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Hello and welcome to this, the May 2014 issue - the 114th edition of Tim magazine!

We hope that everyone had a thoroughly enjoyable Easter and, for those of you who went, that you enjoyed the processions etc. At least this year the weather remained fine for most of the time.

Road deaths in Spain Asparagus

Temperatures here in the Costa Blanca this last year have been some of the warmest on record for the last 25 years. So don’t forget if you’re planning to get out in the May sunshine take all the precautions you can, and don´t get sun burned.

Liquid sunshine

May 1st is a Red day and San Isidro festivities are on 17th May.

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The Local elections take place during the last Sunday in May, although if you haven’t already registered, it’s too late to do so now.

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Last month’s Spot the Bull competition winner was Mr J Hampton of Hondon Valley, who spotted Bully hiding on page 19 in last month’s edition in the A and P Builders advert, (congratulations a crisp 50 euro note is winging its way to you.

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See entry form on page 57 in this month’s edition for your chance to win a 50 euro note.

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This month’s front cover photo is of Santa Pola Fishing Quay and was taken by Chris Thompson


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By Chris Thompson 2

Your chances of staying alive on Spanish roads are improving. In 1960 there were about a million vehicles in Spain and thirteen hundred people died in traffic accidents. Last year, 2013, with thirty one million vehicles and over three hundred and fifty million long distances journeys undertaken the number of dead stood at 1,128. For the first time since records began the number of individual accidents fell below a thousand. It’s the tenth straight year in which the number of road deaths has dropped. The worst year on record was 1990 when 5,940 people died. The Valencia region followed the national trend with twenty two people fewer killed in motor accidents than the year before though Murcia had two more dead than in 2012. There were only three other Spanish communities in which more people were killed in 2013 than 2012. The probability of you being badly hurt has also decreased. In 2003 when nearly 4,000 people died on the Spanish roads just short of 19,500 people were badly injured. In 2013 that number was down to 5,206. During 2013 there were twenty nine days when nobody died on the roads at all. There were nineteen death free days the year before and just four in 2010. Statistically there were reductions in the number of deaths amongst people travelling in cars, vans and on bikes or mopeds but more motorcyclists and pedestrians were killed. It was a bad year for bus travellers too although the ten fold increase – from one to ten – was caused by a single accident in Avila. More men than women died. There were fewer deaths in every age group, including the over 75s, with the exception of 65-74 year olds. Although the number of deaths amongst 35-45 year olds also fell, to 199, this is the age range where there were most deaths. As a comparison 114 drivers and passengers between the ages of 15 and 24 died. If you can’t change your sex or age group to try to avoid being injured you can at least wear your seat belt or put on a helmet if you’re travelling on two wheels. One hundred and sixty one of the people who died in 2013 didn’t. It’s reckoned that half of them would have survived if they had. Of that number six were children who were not strapped in. Motorways are much safer than conventional roads. Nearly 900 died on normal two lane highways. On the motorways around 230 people died; just short of 180 on ordinary motorways and a little over 50 on the toll roads. Most accidents were caused by leaving the road followed by head on impacts. A very strange statistic is that forty one pedestrians were killed on motorways. I can only guess that they were there with broken down vehicles and didn’t take sufficient notice of the danger of passing traffic. To be fair it’s a familiar trend throughout much of Europe with safer cars, better roads and better legislation. Although there are more road traffic deaths in the UK than in Spain it’s the other way around as a percentage of the population. On the other hand Spain does much better than countries such as France, Germany and Belgium and it certainly isn’t the motorist killing field it once was. E-mail: • Web site:

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Asparagus is a vegetable that people either can’t get enough of, or they don’t know what the fuss is all about. I must admit that I have a bit of a love-hate-relationship with asparagus. My home country Germany is obsessed with this vegetable and a number of towns up and down the Rhine river each claim to be the ‘asparagus capitol of the world’. We even have Asparagus Queens crowned in many towns and villages. When it’s in season, during April/May, not only can you buy asparagus absolutely everywhere – supermarkets, farmers markets, growers sell it at the roadside, even at gas stations – what’s more, you get it at every restaurant and during ‘Spargel season’ it’s hard to find a meal that doesn’t contain asparagus.

Asparagus delicious and amazingly healthy By Monica Wood - The Cooking Fairy cooking

What is often forgotten, though, is that Asparagus has so many health benefits that anyone who is enthusiastic about a healthy life style should include it in their diet. It’s a fantastic detox vegetable, anti-aging, and is considered an aphrodisiac. In ancient times asparagus has been used as a vegetable and a medicine alike. Traditionally, green asparagus was used in the Eastern cuisine, predominantly in China. China is still the world’s biggest producer of green asparagus and due to the Chinese export of this vegetable it is now less seasonally exclusive. The difference between white and green asparagus is just the way it’s been cultivated. To cultivate white asparagus, as they do mostly in continental Europe, the shoots are covered with soil as they grow. Without exposure to sunlight the shoots remain white in colour. White asparagus must be peeled before cooking as the outer layer is a little ‘woody’. I mentioned the German asparagus season, when the harvest is widely celebrated all over the country. Many asparagus events are held in Italy, too. The province of Treviso is famous for their cultivation of this versatile vegetable. And even California praises it during the three-day Stockton Asparagus Festival. As versatile as the many asparagus events all over the world, as wide-ranged are the options to prepare the vegetable. Boiling, steaming, roasting, grilling, stir-frying – you name it. The possibilities are endless. ‘French style’ usually means it is boiled or steamed and served with sauce hollandaise or melted butter. This is also the most popular way to serve asparagus in Germany, although often Black Forest ham is added, which is comparable to prosciutto ham. And like most vegetables it contains no fat, no cholesterol, very little sodium and is low in calories, whilst providing many vitamins. So boil, steam, roast or fry away – get creative with asparagus and greet this year’s spring season! 4

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Just 24 Hours in Seville?

The Bullring

No Problem! By Karen McCann The charm of southern Spain is its relaxed lifestyle. But what if you have only one day to visit the legendary city of Seville? Not to worry, you can still see the essentials, eat well, and even fit in a siesta – if you plan your day carefully. Here are some suggestions to guide you on your way. 9:00am. Breakfast, Bar Alfalfa. To eat like the locals, order a café con leche (coffee with milk) and a tostada con jamón y aceite (toast drizzled with olive oil and topped with thin slivers of ham). The coffee here is especially good, the staff is friendly, and the people watching can be fun. Calle Candilejo, 1

7:00pm. Metropol Parasol. This strange new installation looks like five giant, modernist toadstools, giving rise to its nickname las Setas (the Mushrooms). Go below to the Antiquities Museum to see Roman, Moorish, and Visigoth ruins found on the site, then take the elevator up to the rooftop walkway for a fabulous view. Plaza de la Encarnación

9:45am. The Alcázar. The oldest palace still in use by a European royal family, the Alcázar has splendid, Moorish-style architecture and magnificent gardens complete with a maze and an organ powered by a waterfall. Patio de Banderas

8:00pm. Los Claveles. Start the evening with a bar that’s “Sevilla profunda,” the real deal, where nothing’s changed in years. Order a cerveza (beer) standing at the bar. Plaza los Terceros, 15

The Alcázar

11:00am. Coffee, Cafetería del Alcázar. Situated inside the Alcázar gardens, this small café offers a welcome place to rest your feet and enjoy the view. Watch for the nearby wall tile showing San Fiacre, patron saint of gardeners. 11:45am. The Cathedral. When it was built in the 13th century, the planners said, “Let us build something so big the world with think that we have gone mad.” The huge structure contains Christopher Columbus’ tomb, countless gold treasures, and a tower you can climb up via a ramp. Avenida de la Constitución 2:00pm. Lunch, Casa Morales. This is a classic, old-style eatery. Go around to the side door and find the back room, which is jammed with tiny tables and lined with giant earthenware wine jars. Try small portions of the venison chorizo, tortilla de patata (potato omelet), and other traditional dishes. Garcia de Vinuesa, 11 3:30pm. Siesta. After the morning’s walking, you’ll need a rest, and much of the city still shuts down at midday for siesta. Your hotel is the ideal place. If you choose to snooze outdoors by the river or in a park, be on the alert for pickpockets! 5:15pm. Merienda (Afternoon Snack), Pasteleria los Angeles. After siesta, Sevillanos like to have coffee and a pastry to pep themselves up for the long night ahead. This bakery has outdoor seating and, street musicians (of various quality) often stroll by. Calle Adriano, 2 6:00pm. The Bullring. Even if you’re not a fan of bullfighting, you’ll enjoy the guided tour of this world-famous 18th century building and the fascinating tales of the flamboyant matadors. Paseo de Cristóbal Cólon, 12


9:00pm. Flamenco, Casa de la Memoria. Seville is known throughout the world for its flamenco, and here you’ll find top quality talent in an intimate setting every night of the year. Calle Cuna, 6


10:00pm. Dinner, La Duqesita. One of Seville’s new hot spots, this small, eclectic restaurant offers a mix of local and international dishes. On weekends, it’s best to call ahead for a reservation (+34 954 901 764). Calle Correduría, 35 12:00 midnight. La Carbonería. This sprawling former carbon factory offers late night music, often flamenco, but you may find anything from poetry readings to board games going on. There’s no sign; watch for others going in. Calle Levíes, 18 1:00am. Garlochi Bar. Seville’s favorite late night bar, the tongue-in-cheek Garlochi has lavish decorations in the style of Semana Santa (Holy Week), and the theme continues with its signature drink, Sangre de Cristo (Blood of Christ), which is packed with enough alcohol to give you a diabolical hangover. You have been warned. Calle Boteros, 26. I am going to leave you there, at the Garlochi, and assume you can find your own way back to your lodgings. Or you may decide to continue on to one of the city’s late, late night bars, many of which stay open until dawn. ¡Divértete (enjoy yourself )! an expat Words and photos by Karen McCann, . 2004 since , Spain living in Seville, ylivin enjo site: web l trave & blog Her Contact:

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Funkhauser Rants...

