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Hello and welcome to the 76th edition of Tim. Firstly we would like to thank those of you who commented on how much they liked the February issue front cover, indeed it is really nice to receive feed back of all sorts whether good or bad, as it makes us work even harder to try and make the magazine even more reader friendly . Sadly in February, after a long battle of trying to save one of my dogs, I had to have him put to sleep, he was only five, and I never truly understood the meaning of a dog is for life before, until I had to make this very difficult decision. Indeed the whole family miss him, Rip Scooby, gone but not forgotten. Februarys competition winners were Jan Wooll of Algorfa golf who won the Sol Aero pleasure flight, and Brian Ashley of Hondon de los Frailes who won the copy of John McGregor’s “The Fairy tales of an SAC” and finally the winner of last month Spot The Bull competition was Chris Wilkington of San Luis Torreveija who spotted bully hiding on the advert which was on the back cover of last months Tim. Inside of this months magazine you can win another pleasure flight courtesy of Sol aero Flyers see the entry form on page 34 also there are a further two free to enter competitions, also on page 34.

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TIM Magazine™ “There is only one thing wrong with Paris, the French are there.” A famous unattributed quote, most likely British. The French do have, with us Brits, a reputation for shall I say ‘a certain style’ laced with a tad of arrogance. However, Paris is famous for its iconic cultural heritage, chic style, wafer thin aloof women and men in berets. Having decided that I would take a visit to see how the neighbours were coping with the crisis during the cold January days. I booked a certain (in) famous airline and flew from Alicante to Beauvais. A shuttle bus service (15€) takes you the 80 kms. into Paris and access to the Metro. From which I later emerged equally delighted that I was not lost and in sight of my pre-booked hotel. Following one of the quickest check-ins, I have ever experienced (Full marks you French – no bureaucracy) I was greeted in my room by a ‘Torrevieja in August’ heat wave. (More marks for the central heating system) Hunger enticed me back onto the cold streets in search of dinner. I spied a menu for 12,50€ and enjoyed a 3-course dinner for which I was presented with a bill for 25€. A small beer, smaller wine and coffee had doubled the bill (Marks deducted for serious prices) I returned to the hotel a little wiser and adequately fed to research the following days explorations. From the hotel’s vast display of tourist information I decided on the free city walks tour. The word free always attracts me. Knowledgeable English speaking students guide the walks around the famous landmarks sharing information and entertaining anecdotes along the way. (Add marks) A great way to meet people when you are travelling solo. Amazing how many countries some of my fellow tourist/travellers had visited. You can tip your guide at the end of the tour and they were well worth some Euros. Everywhere you seem to turn in Paris there is another architecturally stunning building worth spending time on. Parisian planners should be sainted (Add marks) for resolutely rejecting the policy of ‘demolish and replace with anonymous boring skyscrapers’ of which there are virtually none. Paris has led a charmed life managing to retain all of its famous buildings relatively unscathed by history. The guide briefly recapped the story regarding Hiter’s order to “Burn Paris” following the allies’ invasion. However, his general could not carry out the order and instead colluded with De Gaulle to save Paris. There is little evidence of graffiti artists, dogs, beggars, or prostitutes in the main tourist areas despite a low-key police presence. However, if you decide to visit, avoid signing anything if approached by unknown people with clipboards because it is a scam. (Probably being worked in Spain as well) Those in search of either residential or commercial property face a difficult task, as little of either is available. The crisis is nowhere near as evident as in Spain. Prices remain strong and 142,000€ will only buy you a 10.9 sq. mts ‘studio’ – think about it 10.9! 2

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by Rob Innis

Costa Blanca Typical French shops are still prominent. Offering everything from mouth-watering tarts through to chic boutiques. Even a shop exclusively selling umbrellas and parasols – very Parisian. I also noticed many book and record shops – all contributing towards a shopper’s paradise. Burghers, pizzas, kebab, and charity shops would be unwelcome intrusions on these central Paris boulevards. Prices are indeed a little fierce. Be prepared to part with over 3€ for either a coffee or small beer in the tourist areas. Allow your eyes to tune into the less expensive options as you stroll around deciding which museum or venue to visit next. The metro system is cheap (from 1,70€) but by walking you will discover lots more delights and rewarded by soaking up the Parisian atmosphere. So how are our French neighbours doing? Rather well by all accounts. I spoke with the guides and although there is increased taxation and retirement ages etc the shops are busy, tourist numbers are good and generally, they are surviving. Are the French still the same? Well in my few days experience I decided they were friendly and helpful and only once did I suffer with the ‘attitude’ in a rather up market bar – all I wanted was breakfast. Overall their use of please and thank you exceeds the Spanish (which is of course a cultural thing) and is much more akin to the British style. One rather strange oddity. As I sit writing this article in my French hotel room on January 21st is that they have still not yet taken down their Christmas decorations. They remain on display in many public areas and some shops. The festive season obviously runs late with our neighbours.

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By Barbara Barton

SHRUBS Oleander You might not know its name but you cannot have failed to spot this colourful plant which seems to be the Spanish shrub of choice to grow down the centre of motorways, along road sides, or in public places like municipal gardens. Oleander is a hardy evergreen which means at the very least you are guaranteed some sort of display all year round. Anything that can withstand growing on a central carriageway in Spain has to be pretty robust and clearly can cope with relatively poor soil. The leaves of the shrub are dark green and glossy and quite narrow and pointed in shape. The flowers are borne in clusters and are red, yellow or white. Make sure when planting that you give your Oleander lots of room to grow because they can reach several feet in height. If you are planting more than one then make sure you position them well apart. As this is such a tall shrub it is often used in the garden as a hedge, or at the back of a border. Dig a hole as deep as the root ball and twice as wide. You can simply fill in with the same soil but, better still, add a little compost. Water it regularly until established, which won’t take long. The Oleander bush is a drought resistant plant, so obviously it doesn’t require that much water which is a big bonus, especially if your home here is a holiday home or if you are one of these people who flit back and forth to the UK a lot. However if you want your Oleander to produce plenty of flowers then you may want to make sure it does get a regular watering so that, in addition to flowers, it will keep healthy and generally in better condition. 4

In much the same vein, it can only help your plant if you give it a liquid fertiliser around the springtime to help in the production of flowers, something like Miracle Grow or any standard organic fertiliser would be fine. A general prune each year after flowering will help stop the shrub becoming too leggy and will also stimulate new branches to grow. If you want to try taking some cuttings it’s quite easy. Around September time take stem cuttings of around 6 inches from the tips of the branches. Pop the cuttings into any brown bottle, keep topped up with water and they should root. Garry tried this last year and managed to get 4 hits out of 10 which was pretty good. So – the good news - they are hardy, require little maintenance and produce beautiful flowers. They don’t need much water, and they can live in poor soil as long as there is plenty of sun. BUT before you rush off to the garden centre, please be forewarned that Oleander is highly toxic. Despite the fact that it is commonly grown in public places all over the world, including around hospitals and schools, Oleander is extremely poisonous. Our grand daughter is sensitive to the leaves and if she touches them she gets a rash. She is old enough to understand this and steers well clear so it’s not a major problem but it does highlight the toxicity. Garry can handle Oleanders without any problem at all (probably because he’s a tough old boot) but best advice is to be cautious and wear gloves. However, if you have any doubts about children or animals coming into contact with the Oleander and possibly trying to eat the leaves then it’s probably best to give it a miss!

