from. We prefer to grow our bulbs in pots so that after flowering the bulbs can be taken out and saved for next year. If you want bulbs in the flower bed you might want to consider planting up a plastic pot and then sinking this into the ground Bulbs are readily available here and we have bought from Lidl, Carrefour and the ubiquitous Chinese ‘todo’ shops, all have been successful. Or if you are off to the UK then pick some up over there or ask visitors to bring you a few. When buying bulbs check they’re healthy and as fresh as possible, or your spring show could be a washout. Avoid any that are damaged, shrivelled or feel soft, and go for plump, firm bulbs. Most hardy bulbs originate from the Mediterranean, thriving in a warm, sunny climate in freely draining soil. Good drainage and plenty of sunshine is key, since most bulbs are prone to rot while dormant. When choosing the pot, pick a container that is the right size to complement your chosen bulbs. Because they want a well- drained soil use old crocks in the base of the pot. Fill with general purpose compost, mixed with a handful of gravel, coarse grit or sand. As a general rule, plant bulbs two to three times their own depth and around two bulb widths apart.

Does it matter which end is up? (as the actress said to the Bishop) Well, although the growing end will find its way up towards the surface, it will be easier if it’s pointing in the right direction to start with. If you are unsure, plant the bulb on its side. When you replace the soil on top of the bulbs, break down any clumps and firm in gently making sure there are no air spaces Planting Hyacinths is a little different as they prefer to sit on the top of the soil. Plant so that the soil comes no more than halfway up the bulb. Always plant the same colour in one pot as the different colours flower at different rates so if you mix the colours you risk ending up with a poor show as they will not bloom together. Daffodils are the real star because you can double plant in one pot. After placing your crocks and compost, add a layer of bulbs, then another layer of compost followed by more bulbs and finish with compost. The bottom level of bulbs will flower slightly later than the top level making your display last longer. This works with tulips as well. When your bulbs have finished, remove the dead flowers but leave the green leaves. Feed with any standard fertiliser. Once the green leaves have died off, tip out the pot and collect the bulbs. Leave these to dry and store them away in paper bags. Use paper and not plastic because in plastic the bulb will rot. If you can’t find paper bags then use newspaper. Make sure you label them! Store in a dry cool place until next year. It might seem a long wait from October to spring but it will be worth it when the colourful flowers emerge to brighten the garden as an indication that winter is definitely behind us That’s it for now, until next time

Who has learned to garden who did not at the same time learn to be patient?” H.L.V. Fletcher, 1949


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Costa Blanca

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The Camino de Santiago

TIM Magazine™ In Mediaeval times, when pilgrimages were all the rage, The Way of St James, El Camino de Santiago, was considered to be right up there with Rome and Jerusalem as a top notch Christian destination. It had two big advantages. It was closer to home for lots of western European Catholics and it didn’t (usually) involve crossing territory held by Muslims. By the 1980s very few people still made the pilgrimage to the imposing Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela where the bones of one of the original 12 disciples, St James the Great, are said to lay. Some clever promotion by the Galician Tourist Office changed that and now the Camino is, once again, alive with people keen to share the fellowship of the journey. Many people think the Camino is a particular route but that isn’t quite true. There are several recognised routes. Use one of them and you will find like minded souls and facilities for travellers all along the route. In reality though it is the destination that is important. The goal is to reach the cathedral in Santiago. For most Europeans the main route into Spain would be through France. The 12th Century Pope Calixtus II described four principal routes and these are now the most travelled. Nonetheless, for British and Irish pilgrims the journey involved a ship to la Coruña and then a short trip to Santiago. There are a couple of Portuguese routes and lots more from every corner of Spain. The Credencial, serves as a passport to record the journey and as identification to obtain cheap accommodation along the way. It is available from tourist offices, churches and offices that promote the route. Pilgrims have to walk at least 100kms or cycle 200kms to be able to exchange their Credencial for a certificate called the Compostela when they arrive in Santiago. Proof of the distance covered comes in the form of stamps available from points along the way. Pilgrims can choose whether they claim a religious or a lay certificate and the first ten people into Santiago in the morning are also entitled to free food in a special reformatory below the Parador alongside the cathedral. Whilst you might see people travelling the route from Novelda (there’s an office in the Calle Mayor) it’s much more likely that you will come across pilgrims in the north of Spain following the blue and yellow Camino signs. Traditional Pilgrims are easy to spot as they carry a scallop shell and use sticks hung with a water gourd. The stick and gourd have an obvious practical purpose and it is likely that the scallop shell was originally no more than a souvenir that pilgrims took home from Galicia. However, the Camino is both a real and a mystical journey so, over time, the shell has come to have a more profound meaning. There are a couple of versions of a story which has the body of St James being transported to Galicia and it, or someone else, falling into the sea but emerging miraculously covered in scallop shells. The shell is also a metaphor; in that all the grooves of the shell come to a single point just as the pilgrims do.

by Chris Thompson

A friend who did the walk tells me that everyone is greeted with “Good day, Pilgrim.” Just like John Wayne I thought. 8

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When & How Should I Winterize my Swimming Pool? By the Pool People

It’s a pretty simple answer actually, you should winterize your pool when you have finished using it for the year, and if you use a pool heater, you don’t want to heat it any longer. Since the weather varies (especially inland) this can mean anywhere from January through to May. For those of you with swimming pool heat pumps, you may to choose to turn it off, but keep the circulation pump going throughout the winter. But this does have a high risk associated with it, because if your electricity goes out, and the water stops circulating , a lot of damage can happen in as little as a day due to the frost and ice build-up in the pipes / pool / pump. The only owners who usually go down this route are those who are confidant they won’t experience a total power loss, i.e. because they have backup generators. The one advantage to this method though is that the water on the top of the pool never freezes (because the water is always circulating) and you’re not going to have the same freeze-thaw issues affecting your pool. For those people with pool heaters, the other option is to continue to use the heater during the whole of the cooler months, but beware of your electric bills! But if you can’t stomach the price tag for this, but want to keeps your heater going, make sure never to turn your heater below 80 degrees. Any lower you risk having water that is too cold entering the heater, therefore the water will instantly condensate when it hits the heater. So if you’re now ready to winterize your swimming pool I have listed 8 simple steps for you to follow. How to prepare your in ground swimming pool for the winter, commonly known as (winterizing your pool) 1. First of all balance the water chemistry. Approximately 3 - 7 days prior to closing the pool, adjust your P.H. level to 7.2 to 7.6 2. Then, shock the pool with a Chlorine Shock or a Non-Chlorine Shock, at least 1lb per 10,000 gallons (follow package directions). Allow the chlorine level to return to 1.0 - 3.0 ppm before adding any winter algaecide and your pool cover. Chlorine tends to break down both algaecides and floating pool covers. 3. Remove skimmer baskets, wall fittings, cleaners, ladders from the pool. Put these in a safe location during the winter. Don’t coil pool cleaning hoses tightly, If you coil it too tight it will develop a memory for that and end up coiling up in the pool next season. 4. Lower water level in pool. Using the filter pump, or a submersible pump, lower the level 12” - 18” below the skimmers, returns and the vacuum point, drain all pumping, filtering, heating and chlorinating equipment. Every pump, filter, heater and chlorinator has drain plugs to allow water to drain out. All water must be drained or blown out or it will freeze and crack. If the filter and pump is small enough to remove, do so and store it indoors. If not, using a small amount of air from a shop vacuum or compressor, blow out any water that may still be in the equipment. 5. Lubricate. Winter closing of the pool is a good time to lubricate the pump lid O-ring with Vaseline. 6. Winterize the plumbing to and from the pool. If you have an in ground pool, you should blow out the pipes using a vacuum or a compressor to blow water out from the skimmers, returns and the vacuum point. Then plug the pipes in the pool. You can then add Swimming Pool Antifreeze into the pool if desired (follow package directions) 7. Add winterizing algaecide. Remember not to add algaecide and shock at the same time. This tends to result in the chlorine breaking down the algaecide. Remember, high chlorine levels can also be harsh to floating pool covers. 8. Cover the pool. A tight fit of your pool cover is essential. Your cover should not have holes or gaps where leaves and debris may enter the pool.


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Afghan Heroes Charity fundraising The Ex-Services Association in Onil, a recently formed group has raised a tremendous â‚Ź1,000 over the last year for the aid of Afghan Heroes. The Association attracts members from all types of ex-uniformed personnel such as military, police, fire and the nursing fraternity and have an active social calendar. Pictured during the cheque presentation are John Bloor (Chairperson) with Nick Venn of AES International (Afghan Heroes co-ordinator Tel: 689151631) and Harold Linton (Social Secretary) and Jan Wicks (Secretary). The group meet on the second Wednesday of each month. New Members will be most welcome. Contact Jan for further details: 672 314 327.

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The Inland Magazine™

Shortly after the kids go back to school, usually about the second week of September, Tesco, and other large UK supermarkets, start to fill sections of their stores with Christmas paraphernalia. You probably know or have seen the kind of stuff I mean, box of crackers – not the ones by Jacobs – artificial green or silver trees and large, circular tins of Roses. That’s just kind of how it is in England. It’s not often in Spain that you can as much as even glimpse an advertisement with a Christmas theme before the end of August, but that was exactly what I came across a few weeks back. So surprised was I, a double-take wasn’t quite enough, I actually stopped the car to have a better shufty. Mentally starting to look forward to gleefully telling the Missus “See, Spain is just as bad as England,” I was sadly disappointed to read, ‘La fábrica de los sueños abre sus puertas. Ya hay Loteria de Navidad y si cae aqui’ Loosely translated this means – The Dream Factory Opens its Doors. Already, the Christmas Lottery, if it falls here? Upon seeing these words, I knew immediately my opportunity for a crafty, and good natured, gloat – a game senior management and I play quite often whilst sticking up for our respective countries - had gone for good. The advertisement, in an eye-catching deep blue colour, whilst being somewhat understated, was professionally designed and depicted a giant bubble slowly rising to the surface. Inside the bubble, which was a good two feet across, was a huge lottery ticket. Given that up and down the country, there are, doubtless, thousands of similar ads, I figured this is clearly a nationwide campaign for something a little more important than the mid-week Camelot draw which is usually relegated to thirty seconds after the ten o’clock news on a Wednesday. A cursory ask around proved, (her indoors again), proved me right, this was no ordinary lottery. Known around these parts as El Gordo – the big, or fat one – it isn’t actually just one draw; moreover, it’s a series of them the best known of which is the Sorteo de Navidad. Just for good measure there is also the Sorteo del Niño which is held on January the 6th and again in July. In last December’s edition of this really rather excellent magazine, I dwelt briefly on the Sorteo de Navidad as a small part of a much larger article comparing Christmas in Spain to a typical British Crimbo. I remember thinking at the time, my short paragraph really wasn’t doing the subject justice, so, with JC’s birthday just over a couple of months away I thought I’d use my words this month to fill you in – so to speak – on a few details I forgot last time. So, for a start it’s the biggest lottery game in the world, and, because it began in 1812. it’s also one of the oldest. If you’re after a massive first prize, you’d be better off playing Euro-millions because last year, 2011, the best winning tickets scooped a comparatively meagre 4,000,000 € each, which was then shared between ten holders, (see overleaf). It isn’t called El Gordo for nothing, though, because whilst you can’t expect to 14

