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Hello and welcome to this, the January 2014 issue, the 110th edition of Tim magazine! With the dawning of a New Year, our first thought must be to wish all our readers and advertisers and contributors a Very Happy, healthy and prosperous 2014 and to also thank the many thousands of you for picking up and reading our magazine every month.

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If you haven’t already done so, it’s time to make your New Year’s Resolution and here’s hoping, whatever it is, that you can keep it going – at least until the end of the month anyway.

Marty Rants

A reminder that Monday January 6th (3 Kings) is a RED day - another opportunity to celebrate Xmas! For our friends north of the border, Burns Night on 25th is a must for your diary.

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Last month’s competition winner was Mr J. Baker of Quesada Rojales, who spotted Bully hiding on page 5 in last month’s edition in the Invest in Spain advert, (a crisp 100 euro note is winging its way to you.

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See entry form on page 45 in this month’s edition for your chance to win a 50 euro note. So a Big Warm and Happy New Year to you all, from everyone one at the Tim magazine.

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Transplants: A very human chain

If your kidneys pack in or you need a new pair of lungs then Spain is an excellent place to be. Spain has the highest rate of donations of organs per million of population in the world. Last year 1,643 donors made possible 4,211 kidney, lung, heart, pancreas and intestine transplants. There were around ten times as many transplants of skin, bone and corneas. The first organ transplant in Spain was in 1965. It was a kidney. Throughout the rest of the 60s,70s and 80s there was an organised chaos about Spanish transplants. The legal and social objections to the process were legion but in 1979 legislation was put into place to regulate transplants. The two guiding principles were altruism, no selling of organs, and anonymity. The big change though came in 1989 with the founding of the National Transplant Organisation or, with its Spanish initials the ONT. The ONT co-ordinates donations with need. In each hospital there is a transplant co-ordinator usually someone in the Intensive Care Unit the place where life and death most often cross paths. The co-ordinators tell the ONT about people who need a transplant and about potential donors. The ONT maintains and matches the two lists based on a scale of need and suitability. Someone who will die within 24 hours, “Urgency 0” gets first dibs. Bearing in mind that the maximum window for a transplant is four hours from harvesting to transplant they have to be pretty well organised. When transplants first began in Spain the typical donor was someone under the age of 50, often the victim of a road traffic accident. Older donors were rejected out of hand. Nowadays over half the donors are over 60 years old. Most of the donors are dead but healthy. Think of the footballer who drops dead on the pitch, the old boy having sex with a younger woman – people whose hearts give out – or someone who suffers a sudden cerebral haemorrhage or someone who dies in the mayhem of a traffic accident. Not all the donors are dead though. Live transplants, for instance organ donation within the same family, now account for 15% of all Spanish donations and the target is 25%. The hope for the future is from tissue grown from stem cells being used to replace damaged organs. Transplants are now so commonplace, over 86,000 since transplants began, that they are a real possibility in the treatment of patients. 5,500 people are waiting for a transplant. Life expectancy after a transplant is excellent. People can basically live out their years on borrowed organs. The biggest problem remains the body’s own defence mechanism which will try to reject the new organ though the use of immunosuppressant drugs to stop rejection has advanced considerably over the years. There is a word in Spanish – solidario- which encapsulates the idea of looking out for your own, caring for people, pulling your weight, doing the decent thing. The Spanish are very “solid” about transplants. The default position is that you will donate. Families are always consulted but 85 out of every 100 say “yes” Those family members are just a part of the chain of nearly 200 people involved in making a single transplant work. It seems like a very human chain to me.

By Chris Thompson


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To advertise with TIM call 606 891 644 NOW! A warm and very Happy New Year to our Readers. Do you have UK Pensions where you have no yet taken benefits or a UK Income Drawdown Plan ?There are merits in considering the QROPS as a sound tax planning proposition. Meeting with Clients, key to their requirements are that they like to settle their own tax affairs with any pension income received(income paid gross) and being able to pass on any residual fund upon their death to their partner or family members, especially without fear of any large tax deduction on their hard earned fund. Malta, as a jurisdiction appears to fit such requirements and are presently a major player in the QROPS market as unlike many other popular QROPS jurisdictions, theyare a full member of the European Union and are also part of the Eurozone. The Island has a long and distinguished historical relationship with the UK. While HMRC reporting period has been extended, such Members can still benefit from a maximum of up to 30% lump sum commutation (as opposed to 25% in the UK) and up to a maximum 120% of GAD income. Upon the member death, there is nolocal Maltese tax deduction which can be a real advantage over UK drawdown schemes where taxation can be as high as 55%. Gibraltar have also introduced a number of QROPS Trustees into the marketplace and whilst they retain a very small withholding tax on income withdrawals, they will be a force in the coming years. We are more than happy to initially meet with you at no cost or obligation to you. We can outline your options and provide details of any advantages and disadvantages. Selecting the right jurisdiction for you can play an important role in your retirement planning. If you wish to discuss your pension options or have questions on your existing UK pensions, please give me a call or contact via email: Look out for our February Seminars – book your place now ! E-mail: • Web site:


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Our ‘lazy lifestyle’ comes with a prize. The rate of adult obesity is steadily growing. Even more alarming is the ever increasing number of obese children. Scientists predict that the current parents-generation might be the first one in the history of mankind that see their children dying before them. And that’s related to unhealthy life styles and eating habits. Therefore, no wonder there is so much information thrown at us about what, when, how, and how much we should eat. Unfortunately, the articles are often ‘dry’ and too scientific and the information is not easy to understand or to apply into our daily eating routine. These days there’s a lot of talk about the Glycemic Index. What on earth is it? The glycemic index (GI) tells us how rapidly food is changed into sugar (glucose), the body’s source of energy. Food with a low glycemic index (less than 55) typically raises blood sugar levels only moderately, while food with a high GI (more than 70) may cause blood sugar levels to increase more than desired. And why do I need to know? The GI values in our food can help us predict (and plan) the functional effects in our bodies of the carbohydrates we eat. It can be an important tool for us to select the right foods at the right time and with that keep our body going when we need the energy, and, more importantly, never feel hungry! GI and weight loss A low GI diet is commonly promoted as an effective way to help lose weight by controlling blood sugars and appetite. The carbohydrates are broken down into sugar slower and therefore we feel satisfied for much longer. GI and exercise Eating low GI foods two hours before endurance events, such as running or cycling, is thought to improve exercise capacity. On the other hand, high GI foods are recommended during the first 24 hours of recovery after a strenuous sports activity to rapidly replenish muscle fuel stores (glycogen).

GI and daily food plan For breakfast choose low glycemic foods, like oats, low-fat yogurt, grapefruit, pears, oranges or apples. Stay away from sweeteners such as sugar, honey or syrup. Instead, choose natural sweeteners that have a low GI ranking, such as Stevia (GI of 0).

By Monika Wood

Some examples of the GI rating of various carbohydrates include: • Low GI (less than 55) – soy products, beans, fruit, milk, pasta, grainy bread, porridge and lentils. • Medium GI (55 to 70) – orange juice, basmati rice and wholemeal bread. • High GI (greater than 70) – potatoes, white bread and long-grain rice (other than basmati).

GI Index of Food – What is it? Why should I know?

Our way of life has drastically changed over the last 50 or so years. Former generations basically ate what they had and/or liked. They didn’t (and needn’t) care as much about food as we do nowadays. In the main their day-to-day life was much more active than ours. Often, of course, due to the lack of modern comforts like cars, escalators, and Internet shopping. Kids used to play outside instead of sitting in front of a computer or TV screen.

Enjoy a lunch that contains whole grains rather than white breads. Select breads such as rye, pumpernickel, whole grain or whole wheat. Eat healthy salads and avoid creamy salad dressings. Instead go for oil and vinegar or healthy vinaigrettes. Select lean meat such as poultry and fish. Follow these same guidelines for dinner. Snack on low glycemic fruits and vegetables to stave off hunger between meals (ideal, for example, would be hummus, carrots, or peanuts). In our daily life we can’t get everything right. But some things are worth knowing so we can make an informed decision. And there is never ‘too much knowledge’ when it comes to keeping us and our family healthy.

The Cooking fairy: 4

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New Year

Early New Year’s Celebrations - The earliest recorded festivities in honour of a new year’s arrival date back some 4,000 years to ancient Babylon. For the Babylonians, the first new moon following the vernal equinox—the day in late March with an equal amount of sunlight and darkness—heralded the start of a new year. They marked the occasion with a massive religious festival called Akitu (derived from the Sumerian word for barley, which was cut in the spring) that involved a different ritual on each of its 11 days. In addition to the New Year, Atiku celebrated the mythical victory of the Babylonian sky god Marduk over the evil sea goddess Tiamat and served an important political purpose: It was during this time that a new king was crowned or that the current ruler’s divine mandate was symbolically renewed. Throughout antiquity, civilizations around the world developed increasingly sophisticated calendars, typically pinning the first day of the year to an agricultural or astronomical event. In Egypt, for instance, the year began with the annual flooding of the Nile, which coincided with the rising of the star Sirius. The first day of the Chinese New Year, meanwhile, occurred with the second new moon after the winter solstice. January 1 Becomes New Year’s Day - The early Roman calendar consisted of 10 months and 304 days, with each New Year beginning at the vernal equinox; according to tradition, it was created by Romulus, the founder of Rome, in the eighth century B.C. A later king, Numa Pompilius, is credited with adding the months of Januarius and Februarius. Over the centuries, the calendar fell out of sync with the sun, and in 46 B.C. the emperor Julius Caesar decided to solve the problem by consulting with the most prominent astronomers and mathematicians of his time. He introduced the Julian calendar, which closely resembles the more modern Gregorian calendar that most countries around the world use today. As part of his reform, Caesar instituted January 1 as the first day of the year, partly to honour the month’s namesake: Janus, the Roman god of beginnings, whose two faces allowed him to look back into the past and forward into the future. Romans celebrated by offering sacrifices to Janus, exchanging gifts with one another, decorating their homes with laurel branches and attending raucous parties. In medieval Europe, Christian leaders temporarily replaced January 1 as the first of the year with days carrying more religious significance, such as December 25 (the anniversary of Jesus’ birth) and March 25 (the Feast of the Annunciation); Pope Gregory XIII re-established January 1 as New Year’s Day in 1582. New Year’s Traditions - In many countries, New Year’s celebrations begin on the evening of December 31—New Year’s Eve—and continue into the early hours of January 1. Revellers often enjoy meals and snacks thought to bestow good luck for the coming year. In Spain and several other Spanish-speaking countries, people bolt down a dozen grapessymbolizing their hopes for the month’s ahead-right before midnight. In many parts of the world, traditional New Year’s dishes feature legumes, which are thought to resemble coins and herald future financial success; examples include lentils in Italy and black-eyed peas in the southern United States. Because pigs represent progress and prosperity in some cultures, pork appears on the New Year’s Eve table in Cuba, Austria, Hungary, Portugal and other countries. Ring-shaped cakes and pastries, a sign that the year has come full circle, round out the feast in the Netherlands, Mexico, Greece and elsewhere. In Sweden and Norway, meanwhile, rice pudding with an almond hidden inside is served on New Year’s Eve; it is said that whoever finds the nut can expect 12 months of good fortune. Other customs that are common worldwide include watching fireworks and singing songs to welcome the New Year, including the ever-popular “Auld Lang Syne” in many English-speaking countries. The practice of making resolutions for the New Year is thought to have first caught on among the ancient Babylonians, who made promises in order to earn the favour of the gods and start the year off on the right foot. (They would reportedly vow to pay off debts and return borrowed farm equipment.) In the United States, the most iconic New Year’s tradition is the dropping of a giant ball in New York City’s Times Square at the stroke of midnight. Millions of people around the world watch the event, which has taken place almost every year since 1907. Over time, the ball itself has ballooned from a 700-pound iron-and-wood orb to a brightly patterned sphere 12 feet in diameter and weighing in at nearly 12,000 pounds. Various towns and cities across America have developed their own versions of the Times Square ritual, organizing public drops of items ranging from pickles (Dillsburg, Pennsylvania) to possums (Tallapoosa, Georgia) at midnight on New Year’s Eve.


