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Welcome to the 69th edition of TIM.

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So the summer is well and truly with us, so you can now go for a swim in the pool, hit the beach, get yourself a tan, grab a drink, relax and sit back and read your latest edition of Tim.

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Last month’s competition winners were Mrs Teresa Beales of Los Dolsesri Orhuella Costa who won the copy of The World According to Clarkson Vol 2, and the winner of our 50 euros Spot the Bull competition was Mr T Wisham of Villajoyosa, who spotted Bully hiding on the Bar Rayca advert on page 29, so our congratulations go to both of our July competition winners.

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Inside of this month’s edition there are three more free to enter competitions one of which is free 2 day break for 2 at the fabulous Olive Mill, see entry form on page 17.

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Chris Thompson


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There’s the wok restaurant and over there a bar next to a souvenir shop - somewhere to buy a beach towel or sunscreen. A snapshot of almost any of the beach resorts along the Alicante or Murcia coastline. Surprisingly that’s not what you’ll bump into along the coast close to Cartagena. True, not far away are the resorts on the Mar Menor or La Manga and going West you’re soon in Mazarron but just in the immediate environs of the city the coastline is distinctly odd, generally unspoiled and rather nice.

Heading out of Cartagena by the commercial port, hugging the coastline you’ll get to Cala Cortina. A tiny little bay with one restaurant. It’s the spot the Cartageneros use to get in a spot of sunbathing over the long lunch hour. Good fishing too from the number of people sitting on the rocks with long poles and struggling bait. Keep going along the coast and you’ll pass through Escombreras a huge industrial complex with oil refineries and chemical processing plants. At night it blazes with light. By day you’ll be avoiding huge articulated lorries on the maze of roads around the works but then, suddenly, the road turns into a potholed country road passing by abandoned winding gear and old buildings from the lead and silver mines now long gone. There are paths and tracks down to the sea at el Gorguel but as the road winds up and down the hillside to the next real stop at Portman the land that fronts the sea is completely natural. Grassy hillsides dropping away to a blue and turquoise sea.

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Costa Blanca Nowadays Portman is a village stuffed with holiday homes, quiet in the Winter and lively in Summer. The beach is a narrow strip of muddy coloured sand a little way from the village but even so the beach has its charms, grass, reeds and cliffs rather than McDonalds and promenades infested with thin lads in long shorts. Portman too, overlooked by more abandoned mine buildings, is definitely worth the visit, it really does nestle amongst the hills. Coming out of Portman and heading for Caba de Palos, there’s the little harbour at Punta Negra where the sand has turned black because of the spoil from the old mines but then it’s suddenly Calblanque, a natural park, where the kite-surfers and anglers find plenty of space along the wide, sandy and sand duned fringed beach. We got a very warm reception in the Visitors Centre and came away loaded with maps and leaflets about the flora and fauna. From then on you’ll be closing in on the villages that have views over the Mar Menor and La Manga so instead let’s go back to Cartagena. Head out towards Canteras and take the small slip road that goes to Portús and once again you’ll be passing through small villages and hilly countryside. Portús is just a beach with a small chiringuito. Its defining characteristic, according to any Cartagenero I’ve ever mentioned it to, is that there’s a nudist complex there - camping, caravaning and all over sun tans. The coastline from Portús to La Azohía just before Puerto de Mazarrón is pretty inaccessible but there are several tracks that climb steeply to reveal impressive views over the Med. and where the only sound you’ll hear will be the leaves rustling in the breeze. It’s hardly Benidorm.

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The Inland Magazine™ Close your eyes and conjure up a picture of the quintessential English garden and I bet a pound to a penny that roses are there. The rose is one of the loveliest flowers that exist; it has both fragrance and beauty and is one of the most popular shrubs used in gardens as well as amongst the most commonest of flowers sold by florists. Its popularity never wanes. For many gardeners, growing roses is more than growing pretty flowers, it is an absorbing hobby and in the UK particularly there are an abundance of rose societies. Here is Spain roses are a favourite and are easy to grow A symbol of love and romance, roses are the time honoured way to say “I love you” as well as being widely used in the production of perfume Broadly speaking there are 7 groups of rose, hybrid tea and floribunda are the ones most people will be familiar with along with the similar looking shrub rose. Climbers or ramblers are excellent for creating a screen and can decorate any garden feature you care to think of. The compact patio or miniature roses are excellent for pots and containers and last but not least are ground cover roses which were introduced as recently as the 80’s. These low-growing, spreading roses are repeat flowering and will creep and provide ground cover in many situations Not too far from us, Madrid is home to Parque del Oeste which is highly regarded by rose enthusiasts as having one of the loveliest rose gardens in Europe. The Rosaleda, or rose garden, hosts an annual international competition every spring and the time to visit is mid-may when the roses are at their peak When we lived in the UK we grew an abundance of roses, around 120 specimens, in our garden. Our home was called Rose Cottage and, yes, we 4

had roses around the door. On moving to Spain we brought several roses with us and we have also had roses sent to us mail order by Fryers. There are any numbers of growers happy to export to Spain as roses do not require a health (Phytosanitary) certificate for the EU.



ROSES An Introduction

By Barbara Barton

Of course roses are readily available to buy here, from garden centres to the ubiquitous Chinese shops, but if you want something special then mail order is probably the way to go. To be honest ‘the other half’ would never buy from a supermarket or similar outlet. The roses are usually coated in green wax to hold in the moisture; generally speaking they are not of the best quality and frequently perform badly Roses make a lovely gift for someone and there are roses with a suitable name for every event you can think of plus for someone special there are roses for most Christian names. How about one named after a friend’s favourite tipple? There’s a Johnnie Walker, a Glenfiddich, even a Typhoo Tea or as a reminder of “home” there are roses named after many counties in the UK, for example Essex, Wiltshire, Surrey, Sussex etc.

Part 3

Whether its birthdays, anniversaries, births or marriages, the rose will come up trumps. There is a rose for every growing situation, whether your have a large garden or a roof terrace. Roses are not difficult to grow if you follow the rules, give them the right attention and you will be rewarded with years of pleasure. Next month I will talk in a little more detail about the different varieties of rose to hopefully help you decide what you want to buy according to your specific needs and the type of garden you have with some tips on when is the best time to buy and where from. Until next Gardening



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Costa Blanca

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Osteoporosis by Chris Haney

Bent backs, losing height and brittle bones are not inevitable signs of growing older. They are caused by Osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis affects one in four women. It develops silently over many years, gradually and without discomfort. It will usually show up after the age of 50, but maybe as early as the late thirties. It may creep up on you suddenly, with a painful fracture after only a slight fall or awkward movement. Or your dresses may appear not to fi t properly any more because your spine is starting to curve. Osteoporosis literally means porous or brittle bones; bones that have lost much of the calcium they need to remain strong and fi rm. WHAT CAUSES OSTEOPOROSIS? To make strong bones you need a diet rich in calcium and good consistent physical activity – you need calcium and exercise throughout your life to keep you bones strong. We start to lose more bone mass than we replace at about 35, but for women ther is an added problem. At the menopause, the drop in oestrogen levels causes the body to lose calcium more rapidly. Loss of calcium from the bones makes hem more brittle. The weakened bones in the spine may become compressed, causing loss of height. Then they fracture and collapse, causing the curve of the spine sometimes described as Dowager’s Hump. Or the bones may break easily, unable to stand up to the ordinary wear and tear of life. Most at risk are the back, forearm, wrist, upper thigh and hip. Other causes of weak bones may include a lack of sunlight, which helps the body manufacture vitamin D, or a lack of vitamin D in the diet. This precious vitamin helps the body to absorb calcium. More women die of hip fracture than of cancer of the ovary, cervix and uterus combined. Inactivity causes osteoporosis too – this shows up most dramatically in astronauts, who lose calcium from their bones very rapidly in weightless conditions – and this highlights the importance for all of us of keeping mobile. The bedridden, or deskconfi ned offi ce workers who drive to work and take no exercise, are at greater risk. You need to be especially aware of the risk of getting osteoporosis if you are thin and small framed – the larger, slightly plump woman seems less at risk!! Excessive dieting is not good for you bones either. And fair-skinned women seem to be affected more often, as are women with a history of osteoporosis in the family or who have had their ovaries removed early. One in forty men suffers from Osteoporosis. 6

What everyone needs to know

Men are less at risk because of their denser bone structure, but older men still need to watch that they take regular exercise and that their calcium intake remains good. And smoking, alcoholism and certain medicines are all contributory to inducing osteoporosis too. Illnesses such as rheumatoid arthritis, hyperparathyroidism and asthma and prescribed medicines which inhibit growth of the cells which produce bone tissue, also contribute to osteoporosis. Corticosteroids taken over long periods are serious culprits. A small amount of vitamin D is needed to ensure calcium absorption. More research is needed into the causes of osteoporosis and particularly into why it is on the increase. As yet there no simple and accurate method of scanning the population to chaek who is developing osteoporosis. At the moment, it is only diagnosed after a fracture has occurred. Some things you can’t help. You can’t change your race your sex or you age (no matter what you tell people on you birthday). • But you can avoid Osteoporosis. • Drink more milk and water. • Eat more vegetables. • Take more controlled exercise. • Consume more Omega 3 essential fats found in fi sh and certain nuts. How much calcium do you need? From about 20 – 40 your bones won’t be growing in length anymore, but they should be becoming denser and stronger. You still need calcium, so from 20 – 40 you still need at least 3 servings a day from the milk group (1000 mg of calcium). And for women over 40, approaching the menopause, this is another time when many experts believe you need to ensure a high calcium intake, to help protect you bones from osteoporosis. Before, during and for about ten years after the menopause, women need 4-5 milk group servings (1000-1500 mg). Talk to your doctor about you own personal vulnerability and the right course for you, everybody is different.

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Costa Blanca

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teeth whitening

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by Julian Ashington


Hello every one, the heat has turned up the world cup has finished and what a result for Spain. formula one was a good result for our boys again with M Webber for red bull winning from pole position Hamilton 2nd for Mercedes mcLaren, N Rosberg 3rd for Mercedes GP, and what a race for J Button after missing 3rd qualifying to start 14th on the grid to finish 4th for Mercedes Mclaren. s Vettel losing pole on the first lap due to a puncture.


This months service tips are brakes and warning lamps. brakes on our cars are one of the more important things that can go wrong, so if they are making a noise when applied or a squeal or even if you feel a judder then there may need to be checked. also when last did any garage mention changing your brake fluid ?, it is very important to replenish the brake fluid every 4 years, some vehicle makes may vary, brake fluid can become contaminated and needs replacing with new brake fluid. Don’t forget to check all your cars levels in this hot weather. try to avoid water bottles e.t.c rolling around under the seats as this is one of the main causes for the air bag / s.r.s light to come on and it stays on until you visit the workshop to have it code read. The problem is that there are wires under your seats for seat belt pre tensioners, air bags seat heaters e.t.c; these can become damaged due to bottles. That’s it from me for now so happy and safe motoring till next time.