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Costa Blanca

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TIM Magazine™ I have been reflecting on the actual nature of popular music or more precisely, what makes some music popular. I watched the Spanish music awards at the end of last year and I can certainly recommend Alejandro Sanz to anyone who wants to dip their ear into Spanish pop music. He is enormously popular and a very talented musician and singer. His recent hit ‘Desde Cuando’ which appears on his CD ‘Paraíso Express’ is a powerful ballad sung with emotion. I can also recommend Daniel Martín, lead singer of El Canto del Loco, who is, in my opinion, a songwriter to be reckoned with. The language seems immaterial to the sheer joy and pleasure of listening to great singers singing great songs. Perhaps that is part of the essence of popular music. January saw the passing of Gerry Rafferty. Many of us will remember him for ‘Baker Street’ and ‘Stuck in the middle’ the latter as part of Stealers Wheel. Gerry started his career in the world of folk music being a member of The Humblebums with Billy Connolly in the mid60’s and early 70’s. Of course at that time music was played live and there is a power in playing and singing totally live, even more so when the work is your own. One of his lesser known songs has been taken over by the Irish fraternity, a song called ‘Her father didn’t like me anyway’. Popularity is hard to secure but is generated by the audience in the first place and fed by the continuous hard work and creativity of the songwriter and performer. Popularity can never be compromised and quality will always prevail. As the saying goes, today’s headlines are tomorrow’s chip wrappers!

Popular Music by John Currie

I am pleased to say that I have once again been asked to perform in a charity concert in Alicante this year. Last year was an amazing experience in front of an audience of 800 people being the only non-Spanish act on the bill. More details next month but the set list will certainly contain a working definition of ‘popular’ music whatever the language. 6

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Costa Blanca

(0034) 618  535  674  

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by Julian Ashington


Hello and welcome to the March motoring column. Well it’s the time of year that Formula 1 starts so let me tell you a little bit about our Lewis Hamilton. He burst on to the scene two seasons ago. He is not very popular here in Spain since he knocked out Señor Alonso off his perch and ruffled his feathers too! But that’s competition; he is British and we are proud of him, so feel free to shout and holler next time you are in your local Spanish bar and Hamilton wins yet another race!


Lewis Hamilton was born in Stevenage on 17 January 1985. He started as many drivers do, racing Karts at the age of eight. When he was nine he approached MacLaren team boss Ron Dennis at an award night and told him that one day he would be driving for him in Formula One. From the cadet ranks of Karting in 1993-97, he progressed though junior Yamaha in 1998 and in 1999 again shone in junior Intercontinental. This continued success gained the attention of team MacLaren who signed him to the drivers development support programme. This secured an option of a Formula One seat in the future making him one of the youngest drivers ever to secure a F1 contract. He went through to Formula A in 2000, where he became the European champion with maximum points, and moved into Formula Super A in 2001. Following his karting successes, the British racing drivers club awarded him with a rising star membership. Lewis began his career with Formula One Renault series and finished fifth overall. In 2002 he had a full Formula Renault UK series and again improved to finish third overall. Next season the inevitable happened and Lewis was crowned champion. With this success behind him, Lewis moved up to F3 in 2004 and, despite winning only one race, he finished fifth in the European championship and entered and won the Bahrain Superprix. At this time he first tested for MacLaren at Silverstone and moved on to team ASM to drive in the Euroseries in 2005. He blew the competition away to finish 1st in the series with 15 wins out of 20. In the same season he won the Marlboro Masters of F3 in Zandvoort, Holland. By this time people in racing were starting to realise that he was going to become a top driver. Even in 2001 Michael Schumacher had commented on his ability and potential. In 2006 he stepped up to F2 and the GP2 championship series. Once in F2 he again excelled and give some very notable and brave performances but it was a stroke of good fortune that gave him the title. His nearest rival and joint leader, George Pantano had a point deduction for driving too fast on a caution and the deduction of that single point gave Hamilton his F2 title. During 2006, Juan Pablo Montoya moved to the USA to race Nascar and a vacancy arose at MacLaren. Then followed weeks of speculation as to who would be number 2 to Alonso and many names were bandied about. Then in September Lewis Hamilton, after so much success in the lower ranks of racing, was confirmed as the new boy at MacLaren F1. Well the rest is history; let’s keep our fingers crossed for this season, it would be nice to have a British champion again. Well till next month take care and drive safe. E-mail: • Web site:

Costa Blanca

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by Malcolm Thompson BEd (Hons)

Art Appreciation For Beginners

TIM Magazine™ Great art has dreadful manners. The hushed reverence of the gallery can fool you into believing masterpieces are polite things, visions that sooth, charm and beguile, but actually they are thugs. Merciless and wily, the greatest paintings grab you in a headlock, rough up you composure and then proceed in short order to rearrange your sense of reality. Simon Schama ‘The Power of Art’ (BBC Books 2009) Page 6. Here is some handy information for inexperienced art gallery visitors. There are no ‘rules’, only advice, but make this directive number one, ‘don’t launch into a criticism of an artwork until you have seen it in actuality. Size and scale. Yes….size does matter. As a general rule, big paintings and sculptures are made for two reasons. One, to fill a space where a small work would be lost or two, to make an impact on the viewer. Often both reasons prevail in really big artworks. Shape: Does the shape of the canvas suit the subject matter? For example, a very narrow canvas can add drama.

Framing. Here is my number one tip to impress your companions next time you visit an art gallery. Last year I took a group of adults to a gallery in Murcia. One woman exclaimed, “Ooh what a lovely frame!” Well, it’s OK to say that if you want to but it’s better to say that a painting is ‘sympathetically framed’ or indeed ‘unsympathetically framed’. Does the frame enhance the painting it surrounds? Is it of the same period? Artist’s Statement: Has the artist produced any information about the work? Do you agree with their statement, bearing in mind that what the artist intends and what the viewer sees isn’t always the same thing. Title: What does it tell you about the painting and how does it guide your interpretation? Subject: What is the painting of? Does it belong to a school or genre? Is it unusual, unexpected, controversial or intriguing? Does it lend itself to comparison with other artists? Do you understand the symbolism or allegory in the painting? Who is doing what to whom? Composition: How have the elements of the painting been placed? Does your eye flow across the whole painting or does one element dominate? Is there anything that draws your eye into or across the painting or are you forced to look at the focus. Look out for compositions where heads or bodies are placed in triangular groups. Diagonals can also create drama. Skill: What level of technical skill does the artist display? An artist at the start of their career may not have been technically skilful in every element of their painting, but there’s usually some aspect that’s worth highlighting for the way it was dealt with and the potential it demonstrates. Be careful, contemporary art can be deceptive in this respect. Medium: What materials were used to create the painting? Try to distinguish between oil paint and acrylic paint. Has the artist used pastels or pencil? How does this change the overall effect of the picture? Colour: Has colour been used effectively? Are the colours warm or cool or hot and fiery and do they suit the subject? Has a restricted or monochrome palette been used? Is the picture ‘high key’, (light 10

© Morgan Penn ‘THE CRITICS’ oil on canvas 41 X 31½in (104 X 80cm)

colours) or ‘low key’, (dark colours)? You might find that most paintings of saints in Spanish churches are low key, this suggests dignity and gravitas. Texture: It’s extremely hard to see texture from a book, but it’s something that should be considered when looking at a painting in “real life”. Rough, (impasto) or smooth, does it say something about the subject? Response: Most importantly: does the artwork generate an emotional, visceral reaction in you? Love it or hate it, both are equally valid. But, can you put into words exactly what provokes a particular reaction without being boorish or dismissive? Finally, I want to kill a myth that has been hanging around for years. ‘What is a conversation piece’? A ‘conversation piece’ absolutely is not a work of art or an unusual object that could be the focus of a conversation amongst a group people. (I think that particular myth was started unwittingly by either Ken Dodd or Les Dawson in the 60’s). A ‘conversation piece’ is an 18thC painting depicting two or more people having a polite conversation. It was a very popular way of painting families or groups of friends. Paraphrase from Oxford Dictionary of Art & Artists I hope that’s just enough to get you started, good luck and enjoy your art. TTFN

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Costa Blanca

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in the


By Jack Dees

Well we had plenty of sunshine in February and there’ll be more in March so start giving some thought to riding plans. My favourite road that’s local to us is the Fortuna to Pinoso road. Pinoso is several hundred metres higher than Pinoso so it’s a big old climb but well worth it for the views round lots of sweeping bends. If you are in Pinoso Bar Pelinke is the place to stop. Jesus the owner is a biker and the bar is home to the local bike club. If you’re travelling north do a U turn at the first roundabout and take the service road. The bar is about 100 metres down there. Don’t know any biker bars in Fortuna but there are stacks of bars with outside tables and room to park. While we’re on the subject I’d like to know your favourite roads and more biker bars or biker friendly bars. Send pictures as well if you can to me at A good response to the biker buddy shout. The Costa Blanca Rawhiders YEE HAH (sorry got carried away) are a recently formed group in Sax and would like to hear from anyone who would like to cruise with them. They can be contacted via their website www.costablancarawhiders. com Also welcoming new riders are the Hondon Motor Group based at La Finca in Hondon de Las Nieves. They can be contacted via Marc on 626 482 465. I also have the details of two Harley riders looking for biking buddies. Mick from Aspe and John from La Romana.