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A Big Fat Old


become a millionaire ten times over, the total amount of wedge in the prize fund adds up to a sum in excess of two billion euros.

decimos in, say, Santa Pola or Torrevieja during their fortnight on holiday? Bleedin’ hundreds probably. As I said, I’ve been suckered into that little caper too, so far Santiago de Compostela, Alicante, Madrid and a small town near Ciudad Real in Castilla La Mancha have brought me no luck whatsoever. Certain shops too have acquired, rightly or wrongly, a winning reputation and the most famous in the country is probably Doña Manolita in the centre of Madrid, which sells a mind boggling 65 million lottery tickets, (of all types), a year with customers queuing round the corner at Christmas. I’d be willing to bet that even the best Spar shop in the UK would surely fall some way short of that number.

by Kevin Rendall

I’ll just say that again, more than two billion euros!! Next question, how can you get your hands on all that lovely loot ? Well, you have to spend a bit to start with and it isn’t at all like a Lucky Dip from the garage round the corner for a quid on a Saturday night. It’s such a massively popular thing hereabouts that tickets for the Christmas draw go on sale in about August and they’re pretty expensive too. Each complete ticket - or billete - of one five digit number will set you back two hundred euros, nobody actually buys one, though, (lots of small clubs and organisations do but I’ll come to that in a bit). The price of one tenth of a ticket – a decimo - is twenty euros and is the preferred option of most punters. Now, pay attention because here’s where it get a tad tricky. Each billete of five numbers is reprinted countless times and given a different series number – a serie – thus, ticket number 50000, for example, appeared on 180 different series in 2011. Up and down the country, football clubs, corner shops and cafeterias, amongst others, offer decimos for sale at either 22€ or 23€, making a modest profit for said club, café or shop. Far be it from me to mock the natives, particularly because I’ve the done very same thing for the last two years, but a great many Spanish people – and the occasional guiri – purchase their decimos in different areas of the country thinking it will bring them luck. In part, this explains why the organisers, Loterias y Apuestas del Estado, started to flog the tickets in August. Taking the Costa Blanca as an example, how many Basques or Madrileños do you reckon bought their

December the 22nd is D - for divvy up – Day and it’s an event that is broadcast live on television to an excited and expectant nation for over three hours. People set their alarms so as not to miss the start and new batteries are hastily inserted into transistor radios because state radio station RNE also cover it as it unfolds. I mentioned before my article in last December’s edition of TIM magazine, and, try as I might I can’t think of a better way to describe the Christmas sorteo than I did then. So please forgive me because I’m going to use those words again here......In addition to being the most mind numbingly boring TV you’ll ever see, it is notable too for the fact the winning numbers are sung, religious hymn style, rather than announced. This honour falls to choirs of children from the San Ildefonso primary school in Madrid, itself once a former orphanage. At least the little ones are a big improvement on Dale Winton I suppose...... For me, that kind of sums it up pretty perfectly actually. It really isn’t the kind of TV output you would need to SkyPlus. Honestly!! Special thanks are due to my girlyfriend who, exhibiting the patience of Job, answered all of the dumb questions I put to her in order to produce these words, particularly those in paragraph seven which took three or four lengthy explanations before her dimwitted English partner understood it all. El Gordo, you’ve got to be in it to win it!!

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CATS IN SPAIN Cats in Spain, or should I say rats in Spain? This is a very personal viewpoint. On every bin, in every town or village you will probably find a colony of cats. If they are lucky they will have someone to look out for them – possibly feed them and maybe even get the females spayed. Thankfully, this is mostly the case, but if the spaying doesn’t happen then the colony becomes huge. Unbelievably a sad new trend seems to have become common practice, whether it is around small houses or in upmarket urbanisations, and that is to cold bloodedly poison the colony. Alternatively, more responsible human beings call us for help with the problem. But, it is unbelievable how many phone calls I receive from people who want to ‘borrow’ a trap…..!!

morals when they moved to Spain! Unfortunately, we are not in England where the RSPCA will help you out; we are in Spain where most charitable animal organisations depend on donations and help from volunteers. I know that I speak for most animal charities when I say that they are all stretched to the limit. Speaking personally, we have more animals in our own home than we really have capacity for. Next time a distressed cat appears in your garden ask yourself “Is there anything I can do?” rather than just picking up the phone. Unfortunately the most common answer to the question is “Why should I pay for food and spaying - it’s not my cat!!” A BIG thank you to the people who are prepared to help all animals in need.

I didn’t realise that so many expats seem to have lost their

idder Nancy de R CATS STREET


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by Peter Singh Racism! It’s an ugly word. With uglier thoughts!

Staffordshire bull terrier and if you do the wrong things, as in any dog, the dog will become aggressive and may attack.

It brings together feelings of ‘them and us’. It also carries with it little I have witnessed Chihuahua’s and Yorkshire Terriers’ attacking other


dogs and people stand there and laugh. If, on the other hand the dog in It’s ignorance of the highest order. We all have feelings and we all

question was a Staffordshire bull terrier or a German shepherd, there

bleed the same blood, regardless of colour or nationality. Racism causes

would be uproar. That’s not right.

misery for millions of people around the world and unless we treat other people how we would like to be treated ourselves, it will continue. This

In the United Kingdom at present, you need more paperwork to own a TV

ugly word and emotion is not just aimed at humans, it is also very much

than you do to own a dog! Due to this fact, there are young delinquent’s,

alive and kicking in the dog world.

owning powerful breed dogs which include Staffordshire Bull Terrier’s, who don’t know the first thing about raising a dog properly. They use

Racism towards dogs has been happening for decades and is now at

these dogs as ‘weapons’ and to improve their ‘street credibility’. In

boiling point. Since the seventies the German Shepherd, Rottweiler and

Spain, on the other hand, the youngsters do not walk around with a

Doberman have all been subject to this disease, but nothing as strong as

powerful dog; instead they have a football by their side, which is why

the current victim, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

they are World and European champions!

I was recently interviewed by a newspaper in the UK on the subject of

Why not start tackling the root of the problem, which is dealing with the

dog aggression.

youth and making sure people who own dog’s are committed to raising a dog correctly, and no, that doesn’t mean love, love and more love.

The paper in question had been running a campaign for weeks, entitled,

Somewhere in the relationship has to be discipline and rules, just as it

‘Shop a Dog’!

should be with delinquents.

This campaign was mostly aimed at Staffordshire Bull Terriers and they

I was walking along London’s Piccadilly a few months’s ago and was

wanted it to be ‘law’ that this breed should have to wear muzzles in

moved to tears as to what I witnessed. There was a homeless person


sleeping in a doorway. He had been drinking heavily. A few feet away from him lay his faithful dog. A Staffordshire bull terrier.

They also asked readers to send in photos of what they thought were banned breeds in their area and in return the sender would win a free

The dog just lay their, waiting for his owner to wake. This scene I

mug! They wanted to know my opinion about dog aggression as I

witnessed epitomizes dogs. Loyalty to the highest degree, without

rehabilitate aggressive dogs on a regular basis. I mentioned to them

judgement. I had my camera with me that day. I pondered whether it

during the interview that they were tackling the problem from the wrong

would be right or wrong of me to photograph this moving scene.

angle. It’s not about the breed of dog; it’s about the human behind the My final conclusion was that I had to. After all, a picture can tell a


thousand words. The paper also stated on their website the following, (and before you read this make sure you are sitting down)! “Whether your dog is a

Here in London’s metropolis, lay a dog. A dog that many say should be

banned type depends on what your dog actually looks like, rather than


the breed”. As the many people tried their best to avoid him, he just lay there, Until people actually wake up and realize that it is about how the human

showing loyalty, respect, trust and love. That shouldn’t be muzzled, that

raises the dog, nothing will change. You can go and buy or rescue a

should be embraced.


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Costa Blanca

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Special offers and payment terms on health and funeral plans Car, House, Commercial, Life, Funeral, Travel, Marine, Golf and Pet Insurance. Are you confused about the changeover of your private health insurance to another provider? We can help by offering extra special conditions for an easy transfer, similar terms and conditions and a more comprehensive medical directory of English speaking doctors. Contact mandy on 966 461690 or


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THE artificial grass experts Artificial grass supplied & installed Complete garden design service Many different effects available Free site survey & quotation Patios/paths/planters/garden lights • 8 year guarantee • • • • •


Eazylawns is the leading specialist in the trend for artificial grass that is taking the costas by storm. Forget 80s astroturf and cheap-looking plastic turf, Eazylawns provides high quality artificial lawns that are so realistic no-one can tell the difference from real grass. Eazylawns was born of necessity; A client was looking for a solution to the common problem in Spain – how to make a lawn green and keep it green. Through the businesses extensive experience in garden maintenance, the team put together a program of watering, scarifying, fertilising, hollow-tining and cutting. This method was extremely costly, time consuming and far from fool-proof. Then they considered artificial grass. Eazylawns sourced several different types and were not impressed. Most of what they saw looked totally unrealistic and the level of service and expertise left more than a little to be desired. This inspired the team to develop its own product.

Artificial grass is safe and has a low abrasion index, providing a soft landing if there should be an accident. It is realistic and can be adapted to all areas, surfaces, uses and budgets and it comes with an five year guarantee. Put simply artificial lawns are practical, environmentally friendly, cost effective and convenient. Added to that is the sheer quality and realistic look of this product, it really does have to be seen to be believed. So, whether it’s a tennis court, putting green, communal lawn, picnic area or private garden, Eazylawns will make sure your grass is greener all year round. In addition to artificial turf, Eazylawns offers a complete garden design service, this includes: paths and patios, planting, irrigation systems, borders, outside lighting, and rockeries. For further information on any of the above, call 636 102 509, email: or visit: Mireille Toddington

Eazylawns products are produced in the UK and the business covers the Costa Blanca, although it has undertaken projects as far afield as Valencia and Marbella. The business offers a free full consultation and quotation service and works closely with each customer on the design and installation process. Once agreed, the installation is prompt and efficient, leaving the site clean and tidy. E-mail: • Web site:


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Johnny Pugh - live in Jumilla! by Sue Walker

Recently I spotted a couple of Brits walking around Jumilla who stood out from the mainly retired local expat community: one looked like an ageing rocker and the other was his slightly more glamorous younger wife! I discovered that Johnny Pugh is a talented singer/songwriter and grabbed the chance to interview him for TIM magazine. Me: Johnny, what were you doing before you moved here? Johnny: I’m a blues/soul and jazz musician: I was the lead singer with the Climax Blues Band for the past five years, as well as playing the saxophone and harmonica with them. Apart from my own musical career, I have been a session musician with bands such as the Four Tops, Ben E. King, Martha Reeves, Rose Royce and the Real Thing, to mention a few. As well as doing gigs, I was running a successful canal boat business in Leicestershire with my wife Jane, which was very hard work for both of us. As you can imagine, combining the two jobs was stressful and I was under a lot of pressure, so we decided that it was time to take life a bit easier, hence the move to Spain. Me: What made you move to Jumilla? Johnny: After selling the canal boat business, we decided to tour Europe for a while and take a much-needed break. We were on holiday in our motor home, visiting friends who live in this area, when we came across our house. We fell in love with the property and with the stunning views from our front porch. Since moving here in January we have been busy renovating the house, but now that is completed I can concentrate on my music. Jumilla is a very interesting town and an enjoyable place to live. I appreciate the tranquillity, which makes it an ideal spot for both of us to chill and for me to write new songs. Me: What do you like most about living in Spain? Johnny: I love the fact that it’s so laid back here. The Spanish people are easy-going and friendly, and the pace of life generally is far more relaxed than back home. Me: Is there anything that you don’t like about living here or anything that you would like to change? Johnny: I absolutely love Jumilla although I would be in paradise if the town had an English chippy and a curry house! Seriously, the only thing I really miss is British food. However since we have been living here, wine has become a bit of a hobby. In my opinion, you can’t beat Jumilla wine! Me: Earlier you mentioned writing new songs – does that mean that you haven’t really retired from your musical career? Johnny (looking slightly bemused at this question): Anything but! I have formed a new band over here with some talented local musicians. I am currently producing a CD with them and after that we plan to tour Europe as well as playing gigs in Spain. You can hear our first live performance in Jumilla at Bodegas Alceño at 21.00 on October 27th. Tickets are available from the bodega at a price of €14, which includes aperitivos and wine plus the chance to try their new Rosé. Tickets are also on sale at Get

I.T.Connected (Pinoso) Tel: 966 192 953

For more information contact Jane at: Go to to hear Johnny’s music. 22

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Costa Blanca


Derek Workman’s highly popular guide to the Costa Blanca and Eastern Spain is being released as a series of downloadable ebooks.