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Aspe – Hondon de las Nieves – Pinoso

1 day from 45 €

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Hyundai I10, I20, I30, IX20 (deluxe spacious 5-seater family saloon) or similar models available Automatic cars available Full airport service Child seats & booster seats available Ex hire cars available for purchase with FSH urbanisatie " La Montanosa " Avenida de Elche 27 , Hondon de las Nieves – Tel: 620 900 690 – 966 195 205

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Marty Rants By Marty Funkhauser


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By David Fraser, the Pc Doctor

To IPTV, or not to IPTV, that is the question. Whether it be nobler to use a dish.... TV is a confusing subject for many, with rumours of losing the satellite feed to Spain with the new Astra 2E that was launched late last year. What’s the truth? What are my options? I will have to go back to the UK if they cut off my Corrie/Eastenders/ Emmerdale (is it still a farm?) All of the above comments have been made to me in the past, so I took the time to explore the truth about the new Astra 2E that’s got the IPTV companies so eager to tell us the world is doomed (well, at least our UK TV is!). The short answer is NO! The map from the owners of the new satellite show that you should be able to get UK TV here from as small as a 75cm/1m dish, although to be honest, I wouldn’t risk a dish that small. If you have a 1.9m dish, stick with it. So, what ARE the options? 1) Standard Satellite – if you can, this is still the best way of watching TV. Full quality picture, no problems if your internet goes down, and plenty of freeview channels. Most readers already have this system, and have no reason to panic, or change. 2) Standard TDT (terrestrial) – OK, so you won’t get your UK TV this way, but don’t ignore the local TV channels. With them all being digital nowadays, you can often get some great films being shown, and plenty of TV shows that are broadcast with their original English audio. Often you just need to make a small change on the TV to receive the correct sound. Almost all modern TV’s have this facility, and older TV’s simply require a TDT box to access it. 3) IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) – IPTV is a way of watching TV over the internet. You “stream” the channel through a smart TV, or IPTV box. So, what is IPTV? Internet Protocol TeleVision uses a small computer, in a box, which has the ability to show you TV channels from the Internet. The computer normally runs a system called “Android” and is basically the same as a posh “Smartphone” you see everyone with, or those tablet thingies. The main difference is that it uses the TV as its screen, and you use a mouse or remote to control the box. Pros: They are small, neat, and don’t require a huge dish outside. They are cheap to buy and offer a much wider range of TV channels from around the world. Installation is very easy. Cons: IPTV requires high speed internet. Many advertise that they work on 2 Meg systems (2 Mbps download), but this is only sufficient for low quality broadcast. If you want to match the Satellite system picture quality, you will realistically need 6 Meg (especially if you want the HD channels). Want TV on more than one TV? You need double the internet. Internet drops = No TV (although some subscription systems offer a catch up service). There are subscription versions around, as well as free systems. The subscription systems can tend to be easier to use, as they keep your box up to date for you, and if one of the internet services fail, they will update or add a new service for you. The free systems are, of course, free! TL-DR : (Internet jargon for too long, didn’t read, or, as we say: “In Summary”) If you have a dish, then keep using it. If you want UK TV cheap and easily in a spare room, or you don’t have a dish, then IPTV is a great alternative. 10

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T.I.M Magazine™ The Jaguar Enthusiasts Club in Spain got together again on Sunday 24th November, perfect weather for taking the Big Cat out on the road. Back to restaurant Los Almendros in Torrellano this time, the huge car park makes it easy to organise the Big Cats into an fabulous display. An impressive turnout this time with 23 Cars and 57 people for lunch. May I take this opportunity to thank all those that attended especially the new members and a special mention to Mark Davy who travelled all the way from Almeria, a round trip of 440 Km. While I am on the subject of “thanks”, a big thank you to Ian McMenemy for all his hard work in organising the event. And thank you to John Parkin for a fabulous job on the creation and management of our new dedicated web site - see And I must not forget David Shea who looks after our “presence” on Facebook. As I said “You can’t win them all”, on this occasion Restaurant Los Almendros let us down badly. I am not going in to details but needless to say JEC Spain will not be returning to this establishment in the future. Hence we are looking for a new home, if any restaurant owner out there wants to get in touch and offer their facilities we would be delighted to hear from them. The main criteria to qualify for consideration is adequate parking for up to 40 cars, being optimistic for the future. Or if any reader can suggest a restaurant that they know that they think may be suitable, please get in touch. In order to be as fair as possible to members, we would prefer the location to be around the Alicante area but we will consider anything. The superb selection of Jaguars at this meeting, a collection

JAGUARS You Can’t Win Them All ! By Eirc Arnold that would make the pulse of any “petrol head” race. The line up also attracted a lot of admiration from other people visiting the restaurant. 3 fabulous E types, whereas at the other end of the scale we had a superb example of the new XK’R’ drop head and a new XKF. Completing the line up were XK8’s, XJ’s, XJS’s and a number of S Type’s. After the not so satisfactory meal, we moved most of the cars down to the back car park to show them off to their true potential. Our next meeting is will be at the end of January, exact date to be confirmed, something special this time “ A Country Cruise”. We will be visiting Restaurant La Torretta near the town of Elda. This is a return visit for the club as many members expressed a wish to return to this fabulous little eating establishment. After that, who knows. For next year we are planning a Magical Mystery Tour and a weekend away in Almeria to visit the “Hollywood” sets. When we find a new base we can sort out our future plans in more detail. The Jaguar Enthusiasts Club is the largest of the worlds Jaguar Clubs, apart from joining in the fun at the meetings, full members also benefit from a glossy 132 page A4 monthly magazine, Jaguar spares department and a technical advice service second to none. If you live in Spain and own a Jaguar you should be a member of The Jaguar Enthusiasts Club. The JEC in Spain is organised by Eric Arnold, Chairman and Ian McMenemy, Events Manager. Eric can be contacted by email at or by phone on 609931647 or alternatively check out the JEC spain web site www.jec-spain. es Our Events Manager, Ian McMenemy can be contacted at 12

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The Dog You Need by Peter Singh Many teenagers and younger children live with dogs, but very few have a sincere relationship with their four legged friends. A popular sight when I work in the UK is a youngster walking down the road with a mobile phone stuck to their ear, while the dog is ten foot ahead on a flexi-lead with no guidance from the human whatsoever. Youngsters in the UK are quick to state that they want a puppy, but when the novelty wears off many just discard the dog as a nuisance or something that simply gets in the way of their busy social lives or their twelve hours they spend in front of a computer screen every day telling the rest of the world what they had for dinner last night or who they last slept with. If I ended my career as a dog behaviourist today, I could write several volumes of books on how youngsters have rejected teased and abused dogs. I have been in consultations in London where a dog is showing the first signs of serious aggression and while the parents listen carefully to my advice, the youngsters cannot tear themselves away from social media sites, just a few feet away from where we are speaking. They take no interest in how to solve the problem, but will be the first to beg Mum and Dad for another new puppy, if the family make the unwise decision to have their current dog put to sleep because of the problem they have created. For the few seconds Mum and Dad manage to avert their attention from the computer screen, all you can get out of these children is what I can only call a grunt. They cannot look at you in the eye because their social skills are based on sitting behind a computer and not having a proper conversation in front of another human being. The dialect they speak is something I simply do not understand and they are one of a number of lost generations, who will never craft and hone the skill of practical communications with another of their own kind, let alone the family dog! Teaching children how to treat and respect a dog is something that rarely happens and I have seen children stand on or lay on top of dogs while they sleep, pull their 14

ears and shout and scream at their dogs to get them to play with them! When I hear of a story on the news, where a dog has attacked a child, I would always like to know what was the child doing to the dog before the attack. All the media portrays is the headline, ‘Devil Dog’, without even trying to understand why the incident happened. When I use to walk my dogs in London, I use to regularly get children running up to them and shouting and screaming at them to try and get a reaction. If you look at my dogs reactions to this abuse, they are very uncomfortable in that situation. I try to educate these children on how to approach dogs, but very rarely do they realize that God gave those two ears and one mouth for a reason! It is a sincere concern of mine that these kids do not have an ounce of intelligence on how to communicate with a dog and it is always the dog that pays the price in the end, when he has had enough of the abuse and retaliates. There is no such thing as ‘Devil Dogs’. Dogs don’t suddenly wake up one morning and decide to attack without good reason. If we teach youngsters how to have a fulfilling relationship with dogs, this will teach them vital skills, such as empathy and compassion. Better still, it will get them away from the addictions of computers and mobile phones and engage them in important life lessons such as bonding, nature and love. Educating children on dog welfare has to start now, because if we think we currently have problems with the abandoning and abuse of dogs, what do you think the next generation will be capable of?