Sorry I can’t find any events for March but if you know of anything in April let me know. Sunday 10th April there’s an all dayer in Pinoso hosted by Jesus’s group. 8€ for food, drink, music and dancers – can’t be bad. Happy Riding


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TIM Magazine™

Spanish Tax The Facts By Rob Innis talking to Ignacio of Pellicer and Heredia Are you still wondering if you should be making a Spanish tax declaration? Many Expats get confused and worry about ending up paying twice – both in the UK and Spain. Many ‘urban myths’ surround the process. Therefore, it is time to establish the facts and disregard the fiction. I asked Ignacio of Pellicer and Heredia (see their advert on the front cover) to give us the latest update of the Spanish tax system.

Tax declaration time is from 1st of May until the 30th of June and no- our service means you will not have even visit the tax office, so no more queuing, since we will do it for you! Will Expats end up paying more income tax in Spain? Not necessarily, many probably pay less in Spain. It will always depend on each specific case. It will be a matter of comparing the specific situation in Spain (tax return in Spain) and in England to make a personal decision.

In the UK we would not typically go to our solicitors for tax advice, so is it a good idea in Spain? Yes if they are a qualified Solicitor who deals with tax issues for individuals, companies, etc. The main thing is that the professional has the specific knowledge on tax matters, and preferably able to deal with international tax issues to work out best-case scenario from a legal point of view. We are fully qualified and we do complete this service for many clients. Is it true that there are tax advantages of paying tax in Spain and making a Declaracion de Renta (Spanish tax return) and if so what are they? Of course, it is important not only to do the Income Tax return as a resident when you could get back all the tax retained that the bank has taken from you during the year (depending on income declared), or if you work in Spain, the tax deducted by the Government as an employee if you do not reach the limit; It is important if you want to take advantage of all the fiscal benefits granted only to fiscal residents every year. Many people think have the green residencia form makes them fiscally resident this is not the case. Meaning they could end up on paying higher IHT and CGT taxes (more next month) You need to establish either fiscal resident or non-resident. If you are not resident (i.e. do not spend 183 days or more in Spain), you are obligated to lodge annual income tax for non-resident, which it is worked out according to the value and income from your properties. We will need copies of the escrituras and Suma (in Alicante province) bills to work it out. This tax will be paid into the State. Which Expats should be paying tax in Spain? The article 96 of the Law 35/2006 confirms all the cases when you are obligated to lodge the Income tax return. All persons living in Spain over 183 days should declare if they are within these cases and then they will be entitled to all the tax benefits. (More on that next month) When you are in Spain less than 183 days, you are obligated to lodge the income tax return for non-residents. It will be worked out according to the number of properties, income on them, and the Suma bill (value of the property).

Do retired persons have to pay their tax in one payment? No, you could apply for paying in stages depending on amounts due. So far, the Tax Office has been flexible with this situation. What should people do next? Contact us for a free consultation if you are a TIM reader. Our details are on the front cover of the magazine. We speak English and we have worked in London so understand the UK tax system. We will ensure that you are legal and could also save you money in either Spanish or UK taxes. Next month: Ignacio will share with TIM readers some very interesting details regarding Spanish Inheritance and Capital Gains taxes.

How and when should Expats make their tax return and will it involve queuing for hours in the Spanish tax office (Hacienda or AEAT) 14

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Costa Blanca

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The Inland Magazine™

A little old lady answered a knock on the door one day, only to be confronted by a well-dressed young man carrying a vacuum cleaner. “Good morning,” said the young man. “If I could take a couple of minutes of your time, I would like to demonstrate the very latest in high-powered vacuum cleaners.” “Go away!” said the old lady. “I haven’t got any money!” and she proceeded to close the door. Quick as a flash, the young man wedged his foot in the door and pushed it wide open. “Don’t be too hasty!” he said. “Not until you have at least seen my demonstration.” And with that, he emptied a bucket of horse manure onto her hallway carpet. “If this vacuum cleaner does not remove all traces of this horse manure from your carpet, Madam, I will personally eat the remainder.” “Well,” she said, “I hope you’ve got a good appetite because the electricity was cut off this morning.” 16

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Costa Blanca

“ Get on yer bike.” Monthly cycling tips / advice and routes. by Gary and Lynn “Cyclogical” Quesada.

“ San Pedro Del Pinatar”. Distance : 26 kms / Time : Allow 3 Hours. Leave Torrevieja via the N332 and head south for the turn off to San Pedro (about 20kms) turn left and head for the Plaza (we’re in the car with bikes on board). We parked outside the Thalasia Hotel and unloaded the bikes. Helmets on, we headed for the centre of town cycling along the specially built cycle track. Upon arrival at the Molino de Quintin (Large Windmill) we turned left and cycled 200 metres to the mud baths where we watched everyone covering themselves in mud and basking in the sun so we joined in and found it fantastic. We baked for about an hour then went into the sea, peeled off our mudpack and washed. It was a great feeling & is supposed to be very therapeutic together with good healing properties. After getting dressed we followed the same track along the Playa la Mota and the Mar Menor, passing all the mud baths and salt lakes on our left, until we came to another windmill (Molino de la Calcetera) and continued along the track to the left, towards the beach. On the beach we cycled all the way along the sand until reaching the Marina where we stopped for coffee & admired all the boats. We continued on our journey following the cycle track through the salt lakes, with flamingoes on both sides of the road, all the way back to the main road into town. We turned left towards the car, which we ignored, heading back into town following the track until reaching a nice little restaurant where we ate lunch. Afterwards we cycled for a couple of hours along the sea front, it’s a great place to cycle, you just want to keep going. This was a great cycle ride suitable for any type of bicycle as the terrain is completely flat. We saw many fold up bikes, they are really easy to throw into the boot of your car. If you are unable to get your bikes into the car we have a great range of cycle carriers suitable for most types of car in stock. Gary and Lynn are available at their New Cycle Superstore, “CYCLOGICAL” in Quesada, Monday to Friday 9.30am - 5.30pm and 10.00am - 2.00pm Saturday, to assist and advise you on all your cycling requirements including route maps. Next Month: Quesada to Benejuzar.