Not On Benefits and Proud by Marty Funkhauser

I was born in a small northern town in England. When I was 9, I returned one day from school to be told that my father had died. Quite honestly, I hardly knew him and his death seemed more of an inconvenience at the time than anything else. Little did I know how my life was going to be changed? Later the next year I took my 11-plus and passed with flying colours which meant that my dreams had come true and along with my friends I would attend the towns Grammar School which, in 1972, had enviable sporting facilities, today you would simply call them goalposts. One week before my first day at “big school” my mother informed my sister and I that we were “going to Manchester”. “But I’ve got school next week” I replied thinking it rather late in the day to be taking a holiday, “we are going to live there” replied my mother. One week later and there I was attending my first day at a Victorian Grammar School in North Manchester along with approximately 700 other pupils of which I knew not a one. The first couple of days I found out that Funkhauser was not really my name as I was referred to as “Jewboy” along with the other eight Jewish kids in my year. It was a bit of a traumatic time, had this been today I would probably have qualified for a Council House and a monthly tax free hand out along with free dental care, school meals, gold clock, cuddly toy etc. But this was 1972 and you either took this shit or you fought the biggest kid in the school. I took option 3, fortunately I was a good sportsman and by the Wednesday I had lost my “Jewboy” existence and became “Funky” as I was selected for the school’s football first team. My “Jewboy” cohorts never got the opportunity to be called


anything else. In 1972 we were grateful for what we had, we fought against adversity, and we held our hand out to no one in case they “leathered” it with a ruler or slipper. We had no expectations other than what we would make out of our lives, we wanted a future with a job, a house and a family but we knew that had to be earned. Last night I watched “Please Don’t Cap My Benefits” a Panorama special following a selection of people from the Brent area of London all on Housing Benefit. It was a documentary on the effect of the government’s excellent policy that no one should receive more in benefits for not working as an average family do for working. A former Palestinian refugee whose wife had knocked out seven kids in nine years and was currently being given £40,000 cash per annum was informed that he may have to be re-housed in High Wycombe (30 miles away) as his whopping great hand-out was being streamlined. He and his family were so enraged that they tried to enforce a sit-in at the council office demanding that they were not to be moved even citing that their 11 year old son was suicidal at the thought and that the council had to sign a letter accepting responsibility for their son’s actions if they moved. It got even worse. One single mother of three had numerous appointments with the council to “investigate” which direction she should go in to receive the absolute most benefit. In the end she refused t work the 16 hours part-time that would have allowed her to remain in Notting Hill as she may have had to clean toilets. I switched off, I am still getting over the trauma, not of my childhood but from watching Panorama.

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Gadget Page Other than technology, my other passion is films – so what better way to have fun than imagine older classic films, completely ruined my technology! I have listed a small number of films, and then what would destroy them! Superman OK – so a guy is taking his pants off in a phone booth, with hundreds of people with mobile phone cameras. With Facebooks facial recognition software as well, even without his glasses, it wouldn’t be long before Clark Kent is found out!

TV. How can you get so bored you become a murdering psychopathic maniac when you have Candy Crush, Scrabble and other such annoyances! (Note: if anyone else invites me to play candy crush, then I see the image below!) Weakness: Irritating Facebook Games

Weaknesses: Camera phones and Facebook Romeo and Juliet After tantrums weren’t enough to persuade the Capulets to accept Romeo, Juliet devised a new plan that involved drinking a potion to put her in a coma for nearly two days. After this, the logic went, her family would think she was dead, freeing her from marrying another suitor. Then, the Capulets would put her in a tomb and Romeo would retrieve her, whisking her away to a life of romance and Italian food. But, as you know, Juliet’s message explaining her plot didn’t reach Romeo in time. Believing Juliet was actually dead, Romeo took actual poison, sliding permanently into the abyss the moment Juliet awoke. And, to think, this all could have been avoided if she’d just shot Romeo a text. Weakness: Text Messaging/WhatsApp Poltergeist Until about 5 years ago, we all lived with the possibility of encountering TV static. When we did, inevitably we wondered what was behind it–what could be seen on those channels when the fog unscrambled for a second? So after spending an adolescence trying to make sense of the snow, it wasn’t far-fetched to follow a movie in which a character, kidnapped by poltergeists (ghosts trapped between heaven and a hard place) and hiding somewhere in the ether, could communicate through the white noise. Then came HDTVs, where a blank or blue screen shows when there’s no signal. No white noise. No fuzz. No sister communicating from Limbo through the tube. Weakness: Modern TV’s The Shining “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy” Not anymore. Most hotels, even remote ones, have internet and satellite


Psycho Before checking into the Bates Motel in a deserted California backwater, Janet Leigh consults Trip Advisor on her smart phone and reads: “Smelly, dirty, really creepy owner, constantly talks to a mother no one ever sees. Filthy shower, manager’s office smells of stuffed birds, no Wi-Fi. Often travelling alone on business as a cutting-edge website designer, I foolishly checked into the Bates for a night with a gift voucher my ex gave me, and let me tell you, I spent 10 sleepless hours with the chest of drawers propped up against the door, sharpening my toenail clipper, terrified that the owner was going to come in and hack me to pieces with a butcher knife. Oh, another thing: No cable.” So Leigh doesn’t check into the hotel, there is no horrific shower scene, and Psycho does not become a classic. Weakness: TripAdvisor The list of movies whose plots get destroyed by modern technology goes on and on. Silence of the Lambs. Die Hard. Memento. Scream... Competition: Maybe you can think of a great film that would have been ruined with modern technology? Go to my Facebook page ( thepcdoctorspain) and leave a message with a film, what technology would ruin it, and why. Best answer will receive a USB memory stick, and a mention in next months article.

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Words and photos by Rob Innis Doménikos Theotokópoulos lived, worked and died in Toledo in 1614. He left behind a huge legacy of his paintings and probably would have been amazed at both the interest they create now and the fact that lots of buildings from his era are intact making Toledo a ‘must visit’ city. ‘El Greco,’ The Greek as the Spanish called him, was born in 1541 in Crete and relocated to Spain after studying art in Venice and Rome. Now he is now an integral part of Toledo’s history and this year there are special exhibitions and events (details below) to celebrate the 400th anniversary since his death. This creates a unique opportunity to combine El Greco art appreciation whilst savouring Toledo’s historic ambience with its incredibly well preserved buildings, granted World Heritage Site status in 1987 by UNESCO. The city was famed for its tolerance when Jews, Muslims and Christians lived happily side-by-side from the 8th century for hundreds of years contributing greatly to today’s rich and diverse cultural legacy. We arrived from Madrid via a 30-minute AVE rail journey to discover Toledo lit by brilliant early spring sun. Our hosts for the day took us outside of the city centre up to a good vantage point from where we got an appreciation of the geography of this ancient city. It sits high up nestled into a curve on the River Tagus. It was easy to imagine early medieval times with the crenulated city walls, old watchtowers, and castles all within our vistas. No modern chrome 12

glass high rise blocks to destroy the illusion. Our visit coincided with the first weekend of the El Greco celebrations and the city was thronging with visitors and tourists all eager to enjoy the historical atmosphere and pay homage to The Greek. To help set Toledo’s historical scene we visited the Museo Del Ejecito, the army museum. Its boring facade provides little clue to the treasures displayed within, so do not be put off. We soon realised it is an ideal location, being cleverly built over Roman remains, to provide an overview of the origins of Toledo. It also has many interesting military exhibits arranged by main categories: armaments, uniforms, medals, etc. Currently a temporary exhibition ‘Windows into the Spanish History’ with over 20,000 impressive well-made models is on display, creating an interesting exhibition, excellent for children as well as adults. We strolled through the narrow busy streets with colourful shops selling a selection of traditional souvenirs including knives and swords for which Toledo is internationally famous. After a lunch break for a menu del dia we moved onto the El Greco museum that houses an extensive collection of paintings by this and other artists of the Spanish Golden Age. Opened in 1911, the museum is located in Toledo’s Jewish Quarter. It consists of two buildings: a 16th-century house with a courtyard, and an extension dating from the early 20th century. It is the only one in Spain dedicated to the painter and its fundamental purpose

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It is quite compact, you can easily walk from room to room viewing artefacts, furniture, and of course, numerous El Greco originals, especially from this brilliant painter’s last period, in addition to canvases by other 17th century Spanish painters. Good idea to use the hand held audio devices providing information in English. We then viewed his finest achievement in the church of Santo Tomé, which houses El Greco’s The Burial of the Count of Orgaz. A huge complicated work, which includes his son, in the bottom left hand corner. For anyone who has a detailed interest in El Greco the 2014 festival’s main exhibition, in Museo de la Santa Cruz, features 76 pieces, including those loaned by 11 other countries, and is billed as ‘the most complete exhibition of El Greco ever mounted.’ Aficionados should also take pilgrimages to three other locations to round off the experience: the cathedral sacristy; the Santo Domingo convent, the painter’s first burial place; and the San José chapel, normally closed to the public. It is planned that 125 of the 300 works he produced over his lifetime will be on view this year in Toledo. El Greco was not solely a painter. He was also an architect, sculptor, set designer and illustrator making him rather ahead of his time.

Much of his dramatically styled work was not fully appreciated or understood until long after his death when his talent and fame became universally acclaimed. During his lifetime, he suffered setbacks including rejection by Spain’s King Philip II who refused his work for El Escorial. It is assumed he never actually intended to remain in Toledo but his poor financial circumstances, as he had difficulties in being paid for his work by the church, meant that he saw out his days in his adopted city in an impoverished state, dying on April 7th 1614 aged 73. We ended our day with a brief look at Toledo’s cathedral, which, typically, is constructed on the site of an early Muslim mosque. Commenced in 1226 it is on an enormous scale and ranks as a fine example of Gothic architecture. It has five naves and measures 140 mts long and nearly 130 mts wide. No less than 88 columns support the roof. Another architectural gem guaranteed to add to your visit even if you are not a fan of religious buildings - this cathedral is simply stunning.

For More Info...

is: ‘to convey and help gain an understanding of the figure of El Greco as well as the influence his work and personality had on early 17th century Toledo.’

El Greco celebrations: El Greco museum:

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The Dog You Need For me, it is an honour to have a German shepherd dog. Well ok, not one but two! I simply adore the breed. Ever since I was a small child, I was obsessed with this breed and I promised myself that when I grew up they would always be in my life. I have eight dogs now, of all different mixes and sizes, but when I am out in the mountains with them all, I am constantly flanked by Billy and Lola, my two German Shepherds. They are known as “Velcro dogs” because they are constantly by your side and this is so very true. All my other dogs will run off and play, but all Billy and Lola want is to be by my side. The German Shepherds loyalty credentials are simply

Teaching a German shepherd to protect is a bit like teaching a bricklayer to lay bricks! They already know how to do this. No matter where we have lived, all Billy my German Shepherd wants to know is where is the entrance to the house and that is where he is always to be found, faithfully guarding the entrance. I make this area as warm and as comfortable as possible for him, but I often try to persuade him away from what he calls his natural duty, to be next to me in the front room, as he also likes to watch football with his old Dad! Hip-dysplasia is all too common with this breed and while the bones are forming they should not be allowed to climb stairs or go on long walks. They also suffer from gastric torsion, or bloat as it is commonly referred to, where the stomach can twist, if they have been fed before exercise. This is one of the biggest killers in German Shepherds, so never feed them before exercise. This is of paramount importance. If you are getting a German shepherd puppy, I cannot stress to you the importance of socialising them properly while they are young. You need to make sure that this successfully takes place in their first sixteen weeks


of life.