Lewis Hamilton | McLaren-Mercedes

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Costa Blanca

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Bibliomaniac Page By David John

Book News Sir Tom Stoppard Speaks Out World renowned playwright, Tom Stoppard, has openly expressed his fears and concerns over the potential loss of the “printed page.” He is worried that new technologies will sweep away traditional books and future generations will be deprived of the pleasure of a traditional book. This theme will be an integral part of his address to the Prince’s Teaching Institute summer school. I am sure these views will be widely supported. He was a war refugee who fled from Czechoslovakia in 1939 and settled in Britain after the war.

Project Gutenburg Was the name given by Michael Hart in 1971 to his project, in deference to the 15th century German printer, to make books freely available to the masses via online services. All of the text was entered manually up until 1989 when image scanners and optical character recognition software improved and became more widely available, which made book scanning more feasible. Now the project has grown to vast proportions making many classic books freely available to read online or download to read offline. If that idea does not appeal to you at least it would give you the opportunity to read a chapter then, if you like it, purchase a traditional book version. Try here to read Homage to Catalonia ebooks02/0201111.txt

World Cup in the Book World Wayne Rooney’s signed a staggering £5m deal with HarperCollins in 2006 to produce five volumes of autobiography over the course of his football career. One of the tomes was to be a diary of the wonder boy’s victorious 2010 World Cup campaign in South Africa. However that optimistic planning has been rather ruined by England’s early exit from the competition and Wayne’s failure to score or shine. Consequently the book has been quietly shelved. Did I hear sighs of relief from my (non football fan) bibliomaniacs? Costa Blanca Author Profile Harry Gardiner Harry Gardiner is a retired detective inspector and pub landlord, and has since turned author with four books published to date. Among the many excellent reviews for his books, he received one which complained that every chapter ended with a sex scene. He was shocked and looked back over his latest work. It wasn’t true, of course it wasn’t, Out of 26 chapters, only 20 ended with a sex scene. An early editor asked him if he knew anything other than sex and violence. He had to think and scratched his head. “All my books are love stories,” he replied. The author lives quietly with his wife and their two dogs on the outskirts of Torrevieja, which he describes as “the East End (of London) by the sea.” He is currently working on a ghost story, with his usual mix of fact and fiction, and sex, of course. His latest book is ‘The Big One’ - DI Hart, a busy detective inspector in London’s East End, is on the lookout for the 10

final act of corruption to escape the chaos of his private and professional life. When the opportunity arises, he uses all his skills to commit the perfect crime, but he is being pursued by a formidable enemy, who emerges from the shadows when the DI isn’t looking …For more see:

Spanish Book Review Homage to Catalonia by George Orwell Europe was a very complicated place in the 1930s with political and social changes creating a very uncertain situation. Orwell joined many other non Spanish and fought for the Republicans in the Spanish civil war to uphold his political beliefs. He tells of the confusion and disorganised Spanish approach to preparing an army and transporting them to the front line. The book is a personal account of his first hand experiences of fighting in a civil war. Despite having been previously published it was rejected, due to its hot political content (at the time) Orwell’s account is one of double dealing and manoeuvring by all of the parties involved. Many Spanish considered the volunteers to be untrustworthy, probably spies and were treated with much suspicion. It stands as his version of events during those troubled times and provides a first hand insight to life on the front line and his treatment after he was wounded. Those wishing to understand that period of Spanish modern history will doubtless find it an interesting read. Available from good bookshops or from 5.96€ (Used) Book Competition This month we are giving away a copy of Martina Cole’s ‘The Take’ which was serialised on British television. Relax in the sun with this ‘Intensely readable’ book. See the question on page 21 For more see:

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Costa Blanca

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POPULAR MUSIC Songs that made me feel happy!!!!

By John Currie Last month I promised to move on to great summer classics. Well, some of the songs I mention were not released during the summer months so maybe I should refer to these as ‘songs that make you feel good’. I am still locked into my early years, the 60’s and I apologise to younger readers but in my dotage I often reflect on my youth which was spent in South London. The regular haunts of my later teenage years were Streatham, Morden and Croydon, The Locarno, tenpin bowling and Indian restaurants, not forgetting The Cricketers that overlooks the cricket green in Mitcham where, on many a Friday night we listened and sang along to dear old Rosie on the piano. So back to the songs! In early 1967 as GCE time approached the Supremes released ‘The Happening’. What a wonderful, happy, up-beat piece of music. I would sing it as I trudged to the bus stop fearful of receiving my mock exam results. Equally as love reared its inevitable unhappy head I needed songs that would lift the spirits. I found two of these on The Beatles ‘Revolver’ album in 1966, namely ‘Good Day Sunshine’ and the fantastic ‘And your bird can sing’. These joined ‘Eight Days a week’ from ‘Beatles for Sale’ released in 1964 as three of my favourites most probably because of the guitar work and the ease with which the songs moved along. In 1966 from across the Atlantic came the magical and profoundly influential album from the Beach Boys, ‘Pet Sounds’. Two songs from this album served the purpose of raising my heart to happier


levels, ‘Wouldn’t it be nice’ and ‘Sloop John B’. With their original production sound, close harmonies and refreshing approach to music The Beach Boys probably kept a lot of us happy when things were rough. The Byrds’ ‘Mr. Tambourine Man’ also fitted the bill but the American’s were not having it all their own way. Summer evenings in London were captured brilliantly by The Kinks in ‘Waterloo Sunset’ in 1967. So different, so poetic and the introduction is quite simply so memorable that I can visualise the scene so easily. It certainly kept up the tradition of ‘feel good’ songs following on from ‘Sunny afternoon’ a year earlier. 1967 also saw the release of ‘Happy Together’ by the Turtles. It ranks high in my list of songs that raise the spirits; eloquent pop music at its best. As the 60’s drew to a close and ‘A’ levels approached another song came along that kept myself and my friends happy as we drank coffee in a local café during free lessons. Quite a few of us were musical and singing along to Barry Ryan’s ‘Eliose’ was a pleasure for us but probably not for the café owner and the regulars who popped in after having done their shopping. So I hope you can remember all those songs that made you feel happy and good about life. Until next month.

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Costa Blanca

Hello again, how about that World Cup then!!! More than a few surprises were there not! How many of you managed to watch the matches in glorious High Definition? As promised, Sky launched channel 5 and Sky News in full HD this month, on Sky channels 171 and 517 respectively. ITV1 HD is already up and running.

showing the 2010 - 2011 season. So you will need a new Humax HD receiver with inbuilt 12-month subscription embedded. This receiver will be used for at least 2010 - 2013, offering 10 channels - Abu Dhabi HD Sports 1-6 showing English Premier League, Fox Movies HD, Fox series HD, Sky news HD, and National Geographic Abu Dhabi HD.

With regard as to who will be showing the Premiership football for the next few years. Its been announced that Abu Dhabi will be

It will work off the same Nilesat and Arabsat satellites as last season’s Showtime previously did. The reason for the initial

embedded encryption in the receivers is to prevent card sharing and card - cloning as per previous years. A chip inside the receivers decodes the channels, so if there is no card, it cannot be cloned. These are the only receivers available for the forthcoming Premiership games (apart from selected games on Sky), so get your orders in quickly as they will be in short supply, no doubt! Finally, a Sky Freeview card that has run

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out does not affect channel stability! Many calls received this month from customers who have dishes out of alignment and who have been convinced by “experts“ that it’s because they need a new card!!! As always, please contact me with any questions. Regards, Lee Lee-Digital Satellite TV Tel: 618 258 055 | 968 432 611


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A Great Englishman in Madrid J.M.W Turner (1775-1851) Painting Exhibition at the Museo Del Prado. Until the 19th of September 2010.


By Malcolm Thompson BEd(Hons).

ueen Victoria was horrified by the grubby little man, “why are his fingernails so dirty” she squeaked. The answer might be very simple, “Turner liked the muck and slather of paint”. And, good heavens, could he paint. To add to this air of nuttiness once when Turner was riding one of the newly invented steam trains he stuck his head and shoulders out of the carriage much to the alarm of his fellow travellers. His excuse was he wanted to experience the rain, steam and speed first hand…! Luckily for him there were no trains coming in the opposite direction in 1844 otherwise he might have experienced sudden decapitation at first hand. Turner was particularly noted for his seascapes. The rougher the sea the better. Tossed and blown he would stand near the waters edge holding onto his canvasses for dear life. The local villagers wondering if they should alert someone, the village policeman or the parson maybe. Eccentric yes, clinically insane, no. He painted ships, waves, storms and wild ‘Turner’ skies that rumble and blow right off the canvass. Look at a Turner seascape for long enough and one can feel a sort of queasy seasickness as the green and blue foaming mountains of water fall towards the gallery floor. Turner also liked to paint more tranquil foreign shores. He was well travelled and loved Venice and Rome but he always returned to his beloved England and the stormy English weather. As he got older he became more and more abstract, once having a picture described by the Times critic as “all soapsuds and whitewash”. Needless to say, Turner was reported to be unperturbed by the comment. The critics name is utterly lost to posterity, so much for learned art criticism! Turner could quite fairly be called the fist truly modern artist, becoming increasingly more abstract as his career advanced. Near the end of his life his water and skies could be seen as prototype impressionism. A flowering of which was to follow only a few years after his death in 1851. Turner was a great British artist and now he is ‘on tour’. Pictures borrowed from Tate Britain and other places and have been exhibited in London and Paris as part of this critical analysis of his life and times. Now, in Madrid, in one of the greatest art galleries in the world, Turner is available for us to study for ourselves up close and for real.


The exhibition, titled ‘Turner and the Masters’ is designed to compare Turner with his contemporaries in the 19thC art market. If you have not yet been to The Prado or maybe just finding the time to appreciate art now you have retired, the Prado is one of the top five art galleries in the world. Absolutely in the same class as the Louvre in Paris or the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, The Hermitage in Russia, The National Gallery in London and the Met in New York. Easy to get to by road, rail and air, Madrid is well served by the Metro underground. The Prado is easy to find, not too far from the Banco de Espania Metro. Now for the technical bit, how do you get a ticket? The Prado website has a very good explanatory video by the Head Curator with English subtitles explaining the whole set up. Just Google Book a ticket in advance for this exhibition, The Prado won’t allow you into the Turner Exhibition without one.