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by John McGregor

Spanish Moving Story - Part One

The Inland Magazine™ In 1995 I arrived in Spain for a holiday, and a bit of house-hunting: by the time I left two weeks later I had found my dream house, but only on the last day. I had been shown different houses by different agents, but I also had a sheaf of faxed copies of similar properties sent while in the UK. One in particular had caught my eye, but it was a bad copy and I couldn’t find the property. At the last minute I was shown it – perfect! I headed home, as it was being sold by a UK agent, an off-hand Yorkshireman. We haggled, he assured me I had a bargain, it included the furniture, internally it was first-class. I was surprised to find I could complete it all in the UK, via an English notary, which was news to me. I had been reading up on the complicated Spanish way of buying and was determined not to let anyone get the better of me, as per the horror stories you hear. If I thought the agent was a bit odd, the notary was incredible! If we wanted to complete to go on holiday at the end of the month, we had to sign the papers and return. But we, and the UK sellers (also from Yorkshire, as it ‘appened), both signed in the wrong places. So urgently we actually had to meet the notary on Bedford station, and sign in his presence - in the buffet! We met this strange pinstriped city-type character and to say he and my (ex) wife clashed in personalities was an understatement - she said, as usual, exactly what she thought, which was that she thought ‘all this’ was ridiculous, with an elaborate wave of her arm. He took off his half glasses, folded them up and put them down on the papers. ‘You think all – what – is ridiculous?’ he demanded, and imitated her elaborate wave. I managed to calm everyone down, and we signed. Successfully in Spain our new casa was a terraced property, next to the end one which faced alternately to mine, my back was his front, and vice-versa. From my front, the land sloped gradually away down to the back of the property, the front being about a metre higher than the back. Our galleria at the back had been converted into another room, with an outside door. The funny thing was that when you opened this back door, you were about three feet above ground level, due to the slope of the land. The agent had assured me the property came with written planning permission for a full rear patio, and when I completed the purchase back in the UK, a sheaf of Spanish official looking stamped papers were supplied, on the local Town Hall headed paper. No one was next door at the time of our holiday, and we had a lovely relaxed time for the first week. Naturally I wanted to get the patio done, and after asking around ended up with a rough – ‘diamond’ is a bit strong – handyman from London, called Bill. I explained what I wanted, nothing elaborate, just three stone steps down from the door, and slabs covering the nine square metres of open ground, to be able to sit out to take advantage of the south facing rear aspect. The next morning he started, and we went to the beach. We came back three hours later to find Bill slouched on the front patio, glaring at me. He jerked a thumb towards next door and announced - a tad triumphantly, I thought: ‘You’ve got big trouble! Spanish ‘ere have just come from Madrid, and she’s gone beserk! The police ‘ave bin and they wanna see you!’ With this helpful information he got in his car and went, leaving me to face a lot of aggravation: both domestically internally, and externally via next door and the law. Bravely ignoring the first problem, I went round the back to face the music. Bill’s dire description was spot on, I walked into a barrage of Spanish abuse from a very small, fierce-looking older lady, plus a small Spanish gathering of onlookers, all murmuring, nodding, pointing – it wasn’t looking good! Two minutes later two young policeman arrived. Godzilla, the poisoned dwarf raised her pitch and speed of delivery, giving it hooray to the more senior-looking of the two policemen. He attempted to stop her with little success, attempting meanwhile to speak to me in polite Spanish to indicate that, as some building had started, did I have planning permission? I realised what he wanted and I assured him that I had: he indicated to me to go and get it. Again courageously ignoring internal queries inside, I came back to the lynch mob, cockily brandishing my ‘permission’. The policeman examined all the papers one by one carefully, shaking his head slowly. He pointed out various sentences, which of course meant nothing to me, pointing to date stamps on the papers, which were about a year old. It began to dawn on me that all was not well; Had I been sold a pup? Oh yes, it turned out to be REFUSAL of planning permission! To be continued next month… 18

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Bibliomaniac Page

By Rob Innis

This month, to celebrate the anniversary of the Bibliomaniac page, we feature the most famous bookshop in the world Shakespeare & Co Paris. American Sylvia Beach opened the original Shakespeare & Co in Paris in 1919. If offered a retreat to writers who were daring to push the restricted and censored boundaries of their day. It quickly established a reputation as the haunts of Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, George Bernard Shaw, James Joyce and many other now famous names. Beach was responsible for publishing ‘Ulysses’ in another move to challenge the accepted literary norms of the period. Following an altercation during the German occupation in 1941, her doors were finally closed until after the war ended. George Whitman, another freethinking and well travelled American, arrived in Paris in 1951, and opened ‘The Great Mistral.’ A shop selling both new and second-hand books mainly in English. The unique thing about Whitman’s enterprise was as well as retailing books he offered a roof for poets and authors needing shelter. Aspiring writers from all over the world arrived at his door. Providing they could prove a modicum of intent to want to write Whitman allowed them to live on the premises and become one of his ‘tumbleweeds’. Banquettes, which during the long opening hours display books, at night revert to sleeping accommodation. In exchange, they had to promise that each day they would read a book and give 2 hours labour to help run the shop. Whitman takes over Following Sylvia Beach’s death in death in 1964, Whitman acquired her stock of books, and changed the name of his business to Shakespeare & Co. Countless well known names have taken advantage of his hospitality over the years including Allen Ginsburg, Henry Miller and Lawrence Durrell amongst his claimed 40,000 tumbleweeds. This heady mixture of rubbing shoulders with other writers, living with the thousands of books, including classics written by esteemed authors, and doubtless Whitman’s cajoling has indeed enabled many to fulfil their literary ambitions. Also by simply walking outside the front door the inspiring world of the Paris left bank is at your feet. Despite the frequent and varied challenges to keeping the shop in business, including regular battles with French bureaucracy, Whitman succeeded keeping the doors open to all those who needed a haven and wanted to write. In 2006 Whitman was awarded the “Officier des Arts et Lettres” medal by the French government for his contribution to the arts over the previous fifty years. Books, Baguettes and Bedbugs A Canadian journalist, Jeremy Mercer, who was down on his luck arrived in Paris discovered the bizarre establishment and ended up becoming Whitman’s right hand man for an extended 20

period. Mercer wrote Books, Baguettes and Bedbugs published in 2005 by Orion Books, which recounts his personal story of the behind the scenes true life existence in this extraordinary writers sanctuary. Mercer’s book enthralled me so much that I decided to visit Shakespeare & Co located opposite Notre Dame in Rue de Bucherie. Whitman’s daughter Sylvia, named after Sylvia Beach, now runs this shrine to literary creativity. The shop today Its narrow and decrepit frontage reveals little clue as too its amazing history. On entering, you are overwhelmed by thousands of books stacked floor to ceiling in every nook and cranny. It becomes slightly gloomy as you explore deeper. Upstairs there are the banquettes displaying evidence of current persons in residence. I stumbled, literally, upon a book I was searching for (Gerald Brenan) and slumped down into a wellworn leather chair to savour the atmosphere for an hour or two. Which famous bottoms had previously rested in this chair I mused as I read an inscription on the wall: “Be not inhospitable to strangers Lest they be Angels in disguise” George Whitman, now approaching one hundred years of age, has succeeded in facilitating an amazingly popular and unequalled alternative style of shop for over 60 years and made a major contribution to the literary world. A real gem. Competition to win a FREE book A tale of mystery – win Daphne Du Maurier’s ‘Jamaica Inn’. First published in 1936 it remains a true classic. The book was made in a Hitchcock film in 1939. The real Jamaica Inn still exists. To enter the free competition just answer the question on page 34. Bibliomaniac Teaser Answer to last month’s teaser: Brighton Rock is the Graham Greene novel remade as a film released in February. This month’s teaser: Hitchcock made which of Daphne Du Maurier’s short stories into a famous terror film. For anyone who missed a Bibliomaniac Page in 2010 they are available online here: Got something to contribute? Email me at