They will follow you to the ends of the earth and this loyalty needs to be

I adore all dogs with a passion, but I must admit to having a soft spot for

rewarded with kindness, love, devotion and gentle guidance.

this breed. I think they have absolutely everything you could ever wish for

Yes, this breed is known throughout the world as THE police dog and

die for! The only thing that breaks my heart is their short life expectancy of

military dog but I am adamant that they are the most sensitive breed out there. Originally used as a herding dog, they grew in popularity during the First World War, where they were used as guard dogs, message carriers and telephone cable layers. Yes, this is one of the most intelligent breeds that will ever grace the earth.

around ten to twelve years. I hate when I see humans taking advantage of this breeds tendency to protect. They want to see the world and love being with their humans, so they

When the war ended, soldiers from Britain, America, Australia and New Zealand snapped up some of the 48,000 German Shepherds that were used during the war and within one year this breed was to thankfully be found around the world. In Britain people refused to call them German Shepherds, because of the war with Germany, so the name Alsatian was invented.

in a dog. Hugely loyal, courageous, highly intelligent along with looks to

should not be subjected to a life of loneliness and misery behind a boundary fence. Billy my male German shepherd is everything I have described in this article, along with two other very important aspects. He is my guardian angel and my teacher. Everything I know, he has taught me and for that he is my everlasting hero. | by Peter Singh

We have set up an animal charity, where we help the most severely abused and injured animals in Spain. If you would be kind enough to donate anything to this special cause you can do by Paypal, where the account details are or to our Nat West charity account, where the sort code is 60-16-03 and the account number is 73754900. IBAN: GB83 NWBK 6016 0373 7549 00. BIC: NWBK GB 2L Even one euro will help, so please, please, try and support us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


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Macroglossum stellatarum (Linnaeus)

The Humming-bird Hawk-moth (wingspan 20-24mm) is a widespread species throughout southern Europe. This moth is so named due to its resemblance to a hummingbird, with its rapid hovering motion as it feeds on the nectar of flowers. The larvae/caterpillars grow to about 60mm in length. They are very colourful with a green or reddish-brown body with white dots and dark, white and yellow stripes, black spiracles and a blue, yellow-tipped horn. The sexes are similar in appearance. The moth itself is often mistaken for a hummingbird as it hovers above the flowers. The moths have a brown, white-spotted abdomen, brown forewings and orange hindwings. They have a wingspan of 40-50 mm. The wings beat so fast that they produce an audible hum. Hummingbird hawk-moths are abundant in Mediterranean countries, Central Asia, Japan and in the British Isles during the summer from June to September they have also been recorded as far north as the Orkney and Shetland Islands. They manly inhabit lower inland areas. These moths are day fliers, preferring bright sunlight, and can be seen feeding on the nectar of flowers such as orchids and petunias. They feed by hovering in front of a flower, probing it repeatedly using their long proboscis. This moth may also be seen at dawn or dusk but rarely at night. They are strongly attracted to flowers with a plentiful supply of nectar such as petunias, honeysuckle and buddleia. Studies have noted that have a remarkable memory, and return to the same flowerbeds at the same time everyday. Moths locate their mates by scent, with sight playing a small part. Hummingbird hawk-moths have been seen to demonstrate aerial courtship chases, with the male and female engaging in rapid pursuits low over the ground, or spiraling upwards together. 16

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Financial advice from AES International…… Nick Venn DipPFS “Release equity on your UK property to supplement your income in Spain” Equity release in the UK is very popular and is now available to expats in Spain. AES International has partnered with a Private Wealth Bank. We are able to release up to 100% of the equity from your property in the UK to supplement your income in Spain. Equity release in Spain has had a bad reputation over the last few years as many banks and financial institutions have gone into liquidation. The service we offer is NOT a Spanish equity release scheme. It is offered solely on UK property by a Private Wealth Bank that is authorised and regulated in the UK. The main benefits to clients are: - Enables a release of equity on your UK property to supplement your pension/income in Spain - Potentially up to 100% equity - Very flexible in terms of paying back the lending - Investment can be placed into a Spanish compliant portfolio bond - Interest payments in the UK will offset any UK tax liability arising from income from the property - Low interest rate environment - Professional, flexible approach to meet client requirements - Competitive charging structure Unfortunately, you cannot release equity from your property to simply spend it all in one go. The bank is a responsible lender and their mandate is to preserve client’s assets. Releasing equity from your property is not ideal for everyone as it can potentially cut the amount your family will inherit. You should always discuss your intentions with your family before proceeding down the route of equity release. For more information please email: or telephone 966196 563 or 689 151 631

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Sterling v Euro update 965 070 584 / 635 015 818 E. Sterlinghaving a bit of a Spring flurry! Having spent most of March in the 1.19 area, The GBP/EUR rate has flourished to pull above 1.20 for April and into the 1.21 area for the last week leading up to Easter. The pound strengthened after better-thanexpected employment figures and the Euro suffered as ECB members seemed to indicate that the Bank would offer stimulus to combat low inflation, giving an April high of 1.2170, the highest for six weeks. If you are thinking of transferring money between countries, e.g. for property transaction, it’s easy to fall into the trap of just letting the bank arrange the transfer for you assuming that the outcome will be much the same whichever way it is done. However, you may find that you do not gain the amounts that could be achieved. Banks will encourage this as they make a large amount of profit on it by adding various unexplainable

hidden charges and giving you a poor rate (they keep the difference), you can find yourself with a rate dictated by how much profit/commission can be achieved rather than the best achievable rate! It’s worth shopping round, we always aim to achieve the best rate available and will not add any fees or charges, whatever the amount. Our analysts are more than happy to discuss the market with you and advise you of the best time to exchange to get the most from your Sterling or Euro.We can also help you with your Spanish banking requirements – all our clients have access to a special deal through the Caja Murcia saving you money on banker’s drafts and fees. Call us for a no obligation free consultation or come into the Pinoso office and see what you can save. Ask for a free quote using code C4UTIMJL. Currencies4You Spain can be found in the main square, in Pinoso,on the roundabout next to the marble ‘El Pinos’ sign. We also offer car reregistrations, car name changes and passport renewals. Safety of your funds is paramount, as such we only use protected escrow accounts which are authorised and regulated by the FCA.

By Janet Lees Operations Director - Spain

Other Interbank Rates 21/04/14


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T.I.M magazine™ Leave Quesada and head for Benijofar, turn left at the traffic lights (cobbled area) cycle downhill for about 300metres then turn right just before the edge of the town, cycle down past the houses until you come to orange / lemon groves where you’ll find a track on your right which will take you to the river. At the river turn left and cycle over the bridge and down the ramp then go left and cycle alongside the river until you come to the outdoor Community pool leave the track here and cycle down through the houses until you come to a main road . You are now at the main road through Formentera ( be careful as there are many oneway streets ). Turn left and cycle out of Formentera on this road until you come to a camino road on your right ( Approx 1km ), take this camino and cycle it, up and over the bridge across the CV91 Guardamar road and just stay on this camino until you come to the next junction (road to Daya Nueva ) where you go straight over following it through some lovely cultivated land with beautiful views until you come to the next road where you turn left. Follow this road all the way until you come to Dolores ( 4 kms ). Go straight on at the first roundabout and turn left at the second roundabout and right at the third one then first left along a lovely little Spanish road that takes you past some houses and out into beautiful countryside. Dolores is a lovely place to stop for some refreshments by the way as there are numerous bars and restaurants to choose from. Keep on cycling staying on this road until you come to a junction, turn right here and follow this road which will take you into Catral. Turn left at the end of this road and follow the road through Catral heading for Crevillente . At the edge of town you will come to a large roundabout follow it all the way round to the left and take the bridge over the AP7 where you come to another roundabout where you take the exit for Casicas. This is another lovely quiet camino, follow it until you come to traffic lights (approx 4kms ) where you turn left and immediate right, follow this camino all the way into Callosa, you will end up cycling alongside the rail line for the last couple of kms , be careful crossing the line as you enter the Town. Once again there are many lovely places to eat and drink in Callosa. After crossing the railway line at the end of the road turn right and follow the signs for Cox which is only 2 kms away. There is a lovely town square in Cox with quite a few restaurants to choose from and there is also a lovely castle which you can push your bikes up the path to or lock them at the bottom, from the top there is a fantastic view and you can see for miles . Once you have had something to eat and drink and a look around the town you can

return the same way or you can head through the town back to Callosa then follow the signs for Redovan / Orihuela and at the edge of the town there is a blue cycle track that will take you to Rafal, after Rafal follow the road to Benejuzar where you can pick up the river track or the camino to Formentera or you can stay on the road passing through Algorfa and Benijofar before heading back to Quesada. Total Cycling Time : 4 Hours | Total Distance : Approx 68 Kms. Summary: Beautiful scenic route, dead flat terrain, real Spanish countryside passing through some lovely little hamlets, with fantastic view from the castle. All routes are now available from our website: www.cyclogicalcostablanca. com and from our newly published book “ Cycling tips and Advice” with 20 cycle routes around the Costa Blanca. Gary and Lynn are available at Cyclogical in Quesada Monday to Friday from 9.30am till 5.30pm and from 10am till 2pm on Saturdays to assist and advise you on all you’re cycling requirements.

. L A C I G O L C CY .

x o C o t a d a s . Que 2 3 e t u o R Cycle


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Mrs Robinson By John McGregor

‘Right!’ I announced decisively. ‘Your name’s Anne, so for this weekend you can be Anne Bancroft. I, of course will play the young Dustin Hoffman.’ Our wonderful weekend started at a reasonable hour on the Friday morning when my lovely wife Anne and I rose, breakfasted at leisure, and set off excitedly for the airport. The new regime of leaving the car there with a swift courtesy bus to the airport worked well, and courtesy of Monarch Airlines we enjoyed a short flight on time to Gatwick. The express train whizzed us into London, and via a taxi, five minutes and five pounds later we were outside the Rembrandt hotel in Knightsbridge. In my economy-driven planning for such events its worth pointing out we would never normally stay in a hotel costing over £250 per night, but my lovely niece is currently working for a hotel group and got us a bargain deal at £90 per night including full breakfast: great value for the West End where the staff were all lovely and very helpful throughout the weekend. As we had two – well, three – big days ahead of us, after settling into the hotel we strolled around South Kensington to take in the London ambience, and found a friendly restaurant called appropriately ‘Pasta and Pizza’, where we mixed with dissimilar twenty-something trendy-looking couples and had a very filling and reasonably-priced meal. As a huge day was on the way an early night was called for, and after a little play-acting involving casting couches, by eleven o’clock we were snuggled up and out for the count.