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The Legal Page Written by Rob Innis with Ignacio Pellicer Mollá (Abogado- Solicitor – Barrister ) of Pellicer & Heredia Abogados

Maybe you are planning to buy a Spanish property in 2013. It is probably now a great time to buy with low prices in a market that is starting to recover as sales are increasing again. Therefore, this month we explain some key points to bear in mind when entering what can be a ‘mine field’ for the inexperienced. I asked Ignacio: What to watch out for when buying a Spanish property? Let us give the basic ‘Buyer Beware’ warning first. It goes like this: Believe Nothing, Check Everything. When the buyer might be told that there is not an outstanding mortgage, I would recommend you to check the Property Registry through your solicitor. When you are told that it measures x square meters, measure yourselves or through your own surveyor. When you are told that the terrace, pool, storage, basement is included, I would recommend you to check the plans. Any reputable seller will be perfectly happy to have his offers and escritura (title deeds) checked. Spoken words do not count. Only pieces of paper count. We all are aware of the presence of illegal urbanizations where unwary buyers end up having problems of unpaid taxes, unregistered title deeds, and difficulty in obtaining municipal services or building permission. To make sure your urbanization is legal and registered, I might recommend you to apply for a certificate from the local Town Hall. If the development is on the beach, make sure it is also approved by the Jefatura de Costas as well as the town hall. When talking about inland illegal houses typical problems might be: 1. House built on rustic land with no building licence. 2. House built on rustic land that the proposed PGOU (rezoning of the municipality proposed by the town hall, and yet not accepted by the Comunidad Valenciana Government – Conselleria), includes as urbanizable without building licence from Town Hall. 3. House built on area designated as a natural park with protection status. 16

Most of the properties are sold to buyers where many corners will have been cut to save costs both on the buyers side (ie not using an independent solicitor), and the builder or seller side. Any of the three cases above will probably be combined with at least one of the following problems. 1. Lack of bank guarantee on stage payments. 2. Title deed and Catastro problems (non-registered deeds, different measures that do not match with real metres on the house and land, etc) 3. Lack of project and license for the house. 4. Lack of 10 years structural insurance certificate. 5. Lack of licence of first occupation. 6. Undervalued title deeds. 7. Lack of boletines. (Certifications for electricians and plumber) 8. Infrastructure problems. These are just some of the potential issues but do not be put off as with some common sense and the services of a professional conveyancing solicitor who is fully up to date with current legislation all of these issues can be resolved avoiding you with unwanted and expensive problems. It is also important to recognise the need for independent legal services who are acting to protect the buyer’s interests and have no other involvement with the deal. The cases of large property sales outfits offering their in house legal services has resulted in people ‘buying’ property with outstanding builders mortgages, without proper papers and unable to have main utility services connected. Why run the risk in a foreign country with different laws, customs and language of making the most expensive purchase of your life and ending up with stressful problems. Do not forget that there are taxes to be paid when purchasing property and acquiring a taxable asset also involves the need for an NIE number. If you are a TIM reader and you might be interested to arrange a personal appointment with any of our Solicitors, please do not hesitate to contact us at 965 480 737 – 606 056 282 or email us at for a free consultation; For more information visit or http://www.

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This seminar will be delivered by fully qualiďŹ ed, professional, international lawyers. PELLICER & HEREDIA are a company of solicitors that you can trust. We have a wealth of experience in dealing with Spanish law and in representing international clients. We shall be joined by Nick Venn of AES International. Date & Place

Tuesday 4th February Glenns Restaurant Castalla. Start time: 10.50am for 11am Tuesday 11th February Centro Municipal Quesada. Start time: 10.50am for 11am Free refreshments for all attendees at both seminars

To avoid disappointment and to reserve your place at this seminar, please contact us on: 965 480 737 | 606 056 282 |

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The Royal British Legion in Spain, Pinoso Branch On Sunday 10th November, the Pinoso branch of the Royal British Legion in Spain held its annual Service of Remembrance at the Parochial Church of St. Peter. A wreath was laid by Branch Chairman Mr. Frank Ring. The service was attended by a large Spanish and British congregation and was conducted by Father Manuel Llopis and Sue Fancourt-Buske. Local Spanish Band the Union Lirica Pinosense played during the service and their Solo trumpeter played flawless renditions of The Last Post & Reveille. Afterword, members of the Royal British Legion and their guests, enjoyed lunch at Meson Tonet restaurant. Special thanks to everyone who made this such a successful day. The Pinoso branch of the Royal British Legion in Spain has a full programme of social events throughout the year. Please remember, you do not have to be an ex Member of the Armed Forces to join. Meet people, make new friends and raise money to help the armed forces of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Next Meeting 19:30 on Tuesday 28th January 2014 at Meson Tonet restaurant in Pinoso. For more details, please contact: Branch Secretary. Email:; Tel: (0034) 686 696 365

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Words and photos by Rob Innis

The Grand Wine Tour Four bodegas and one seven-course gourmet dinner including wine with every course spread over two days. How hard could it be? Our full coach left a little late from San Miguel de las Salinas and headed towards Albacete. Bright November sun shone as we headed up the A30 Murcia – Albacete motorway. Experience had taught us not to trust the weather in Castilla La Mancha province and so we were prepared for all eventualities. We arrived at our first bodega - Los Aljibes Winery part of Los Aljibes estate, located in Chinchilla de Montearagon, in the Vino de la Tierra de Castilla wine-producing region. The winery building is surrounded by 178 hectares (440,000 acres) of vineyards, cultivated at almost one thousand meters above sea level. Having not had a coffee stop on route that was most of the 50 eager wine tasters first priority – but we had arrived in probably the only place in Spain where coffee was unavailable! We were invited to take a short tour of the estate in a horse drawn carriage – different and enjoyable if a little chilly, thoughtfully they did offer blankets. After a detailed tour of the facility and an explanation of the production process, we gathered for the first tastings. I was surprised that the winery was only a few years old and that the vines were so young shattering my illusions of a long history of wine making at Los Aljibes. Rather unexpectedly, as my fellow tasters were all red wine drinkers, we seemed to enjoy the one white in preference to the vino tintos.


Then back on the coach and off to Bodega Palarea. Unfortunately, the owner had us booked in for the following day and was late returning from his extended lunch. Another tour, more tastings, but no horse drawn coach. This winery is on a much smaller scale than Los Alibis but we were beginning to appreciate the importance of such things as picking the grapes at night, not using chemicals to either grow or produce wine and also the important role played by either French or American oak barrels in the maturing process. Relaxation, hot shower and a coffee all seemed very enticing as we headed towards our overnight stop hotel in Albacete. The journey took longer than expected and we arrived tired and under pressure to be in the dining room for an 8pm start to the banquet. Murmurs of mutiny were heard as we were efficiently checked in and issued our room cardkeys. However, everyone seemed to find their way to our private dining room and the feast begun on time with cava, white, red, and desert wine making appearances at the appropriate time to match each of the courses. We showed our appreciation to the

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Costa Blanca serving staff and of course the chef. Day one finished around midnight and I for one doubted whether I could face further tastings the next day. Fortunately, the schedule permitted a late breakfast, recovery time and a 12 o clock departure for bodega Florentino Perez. The owner greeted us warmly and impressed us with her English. A first during our grand tour and not an unreasonable expectation given it is also a tourist business. The owners have accumulated an amazing collection of miniatures from all over the world which had most people clicking their cameras. The tour ended when we arrived in a large bar area where we sat as wine and tapas started to arrive. Smiling faces, including mine, realised that we could chance some more tastings and the vino tinto was some of the best we had been served. Most people decided to purchase cases of wine and I think we could have all settled in for the afternoon but it was time to depart for our last bodega.

from earlier now failing to deal with our hunger. After the previous evening’s gourmet dinner a cold sandwich in a petrol station on the A30 was a meagre ending to our grand tour. So what did we learn? Well quite a lot about the complexities of producing wine and the numerous stages it takes to develop the final product. It appears that this region has maximised the grants from the EU to promote wine tourism making it into a developing business. On a more personal note, we decided next time to ensure coffee stops, undertake less bodegas as less is sometimes more. Wine is a very personal preference drink but Bodega Florentino Perez is recommended in terms of their friendly approach and quality of their wine. Thanks to Pimientos Restaurant in San Miguel for organising the event.

Our final destination involved a steep climb for the coach up and through the picturesque village of Alcala de Jucar famous for its cave houses (See TIM December 2011 Flip Flops in Albacete) and onto Casas de Juan Nuñez to sample Bodega Villavid produce. Amongst their mixture of grapes grown is Bobal, a new name and taste for many of us. By this time, many opted out of the tour and repeated explanations of wine production. Finally the tastings commenced in their wine museum. Unfortunately, our last bodega failed to reach our expectations after Florentino Perez, a tough act to follow, Villavid struggled as wine was poured into the make shift spittoons, or maybe we had just become ‘wined out.’ We departed facing a 2 hour+ journey back to San Miguel, much later than originally scheduled, and with our tapas

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Sterling v Euro update 965 070 584 / 635 015 818 E. GBP/EUR END OF YEAR ROUND-UP Sterling is ending the year with a whimper rather than a bang, the rate started the year with a sharp drop down to 1.1360 (0.8800) before grinding it’s way back to 1.19 in May only to fall to 1.1450 end of July. As investors expressed relief that the UK economy had avoided a triple dip recession, it then slowly tracked back and forth in an upward channel, clinching the elusive 1.20, with a high of 1.21 at the end of Nov and looks to be ending the year between 1.1950 and 1.20. The question now is, will this upward momentum continue into the new year? Sterling is in need of some strong UK jobs data in Q1 2014 in order to stoke market rumours regarding a Bank of England interest rate rise.

unanticipated by analysts who were expecting the overall figure to remain static at 7.6%. Opposition politicians in the UK have been quick to dismiss the numbers, pointing out that the proportion of workers who are now in part time employment has increased sharply since the credit crisis of 2007/08. However, currency market traders were more positive in their assessment of the figures, sending the Pound higher against all of the other sixteen most-actively traded global currencies. If you are transferring money for property transactions, lump sums, pensions or regular payments,…don’t just go straight through the banks and let them take a huge chunk. Call us first for a no obligation chat or come into the Pinoso office and see what you can save. We can achieve the very best rates for you with no fees or charges. Ask for a free quote! Safety of your funds is paramount, as such we only use protected escrow accounts which are authorised and regulated by the FCA. Wishing everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

This July saw a change of BoE Governor, aka former Bank of Canada chief Mark Carney, who has been no stranger to controversy during his short time at the helm. Further weight was added to Carney’s comments by the latest Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors Survey, which predicted that British property prices are set to surge at their fastest pace since 1999 during coming months. The markets appeared to view any such overheating of the UK property market as a destabilising influence on Britain’s tentative economic recovery. The UK austerity plan is working and needs to continue, according to David Cameron, who stated that the domestic unemployment figures for the three months to September revealed that the overall rate of unemployment had sunk to its lowest level since the first half of 2009 during the third quarter of this year. The fall in the rate of British joblessness from 7.6% during Q2 to 7.4% last quarter was largely


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By Janet Lees

Operations Director - Spain

Costa Blanca

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T.I.M Magazine The first modern day bicycle was invented in 1839 by a Scotsman, Kirkpatrick Macmillan and was known as a Velocipede and was a poor man’s transport and who would have believed that 174 years later in Spain for the first time ever that bicycles are outselling cars. 780,000 cycles were sold in Spain this year compared to only 700,000 cars. The number of cyclists is increasing every day due to the recession and cycle retailers are reporting that all types of people, young and old are buying new bikes or having their old ones serviced and repaired .