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That evening, as we finally parked up in Sanlucar de Barrameda in Cadiz province. The evening was warm, shirt sleeve weather as the Spaniards say. The car was a hired and beaten up mark 3 Ford Escort. The town was buzzing with that early evening children playing, mothers chatting, old men leaning on sticks crowd that gathers in almost every open space in every Spanish town at the appropriate hour. We were soon installed in some 600 peseta hostel separated from the, fortunately unoccupied, next bed, by just a curtain. We went out for a drink. We carelessly asked for beer and wine. The beer was fine - amber coloured, fizzy, normal but the wine was straw coloured in a tall glass. We were too timid to try and send it back but when Maggie tasted it and found it was ice cold, dry sherry she was fine. It wasn’t sherry actually it was Manzanilla, the local drink. We very quickly learned that it was what everyone drank along with big juicy prawns. It was a memorable evening. Just before Easter last year we were in Arriondas in Asturias. We went out for a drink. We carelessly asked for beer and wine - make that a Ribera said Maggie. She’s learned. We surveyed the early evening crowd; the Nationalists talking some odd local language but more particularly the two men taking advantage of the WiFi connection and staring at the screen of a laptop. Our attention fixed on the bottle between them. A bottle the shape size and colour of a red wine bottle but with a strange contraption clamped to the top of it. Every now and then one of the men would squeeze a trigger on the device, the machine whirred and the frothed up cider spat and fizzed into the glass. Just enough for a couple of mouthfuls. Asturian scrumpy has no fizz; the machine was to add air. We asked for a cider in the next bar and we were sold a 70cl bottle of the stuff. No machine for us though, the bar staff popped back every now and again to pour the cider from the bottle held above their head to the glass held down by their hip. They only poured a little at a time but so they were kept busy as half the bar were on the cider.

by Chris Thompson

Getting out of the house is a ritual of returning for specs, car keys, passport and what not - short term memory in tatters. My long term memory is still good though - well good enough to repeat the same story over and over again.

Two fingers of red eye barkeep!

TIM Magazine™

It’s normally the old men leaning on the bar that give you the clue. They drink the traditional, cheap, local stuff. It’s often just the local wine like us drinking the wine from Jumilla in Cartagena and Alicantino wines in Culebrón. Maybe it’ll be a variant, like Sangria - wine plus local fire-water, or Vermouth, aromatic fortified wine, once a standard drink in Alicante. Sometimes it’s not even alcoholic - the Horchata of Valencia for instance, but it’s much more fun with orujos, pacharanes, aguardientes, cavas, mistelas, moscateles, olorosos, finos and anises. It’s a part of the culture that I’ve been keen to study. It’s odd how poor my memory is. I wonder what caused it? 22

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The all new Bar Pepin 965 482 151 or 646 716 780 Hondon de las Frailes Celebrate Mother’s Day with us on Sunday 3rd April – call for menu details – 4 courses plus wine Open everyday 7.30 am ‘til close Menu del dia – 3 courses 7.5o € Menu del noche – 3 courses 10.00 € Bingo every Tuesday from 8.30 pm Quiz Nights on Thursdays 8.30 pm Friday is Fish & Chip night from 6.30 pm just 8.00 € with bread & butter Sunday lunches 1-4.00 pm 3 courses 10.50 €, 2 courses 8 € including a glass of wine

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 

Celebrate Mother’s Day with us Sunday 3rd April 3 course lunch with glass of wine 12.50 € Menu del dia – 3 courses including wine only 9.00 € Thursday – Steak Night – Best Rump steak with chips, peas, onion rings & mushrooms – just 7.95 €

C/ Padre Claret,2, Hondon de los Frailes

Tel – 648 774 400 Open 7 days – 7.00 am to 11.30 pm Speciality Paellas to order Menu del dia 8 € Menu del noche 10 € Full English Breakfast 3.50 € Traditional English & Spanish menus always available 24

Friday Night Fish & chips with bread & butter only 7.95 € Great Tapas & New evening menu Sunday lunch 2 courses – 10.50 € - 3 courses 12.50 € DUE TO POPULAR DEMAND BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL Saturday 2nd April - Indian theme night – Menu available soon!! Jaime 1, 15, Hondon de las Frailes (opposite Chemist) Tlf 645 578 518

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Drunk Orange Tart with Lemon Sauce

PREPERATION Prepare a caramel with 150 g of sugar and add to 4 small flan dishes. Slice and peel an orange and add to the flan dishes. Peel the lemon and add together with the remainder of the orange to a pan, add 100 g of sugar and a cup of water. Simmer for 15 minutes, then let the mix cool. Pre-heat oven to 175 degrees. To make the sponge, beat the egg yolks with 75 gr of sugar until they go creamy. Then add the flour and beaten egg whites until peaks form, then add a pinch of salt and the condensed milk. Mix well and add to the 4 flan dishes. Sit in an oven proof dish with water, (baño maria) place in the pre heated oven for 25 mins. Remove from oven and allow to cool. Mix the water, 100 gr of sugar and the cointreau, heat until sugar disolves. Fill a syringe and inject the sponges several times. Melt the chocolate with a tablespoon of milk, drizzle the melted chocolate over the sponges. Serve at once.

INGREDIENTS • 3 Eggs • 325 g of Sugar • 100 g Flour • 4 Tablespoons of Condensed Milk • 1 Orange • 1 Lemon • 1 Bar Dark Chocolate, Salt for The Sauce • 100 g of Sugar • 2 Tablespoons of cointreu • 300 ml water 26

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      

       




   

Located Main Street, Hondon de las Frailes


      

      

   

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The Inland Magazine™

The new ‘T’ de Tapas opened its doors on New Years Day & is going from strength to strength.

fresh every day - even the eggs come from the chickens on Paul’s farm!

Already well known locally for its superb Irish/Ulster cooked breakfasts, you will need to go a long way to find anywhere else for a breakfast that includes such ingredients as authentic homemade soda breads and old-fashioned potato cakes!

They are currently in the process of opening their own production unit, attached to the restaurant. This will enable them to make traditional English Sausages, Burgers, Faggots etc. and by buying the whole Pig/Lamb/side of Beef they will be able to use the choicest cuts in the restaurant whilst also being able to produce such delicacies as cured ham, pate’s, steak & kidney pies & Cornish pasties to name but a few.

It will not come as a surprise, therefore, to find that the Partners at the helm are both Irish, with a wealth of catering experience between them. Irish Paul, as he is known locally, has had the privilege of working with such well-known TV Chefs as Paul Rankin & Anthony Worell-Thompson and Wendy is expert at making irresistible sweets, pastries & cakes. Their chef produces superb, authentic Indian cuisine, and all the accompanying dishes, and, of course, Indian Curry is his forte! The local Spanish community are also discovering that there is a wealth of flavours to be enjoyed here, everything is home made &


Every Wednesday there is a food-themed quiz night. They have already ‘been’ to Spain, Italy & Greece and promise to work there way around the world! On 10th March they are holding an open evening to give you the chance to sample their goodies! Don’t miss the opportunity to do so!

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Costa Blanca

     

ARKWRIGHTS ENGLISH FOOD STORE Hondon de los Frailes – On your doorstep!

Come along and have a look at our fantastic range of good quality English food at low, low prices. Vanaf heden Nederlandse producten! New products arriving weekly Easter Eggs now in store Large selection of second hand English books in store from 25 cents each.

Tel: 667 858 434/606 687 388 Avenida Blasco Banez, 62 (next to the school and ferreteria) Open (nearly all hours) Winter opening hours Monday - Saturday 10.00 am – 7.00 pm E-mail: • Web site:


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P i s ces a d a p ts to th ei r s u rro un d i n g s , g o o d o r b a d . T h ey a re g en erou s , f r i e n d l y, g o o d n a tu red p eo p l e wi th a t r u e s e n s e o f k i n d n es s a n d co mp a s s i o n . T h e y a re s en s i ti v e to ev ery th i n g a ro u n d t h e m i n cl u d i n g th e feel i n g s o f o t h e r s . T h ey a re p o p u l a r fo l k b ec a u s e o f t h e i r ea s y g o i n g a n d l i k a b l e m a n n e r, w h i c h ten d s to mi rro r p eo p l e th ey a re w i t h . T h e y h a v e a n u n ca n n y s en s e o f p ercei v i n g w h a t a p ers o n i s i n n eed o f, a n d d el i v eri n g i t. T h e y a re n o t i n i ti a to rs , b u t ra th er a l l o w ci rcu ms ta n ces a n d e v e n t s t o moti v a te th em, a n d th en th ey res p o n d . I n th i s a s p e c t , t h e y te n d to fo cu s o n o th er p eo p l es p ro b l ems ra th er th a n t h e i r o w n .