The Big Day, and the reason for the Wonderful Weekend started early with the luxury of a delicious hot breakfast served at 7.00 am promptly in our room. That way we abluted and dressed at our leisure, me donning my new suit, shirt and tie which my annoying-but-dead-right wife had insisted I buy especially for the occasion, and when we were dressed the fuss she had made in obtaining her dress was well worth it: she looked fabulous herself. Due to previous experience I wisely kept my big mouth firmly shut at the height of her heels: we had Underground trips to negotiate, but as I had several big fish to fry myself we set off at 7.45 – on time, John style, as agreed. The Underground journey was straightforward and we arrived at our destination, the Barbican at almost exactly 8.30, the earliest time allowed to enter the very impressive, but somewhat initially-bewildering performing arts centre. There was a lot to get through, so our timing was perfect. The Open University, at which I had been studying hard for six long years towards my degree have got such events off to a tee – but you never know, do you? I joined a short queue for registration, and received a pack of booklets containing necessary information and my ‘scroll’, and was initially guided to move round the corner to ‘Robing’. The robing department was a bit like all those years ago joining the RAF when handed a pile of uniform, except this time there were no viciouslytempered corporals dishing out obscenities, I was merely moved with my pile gently round the corner to be ‘dressed’. This time yet another female sweetie took my pile and adorned my new suit with all the robes, magically transforming me into a graduate. She stepped back admiringly, telling me I looked ’fantastic’. I bet she told everyone that – but it worked for me! Now I headed round, as instructed to photography. By this time the noisy half of the family had arrived in the form of the Ugly Sisters and their partners: you hear mine before you see ‘em. The younger one accompanied Annie and I into the hugely well-organised (wasn’t everything) photography department. This is the only place you get to wear the mortar boards, they aren’t used in the presentations themselves. ‘Peter’, my photographer was a scream, a wonderful calming influence as he arranged me in various poses holding my scroll, even allowing and encouraging the girls to take their own photos of me over his shoulder. Back to reception, there were now hundreds of people milling around, everyone smiling and babbling nervously – well, I was…. On one desk I noticed they were selling Open University memorabilia, and as my wife insisted on buying me a college scarf I noticed a large pile of white tee shirts. Without having to look hard I saw my name printed in the middle on the front, along with the other graduates, so the younger ugly sister insisted she bought me one as a present: how kind. By now ‘little’ brother, all 6ft 2 and 17 stone and his wife had arrived, and I was also delighted to see my son and his wife, both looking great, my boy now sporting fashionable designer stubble and looking terrific in a suit. I don’t recall if I’d seen him in one for many years, he’s coming up 40 soon, it was morning dress when he got married fifteen years and two kids ago. What fun as they all took the mickey of me in my graduation robes... Mrs Robinson....will be continued next month.


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Spanish Tax Return - Declaracion de Renta

T.I.M Magazine™

The Legal Page Written by Rob Innis with Ignacio Pellicer Mollá (Abogado - Solicitor - Barrister - Tax Advisor) of Pellicer & Heredia Abogados It was evident from our recent roadshows that many people are still confused about the Spanish Tax Return - Declaracion de Renta. So this month we are covering this important topic. Despite the fact there have been no major changes to the system it is worth noting that the net is closing with 44 countries across the globe now having agreed to automatically exchange information for tax purposes, which would involve the disclosure of bank accounts details, etc. Also, the Spanish tax authorities are monitoring the ‘For Sale’ adverts to see who may be running a business and not declaring the income for tax purposes. Who has to make a Spanish tax declaration? With very few exceptions, everyone resident in Spain for more than 183 days in one year has to file a tax return. Non-resident property owners are also obliged to file tax returns, but must follow a different system to residents. The cut-off point is 22.000€ in any one year which applies to income from employment and pensions, including those from overseas. This limit falls to 11.200€ under these circumstances: - the income has not been taxed at source (ie UK state or prívate pensions) - the income comes from more than one source (e.g. two jobs or two pensions or one of each) If the other sources add up to 1.500€ or less you can still use the 22.000€ exemption. In any case a return becomes obligatory in certain circumstances however low your earnings: - if you have a claim for double taxation - if you are due a refund - if you have made pension contributions - if you are claiming deductions for cost of buying your main residence - if you have capital gains or income above certain limits It may be in your interest to make a tax return when your earnings are low, for example if you have worked for only part of the year and may therefore be due a rebate. Also there are advantages of being fiscally resident in Spain. When do I become tax resident? The short answer is that living longer than 183 days in Spain (including occasional trips out of the country) during any one calendar year makes you tax resident. Do not confuse obtaining a Spanish residency certificate (this shows you are on the register of foreigners kept by the Police) with fiscal residency. Although the tax authorities may see a ‘residencia’, the green form, as evidence that you are tax resident if it is ever a matter of dispute. When is it due? The declaration must be filed by the 30th June during the year following the relevant tax year. So in 2014 everyone


will be filing their 2013 tax returns. The tax is payable by the 30th June, although two stage payments are possible. Normally the taxpayer’s bank details are included on the declaration and the tax is automatically taken from their account. What if I don’t pay? Failure to pay tax can result in penalties of between 50% and 150% of the tax owed, plus interest. Late payment can result in penalties between 5% to 20% of the tax involved, plus interest. If you are a resident in Spain you will be taxed on your worldwide income, and will be obliged to file income tax returns. You will need to provide the following information: Income liable for tax: - Earnings from work and or pensions - Earnings from liquid capital (share dividends, account interests, etc.) and from real estate capital (from renting of real estate, etc.). - Earnings from economic activities (employers,professionals, etc.) - Net gains and capital gains loss (by transfer of goods, some prizes, etc.). - Legally established imputations of income from ownership of some properties, other than the home, that are leased, etc. - Certificate of Unemployment (if unemployed during fiscal year). - Government grants (if any). What information should I provide to include them as allowances? SUMA bills for personal residence or rented properties Proof of mortgage or loans (if any) Date of purchase of actual residence Pension plan contributions Charitable contributions Other information needed for your income tax return: Copy of residence and passport Name and date of birth of dependants Last year´s income tax return Certificate of Disability (if disabled) Copy of Deeds (Escritura) Bank account number This article is an overview and it is strongly recommended that all technical and legal matters pertaining to taxes be referred to a lawyer for advice, guidance and execution. Pellicer&Heredia Lawyers & Tax Advisors will be pleased to help you. We are the proud sponsors for Greenlands Bowls Club Tournament on the 8th, 9th and 10th April 2014 in Los Montesinos. You can visit us there for information and free advice, or call us on +34 965 480 737 / 606 056 282 or e-mail We will be holding free Tax Seminars at the Olive Tree in Pinoso on the 13th of May and on the 21st of May at Cheers Bar & Restaurant at Eagles Nest, both start at 11:00am. To reserve your place please contact us and do not forget to mention that you are a TIM reader.

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Staying Healthy Through More Serenity

Stress Makes You Ill The effects of stress on the immune system are clearly demonstrated. But is this relationship taken seriously enough in everyday life? And what can you do?

The causes of stress can be very diverse. So, too much or too little challenge at work can lead to stress symptoms, as well as an uncomfortable work environment or unfair treatment. But also, and especially outside the workplace, different situations can trigger stress: Arguments in partnership and family problems also provide reasons for “stress” and imbalance. An unresolved relationship conflict, problems in parenting, financial or health concerns are often the root cause of stress. Not infrequently, losing the mental balance then has an effect on physical health. Related: Stress and Immune System For our ancestors, stress originally had a useful function: In threatening situations stress is triggered, bringing the human body into an alarm state by means of certain hormones in order to ensure its survival. In an acute emergency situation (“fight or flight”), heart rate and activation of muscles may be increased, for example activated by adrenaline, meanwhile processes such as digestion or regenerating operations are reduced. In the relatively young research field of neuro- immunology, the effects of stress on the immune system can be clearly demonstrated. Thus, in some people mild stress can indeed lead to an improvement in the body’s defense, prolonged stress, however, always leads to an impairment of defense against possible illness. The proof of the plausibility of this research result is easy to understand: If one is suffering of flu symptoms during the cold season, and then asking oneself whether one has been “stressed out” lately, it is usually easy to identify possible stress triggers. This can be both, arguments and unpleasant discussions, as well as physical stress or acute concerns or sorrows. Is the immune system weakened by these factors and you are also surrounded by pathogens, an infection is

unfortunately often not avoidable. If one is ill, in recovery an emotionally balanced person has a clear advantage: The immune system is fully functional and works more effectively, so that the course of the disease is shorter and less arduous. How can you protect yourself? In order to get practical benefit from these findings in neuroimmunology, it is important to focus attention on the handling of potential stressors. The experience of stressful situations often can not be avoided, but not everyone suffers under the same conditions. This makes it clear that the actual damaging stress is partly constructed by the individual’s perception and interpretation of the situation. People with an optimistic, positive and relaxed attitude are more resistant to stress than those who always expect the end of the world in everything and describe everything disproportionately as “horrible” and “terrible”. However, even for this group improvement is possible. More appropriate interpretation and reaction patterns can be learned and their use can be practiced and applied. Also, stress promoting interpretations of unpleasant situations often underlie unrealistic beliefs, such as “I always have to make everything all right. If not, this is unbearable and bad.”. Working on these issues is recommanded and change is possible. On the other hand, the regular practice of relaxation forms such as mindfulness, meditation, Tai Chi, massage etc and highlighting positive aspects in every situation are helpful, too. The offer for professional consultation and exercises is available so that everyone can improve the conditions for a better health and mental balance. “A healthy mind in a healthy body - and vice versa!” Mirko Bruns, Graduated Psychologist

Mirko Bruns, Graduated Psychologist Centro Internacional de Atención Psicológica San Luís / Torrevieja Tel : 630 341 888 mirko.bruns @


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Summer Recipes Sangria

»» 2 (750 ml) bottles »» 2 (12) oz cans 7-Up

Prep time: 15 mins

Ingredients red wine – any type

or any lemon-lime so


»» 2 oz triple sec »» 1/2 cup brandy

»» 1/2 cup sugar, (mor e if you like a sweete

Sangria is a classic party drink

»» 1 orange, Sliced

for the summer – It’s easy to make,

»» 2 lemons, Sliced

inexpensive and very refreshing.

»» ice

It is a good punch for a large party and by adding or subtracting 7-up, you can make it as strong or weak as you’d like. Although you may be tempted to buy the cheapest red wine you can find, resist that temptation! If you would not drink the wine by itself, don’t put it in the sangria.

