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Welcome to the 71st edition of Tim.

TIM THE ORIGINAL INLAND MAGAZINE SINCE 2004 TO ADVERTISE Contact one of our sales representatives listed below...

I had a very welcome surprise the other day when I received an email from Tracey Cavill who is the president of Company Women to say that I had been nominated for their “Customer Focus” award, how shocked was I? Whether I actually win anything doesn’t really matter, it’s just nice to know that someone out there took the time to nominate me, and they feel that our customer service is as good now as it was when Tim started nearly 7 years ago.

Nickie (Alicante region)

This month we would like to welcome to the Tim team Alain Cosyn who will be dealing with new customer enquiries/ advertising in La Romana, Aspe, Novelda, Monforte and Hondon de la Nievies. Alain can be contacted on either 965 975 532 or 644 534 639.

606 891 644

Last month’s lucky competition winners were Ann Edghill of La Zenia Orihuela Costa who won the copy of Derek Workman’s Small Hotels and Inns of Eastern Spain, and the winner of last months spot the bull competition was Mr Clive Terton of Camposol Mazarron, congratulations to both of our winners.

John Chandler (Murcia region) 620 042 601

Adrian David ( Murcia West) English & Spanish 687 888 033

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Red Rock Town

by Derek Workman

As you round the bend just below Vilafamés on the road from Sant Joan de Moro in Castellon Province, you see in front of you the castle, perched on the top of the hill, with the sunlight shining through the now empty window apertures, its circular tower watching over the village that seems to hang on for dear life to save it from tumbling down the hillside. Walk up Carrer la Font from the plaza of the same name, and on your way into the centre of the village, a few metres up the street on your left you will see La Roca Grossa, the emblem of Vilafamés, a huge red stone, now blackened with age, that seems to hang in limbo on a steep slope and which looks that it might slide down at any time and carry half of the village away. Vilafamés is a Disneyesque mountain village of narrow corkscrewing streets of white painted houses edged in chunky red stone. Its history goes as far back as Neolithic times. Human remains have been found from this period and have been given the name ‘Homo erectus vilafamensis’. Cave paintings have been discovered that have been dated to the Bronze Age. However, it was after the conquest of the Moorish leader BeniHemez by Jaime I in 1233 that the village began to take its present-day shape. The oldest part of the town is at the foot of the castle, around the 13th-century Iglesia de la Sangre. Built over an Arab aljibe (cistern), this tiny church was renovated during the 17th century, but it contains an interesting Baroque altarpiece and painted frescoes in the presbytery. Calle Cuarticho, the arms-width alleyway that runs alongside the Iglesia, is one of the oldest streets in the pueblo and could easily win a Prettiest Street in Spain competition – assuming, of course, they had one. Tiny cobbles pass between ruins and restored houses, both with ivy cascading over them. The narrow streets are perfect examples of meandering medieval byways. The whole village and castle once belonged to the order of Montesa, and the castle suffered sever damage during the Carlista wars of 1838-39. The views from the ramparts are stunning; 360 degree vistas of hills rising from the fertile rust-coloured plains of olive and citrus fruits to the mountain peak of Penyagolosa, which, at 1814 metres, is the highest point in the Valencian region. 2

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Costa Blanca There is no shortage of history and architecture to keep you busy in Vilafamés, but one of the unexpected delights of this small rural town is that it has one of the most important collections of contemporary art in the land of Valencia. Housed in the beautiful Palau de Batle, an excellent example of Valencian Gothic civil architecture of the 14th and 15th-centuries, the Museo Popular de Art Contemporáneo houses a collection of the work of over 400 artists working from the 1920s until the present day. Sculpture, paintings, etchings, and holograms unfold before you as you wander baronial halls and servants quarters alike, and out into the sculpture patio with beautiful views over the village and the valleys beyond. The Iglesia Parroqual de La Asunción with its Baroque organ, 17th-century altarpiece by Bernardo Monfort, and gold and silver processional cross from the same era is a mini-museum in its own right, but you’ll only get to see them around the time of mass, otherwise the doors are kept firmly shut. As you make your way back to Plaza de la Font, almost as you reach the square, you see on you right a corrugated doorway that looks like the entrance to a garage. Here is El Perol Trencat (The Broken Cooking Pot) where you can stock up with ceramics and an assortment of decorative items.