New commitments involving other people will be more like a pitched battle than a harmonious effort. Caught in a web of circumstances is a good way to describe this day’s events when you are somehow dragged into a contentious matter despite all your effort not to get involved. This evening, you may never have been so glad to get home to put your feet up and it will take a while before all the tension and strain drains away.

You’re so efficient, and for the minimum of effort you’re getting the maximum of output. Your organised and hard working performance will be rewarded even if you aren’t expecting any praise. A community or professional exercise with a helping hand ring about it will claim a lot of your attention. It will be a day to remember with some form of recognition or reward coming your way for efforts.

You could be hounded by superiors and others who are demanding your help or giving you fresh jobs to do. You might wonder if people think you are stupid when they try feeding you with so called facts which are blatant lies. All the steam will run out of a joint effort when you start to realise you are the one putting in all the work while others receive the acclaim. You might grit your teeth and press on today but by tomorrow you will be calling it a day.

You could find yourself on the move at a moment’s notice and relishing the chance of something new. Happiness at being able to fulfil a need for change or challenge will fuel you and keep you going. The mood of the day is a blend of fairgrounds and holidays when an outing lifts you out of a rut and those you meet along the way will be people who will provide opportunities for you in the future.





You are in control of your day; with you being so organised expect it to be a progressive one. All your efforts will be worthwhile because you don’t intend to waste any time. Being assertive helps you cope with people who have, in the past, left you feeling intimidated and weak. With you taking charge, a joint task is more orderly than it ever has been. This will accelerate work progress and bring quick results.

Life is better without insecurity and decisions you make today will be aimed to make your future more secure. You are learning to accept some risks have to be taken and not all of these will turn out in your favour. All going well, you will be making choices that bring improvements into your world but if it doesn’t work out, you will be prepared to accept what has to be. You are making decisions with the best of intentions and that’s why there will be no regrets.

Perhaps your casual attitude towards work and other responsibilities has gone further than you might think. You will be expected to prove you’ve been working hard when in fact there are jobs still waiting for your attention. Today you could find yourself in a situation where you need the help or support of your colleagues. Such help is not likely to be forthcoming if you’ve not been pulling your weight or if you haven’t offered a helping hand of late.

As social and entertaining as the day might be, this won’t stop you from getting on with practicalities and you won’t let others escape their responsibilities. You can be cheerful and there’s lots to smile about. You will also be stubborn as you recognise how far to go and when it is time to stop larking about and start getting more serious. Whether a discussion’s about the household budget or a career related issue, you will get the last word, this evening.





Everything appears to be on schedule and you have no complaints about current work progress. Expectations of the past are playing a part in today’s reality. You knew plans would succeed and you were right. Granted not everything lives up to expectations but you had a strong feeling about some things that have been happening in your life and you are starting to recognise when it is wise to act on your hunches.

You could be nervously waiting for the results of a recent test or interview or you are carrying out safety checks. The pressure is building for you to get a job right and the more aware of this you get the more you feel everything is going to start going wrong. Try to keep your doubts to yourself because by late afternoon an undertaking you were starting to feel pessimistic about will be looking considerably more hopeful.

You’ve always loved new gadgets and a clever piece of design will fascinate you today. If someone is looking for volunteers to test some equipment you will be the first in the queue. You get the strong impression someone disapproves of something you are doing. Since you don’t judge them and neither would you get in the way of anyone who is pursuing their own aims, you’d appreciate some live and let live from others today.

In order to continue with a task already started, you feel forced to make a difficult decision. Despite your best efforts to be fair on everyone, someone is going to be disappointed. You hate having to do this and you might wish someone else could have the responsibility. But sometimes there is no choice but to get on regardless. Accept it, you can’t please everyone. Some outstanding arguments will need resolving soon, before they get out of hand

By Philip Garcia - 32

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Costa Blanca

c/ San Rafael, 11, 03318 La Murada, Alicante,


Contact: José Ramon

Office/fax: 966 779 788 679 951 140 (Español) 699 457 387 (English)





Large country house, 5 mins walk from town. 5 beds, 2 baths, fitted kitchen, large lounge, separate dining room. Fenced plot with pool. Some structural renovation required – approx 25,000 €. 2 Build: 200 m 2 € 112,000 Plot: 3,300 m

Townhouse within walking distance of town, totally renovated. 2 beds, bath, fitted kitchen, lounge/diner. Spacious solarium with another bedroom. A/C. Sat TV. Garage, internal patio (50 2 m ) with room for pool. 2 € 126,000 Build: 160 m

Traditional house with separate apartment & pool. 3 beds, 2 baths, lounge/diner, fitted kitchen. Landscaped gardens. A/C. Outdoor kitchen with barbeque. 5 mins from amenities in the town. 2 Build: 155 m 2 € 102,000 Plot: 1,200 m

Fully furnished detached house in popular location. Walking distance to town. 2 beds (fitted wardrobes), 2 baths, lounge/diner, fitted kitchen. A/C. Underbuild. Solarium with storage. Pool. 2 Build: 175 m 2 € 151,700 Plot: 202 m





New detached villa on enclosed plot. 3 beds with fitted wardrobes, 2 baths, lounge/diner, fitted kitchen with utility. Pre installation A/C and C/H. 5 mins from the centre of town. 2 Build: 137 m 2 € 169,950 Plot: 2,500 m

Fully furnished detached house in enclosed gardens with stunning views. 3 beds, 3 baths, lounge/diner. Pool. Hot/cold A/C, alarm system, Sat TV. 5 minutes drive from the centre of town. 2 Build: 180 m 2 € 189,000 Plot: 3,300 m

Duplex on private urbanisation with auto entry system. Communal pool, parking & gardens. 2 beds with fitted wardrobes, bath, fitted kitchen, lounge/diner. Spacious solarium. Close to town & golf. Rental potential. 2 Build: 120 m € 103,000

Renovated town house, centrally located. 3 beds, bath, lounge/diner, 2 kitchens, storage. Internal patio, spacious solarium with lovely views. Sat TV. Furnished. Within walking distance of town. 2 Build: 150 m € 128,750





Renovated house with 4 beds, 2 baths, lounge/diner, fitted kitchen. Large porch, patio. Sat TV. High quality furniture included in the price. Separate apartment for renovation. Enclosed plot with 2 entrances. Views. 2 Build: 160 m 2 Plot: 4,300 m € 147,000

Cave house for renovation or demolition or development on an urban plot. A new 2 storey house could be built with permissions. Separate plot has ample space for pool, gardens etc. Good location with lovely views. 2 Build: 87 m 2 Plot: 2,700 m € 19,000

Country house in a mountain settting with lovely views, requiring some modernisation. 4 beds, bath, lounge/diner, kitchen. Scope for extension. Large garage. 10 mins from all the facilities in Fortuna. 2 Build: 130 m 2 Plot: 1,000 m € 99,500

New detaced villa on a small development 5 minutes from the amenities in the town. 2 beds, 2 baths, lounge/diner, fitted kitchen. Porch, terrace, stairs to solarium. 10 mins from the thermal baths in Fortuna. 2 Build: 62 m 2 Plot: 322 m € 94,900

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COMPETITION To enter cut out this coupon and send it along with your full name, address & daytime telephone number to: T.I.M. Apartado de Correos 285 • 03630 SAX (Alicante)

WIN Daphne Du Maurier’s ‘Jamaica Inn’ Simply answer the following question... Question: WHO OPENED THE ORIGINAL SHAKESPEARE & CO ? (see page 18) Answer.................................................................................. Name..................................................................................... Email Address......................................................................... Address.......................................................................... ....................................................................................... Your Contact Tel number.......................................................... Closing Date for entries is the 19th March 2011 TIM’s decision is final

SOL-AERO PLEASURE FLIGHT COMPETITION To enter cut out this coupon and send it along with your full name, address & daytime telephone number to: T.I.M. Apartado de Correos 285 • 03630 SAX (Alicante) Simply answer the following question...