. L A C I G O L C Y C nish Bike Boom . The Spa

Lynn and I have just had a week in Barcelona (our summer holidays ) which was fantastic by the way lovely city with loads of history. Barcelona has a population of approx. 1.5 million people but believe it or not has more mopeds and bicycles than people. They also have a really good cycle hire scheme ( El Bicing ) which is available for the residents of Barcelona with 6000 bikes available at various bike stations situated at bus terminals, railway stations, sports centres , shopping malls etc. Its purpose is for residents to cover the small and medium daily routes within the city in a climate friendly way eliminating the pollution , noise and traffic congestion. To use the scheme all users must acquire a yearly membership. The network consists of over 400 stations with 6000 bikes in operation. The Bike stations are situated all around mostly the flat areas of the city and are about 400metres apart. The bikes can be lent from and returned to any station in the system making it suitable for one way travel. Each station has between 15 and 30 slots to park and lock the bikes. Use of the system is based on membership and users can subscribe online or by visiting a service office. The membership cards are only sent to addresses in Barcelona to prevent tourists from using the bikes and cost an annual fee of €45 for unlimited use. This limitation was imposed upon the Council by pre existing bike hire companies who feared the competition from the bike scheme. The Council also agreed to put a user block in place which means that a user must wait 10minutes between parking up one bike and taking another. Specialised trucks are used to collect and distribute the bikes between stations to even out usage patterns. There are miles and miles of cycle tracks all over Barcelona with their own road signs , traffic lights etc and are even policed by police officers on bikes. The Barcelona cycle scheme started in March 2007 and has a daily ridership of 47000 with an annual ridership of 14.5 million and is admired and copied all over Europe. If you are thinking of visiting Barcelona and wanting to explore it by bike then don’t worry as there are plenty of bike shops who will hire you a bike for a day or two for you to sight see all around the city for a very moderate fee.


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By John McGregor In my travels, both in the RAF for five years and then the wonderful world of selling UK spanning another twenty-five years, I was lucky enough to see many interesting places, and as a result met a lot of people along the way. One of my hobbies is people, I think everyone has a story to tell, and some of them have stuck with me over the years – although don’t ask me what happened last week or month, that’s too hard. In that time I met a lot of Yorkshire folk, and I’ve always loved them with their funny accent: in general they are frank, open, warm-hearted, friendly and generous, despite Ken Dodd’s accusation that Yorkies always sit in the corners of public places like theatres in case there’s a collection...

‘Oh - are you a Jew?’. I couldn’t stop laughing for ages, but Phil didn’t think it funny at all – no, btw, our relationships didn’t last ‘til the next dance.

I mixed with several Yorkshire lads in the RAF who were good mates at the time – wonder where they are now? One such lad, Pete Stevens used to play in our station football team, but being aircrew he was sometimes away. He hailed from Shipley (pronounced Shipleh), and never stopped reminding us what a great place it was. One miserable, cold, wet winter Wednesday we were changing for the game when it was announced Pete was ‘away’, when asked where we were told he was in Hawaii - that went down well as you can imagine, as it was brass monkeys outside. By the way, did you know Britain is always undefended every Wednesday afternoon, as the Armed Forces are always playing various sports against each other – and that goes for twice-daily NAAFI breaks too...The next week Pete bowled into the changing rooms, and was asked what Hawaii had been like. He paused, furrowed his brow and looked upwards, as if for divine inspiration before announcing emphatically:

Here in La Marina, several years ago we used to have a family of ferral cats near us. We shouldn’t have fed them, but we did, and one day holidaying friends from Rotherham dropped by to say hello. The lady of the party nodded her head in the direction of the little white kitten playing innocently on our patio, and said to my wife Anne:

‘Well - it were almost as good as Shipleh on a Friday night.Wow, must have been good then, we all agreed. Another RAF Yorkie mate, Phil, hailing proudly from Doncaster (Donneh) and I were at a disco in Portsmouth, trying to chat up two local girls. His was having great trouble understanding him, both with his accent and droll sense of humour. As we were dancing I clearly heard her say: ‘Ere, you don’t arf talk funny, where do you come from?’ To this enquiring question Phil proudly announced: ‘God’s coontreh!, to which she, plainly puzzled, asked:


Many years later I was in our company boardroom, being briefed with others on a new ladies shaving razor, ideal for female legs. In question time, one wit called Norman turned to a bonny Yorkshire lass in our midst, and asked her if she’d care to demonstrate the product for us. Quick as a flash she replied ‘Cando, Norman, but y’all need to wait while I tek me tights off first!’ which brought the place down (she didn’t, but probably would have after a gin and tonic).

‘Is that t’bebyun yer wuz telling me abaht? Anne, to her credit deciphered the message well, which was more than I could, she translated for me later. In the same afternoon, her husband was explaining that their son had got mixed up with undesirable company back home, the father being forced to utter the immortal condemnation to the said bad lad: ‘Eeh, tha’s a wrong ‘un, tha’s’, dutifully shaking his head as he related the sad tale. For my part I tried to understand what he said, and look dutifully sorrowful in the right places as expected, although secretly I was baffled, fortunately Anne later translated again, she’s quicker than me, and not so deaf... Yorkshire joke: Man’s wife dies, he goes to the stonemason to get a headstone. When asked what the epitaph was, the man said: ‘She was thine’, but when he later viewed it, the stone said ‘She was thin’. He duly berated the stonemason, telling him he had missed out the ‘e’. When he went back it said ‘Eeh, she was thin’... Eeh, but England has always needed stout hearts over the centuries, and hearts don’t come much stouter than those made in Yorkshire. You want them on your side in any conflict, and although such a strong, sometimes bewildering accent can raise a few smiles and waiters’ eyebrows in countries like Spain, Yorkshire folk are as English as fish and chips or a cup of tea. So here’s to brass bands, Tetley tea, John Smith’s, Emmerdale, Pontefract cakes and Harry Ramsdens!

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HISTORY has carved out some significant events that have taken place on New Years Day. Perhaps one of the earliest occurred on January 1st 0404, the date of the last known gladiator competition which took place in Rome. Audiences had dwindled as many people had converted over to Christianity. The Christians objected to the moral harm done to the spectators viewed the arena as a place of martyrdom, refusing to participate as spectators. In this day in 1502 Portuguese explorers sailed into Guanabara Bay and named it Rio de Janeiro (River of January), under the mistaken impression that it was an enormous river mouth. On January 1st 1610, German astronomer Simon Marius discovered the Jupiter moons. His failure to officially report his findings allowed Galileo claimed credit for the discovery seven months later. Samuel Pepy’s wrote his first diary entry in 1660 which read ‘Blessed be God, at the end of the last year I was in very good health, without any sense of my old pain’ On January 1st 1739 Jean-Baptiste Lozier Bouvet, commander of the French ships Aigle and Marie, discovered Bouvet Island, near Antarctica. Unable to land he failed to accurately chart the island’s location and was therefore unsure of whether it was indeed an island or part of the fabled Southern Continents.

concluded that ‘Delhi must have witnessed many splendid pageants, but never before had princes and chiefs of every race and creed vying with each other as to the magnificence of their entourage, they met together with the same object, that of acknowledging and doing homage to one supreme ruler.’ On January 1st 1880 the building of mankind’s greatest works of engineering and modern achievements commenced, the Panamá Canal in Central America, connecting the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. The first Ellis Island Immigration Station officially opened on January 1 1892 processing 700 immigrants from 3 large ships. The first person to be admitted to the new immigration station was Annie Moore, a 15 year old girl from County Cork, Ireland. Daniel Adamson, a leading local industrialist, called a meeting to form the Manchester Ship Canal Company on 1st January 1882 at his home. As a result, a committee was formed to obtain parliamentary permission for the project. On this day in 1914, thousands of people crowded the waters edge to witness the first trip of a scheduled airline flight was made from St Petersburg to Tampa (Florida) a journey of 21 miles, piloted by Tony Jannus. Tickets were auctioned off and Ex-mayor of St. Petersburg, A. C. Pheil, became the world’s first scheduled airline passenger when he bid $400 for the first flight.

Eight year old Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart played for the Royal Family at Versailles in France when he attended a New Years Day meal with his family in 1764.

On January 1st 1958, the two treaties of the European Economic Community (Common Market) entered into force bringing together France, Germany, Italy and the Benelux countries together with the aim to achieve integration via trade with a view to economic expansion. The first Treaty established the European Economic Community (EEC) and the second the European Atomic Energy Community.

The “Daily Universal Register” (Times of London) published its 1st issue on January 1st 1785. The front page of the first edition was an editorial ‘To The Public’ written by its founder and editor John Walter. Three years later it was renamed ‘The Times’.

1978 and Air India Boeing 747-237 exploded and plunged into the sea minutes after takeoff from Maharashtra, India killing all 213 people on board. Investigators concluded that the failure of the artificial horizon in low visibility conditions were the cause of the crash.

January 1st 1838 was the date that the first official horserace took place in Adelaide, South Australia. The winning horse was called Black Jack.

1986 Spain & Portugal became 11th & 12th members of the Common Market (European Economic Community) followed by Austria, Finland and Sweden in 1995.

On the first day of the year in 1877 England’s Queen Victoria was proclaimed empress of India at the Imperial Assemblage, which took place in Delhi and attended by the highest dignitaries. An eye witness


January 1st 2014 is unwritten history, but here’s wishing you all a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year!