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‘Planting Roses’ By Barbara Barton The first thing to do is make sure your ground is ready. Drainage is all important so make sure the soil is really well dug to aerate it. You should avoid planting roses where other roses have previously grown as this can cause ‘rose sickness’ and will affect the new plant The optimum growing position for a rose is where it will get some shade during the hottest part of the day. Although they can survive in open sunshine, here you will need to be extra vigilant with watering and general plant care. The one thing roses cannot stand is continuous deep shade. The best time to plant a container grown rose is early spring or autumn. Bare root roses are traditionally planted in late autumn as this is their dormant time. Due to our climate, roses in Spain have very little dormant time but in any case you will be governed by when the rose is delivered from your supplier, and this is usually November. Remember that roses need room to grow, they do not like being too crowded so make sure you give them plenty of space Planting Container Grown Roses Empty out your rose from its pot and dig a hole that is larger and deeper than the root ball. Place some gravel in the bottom of the hole for drainage and mix some compost with the soil you removed


until the rose has established itself. Planting Bare Root Stock You will have probably have received planting instructions from the seller but if not , its very easy. Unwrap your rose as soon as it arrives, teasing the roots apart. If you are not going to plant it immediately , leave it wrapped loosely in the packaging in a cool place. When you are ready, soak the roots in water for about an hour and dig a hole big enough to take the root without squashing it. Mound the soil in the middle of the hole to support the root crown. Sit the root on the mound and then spread the roots around it. The knuckle where the rose was grafted on to the root should be at ground level and again you can use the stick method to check this. Mix the soil you removed with 30% compost and some sharp sand or grit. Gently but firmly work the soil back around the roots, try to avoid creating any air pockets and then tamper it down. Next give the plant a good soaking, gently rocking the plant back and forth to let the water seep down through the roots to eliminate air bubbles and then top up with more soil if necessary Water your rose at least once a week until its well established. Planting Ramblers and Climbers

Place the root into the hole checking that the top of the root ball is in line with ground level, if not dig out a bit more or fill the hole in but it needs to be at the right level. You can check this very easily by laying a stick across the top of the hole. Fill in around the root ball with soil and firm it down well

You will most likely buy these from the garden centre in packaging or bare root through the post. These should be planted following the guidance above, close to where you want them to grow but ensuring that you leave at least 40 cm between the plant and any wall or fence. If the plant is too close to the structure it is going to grow over then there is a chance you will get excessive dryness at the roots

Now give it a good watering and continue to water well every week

Next time: pruning and general rose care

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Costa Blanca

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by Martin Finch

Huerto del Cura National Artistic Garden , Elche

TIM Magazine™


In the heart of the city of Elche, close to its elegant shopping streets,

lies the green oasis of Huerto del Cura (The Priest’s Orchard), which takes its name from José Castaño Sánchez, a chaplain who inherited the garden and subsequently devoted his life to it until his death in 1918. The garden has remained in private hands ever since and has delighted visitors for over one hundred years. It was recognised as a National Artistic garden in 1943 and was declared as a world cultural heritage in 2000 by the UNESCO. Covering an area of 13,000 square metres, the garden has an amazing collection of plants including myrtles, jasmines, geraniums, orange and lemon trees, bamboo, yuccas, hibiscus, rubber plants and many other Mediterranean, Tropical and Oriental species. Specimens originate from every corner of the globe including the USA, China, Australia and South Africa. There are also a number of beautiful and tranquil ponds containing colourful koi carp as well as terrapins and water birds. However, it is the stunning and varied collection of more than one thousand palms and cacti that most visitors come to see. The ‘Imperial Palm’ The best known ‘resident’ of the Garden and emblematic of Elche itself, is the ‘Imperial Palm’. This unusual tree got its name from the Empress Elisabeth of Austria who donated the specimen when she visited the garden in 1894. It has seven thick ‘trunk-like’ branches which have grown from the main trunk of the tree. In 1900 a metal brace structure was first used to prevent the ‘branches’ from breaking off under their own weight. The current weight of the tree is estimated at eight tons and it is over seventeen metres high and believed to be about 165 years old. Facing the west side of the Imperial Palm is one of many stone busts on display in the Garden. This one is of a John Orts who was an erudite Roman scholar of Elche and owner of the Garden from 1940 to 1958.