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Costa Blanca

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The Olive Mill

It always pays to have a plan, especially if you are making a major life-change; of work, country and culture. Or at least that’s what they say, although sometimes you just have settle for having an idea that’s close enough to a major desire, to get yourself going. The idea that Heather and Richard Price had in mind was one that they’d seen in action when visiting some friends in Cornwall, who had bought an old farm and converted the outbuildings into holiday apartments. Heather and Richard were living in Kent at the time, he working as a workshop manager for a car dealership, and she successfully running her own café and food shop after eighteen years in banking. In their mid-late thirties, they’d had enough of the British existence and wanted to start a new life doing something entirely different. Their idea had been to move to Spain, and when they saw their friend’s successful business they thought it was just the one they were looking for. “It has always been Spain that we wanted to move to, because it’s far enough away to learn a new culture and way of life but not too far away from the homeland to be scary,” say Heather. They arrived in Torrevieja in November 2002, little realising that it would be more than seven years before they had a totally private home of their own. “Richard told me it would be two years. I’m still not sure I’ve forgiven him,” she laughs.

by Derek Workman

Richard takes up the story. “At the beginning, about the only fixed idea we has was that we had to have somewhere within the maximum of an hour from Alicante and Murcia San Javier airports. As far as the building was concerned, we were pretty adaptable. An architect advised us that it would be very difficult to get permissions for the size of building we needed as a new build, and that it would be easier to find a ruin and renovate it. We began looking in the new year of 2003, and covered six thousand miles in three months looking at every sort of place imaginable.” Eventually they arrived at what was to become their home and business, a disused olive mill just outside La Murada, only a forty-minute drive from the coast. “It was basically just a barn with a few rooms that people lived in during the harvesting, but it still had most of the old equipment – grind stones etc – which we promised the owners we’d keep and use as focal points.” (Anyone who’s ever tried to move a grindstone from its location will know that that’s a very easy promise to keep!) What they also acquired with the property, for some unknown reason, were about two hundred pairs of used shoes, as well as two defunct tractors and so much assorted rubbish that they could barely make out the shape of the internal structure. After four months of commuting to Torrevieja at the end of a long, hard day, Heather and Richard decide to move to new premises nearer the work – the back of Richard’s van. Tactfully, Heather glosses over their time in their make-shift home, preferring to dwell on more positive moments. “We worked like mad to get the first apartment finished so we could have a proper roof over our heads, and we finished it in four months,” although they had to make occasional stays in the back of the van when the apartment was rented out to bring in the much needed income to keep the work going. After eighteen months they had completed the second apartment and much of the work on the garden, the outdoor kitchen and the pool.


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Costa Blanca “We couldn’t just get on quickly with the second apartment because we didn’t want visitors looking at a building site instead of a garden while they were on holiday,” Richard says, “but also during that time my wrought-iron business was picking up so I had to concentrate on that.” With Heather acting as his labourer, a role she’s played in the complete restoration. (She makes a joke of this when I arrive. I ask her to take the lightest of my three bags. “Look around you. I built most of this, so a suitcase isn’t going to worry me,” she says, picking up the heaviest.) With both apartments completed and the garden virtually up to scratch, work went on in the main building on an as-and-when basis, until in January this year they finally arrived ‘home’. It’s been a long, hard, and sometimes upsetting journey, even if most of it was only a few metres either way. But they at last have what they set their hearts on eight years ago. Set in what can at first appear like an arid hinterland is a little oasis, The Olive Mill. The two compact apartments have been well thought out; comfy and cosy, with everything you need close to hand. But for me, it is the gardens and pool that I think are the high points. Apparently very simply laid out, with a minimum of plant life that would need too much care and attention, they are big enough so that even if both apartments are rented there is still plenty of space to be on your own. The outdoor kitchen and dining room, with its big barbecue that Richard uses to make his paella Valenciana, is a delight, and a wonderful place to enjoy a relaxed meal. Heather’s attentiveness shows the pleasure the couple take in both their home and their visitors. She’s there if you want a drink or a full meal, and if Richard isn’t working in his metal workshop, he’s as likely to serve you as she is. So what are their plans for the future? “Up till now we’ve always concentrated on the holiday market from the UK,” Richard tells me, “But we realised that lots of people from the coast also like to have a couple of days away, or even just a day out somewhere different. We’ve begun doing open days, where people can come and have a glass of wine and tapas, or even a meal if they want it. It’s a nice day out in its own right, but obviously we hope that people will like what they see and book the apartments.” “It’s also a great place if someone is having a celebration because it’s completely private,” adds Heather. “For example, if a couple were having an anniversary celebration or a birthday, they could stay in one of the apartments and all their family and friends could come for a party in the gardens.” Their latest idea is a full, twenty-four hour pamper – eat, drink and be merry without having to lift a finger. Now that sounds just right for me! For further information about The Olive Mill and the programme Heather and Richard have on offer, visit, or call them direct on 96 618 0894 or 625 763 406.

The Olive Mill COMPETITION The Olive Mill is Offering a fabulous 2 nights FREE Bed & Breakfast, a short break for 2 adults to be taken any time from September onwards, subject to availability. To enter cut out this coupon and send it along with your full name, address & daytime telephone number to: T.I.M. Apartado de Correos 285 • 03630 SAX (Alicante) Simply answer the following question... Where is the Olive Mill located? Answer.................................................................................. Name..................................................................................... Email Address............................................................................ Address.......................................................................... ....................................................................................... Your Contact Tel Number........................................................... Closing Date for entries is the 18th of August 2010, the winners will be notified before the 20th of August 2010 - TIM’s decision is final. The winner of the competition must make their own way to the venue for their stay.

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I’ve been Reformed

by Michelle Mix

Barrows, Boulders and Barneys! Barrows, I’ve pushed thousands. Boulders, I’ve lifted thousands. Barneys, we’ve had millions! There’s nothing like a good verbal clear out to make the day go with a swing, especially in this heat when you’re so tired that your patience level is zero. Polite couples call them a ‘difference of opinion’, but when you’re coupled with Brad and subject to his bossiness, such differences are definitely barneys.

sunshine are a real feel good factor. However, it doesn’t matter how blue it is or, how yellow it is, you don’t feel good starting the day tired. I learnt that I could keep up a less fatigued pace singing along to golden oldies, so with a battered Sony Walkman strapped to my belt (pre Ipod days) I was oblivious to the outside world. It’s strictly against Brad’s law of life to...1. Have a day off, 2. Rest, 3. Smile, 4. Sing at work! For maximum effect, no sound interference, I ditched the headset and wedged the earpieces in place. This enabled me to ignore the bellowed building instructions and as a bonus, block out his complaints being directed at my singing! After much frowning and face pulling (if the wind changes you’ll stay like that Brad!) he gave up trying to work in the same vicinity as me. “I’m going out to buy plant” said Brad. Nice idea but strange, I thought. Every area of our plot is loaded with building materials and piles of rubble. I couldn’t see how a few pansies or geraniums were going to cheer the place up. He pointed to a pick axe and asked me to make a start hacking up the floor while he was out.

“Do you love me?” I often asked, seeking reassurance, knowing I looked so tatty at the end of a sweaty days labour. Mum had begged me to be careful in the sun, but the factor 30 stodge wasn’t practical and cement adhered to me like glue. I burnt in stripes in rare areas where the dust failed to stick and adopted other visual horrors. Awful bright white ankle-sock marks which are a give away for anyone (usually men) working outside during summer, and what’s commonly known as a ‘brickies bum’! In all, quite a scary effect with a bodge tan thrown in.

I had mastered the mixer, barrowing rubble had become easier, and both were showing signs of great weight loss from the hips. I was still undergoing training with the Kango, each time I used it my feet narrowly managed to stay attached to my ankles, but the pick axe didn’t look too challenging. Wrong! Given that I’m only 5ft nothing and the tool in question almost equal, every time I swung it over my head, I went with it and fell backwards. I tried to “just let the axe swing in its’ own motion” as per Brad’s induction course, but it was far more tricky. Overwhelmed with stress & bruising, I gave up, plugged back in to Gloria Gaynor, and returned to my barrow, boulders and singing.

“I love you more than life itself” Brad would reply. Of course he was going to say that, knowing full well that the next day’s duties were going to turn mild Michelle into Barney Rubble. I ignored the sarcasm in his response and focused my dreaming towards a lovely finished home and an even more lovely diamond, which would surely be rewards at the end of the building torture. Another sunny day in paradise, as we arise from our exhausted wake and I wonder whether we’ll get through the day without a difference of opinion. Beginning of the project and our sleeping accommodation was still located in the back of our vehicle. I can’t remember if we awoke feeling unrested because of the previous days labour, or the previous nights heat, having been laid on the make shift polystyrene mattress. Don’t get me wrong, there’s something oddly romantic about snuggling up in the back of a transit, and our romance, still relatively early days stage, certainly was blooming, but it was too blooming hot to sleep in a van. On many occasions Brad suggested that we leave the doors open, “lovely to look at the moon” he’d whisper while squeezing my hand. “You must be joking” I’d reply, instantly killing the dreamy moment. “There’s no way I’m leaving myself open to the elements and all other nocturnal nasty wildlife. It’s bad enough seeking slumber squashed in here AND being subjected to your snoring, Thanks Brad”! Everyone that lives in Spain agrees that waking up to blue skies and 18

Hours later Brad returned, the van overloaded with scaffolding but no bedding plants. How was I to know that plant, isn’t actually plants, the growing in dirt type?? End of the day...Barrows pushed - Loads, Boulders lifted - Loads, Barneys - Loads, Difference of opinions had-None!!!! That evening, while we gazed at the moon, Brad asked “ Do you love me” He’s still waiting for an answer, but in the words of Miss Gaynor....I Will Survive!!!!

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Costa Blanca

DOGS TO RE-HOME Pomeranian male, 2 years old | Female Boxer, 4 years old | 2 small dogs, approx 2.5 years old Please call Sonja for viewing of any of these dogs on 677 343 653 plus lots of puppies at Barneys. E-mail: • Web site:


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Preparation The key to any shoot like this is preparation. You need to know the area a little so it’s worth checking out in advance. Find some good positions to shoot from and on the day get there early.