Question: What major airline is mentioned in the Sol aero flyers article in the inside back page of the March Tim? Answer.................................................................................. Name..................................................................................... Email Address......................................................................... Address.......................................................................... ....................................................................................... Your Contact Tel number.......................................................... Closing Date for entries is the 19th March 2011 TIM’s decision is final


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Costa Blanca

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Costa Blanca

Tel: 965 474 314 • Mob: 675 218 436 • FA B pr oper ties • FA B p r i c e s • FA B s e r v i c e

Castalla - Ref: ff0276

Onil - Ref: ff0442

Salinas - Ref: ff0250

Caudete - Ref: ff0563

Beautiful country house 3 beds, 2 baths Swimming pool & jacuzi All home comforts imaginable Price slashed Price 199,999 euros

Three storey townhouse 3 double beds, 2 baths Tastefully renovated Lovely position

Impressive country house 2 receptions 4 beds Swimming pool & outside kitchen Great position

Lovely country house 3 beds, 1 bath Huge 60m2 garage 14,000m2 land

Bargain price - 54,950 euros

Only 179,000 euros

Bargain - 80,000 euros

Sax - Ref: ff0555

Biar - Ref: ff0569

Sax - Ref: ff0311

Castalla - Ref: ff0550

Country house with separate casita 6 beds, 5 baths Walking distance to town Ideal business opportunity

Tastefully renovated finca 3 beds, 2 baths 10,000m2 plot Swimming pool & outbuildings

Renovated country finca 3 beds 1 bath Manageable plot of 2000m2 Spectacular views

Price only 198,000 euros

Great price - 185,000 euros.

Bargain price - 136,000 euros.

E-mail: • Web site:

Country house with dual accommodation, 5 beds, 2 baths Excellent order throughout Swimming pool & landscaped gardens Price 269,950 euros.


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The Hondón Valley Branch of The Royal British Legion Members of the Hondón Valley Branch are looking forward to a number of trips, lunches and events this year – the website gives details – branches/hondon-valley. At our Social time last week, members tried their luck at “Pegorama”!! The task was to see how many clothes pegs could be unclipped and held in one hand without dropping any!. After much hilarity the winning lady had 11, with the gentleman getting 12 thus proving men are better at hanging out washing? (No, just larger hands!) The Branch meets on the third Tuesday of each month at Monte Alto, the Hondon de las Nieves industrial estate 7.00 p.m. for 7.30 p.m. Visitors are always welcome. Contact our Secretary on 677 376 770 or on secretary.hondonvalley3577@gmail. com for more details. Our photo shows member Phyl trying her luck.

The Royal British Legion Social Events for 2011 The Pinoso Branch of the Royal British Legion is planning a full programme of social events for 2011 including: • • • • • • • • •

April - Car treasure hunt. May - Wine bodega visit and tasting. June - Coach trip to Guadalest. July - English summer fete. August - Pinoso flower offering parade. August - Summer barbeque September - Garden party October - Halloween ball December - Christmas party

So why not join now! New members are always welcome and don’t forget that you no longer need to have served in the armed forces in order to join – membership is now open to everyone. The Pinoso branch of the Royal British Legion holds meetings on the last Tuesday of every month at El Cortijo de la Blanca Paloma, Pinoso. For more details, please contact: Ian Booth, Branch Secretary. Email: Tel: (0034) 634 642 693


“Charity Lake Cycle Challenge” On Sunday 6th March 2011, Jenni from “Casa la Pedrera” is hosting “The Charity Lake Challenge” which includes a 10km or 20km sponsored cycle ride around the lake (suitable for Hybrid or Mountain bikes) followed by a BBQ and live entertainment. The cost is 5€ per person, or get sponsorship, all monies going to the Help Association and the Paul Cunningham Nurse’s charity. Lynn will be leading the 10km challenge and Gary will be leading the 20km or you can try and beat the 20km course record (time released on day). If you fancy giving yourself a challenge and doing something for charity come along and have some fun in a fantastic setting. For cyclists wishing to participate, the start times are: 20km. 10.30am. 10km. 10.45am. Helmets must be worn. Come along and help raise money for 2 worthy causes. Give it your best, get that bike out and start training. Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday 6th March (at least half hour prior to start times). For more information call Jenni 660816620 or Lynn/Gary 637487377.

E-mail: • Web site:

Costa Blanca

Painting & Sculpture Exhibition Casa Del Vino, Pinoso

Linda Halbert Caron O’Rourke 4th – 29th April 2011 Mon - Saturday 11am – 1pm

Private View - Sat 2nd April – 7.30pm Discuss & Purchase the New Artwork with these local artists then attend the

Studio Open Days 9 - 10th April in Les Encebras th - 626 214 216 - 966 195 502 E-mail: • Web site:


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UK TV in Spain

Printer Ink - 50%

A “FREE” chimney clean with

20 € (+iva) per hour

Websites designed from 200 € (incl. iva) Quality Hosting from 80 € (incl. iva) Computers Repaired and Upgraded; Sales; Training Sax, Alicante STEVE: 966 967 439 or 650 354 629


every load of wood

Stock up now with seasonal wood for Winter CALL ANGELA 658 626 315

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Costa Blanca

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On a sunny, blustery day Keith Williams, playing off a handicap of 3, played excellent golf to score 31 Stableford points on this difficult and challenging course. Mel Nicholls won Silver and Graham Miller won Bronze with 25 and 27 points respectively. Graham, an occasional member, crowned a good day by picking up the cash when the Green Fee Refund was drawn out of the hat. The Font Del Llop Golf Resort nestles in the hills between Montforte Del Cid and Aspe. It is a beautiful setting in which to play golf. So it was then that the HVGS turned out in the spring like sun to do battle for the second time on this imposing, Par 72, 5870 metres off the Yellow Tees course. Only average scores in the mid twenties for the majority of the players told it’s own story; difficult holes, lots of water hazards, some requiring considerable carry to make the fairways and the ever present wind all added up to present a formidable challenge to every player. Strange to relate though this course, despite difficult holes, is very popular with all society members who will always ask when the HVGS is due to play there next. Out on the course Tony Brewer scored the Best Front 9 with a modest 13 points on countback and Peter Lowe played the Best Back 9 scoring 15 points. At the same time, Keith Williams and David Fellows both had a 2 on their cards on the 3rd and 12th holes to win a sleeve of golf balls each. In the Matchplay Knockout Messrs Watson, Brown and Taylor all won their first round matches. Vice Captain Geoff Rabey, standing in for Captain John, presented the prizes in the Clubhouse. Jim the Scribe outlined plans for a visit to the Benidorm area in September for golf, shopping and a dinner show trip.

For information on how to join HVGS contact the Secretary, Jim Lynch, on 666208416 or email jamesandsue.lynch@ . To reserve your place on the list for the Society Golf Days contact the Captain, John Wilkinson, on 965475162 and 634821903 or e-mail

Stop Press Please watch this space for a possible date change in May when the HVGS may be involved in a Charity Golf Day at Alenda on Friday 13th May in aid of Paul Cunningham Nurses. Further details will be announced soon.