North Costa Blanca

South Costa Blanca and Murcia

From the twenty-two excursions in the print edition of Inland Trips from the Costa Blanca, have been created a series of five ebooks that highlight the best of the Costa Blanca and Eastern Spain. The four detailed excursions in each ebook make a magical day out, or can be combined to make a weekend of discovery.

As a bonus, and not found in the print version of Inland Trips, full articles telling the stories of towns, events and places of interest, written by the author and previously published in international press, are included at the end of each guided section, creating a combined guide book and travelogue. The first two guides, Costa Blanca South and Murcia, and Costa Blanca North are available for immediate download at, where you can also buy the print version of Inland Trips from the Costa Blanca.

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The Legal Page ‘Spanish Wills’ Written by Rob Innis with Ignacio Pellicer Mollá (Abogado- Solicitor – Barrister) of Pellicer & Heredia Abogados This month we take a look at the very important topic of making a Spanish will. Do I need a Spanish Will? Since setting up all my offices in Alicante province, I have been surprised by the amount of people who have come to me to ask whether it is convenient to make a will in Spain concerning their Spanish assets. The answer to this is most definitely yes. It is especially important for all property owners to make a will but others need to consider their position as well. In the U.K. if you do not make a will, then the law has special rules (intestate) that will determine the distribution of your assets. These rules could mean that your assets are distributed in a very different way from what you would have liked, and your estate will have to go through probate procedure. In Spain the situation is the same, with an additional factor. Your heirs will have to deal with a foreign language and a different legal system, including the need for each obtain an NIE and pay tax upfront. All the more reason to leave everything as well organised as possible. Some people include their Spanish assets in their English will. This is legally possible, but your English will would have to be executed in Spain once you went through probate, so it could be accepted in Spain. The inconvenience of this situation is that it is a long and costly procedure. What is your best advice? My advice on the subject is to have two separate wills, one in the U.K. for your English assets and one in Spain for your Spanish assets. Drawing up a will in Spain does not take long and is not expensive, and will definitely save your heirs a lot of time, problems and money. Do not forget to ask your Solicitor the tax implications of it (inheritance tax planning) which will vary depending of several issues: residency of the deceased and heirs, inheritance value and number of properties to inherit number of heirs and relationship within the family, place of residence, etc…

vary if you change your will again and make it public. This service is different to the UK, but has obvious benefits for all concerned. If you would like to change your English will while you are in Spain, and you do not want to travel back to the UK for just this purpose, my recommendation if for you to ask your Solicitor to draw up an international will which will be valid in Spain and in the UK. The will has to be drawn up in English and Spanish and in presence of two witnesses at the signing stage. What will I receive? You will be given a certified true copy (original stays at the Notary Office) and our advice is that you inform your heirs and solicitor in the UK or home country about it and then put it in the bottom draw. You could relax knowing that everything is taken care of and that you have left your family with everything prepared. Is a Foreign will valid in Spain? Your foreign will must go through the following process to be legal in Spain: A certified copy of the grant of probate must be legal¬ised in the testator’s home country, and a Spanish translation of this certified copy prepared. A Spanish lawyer must then be empowered to prepare a list of the assets in Spain, see that the Spanish inherit¬ance taxes are paid, and handle the rest of the paper¬work involved in distributing the assets. A certificate of law (Certificado de Ley) will be needed to prove that the testator had the legal capacity to make a will; that the will is valid; that the Spanish law of obligatory heirs and the dispositions relating to prop¬erty of spouses do not exist in the law of your country; that the will has been duly proved, and that the trustees named have the correct legal powers to administer the estate. Finally, your will is declared effective to dispose of your assets in Spain, and your Spanish lawyer can carry this out. It’s a complicated, timeconsuming and expensive process, and it is clearly better to make a Spanish will disposing of your assets in Spain. What should I do next? Pellicer & Heredia’s experts can help you to ensure that your will is legal and registered. All TIM readers can benefit from their full range of legal services, which are available at preferential rates for TIM readers. Book your free consultation now, see their main advertisement on the front cover for contact details of your local office.

What is the procedure? Your lawyer will draw up a rough draft and following the client’s agreement he will organise an appointment at the Public Notary to sign the final document, which will make it public. The information will be sent to the Central Registry in Madrid, which will


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Costa Blanca

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The Company Proudly presents

No Dinner for Sinners 10/11/12/13 October

The play will be at:The Little Theatre, Manor House Paredon Ticket price 12 euro’s pp includes 3 hot and 3 cold tapas + ½ bottle of wine Curtain up at 7 pm Please come and support your local theatre group. We look forward to seeing you all there Tickets from Ros

669 071 609

NOT TO BE MISSED!!!! The Poppy Ball –2nd November Tickets are now on sale at for the forthcoming Poppy Ball. We hope to make this a spectacular occasion and we are looking forward to welcoming everyone to attend, not just Legion Members, everyone is welcome. The venue, Roca Restaurante in Aspe is recently refurbished and is a wonderful venue for this special occasion. Entertainment this year will be varied and includes Mykal an amazing table magician, The Dusty Experience including singer and dancers and Rachel of TKO radio who will be playing music for all ages to dance to throughout the night. A nice meal, good wine what more can you want? A fantastic Raffle will be held with lots of prizes. If you want a great opportunity for the ladies to put on their party frocks and the guys to spruce themselves up (minimum dress collar & tie, DJs optional) then this is the occasion! Not only will you be in for a great night but you will be assisting us to raise money towards the 2012 Poppy Appeal in support of serving and ex service personnel of the Armed Forces. Please call in to get your tickets from: AJ´s Supermacado – Hondon de las Nieves, Malvina Bookshop, La Romana or through the Hondon Valley RBL Branch. There is seating for 160 and a coach will be organised if you wish to leave the car at home. Tickets are €28 For tickets or more information call the Event Organiser Tony on 626583689 or email: wenton49@ . This years Remembrance Service will be held in the Cultural Centre in Hondon de las Nieves on Sunday 11th November.


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NEW PROPERTIES NEEDED We need properties in Pinoso, Yecla, La Romana, Jumilla, The Hondon’s, Sax and surrounding area’s SOLE AGENCY NOT WORKING FOR YOU? We have clients out everyday and we are selling in fact this is our best year ever due to our expanding team and massive adverting program.

Low Fixed fee with nothing to pay until we sell your property

Call Now on 645 746 176

We have Estate Agencies in Sax, Pinoso, The Hondon’s, Fortuna & Yecla


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By John McGregor

On the great day, with many doubts on my mind I rose very early and drove myself into central London, parked in a car park and caught the train to Greenwich, its Great Park being the start of the Marathon. The rain was drizzling softly as we changed for the race. If it’s raining you wear an inverted black plastic bin-liner over your kit, with necessary holes cut, jettisoned easily when required, but it gave the whole scene the element of farce, like hundreds of extras of the Spades suit in an Alice-in-Wonderland film. I had been allocated a position near the back of the 28,000 running that day, due to my new-boy status. Just before the start the heavens opened: bad news, inclement weather being very bad for marathon running. A huge deep puddle appeared just outside the gates, the official start, which no-one wanted to paddle through, so we all had to skirt this before even starting; but from then the weather steadily improved. My training easily took me through the first half of the race, round the Cutty Sark with crowds cheering, waving, shouting encouragement and offering us sweets. The euphoria of crossing Tower Bridge, the halfway point of the race was quickly tempered by having to turn right, not left and run eight miles round the miserable Isle of Dogs. It’s all changed now I think; mind you it needed to. Here the enthusiastic crowds suddenly disappeared, silence abounded apart from the odd pub with a jazz band outside. Negative thoughts began to rush in: was my knee beginning to crack up again, as in training? Was I imagining it? Why were there more emergency tents? Oh dear, how quickly your confidence can vanish and be replaced by real fear. I grimly kept going and was at last rewarded, by running back past Tower Bridge. The Tower of London was agony for some years ago, and it still was that day, the cobbles were murder to run on. The Thames is not, as I thought a fairly straight run east to west: is it hell, it twists round and back again and I began to think I would never see the finish at Big Ben. At last I briefly saw my family on the embankment to cheer me on, bless ‘em, but.approaching Big Ben we suddenly diverted right up to Trafalgar Square, then shepherded left through Admiralty Arch onto The Mall to begin the last mile or so home. By now I was utterly, completely spent and was staggering along on solid will-power alone. With only about half a mile to go, behind me I suddenly heard the cockney cheering, and the good-natured crowd urging Susan Tully on in East End parlance … and Michelle was slowly-but-surely catching me! It was that fact alone which produced something in me, from where I have no idea, there was nothing left in the tank. That British fighting spirit, that refusal to be beaten after coming so far welled up inside me. No way, I told myself, no way was she going to beat me - with her personal bloody trainer, and celebrity media status! 28

Somehow, inch by inch I began to pull away from my innocent ‘enemy’: the woman will never know the effect she had on me that day. Some Hooray Henry was exhorting us to look our best: ‘Come on now, troops - chins up, chests out, bit of swagger now!’ At long, long last I staggered past Big Ben, and over Westminster Bridge, to cross the finishing line. It had taken me four and a half hours, and I had plundered the depths of my courage and reserve, but I had done it! In the official program afterwards, I am officially listed three ahead of Susan Tully, and I am truly grateful to her for putting a bit of spice into my finish to the race. I did get my medal,(see photo), and I have videos and treasured possessions of that wonderful day. My Dad had died of cancer two years before, and BACUP, a family help scheme supplied me with a running vest bearing their logo and I raised over £2,000 for them on the day After the race I was soon re-united with my family and we celebrated with a party at home. I did enjoy the whole experience, including all the mad training and of course vowed to keep it up after the marathon. Did I? What do you think? Of course I didn’t! I sank back into my armchair, thanked God for my success - and successfully vowed never to do it again. Oh, and I drank a toast to Michelle! ‘Cheers ‘Shell - we did it, Gawl!’