Focussing was also crucial as faces have to be sharp. Fortunately dancing is repetitive, so to a certain extent so you can gauge where the dancers are going. Post-production So, you end up with around 150 shots which you have to whittle down to 15. Immediately out-of-focus, badly framed and shots with too much distraction go to the bin. Then it’s a case of deciding which ones will benefit from some postproduction work eg. levels, selections etc. After that it’s

Dos, Tres Cha Cha Cha

A back-up camera is essential. Don’t forget that this is a one off event, so if your main camera packs up you need a standby. Check your batteries are fully charged and that you have a spare as well as spare memory cards. Sounds

not to use flash as this would have counter-acted the natural light of early evening.

by Roger Holden

obvious I know but it’s really easy to overlook these things particularly if you’re in the middle of a hectic schedule. The Shoot This particular shoot was quite problematic. The festival was outdoors and started about 6.00pm. in the middle of June. Hence there was a lot of contrasting light to deal with. It was crucial for me to keep checking histogram and exposure. The other problem was the people who were sitting behind the dancers; they were very distracting and could not be avoided. So I had to use a very low aperture in order to keep the main subject focussed while blurring the background. Finally the subject itself: dancers always move! A tripod is pointless for this kind of shoot so it’s essential to keep a high enough shutter speed to handhold. The light was falling off quite significantly between the hours of 6.00pm.-7.30pm. (the duration of the festival) so I had to keep checking the shutter speed and boosting the ISO where necessary. I chose


really up to your own judgement, if in doubt ask someone else for their opinion as well. Then leave it all for 24 hours (fortunately in this case I had several days to deliver the goodies). Next day you’ll see it all through fresh eyes and be in a better position to view your chosen images for photographic quality. As a result of this my partner and I have started dancing lessons! I don’t know what’s becoming of me. So until next time-keeeeep dancing!

Rodger Holden LRPS Images copyright of Rodger Holden and cannot be used without prior permission

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Recently I was asked to shoot a dance event in Ontinyent. So I thought this month I’d take you through the process of preparation, the shoot and post-production.

Costa Blanca

BOOK COMPETITION To enter cut out this coupon and send it along with your full name, address & daytime telephone number to: T.I.M. Apartado de Correos 285 • 03630 SAX (Alicante)

Win a free copy of Martina Cole’s ‘The Take’ Simply answer the following question... Name the famous playwright speaking up for books. (see page 10) Answer.................................................................................. Name..................................................................................... Email Address......................................................................... Address.......................................................................... ....................................................................................... Your Contact Tel number..........................................................

Closing Date for entries is the 19thAugust 2010 - TIM’s decision is final

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The Inland Magazine™ In the 3rd and final part of this series we take a look at the AVE, Alta Velocidad España, Spain’s high speed train network. Which is an integral part of the country’s transport infrastructure plan known as the Plan Estratégico de Infraestructuras y Transporte or PEIT.

As part of this objective they have a very comprehensive section of their vast informative web site dedicated to: Leisure and Culture – Green Stations. Highlighting the opportunities to escape the cities and gain access to the countryside without the use of a car.

Many lines are already operational with the Linea Levante serving: Madrid – Castilla La Mancha – Comunidad Valenciana – Region Murcia currently in the final phases of construction in our region. In total this part of the network will cover 955 kms, at a cost of around 12,500 million Euros.

By ‘Most Intelligent’ they are referring to the sophisticated computer controlled management systems - European Rail Traffic Management Systems (ERTMS) which ensure the trains run on time and to a high level of safety. Obviously of paramount importance when travelling at such high speeds.

The project has been delayed by financial constraints but new funding, from the European Investment Bank, now means the project will be completed in 2011 to Valencia and 2012 for Alicante. However the journey time from Madrid to Alicante will be initially reduced by 40 minutes as the existing services will use the new track and infrastructure before the full AVE is operational in 2012.

Greater comfort is provided for via the facilities available for passengers: seating, videos, catering services etc the level of comfort naturally will depend upon the type of ticket purchased by the passenger.

It is expected that an additional 800,000 passengers will use this line travelling at speeds of up to 330 km/h or 205 mph when the AVE system is fully implemented. The power units (railway engine) continue to develop and the S-112, constructed by a consortium of Talgo-Bombardier, is the latest model which will pull 11 coaches for a maximum of 365 passengers. Thirty of these units, known as Patos (Ducks) because of their shape, have been acquired at a cost of 655 million euros. Spain’s high speed train system is an entirely new system. Involving the construction of: tunnels, bridges, viaducts, lines, stations, track, signalling and control systems etc. capable of taking the high speed trains and which promises to: - - - -

Give easy access to everyone Less Pollution Most Intelligent Greater Comfort

An objective of providing 90% of the population access within 50km to a station is a key target and all part of less reliance on cars. The green aspects are important to this project. Apart from reducing road and air travel, which are greater creators of pollution, ADIF, the Administrator of Railway Infrastructures, is very keen to highlight its aim of in their words: “Promoting the Spanish railway system by means of the development and management of a safe, efficient and sustainable infrastructure to the highest quality standards in environmental terms.”


The project is a vast undertaking and will upon completion, around 2020, provide more kilometres of high speed train system that any other country in the world. Including Japan and France, traditionally accepted as the worlds leading countries for high speed train travel. The AVE system has attracted a lot of interest from many other countries including North America. So it is highly likely Spanish know how will be in great demand from other parts of the world. Lines from Madrid to: Malaga, Barcelona (and onwards to Girona and France under construction) and Valladolid are already operational so the system in our province will be the next to become part of the network. The system will be fully compatible with Europe, via the European Rail Traffic Management System, with the future possibility of travelling from Spain to many European destinations and of course linking to the channel tunnel. Unsurprisingly France and Portugal will be the first destinations. Lots more great information including videos with English commentary here:

Spain Going Green Part 3 The AVE

by Rob Innis

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Costa Blanca

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The Inland Magazine™


Now that August is here, many of you will be taking a trip to the beautiful beaches here in Spain, but before you go rushing off to the beach here are a few do’s and don’ts when visiting. 1* If you do go for early morning strolls along the beach, bear in mind that the beach cleaning forces are usually in action from about 7.00 a.m. to 9.00 a.m. The machines used for cleaning the beaches can be very dangerous. So please make sure that you give these machines a wide birth, as the drivers visibility is very limited from the driver’s position. 2* Always check the beach-safety services flag. Green means it is ok to go for a swim, yellow means be careful and don’t go too far out into the sea, and red means stay out. These warnings are not placed to inconvenience beachgoers - if the red flag is out it really does mean that it is dangerous to go swimming in the sea, because of currents. Each summer tourists drown when swimming in the sea in Spain, and often it is because they took no notice of the beach service flags. 3* Don’t forget you are not allowed to take animals on to the beach. For the past two years Spanish police have become much stricter about this practice. If you are found walking your dog along the beach you are liable to a fine on the spot. 4* If you are on a rocky beach, make sure that you wear some secure rubber shoes to use when going swimming. Otherwise you may be stung by one of the many species of sea anemone or sea urchins and while not fatal, obviously the stings can be very painful and may need treatment. 5* Please help in keeping the beaches and the sea clean for others, take a plastic bag to discard any rubbish in whilst you are at the beach, and make sure that you deposit your rubbish in one of the bins that are sited on the beach prior to leaving. 6* Do not leave your valuables unattended on the beach under any circumstances. If you are attending a beach with your children, make sure that you have plenty of drink, plenty of sun protection and that you know where your children are at all times. 7* Most beaches have a Red Cross post somewhere for any firstaid emergencies. Make sure you are aware as to where these are situated in case of an emergency.


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Costa Blanca

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Menu del dia 8 € - Menu del noche 12 € Fantastic range of tapas Best breakfasts in the Hondons Full English & Spanish menus always available Frailes Fiestas menus Friday & Saturday night 20 € per person Sunday lunch & evening menus also available Starting 15th August we are launching our Traditional Sunday lunch menus prepared by Tracey (ex Finca Rotez) which will be served in our newly refurbished upstairs air conditioned restaurant – 3 courses (including ½ bottle of wine) 12.50 €. 2 courses (including glass of wine) just 10.50 €. Shoulder of Lamb also available (min 2 persons) for a small supplement. Booking essential. Bingo nights start every Wednesday from 11th August – upstairs in the restaurant with our very own ‘Pam’ as the caller – Menu available Gabriel & Helen look forward to welcoming you Open 7 days 9.30 am ‘til late Jaime 1, 15, Hondon de las Frailes (opposite Chemist) Tlf 645 578 518 E-mail: • Web site:


The Inland Magazine™


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Costa Blanca

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The Inland Magazine™


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Costa Blanca

Open Monday – Friday 10.00am – 2.00 pm

HOME MADE Cakes, Quiches, Pies and Pasties CORNISH PRIDE Sausage rolls & scones with clotted cream OVEN BAKED POTATOES Various fillings BAGUETTES & SANDWICHES Freshly made with a wide choice of fillings TRADITIONAL PLOUGHMANS With English Cheddar & home cooked ham MADE TO ORDER PACK UPS Including sandwich, cake, fresh fruit & choice of soft drink or water - only 3.50 euros GREETINGS CARDS for all occasions Internet access, fax, printing, photocopying, laminating & flowers to order

PARTY TIME! Celebrate your special occasion with the knowledge your catering needs will be organised and provided by a professional service delivered to your door or designated venue. Buffet, Barbeque or Hog Roast. We can also, on your behalf, take care of all your party requirements. You party – leave the food & planning to TINA & DAVE 690 289 044 or 965 482 120 Call in and see us at the Tea Room for an information pack with no obligation

Frailes Fiesta Saturday 28th August from 8.00 pm – Spit roast pig – succulent pork in a fresh bread roll served with apple sauce & stuffing Located Main Street, Hondon de las Frailes

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Arroz Con Leche PREPERATION * Add milk, cinnamon stick and orange/lemon peel to saucepan. * Gently bring to the boil. * Lower heat and gradually stir in rice. * Simmer for 20 minutes - stirring. * Mix in sugar. * Simmer a further 15 minutes - stirring - until creamy. * Remove lemon/orange peel and cinnamon stick. * Pour into individual dishes. * Sprinkle with powdered cinnamon and serve.

* 150 gr short grained, pudding rice * 125 gr sugar * 1/2 stick cinnamon * Peel of lemon/orange * Powdered cinnamon


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* 1 litre milk

Costa Blanca

Juan Carlos, 1,28 Hondon de los Frailes Tel : 626 676 891

Fiesta Menus now available for

26/27/28th August. A special 3-course dinner (including wine & coffee) with a priority reservation at an outside table. Early Evening Bar Menu Weds, Thurs, Fri – 5-7.00 pm only 6 € Menu de la noche Thursday evening from 7.00 pm 3 courses (including wine) only 12 € Traditional Sunday lunch 12.30- 3.30 Large snack menu available daily until 3.30 Full a la carte Menu – Weds/Fri/Sat evenings Private Parties catered for E-mail: • Web site:


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MODELS WANTED! The Bikini Bash is back and this year, as well as wanting 2000 ladies to turn up in their bikinis to be part of a Guinness World Record, guys we need you. So men, if you think you’ve got what it takes to be one of our male models to catwalk in front of our ladies for the Bikini Bash on Saturday 28th August, then come along to our casting session at Campoamor beach on Saturday 14th August and show off that toned torso and strut your stuff! Judging will be carried out by the 2006 runner up Mr Universe Bernat Scorus and Mr World 2009; Pedro Enrique Garcia and the Bikini Bash’s project manager Evelin Scarpari, so guys you will need to go all out to impress! The session starts at 6pm so come early to register. Dress smart/casual and bring your swimwear.