Location: Opposite the Hotel Huerto del Cura in Porta de la Morera. The hotel is signposted as you enter Elche from the Aspe direction. Opening Times: Open all year from 10:00 to 18:00 (closes at 20:30 in July and August). Admission Prices: 5.00€ for adults (3.00€ for pensioners); 2.50€ for children. Discounts for groups of 20 or more booked a minimum of 15 days in advance by email: Audio tours are available in English for 2.50€ per visitor. Facilities: There are toilets on site plus a café and souvenir shop. Highlight: Undoubtedly the magnificent and unusual ‘Imperial Palm’


Important Events and Illustrious Visitors A number of important events have been celebrated in the garden including. on 4th August 1947, the fiftieth anniversary of the discovery of the famous ‘Dama de Elche’. Reproductions of this renowned bust are available for sale in many different sizes at the souvenir shop. Despite ongoing protestations from the City of Elche authorities for its return, the original, however, remains on display at the National Archaeological Museum in Madrid. There have been numerous illustrious visitors to the park including two kings - Alfonso XIII in 1905 and Don Juan Carlos I in 1976. Many of the palm trees in the park have been named in honour of some of its famous visitors. The garden is a delightful and relaxing way to spend a few hours away from the hustle and bustle of Elche city. Even on a hot summer’s day you can escape the sun in the many shady areas where you can sit on a stone bench and marvel at the wonder of nature.

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Costa Blanca



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by Julian Ashington


Welcome to the October motoring section. Well last month, we saw lots of old cars out on the roads with very proud drivers and owners, and they do deserve to be proud. I can only imagine the time and effort they take to keep these cars immaculate and in original condition. I am sure just like me it takes many of us back to the days of our father’s grand father’s e.t.c. For me one of my first experiences with an old car, was when I was a boy at the tender age of 12 or 13 years of age, I would finish school, put on my old clothes and go round to the garage just up the road, I was fascinated with the cars in pieces, the smell of petrol fumes, oils and electrics, not as bad in those days compared to these days. But in the back corner covered in dust was a Frog-eyed sprite, it was to be a workshop project i.e. when the work went quiet, out would come the frog-eyed sprite, it needed a lot of attention, and I took a lot of interest in the car with lots of questions attached about its working , I soon realized it was the bosses, as the months and years went by he and I spent a lot of time rebuilding and restoring it to its full glory, my boss was a perfectionist and second best was just not good enough, I grew to love that little car but sadly never did get to drive it.


But every time I see a Frog-eyed sprite it takes me back to my youth, recently I saw one here in Spain at a classic car show at la Casita near Pinoso, it certainly brought the memories flooding back. This month I would like to talk about air bags, or safety restraint systems, all modern cars these days have air bag systems, with the very basic ones having only one airbag on the driver’s steering wheel and one built in to the dash board for the passenger. For more executive models it is possible to have as many as 17 air bags including seat belt tentioners. It requires an impact of more than 4 gees to activate an air bag at an angle of 35 degrees at the front of the car. The system will decide which air bag should deploy at any time; the system has sensors in the seats for passenger recognition, and also knows if the seat belt is fastened. In the case of an accident and the air bags do deploy there will be a lot of white smoke in the car as this is the powder the air bag is stored in, and in many cases this can indeed be mistaken for a fire, when an air bag is deployed the heat produced by the air bag ejection is so hot that it takes an hour to cool down enough to be able to touch. On a lighter note in comparative to F1 Ferrari received a whopping $100,000 fine for allowing team mate to over take, motoring fines in Spain don’t seem so bad really do they. This months tip is summer is coming to an end, nights are cooler days are shorter so check all your lights are working correctly, and that your wiper blades clear the windscreen adequately for those rainy days ahead, please also remember to check all your levels and tyre pressures. Well that’s it for now happy motoring till next month E-mail: • Web site:

Costa Blanca

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Vehicle Re-registration in Spain