It will taste better and you won’t

Preparation rty-goers. makes 6-8 servings for pa ipe rec ria ng Sa sy Ea is Th »» thick. Place in a lemons about 1/8 inch »» Slice the orange and have. largest mixing bowl you large punch bowl or the ly to dissolve the and wine. Mix thorough »» Add 1/2 cup of sugar sugar.

king this ahead ndy and stir. (If you are ma »» Add Triple Sec and Bra out to arrive.) a until your guests are ab sod the d ad n’t do e, tim of tness. If needed, and stir. Taste for swee Add the 2 cans of soda letely dissolved. e that the sugar is comp sur ke Ma ar. sug re mo d ad the bowl to chill a bowl, add lots of ice to »» If you are serving from s of the ice in the ving in pitchers, put lot ser are u yo If . ely let mp co . the sangria over the ice pitchers and then pour

cut out and keep

have a hangover the next day.

r drink)


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TIM Bikers So, how far have you been this spring TIM moteros? The sun is out and the roads are there waiting to be ridden. I have been on lots of short ones but no long ones yet, thinking about the Big Twin in Castellon in September. Whatever floats your boat eh? (and me and ma’am sahb have had minor medical issues as well). If you are a low mileage rider remember to check your tyres for cracks, it’s not just tread wearing that kills them, I know a guy who ran a Harley for 6 years on the same set – Don’t do it guys the heat kills the tyres as much as the mileage. No concentrations for me since I last wrote but I did have a good ride with The Peña Easy Rider from the bar of the same name recently. They rode from Alicante to La Marina, Taurus MC Clubhouse to the Scavengers Roadhouse in Crevillente and a stop I missed in Elche due to nursing Ed the president’s bike home. Mucho dinero raised for children’s cancer charities so well done them. Coming up in May we have the 25th anniversary Alhama de Murcia weekend This is always a good one but don’t expect much sleep if you stay overnight! There is a biker breakfast on Sunday at 10 if you just want a run out. There is another Swap Meet at Easy Rider, Alicante on Sunday 11th. Always busy. The weekend of 17th/18th there is a biker event in Villena but I can’t get any more info at this time. I will update the Facebook page if I do.

Tom Sykes celebrating one of his wins!

Spanish word of the month – Frena, Brake. Remember to do it on a smooth gravel free surface if possible. 75%Front 25% Rear in dry conditions.

The annual Murcia Hot rally is on 23rd-25th and although they have lost their spectacular location in Lo Pagan I’m sure they’ll do a good one at the clubhouse which is on the Carretera de Murcia about 1 km from the Nueva Condomina stadium. Well if anyone thought Marc Marquez’s MotoGP crown was a flash in the pan think again. At the time of writing its 2 easy wins from him and I really can’t see where the challenge is coming from. Jorge Lorenzo’s horrendous false start showing the pressure he was feeling in Texas. World Superbikes, it’s not just football where home ground advantage helps is it with Tom Sykes and Loris Baz doing the 1, 2 double for their KRT team who are based at the Motorland Aragon track. As I type Sykes is leading the championship from his teammate. Go Sykesy! Remember if you have any comments or want to advertise your club, group or an event I can be contacted via email at timbikers@ or on Facebook at Tim Bikers where you will also find details of events where I have got less notice. 40 | Facebook Timbikers

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Fun Pages





Clues Down Across 2 Knock (3) 1 Buying of materials and 3 Fuss (5-2) equipment (11) 9 Suitable (9) 4 Ways from A to B (6) 10 PE (3) 5 Comes into contact with (5) 11 Highly strung (5) 6 Treated carelessly (9) 7 Oppressed (11) 13 Most convenient (7) 14 Furious (6) 8 Having gained nothing (5-6) 15 Sudden muscular spasm (6) 12 Official record keeper (9) 18 Plunder — I sloped (anag) 16 Lone owl (anag) (7) 17 Whiten (6) (7) 20 Past (5) 19 Egg-shaped (5) 23 Flying insect (often busy) (3) 21 Part of a cereal plant containing the seeds (3) 22 Not otherwise committed (9) 24 Someone with opinions formed independently (11)


Sudoku Solutions

1 42

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Reverse Wordsearch

Accommodations Arcane Attires Block Brilliant Chiding Cooped Cuddling Deals Debase Dismal

Drinker Eventualities Exposures Gaudiest Genes Grits Hears Hoarder Holes Hurdles Hyphen

Infinitesimals Inhaled Kayak Litany Natty Orchard Payable Peaks Plots Quintets Renting













































Repeat Routed Shined Sighed Slake Spaces Spare Typified Verged Yearn

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Winging it! A view from the pilot’s seat by Chris Pickles, Sol-aero flyers With summer closing in with loads of good flying hours on the horizon I thought it was about time I gave myself and the sport a quick plug, and explain exactly how to get your Private Pilots License, where you can train locally, how affordable it is, and how anybody can learn to be a pilot. The cheapest, and easiest route, is to first obtain your microlight license. The training counts towards the full JAR PPL if you want to take things further. Microlight is a word I hate, it conveys the wrong image, the term Light Sports Aircraft is increasingly used, and rightly so. These are proper aeroplanes, that share the same characteristics as their bigger Cessna/Piper brothers. I really believe that flying a Micro is more demanding than the larger stuff. We go into much shorter fields, are more wind affected, and we develop better judgment of heights, angles, and attitudes because we don’t have so many instruments doing it for us!

Grumpy old git!

The microlight license requires the following. 1. A class 2 medical certificate – Similar to the standard required to drive a HGV, Train with us and we can organize the medical for you. 2. Complete a minimum of 25 hours flying training, of which at least 10 hours must be flown solo. There is a license that can be obtained in 15, but it carries many restrictions. 3. Complete examinations in Meteorology, Navigation, Airlaw, Human factors, and aircraft technical. Sounds horrendous, but the subjects although wide ranging, are only basic knowledge, and very interesting (except airlaw!).

Aeromoragon M1

4. Pass a flight test with a CAA examiner. After that, if you want to progress to your JAR PPL, you need to complete a further 15 hours training, usually in a Cessna 172, You also have to take another Law paper, and flight test. There are two English schools in the area. Derek, of New Horizons at Benicolet. He flies an Icarus C42, and a Pegasus Quik (but not at the same time!) And then there is ourselves, Solaero, at our private strip near Pinoso. We have an attractive young lady pilot who flies an Aeromoragon M1, as well as her “grumpy old git of a flying instructor” husband…….guess which one you´ll be getting! We charge 125€ per hour, or 10 hours for 1100€, and can arrange all the training, exams, and flight tests in house. The medical costs about150 Euros at present, the exams 200, and the flight test 170. Administration is around 150 Euros. Freedom of the skies possible for about 3 grand! Well, how much is a set of top drawer golf clubs? Be different!! Don’t let age be a barrier either…last year my eldest ‘graduate’ was Derek at 71! I also have a friend Keith, 86 who flies almost daily, although he did recently have 6 months off due to ill health……..he fell of his motorbike! Love it!! Until next time, Chocks away!


E-mail: • Web site:

For more information call 609 685 132 / 966195 508 (Chris/Jan) or see main advert.

Costa Blanca

Inurbe fincas s.l. c/ San Rafael, 11 La Murada 03318 Alicante

Tel/fax: 966 779 788

Ref: 03084 – Elche 3 bed, 2 bath, pool € 139,000 NEW

Ref: 03115 – Matola 5 bed, 2 bath, tennis court, pool

€ 200,000

– Blanca

Ref: 03086

2 bed, stunning views

€ 140,000 NEW

– Matola 3 bed, 2 bath € 225,000 NEW

Ref: 03116

0034 679 951 140 – Español 0034 699 457 387 – English 0034 606 619 288 – Dutch

– Crevillente 4 bed, 2 bath, pool € 165,000 NEW

Ref: 03090

– Orihuela 4 bed, 2 bath € 269,000 NEW

Ref: 03105

– Hondon 3 bed, 2 bath € 165,000 NEW

Ref: 03098

– Santa Pola 4 bed, 3 bath, pool € 230,000 NEW

Ref: 03114

Ref: 03106 – Desamparados Superb villa with stables and pool 3 beds, 2 bath, 2 warehouses € 250,000 NEW

For more properties visit our website:

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Horoscopes Aries A partnership will come to an abrupt end. You’ll feel much better when left to your own devices. Although you appreciate getting help from an enthusiastic lover or business partner, you can’t abide pessimists. People with negative outlooks dampen your pioneer spirit. You want someone who will fan the flames of your enthusiasm. If you can’t find such a collaborator, you’d rather go solo. Trust your instincts. An oppressive authority figure isn’t giving you much encouragement, either.

Leo A pleasant routine will come to an end. You’re worried what the future will hold. It may be necessary to assume heavier responsibilities. There won’t be as much money available in your new situation. Furthermore, you might have to deal with some unpleasant, oppressive people. Summon your courage. Dealing with this challenge in a dignified, capable manner will win the admiration of an executive. You could be rewarded with a terrific job if you perform these tasks successfully.

Sagittarius Your social life is a source of strain. Friends are putting too many demands on you. When you try to get some peace and quiet, they howl with protest. Ask yourself whether these relationships are worth keeping. You want to be loved for who you are, not for what you can bring to the table. If people complain when you’re not willing to do their bidding, it is proof they are opportunists. Break away from this crowd before it consumes you.


Taurus Racing from one errand to another is taking a toll on you. It’s time to cut back responsibilities, even if it means missing a deadline. Your health is more important than satisfying demands. If you lose a job or client, try not to panic. Other assignments will arrive when you most need them. Take this opportunity to rest, relax and recuperate from your labours. Don’t strain yourself at the gym. Gentle exercise like walking and swimming will yield better results than intense aerobics.


April 21st - May 21st



Love, fun and happiness will be put on hold. You’ll have to cancel your holiday for the sake of an emergency. A group project has hit a snag and you’re the only one who can fix it. Although you resent being torn away from personal plans, it can’t be helped. There won’t be much money left in the budget to rectify the matter. You’ll have to resolve it through sheer ingenuity. Ask a philanthropist to donate products or services to satisfy the demands of this assignment.

A living situation has become untenable. You must find a place where you can rest, relax and recuperate from the day’s labours. Leaving a noisy neighbourhood and moving into your own place are possibilities. It will take longer than expected to find a good situation. You might have to stay with a friend while finding an appropriate home. Don’t let an imposing friend, lover or business partner push you into a dingy place for the sake of economy. Hold out for a sunlit, spacious abode.



Money will be tight. You could lose a job or a commission might dry up. This sudden change of events will come as a shock. Take a few moments to get your bearings. Finding employment will take time, energy and emotional strength. Someone who is always clamouring for expensive presents could vanish into thin air. Alternatively, you might be forced to cancel an expensive holiday. Don’t dwell on your disappointment. Instead, think about switching to a more secure career field.

What once seemed like a promising romance or adventure could crumble to dust. The scales have been shaken from your eyes and you realise you are dealing with cheap tinsel, not gold. Remain philosophical. Getting revenge will only tap your low energy reserves. Turn your attention instead to uplifting activities. Volunteering for a charity or helping someone in need will be a welcome distraction. When it comes right down to it, you’re still luckier than the vast majority of people in the world.



Your career will take an unfortunate turn. Being forced to work with an oppressive boss or assume some distasteful responsibilities will be upsetting. Unfortunately, you won’t have much say in the matter. You’ll have to accept these terms without complaint. This will put you in a bad mood, which could affect your family life. Try not to take out your frustrations on your relatives. They want the best for you. Lean on them for support during this frustrating time.