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Costa Blanca


IMPACT will be selling Bric-a-Brac, books, clothes, furniture, anything and they also do house clearances OPEN MON - SAT, 10 am - 2 pm CLOSED SUNDAY Phone: 966 184 324 web-site: registered charity no.: 590427

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Impact Charity REG No. 590417

New Shop Opening CIF No. SATURDAY 29th G-54281712 SEPTEMBER 2012

»» In addition to the existing shop on Parque Del

Guadalquiver Impact are opening another charity shop on Phase One, behind the ferretaria and below the La Marina Lavanderia.

»» The shop will be open 10 am to 2 pm Monday to Saturday.

»» IMPACT need and will be selling Bric-a-Brac, books, clothes, furniture, anything: donations can be collected and IMPACT also do house clearances.

Volunteers to work in the shop are needed, please see Christine or Kate.



»» Donations of tinned and packet foods, childrens’ milk, toiletries, household products, and anything similar will be very welcome.

Phone: 966 184 324 Email:

Currency Queries Q. Why do I never get the exchange rates published on the internet? A. The published exchange rate is the interbank rate, and is basically the rate at which banks lend each other money. Obviously we are usually talking Millions or Billions of Pounds/Euros/Dollars, and like most other commodities you get a better deal for ‘buying in bulk’! The more money you transfer, the closer to interbank you get. The trouble is, a sum that is large to the average man on the street, say £200,000 for a house sale, is small fry to a bank and just won’t attract a good rate. Let’s say the GBP/EUR interbank is 1.25. Your £200,000 transfer between high street banks will probably rate at about 1.22 if you’re lucky. A difference of 6000€! Currency brokers lump money from thousands of clients together enabling them to transfer millions at a time, thereby securing rates much closer to interbank. Brokers don’t get interbank rate either, our rate varies on volume, but on £200,000 Currencies4you would expect to give at least 1.246, a difference of only 800€. You’ve just saved over five thousand!! Smaller sums like pension payments can be much further down on interbank via the banks, and OK...on say £1000 we couldn’t hold 1.245, but we could probably manage 1.225 or more. During October, Currencies4you are running an offer giving guaranteed


fixed rates below interbank, which we think are unbeatable, on all GBP/ EUR and EUR/GBP transfers. See our new advert for details! GBP/EUR Last month, my short term view was that Sterling would weaken progressively until the middle of September. Unfortunately, somebody at head office (you know who you are!) sowed seeds of doubt in my mind, so I sat on the proverbial fence! The GBP/EUR graph shows me as a prophet of biblical standards, with Sterling bottoming out at just below 1.23 on Sept. 14th!

The Euro-zone woes are far from over making a serious buying spree unlikely, the BBVA reckons that Spain will require a further 60bn€ bailout, and Sterling is quiet! So this month I’m sticking my neck out and predicting a strengthening pound with 1.28 in sight by the end of there! For further information on transferring money at the best rates call us or pop into the office.

By Janet Lees

Currencies 4 You - E.

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Compiled by Rob Innis

Book Reviews

This month a debut novel, and two guest reviews featuring a new children’s book and also a recently published humorous book. Or the Bull Kills You By Jason Webster I think it is true that some books you really don’t want to put down and can’t wait to pick up again. But, for me, Webster’s first novel is not one of them. A lot of tell and not show, long passages without dialogue, irrelevant information (the author trying to convince himself, not trusting the reader to be following the plot?) all added to this not being a classic. I am not even sure Camara, the main protagonist, is very much different to a lot of other fictional detectives - drinker, smoker, women problems, rebellious - we have had those before. Leaving just the setting in Valencia as the new angle. I much preferred his non-fiction.

holding his handmade welcome sign aloft, he fails to realise that the initials BOM could be misinterpreted. You can guess the rest: a hysterical woman screams about terrorists, Joe makes ‘flip’ remarks to Special Branch Officers, and he ends up suffering a full body search. Meanwhile his VIP visitors scurry back to London in disgust after participating in an airport emergency drill. The opening sequence sets the tone for the rest of the story. Joe meets and falls in love with Susan and before long they want to be married. As with all good comedy, there are undertones of tragedy, and here it is the prejudice of the Protestant-Catholic divide that drives young Joe to marry his bride in England, with two witnesses and no guests, having been disowned by his family. Written as a series of chronological anecdotes, and once you start you’ll want to finish. John Henry succeeds in getting his reader to care about the principal characters whilst using his easy, fluid style. A Recipe for Disaster it may have been, but a recipe for a light-hearted, feel-good read it certainly remains.

Guest reviewer - Gerry Wright, Author and Freelance Writer, reviews a new book written especially for children. Fallyn and the Dragons By K.J. Rollinson This is a well-written book for youngsters about youngsters. It will certainly appeal to those who enjoy tales of fantasy and dragons. The story moves between the real world with its bully and cheat, and the world of dreams, with the inevitable battle between good and evil. The Keeper of Dreams recruits twins Allan and Eileen and their friend Martin to join the intrigue and battle on the island of Nashta. There they encounter Allan’s real-life school adversary and naturally the many dragons, used by both sides in the conflict. The chapters are short maintaining the tale’s momentum. The end of each encourages the reader to want to read on.

Try a visit to a great site dedicated to independent bookshops selling books in English throughout Europe. Discover some interesting shops in amazing locations – if you are planning a trip check the guide and post a comment/update on your visits. All books reviewed on this page are available new and sometimes used from good bookshops and a variety of online book sellers. Some are available as eBooks which can be read on many other devices including a PC or Laptop as well as an Amazon Kindle.

Parents of those younger children, who enjoy this type of tale, may like to read it to them. Children love to listen, and hearing this story and its sequels, (to be published next year) is likely to give them the desire to become readers themselves. The book is available through any bookshop or on-line from Amazon and in Kindle format. Guest reviewer – Maureen Moss, writer and travel doyen, reviews: A Recipe for Disaster By John Henry Fun, witty, true to life, ‘A Recipe for Disaster’ by John Henry is a wry, humour-filled look at life in 1960s Ireland and beyond though Irish roots are not required to enjoy it as the sentiments and emotions conveyed are universal. The story starts when Joe, a hapless but eager to please young salesman, tries to meet two important visitors from a company called British Office Machines at Dublin airport. Proudly


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Rob Innis now published On Amazon Kindle eBooks SPAIN EXPOSED Now republished with extra content added Only £1.98

Costa Blanca

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TIM Magazine™ Early February 1937...

The Battle of Jarama Words and photos by Rob Innis

You have recently arrived in Spain to join the International Brigade’s fight against Fascism. The strange languages still confuse you and the oily food unsettles your stomach. After basic military training you have moved up from Albacete to nearer the Madrid front. Now it is day break, you eat an unaccustomed breakfast then climb a steep hill expecting to spend the day digging defensive trenches in preparation for a possible future attack from Franco’s Nationalist troops. However you find your Spanish comrades in retreat. It is then you realise the enemy is not kilometres away, but only a few hundred metres. Next you discover your ammunition will not fit the aged rifle you have been issued with and the battle hardened, well armed experienced Nationalists are approaching - fast. Your day is about to get much worse. August 2012 Spanish Sites offer several tours around Spanish Civil War (SCW) battlefields in the Madrid area. I recently joined their one day Jarama tour which commenced in the Parque Debod, near Plaza de España, central Madrid. We were met by Madrid based David Mathieson who organises the tours. He led us up through the park to the elevated terraces behind the temple. The perfect location for him to set the scene of how the Republicans built their Madrid defences against Franco’s attacks. In July 1936 Franco had managed, with German assistance, to transfer his troops from North Africa to mainland Spain and commence what was planned to be a rapid military coup to overthrow the democratically elected Republican government. His forces swept up through Andalucía and Extremadura with the objective of swiftly taking Madrid. After initial confusion the forces loyal to the government managed to erect strategic defences around Madrid to repel the Nationalists. Forcing Franco to change plans and swing south east to attack the Valencia road in an attempt to sever the links between Madrid and Valencia, where the government had relocated to. Having got the overview we then left Madrid and made the short journey on the Madrid – Valencia motorway out to the Morata area where the battle of Jarama was fought during February 1937. Our first stop was at an innocuous looking finca with large wooden gates which, David told us, in 1937 had been commandeered and became known as the ‘cookhouse’ where the Republicans took their last meal before going into the fierce battle. The surrounding area is extremely hilly, with thickets on the rough stony


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Costa Blanca ground and planted olive groves in the fertile areas. Our morning was bright hot August sunshine. During the Jarama battle the February rains frequently bogged down both sides into the muddy campo hillsides. Many nationalities including British, Irish, French, Belgium, Germans (opposed to fascism) Americans and Russians amongst others formed the International Brigades and fought side by side. Their equipment was inferior to Franco’s forces that had superior tanks and fighter planes. A few kilometres away lay the ‘sunken road’ from where we explored the campo areas, which were the main battlefields. It is still not uncommon to find old shell cases and rusty sardine tins – the contents of which were rations for the troops. Also in evidence are hollowed out areas used as foxholes by both sides trying to avoid the shells and bullets constantly flying around. David told us in the initial hours the inexperienced volunteers thought the high pitched noises were the local insects in the trees before they realised it was deadly flying lead. The losses were heavy on both sides - eventually estimated at up to 20,000 fallen. Outnumbered and outgunned by the battle experienced Nationalists, including fearsome divisions of Moors, the Republicans bravely fought on during days of retreats then advancing again – frequently crossing and recrossing the same ground. Many experienced officers fell, and had to be replaced by inexperienced men who made some fatally bad decisions - giving orders to advance into walls of machine gun fire. The scene would have been total chaos as the lines were far from straight with reliable communications usually nonexistent. New types of warfare emerged, later to become ‘standard’ during 193945, with deadly German fighter planes and modern heavy tanks successful against the Republicans with their older Russian equipment. Finally Republican reinforcements arrived before Franco’s commanders realised how depleted, exhausted, starving and out of ammunition their enemy was and the Valencia road was held. By the end of February, with both sides claiming victory in the inevitable propaganda war, the battle fizzled out in a stalemate whilst the war moved north east to Guadalajara. We left the fields and went down into Morata for a pleasant lunch over more discussion about these historic events. Exchanging knowledge and information made for a lively debate amongst our group. The Jarama battle was the first to provide organised armed determined resistance to the Fascist war machine, which for many gives it great significance in world history. Following lunch we inspected the village’s SCW museum which has a huge variety of exhibits and photos on display and is well worth a visit. Our final stop was at the modern statue symbolising the clenched fist Republican salute located on the road back towards Madrid.

For more: SCW books available here: More photos:

For anyone interested in this period of Spanish history it is well worth booking one of the tours to see the sites and learn more facts about those historic events of 1936-39.