Female Models Also Required This year the Bikini Bash, sponsored by Europa Network and the Orihuela Costa Town Hall, is going to be bigger and better than ever and following the event a calendar for 2011 is being produced with proceeds going to a number of local charities. It will feature some our lovely ladies who dared to bare at the event on Saturday 28th August so ladies, if you’ve ever fancied gracing the pages of a calendar nows your chance. All you need to do is turn up to Campoamor beach by 4pm and take part in our recordbreaking attempt and fill out a model registration form. A casting session will then be held at a later date giving you the chance to feature in the Sol Productions 2011 charity calendar. For more information call 966 761 050 or 691 477 771 (Spanish and Dutch) Businesses wanting to show their support and be part of a sponsorship package can call or email office@ Stay tuned to or find us on Facebook to get the latest updated information 34

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Costa Blanca

that Venus Cars can take your Spanish registered car as part exchange against one of the UK registered vehicles in their stock so that you can travel home safe in the knowledge that the car you have bought will serve you well. Established for more than 7 years, Torremendo based Venus Cars is a family business run by Nigel Venus with the help of his son Jes.

You can rest assured that when you purchase a vehicle from Venus Cars it will come fully inspected, serviced and valeted. Every vehicle also comes with a warranty. They will also take care of you after you have bought Nigel has achieved a reputation second to none, being your vehicle. The friendly staff will answer any built on word of mouth, which makes Venus Cars the questions or concerns that you may have with regards obvious choice if you want to buy, sell or part exchange to paperwork and insurance, or just general motoring your UK or Spanish registered vehicle. queries. It is absolutely essential when buying or selling a vehicle in Spain that all the legal paperwork is done correctly. The staff at Venus Cars are dedicated to ensure that when you drive your car away, you are fully legal, including the car insurance. Every vehicle that Venus purchase has a check performed on it, similar to a HPI, to make sure that the cars are free from finance, fines or embargos.

It’s also worth remembering that, because Venus Cars is a family run business, when you visit them there is no hard sell. You can browse and test drive at your leisure. They firmly believe that a good product will sell itself!

For anyone returning to the UK it is worth remembering

(See our main advert on page 5)

For more information contact Venus Cars on 965 368 274 or click on the website or visit them next to the petrol station in Torremendo.

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FUN PAGE FUNNY 10 Games for Old Age 1. Sag, You’re it 2. Pin the Toupee on the bald guy 3. 20 questions shouted into your good ear 4. Kick the bucket

1 Terrapins (anag) (9) 8 Indistinct (5) 9 Mineral such as fool’s gold (7) 10 Bother (8) 11 Forbid (4) 13 Musical compositions (French) (6) 14 Meal (6) 16 Golf stroke (4) 17 Supply with water (8) 19 Element such as helium, neon etc (4,3) 20 Full of oneself (5) 21 Toying - trifling - delay (9)

5. Red Rover, Red Rover, the nurse says Bend Over 6. Doc Goose 7. Simon says something incoherent 8. Hide and go pee 9. Spin the Bottle of Mylanta 10. Musical recliners


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DOWN 1 Generate (anag) (8) 2 Visual effect (6) 3 Someone from Belgrade? (4) 4 As yet undecided (2,3,7) 5 Pleasant to look at (4,2,3,3) 6 Imperturbable (4-8) 7 Related to farming (12) 12 Commonplace (8) 15 American author living in England (6) 18 Citrus fruit (4)

Costa Blanca

SPANISH NUMBER PLATES For re-registration of cars, motorbikes and motor homes – Contact

Graham Shelton who after re-registering over 500 vehicles will put YOU on the right side of the road 605 319 889 or 966 753 375 E-mail: • Web site:


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Leo’s are known for their fiery emotion and enthusiasm, they are also greatly charismatic. Stubborm and pompous, they can be very bossy but also hide a very sensitive side to their nature. Leo’s are very creative, this creativeness is often expressed through art or music and an inability express themsleves very love they rather




luxury be






lead and they of





controlling security


and will


Leo’s whilst








Your ability to think outside of the box makes you a great leader. Trying something new doesn’t worry you; actually, it inspires you. By teaming up with someone with lots of business experience, you can make a success of a daring venture. Listen to your partner when you start becoming unfocused. It’s better to grow one aspect of your business at a time than try to reinvent the wheel. Strive for balance, especially where big investment is concerned.

Trust your instincts when it comes to your family, they are looking to you to make a difficult decision. Moving to a new neighbourhood or rearranging your household will be upsetting at first, but the changes will ultimately benefit everyone. If you get a new job, it may be necessary to find a place closer to your place of employment. Alternatively, you may be asked to work odd hours, which will cut down on your commute time. Focus on the positives of this change.

You’ll be the star attraction at a party. You don’t look or sound like anyone else, which works to your advantage. In the past, you’ve got into trouble for being a nonconformist. Now your rebellious ways make you a hot commodity. Don’t be surprised when someone who used to be indifferent to your charms becomes totally obsessed with you. Although you were once interested in them it is all a thing of the past now. It’s nice to be free of this longing.

Running your own business is an exciting challenge. You have been blessed with strong leadership skills. Using them to build a business of lasting value gives you a sense of purpose and direction. If you’re happy with your current job, you may have an unexpected opportunity to get a promotion. Your boss could leave suddenly, or a new position will be created. Be sure to apply, as your chances for mounting the ladder of success have never been better.





Going on a last minute trip is just what the doctor ordered. Check out air fares to exotic places you’ve always dreamed of visiting. An adventurous friend will be excited to join you. Be sure you have your passport updated before you leave; the last thing you need is to be held up at the airport. Lots of changes have occurred in your area of expertise. It may be worth your while to update your skills with an adult education class.

Reinventing yourself is critical to your happiness. For a long time, you’ve kept your sensual side hidden, fearing its power. Now you’re ready to show how desirable you really are. Enlist a Libra’s help in getting a makeover. Learn what sorts of clothes accentuate your assets. Learn how to flirt. Your instincts will serve you well, but you have to put them in practice. Be willing to spend a little extra money on your appearance.

Just because you fall in love doesn’t mean you have to have a conventional relationship. The two of you can live separately and still be in love. Alternatively, you can split the bills whatever way it makes sense for you as a couple. For instance, if one of you makes much more money than the other, arrange to pay a certain percentage of your expenses, rather than splitting the bills down the middle. Sometimes you need to be creative to sustain a relationship.

A steady job with normal hours holds no appeal for you. You fare much better when you have a flexible schedule. If this means going into a strange line of work, so be it. You will emerge as a strong leader among your colleagues. Your peers admire your ability to speak truth to those in power. When it comes to confronting your boss, pick your battles carefully. Focus on winning small victories before tackling big issues. Slow and steady wins the race.





You’re drawn to someone who seems to be your exact opposite in every way. The two of you will raise plenty of eyebrows as a couple. Your amour has a great deal of admiration for your intellect, and will encourage you to enrol in college and get an advanced degree. Not having to hide your intelligence will be a refreshing change. If you’re already in a relationship, an important decision will draw you and your partner closer together.

Breaking with tradition is liberating. Just because your parents held certain beliefs doesn’t mean you have to parrot these principles. If you feel compelled to live in the city instead the country, or viceversa, do it. Practicing a different religion or leaving the family business are other possibilities. Don’t expect your nearest and dearest to support your decision at first. Once your relatives see you’re serious they’ll soften their attitude towards you. It takes courage to be a rebel.

Put people at ease with a joke and a smile. Newcomers always feel nervous about venturing into unknown territory. If someone has just moved to your neighbourhood or joined your workforce, extend a welcoming hand. You’ll be glad of this alliance later, when your friend defends you against an abusive authority figure. Want to make extra money? Take a computer course. Serving as an IT advisor or graphic designer will dramatically increase your income.

You don’t want to feel tied to a bunch of possessions. Getting a job that involves lots of travel prevents you from accumulating lots of junk. It will also allow you to lead a life of adventure. Friends are afraid you are too irresponsible. They don’t realise your values are different from theirs. Provided you’re not being a financial burden to others, you don’t have to feel obligated to mimic anyone else’s lifestyle. Find a way to do what you want while maintaining your independence.

By Philip Garcia - 38

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Costa Blanca

Inelbe Electricas s.l.


Inurbe fincas



New country villa with full architect’s plans and 10 year builder’s guarantee, habitation certicate etc. 3 bedrooms with fitted wardrobes, 2 bathrooms, fitted kitchen with appliances. 1,500 m2 legal building plot, enclosed with auto entry system. Pre install for A/C. Build size: 133 m2. Ready NOW!

c/ San Rafael, 11 03318 La Murada Alicante,

Contact: José Ramon Office/fax: 966 779 788 679 951 140 (Español) 699 457 387 (English)


AUGUST OFFER: 163,000 €


Ref 01939 OFFER Torrevieja – ALICANTE

Ref 01941 OFFER Torrevieja - ALICANTE

Ref: 01952 August OFFER BARINAS - MURCIA

Fully furnished & equipped first floor apartment with solarium. 2 beds with fitted wardrobes, bath, fitted kichen, lounge/dining room. Communal pool & gardens. Within walking distance of the town and all amenities. Build: 85 m2 € 65,000

Furnished and equipped apartment within walking distance of Playa del Cura. 2 beds, bath, lounge/dining room, American style fitted kitchen. Communal pool & gardens. Close to all amenities. Build: 65 m2 € 78,000

Furnished and equipped apartment, only 2 streets away from Playa del Cura. 2 beds, bath, lounge/dining room, American style fitted kitchen, balcony. Close to all amenities. € 81,000

Renovated country house within walking distance of the village and all amenities. 3 beds, bath, spacious lounge/diner, fitted kitchen with separate utility. 80 m2 walled courtyard. 2 Build: 136 m €68,000 Plot: 80 m2





Rustic style detached villa. 2 beds, 2 baths, lounge/diner, fitted kitchen including appliances. A/C. Enclosed plot with auto entry system. Lovely views. 5 minutes from the town and amenities. 2 Build: 147 m 2 Plot: 1,300 m € 121,750

Country house with stables, tack room etc on an enclosed plot. 4 beds, 2 baths, fitted kitchen/utility. Tennis court, pool. Separate apartment with bedroom & bath. 5 minutes from the town. 2 Build: 405 m € 222,500 Plot: 11,500 m2

Large semi detached house requiring renovation on the first floor. 4 beds, bath, kitchen, lounge/diner. Garage, wine cellar, storage. Ideal for commercial use. Mountain views, level plot. 2 Build: 150 m 2 € 126,000 Plot: 1,650 m

Huge detached country house, ideal for commercial use. 12 beds, 2 baths, lounge/diner, kitchen. Garage, warehouse, bodega. Orchard with irrigation system. 5 mins from town. 2 Build: 355 m € 259,000 Plot 1,700 m2





Detached country villa on enclosed plot with auto entry system. 3 beds, 2 baths, fitted kitchen, lounge/diner. Large terrace with space for pool. A/C, security grills, flyscreens. Walking distance of village. 2 Build: 161 m 2 Plot: 600 m € 206,000

Detached country villa with pool. 3 beds with fitted wardrobes, 2 baths, fitted kitchen with additional living area, lounge/diner. Terraces, barbeque. A/C. Garage, enclosed gardens with auto entry system. Build: 150 m2 Plot: 1,250 m2 € 257,500

Detached country house with pool, in a peaceful elevated area with panoramic views. 4 beds, 2 baths, 2 living rooms, dining room, 2 kitchens. Spacious porch surround with trees. 240 m2 workshop. Garage. 5 mintues from town. 2 Build: 190 m Plot: 25,000 m2 CALL

End terraced traditional house in a peaceful area with mountain views. 3 beds, bath, lounge/diner, kitchen. Pool. Property requires a new roof but otherwise in good condition. 5 mins from all amenities. Build: 73 m2 € 34,995 Plot: 200 m2

Build: 65 m2

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“ Get on yer bike.”