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Function room for up to 60 covers 34


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 

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New Year’s Cocktail

Pick Me Up Coffee Cream Martini Prep time: 10 mins

Ingredients »» 2 tablespoons co »» 1 teaspoon finely »» Ice cubes

arse sugar ground coffee

»» 1-2 shots vodka »» 1-2 shots Kahlua »» 1-2 shots Irish cr

eam liqueur

»» Chocolate syrup,


»» Chocolate shavin »» Flavoured liquer,

gs, optional


Preparation n the rim of a ffee on a plate. Moiste co d an ar sug kle rin »» Sp and dip rim into ; hold glass upside down cocktail glass with water sugar mixture.

outside of glass. martini glass on the inside of prepared up syr te ola oc ch le izz Dr »» immediately. mixture into glass; serve if desired. Strain vodka er and blitz until d some ice to a blend ad e tur tex d de ad r Fo »» nk mixture for a longer dri crushed. Add this to the ter and sprinkle e chocolate with a gra som ave Sh L: NA TIO OP »» for that added glitz. onto the top of the drink fridge and squirt uirty cream out from the sq the t Ge L: NA TIO OP » » drink. some on the top of the e flavoured Irish y not try and use som wh ally Fin L: NA TIO OP » » d variety to this le which will give adde Liquers that are availab tasty drink.


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cut out and keep

full with ice. Add tumbler three-fourths »» Fill a mixing glass or sation forms on liqueur; stir until conden d an a hlu Ka a, dk vo the

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Darren and Hazel opened Bar La Terraza on 1st August 2012 and have made the bar extremely popular for both English and Spanish alike in the very Spanish town of Bigastro, near Orihuela. The bar is situated next to the Health Centre on the CV95 road to San Miguel. Bar La Terraza has regular weekly events including Darts & Pool and, for the football enthusiast, you can see all the top matches, Premiership & European, on their large screen TV. There is also regular live entertainment, especially at weekends. They have a large covered terrace, perfect for catering for parties and private functions, and offer a wide selection of homemade English meals, homemade desserts and homemade cakes. On Friday nights they serve Mexican meals 1,2 or 3 courses & every Wednesday they offer chicken curry and a pint night for only 5e. So, next time you fancy a drive out, pop in & see Darren & Hazel – you are guaranteed a warm welcome.


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MALEFICENT Untold story of Disney’s most beloved villain, Maleficent, from the 1959 classic Sleeping Beauty.

DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES Continuing the story of how ultraintelligent simian Caesar presides over the fall of human civilization. A growing nation of genetically evolved apes led by Caesar is threatened by a band of human survivors of the devastating virus unleashed a decade earlier. They reach a fragile peace, but it proves short-lived, as both sides are brought to the brink of a war that will determine who will emerge as Earth’s dominant species.

“Maleficent” is the untold story of Disney’s most iconic villain from the 1959 classic “Sleeping Beauty.” A beautiful, pure-hearted young woman, Maleficent has an idyllic life growing up in a peaceable forest kingdom, until one day when an invading army threatens the harmony of the land. Maleficent rises to be the land’s fiercest protector, but she ultimately suffers a ruthless betrayal—an act that begins to turn her pure heart to stone.

THE MONUMENT’S MEN NOAH Untold story of Disney’s most beloved villain, Maleficent, from the 1959 classic Sleeping Beauty. God is saddened at the wickedness of mankind and sends a great flood to destroy all life on Earth, but instructs Noah, a man “righteous in his generation,” to build a wooden ark and save a remnant of life from the Flood. Noah builds the ark and saves his family and representatives of all animals from the massive flood waters which cover the Earth.


Based on the true story of the greatest treasure hunt in history, The Monuments Men is an actionthriller focusing on an unlikely World War II platoon, tasked by FDR with going into Germany to rescue artistic masterpieces from Nazi thieves and returning them to their rightful owners. It would be an impossible mission: with the art trapped behind enemy lines, and with the German army under orders to destroy everything as the Reich fell, how could these guys - seven museum directors, curators, and art historians, all more familiar with Michelangelo than the M-1 - possibly hope to succeed? But as the Monuments Men, as they were called, found themselves in a race against time to avoid the destruction of 1000 years of culture, they would risk their lives to protect and defend mankind’s greatest achievements.

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*Spacious Kennels All Tiled and Insulated *Large Kennels for the Friends that can’t be Separated Park your car here, then pick *Special Rates For your friend up as soon as you Groups return with our Airport drop off *We Stay Small For the and pick up Personal Touch *Large Exercise Area Only 20 mins from *Rural Location Alicante Airport *Variety of Walks Just off the AP7 and A7 *Pick up And Drop off

Come and see for yourself You won’t be disappointed Call Ali or Chris

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New Year Fun Crossword





Sudoku Solutions

1 42

Clues Across 1 I should note friend with a perfect manner (7) 5 Gets messing about in boats (7) 10 Bird able to speak, surprising many (4) 11 Studies hijacking plot (10) 12 An opinion to contradict loudly (6) 13 No longer minded being drawn out? (8) 14 A hole in one, perhaps, for mariner’s dependant (9) 16 Stop up for the end of play (5) 17 In short, a form of school punishment (5) 19 It’s not acceptable to make money on a game (9) 23 Taken for granted (8) 24 Such a cleaning brush will be barely used (6) 26 Their members were bound to work under strict supervision (5,5) 27 Pedestrian walkway? (4) 28 Alarming decay in toxic substance (7) 29 Door of opportunity? (7)

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Down 3 2 Healthy accommodation for a prisoner charged with battery (3,4) 3 Hand-operated computers (5) 4 Devil of a match! (7) 6 Rarely taken walk (6) 7 It’s released when one is agitated and in real trouble (9) 8 The heart of the matter is that uncle is out to get us (7) 9 Getting compassionate (13) 15 End of the act? (9) 18 Openly took advantage of the sunshine? (4,3) 20 Inadequate man produces a lower output at work (7) 21 Eggs turn into cheers (7) 22 Put on weight, looked older (6) 25 Musical journal? (5)


The Big Quiz

Costa Blanca

The answers are on page 54. No peeking until the end! 1. Given ‘DMY’ format, which date in 2013 features a numerical quirk that will not happen again until the 1st March 2105? (bonus point, when will this next happen in the US and other nations using the ‘MDY date format?) 2. Which massively popular annual sporting event did the BBC not televise in 2013 for the first time since broadcasting it on TV in 1960? (bonus point, name the 66-1 winner?) 3. What technology-related term was the Oxford English Dictionary’s (new) 2013 ‘Word of the Year’? 4. Trenton Oldfield (saboteur of the UK 2012 Boat Race) resisted deportation action back to his home nation of: Ireland; South Africa; New Zealand; or Australia? 5. Name the 2013-criminally convicted owner of AC Milan? 6. How is the year 2013 shown in Roman numerals? 7. Hassan Rouhani was elected president of which country in 2013? 8. Name the five main male members of the Monty Python comedy team which reformed end-2013? 9. Name the Belgian who at Wimbledon in 2013 became the first player to beat Rafael Nadal in the first round of a major tournament? 10. Whose skeleton, found in a Leicester UK car park, was identified via DNA testing in 2013, solving a mystery dating back to 1485? 11. The Argus II was approved in the USA as a prosthetic aid to restore what sense? 12. 2013 top-ranked and world champion squash player Ramy Ashour is from what country? 13. The Large Hadron Collider discovery of what particle was confirmed by CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) scientists in 2013? 14. Who at 2013 is the only person to win an Indian F1 Grand Prix (in fact three of them, 2011/12/13)? 15. In winning the 2013 Snooker World Championship Ronnie O’Sullivan had attained greater what than all previous winners as far back as Ray Reardon in 1978? 16. Which country joined the EU in 2013? (bonus point - what number member: 12th; 19th; 28th; or 36th?) 17. What genome was sequenced in 2013 by German scientists from a toe bone found in Siberia: Neanderthal Man/Woman; Mammoth; Pterodactylus; or Yeti? 18. What cold and slippery women’s world championship did Eve Muirhead win for Scotland in Riga, Latvia, 2013? 19. Name the highly regarded British actor (1947-2013) whose roles included Uncle Monty in Withnail and I? 20. Which website introduced a ‘Report Abuse’ button option in summer 2013 following criticisms of its safety controls, and a petition of 100,000 users: Facebook; Twitter; Amazon; or Ebay? 21. Charles Saatchi, whose reputation dimmed in 2013, found

fame and fortune originally in: Ostrich farming; Advertising; Ice cream vans; or Cage fighting? 22. A 2013 study by Dundee University reported dangerous levels of what occurring widely in effervescent/soluble painkillers and supplements: Oxygen; Salt; Sugar; or Plutonium? 23. The discovery of a 2,600 year-old shrine in Nepal revised datings of the origins for: Buddhism; Christianity; Hinduism; or Marxism? 24. What £890m state-owned loan account for 1990-98 did the UK government sell at a discount of £730m for £160m to debt collection corporation Erudio in November 2013? 25. Which devisive British public figure’s death on 8 Apr 2013, and subsequent funeral, prompted the burning of effigies in certain British streets? 26. The global restructuring group (GRG) of which major UK bank was accused of fraudulently repossessing and selling assets of distressed small business customers? 27. Veteran UK broadcaster David Dimbleby had what tattooed on his shoulder: Microphone; Bumblebee; Scorpion; or ‘BBC’? 28. What Marvel/Disney production was 2013’s highest grossing (box-office takings) movie? 29. Which country retained the (men’s international team tennis) Davis Cup in 2013: USA; Spain; Russia; or Czech Republic? 30. Which country won the (women’s international team tennis) Fed Cup in 2013: Italy; USA; Russia; or France? 31. Which external nation first intervened militarily in the 2013 northern Mali rebellion? 32. Film director Michael Winner (1935-2013) was also a noted critic/commentator on: Theatre; Music; Restaurants; or Technology/Gadgets? 33. Which two very public figures - one the godfather of the other’s child - reportedly ended their friendship when one accused the other of inappropriate liaisons with his wife? 34. Amazon announced the testing of what delivery method during 2013: Carrier Pigeon; Quantum Teleportation; Pizza delivery networks; or Drone? 35. What Roman numerals denote American Football’s 2013 Super Bowl: XLVI; XLVII; XLIX; or MCXLII? 36. In 2013 Veronica Mars became the biggest and fastest fundraising film project (to date) via which crowdfunding platform? 37. Name the famously unbeaten Australian racehorse which retired in 2013? 38. Which nation won the 2013 Women’s Cricket World Cup: Australia; New Zealand; England; or Germany? 39. Which country topped the medal table at the 2013 Track Cycling World Championships: France; Australia; Great Britain; or Germany? 40. In the (standard western) Gregorian calendar which day of the week was the first day of 2013?