The “Sunken Road“

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“ Get on yer bike.” Monthly cycling tips / advice and routes. by Gary and Lynn “Cyclogical” Quesada. Cycle Route 23. Quesada to San Felipe Neri . Leave Quesada and head for Benijofar. Turn right at the town square, cobbled area, and cycle through Benijofar. At the roundabout for Rojales turn left, cycle up and over the bridge to the next roundabout & go straight across & follow the road to San Fulgencio. Turn left at the roundabout signposted Elche; continue on this road past La Marina Urbanisation and stay on this road that is a relatively good & straight. Pass the petrol station on your left and you come to a roundabout where the road becomes a dual carriageway with a cycle track on the left. Cycle on this track until you come to the next roundabout, turn left here onto the CV851 and follow this road for approx 1km then turn left, once on this road follow it for approx 12kms passing El Hondo nature reserve, just stay on this road and you will come straight into San Felipe Neri. There is a beautiful church in the town square, which looks like something out of a John Wayne movie. On your left you will see The “Bonnie Mackintosh” Tavern/Restaurant, which is owned and run by Debbie and John Mackintosh (see their advert in the Going Out section of TIM). This is an excellent restaurant at which to stop. They have a fantastic menu that caters for everyone’s needs. Lynn and I had an excellent meal one evening and we can highly recommend it. Debbie and John have offered all cyclists stopping for a snack, a free water bottle refill (water only), which is very good of them. For the route back we cycled on into and through Catral heading for Dolores following the road back to Formentera, Benijofar and finally Quesada. This is a beautiful flat cycle route with lots of gorgeous scenery and superb views of the mountains and hills. Total Cycling time: 3 Hours Total Distance: Approx 60 Kms. Summary: Beautiful Scenic route over flat terrain, with lovely views and great roads. Cycle Trip: Gary and Lynn will be leading a trip out to the Bonnie Mackintosh for coffee and sandwiches on Saturday 6th October at 2pm if anyone would like to join them. Booking is essential. All riders must be of an average cycling level and able to cycle at a steady pace. All of our routes are now available from our website on www. or from our newly published book “Cycling Routes, Maps, Tips and Advice”. Gary and Lynn are available at Cyclogical in Quesada Monday to Friday from 9.30am till 5.30pm and from 10am till 2pm on Saturdays to assist and advise you on all your cycling requirements.


Paul Cunningham Nurses try to be there at the latter stages, free of charge, for any terminally ill patients. Already they have supported many patients and their families. This service needs a constant stream of funds and is supported by many fund raising events.

To help further raise the ongoing monies needed, there are now three Paul Cunningham Nurses charity shops Our team of nurses, carers and fundraisers are dedicated to working tirelessly. Many in the community have taken the Charity into their hearts and give generously, and not just money, as often just a little time can help a lot. Please help us continue helping more people spend their final days with dignity. If you would like to find out what you could do to help or find out more about the fund raising we do, please email: sueinthesun@hotmail. or call 639 318 526. Give a little - help a lot!

Another triumph for Fortuna Artist Following on from last year’s triumph at the National Bird Carving Championships in Derbyshire, well-known local artist & celebrity Richard Rossiter struck silver in the Bird of Prey section with his carving of a Peregrine Falcon. He also achieved highly commended with his carvings of a bee-eater catching wasps, the alpine accentors on a rock, and king eider resting. Richard teaches art & woodcarving at his studio in Fortuna, so if you would like to learn from a champion, call 653 022 639. Photo shows Richard with his award-winning exhibit.

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Spanish Beef Pasta

1. Bring a large pot of lightly salted water to a boil. Add ziti pasta, and cook until al dente, about 8 minutes; drain. 2. In a large skillet, brown onion and ground beef over medium heat. Add spaghetti sauce, and simmer 15 minutes. 3. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Butter a 9x13 inch baking dish. Layer as follows: 1/2 of the ziti, Provolone cheese, sour cream, 1/2 sauce mixture, remaining ziti, mozzarella cheese and remaining sauce mixture. Top with grated Parmesan cheese.

1 pound dry ziti pasta 1 onion, chopped 1 pound lean ground beef 2 (26 ounce) jars spaghetti sauce 6 ounces provolone cheese, sliced 1 1/2 cups sour cream 6 ounces mozzarella cheese, shredded 2 tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese

4. Bake for 30 minutes in the preheated oven, or until cheeses are melted.


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FULLY AIR CONDITIONED ADDITIONAL PARKING AVAILABLE Carol, John, Sara & Rob offer you a warm welcome and invite you to savour the best in quality home cooked food.

THE CASTLE BAR | CAMPING CASTILLEJO Baños de Fortuna | 693 266 770

| Email:






CTO FR R THU EE CLI NIC RSD A No a Y ppo 1-4pm intm nee ded ent .



MEDIUM 6.00 | LARGE 7.50
















Steaks served on Lava Rocks are enjoyed for the simple reason: It allows you to cook your steak exactly as you like


BEST QUALITY — BEST CHOICE — BEST VALUE OPENING HOURS : EVERY DAY 11am TILL 11pm (CLOSED TUESDAYS) KITCHEN 12pm– 8PM | SUNDAYS 11-4pm Kitchen will open outside these hours by arrangement E-mail: • Web site:


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Autumn Fun! Sudoku

Word Search


Astronomy sun comet star neptune

Sudoku Solutions

1 44

venus mercury pluto jupiter

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Funnies Someone stole things from me... A drunk phoned police to report that thieves had been in his car. “They’ve stolen the dashboard, the steering wheel, the brake pedal, the radio, and even the accelerator,” he cried out. However, before the police investigation could start, the phone rang a second time and the same voice came over the line. “Never mind,” he said with a hiccup, “I got in the back seat by mistake.”

Tourist Attraction Clues

Across 1. Inadequate consolation (on a farm?) (4,7) 9. Modest accommodation (9) 10. Expected (3) 11. Sidled (5) 13. Section (anag) (7) 14. Taiwanese capital (6) 15. Flow - proposal (6) 18. Nonsense (informal) (7) 20. Last (5) 21. Bring charges against - girl (3) 22. Damage the reputation of (9) 24. Glorious (11)

Down 2. At an early stage - at a late stage (3) 3. Girl of Irish myth - rid deer (anag) (7) 4. Hydrocarbon found in petrol - at once (6) 5. Rifts (5) 6. Decrease (9) 7. Bunking off work (11) 8. Celebrity (11) 12. Arthur’s wife (and Lancelot’s lover?) (9) 16. Made available (7) 17. Sexually virtuous (6) 19. Ring true (3,2) 23. Greyish brown (3)

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Healthy Oils

Series 1

Coconut Oil

I decided to include a series on healthy oils because ‘good’ unsaturated oils are key to good health, great skin and shiny hair. Without the correct essential fatty acids our body can’t function at its optimum level. It is nutritionally the thing most people are also deficient in due to the modern refined diet. We need fats in our diet it’s a fact but what we need is GOOD fats! Healthy fats/oils such as olive oil, avocado (vitamin e oil), fish, and (omega 3, 6 oil) are well known. But what about other oils? Over the next few editions of TIM magazine we’ll be exploring a range of amazing oils that can benefit your body. If you go back hundreds to thousands of years, coconuts were already well indoctrinated into the fabric of many cultures around the world. Many cultures throughout Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands had certain customs that honoured it regularly. Coconut oil is about 2/3 medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs), also called medium-chain triglycerides or MCTs. These types of fatty acids produce a whole host of health benefits. As they are medium chain (it just means under a microscope they are medium sized) they are easy for the body to digest and use. Coconut oil is nature’s richest source of these healthy MCFAs. Despite the media propaganda, the truth is this: it is UNSATURATED fats that are primarily involved in heart disease, not the naturally occurring saturated fats, as you have been led to believe. Good saturated fats protect your heart that is why the Mediterranean diet (rich in olive oil) is deemed one of the healthiest in the world. Coconut oil is also ideal for skin care. It helps protect your skin from the aging effects of free radicals, and can help improve the appearance of skin with its anti-aging benefits

Here are some facts about Coconut oil. »» »» »» »» »» »»

It contains macro minerals that assist electrolyte balance It’s a source of concentrated energy The building blocks for cell membranes and hormones are present They are a carrier for fat soluble vitamins like A, D, E and K They enable the body to convert carotene to vitamin A They assist with mineral absorption

Health Benefits of Coconut Oil It’s a fact that 50 percent of the fat content in coconut oil is a fat rarely found in nature called lauric acid. Lauric acid IS a “miracle” ingredient because of its unique health promoting properties. Your body converts lauric acid into monolaurin, which has anti-viral AND anti-bacterial properties. 46

by Lucie Perkins

It has positive health benefits and works in the following ways. »» »» »» »» »»

An antihistamine An anti-infective/antiseptic Promoters of immunity Glucocorticoid antagonist = (Anti-inflammatory agent) Non-toxic cancer agent

Coconut oil plays a significant role in the prevention of disease as well as helping the body to fight it. Here are a few examples of its healing capabilities: Kills viruses that cause mononucleosis, influenza, hepatitis C, measles, herpes, AIDS and other illnesses. »» Kills bacteria that cause pneumonia, ear ache, throat infections, dental cavities, food poisoning, urinary tract infections, meningitis, gonorrhoea etc.
 »» Protects brain and nerve cell degeneration from lipid per oxidation of unsaturated oils. »» Relieves stress on pancreas and enzyme systems of the body. »» Helps protect against osteoporosis. »» Relieves symptoms associated with Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, and stomach ulcers. »» Improves utilization of essential fatty acids and protects them from oxidation. »» Helps to protect the body from harmful free radicals that promote premature aging and degenerative disease. »» Helps relieve symptoms associated with chronic fatigue syndrome. »» Helps protect against kidney and bladder problems. »» Helps prevent liver disease. You can find Coconut oil in your local health shop and this versatile oil can be used in many cooking methods. You can use it in smoothies to add an exotic flavour, cakes, stir- frys and oriental cooking. It is especially great in Asian inspired curries. Coconut water is also another amazing gift from this exotic fruit that is more rehydrating than water. Also don’t forget that eating fresh coconut is a great form of fibre and the minerals S Rich in natural vitamins (especially the B vitamins), minerals, and trace elements (including zinc, selenium, iodine, sulphur, potassium and manganese) so with a host of health benefits - go Coco Loco for Coconuts!

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Costa Blanca

Tel: 965 474 314 • Mob: 675 218 436 • FA B pr oper ties • FA B p r i c e s • FA B s e r v i c e

Monovar - Ref: ff0675

Sax - Ref: ff0672

Sax - Ref: ff0657

Salinas - Ref: ff0666

Pretty finca with gorgeous views, 3 beds, 2 baths Swimming pool Fabulous garden

Finca for renovation. Great location, close to town. 2 beds, 1 bath, 2 receptions 1200m2 land

Renovated country house 3 beds, 2 baths & pool 2 huge garages & underbuild Stunning views

Country house close to village 4 beds, 2 baths Swimming pool 5000m2 land

Only 149,995 euros

Only 49,995 euros

Reduced - now 159,995 euros

Now only 129,000 euros

Sax - Ref: ff0671 Pretty country house 3 beds, 2 baths Swimming pool, Outbuildings

Great price - 169,995 euros

Sax - Ref: ff0504 Lovely country house 3 beds, 2 baths Manageable garden & pool Walking distance to town.