A new ex service personnel charity and social clubs are coming to Spain they are nicknamed the Moths, “MEMORABLE ORDER OF TIN HATS”, formed in 1927 with its Main European H.Q at Moth GHQ Vallette Street London E9 6NU.

Monthly cycling tips / advice and routes.

The Order is open to all ex servicemen and women who served as full time servicemen or women in campaigns since the First and Second world wars, also in minor campaigns i.e. Korea, Malaya, Cyprus, Suez, Palestine, Aden, Northern Ireland, and any other active operations not mentioned.

In August 2008 Gary and Lynn’s dream of moving from the cold bleak north of Scotland to sunny Quesada on the Costa Blanca to start a new life came true. They bought a small cycle sales and repairs shop “Cycological” and opened the following month. During the past couple of years they have increased the range of their stock and accessories and now offer for hire mountain bikes, tandems and tricycles. They cycle to work most days and love nothing more than to cycle round the local area in the evenings after work and at weekends, sourcing new routes and tracks suitable for all levels of cyclists to enjoy. They will be writing for us on a monthly basis offering various tips and advice and will have a different route for you to try every month.

The Moths aim is to reunite and create a friendly network social group catering for ex regimental servicemen and servicewomen of the Army, Navy, and Air force.

The philosophy at moths revolves around three ideals, 1/ TRUE COMRADESHIP, 2/ MUTUAL HELP, 3/ SOUND MEMORY,

The Order is to help fellow comrades in need, either financially or physically, and to remember all servicemen and women who have answered The Sunset Call. MEMORABLE ORDER OF TIN HATS THE MOTHS ARE COMING TO THE COSTA BLANCA, Watch this space contact details will be in the next edition of Tim

MABS Cancer Support Group

The MABS Cancer Support Group Summer Garden Party at Fortuna Cattery on Sunday 6th June, was an undoubted success, raising 830 euros for cancer support in the Murcia region. Jane Cruikshank and Adrian Morris of Fortuna Cattery and Fortuna Footcare, generously gave up their time, once again, for us to hold a spectacular garden party event, in their beautiful garden. The sun shone and the local community came to join in and play ‘fun of the fair’ games, with bowls and hoop-la proving to be favourites on the day. Many went home having won prizes from tombola and raffles, making it a rewarding day for all concerned. MABS Co-ordinator, Marion Nicks said ‘I would like to thank all of the MABS volunteers, who made the event both enjoyable and worthwhile, the invited stall holders for adding their interest and donations on the day, and The Inland Magazine for their continuing support and publicity for our events’.

by Gary and Lynn “Cyclogical” Quesada.

GETTING STARTED What sets cycling apart from most forms of exercise is how well it fits into our busy, modern lifestyles. Apart from the bicycle itself (and a recommended protective safety helmet) no other equipment is needed, no special time needs to be set aside and no special clothes are required. Instead of spending time stuck in a car or a bus, on a train or even on foot, spend it on your bike. How much you ride depends on you, your fitness and your lifestyle. New cyclists could start by using the bike to pop a few hundred yards down to the shops or the post office, gradually increasing the distance covered. In only a few weeks your aerobic fitness will have improved and you will be able to ride for miles without feeling anything more than a little puffed out. The more active an individual is, the healthier they are. But whichever form of cycling you choose to pursue, remember to have fun whilst you are doing it. Gary and Lynn are available at “Cyclogical” Monday to Friday from 9.30am until 5.30pm and 10am- 2pm on Saturdays to assist and advise you on the right size, shape and type of cycle that would suit you and for all your cycling needs including route maps. So look after your body’s health and wellbeing and “GET ON YER BIKE”.

MABS Cancer Support Group is a registered charity and helps ALL people who are affected by cancer, providing drivers, translators, information leaflets, equipment, a listening ear, or a shoulder to lean on. Volunteers are always welcome, especially in the Murcia North area. If you would like to volunteer, donate or you need help, you can contact MABS on 693 275 779 or visit their website: 40

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Costa Blanca

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Costa Blanca

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On-Site Repairs

Maintenance / Sales

20 € (+iva) per hour

Individual Websites: Sell Your House / Promote Your Business Computers Repaired and Upgraded; Sales; Training Sax, Alicante STEVE: 966 967 439 or 650 354 629


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Costa Blanca

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Clare Lawrence

Interview with Ricky Valance

The Inland Magazine™


Ricky Valance, born David Spencer, was born on the 10th April 1939. Ricky was born in Ynysddu, Monmouthshire in South Wales. He is best known for singing: “Tell Laura I Love Her”, his number one single, which sold over a million copies in 1960. Ricky achieved Silver, Gold and Platinum discs with ‘Tell Laura I Love Her’, I’m going to delve into Ricky’s past, present and future and find out what it’s like to have celebrated 50 years in music! Hi Ricky! Thank you for making time for this interview; I know how busy your schedule is at the moment! It’s a pleasure to meet you. How are you today? Great, feeling good and enjoying life. Congratulations on being in the business for 50 years! Happy Anniversary! That’s an incredible achievement. Thank you. Even though I’ve not managed to have another top ten hit in the UK, I’ve never stopped working over the last half century and have enjoyed other hit records in the USA Country Charts, Japan, Scandinavia and South Africa, to name but a few. I feel very privileged to have managed to get this far and still be able to sing and perform on a regular basis. So, what is it like being in the UK right now, doing concerts and interviews? It’s lovely to be back in the UK, more to be able to spend time with our children and their families rather than anything else. Being able to celebrate my 50 years in the music business is fantastic and I’m hoping to do a number of radio and television interviews as I travel the country. Do you miss the crazy life of the UK or do you feel that life is just as mad here in Spain? I feel that life is what you make of it no matter where you are. We have homes in both Spain and the UK but we balance out the good things and the bad things no matter where we are. As my wife, Evelyn and I are both in our seventies, we have decided to spend more of our time in the UK, to enjoy being with our family, rather than anything to do with the music business. E-mail: • Web site:

Costa Blanca What made you decide to move out to Spain? Great weather; good golf; fresh air and new opportunities. Are you looking forward to coming back to Spain or is it nice for a change of scenery? Spanish winters are a joy; mild, relatively dry and fairly predicable, making it much easier to plan ahead, not only wondering if it shall rain or not, or what I should wear, as I have to do in the UK! Do you miss the UK ever? Wales in particular? We miss our family. We have English TV, newspapers, magazines, food and most importantly friends, in Spain, so we don’t miss too much about UK life. What is the proudest moment of your life? Professionally, reaching number one in the UK Singles charts, something that not even other artists, whom I have great admiration for, such as Matt Monro, Sammy Davis Junior or even Frank Sinatra managed to do. Personally, marrying Evelyn and the birth of the beautiful children she gave us. The personal list goes on and on and changes constantly. Do you have any regrets? It’s always easy to look back and say “if only” but I doubt that I would have changed anything that I could personally have done. I regret missing out on having a stronger management team and opportunities to perform more on the stage, television or in film, but those things were outside of my control and not to do with my talent or desire. Would you ever consider going back to the UK permanently? I think that now we are in our twilight years, being with our family and spending time with them is the most important aspect of our life and so yes, we shall probably move back permanently but possibly rent something in Spain over the winter months. Do you enjoy real Spanish food? We enjoy the Mediterranean diet. Spain has so many different styles of culinary delights, that some we love and others are a required taste. Finally, my last question! What will you do when you get back to Spain from the UK? It will be back into the recording studio to work on a couple of new albums, a new music video, new photographs, continue work on my autobiography and playing my scheduled dates around the Costa Blanca and Murcia region. Thanks again Ricky for putting aside time to answer my interview questions. I hope that the rest of your time in the UK is very enjoyable for you and I wish you every success and happiness for the future! You can see Ricky at his website at:

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Hondon Valley Golf Society


Playing with the Society for the first time brought Ian Pearson instant success as he scored 31 points off a handicap of 11. A member for some while, but who hadn’t actually managed to turn out, Ian won the Gold Section at his first opportunity. Arthur Lawton recorded his first Silver section win in a couple of years since returning to Spain following surgery in the UK. Albert Baggaley carded 33 points to win Bronze and maintain his winning ways both on the golf course and in the green fee refund draws.

Forthcoming HVGS Golf Days and Other Events Thursday 12th August | El Plantio Meet 08.45 am in Clubhouse Wednesday 8th September | Font Del Llop Meet 09.15 am in Clubhouse

It was a scorcher at Alicante Golf when the HVGS members turned up to discover a few changes around the Clubhouse. Coffee and tostado on the new outside Terrace Restaurant and Bar was a pleasant setting in which to start the day and proved very popular. The first of 8 fourballs tee-ed off at 10.00 am and found the fairways in excellent condition. Some members reported that the greens were very slow. Almost no wind and high humidity added to the heat factor as the players contested a Stableford Competition. Back in the Clubhouse Chairman Ron conducted the Hidden Pairs Draw and put together pairs randomly drawn out of the hat. The best combined pair scores would win a first and second prize.

Tuesday 9th November | El Plantio Meet 09.30 am in Clubhouse

An odd situation at the 10th raised questions about the Rules of Golf and golf etiquette. A fourball consisting of three men and a lady arrived at the 10th Tee. The three men drove off. Two found the fairway but Gnasher’s ball failed to get past the Ladies tee. Gnasher played his second shot before the lady had driven off. Was he right to do so? Answers please to your correspondent on the back of a ten euro note!