The advantages, the trials and tribulations I recently purchased a Jaguar XK8 Convertible in the UK, one because XK8’s are as rare as “hens teeth” in Spain and those that are for sale were commanding ridiculous money. As I intended to re-register the car in Spain, TIM, asked me to keep a note of the process and let the readers know how I got on. The process of importation and re- registration of the car in Spain, I knew was going to be torturous and costly, however if you are keeping the car in Spain for more than 6 months and you want to be totally legal then it is a process that you have to go through. In theory it is something you can do yourself but I would very strongly not advise it, I chose to use one of the specialist companies who offer this service. I rang round a few of the companies and chose Re-Plate Mate, do not ask me why, I just liked the way Alan was open and straight forward with me and he believed he could offer the service at a lower cost than some. Please note, the cost estimate Alan provides at the beginning is his best estimate at that time, the final costs do depend on the valuation of the vehicle by the Spanish authorities and the level of tax applied. The first thing to do was to get the headlights converted for the correct alignment for driving on the right. Alan from Re-Plate Mate advised me where to go, a quick trip to Benidorm and 200.00 Euros later and the lights were legal in Spain. Re- registration of a vehicle in Spain is a reasonably quick and easy process as long as you have owned the vehicle for at least six months and it has been registered to you for that period at a UK address, also you do not need to pay any import taxes when you bring the car to Spain. However it is a whole different case when you purchase a car in the UK and import it straight away without that pre-ownership period. In the UK, you complete the export section of the V5 (logbook) and send that off to DVLA in Swansea, and they should issue you with an export certificate, unfortunately that is where my problems started as I sent of the wrong part of the V5 to the DVLA, however, eventually I managed to get a letter from the DVLA confirming that I had purchased the car. This plus the expertise of Alan and his team was enough to eventually complete the re-registration. The first stage of re-registering a newly purchased vehicle from the UK is to get an Engineers Report (Ficha Reducida). I met 10

Alan down at the Engineering Testing Centre, he knew all the personnel very well which I am sure helps the process run smoothly. At this stage, the importation engineers check all the vehicle numbers, engine number, VIN number and the chassis number against your paperwork, this all went very well. Then the first set of papers are issued. The next step is the Importation ITV, for this you need the logbook, a recent Padron, proving where you live and the Ficha Reducida (Eng. Report). The ITV is basically the same as your ordinary ITV but they are particular about things like tyres as some UK approved tyres are not accepted in Spain. Unfortunately the car failed the first ITV as the front tyres did not display a speed rating, two new front tyres later and a quick check over by the ITV engineer and the ITV was passed. Then the V5, logbook issue raised it’s head again, ie names do not match, without Alan, I am sure this would have been an absolute nightmare. Eventually the paperwork was issued and we proceed to the next stage. Alan takes all the documents to his Lawyer and Gestoria with the money for the importation tax (17% of the value), the road tax and the fees etc. then you wait whilst the various departments sort out the agreed tax levels, Alan and his team did their very best to keep this value down to a minimum. In my case it took nearly nine weeks but we finally got there. So do not be scared to buy a car in the UK, especially if it is something a bit special, you can save a lot of money, even with all the costs and taxes I still saved a lot of money. When you come to re-register it, do it yourself by all means (if you are completely barking) but I strongly advise that you use a re-registration specialist, as I said, I used Alan Parsons from Re-Plate Mate who you can contact on 662 249 159, he did a great job for me. While I am on the subject of Jaguars, the Jaguar Enthusiast Club (JEC) has a “branch” in Spain, they are always interested in welcoming new members, so if you own a Jag and want to mix with like minded enthusiasts, either contact JEC directly through their web site or drop me a mail at and I will put them in touch with you. So to all those “petrol heads” out there, Happy Motoring.

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by Eric Arnold

Costa Blanca

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Wild España

The Megarian Banded Centipede

Lately we have had many people asking us if we could supply some information about this insect eating mammal. Especially as this is the time of year that this particular mammal becomes very active.


So what is it exactly about this creature that makes it so loathed and hated?

The Megarian will happily live in built up areas as well as rural areas. The Megarian centipede injects its poison with its front feelers. Diet. Baby Megarian Banded Centipede will eat pinhead crickets, or other small insects. Adults will consume almost any creature that is not larger that itself, including large crickets, other large insects, and small lizards. Found throughout southern Europe Lives normally in sheltered, stony ground where it burrows. Normally nocturnal in habit. The Spanish name is “escolopendra”.