Significantly reduced - 125,995 euros

Sax - Ref: ff0567 Huge country house 4 beds, 3 baths, Pool Conservatory & dining room Price slashed - now only 138,995 euros

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Sax - Ref: ff0635 Country house in sought after area, 2 beds, 2 baths Swimming pool Stables & outbuildings Huge reduction - now only 104,995 euros


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Shoes Compared to most modern footwear, shoes manufactured in earlier centuries were, for the most part, very uncomfortable. It wasn’t until the development of woven stockings in the late sixteenth centuary that footwear could be made snug-fitting and actually shaped to the foot. To give you a basic idea of the crudity of very early shoes, it wasn’t until the invention in 1818 of the left-shoe and the right-shoe,the left shoe was constructed differently from the right shoe. Before this date, either shoe could be worn on either foot with equaling amounts of discomfort! Until the introduction of mass-produced footwear in the nineteenth century, shoes were usually handmade in a cobbler’s shop, with nails or pegs used to bind the soles of the shoe to the upper part. Then as mechanization set in, machines were devised for sewing shoes together. By the early nineteen hundreds , most footwear but not all was being made, at least in part, by machine, and for the first time not totally by a cobbler.

Tanned leather has been a very much favored material for footwear since the Arabs first introduced fine leatherwork in to Spain in or around the eighth century. The main leather-making trade of those Spanish Arabs was based in and around the city of Cordova. As leather becomes more and more expensive today, more and more shoe manufacturers are turning increasingly to rubber and synthetic materials for their products. Each model of the modern shoe is manufactured in 160 sizes, with length designated by a number and width by a letter. But a size ten shoe is not ten inches long, so where does the number come from? Believe it or not, it stands for ten barleycorns! King Edward II decreed in 1324 that an inch was equal to three average-sized barleycorns laid end to end. The normal shoe was declared to measure thirty-nine barleycorns, and this size, for some reason or other, was designated with the number 13. Other sizes were graded from this standard, with one barleycorn difference between each successive size. Today, the foot-measuring system used in the UK is one size different from the American system in both length and width. In metric countries, one size indicates a difference of about two-thirds of a centimeter. The average person has literally thousands upon thousands of styles of shoes to choose from, from the modern machine-stitched leather shoe or the rubber-soled sneaker to old favorites such as the sandal, the clog, the platform shoe, and the pump. The U.S. Patent Office has on file a design for boots with pockets, for use by nudists. A bit outlandish? Well, if the shoe fits, wear it


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September 24th - October 23rd

Aries Your business or romantic partner will come into extra money, which indirectly benefits you. Make some purchases aimed at making daily life easier. Hiring a cleaning person will give you more time to focus on other things, whether work or amusement. It will feel good to give someone a job in this economy. If someone asks for your opinion of their performance, be honest but tactful. Pretending to like something that is horrible will undercut your credibility.

Leo Don’t get distracted by your friends’ success. Superficial manifestations of wealth don’t mean much in this age of debt. Lots of people have expensive merchandise and can’t pay their bills. Instead of looking to others as a yardstick of your own worth, turn your focus inward. Make more time for the people and activities you love. Launching a home improvement project will be a good use of your creative talent. It’s fun to find better uses for your existing layout.

Sagittarius Working behind the scenes will be your most productive way forward now. This arrangement allows you to work in the way that feels most comfortable for you. If there’s anything you hate, it’s being forced to work with someone who is looking over your shoulders. Avoid taking others for granted, as you need your loved ones to help you through a difficult professional situation. Promises that were made to you a while ago have yet to come to fruition. It’s time to confront the person who made these assurances.


Taurus You’ll have to pursue someone who can help you with work. Adopting a cool, indifferent attitude will result in a lost opportunity. If you are in a relationship, take this opportunity to do something kind for your lover. Relieving your partner of a dreaded chore will win their undying gratitude. Resist the urge to buy an extravagant gift for a youngster. They will appreciate your time more than a bribe. Arrange an outing you will both enjoy.




Try to be more attentive to your family’s needs. Recently, you’ve been having a lot of fun, but it’s time to put an end to all the revelry. It’s time to relieve a relative of a difficult chore. On the plus side, your health is extremely good. You’ll have all the energy and strength necessary to do your own work, plus help your nearest and dearest. A job opening is worth pursuing. The competition will be stiff, but you’ll be one of the best candidates.



Stop looking at work as being your sole source of happiness. You’re very good at your job, but it’s important to have an enriching personal life to replenish your spirit. Having good friendships and engrossing hobbies will improve your outlook and keep depression at bay. It may be necessary to take a short trip on the spur of the moment. Exploring a nearby city will make you optimistic about the future. You love finding restaurants, bookstores, and boutiques that are off the beaten path.

It’s time to put your financial house in order. Keep a record of your expenses and purchases. See where you can trim the fat. Although you love luxury, that shouldn’t undercut your long term security. Putting a portion of your income into savings will guard you against lean times ahead. Don’t put your faith into an alleged expert who wants to charge you a big fee for their services. You’re better off trusting your instincts. Go to the library to fill the gaps in your knowledge.



Getting involved with a charitable organisation will be rewarding. You’ll meet some really accomplished people through your work. They’ll inspire you to develop your own raw talent. Beware of taxing your system with fat, alcohol, and sugar. Sticking to a diet that largely consists of lean protein, fresh fruit, and raw vegetables will boost your energy level and increase your productivity. Resist the temptation to volunteer for more work. You’ve already got enough on your plate.

It’s important to show off your accomplishments or your boss may not realise the full extent of your contributions. If you’re going to get ahead, you have to distinguish yourself from the crowd. Don’t be surprised when someone from your job develops a crush on you. Are you looking for work? Adopt a disciplined approach to your job search. Devote a few set hours a day to examining the wanted ads, sending out applications, and attending job fairs.

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Stop berating yourself for falling short of a goal. Circumstances beyond your control have impeded your progress. The good news is this experience has made you a better competitor. Give yourself a chance to recover from your disappointment, and then try again. Someone is flirting with you outrageously. It’s nice to know your sex appeal is still strong. Of course, you don’t have to act on this invitation. Just enjoy being the object of somebody’s desire.

This is a good time to enter a race or competition. Training with a friend will help you go the distance. You will benefit from your partner’s feedback. Beware of loading up your credit cards with purchases. You have the money to cover these expenses now, but an emergency may require you to dip into savings. It’s better to be resourceful with your income. Put off any extravagant purchases for another time, when you’ll find a better deal and get a superior product.

Pisces This is a good time to submit written work for publication. You’ve always been an entertaining storyteller, whether talking about serious subjects or spinning fanciful fairytales for youngsters. Turn a deaf ear to relatives who predict you will fail. They’re just jealous of your talent and worry what will happen if you achieve a new level of success. Don’t sign a lease or loan until a legal professional checks out the fine print. You can negotiate a better deal than the one you are originally offered.

Costa Blanca

inurbe fincas s.l

 We need more properties to sell! Contact us to arrange an appointment


0034 679 951 140 (Español) 0034 699 457 387 (English) 0034 606 619 288 (Dutch) 0034 966 779 788 (Office/fax) c/ San Rafael, 11, 03318 La Murada, Alicante

Buy Direct





Very large country house for renovation with 300 m2 warehouse that could be developed. Ideal for B & B. 4 beds, 2 baths, lounge, patio with space for pool. Peaceful area, close to the mountains. Build: 300 m2 € 49,995

2 country houses & caves requiring total renovation. Ideal investment project for B & B. Peaceful county area and only 10 minutes walk from the nearest village. Water & electricity available. Build: 320 m2 Plot: 3,776 m2 € 49,995

Fully insulated wooden chalet with licence, on a fenced plot planted with vines. 2 beds, bath, kitchen, lounge/diner. Good access, views to the mountains. 2 km from the nearest village. Build: 60 m2 Plot: 4,000 m2 € 66,995

5 month´s construction time – totally legal detached villa. Choose your own plot. Spacious home with 4 beds, 3 baths, lounge/diner, fitted kitchen. Double garage, pool, auto entry system. Build: 158 m2 Plot: 6,050 m2 € 180,000

Ref 01560 Macisvenda – MURCIA



Ref 02657 Crevillente - ALICANTE

Large, 2 storey wooden chalet with large garage. 4 beds, 3 baths, fitted kitchen, lounge/diner. Spacious porch, balcony. One km from the town with mountain views. Build: 160 m2 Plot: 5,010 m2 € 121,995

Large refurbished country house with separate annexe. 4 beds, 2 baths, 2 kitchens, 2 lounge/diners, 2 fireplaces. Terraces, barbeque & oven. Peaceful location, only 5 mins from the town. Build: 210 m2 m2 € 122,000

Fully furnished country house with stunning views. 3 double beds, bath, fitted kitchen, lounge, glazed dining room. Patio. Garage, 2 additional rooms for completion. Sat TV. Build: 236 m2 Plot: 3,883 m2 Offers

Detached country house on an enclosed plot with auto entry. 2 beds, 2 baths, open plan fitted kitchen, lounge/diner. Porch, barbeque. Wooden chalet. Outbuilding for conversion. Build: 100 m2 Plot: 3,000 m2 € 165,000

Ref 02601 Crevillente – ALICANTE




Ideal for B & B. Spacious country house with pool. Main house: 6 beds, 2 baths, large lounge, fitted kitchen, glazed terrace. Guest house: 2 beds, 2 baths, lounge. Garage. Build: 245 m2 Plot: 8,900 m2 € 184,995

Totally renovated traditional house, 5 mins walk from the thermal baths. 3 beds, bath, lounge/diner with fireplace, fitted kitchen. Spacious interior patio. Telephone & internet. 10 mins from Fortuna. Build: 125 m2 € 124,995

Very large country house for renovation. Ideal for stables. 6 beds, new bathroom, lounge, dining room, kitchen. Fenced plot with fantastic views. Spacious patio. 4 mins drive from the town. Build: 390 m2 Plot: 17,000 m2 € 175,000

Country house, renovated to a high standard. 4 beds, 3 baths, very large fitted kitchen, separate dining room, lounge. Spacious patio with outdoor kitchen. Garage. Fantastic views. Build: 180 2 Plot: 1,800 m2 € 217,000

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Registered association no. CV-01-045701-A Look out for our 2013 calendars, still 6 euros. A big thank you all who have sponsored adverts. Thank you also, to Baz and Jo and friends who did the tombola at La Romana on Jo’s birthday. Hope you had a good one Jo. Our Treasure Hunt which was cancelled in the summer but will take place on 10th November. Contact us for more details and to book. Contact;659274573 mail;

British Legion Goes Fashion Conscious. Sean from Eden Hairdressers of Hondon de las Nieves devoted the evening to dressing the models hair whilst Lily Anna Cox attended to their makeup. “We love to entertain people with our fashion show,” Deborah from Tiaras and Gowns of Algueña stated, as she sorted out the chaos of the preparations behind the scenes. “All our models give their time freely to any group who would like to see our extensive range of evening dresses, ball gowns and wedding outfits.” This young lady had fun trying on the jewellrey and hats, brought along by Ann Marie Conroy of FM Fragances & Jewellrey in La Romana, and every one wanted to win the raffle prize donated by Angel Nails of Hondon de las Nieves, who specializes in pedicures and nail art. The woman members of the Hondon Valley British Legion were especially attentive as they have their Poppy Ball on 2nd November when they celebrate the Poppy Appeal and the dresses on show were just right for the occasion. Dave the Legion Chairman reminded the audience that all money collected for the Poppy Appeal goes to assisting any of our armed forces who fall on hard times whilst living in Spain. Next meeting 16th October 7.30 at Monte Alto Hondon de las Nieves.