Winners HVGS July Stableford Alicante Golf – Tuesday 13th July 2010

At the Presentation of Prizes Captain Bob thanked Ross Holter and Martin Taylor for all their hard work in organising a magnificent HVGS Curry Day in June which raised €230 euros for the Society funds. He also welcomed guests Ken Bruffy, Jim Brightmore and Allan Bacon and highlighted John Huby’s success in winning a Nearest the Pin prize. John, a 28 handicapper, is a founder member of HVGS who plays every month and winning a prize is a rare event! For information on how to join HVGS contact the Secretary, Trevor Batchelor, on 687987229 or email . To reserve your place on the list for the Society Golf Days contact the Captain, Bob Watson, on 663316366 or e-mail linbobinspain@

Tuesday 12th October | Alenda Meet 09.15 am in Clubhouse

November | AGM Bar Pepin Date and Time to be confirmed Tuesday 7th December | Alicante Meet 09.15 am in Clubhouse



Bernard COX & Steve PAGE

Hidden Pairs Draw 2nd 54pts

Geoff RABEY Best Front Nine Dave BRATLEY Best Back Nine Allan BACON Best Guest Mick GRAHAM GF Refund George BROMLEY Scratch card



Ian PEARSON Gold Winner 31 pts Arthur LAWTON Silver Winner 29 pts Albert BAGGALEY Bronze Winner 33 pts John HUBY Nearest the Pin 3rd Rioja Allan BACON Nearest the Pin 12th Bernard COX Nearest the Pin 17th Arthur LAWTON Hidden Pairs & Bob WATSON Draw 1st 58 pts

E-mail: • Web site:

Prize Malt Whisky Malt Whisky Malt Whisky Rioja Rioja Gin Gin Wine Wine

18 pts 18 pts

Wine Wine

25 pts Draw Northampton

Wallet €40.00 Cash €20.00 Cash

Costa Blanca



Association of Locksmiths in Spain LOCKSMITHS Window & Shutter Locks Supplied & Fitted 24/7 Emergency Service All locksmith services carried out by fully trained members of the Association of Locksmiths in Spain. Also Locksmith training courses

Tel: 635 146 181

or visit

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CAMPO GOLF SOCIETY The June meeting of the Campo GS was held at Alenda with a somewhat depleted membership due to holiday and personal commitments. Nevertheless, those who took part enjoyed their golf and some good scores were carded. There was no winner of the “2’s” competition so the prize was awarded to M. Taylor with the lowest score of 9 on the par 3’s . The committee would like to inform members that membership subscriptions were due at the end of June so would be collect at the July meeting or the August meeting at the latest. This would remain at €12 for the coming year. For the society to continue obtaining good discounts as many members as possible need to attend in order to achieve this. The Campo GS would like to thank the staff at Alenda for their care and maintenance of the course over the past year which has added to the enjoyment of our monthly golf days. RESULTS GOLD WINNER SILVER WINNER








FELICITACIONES ESPAÑA. CAMPEONES DEL MUNDO WHAT DO YOU CALL AN ENGLISHMAN IN THE LAST 16 OF THE 2010 WORLD CUP? A REFEREE. FUTURE DATES 20th August 2010 24th September 2010 22nd October 2010 19th November 2010 17th December 2010

- Alenda - first tee 10.00am - Alicante - first tee 10.00am - Alenda - first tee 10.00am - Alenda - first tee 10.00am - Alenda - first tee 10.00am

FOR SALE TAYLORMADE Driver - 10.5° - 8 months old - New €240 Special Price €90 POWER CADDY trolley and charger needs a new battery - €80 or with battery supplied €145 ANY MAKE OF GOLF CLUBS, BALLS OR SUPPLIES AVAILABLE AT REDUCED PRICES. CONTACT BRIAN JOHNSON ON 966677852 OR 618834774 FOR FURTHER DETAILS

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Costa Blanca


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ADVERTISE HERE 44mm x 80mm B/W 69,00 Eur + IVA COLOUR 81,00 Eur + IVA 3 Month Price CALL

606 891 644

B. J. TOOL HIRE Macisvenda

You need it? We’ve got it! From Acrows to Wacker Plates Collection/Delivery available Repairs & Servicing to most types of tools. Chain Saws re-sharpened.

or email theinlandmagazine@ 52

E-mail: • Web site:

650 763 177 or 636 286 841

Costa Blanca


CARE OF THE ELDERLY Long term or respite care in family home in quiet setting. one place available. For details contact 667089857 or 663543893.

44mm x 45mm B/W 39,00 Eur + IVA COLOUR 45,00 Eur + IVA 3 Month Price CALL 606

891 644





TEL:CHRIS 622136629

Singer Entertainer Available for Private Functions. Bars, Hotels, etc... For Details or Demo Cd

Tel: 630 681 408

UNIVERSAL REMOVALS Weekly UK Spain UK Worldwide + European Removals Personal Effects Cars + Pets

Reconditioned Sky boxes from 55 euros


Boat & Yacht Transport


Fancy a change of scenery? Try our Guest House in the French Pyrenees

0033 562 331 962

Worldwide FREE No Obligation Quotes TEL: 0034 966 117 377 Mob: 0034 663958937 Tel UK: 0044 203 128 7007

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Sell your unwanted items for FREE Fast! Upload your unwanted items to or email to Free adverts: Miscellaneous sales only, for example one off sales of second hand items up to the value of 500 euros are FREE. Maximum twenty words per advert/item with a maximum of three adverts per household. We do not take small ads over the phone and please make sure you include the area that you live in when sending your advert. Free adverts will be placed in the

following edition , space allowing or in the following subsequent edition there after. Text your items to 680 976 823. Property Rentals/ Sales or any type of other service, business opportunities etc, are classed as commercial adverts.

Email or post to T.i.m Apartado de Correos 285 Sax 03630

Closing date for all small ads in the Classifieds section is the 18th of the month.

euros for quick sale. Pinoso area. Tel: 669978184

Tractor, Masey Ferguson 135, new back tyres, new battery, 4,000 euros ono Tel 654 491884

Weight lifting bench, metal weights, incline bench, 3 lifting bars and dumbbells Sax 605 928059 bargin 200 euros

Twin double glazed French windows, complete with frame 75 euros Tel 638 424968 Ayora Singer portable electric sewing machine with accessories, old but good working order 35 euros tel 628 839077 Fortuna Quad bike, part dismantled for overhaul, good project for enthusiast 100 euros Tel 638 424968 Ayora Hot water tank, 50 ltr, 25 euros Tel 638 424968 Ayora FOR SALE : Massey Ferguson 135 tractor, excellent working order, 4 new tyres, comes with plough and sprayer with brand new pump, 4,000 euros ono Tel 697 925 947 Oil filled electric radiators 2x2.5kw, 1x1.5kw wheels and thermo controls.20€ each or 50€ lot. Tel: 690770177 Frailes. Chest Freezers for sale, various sizes, household or commercial call 633 2 633 61 or mail beckisdeli@ La Romana Ice maker 40 euro, russell hobbs bread maker 40 euros, Small chest freezer 60x60 60euro Tel 685287472 (Aspe) FOR SALE – tumble dryer Ignis AWL 210 Tumble Dryer in excellent condition. Little used! 55


Commercial adverts and Bargainads over 500 euros, Minimum advert size 15 words are 30 cents per word plus 16% iva. If sending a Commercial advert, please make sure you also send your full name, nie or passport number.


Single bed armchair, portable 40 euros Tel 638 424968 Ayora

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5 BATTERIES g 135.3- 12V 135 AH/ 1000A € 85,- EACH ALL FOR € 350, PLUS INVERTOR 12V- 220/230V € 80,- CAUDETE TEL: 655 238 314 SKY + BOX AMSTRAD DRX 180 WITHOUT CARD FOR RECORDING FREE TO VIEW CHANNELS - HAS BEEN LITTLE USED AND IS IN EXCELLENT WORKING ORDER WITH 80GB PERSONAL STORAGE 150 EUROS TEL 965 528 170 CASTALLA / ONIL AREA 4 alloy wheels, 16 ins,5spoke taken off Renault megane ok condition 50 euros Tel 633 157001 Sax PHILIPS PLAIN PAPER FAX MACHINE, virtually unused (with new ink film roller worth 25 pounds). 50 euros. - Tel. 606127424. Catral. Cement Mixer ,like new, used only once, 150 euros Fortuna 968696151 Pine Furniture Package- Dining room table & 4 chairs,coffee table,3 seater settee & 2 chairs,very good condition,only 425 euros o.n.o.Tel 965496209/658271553 Aspe/La Romana. 6 berth carbon fiber tent, cost 180 pounds, will sell for 60 euros Tel 605 928059 Sax White cane dressing-table with mirror and matching stool 50euros,petrol strimmer,

GWO,50euros,adjustablepianostool 15euros.966979630 (Pinoso area) Terracotta double sofabed, little used 125 euros, beige dralon two seater sofa with removable covers for cleaning e 75 Tel 658 066 227 Sax MILITARY SCALE-MODELS 1/351/25,TANKS; JEEPS, TRUCKS, SOLDIERS PAINT ETC. PLASTIC KITS FROM € 5,- ONWARDS CAUDETE TEL: 655 238 314 LAMINATING MACHINE, A4 size, perfect condition, 15 euros. Tel. 606127424. Catral. Free standing gas cooker, with gas bottle, suitable for outside kitchen 40 euros tel 628 839077 Fortuna SHURE Beta 58A (microphone) €100. EKO INDY (el.guitar/SGmodel) from 1973 €275, all good condition. 965562743 (Castalla) For sale. White aluminium fly screen door and frame. Self closing with magnetic catches, easy to fit. To fit aperture 930mm wide by 2060mm high. Tel 650018336. Marquee white 9 metres x 3 metres with windows in removable sides. Never used. 160 euros for quick sale. Telephone 646703908 (Hondon area) Honda/ pramac petrol genortaor 2.2 kva vgc, cost 395 euros will accept 150 euros Pinoso 655 212868 Gazebo green with removable sides. As new 50 euros. Telephone 646703908 (Hondon area) Ladies golf clubs inc bag and trolley

E-mail: • Web site:

80 euros, catering soup kettle 70 euros tel 679 937063 La romana Seven beautiful floral curtains, Blue / plum tab top, 140X270 as new cost €50each, accept 10 euros each. Pinoso 968434300/617711872 Twin axel box trailer 8x4 english electrics, new wheels and bearings, 4 sparewheels, 500 euros 622 319902 Hondon Fly screen, best quality net on roller 1.54 M WIDE X 2.2 m high,excellent condition. €30 Pinoso 968434300/617711872 Mosquito screen, top quality net on two rollers, excellent condition 1.77 m wide x 2.2 m 40 euros Pinoso 968434300/617711872 or see”” for pics Large log burning stove, vgc cost 600 euros, will sell for 200 Pinoso 655 212868 Silent running diesel generator 5 kva elec start, like new, hardly used, cost 1,600 euros will accept 500 euros Pinoso 655 212868 Whirlpool chest freezer length 37inches 24 inches wide 34 inches high good working order 70 euro ono, pool 12 foot dia 36inches deep complete with cover filter pump only used once 35 euro ono, floor tiles 9 boxes light brown 31cmx31cm 1.25 mtr squared each box 5 euro a box ono , white tiles 8 boxes 20cm x20cm 5 euro a box mobile 662013938 Busot Awning to fit 4 metre caravan. Has detachable sides with windows and curtains. As new condition, photos available. Bargain price 150 euros . Hondon area. Tel 699108319