Winners HVGS Stableford - Font del Llop Wednesday 8th February 2011 Member





Keith WILLIAMS Gold Winner 3 31 Mel NICHOLLS Silver Winner 15 25 Graham MILLER Bronze Winner 25 27 Paul RICHARDS Nearest the Pin 3rd

Bottle of Brandy

Pres’n Wine and Glass


Nearest the Pin


Pres’n Wine and Glass


Nearest the Pin


Pres’n Wine and Glass

Bottle of Brandy Bottle of Brandy

Void Nearest the Pin 17th Geoff RHODES Best Guest 19 20 Tony BREWER Best Front 9 10 13

Wine and Decanter

Peter LOWE

Wine and Decanter

Best Back 9



Graham MILLER Green Fee Refund

Bottle of Wine

Keith WILLIAMS Football Scratchcard Everton

€20.00 Cash

Forthcoming HVGS Golf Days and Other Events Wednesday 9th March El Plantio - Meet 09.15 am in Clubhouse Tuesday 12th April Alicante - Meet 09.45 am in Clubhouse Tuesday 10th May Alenda - Meet 08.45 am in Clubhouse Wednesday 1st June Font del Llop - Meet 09.15 am in Clubhouse (Change of date) Wednesday 13th July El Plantio - Meet 09.15 am in Clubhouse


€35.00 Cash

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Costa Blanca

CAMPO GOLF SOCIETY The society started the year off at one of the best clubs in the area - El Plantio - which was up to its usual excellent standard. After a bit of a drizzly start, the weather cheered up and the members pitted their wits against this testing course. The society welcomed 4 new members and 4 guests on this occasion.

at other courses was brought up. Whilst everyone agreed it was a good idea, for it to be workable in respect of discounted prices (20+ members), we would need to have full participation. Unfortunately, when this was tried before, it did not come up to expectations. Perhaps those members not playing now with us for this reason could contact either Brian or Barry with their views. The committee will abide by the members’ wishes and contact other venues so we are not always playing at Alenda. RESULTS WINNER N/P 9TH HOLE N/P 14TH HOLE N/P 18TH HOLE GUEST WINNER


As we all know, the 14th hole is probably one of the hardest to play being uphill and down dale but Barry chose this as the N/P. Not to be deterred, Koos Van Beek and J Fellowes reached the green from the tee within 12ft of the flag - no mean feat and very well done to both.


Dave Bratley had an excellent day’s golf coming in with 34 points with new member J Fellowes close behind on 32 points. In respect of future handicap reductions, it was agreed with the members that, at each meeting, 1.0 would be deducted from the winner and 0.3 deducted from everyone else. It was hoped that this would enhance everyone’s game and result in better scores being carded.

TAYLORMADE Driver - 10.5° - 8 months old - New €240 Special Price €90

Following the presentations, the question of “away days”




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Costa Blanca

SOS Delivery Service Large van returning to the Uk Regular trips to all points including Scotland and Ireland Caravans, motorbikes etc 8 years on the Costablanca Call us On 965 669 693 or 645 365 353 Order on line we can collect

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EXPERIENCED TEACHER Extra tuition! Physics and Maths upto the age of 16. Chemistry and Biology upto the age of 18. Only available in English. Hondon Valley Area Ring for more information 676155256 Or 965480012

Rising Damp

Flaking Plaster

Black Mold

Musty Smells

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GENERAL Webber paraffin heater, very good condition, works well, ideal for garage, workshop, greenhouse etc 30 euros, buyer collects hondon valley Call 627 3338 899 Laptop 17” white, English, XP Pro, Pentium 4, 3.06ghz, 1Gb ram, 320gb hdd, floppy drive, wiFi, new battery, power adaptor, 299 Euros, 639759371, Albatera Garden Water pipes various sizes up to 1 inch in diam and numerous lengths 25 e, Garden gate metal silver colour 3ft x 5ft plus some 20 poles for fencing 50e, Renault Combi Van A4919BM ,PETROL ,cracking little run around , garden project finish no longer required ,recent overhaul of: New Battery ,new starter motor ,replaced carburettor and new rear wheel bearings in last 12 months. 1st 490e will buy All above on 649229353 . Crevellente Sky box and remote for sale free to view channels no card needed 45 Euro 965368432 0r 625248171 near Torrevieja Car trailer 5x4x2 complete 75 46

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euros, lathe woodturning plus tools 80 euros, quad bike 50 cc 160 euros Tel 693 525799 Pinoso 11 piece universal car seat covers including 5 headrest covers black and red German make 20 Euros ,Two large ceiling lights with 5 lamps in each - jade with gold trim 30 Euros each 676295742 Albatera Dell Inspiron Laptop English Keyboard, WindowsVista, MSOffice, Wi Fi, Antivirus, Carrycase, + Dell 720 PhotoPrinter, Cables, Ink. 175 euros. 670966670. Hondon Nieves. Seat Alhambra 7 seats 1999 alloy wheels cd diesel very economical, respray last year service history tow bar English plates 1800e ono chrome ladder for pool 25e marina water pump cost new 307euros bargain 80euro Dave 606311507 Bed Settee converts to 2 single beds, with 2 mattresses and back cushions. 25e. 678090197 Frailes Static exercise cross country trainer with information screen, used only 2 times. 60 euros or ono ,Cream material, wood

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SERVICES We are a group of English and Spanish people, we meet in Villena, in a friendly atmosphere, we help each other with our languages, if you are interested in it, please, contact with me. Maria José678300572 mary_santurce@ Closing or closed your business? Need to sell your


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Costa Blanca

Winging it!

By Chris Pickles. (Sol-aero Flyers)

Views from the pilot seat

Thanks for everyone who responded to last month’s editorial. Apparently there are more people in the area with an interest in aviation than we imagined! So, for all pilots past, present, and future, and for anyone who likes aircraft or just wants to know how, and where to get airborne in this stunning country, the forthcoming articles are for you.

So it’s not big, and it’s not clever. It is loads of fun, and hugely rewarding, but it does require a certain mindset. One of responsibility, judgement, and discipline. Those lunatics you see on TV in the red bull air races are amongst the best flyers in the world, yet you will find they are the most un-flamboyant, meticulous, and mild mannered people you will ever meet.

Flying has for many years been seen as a sport for only the very rich. Or for those in the high IQ bracket. It has to be said that this myth is happily perpetuated by many pilots, who enjoy the rather elevated status that some people bestow on them. Don’t blame them really! Well sorry boys, I’m about to blow your cover! Learning to fly, if you put some proper effort into it, can be done for about 3000euro. Carbon fibre, advanced aerodynamic design, and advances in aero engines mean that aircraft are faster, sharper, more efficient, and above all safer than ever before. Yet a good light sports aircraft can be bought for about the same price as a BMW saloon. Used aircraft for much less. And the high IQ? Flying an aeroplane is a skill which is acquired, like driving a car, only it’s probably easier. It makes me smile when passengers applaud Captain Ryan air for another successful landing at Hull International, yet no-one notices when I reverse park my car into an unfeasibly small space in the middle of Alicante in August, without hitting anything. Much more deserving! Yes, there are also written exams. But it’s not quantum physics. It just requires a little application, and common sense. Most people find the subjects very interesting anyway. In fact, meteorology has become a spin off hobby of mine. Anorak alert!

Flying is not for hotheads! There are many places to fly locally, with private airstrips in Yecla, Jumilla, Totana, and Murcia. Not forgetting of course, our own strip at Paredon, Pinoso. A short flight with us at Solaero can be yours for as little 20euro if you come to one of our drop in and fly days, about the same price as a turn on the go-karts! Ring us for details. We hope you will find the monthly articles entertaining and informative, and that you fly with us soon! Until next time, Chocks away! (must find a better catch phrase!) For information see main advert, or call 609 685 132 / 966 195 508 (Chris/Jan)

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TIM March 2011  
TIM March 2011  

March 2011 edition of The Inland Magazine