Paul Cunningham Nurses try to be there at the latter stages, free of charge, for any terminally ill patients. If you would like to find out what you could do to help or find out more about the fund raising we do, please email: or call 639 318 526. Give a little - help a lot!


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Costa Blanca

Win a Pleasure Flight Courtesy of Sol Aero Simply answer the question below, fill in your details, cut out the coupon and send to T.I.M. Apartado de Correos 285 • 03630 SAX (Alicante) Question: What island did we fly to in this month’s write up? HINT: Read Sol Aero article (inside back page) Answer.................................................................................. Name..................................................................................... Email Address......................................................................... Address.......................................................................... ....................................................................................... Your Contact Tel number.......................................................... Closing Date for entries is the 20th of the month TIM’s decision is final Weight and height restrictions apply. E-mail: • Web site:


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Hondon Valley Golf Society



Jim Brightmore and Johnny Ainscough continued their run of good form as they battled it out for Gold at the HVGS September Stableford at Alenda Golf. Mr Reliable, Bernard Cox, chalked up another win in the Silver Section as Peter Gladwell, a new

member, carded 27 points to win Bronze, also on countback, from Captain Geoff. Bright sunlight and clear blue skies provided the backdrop as the first of seven groups tee-ed off at just after 10.00 am at Alenda Golf. The course looked in superb condition and every buggy was in use

on the day as other golfers took advantage of the last few days of Alenda’s current offer. Prices all over Spain and the Costa Blanca will increase to absorb the increase in VAT on green fees from 8% to 21% announced by the Spanish Government with effect from 1st September 2012.

ing HVG S Golf Events Days and Other

Friday 21 st S Match - Heptember Font De l Llo VGS Teams to meet in C v Font Del Llop p lubhouse at 08.00 a Tuesday m 9th Octob er Font D Meet 09.1 el L 5 am in C lubhouse lop Tuesday 13th Nov ember El Captain’s Plantio Day Mee t 08.15 am Wednesd ay 21st Bar Pepin November AGM 6.00 pm p rompt Friday 7th Decembe Dinner D r La Finc ance & P a resentatio 7.30 for 8 n Night .00 pm J acket & T ie Tuesday 11th Dec embe Christma s Cracker r Alicante Stablefor Meet 09.1 d 5 am in C lubhouse

Well as the section winners played, no-one scored more than 30 points although conditions were near perfect for golf. Big Jim B also found the time during his winning round to explain to a Fellow member the rules for grounding a club in a bunker and how many penalty shots are incurred when a player’s ball rolls against his foot! Golf is a learning game some of the time and the Society is grateful to its more experienced members who help to educate newer players in both the Rules and the Etiquete of Golf. Captain Geoff welcomed everyone on the huge verandah outside the Clubhouse before congratulating the winners and presenting the prizes. He also reminded members to get their names on the list for Captain’s Day as the list was filling up.

Winners HVGS Stableford – Alenda Golf – Tuesday 11th September 2012 Member




Jim BRIGHTMORE Gold Winner 11 30 C/B John AINSCOUGH Gold Runner Up 14 30 Bernard COX Silver Winner 19 30 Paul EVANS Silver Runner Up 21 27 C/B Peter GLADWELL Bronze Winner ? 27 C/B Geoff RABEY Bronze Runner Up 22 27 VOID Nearest the Pin 3rd Jan HENDRICKS Nearest the Pin 13th Malcolm ROBINS Nearest the Pin 16th John AINSCOUGH Longest Drive 9th Martin TAYLOR Green Fee Refund MikeSWINNERTON Football Scratchcard Liverpool

Prize Bottle of Gin Bottle of Wine Bottle of Gin Bottle of Wine Bottle of Gin Bottle of Wine Case of Beer Case of Beer Case of Beer Bottle of Wine €30.00 Cash €20.00 Cash

For information on how to join HVGS contact the Secretary, Jim Lynch, on 666 208 416 or email jamesandsue.lynch@ . To reserve your place on the list for the Society Golf Days contact the Captain, Geoff Rabey, on 966 191 763 and 619 577 192 or e-mail him at

54 • Web site:

Costa Blanca

CAMPO GOLF SOCIETY After the anticipation of playing El Platio in August, the members were very disappointed by the condition of the course and the lack of ground staff in attendance. As one of the best courses around, it was sad to see it in such a sorry state with weeds growing on the greens. On the first, which was a temporary green, members found putting difficult due to its very bad condition.

reason but who would like to continue their membership, please contact Brian or Dave. RESULTS WINNER RICHARD WALLACE - 25pts SECOND DINY VAN BEEK - 24pts N/P 7th NO WINNER N/P 9th KOOS VAN BEEK N/P 14th RICHARD WALLACE DATES FOR 2012 OCTOBER




first tee 10.45am

However, despite this, it was a very close call between half a dozen members with Richard Wallace winning on 25pts. Diny Van Beek was second on count back from Brian Johnson scoring a very creditable 24 pts - carding 16 points on the back nine, Well done to both.


After presentations, the members urged the committee not to play El Plantio again until the problems on the course had been rectified and to cancel the Christmas venue; such was their disappointment.

“Mick the Grip” visits AJ’s in Nieves on a regular basis. Please speak to John or Ann for further detail - Telephone 965480718

If there is anyone who is not playing at the moment for any

EL PLANTIO first tee 9.28am Golf and Christmas lunch - cost TBA

Need your clubs regripped or repaired?


E-mail: • Web site:


TIM Magazine™ Website D


Computer Repairs 20 € (+iva) per hour Change W7 to English

Websites Designed from 200 € (incl. iva) Quality Hosting 80 € (incl. iva) Computers Repaired and Upgraded; Sales; Training Sax, Alicante STEVE: 966 967 439 or 650 354 629


E-mail: • Web site:

Costa Blanca


FIREWOOD With every delivery FREE kindling chimney clean as required . Fruit tree, Olive and Almond wood cut to size of wood burner

658 626 315

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The Castalla Walkers The Castalla Walkers are a group of friends who share a love of the outdoors and particularly enjoy walking in the wonderful mountainous countryside surrounding us here at Castalla. The group was founded in 2004 by Ken Turner who sadly passed away two years later. The group however, continued and goes from strength to strength with an ever increasing portfolio of walks. The main programme of Wednesday walkssuitable for anyone with a modicum of fitnessruns from September through June but a subgroup also meet on Mondays to reccy new walks and tackle more challenging ones. The


sub-group continue walking through the close season on both Wednesdays and Mondays. There is also a sister group which meets on Sundays and Tuesdays for those who wish to undertake shorter (maximum 2.5hrs) and generally low level walks. The Wednesday Programme grades walks into Easy, Moderate and Difficult categories thereby making it easy for intending participants to determine which walks are right for them. The group is open to all be they resident or tourist and regardless of age or nationality, etc. Indeed we currently have walkers from England, Spain, Holland, Finland and even Brazil! There are no joining or participation fees

involved but the group aim to raise funds for local charities through the sale of Programmes and through raffles at their regular Social lunches. Our regular meeting point is the Ball & Chain roundabout in Castalla at 09.15 each week. New participants are always welcome and will find the group a very friendly and sociable one. All we ask is that they wear appropriate footwear and clothing, carry sufficient water, adhere to the Country code and follow the instructions of the walk leaders. For safety reasons we cannot allow dogs. For more information call Bill Mullaney 965 630 009 or Roger Hind 965 562 211 • Web site:

To advertise with TIM call 606 891 644 NOW! Amigos de La Romana Community Car Boot Sale Central market la Romana On Sunday 21st October Sellers .7.30 am Buyers 9am Pitches will be on a first come first served,unless pre booked No new goods will be allowed for sale with exception of hand crafted products For further information Call English 661 145 128 Spanish 618 331 523 Pere ducompo

River Ebro Guest House Fishing & Walking Holidays Spanish Civil War Tours English B&B All Rooms En-suite Situated on River Bank at Flix. Join us and Discover Rural Spain www.


Boot Fairs

To be held at the Central Market in La Romana Boot Fair Dates for 2012


Boot Fairs will take place on the first and third Sunday of the month as detailed below. October 7th and 21st November 4th and 18th December 2nd and 16th

Do you kneed help with their care? Holiday stays to permanent living.

All sellers to set up from 07.30 hrs and will be allocated pitches on a first come basis. All goods offered for sale must of saleable condition and all electrical goods must work.

Call us now:659401945 or 677804691

Sellers to arrive from 07.30 hrs. Buyers to arrive from 09.00 hrs allowing sellers to set up the stalls. La Romana boot fairs accept NO responsibility whatsoever for any faulty goods sold at the boot fair. For further information contact: English speaking Alan : 661145128 Spanish speaking Paul : 693421197

House Clearance whole and part houses and garages cleared moving house? having a clearout!We will buy all unwanted items from furniture to single items including vehicles Removals large van and driver for hire on hourly rates,prompt professional service guaranteed for further information please call 661 145128

Nursing & Thai Massage by qualified nurse and carer. Regular visits by appointment in the Pinoso area Reasonable rates Call Deena on 693 858 643 and 965 070 522 anytime. Email: E-mail: • Web site:


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If you have an item for sale over 500 euros or if you have a commercial advert and would like them listed in the Classifieds section of the magazine, then call 606 891 644. Closing date for Classifieds in the magazine is the 19th of the month.


Send your small ads for print to BARGAINADS@YAHOO.ES

Sell it Fast Sell it For FREE! You can place your unwanted items in our Classifieds section FREE of charge up to the value of 500 euros. Simply text your unwanted items too 680 976823 or email them to remember, no more than 25 words per item and no more than 3 items per household, and please always include what area you live in, we do not take FREE classifieds over the phone. Last day for Free ads is the 18th of the month

Advertise Your Classifieds For FREE No Value Restrictions. Sell anything fast at classifieds, its totally FREE. Sell you House/car/boat or what you have at

When sending through your items by email, please only send in normal size text. GENERAL Can’t wait to place your stuff in Tim classifieds? You can now place your unwanted items FREE of charge including photo’s, no price limits, from a house to a car or a rental property, place your unwanted stuff to sell! FREE of charge at www. classifieds, sell it fast sell it today. Now includes Free Personal listings Roland Cube 60 guitar amplifier, 1x12” speaker, footswitches and manual, excellent condition 200 euros. White aluminium window, 178 cm long X 120 cm high + 16 cm persiana box, 2 sliding dbl glazed


panels, mosquiteras, persiana, reja.,excellent condition. 85 euros.¨Pinoso, Robert 660 760 923 Squier J. Mascis signature Jazzmaster guitar, excellent condition, Thomann tweed hard case, 300 euros. Ian, Villa Martin 644 125 446. 1.4metre satellite dish,stand and LNB. 100E.Knitmaster sewing machine zigzag etc many extras 966 979 630 (Pinoso area) Remote baby monitor, batteries or mains, 300m range 2 channel option, used once only €25. also baby bottle steriliser takes 3 bottles use in Microwave Oven, €10. ALBATERA, Tel: 657 443 099

B. J. TOOL HIRE Macisvenda

Vast selection of tools available From Acrows to Wacker Plates Collection/Delivery available Repairs & Servicing to most types of tools. Chain Saws re-sharpened.