Costa Blanca

3 seater bed settee, opens to double bed, single folding bed underneath, 2 seater bed settee child size, both blue and gold, covers removable 125 euros both Tel 628 839077 Fortuna Chest freezer,18 months old, 150 euros. Fortuna 968696151 Dog grate, 60 cm wide complete with cider tray 59 euros Tel 622 319902 Hondon

SERVICES Chain Link Fencing, Rigid Fencing and Perimeter walls. For a free no-obligation quote, log on at or call Keith 962 384 094 or 628 613 350 Long wheel base van leaving for the Uk 26th August, returning to Spain 6th September, space available both ways Call Paul 634 030636 Satellite TV problems? Free assessment by fully trained SKY technician. Telephone Brian on 680 783 221

PREMIER PLASTERING All aspects of plastering undertaken. Large variation of finishes available including: > Skimming (Smooth walls) > Rendering (Sand & Cement) > Monocapa/Raspado (All Colours) > Stone Cladding > Tiling All work guaranteed. All areas covered Call now 868 000 039 Mobile 636 573 791

Very nice man with a big white van, Removals, deliveries, pick up service, all jobs considered. Call now on 669 547 068

DON’T DRINK & DRIVE! For a reliable airport run or just a night out. Well maintained modern Vehicle seats 6 passengers. Jake 650 758 472 (La Matanza)



Mondeo Ghia 03 UK reg tax & mot till April 11 . Top of the range 2 ltr diesel very fast and economical recent full service new disc & brakes & battery exceptional condition through out. Bargain 3750 Euros

Kia Turismo 7 seater , reg may 2001, engine 1997cc , 3335 mpg, first class condition, regular maintainence 147,000 km, new ITV supplied, only 2,600 euros Call 638 424 968



We pay INSTANT CASH same day for cars, vans, bikes, quads, Caravans, trailers.Absolutely anything

From 1€ - €10.000 Same day collection

Please advise re cost etc email as above or tel 617085793

Salinas 3 Bedroom house to let short and long term lets available located within the village close to all amenities Mob. 07791869717 VILLENA-BIAR B&B or Villa rent, Traditional Spain Mountains and Castles, SPECTACULAR FIESTA 4th-9th Sept Modern Villa with Pool, All rooms en-suite. Phone 965979611


Driving to the UK? English B&B in France close to the Spanish border. Peaceful location, ideal for your stopovers. Ring for details 0033 562 331 962 or visit our web site www.millefleursbb.


Ring Phil Now 607 848 332 Lee 663 673 143 FORTUNA

Peugeot 306 sedan, 1.9D, 1998 P/steering, cent locking, airbags, A/C, recent service, ITV, CD player private sale 1595€ 868000039/606717159 Citroen Berlingo 1.9D, 2001, ITV Feb 2011, a/c, P/steering, airbags, just serviced, new cam belt & filters. Private vendor 3250€ 636 573 791

Flat for sale, large flat in Onil centre,3bedrooms,lounge,kitc hen,bathroom,balcony 60,000e tel.659772176 Private sale. Onil - Fully renovated town house. 3 Double bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, new fitted kitchen. Light, bright and spacious. Close to all amenities. Absolute bargain. 79,000 euros. Tel: 636 167 650. No agents please.

Yamaha wild star 1600 cc v twin custom motorbike, 8,000 miles, mint condition, 2 tone red cruiser needs to be seen, 4,995 euros tel 693 525 799 or 966 974274


965 368 274

VENUS CARS S.L TORREMENDO (See our main ad. on p5)

www. timspain. com

E-mail: • Web site:

Are you house hunting/ or looking for a relaxing Holliday 30 minutes inland from the coast and 25 mins from Alicante Airport in the real Spain! Long and Short lets available, fabolous road connections to all parts of Spain. Golf Couse 15 mins drive away.Two beds, two bathrooms, American kitchen/ dinner, Sky tv, Air con, use of pool and jaccuzi, beautifull views, great for walking or cyclists. Sax area call 638 026 230 for more info and prices.

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Dell latitude laptop computer with windows xp complete with laptop case and hp Dekjet 350 portable printer. Ideal combination for either student or family usage. Euros: 130, also bookstand, wrought iron with three wicker shelves, very good condition Euros:15 Tel 965617316 Mob: 676650613 (Tibi area)


The Inland Magazine™ BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Can You Sell?? Tim is now looking to recruit people who can sell advertising space, you will need to be honest, be well presented, friendly and enjoy meeting people, have access to internet and phone. Tim requires sales people in all areas from Torrevieja to Benidorm. This is a commission only position, and would suit someone looking fot part time work, although the more you put in the more you get out. Email in the first instance theinlandmagazine@ German artist is looking for people who can sell his pictures/paintings on the internet, 25% commission for good sellers Tel 639 422015 Hondon

Restaurant San Francisco Well here we are now three years in business, and although we have been for sale for 6 months of that it seems entrepreneurs are thin on the ground. The Bar and restaurant continue to do well and even a year into the “crisis” is still profitable!! plus when this economy does turn around will double it (profit). If you are a family or a couple with some experience in the restaurant bar business come and talk to me. This is a very solid investment opportunity. For sale way below the cost of building it. at only 6 months x gross takings.

Annie K Karaoke

Kabaret & Race Nights. Bar, Private Function or Celebration.Call me now to discuss your requirements.

689 077 551

Fortuna & Inland Areas Covered


Is there any qualified person interested in running a Psychic circle in the Sax/Salinas area, Tel 654 491 884

29th Aug Fuente de Don Juan. Abba/Rod Stewart Tribute night+BBQ Not to be missed. Absolute beginners Spanish classes every Monday at Bar Pepin, Hondon de los Frailes at 11.30 am.. Only 3.50 € per hour. Reserve your place on 667 858 434.

OBITUARIES Anthony Brookes (Anthonys Pool Covers) 04/07/210

PARTIES, BBQ’S etc LIVE MUSIC DISCO KARAOKE (ENGLISH/ SPANISH) 968 689 392/681 317 450 tonymentertainment@ PETS We have 5 beautiful kittens that are looking for homes. 3 are cream, 1 tortoise shell, and 1 black, they are very friendly, and mum is a Siamese, they are about 5 weeks old, and are now weaned off of mum. If anyone is interested and can help in re homing these kittens, then please call me on 966 318 044 Baby rabbits for sale, cute, cuddly, hand reared bunnies, ready now 10 euros each El Campello area. Tel 697557523 7 month old goat 80 euros Tel 679 937063 La Romana

662 048 747 steve. ENTERTAINMENT


Indian Chef required, must be able to produce authentic Indian food, experience necessary Telephone 966 314 155 or Movil 615 266 374


All books for three years, income and net very clear. Owner will work alongside to train and advise.

Auction every Wednesday at bar central in Barbaroja starts 2pm, good food/ great atmosphere Call for info 636 456 139


Wanted, someone to rotavate a small plot approx 4 times a year. Sax 666 820 450 I buy fridges / washing machines / furniture /electricals / tools/ bikes, ! Anything! Get cash call Sue on 636 456 139 Wanted all types of household items, electrical/ power tools/ ladders and almost anything WHY! Call 671 251332 don’t delay get cash today. ANNOUNCEMENTS Has anyone had any dealings with “The Spectrum Group” financial advisors?. If you have had dealings with this company, I would be very interested in your comments. Thank You Tel SAMANTHA HAMPSHIRE 697 925 947 OR tonylommano55@hotmail.

We are going to miss him so much, God Bless you Anthony, R.I.P


“Retired Captain Graham” Sadly passed away on Sunday 18th of July aged 72 years at Elda Hospital.

12th Aug FORTUNA FIESTA. Presentation of Las Ninfas. 10.30pm

Will be sadly missed by his wife Faiza, children Tracy, Adam, Andrew and Ali, grandchildren Daniel, Sean and new edition granddaughter born on the 18th July weighing 7 lbs.

15th Aug FORTUNA FIESTA. Gran Desfile Ibero-Romano 7pm’ish

R.i.p Graham, you will be greatly missed by all xxxxxxx


www. timspain. com

It is with great sadness to inform you that Anthony has passed away in Elda hospital. He had a heart of gold and always put others before himself.

E-mail: • Web site:

www. timspain .com

Costa Blanca


by Terry Marshall

This month rather than writing about gadgets that I have tested or seen, I felt that it would be nice to report about a few gadgets, ideas that should be appearing in the very near future and gadgets that have only just been released.


The Go Pro Digital 3

Firstly if you hate going to the dentist and having the dreaded drill to fill those cavity’s, scientist in France have all ready developed and tested in France at the Institute National de la Sante et de la Recherche Medical a new hormone gel named melanocyte-stimulating hormone or (MSH) in short.

This is surely one for the all action holiday maker, this little baby simply straps to your wrist and away you go, digital video of your every move, whether sky diving, diving, mountain biking or any other recreation for that fact the hero will capture all of your adventures in glorious colour.

According to test results, this new gel could prevent an all ready formed cavity from having the need to being drilled and filled. The groups head spokesman Nadia Benkirane-Jessel has reported that the hormone gel, when placed next to the nasty cavity, stimulates tooth tissues to regenerate and therefore creates new and living dentine and enamel. This will repair early-staged cavities altogether with absolutely no need to drill.

The hero 3 weighs in at a mere 4.5 oz is no heavier than a good watch, the hero is waterproof and will capture all of your exploits either by still digital photo or by digital video which can be saved to a 16 megabyte memory card or a removable sd card all of this and more from around 99.00 pounds .

But if things have gone too far with the cavity and the corrosion though MSH will not help. First experiments have shown that when applied in time, the new hormone gel will grow new and healthier cells. The one glaringly obvious advantage of MSH gel treatment is that it will bypass unpleasant drilling in cases that are caught before to much corrosion has taken place. The other and more important one is that the cavity when treated with MSH will fill up with living tissue rather than some sort of substance that over the time would wear out If you would like to read more about the MSH gel visit,Dental-products,-Oral-health_-New-dental-gel-will-regenerate-teeth E-mail: • Web site:

The Inland Magazine August 2010  

TIM August 2010

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