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TIM Magazine™ TheRudder is found on the tail fin, and is foot operated. This “yaws” or turns the aircraft, not very elegantly though, like a car skidding on ice. But this skidding motion also lifts the outside wing causing the aircraft to roll.

Happy new year all!

The Elevator on the tailplane , is operated by forward and aft movement of the control column, pitching the nose up or down, allowing the plane to climb or descend. Pitching also varies the drag, which in turn varies the airspeed!

This months”Braveheart” award goes to Mike, who decided that flying in my little aircraft looked very he sent his wife instead!!!!! Priceless!!

The Throttle controls thrust, propelling us forward faster, this in turn creates more airflow, therefore more lift. We are climbing!!

But it got me thinking about how many people decline a flight with me through misplaced fear.

So, you know how it all works, let’s look at some scenarios!!

By Chris Pickles, Sol-aero flyers

Flying is inherently safe, few serious accidents are due to aircraft failure, but still, anything man made can go wrong. However, not many people realise just how much control you actually have, or how many things can go wrong before it becomes hopeless!! To understand, we need to know howaircraft fly in the first place. The first lesson for any student is to experience the effects of individual controls. The shape of the wings alters the air flowing past them, creating a higher pressure under the wing than above it. If the airflow is sufficient, this difference in pressure will overcome the weight of the aircraft. Lift! The airflow is generated by propelling the aircraft forward with thrust from the engine. Changing the shape of the wings, changes the amount of lift they generate, this is done by moveable surfaces on various parts of the aircraft. Ailerons, at the ends of the wings, are operated by lateral movement of the control column in the cockpit. These roll the plane, wingtip to wingtip, also, as a secondary effect, the aircraft turns, like a banked motorcycle.

Suppose the rudder cable breaks? You still have yaw control with aileron, hard work, but you’ll live! Suppose the control column jams? You have no aileron, or elevator, but you still have yaw and roll control with rudder, and you can climb or descend using the throttle. Total engine failure? We glide! As long as we maintain sufficient airflow over the wings, we maintain control. This is done by lowering the nose and using gravity. Most light aircraft will descend at about 500 feet per minute, and are capable of landing within 200m. Engine failures should be seen as extremely inconvenient, not life threatening. A good pilot will never fly anywhere where a forced landing is not possible. Now would you come flying with me??I’d ride in your car! Even in the tourist season!! Far more dangerous!!! Until next time, Chocks away!!

For more information see our main advert or call 609 685 132/966 195 508 (Chris/Jan)




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Costa Blanca

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December 22nd - January 20th

Aries Working on a project from behind the scenes will curry favour with an authority figure. An executive will be impressed by your ability to perform difficult tasks without expectation of fame and acclaim. You really do want credit for your contributions, but that will come later. Right now, you need to establish yourself as a valuable team player. When your ego gets deflated, turn to family and friends for a boost. Your loved ones will be happy to remind you of what a superstar you are.

Leo A close relationship sizzles with passion. This intense chemistry is too powerful to resist. Getting lost in each other’s arms will be a welcome respite from mundane reality. Eventually, you will both have to return to planet Earth. Take this opportunity to attend to some household chores that have fallen through the cracks. Making repairs to your home will prompt you to enjoy more domestic pleasures. Cooking sumptuous meals and spending quiet evenings together will deepen your mutual devotion.

Sagittarius Doing what you love for a living is like the answer to a prayer. If you’ve been thinking about making a career move, now is a good time to do so. You could launch a profitable business from your own home. Being your own boss will be an exhilarating challenge. It will also allow you to spend more time with friends, relatives and pets. That benefit alone is worth its weight in gold. Take the plunge now, when you could get a generous bank loan.


Taurus Joining a club will put you in contact with all sorts of interesting people. Some of your new friends will help you achieve goals you thought were beyond reach. With their instruction, you’ll know which jobs, classes and associations will bring you closer to your goals. You’ll especially appreciate the guidance of a seasoned expert who is living the life you’ve always wanted to lead. Stick to this mentor like glue. The two of you have lots to teach each other.




Your career prospects are bright. Skills you acquired at another job will help you land a position in your desired field. You may have to start at the bottom, but don’t worry. You’ll quickly land a better title. All it takes is a little diligence and a lot of determination. You’ve always been a great multi-tasker. This ability to juggle several jobs at once will impress an executive who is seeking a bright employee who can easily change direction.

You’re ready to explore new possibilities. Fortunately, your loved ones are also enthusiastic about your plans. They’ll be happy to lend financial and emotional support while you embark on this adventure. Developing your natural artistic ability will be very fulfilling. Join forces with a teacher who is exacting. Learning the basics will be tedious, but they will allow you to achieve the status of master. You’ll acquire an appealing glow as you pour more energy into your favourite activities.



This is a great time to form a romantic or business partnership. Working with someone who has distinctly different abilities will enhance your own performance. You’re good at making the most of limited materials, while your partner excels at adding a dose of levity to everything you do. Together, your power is formidable. Any contract you sign could have long term benefits, provided you show it to a legal professional who can fine tune the terms.

If you’re looking for work, you could get at least one tempting job offer. It will be a relief to get some steady income. Having a regular position will allow you to enjoy luxuries that were previously out of reach. You don’t like to admit it, but you did feel the economic pinch quite dreadfully. Now you’ve lived without extras for some time, you will appreciate them more fully. When given a choice between earning a salary and commission, choose the former.



You’ll be very busy, which suits you fine. Nothing makes you feel more virtuous than checking things off your ‘to do’ list. There is a chance you will feel over your head. If this happens, ask for help. Nobody will think less of you. In fact, they’ll welcome the chance to give assistance. You’re usually so self sufficient. This could be challenging for colleagues who are trying to demonstrate their mettle to you. Be a little more appreciative of their efforts.

Spending more time on the people and activities you love is possible. You will have to make a few sacrifices. At first, you will feel these deprivations keenly. This ache will quickly subside when you’re able to fill the emotional void with something substantial. You’ve never been especially materialistic. The things you really value are friendships and ideas. Pursuing these riches will make you much happier. Don’t worry; you will find a way to support yourself without becoming destitute.

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You’re having lots of fun and don’t care who knows it. Usually, you’re the one who is always looking out for danger. Now you’re ready to throw caution to the wind. It’s a refreshing change. Don’t be surprised if someone who was once indifferent to your charms expresses interest in you. You’re irresistible when you’re spontaneous. Have you ever wanted to write a book? This is a great time to do so. You’ve always been able to weave compelling tales. Put them on paper.

Pisces You’re extremely passionate about art, music and film. Without these things, your life would seem very empty. Stop chastising yourself every time you feel an urge to indulge your desire for creative fulfilment. There’s nothing frivolous about appreciating beauty. When you pour all of your energy into responsibility, you become miserable. It gets impossible to help others because you become so angry and resentful. Satisfy your own desires first and worry about everyone else later.

Costa Blanca

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T.I.M. Magazine™



– RELIGION I will go to my grave not understanding the Spanish fascination with letting off fireworks during daytime hours. To mark the beginning of the latest, supposedly religious holiday (the Immaculate Concepción), I was awoken by bangers being let off in my village... at 6am.... in the dark.

Not real fireworks, just the usual bangers. That means some silly so and so arose from his own bed around 5am, got dressed and then came out only to let off bangers directly outside several houses where men, women and children were sleeping soundly. All this noise in the name of whom exactly? God? The Vatican? The bangs heralded the arrival of a religious celebration in a country that grows more secular week on week. Today my local, very historic, church will be two thirds empty. The elderly will keep up tradition and attend on the day that marks the aforementioned Immaculate Concepción. Meanwhile, the younger members of the community will be wearing a glove, holding a firework in their hand and then lighting it.


And these people call the Muslims crazy!

The history of the impact of the Roman Catholic Church in Spain is a horrific one. In the name of religion, unspeakable atrocities have been undertaken in Spain. The impact of the Vatican within the country over past centuries makes the Mafia look like an organisation you would trust to mind your children. For example, any study of what took place during the years of the Spanish Inquisition will leave you shuddering with fear. Then there is the infamous Opus Dei (Work of God) religious institute. Founded in 1928 it has always claimed to be a nonpolitical lay religious body. Their influence today in Spain today is, thankfully, not as influential as it was when General Franco was in his pomp.

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Costa Blanca

The Catholic Church also no longer rules Spain in the manner it once did. That fact alone is worth a fiesta all of its own. I would happily let off a few fireworks myself to celebrate that sign of progress in a country which, for way too long, was effectively run by the Pope. He may still be catholic but he has far fewer followers in Spain than he once did. There are numerous examples of how Catholics have lost their intolerant stranglehold on the country. The number of ordained priests has drastically reduced in recent decades. Laws have been passed, and largely supported by voters, that would never have seen the light of day when the country was ruled from the Vatican. Same sex marriages, more lenient abortion laws, divorce made easy – all are proof that the Spanish are, in increasing numbers, turning their back on the Roman Catholic Church. In centuries gone by Spaniards knew what religion was for. Namely to ensure the Catholic Church controlled politics, the law and daily life in Spain. Now all that has been consigned to history, what is the purpose of religion in Spain in the 21st century? Martin Varsavsky is the entrepeneur who formed the Spanish telecommunications company, JazzTel. He says: “Spain is not a Catholic country anymore. In the 1960´s 95% of Spanish youth claimed that religion played some role in their life. Today that figure is down to just one third. Sunday church attendance is in the single figures. Spain’s abandonment of religion has been accompanied by decades of tremendous economic and social development. Spain is now ten times richer per capita than it was three years ago. Paradoxically, the only truly religious group in Spain now are Muslim immigrants.”