You will have to travel far to attend to unfinished business. The terms of a will or contract will be unclear. It may be necessary to consult a legal professional to sort out this mess. Stop entertaining the worse case scenarios. Nobody will know the outcome of this situation for another few weeks. There is no other choice but to watch and wait. Why torture yourself in the process? Enjoy pleasant diversions like sports, hobbies and reading until the final verdict is rendered.

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A terrible secret comes to light. You might have to leave your job as a result. Gossip will fly and it may be difficult to set the record straight. Instead of trying to defend yourself, sneak off to some private hideaway until all the excitement dies down. It’s time to reflect on where you went wrong. Covering someone else’s mistakes has put you in a difficult position. Don’t be too eager to throw yourself in the path of problems for others. Put your interests first.

Pisces You will lose an opportunity to augment your finances. Royalties, commissions and bonuses will dry up quite suddenly. You’ll be forced to make existing resources stretch as far as possible. Stop trying to keep up with prosperous looking friends. Chances are they are in worse financial shape than you. It isn’t necessary to buy a lot of expensive status symbols to be happy. Actually, you take great delight in relatively inexpensive pleasures. Enjoy nature walks, library books and afternoon naps.

Costa Blanca

Let FORTUNA VILLAS showcase YOUR property...

Located just outside of the town of La Romana this special villa boasts some spectacular views along with a very high standard finish throughou t the villa. On entering the villa you have a fully glazed in porch with seating and dining area at each end with the main doorway leading into the first of the lounges. This lounge is the focal point of the property with all of the rooms of the property having access from here. In the winter time this room becomes a very cosy room with the log burning fire place. The kitchen dining room is

We would like to thank Andrew from Fortuna Villas for selling our Villa in Las Kalendas, Fortuna; without his personal and professional touch, we might never have achieved a speedy and successful sale. Andrew, with his intimate knowledge of the area not only sells your property but also the idea of living in Spain and in particular the Fortuna area and all that it has to offer. If you have in the past, as we did, experienced poor marketing of

your property, Andrew will be like a breath of fresh air. He will explain what you need to do to catch a prospective buyer's attention and when you do achieve your sale, he also offers the help & support that you will need with the legal side of matters. After we sold our property people asked us how we achieved it the answer we gave was "get the right Estate Agent", Andrew Gill is that Estate Agent. June & Jim

C/ Lepanto 2a Bajo, Pinoso Tel: 965 478 003 (Office) 618 384 914 (English) Mon - Sat: 10am - 1.30pm email:

From start to finish, we design, manufacture and install your dream kitchen A wide range of finishes, colours, accessories and appliances to choose from Large choice of worktops—Granite, Silestone, Quarella and OneQuartz We undertake and manage all types of building works and projects Call us on 965 478 003 to see what we can do for you E-mail: • Web site:


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With their dark glossy leaves and white, fragrant flowers, the orange trees that dominate the landscape of the campo are a familiar sight as they bow with the weight of their nearly round fruits with leathery, oily rinds and juicy inner flesh. It’s hard to believe that a fruit so commonly seen nestled next to the apples and bananas in our fruit bowls, was once a rare and expensive treat. To some, the humble orange represents little more than their daily intake of Vitamin C in their glass of freshly squeezed juice. To the thousands of orange tree growers whose trees are their livelihood, oranges are one of the most versatile fruits of the citrus family. Of the 120 billion pounds of oranges that are harvested worldwide annually, the majority are processed into frozen, concentrated, or fresh juice. The remainder are used for making baked goods, confectionary, marmalade, soft drinks or are sold as fresh fruit. The rind is processed into animal feed by applying pressure and heat to remove the water. Under the outer rind of the orange is the white, spongy inner peel which contains pectin, a white substance that when combined with the correct quantities of sugar and acids, forms a gelatinous substance used as a thickening agent in jams and jellies. Pectin is also used in the making of essential oils, molasses and candied peel. Sweet orange oil is extracted by pressing the peel and is used in the manufacture of fragrances, perfumes, and aromatherapy and to flavour food. The oils contain about 90% d-Limonene, a solvent used in household chemicals such as furniture polish. When mixed with other citrus oils it is used for grease removal as an environmentally friendly cleaning agent. Oranges are packed with Vitamins B and C and rich in mineral salts such as phosphorus, calcium and potassium, the health properties of which medical research indicates can help prevent cramps, insomnia, and depression.

The word orange commonly refers to three varieties – sweet oranges, sour or bitter oranges and mandarins. Sweet oranges are the most commonly grown and are sold as fresh fruit and made into orange juice. These include amongst other varieties, the Valencian orange which is the most popular and makes the highest quality juice products in the world. Sour or bitter oranges are grown mainly in Europe and are widely used to make marmalade. Also known as Seville oranges, they are generally not eaten, as their flesh has a bitter taste. The third group of oranges is the sweet tasting Mandarins, which strictly speaking aren’t really oranges but are referred to as such due to their colour. These are eaten as fresh fruit and include tangerines and hybrids such as tangors and tangelos. Their peel separates easily from their edible interior. Historical records indicate that oranges have been cultivated for over 4000 years. It is believed they originated in the region of Asia which now includes Burma, Southern China, and India. Oranges were carried to Spain by the Moors and the orange groves began to flourish at the beginning of the 8th century.

Did you know? Oranges are free of fat, cholesterol, and sodium and contain Carbohydrates 21g, Fibre 7g, Sugars 14g, and Protein 1g. Growers plant different varieties of oranges in the same area so that mature fruit is available during most, or all of the year. Orange trees are susceptible to attack by many pests and diseases. One of these is the scale insect which sucks the sap from the fruit, leaves, and twigs. Certain wasps kill these insects, so farmers foster the growth of these wasps in the orange groves. Once harvested oranges are transported to packing houses where they are washed, dried and waxed with a special coating that prevents dehydration and improves their appearance. The oranges are then graded, sized, packed into boxes, and then shipped to markets. Before World War II nearly all oranges were sold as fresh fruit. In 1944 scientists found a way to concentrate the juice in a vacuum then freeze it without destroying the vitamin content or flavour. Carotene is the substance contained in oranges that give them their colour. The word ascorbic, another name for Vitamin C, translates to ‘no scurvy’. There are many ways in which you can use oranges within the home. Here are a few ideas: Pour orange juice over meat when cooking for extra flavour. Mandarins work particularly well in sweet and sour sauces. Orange juice can be used over fresh fruits to prevent browning. Toss slices of oranges into salads. Blue cheese, walnut, and watercress are a nice combination. For a quick and easy sauce, melt a couple of tablespoons of marmalade in the microwave. To relieve the symptoms of a cold, mix the juice of two oranges with a spoon of honey and a little alcohol, such as rum or brandy, in some hot water.


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Costa Blanca

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LA TIENDA DE LA COMUNIDAD DE LA ROMANA The Community Shop of La Romana Your unwanted items are always welcome! Clothes, Household Items, Bric a Brac

HOUSE CLEARANCES A SPECIALITY! Call David on 622 555 654 Calle Mayor 47, 03669 La Romana


Helping the Village to help itself!

(ONE SIZE: 95 x 45)

Email: please ensure that when sending charity adverts, that they are accompanied with your Charity Licence Number details and full operating address.

CALL US TODAY: 966 790 363


General Nursing Health Care Home Help, Sit/Respite 1hr - 24hr Live In, Diabetic Clinic


Registered Charity No. 7261


'We are always here to help just call'

For full list of services & costs please visit our website

Diabetic Clinic is held at The La Marina Nurses Office

Office contact 09.30 - 13.00 Mon - Fri 966 790 363

Out of office hours - Emergency Only call the office number to be transferred to the Nurse on call.



All profit from PCNSL after tax & expenses will be donated to PCN Charity.


Cecillia Hill – Area Co-ordinator Tel.638343458 Email…

Charity Adverts are placed on this page on a first come first served basis, size 95x45, if you wish to try and obtain a space on this page, please send your advert size 95x45 to . We now require all charities to send us copies of their Charity/ Association licence, the name and address of where and in who’s name the charity is registered to and also a copy of the licence holders nie/passport. Failure to supply the aforementioned paperwork will lead to your charity advert being withdrawn or not being entered onto the charity page. Thank You

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Costa Blanca

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HONDON VALLEY GOLF SOCIETY KOOS COMES HOME TO WIN GOLD AT FONT DEL LLOP Koos van Beek scored 35 points to win the April Stableford at picturesque Font Del Llop. Ken Cooke also carded 35 points to win Silver as Steve Ingerson won Bronze with 29 points. Pat Cooke, wife of Ken and one of two new lady members, was nearest the pin on Hole 12 and Hole 17 and added two more prizes to the family haul.

The first of eleven fourballs tee-ed off at 9.30 am at the start of a beautiful day for golf. Perfect temperatures and a clear blue sky inspired the 44 golfers as was evident by the healthy scorecards submitted at the end of the round. Five golfers, Koos v Beek, Les Goddard, Ken Knight, Steve Page and Paul Hawes, finished with a two on their cards.

Out on the course one member, whose nickname is ‘General Motors’, was told he should have gone to Specsavers when he thought the small logs marking the white tees on the

Winners HVGS Stableford – Font Del Llop – Tuesday 8th April 2014 MEMBER



Gold Winner Gold Runner Up


Silver Winner Silver Runner Up


Bronze Winner Bronze Runner Up


Nearest the Pin Nearest the Pin Nearest the Pin Nearest the Pin Nearest the Pin Nearest the Pin in 2

George KAHN

Green Fee Refund


Football Scratchcard

H’CAP POINTS 15 35 13 34 18 35 22 32 C/B 26 29 13 28 C/B Hole 3 Hole 8 Hole 12 Hole 16 Hole 17 Hole 6 €40.00 Stockport County

Forthcoming HVGS Golf Days and Other Events

eighth hole were ducks! Also, back in the clubhouse, one of the ladies was heard to say to the Captain, “I hope you’ve got pink balls Martin,” as the

Tuesday 6th May Alicante Meet in the Clubhouse at 09.00 am

Captain searched his holdall for sleeves of balls to present to the aforementioned five.

In the marquee Captain Martin Taylor welcomed everyone, especially new member Vera Lawler, and hoped they had enjoyed the day. He reminded members of the HVGS dress code for shorts and that they should be tailored and not extend below the knee. He also mentioned the BBQ on July 18th (this event is now fully booked) and the extra Golf Day at La Finca Golf on 26th August which will be open to members only on a ‘first come, first served basis.’