650 763 177 or 636 286 841

2 leather 2 seater settees as new condition,must sell no reasonable offer refused Tel 865 480 098 Hondon de las Nieves area Mahogany bow legged cane table, 154x106cms. smoked glass top. 6 chairs, 4 are carver. Cream upholsthered seatscost over 1.000GBP accept 250.00euros,double bed, white wrought iron headboard and foot board, good condition 95 euros, double set bedding for double bed, 20 euros Pine affect wardrobe, 2 bedside cabinets and 5 drawer chest. 35 euros. tel 966 196 631 area Pinoso Nevir. plays all dvd recorder,plus over 130 dvd films. 150 euros, must see, Fortuna 699 175 656 or 968 954 047.

Large van leaving Spain to the UK and UK to Spain every month. space available both ways, very reliable Tel or 690 818 090, UK mob: 07504 927034 email: R E M O VA L S - D E L I V E RY AND PICK UP SERVICE. Large van and competitive prices. Call 658 626 315 - place your classifieds for FREE!!! 60

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FOR SALE - White BalayFamily Fridge Freezer in GWO and condition 171hx60x60, Freezer 60L, Fridge230L - collect from ALBATERA, €100 Tel:657 443 099 Chest freezer for sale, 9 months old, cost 350 euros, now 150 euros, no offers buyer collects in La Romana. Tel: 965 696 754 Three bouncy castles all in good condistion to see pictures 900 euros. Oil-filled radiator 15E. Electric panel wall heater 15E.Folding bed used once 966 979 630 (Pinoso area)

Costa Blanca 1998 Suzuki Vitara 2 ltr, itv, Spanish plates, engine extremely good, new tyres on front, new drive belts, 1 owner from new, 3,750 euros Tel 695 625 746

CRAFTSMEN & DESIGN SERVICES 35 yrs unique skill base all work licensed and guarenteed specialising in * plastering internal/ external wall covering *stone masonry / brick & block work *plumbing, painting& decorating Free estimates help & advise Tel :966180636 or 620543155 e mail: craftsmendesign@

Hablamos tu lengua – We speak your language.

Translation/interpretation service. 10€ per hour. Need a translator/interpreter? Are you a translator/interpreter looking for more work? Please call 679548451

Freelance Writer, Nick Faulder: websites, magazine articles, ghost writing, etc. Research time is charged hourly, the written work per word. For a professionally presented piece, fully proofed and ready for publication, contact nickfaulder@yahoo. for a quote.






COLLECTION SERVICE Tel Phil (Fortuna) 607 848 332

Nissan Micra 1.0 ltr 16v 1996, new tyres, cd, itv March 13, Spanish plates RHd, imacualte condition, regularly serviced , 550 euros Tel 965 480 431 or 647 025 083 Mercedes clk 230 kompresser convertible, personalised plate worth £1200 wolfrace wheels new legal UK mot, excellent condition bargain 3,500 euros ono tel 661 145 128 Mercedes A class, 170 cdi elegance, 1999, red, new itv and tyres 2,800 euros ono Tel 968 683 174

2nd hand cars bought and sold Tel 691 260 502

Ford mondeo estate, 2ltr ghia sw, 2001 silver 160,000 klms, suma paid, itv’d February 2013, petrol/manual Spanish vehicle, 2,000 euros ono Tel Paul 633 144 212

Renault 19 saloon 1.8 , 1996 model new itv, suma paid, personalised Spanish number plate reliable cheap car 650 euros tel 661 145 128

Remember you can place your vehicle/house on our website for FREE at www.timspain. com Upload up to 3 photos and you can also include all the


necessary details for people to see your ad on-line. Go for it!


Do you have an Event/ Events happening at your bar/restaurant? You can now place your up and coming Events FREE of charge in our Events Calendar at www. Get your business noticed today!! E and G disco/karaoke private parties, functions bars,clubs music from the 50’s to present, price from 15€ per hour Christmas dates available telephone 618 200 657 or email katieking05@

Can you drive, make a cuppa, do odd jobs? Do you have time on your hands and would like to help people out on a voluntary basis? Pinoso Vineyard Christian Fellowship would love to hear from you! Please call Jacqueline on 679 548 451 or message us via www. Dart players wanted based in Beneixama to play in the Villena & District Friendly Dart League’ Please contact ROB Tel No: 675 360 574. Are you returning to the UK permenantly at the end of the year? Are you interested in exchanging your Spanish car for a uk car? Exchange here in spain or in uk. Please let me know call tel: 649 280 204

Your unwanted mattresses any size and any condition, will collect please Telephone 644 125 597 Wanted gas cooker in good condition or gas hob electric oven 651 024 914 Castalla “Country properties under 150,000 euros urgently wanted in Sax, Salinas, and surrounding areas. Buyers waiting. Free market valuation - no fee until sold. What have you got to lose? Contact Steve or Claire on 965 474 314 / 675 218 436 or email Discretion assured.”

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“HEALTH & FITNESS WITH TINA” Countdown to Christmas as begun, want to look and feel great in that special outfit, welln I can help you. I offer a range of classes Dance Fitness Fuzion, Sculpt & Tone, The Healthy Eaters Club, as well as Personal Training in the comfort of your own home or venue. I am a fully qualified Fitness Professional working within the industry for 20 years. Classes in Sax & La Romana, for further info call Tina 659 422 501. PARTY YOURSELF INTO SHAPE THIS AUTUMN!! Ditch The Workout, Join The Party!! ZUMBA FITNESS CLASSES with Certified Zumba Instructor in Pinoso, La Romana, Fortuna, the Hondons, La Zarza for details contact Donna 966 195 876/699 408 773 www. Wednesday 31st October. Halloween Disco & Fancy Dress Party. Bob’s Bar, Fortuna 9pm. FREE entry

November 8th 7pm Pinoso Vineyard Christian Fellowship. An informal 61

TIM Magazine™

evening and chat by Tracey Stackhouse of Golden Leaves Funeral Plans and Nick Venn of AES International Finance. All welcome, please call 679 548 451 so we can get an idea of numbers or message us via

You can always place your pets on our classified site:, place up to 3 photos, let people see them!

place your property rental on for FREE!

Car Boot Sale in Salinas nr Sax every Sunday/ fully legal, see www.rastro.timspain. com for more information and how to get there.


You suffer from a weak back & want to exercise but find it uncomfortable? Come and try our


New Build


Therapeutic & Relaxing Exercises in the style of

Due to relocation two Miniature Schnauzer dogs free to good home only. Two sisters that must stay together. both fully vaccinated. Fortuna Tel. 968 432 616 Pinoso area. For further details please ring 966 195 501, or e mail. desyinspain@


Are you house hunting/ or looking for a relaxing Holliday 30 minutes inland from the coast and 25 mins from Alicante Airport in the real Spain! Long and Short lets available, fabulous road connections to all parts of Spain. Golf Course 15 mins drive away. Two beds, two bathrooms, American kitchen/ diner, Sky tv, Air con, use of pool and jaccuzi, beautiful views, great for walking or cyclists. Sax area call 638 026 230 for more info and prices.

LA ROMANA village. For Rent /Sale. UNFURNISHED. New End Townhouse. 3 beds. Massive underbuild. Garage. Tel 659 658 760/965 978 907 House For Rent,3 bed country house, fully furnished,

Substantial wooden chalet with tiled roof, living area 7 x 7 metres with terrace 10 x 10 metres. Fully fitted kitchen, air conditioning (2 units), bathroom with walkin shower and much more. Offers in the region of 22,000 euros with estimated relocation costs of 3,500 euros. A ready made home available at an affordable price. Hondon Valley - tel: 606 687 388 for further information.

Choice of Plot Interior layout and tiles


Key Ready Price

Just starting. Archery in Castalla with GNAS coaches. All levels and ages welocme. There will not be any charge for this though we have limited equipment for loan. Contact Steve on 636 363 197

Phone 647 788 045 Spanish 617 987 859 English

Tues/Thurs afternoons In Santomera (near FORTUNA)


3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms Villa With Pool Fenced and gated

124,000 euros

PILATES Tel Susana 690 230 047 English Spoken

renovated Bodega, small garden, just outside Font de la Figuera, 295 euros per month INCLUDING water and electric, etc. Work available to pay rent, plus other paid work. 963 146 701, or 686 181 995 .

Email: Pinosohillsproperties@


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The Company Spain. The Company is a local drama group that rehearse each Monday at 7pm in the Little Threatre at the Manor House, Pinoso, We are always looking for new members to join us. Anyone who feels they would like to try amateur dramatics either on stage or behind the scenes should speak to the staff at the Manor House or contact Ros 669 071 609. We look forward very much to welcoming you to the group Advertise Your Business on TIMSPAIN.COM 50€ for 6mths!! Book your space NOW!!!!

Costa Blanca

Winging it! A View from the pilot’s seat By Chris Pickles. (Sol-aero Flyers) Occasionally, a metaphoric crumb falls from God’s table and you happen to be underneath to catch it. Last week was my turn! Friends Richard and Anna Plaster run Serenity Sailing, a sailing and power boating school based in Torrevieja. Their sexy Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 35 yacht was anchored in San Antonio bay Ibiza, complete with Russian film producer Vitaly, and two even sexier Russian models Olga and Anna. They were producing a promotional video for Serenity, and wondered whether I could help them get some footage from the air.

For more information see our main advert above or call 609 685 132 / 966 195 508 (Chris/Jan)

So... would I like to rent a suitable aircraft, fly to Ibiza, collect Vitaly to go filming, hang around on the Jeanneau for a bit, fly the models back to the mainland, and be paid a handsome wage at the same time? Obviously I had to give it some serious thought….I had an important dental appointment on the day in question, and as the wife and kids were away for a few days who could possibly look after Biggles, the family dog? On the other hand I didn’t want to let anybody down, so after painstaking consideration I decided to sod the dog and dentist! (Although not literally!)



The weather was perfect, and the flight across to the island was gorgeous, tracking up the coast past Benidorm and Calpe, before turning right to Ibiza making the approach from the island of Formentera. I’ve done this flight a few times, and never get tired of it. Ibiza is stunning from the air. Air traffic control marred the day a little by being their usual surly, miserable, unhelpful selves. They see light aircraft as an inconvenience, you can’t blame them really. After all, they only get paid about 300 grand a year!! After making me circle for twenty minutes I was eventually on final approach when I heard a sarcastic controller say to a following Easyjet over the radio, “Easy 315 make your slowest possible approach due to light traffic ahead” I decided to respond by making my slowest possible approach as well, trundling in at about 55kts with an angry 737 firmly up my a*se ...little victories are sweet!


The filming was fun, San Antonio is beautiful and the Jeanneau looked great in full sail from the air. Vitaly was a great guy, and Olga and Anna were naturally beautiful with not an ounce of botox or silicone between them as well as being fun and friendly, making the flight back to the mainland a pleasure. Check out the Serenity Sailing website or face book page to see the pictures and shortly the video (look in ‘The Ibiza diaries’). If anybody fancies an Ibiza trip let us know. For two people it is only marginally dearer than the ferry from Denia….and much more fun! Many thanks to Richard and Anna Plaster ...I had a great day, xx until next time, Chocks away!! For more information see our main advert or call 609 685 132/966 195 508 (Chris/Jan) E-mail: • Web site:

San Antonio

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