That is indeed an irony. The Muslim religion dominated Spain for four hundred years. The 15th century Christian conquest saw King Ferdinand and his barking mad wife, Queen Isabella; drive the Moors, the Jews and assorted non-believers out of Spain. The influence of Muslim religion was largely wiped out in Spain. Ugly churches were built on top of beautiful mosques. The perfect “before and after” examples of this can be seen in the Andalucian city of Cordoba. The Mezquita is an impressive construction and the biggest tourist attraction in Cordoba. We have to be grateful that it was not, as with so many other Muslim palaces of worship, demolished. Tourism is the last great hope for religion in Spain. The biggest tourist attraction in the country is the Alhambra Palace in Granada. It is indeed a wonder of the world but most visitors do not realise that the building is a reform. Yes, just like that ruined house you bought in Spain and had renovated, the Alhambra Palace bares little or no resemblance to the original building which was left to decay. Only relatively recently did the penny drop and the tourist Euro ensure that authorities created what a cynic (not me, you understand), might call “Alhambra Palaceland”. There are some magnificent churches all over Spain. Places of worship that take away the breath of the most ardent atheist. Trouble is the atheist is in the ascendancy in Spain. The reason a Spaniard attends church is almost certain to be the same as those of anyone living in the UK. Weddings, christenings and funerals. Hypocrisy is alive and well and has made it to Spain! Martin Varsavsky sums up the face of religion in Spain today. He says: “Spain proves that societies do not fall apart when they give up religion. Almost everything that was illegal because of religion is now legal. I believe that if Spain had not given up on religion, it would not have been the success it is today.” Now all the country has to do is ban fireworks!

By Vernon Grant

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TIM Magazine™

TIM in Torrevieja TIM is available from the Alzheimer Charity Shop (situated behind the main church) Open Monday – Saturday mornings only.


Email: please ensure that when sending charity adverts, that they are accompanied with your Charity Licence Number details and full operating address.

Charity Adverts are placed on this page on a first come first served basis, size 95x45, if you wish to try and obtain a space on this page, please send your advert size 95x45 to . We now require all charities to send us copies of their Charity/ Association licence, the name and address of where and in who’s name the charity is registered to and also a copy of the licence holders nie/passport. Failure to supply the aforementioned paperwork will lead to your charity advert being withdrawn or not being entered onto the charity page. Thank You 50

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Costa Blanca

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HONDON VALLEY GOLF SOCIETY STEVE McGUINNESS SHOWS FLINT TO WIN CHRISTMAS TURKEY TROT AT FONT DEL LLOP Buena Vida restaurateur Steve McGuinness tasted the good life himself as the overall winner of the Christmas meeting. Steve brought home the bacon winning a €40.00 Meat Voucher from sponsors Albert Hermanos, butchers of Pinoso and the two Hondons. Richard Bligh, Manny Niessen and David Fellows won their sections with 32, 31 and 33 points respectively. Guest player Alan Craig playing off a handicap of 18 carded 40 points. Forty two colourful golfers turned out at Font Del Llop in a variety of Christmas hats. The weather set fair despite a chilly start and the course in fine condition made for a good day’s golf. Five groups tee-ed off on the 1st and six fourballs tee-ed off on the 10th at around 10.00 am. Five hours or so later everyone was back in the marquee to hear Captain Graham Palmer thank them for their support throughout the year. He told members how much he had enjoyed his year as Captain before making the presentations for the last time. Vice Captain, Martin Taylor, thanked Graham on behalf of the HVGS members for his tireless work on and off the golf course to organise events for the Society. Martin acknowledged that ‘GP’ will be a hard act to follow and asked members to give him the same sort of support when he takes over in the New Year. HVGS End of Season Dinner Dance and Presentation Evening Eighty members and their guests attended the Dinner Dance at Roca Restaurant in Aspe. Excellent food was enjoyed by all and live entertainment by crooner David Stanley had everyone on the floor dancing until midnight. Earlier in the evening the Annual Presentations took place. Graham Palmer presented John Ainscough with the Matchplay Trophy for the second successive year. HVGS’s first Captain, Jim Lynch, presented the Bob Watson Cup to Les Goddard. This cup was inaugurated this year in Bob’s memory and will be contested every year by ex-Captains of HVGS on Captain’s Day. Dave Latchford, Society guest and ex-Birmingham City goalkeeper, presented the Kevin Wells Memorial Trophy to Martin Taylor. Chairman and Master of Ceremonies Ron Graham, who was expecting to announce the winner of the President’s Trophy, had the tables cleverly turned on him when the HVGS Captain took over the microphone and announced that Ron himself was the winner !


Winners HVGS Stableford – Font Del Llop – Tuesday 10th December 2013 PRIZE

Bronze Winner Bronze Runner Up

H’CAP POINTS 14 35 4 32 14 30 19 31 16 31 26 33 22 26


Nearest the Pin Nearest the Pin Nearest the Pin Nearest the Pin Nearest the Pin

Hole 3 Hole 5 2nd Hole 8 Hole 12 Hole 16

Case of Cerveza Case of Cerveza Case of Cerveza Case of Cerveza Case of Cerveza


Longest Drive

Hole 11

Case of Cerveza


Best Guest

13 40

Case of Cerveza


Best Christmas Hat


Football Scratchcard


Green Fee Refund




Overall Winner

Richard BLIGH Graham PALMER

Gold Winner Gold Runner Up


Silver Winner Silver Runner Up


€40 Meat Voucher Sponsor: Albert Hnos Gift Set 2 Bottles Rioja Gift Set 2 Bottles Rioja Gift Set 2 Bottles Rioja

2 bottles of Cava West Brom

€20.00 €35.00

Forthcoming HVGS Golf Days and Other Events Tuesday 14th January Alicante Golf Meet in the Clubhouse at 09.15 am Tuesday 11th February Alenda Golf Meet in the Clubhouse at 09.15 am Tuesday 11th March Bonalba Meet in the Clubhouse at 08.45 am Tuesday 8th April Font Del Llop Meet in the Clubhouse at 08.45 am For information on how to join HVGS contact the Secretary, David Fellows, on 965978104 and 649552730 or email . To reserve your place on the list for the Society Golf Days contact the Captain, Martin Taylor, on 965978489 and 628827046 or e-mail him at • Web site:

To advertise with TIM call 606 891 644 NOW!

CAMPO GOLF SOCIETY CAMPO GOLF SOCIETY MEETING ON THE 21ST NOVEMBER Hi to all the members and a Happy New Year. I hope you all had a good day at Alenda? By the time that you read this report in January we would of had our Christmas meeting at Bonalba,with our Christmas dinner as always. I think the cost of 45 Euros Including you buggy and golf and of course the dinner was as always a great price and good day out for all. The next meeting is on the 24/01/2014 at Alenda and the February meeting should be at La Finca if I can get the Price right for you.

Winners at Alenda on the 21st of November Gold Brian Johnson with 31 points Silver Jan Tenwolde with 34 points N/P on the 5th was Jan Tenwolde N/P on the 13th was M Tenwolde N/Pon the 16th was K Mulder If any golfers would like to join the Campo Society Just ring myself Brian Johnson on 618834774 p.s. The golf at Alenda with Campo is only 38 Euros including the buggy

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TIM Magazine™ We would like to thank the International community of Hondon de las Nieves through your magazine if we may for the wonderfully overwhelming response to a request for help. An email was circulated to ask for food and essential household items to be donated for the families in our village community who are having a difficult time, especially at Christmas. Everyone has been so generous and thoughtful with the items they donated that we will be able to help the families well into the New Year. A Tombola at the Spanish classes Christmas lunch also raised 115 Euros, which will go towards items for the families. Donations can be made throughout the year at the Ayuntamiento or Thursday mornings between 10 and 12.30 at the old Convent, opposite Dialprix. Thank you to everyone for truly having the Christmas spirit and with two new arrivals expected anytime in the next fortnight they will be born into a wonderful caring community. Carol Thompson & Maureen Clarke. Hondon de las Nieves

TIM Bikers Well a very Happy New Year to you all and I hope you all had (and might still be having) a great festive season. I wonder who got the best bike related present. I think it might be me, check these out. And before you ask, yes they have steel toe caps and anti slip soles. Cool or what? Send me your pictures of bike related goodies, or turkeys.

Quiz Answers 1. 9/11/13 (9 Nov 2013 three sequential odd numbers - known as ‘Odd Day’ - bonus point, when will this next happen in the US and other nations using the ‘MDY date format? 11/13/15 (13 Nov 2015) 2. The Grand National, Auroras Encore 3. Selfie 4. Australia 5. Silvio Berlusconi 6. MMXIII 7. Iran 8. John Cleese, Michael Palin, Terry Jones, Eric Idle, Terry Gilliam 9. Steve Darcis 10. King Richard III 11. Sight 12. Egypt 13. Higgs boson 14. Sebastian Vettel 15. Age 16. Croatia, 28th

Still looking forward it’s only a few weeks until the start of the World Superbikes season with the traditional curtain raiser in Phillip Island, Australia. Let’s hope the home countries’ riders have more luck than the English cricket team. Come on Sykesy! Another 2 months until the start of the MotoGP season and we’ll have to wait for mid April for the British Superbikes (it’s that weather thing) so watch this space.

Due to popular demand I have started a Facebook page called Tim Bikers, imaginative eh? I’m hoping to build it up to be a useful resource for local bikers and hopefully have a laugh too. All sensible contributions welcome. I didn’t get to Novelda Ruge but Crisismas was a great success with over a hundred bikes of various nationalities finishing up at Waldemar’s in Playa Flamenca. Over 1600€ was raised and split between two charities to help families over Christmas, Reach Out, Torrevieja and Caritas, San Javier. Well done to Rob and the other members of LGDG M.C.C. who made it all possible. The only event I can find for January is the Cosmopolitans M.C. weekend bash 10th-12th January in Plaza Bohemia, La Manga with free entry. The Cosmopolitans always put on a good do, more info at http://www. 54

17. Neanderthal Man/ Woman 18. Curling 19. Richard Griffiths 20. Twitter 21. Advertising 22. Salt 23. Buddhism 24. Student Loans 25. Margaret Thatcher 26. RBS Group 27. Scorpion 28. Iron Man 3 29. Czech Republic 30. Italy 31. France 32. Restaurants 33. Rupert Murdoch and Tony Blair 34. Drone 35. XLVII(47) 36. Kickstarter 37. Black Caviar 38. Australia 39. Great Britain 40. Tuesday

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Don’t forget I value your feedback and am happy to publicise clubs, rides etc. but not commercial enterprises (unless it’s for charity mate). or via Facebook.

Costa Blanca


This Space Could Be Yours for only

117 Euros plus iva

for THREE Months Email: E-mail: • Web site:


TIM Magazine™

FIREWOOD 658 626 315 With every delivery FREE kindling chimney clean as required . Fruit tree, Olive and Almond wood cut to size of wood burner

56 • Web site:

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General Nursing Health Care Home Help, Sit/Respite 1hr - 24hr Live In, Diabetic Clinic


TEL 659401945 or 677 804 691 EQUIPMENT HIRE AVAILABLE

'We are always here to help just call'

For full list of services & costs please visit our website

Diabetic Clinic is held at The La Marina Nurses Office

Office contact 09.30 - 13.00 Mon - Fri 966 790 363

Out of office hours - Emergency Only call the office number to be transferred to the Nurse on call.