For information on how to join HVGS contact the Secretary, David Fellows, on 965 978 104 and 649 552 730 or email reserve your place on the list for the Society Golf Days contact the Captain, Martin Taylor, on 965 978 489 and 638 571 310 or e-mail him at

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Tuesday 10th June Alenda Meet in the Clubhouse at 09.15 am Monday 16 – 18th June Golf Break Hotel Costa Narejos, Los Alcazares Tuesday 8th July Bonalba Meet in the Clubhouse at 08.45 am Tuesday 18th July Finca El Romero Summer BBQ 7.00 for 7.30 pm Tuesday 5th August Alicante Meet in the Clubhouse at 08.45 am Tuesday 26th August La Finca Details to follow

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CAMPO GOLF SOCIETY The March meeting for Campo golf society. The meeting at Alenda was a good one, but the weather was not up to our standard, with not a lot of sun but lots of wind. We had a good turn out with some good scores, and a change of winners on the gold, but the winner on the silver was that man Albert again just like the last meeting, so his handicap has just gone down, but he does not mind not like some golfers. All members please remember that the April meeting at Altorreal is on a Thursday not Friday time for 1st is 10.32. All non members are welcome on any of our meetings. Winners on the day Gold G Kahn with 34 points Silver A Baggaley 32 points N/P on the 5th M Tenwolde N/P on the 13th C Parkingson Good on you Cliff N/P on the 16th M Balsom May meeting Alenda 23rd May June meeting Las Colinas 27th June Brian Johnson Phone Number 618 834 774

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It is imperative to test your pool water on a regular basis, once a week in winter if you keep your pool running during this time & twice a week in summer. If the PH balance of your pool is not correct, then the water will not hold the chlorine, at the same time, you will almost certainly get a build up of calcium on the sides of your pool. The easiest method of testing the water is with a special strip that you dip into the pool water which gives you the chlorine and PH readings at the same time. The ideal PH level should be between 7.2 and 7.8 and the ideal chlorine level should be between 1 and 3. If your readings are outside the above mentioned parameters, then you should need to adjust the balance by adding the correct chemicals and then re testing the next day. If you do not check your pool on a regular basis it can and indeed will turn green and murky very quickly. All different types of weather can have many differing affects on your pool; this is why one should keep a keen eye on the ph and alkaline balances in the pool. Anti-algae not only stops algae forming on the walls of your pool, but it will also give your pool a blue sparkle. Anti-cal is important to add at the beginning of the season to ensure you do not have any calcium problems. Pools that are run on chlorine will always tend smell a little - if the balance is not right and if too much chlorine is used, your pool will really smell, the side effects of too much chlorine are that swimsuits will get bleached and hair may turn green, and also your eyes may sting and if you sit on any type of cloth whilst still wearing your bathing costume, in months to come the said cloth will rip or start to wear rapidly. The best way to eliminate the smell of chlorine is to install a salt water chlorinator and PH regulator- then the pool will have the correct chemical balance and be totally safe to swim in. Many people have problems with algae; this problem mainly arises when the free chlorine drops below the recommended levels. The black growths will form on anything to which it can grip, if your pool needs regrouting or if you have missing tiles, algae will become prevalent. Normally if your pool is in good condition then anti algae added to your pool every 2-3 weeks during the summer months and once a month during the winter should keep your pool water sparkling blue, this is as long as the chemical balance is also maintained at the same time. However if you are missing grout or tiles and algae has already started to form, it may be easier to drain the pool, and re grout and replace missing tiles Then you will need to jet wash and chlorine wash the pool before re filling. Should there be only a small amount of algae then it can probably be oxidised with slow dissolving chlorine granules. If you carry on running your pool through the winter months, you should be checking the chemical balance of your pool and correcting it where necessary. You can calculate the volume of water in your pool using the formulae: For rectangular pools - Length x Width x Ave depth (in feet) x 6.25 = volume in gallons. For round or oval pools - Length x Width x Ave depth (in feet) x 4.9 = volume in gallons.

See our advert on page 55 - The Pool People 54

To convert the above to cubic metres, divide the answer by 220. Jot the figure down and keep it in a safe place. It is the foundation stone for sound pool management.

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Costa Blanca


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TEL 659401945 or 677 804 691

The Royal British Legion in Spain, Pinoso Branch On Saturday 12th April approximately 50 Members and Guests from The Royal British Legion in Spain, Pinoso Branch, attended the traditional Jumilla Wine Miniferia. Held in the Garden of the King, the exhibition brought together almost all of the wineries in Jumilla. It was a perfect day for a picnic while sampling the local Jumilla wines. Special thanks to Janice & Peter Rawlings who organised another successful event The Pinoso branch of the Royal British Legion in Spain has a full programme of social events throughout the year. Please remember, you do not have to be an ex Member of the Armed Forces to join. Meet people, make new friends and raise money to help the armed forces of yesterday, today and tomorrow. N.B. Monthly Meetings with guest speaker held the last Tuesday of the Month 19:30 at Meson Tonet restaurant in Pinoso. For more details, please contact: Branch Secretary. Email: Tel: (0034) 660 344 269

Visit our new website at

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Torrevieja CC 82 for 10 Sporting Alfas 2nd’s 74 for 10. Torrevieja couldn’t have wished for a better start to the 2014 league season. They were a trifle apprehensive as they have never beaten Alfas in the history of cricket in Torrevieja. Being put in to bat, Torrevieja made steady progress reaching 33 before Kieren Wood was bowled for 20. The Alfas bowlers stuck to their task and were rewarded as the last 6 wickets fell for 13 runs. Sadu Muhammed ( 3 for 28 ) and Bobby Nix ( 3 for 6 ) did most of the damage whilst Jay Patel (22) and Leigh Blann (15) put up most resistance. Alfas started off disastrously as they lost the first 4 wickets for 2 runs. John Braithwaite emulated Geoffrey Boycott by batting for 20 overs for 1 run, but it enabled Sadu Muhammed (22) and Waquir Ashraf ( 20 not out ) to bring Alfas close to the target. A spell of 5 for 9 from captain Lee Brown made for a nail biting finish. A brilliant diving catch by Jay Patel brought the innings to an end. Torrevieja had won by 8 runs. Their next league game is at home to Madrid 2nd team starting at 11.00 o’clock. Any further info can be had from or tel 605 319 889 .

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CLASSIFIEDS BARGAINADS@YAHOO.ES Sell it Fast Sell it For FREE! You can place your unwanted items in our Classifieds section FREE of charge up to the value of 500 euros. Simply text your unwanted items too 680 976 823 or email them to remember, no more than 25 words per item and no more than 3 items per household, and please always include what area you live in, we do not take FREE classifieds over the phone. Last day for Free ads is the 18th of the month

If you have an item for sale over 500 euros or if you have a commercial advert and would like them listed in the Classifieds section of the magazine, then call 606 891 644. Closing date for Classifieds in the magazine is the 19th of the month.

Send your small ads for print to BARGAINADS@YAHOO.ES

Advertise Your Classifieds For FREE No Value Restrictions. Sell anything fast at classifieds, its totally FREE. Sell you House/car/boat or what you have at

When sending through your items by email, please only send in normal size text.

GENERAL Engine head to fit a any five series BMW from 1996 to 2003 in good order six cylinder, will fit any 325 as well. Call 618 834 774 Window Frame, white aluminium, unused, 1m x 1m with 2 sliding double glazed panels,50€, also Taurus Electric Griddle/plancha,non-stick , 2000w,new, boxed,thermostat control,unwanted gift, 20€, also Drop leaf table with 4 chairs stored inside, pine finish,50€, good condition (Urb La Marina) 690 772 178 Portable air con unit as new €60,VW Golf lockable roof bars brand new €30 Steps aluminium 5 tread adjustable angle €20, Catral 966 078 608 649 539 888 TV bundle - 14 inch TV, amplified indoor aerial and digibox €20. Based in Fortuna. Call 658 587 011 1 metre offset satellite dish with wall bracket 50 euros, 1 ultra gold universal LNB 10 euros and 1 SKY zenith OCTO LNB 20 euros. Orihuela. 622 423 203. Frige freezer, upright large good condition, needs new shelves 80 euros, also pony brown leather saddle and stirrups good condition 50 euros Murcia Tel 636 573 791 58

Sandals brown leather, clarks active air mens size 7 new 30 euros also tea/ coffe maker Salton 2 cup new in box 25 euros Benferre Tel 634 826 737 Log Burner very attractive, approx 8kva,6months old, only 175 euros genuine reason for sale, also 2 orange gas bottle empty 10 euros each, also portable gas fire with regulator 40 euros Tel 676 400 821 Pinoso after 10am please For Sale DaewooDC No Frost Multiflow Upright Fridge Freezer 120€ ono Excellent condition Salinas Tel: 965 479 072 or 636 801 449 Mountain Bike for sale 6 months old used once as new, still have Manual de Garantia 70 euros, also Refractor Telescope 262.5 times magnification for sale with carry case and tripod and instructions for use. 50 euros. Castalla 672 924 557 Beige Leather recliner chair 95 Euro’s Double bed frame and Mattress, as new 50 Euro’s 24” TV 10 Euro’s. Telephone 965 951 417 With Fit board (unwanted gift )brand new 60 euros. or vno Pool cover 8 mtx4mt complete with roller only 295 euros Cement mixer seldom used cost 199 euros sell 100 euros Call 965 474 288 Sax

DINING TABLE, honey pine 137cm extends to 203cm Plus 6 chairs with cream coloured upholstered seats. 110€, sideboard honey pine, with one double and one single Cupboard, plus three drawers underneath a shelf 200cm. 110€ ,lawnmower petrol driven, good condition. 75€, GAS HEATER and cylinder 45€, Additional cylinder 15€, companion set SAX 678 620 659 Sideboard with 4 drawers and two cupboards, in very good condition. Measurements: 87cm high x 166cm wide x 42cm deep. 120 Euros, TV Unit with two shelves and two drawers, in excellent condition. Measurements: 52cm high x 116cm wide x 42cm deep. 100 Euros Glass top, wrought iron coffee table in excellent condition. 50 Euros, Canon Flatbed Scanner LIDE30, A4 Complete with CD, Lead and Manual and vertical stand. In very good working condition. 20 Euros, Canon iP1800 Colour Inkjet Printer complete with Leads. In excellent working condition. 20 Euros,Electric paint sprayer, unused, boxed. Top Craft model 2323264. 35 Euros, New, unused internal pine door. Pre-finished with clear varnish complete with frame and architrave. Overall dimensions 210cm x 83cm wide including frame. 60 Euros, Black & Decker electric chain saw,

E-mail: • Web site:

40cm. In perfect working order. 70 Euros Aspe Area. Telephone: 651 572 942 Wrought iron 15€,paper rack with table top, dark wood 20€, golf trolley 10€ SAX 678 620 659 2 Computer Monitors – Yuraku LCD Widescreen Studio Display 19” wide, unused 50€ each, also Professional Video Camera Tripod, Vinten Pro-Touch 510, 150€, also Panasonic TC15M2R15” Colour TV, 20€, also Sony DVP-NC615 DVD/CD Player, virtually unused, 50€ also BBQ Charcoal, W 70cm, D 42cm, H 30cm, Flat bed type [ free standing on a base, or can be built in ] Easy clean removable ash tray, 3 cooking heights, c/w cooing racks, little used...50€ also amonera, designed to hold a leg of jamón (Spanish cured ham) whilst it is sliced...15€ also Rigid Galvanised Chimney Liners [unused] 1 Metre x 300mm 10€ and 1 Metre x 250mm 7€ and a Small selection of building materials, blocks etc...offers Pinoso 653 200 682. Blue pool cover in good condition on a roller and stand, 6.5m x 3.5m min 100 euros. Caudete 967 090 400 For Sale Wooden Rocking chair and round display table 50x62m Matching cover and table cloth plus cushion v.g.c. 20euros. Telephone Fortuna 968 685 706

Costa Blanca Halfords top box purchased Sept 2013 used once (cost £323) accept €200 o.n.o. La Marina Urb Tel: 617 179 148 Part exchange Astronomie telescope with inter change lens 262.5 times magnification with adjusting tri-pod and compass. For Spanish Digital Television aerial and pole Castalla 965 562 236 Double gate automatic opening kit, boxed, brand new, complete with full instructions 95€, also a Set of 7 metal patio dining chairs, as new, very strong, 5€ each or 30€ the lot. Also Samsung C3520 mobile phone, unlocked, any SIM, complete in box, as new, camera, bluetooth, internet etc 30€ (Urb La Marina) 690 772 178 For Sale “ELNA” Sewing Machine in very good working condition. Serviced last year. 65euros ono. Ring Rita on 666 136 611. Steam mop for sale, brand new ,still in box 75 euros Hindon Tel 696 351 127 Belle petrol generator with Honda 9hp engine, 240v, and 110 v 4kva excellent condition Tel 150 euros Tel 693 209 128 Ufesa Super Compact Dehumidifier Model DH3600. With carrying handle, humidity setting, tank full warning light and continuous draining option. In perfect working order. Price 65 Euros. Aspe area. Tel: 651 572 942 Golf Clubs,full set John Letters Masters Model 80 euros also Internal doors with trims x 2 still wrapped light teak 80 euros also Mountain bike ladies Raleigh Max 15 gears 60 euros also Generator,Honda pramac p x 2500 petrol brand new Tibi area 220 euros 677 822 963 Electric sewing machine set in a table, it has many different stitches. looks new. 55 euros Also Old Brass headboard for a 1.35 bed beautiful and ornate 60 euros, also Genuine Victorian nursing chair ,deep buttoned back in a royal blue and gold brocade 100 euros Phone David 696 209 567

Various pieces of Colclough and Royal Albert porcelain ,tableware etc.Tel 966 779 105

SERVICES Man with a van going to England at end of May. Space still available. Call Dave 630 863 373 or email to cookerdave@


CRAFTSMEN & DESIGN SERVICES 35 yrs unique skill base all work licensed and guarenteed specialising in * plastering internal/ external wall covering *stone masonry / brick & block work *plumbing, painting& decorating *mini digger for hire, mini excavations, gravelling driveways etc Free estimates help & advise Tel :966180636 or 620543155 e mail: craftsmendesign@

Hablamos tu lengua – We speak your language. Translation/interpretation service. 12€ per hour. Need a translator/interpreter? Are you a translator/interpreter looking for more work? Translators urgently needed Please call 679548451

Large van leaving Spain to the UK and UK to Spain every month. space available both ways, very reliable Tel or 690 818 090, UK mob: 07504 927034 email: PREMIER PLASTERING ALL ASPECTS OF PLASTERING SPECIALISING IN DAMP PROOF TREATMENTS *Mono capa *Skimming *Rendering *Tiling All building works undertaken Call: 636 573 791





COLLECTION SERVICE Tel Phil (Fortuna) 607 848 332



E-mail: • Web site:

Wanted: Citroën –Mehari in good condition. Please call: 620 916 686 I am looking to purchase an old Vespa or Lambretta pre 70s or motorbike that is need of restoration or not. Do you have one of these that has just being left lying around in your garden-garage-shed, that you would like to get rid of and by doing so get a yourself some euros. If you do, then please call me on 680 976 823 Wanted: Upright piano in good working order, good/ reasonable condition. Contact Martyn 0n: 965 36 9 613 Wanted guitarist looking to either join or form a band, i love playing music from the 60’s 70’s 80’sif there are any bands or musicians out there please contact me i am based between Elche and Torrevieja. 661 350 963 or e-mail norman.lavisher@ We are a four piece band looking for a Singer. playing music from the 60’s to present day. applicant must be enthusiastic and a team player.we are based around the south costa blanca. e-mail: johnathonmike17@ or call 634 760 776 Wanted ,Hen Blue and Gold Macaw Wanted , Hen African Grey Parrot (All Cage And Aviary Birds Wanted ) Phone Pinoso , 966 966 072 or 633 386 752 place your wanted items here email by the 19th of the month!. 59

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CLUBS/MEETINGS With a full calendar of interesting and exciting events the Hondon Valley Branch of the Royal British Legion seeks new members to join them. We meet every third Thursday of the month in Nieves for a relaxed evening in convivial company. Ex servicemen are always welcome but there is no need to be one to join and participate in our events. For further informationwww. hondon-valley I would like to meet up with people from...The West Country Devon. I live in the Catral Area, Costa Blanca. Email: BADMINT0N AT PILAR DE LA HORADADA Mon, Tues, Wed and Thurs. 10-1pm. For information ring John McGilvray on 966 786 774 or Mobiles 634 658 506/695 871 707 or e A group of us meet every Thursday at the Sunset Cafe on the n332 in Cabo Roig for rideouts. We are multi-national, and all makes of motorcycle are welcome. for more info contact Rob on mollyandbaileybassett@ Men at munch meet every second Wednesday of each month to coincide with the Fortuna Ladies Luncheon Club. Next meeting at “Alonso” near the Fortuna info centre at 13.30. All welcome,good company,no agenda!

the new meeting. Tel: 653 486 586 for details or come along Wednesdays 19.30pm. Centro Cristiano(just along from the big windmill) Ronda D. Ricardo Lafuente Aguado, Torrevieja WWW.TIMSPAIN.COM

EVENTS PARTY YOURSELF INTO SHAPE THIS SUMMER! Ditch the Workout, Join the Party! Zumba Fitness Classes with certified Zumba Instructor in Pinoso, Fortuna, the Hondons for details contact Donna 966 195 876 / 699 408 773 www.zumbaiberia. com

CHARITIES The Samaritans cover the whole of Spain and operate 24/7. We also have a drop off centre and charity shop at Punta Prima off N332 24 hour Helpline 902 88 35 35 or email pat@


For Sale , Budgies and Zebra Finches. or will exchange, Phone,Pinoso. 966 966 072 or 633 386 752 For Sale , Breeding Pair of Senegall Parrots. phone Pinoso, 966 966 072 or 633 386 752 Ex SSPCA Aux Officer, is offering a Pet Sitting Service, in my very secure home. If you feel your pet or pets would not settle well in a kennel, this could be the answer for you. I am offering a home environment with lots of company, walks and some training if necessary. Please call for more info on 968 619 870. or see me on Facebook Pet Villa Pet Sitting. Are you looking for a pet but can’t find one. Then place an advert here. You never know who has what you are looking for. Email



Includes entire contents of recently refurbished Kitchen & Restaurant Further information Tel 654 656 703 or email

Work from home running your own business www. worldwideecogoods.wikaniko. com


EMPLOYMENT EMPLOYMENT Vacancy Bilingual secretary required speaking English – Spanish for the Alicante and Moraira Office. Any other languages would be advantageous. Please send your cv to ignacio@pellicerheredia. com

PROPERTY RENTALS House to rent, center of Salinas, 3 beds, furnished, small outside space, short term or long term, 200 euros per month ex bills. Tel 0044 1924 865668 or 0044 7583 100143 email petermcshane

Alcoholics Anonymous Costa Blanca. Confidential Helplines. Costa Blanca North: 648 169 045. Costa Blanca South: 625 912 078. Los Alcazares: 679 385 105. Or visit the website. www. New meeting of Gamblers Anonymous and Gam Anon started in Torrevieja. If you think you have a gambling problem or you are being affected by someone else’s gambling then come along to






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NO SALE - NO FEE. Contact Steve or Claire on 965 474 314 / 675 218 436 or email Website: WWW.TIMSPAIN.COM

Costa Blanca

FAB FINCAS FAB Pr oper ti es • FA B P rice s • FA B S e rv ic e

Tel: 965 474 314 • Mob: 675 218 436 • Apartado de Correos 3, 03630. Sax. Alicante

Pinoso - Ref: ff0739

Pinoso - Ref: ff0734

Pinoso - Ref: ff0736

Villena - Ref: ff0738

Fabulous villa 4 beds, 2 baths. Swimming pool Central heating

Immaculate villa 3D beds, 2 baths Lovely kitchen/diner Orchard and veg garden

Huge country house 5 beds, 3 baths Fitted outside kitchen/BBQ Sheltered swimming pool

Extremely well presented villa, 3/4 beds, 2 baths Separate casita & outbuildings Full central heating

WOW - only 178,900 euros

Only 219,995 euros

Price 465,000 euros

Only 199,995 euros


established agent. Voluntary La Romana - Ref: ff0740

Yecla - ref: ff0735

Villena - ref: ff0731

Fabulous renovated finca 5 beds, 4 baths Guest casita Additional ruin for reform Price 394,995 euros

Finca with casita 4 beds, 2 baths Large conservatory/sun room Furniture included What a bargain 79,995 euros

Finca with scope for improvement 3 beds, 2 baths Swimming pool Casita requiring finishing Only 124,995 euros

Sax - Ref: ff0733

Villena - Ref: ff0737

Salinas - Ref: ff0627

Pinoso - Ref: ff0696

Finca with possibilities 4 beds, 2 baths Huge conservatory/sun room Swimming pool

Huge finca with casita 7 beds, 3 baths Massive outbuildings Gorgeous location

Price 179,995 euros

Price 249,995 euros

Finca with casita Short walk to village 3 beds, 3 baths BBQ, veg & fruit garden Substantially reduced - now 157,995 euros

Pretty country house 2 beds, 2 baths Swimming pool 6000m2 land Price slashed now 139,995 euros

Sax - Ref: ff0565

Beneixama - Ref: ff0732

Salinas - Ref: ff0609

Renovated finca in natural parkland 4 beds, 2 baths Pool & outbuildings Breathtaking views Only 179,995 euros

Large town house 4 beds, 2 baths Internal courtyard & roof terrace, Full of character

Substantial village house 4 beds, 1 bath Roof terrace & garage Lots of outside space

price 97,995 euros

Only 89,995 euros

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