24 HOURS A DAY 7 DAYS A WEEK 365 DAYS A YEAR E-mail: • Web site:

All profit from PCNSL after tax & expenses will be donated to PCN Charity.



TIM Magazine™

CLASSIFIEDS BARGAINADS@YAHOO.ES Sell it Fast Sell it For FREE! You can place your unwanted items in our Classifieds section FREE of charge up to the value of 500 euros. Simply text your unwanted items too 680 976 823 or email them to remember, no more than 25 words per item and no more than 3 items per household, and please always include what area you live in, we do not take FREE classifieds over the phone. Last day for Free ads is the 18th of the month

If you have an item for sale over 500 euros or if you have a commercial advert and would like them listed in the Classifieds section of the magazine, then call 606 891 644. Closing date for Classifieds in the magazine is the 19th of the month.

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GENERAL Deluxe travel cot with wheels, mossie nets, net for newborn, and mobile with toys That hangs above 25euros ono very good condition. Torrevieja 606 645 727 Undercounter freezer, white, 3 drawer as new 125€ Buyer collects from Quesada, telephone 637 487 377 Fold up single bed thick mattress 30e, mini cd / tape / radio player with speakers 30e Urb La Marina 634 313 492 A quality pair of 90cm single beds with head boards. Used once only! 80 euros the pair. Tel: 965 4882 88 racer Wood turning lathe, With 36 “bed, swivel head, 2 chucks, many chisels 9 wood turning videos and much more. La Marina 966 790 696. 4 used Bridgestone tyres, 10r15lt 109n 40 euros, 4 used radial tyres complet with wheels 31x10.50 109q 50 euros Tel; 678 869 843 Villena Rotary washing line stainless steel. New 20euros with cover. Double merino wool bed cover.25euros, travel cot with nets etc. 606 645 727 Torrevieja 58

Fish tank with external filter built in UV + stand 1400x600x600 ,goldfish, black moors, fantails koi fish in excellent condition, all accessories included. Los Altos area phone 697 754 242 250 € ono French oak dining table with wrought iron legs, size 1900mm X 900mm. 250 Euros, open to offers.Pinoso Area Tel 968 969 638 or 617 647 244 Traditional Spanish booster fan & fireplace with integrated oven. Extremely efficient. Height 243 cm, w idth 87 cm, depth 62 cm. Will heat a large room with ease. Salado Alto area nr Abanilla. Price € 299 ono. Tel 699 482 362 BREVI pushchair, pushchair sturdy folding fabric with front swivel wheels, rear wheel breaks, hood, bumper bar, good condition 65 EUROS. TEL. 965 482 144 (HONDON) Chicago SGS. 3 wood. 3 5 7 9 irons sand iron and putter 1 with bag 30 euros D sand iron putter with bag river 3 & 5 woods 3 5 6 9 irons phone 693 252 214 Geiser upright 100 Ltr. Electric water heater. Variable thermostatic control Temperature gauge, Instruction Manual. Excellent condition, inspection invited. Hondon area, Tel 966 192 151.

Huge solid mahogany bed with carved French décor. This superb two bed plus bed side drawers, € 450 ono Large ‘Old Charm’ Extending oak dining table plus 2 carvers and 4 chairs. Extends to seat 8 to 10 people. Top slightly markedHENCE € 120. Antique oak monk bench with lift up lid for storage, nicely carved, € 100. Two portable TVs (not flat screen) hardly used with Sky didgy boxes and remote control, € 50 each.Solid dark wood dining table, nice grain plus 4 chairs, vgc € 100. Double wardrobe with shelves and 2 drawers, light pine colored plus two sets of 4 drawers reduced to € 80. Large pine computer desk, € 25. Blue plastic garden table and 4 chairs, € 15. 6 green garden chairs, marked, & cushions, € 10 the lot. Pinoso area, tel 639 939 779 Apc. 3kw 48 v pure sine wave inverter/charger, ideal for computers, 250 euros Tel 678 869843 Villena


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SERVICES REMOVALS-DELIVERY AND PICK UP SERVICE. Large van and competitive prices. Call 658 626 315 Weed Spraying Service For driveways,paths & car parks etc. Prices start from 20E Tel No: 675 874 665/691 260 502


CRAFTSMEN & DESIGN SERVICES 35 yrs unique skill base all work licensed and guarenteed specialising in * plastering internal/ external wall covering *stone masonry / brick & block work *plumbing, painting& decorating *mini digger for hire, mini excavations, gravelling driveways etc Free estimates help & advise Tel :966180636 or 620543155 e mail: craftsmendesign@

Large van leaving Spain to the UK and UK to Spain every month. space available both ways, very reliable Tel or 690 818 090, UK mob: 07504 927034 email:





COLLECTION SERVICE Tel Phil (Fortuna) 607 848 332

1 youth 125cc off road motor cross bike, only €200 ono. BARGAIN! PERFECT XMAS PRESENT Tel: 608 104 371 Monovar


2nd hand cars bought and sold Tel 691 260 502

WANTED Wanted guitarist looking to either join or form a band, i love playing music from the 60’s 70’s 80’sif there are any bands or musicians out there please contact me i am based between Elche and Torrevieja. 661 350 963 or e-mail norman.lavisher@ African Grey Parrot Hen Bird, ( Wanted for Breeding Phone Pinoso 966 966 072 or 633 386 752 Small engineering Lathe. Tel 966 192 151. Wanted large wooden shed, can dismantle and collect. Please email or phone 619 592 708. Wanted all cage and aviary birds from finches to Parrots, Pinoso Phone 966 966 072 or 633 386 752 Wanted to rent for several months. Large plot of land with accommodation water / electric etc. 635 796 255 WWW.TIMSPAIN.COM



BADMINT0N AT PILAR DE LA HORADADA Mon, Tues, Wed and Thurs. 10-1pm. For information ring John McGilvray on 966 786 774 or Mobiles 634 658 506/695 871 707 or e

PARTY YOURSELF INTO SHAPE IN THE NEW YEAR! Ditch the Workout, Join the Party! Zumba Fitness Classes with certified Zumba Instructor in Pinoso, Fortuna, the Hondons for details contact Donna 966 195 876 / 699 408 773 www.zumbaiberia. com

ACE Group Rallies We are a group of mainly British expats, but we do welcome and indeed have amongst us, other nationalities, who own either a caravan, motorhome or tent, that organise and hold monthly rallies. If you would like to join us, and meet new friends, all you need to do is come along to a rally, there are no joining or other fees. Forthcoming coming rallies are listed below and if you would like to come along or would like more information please contact us by email: 7th-14th September -Camping Lo Monte, Torre de La Horadada, Spain 4th11th October - Camping Parque Campismo, Fuseta, Portugal.

CHARITIES The Samaritans cover the whole of Spain and operate 24/7. We also have a drop off centre and charity shop at Punta Prima off N332 24 hour Helpline 902 88 35 35 or email pat@ PETS PETS

A group of us meet every Thursday at the Sunset Cafe on the n332 in Cabo Roig for rideouts. We are multi-national, and all makes of motorcycle are welcome. for more info contact Rob on mollyandbaileybassett@ Men at munch meet every second Wednesday of each month to coincide with the Fortuna Ladies Luncheon Club. Next meeting at “Alonso” near the Fortuna info centre at 13.30. All welcome,good company,no agenda! DUPLICATE BRIDGE. We play every Wednesday at 2.30 at Bar La Mata, Avda Switzerland, La Mata. For more info phone 966 715 897 Audrey. Do you have any clubs you would like to advertise? Well why not place them here? From gardening to knitting! Email today!

Cocker Spaniel puppies.2 black females 3 months old. 190€ each. Fortuna. Tel Remy 650 140 527 Canaries for sale,Cocks and hens various colours all this year’s birds, 10 eros each Castalla Tel. 672 924 557 For sale or exchange, African Grey Parrot, Budgies, Zebra Finches, Phone Pinoso, 966 966 072 or 633 386 752. For sale or exchange Senegall Parrots Breeding pair of 200 euros. Pinoso Phone 966 966 072 or 633 386 752.

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EMPLOYMENT One of UK leading Care Companies are looking for hard working, compassionate caring people to join our team of carers working in UK on 2/3 weeks on 2/3 weeks of basis. We offer full training program, top rates of pay, 28 days holiday, excellent support team. For consultation call 685406881 Are you struggling to recruit? Why not try the classifieds - you never know who you might find! Email us now with your job details.




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Costa Blanca

FAB FINCAS FAB Pr oper ti es • FA B P rice s • FA B S e rv ic e

Tel: 965 474 314 • Mob: 675 218 436 •

FABFINCAS are members of the AIPP - buy and sell with assurance Onil - Ref: ff0676

Sax - Ref: ff0716

Villena - Ref: ff0701


Incredible bargain. Renovated town house 3 D beds, 2 Baths New kitchen

Country house close to town 4 beds, 1 bath Pool Walking distance to town

Lovely village house 3 beds, 1 bath Roof terrace

local agent.

NO OFFERS - 35,000 euros

Only 85,000 euros

Only 54,995 euros

knowing we are a fully legal,

Spanish property market is improving - confidence is growing. Bargains are being snapped up - don’t miss out a fantastic time to buy

Sax - Ref: ff0575

Sax - Ref: ff0717

Beautiful villa 4 beds, 2 baths Conservatory

Villa in great location 4 beds, 2 baths 3,500m2 land Fabulous views

Bargain - only 139,995 euros

Only 149,000 euros

Sax - Ref: ff0683

Sax - Ref: ff0642

Caudete - Ref: ff0601

Biar - Ref: ff0654

Deceptively spacious villa 4 beds, 2 baths Pool Huge reduction

Huge family villa Walking distance to town 6 beds, 2 baths Pool

Pretty villa 3 D beds, 2 baths Swimming pool Large plot of 11,000m2

Now 159,995 euros

Great value - 164,995 euros

Villa with guest accommodation 4 beds, 2 baths 2,500m2 land Close to town Great buy - 174,995 euros




Sax - Ref: ff0689

Las Virtudes - Ref: ff0700

Sax - Ref: ff0671

SOLD within 6 weeks of coming on to the market

SOLD in 3 weeks

SOLD fabulous property

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Onil - Ref: ff0544 Town house for renovation 5 beds, 1 bath Elevated position Roof terrace Now 36,000 euros

Only 199,000 euros

We have a large database of European & International clients looking to buy. Don’t miss out - list your property with us -


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