Well it seems many people firstly loathe its dangerous looking stripes and the fluid snake like movement and especially its very nasty looking mandibles and lastly its instinct to attack first and ask questions later policy when it comes into contact with other species and indeed humans. The Megarian Banded Centipede is one of the few Scolopendra species found throughout southern Europe, and it is very common in Spain. This black and yellow centipede can indeed grow up to 20cm long as an adult, but this is indeed on the odd occasion. The Megarian Banded Centipede is not as dangerous as some other Scolopendras in the world, but you should be very aware that its sting is indeed potent and normally is very painful and will cause severe inflammation normally accompanied by a burning and itching sensation in the affected part of the body . Some people say that the sting is no worse than a bee sting, but many others report the sting to be much more painful and indeed a lot worse than a bee sting, but people obviously differ in their tolerances to stings and bites. At this time of year to try and avoid these creatures, it’s a good idea to turn the pillows and shake the sheets prior to getting into bed and also shake trousers and shoes before slipping them on.


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Costa Blanca

Trefoil Guild On 20.10 at 20.10 2010 The Guide Association is holding a special event as part of their centenary celebrations. This will take the form of everyone in the Movement renewing their promise at the same

time. As part of Guiding UK the Pinoso Guild will be taking part at the same time. There will be a small ceremony and a buffet supper. We would like to extend an invitation to any members who would like to renew their Promise to join us. It will hopefully be in the chapel at Casa Los Frailes. Tel 966 195 808 or email sherrywilson00@gmail. com

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ALIENS by Eric Arnold


Rating - 7 / 10 - Released on DVD Sept. 2010 - Duration : 140 minutes. Stars : Russell Crowe, Cate Blanchett, Matthew MacFadyen, Danny Huston, Mark Strong and William Hurt. After all the hype promoting this film, it was disappointing at best, and Russel Crowe needs a voice coach as his accent drifts between Irish, Scottish and English, you are not sure where he comes from. Is it worth watching - just. “Robin Hood” chronicles the origins of the honorable thief, and begins long before he takes up arms against the crown. Robin Longstride, previously interested only in self-preservation, is in service to King Richard’s army against the French. Upon Richard’s death, Robin travels to Nottingham, there he meets Lady Marion and Sir Walter Loxley and agrees to help them by pretending to be Sir Robert Loxley in the hopes this will hold off the crown from claiming the lands. But other forces are at work that could push the country into civil war, as well as open the shores to foreign invasion. Robin must face his own past in his attempt to save himself and save his country, and begin the founding of a legend that will echo through the ages. Rating - 10 / 10 - Produced in 1979, Released on DVD May 2000 - Duration : 116 minutes. Stars : Sigourney Weaver, John Hurt, Tom Skerritt, Harry Dean Stanton, Ian Holm, Yaphet Kotto, Veronica Cartwright A real classic, a triumph in Sci Fi films especially for “it’s day” If you like Sci Fi, this film is a must. Even today it still stands the test of time. Director Ridley Scott’s break-though film, an immensely successful blend of horror and science fiction, is a classic in both genres and spawned a host of sequels and imitators. Starring Sigourney Weaver as warrant officer Ellen Ripley, ALIEN focuses on the crew of the space cargo ship Nostromo, which lands on a moribund planet in response to a faint SOS. Inside a crashed ship, the crew members come upon strange pods, one of which spews forth a repellently fleshy creature that locks on to the face of the unlucky Kane. Despite Ripley’s advice, science officer Ash allows Kane to return to the ship, where the creature finally releases its grip. Soon, however, in one of the film’s most infamous scenes, one of its offspring explodes horribly from Kane’s stomach and scurries away. Dallas, the vessel’s captain, leads the others in a search for the rapidly growing, acid-dripping alien before it can cut them down--one by one. A triumph of art direction, set design, and special effects.

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Costa Blanca

SPANISH NUMBER PLATES For re-registration of cars, motorbikes and motor homes – Contact

Graham Shelton Who after re-registering over 700 vehicles will put YOU on the right side of the road 605 319 889 or 966 753 375

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First Floor Foolishness! Stupidity and Silliness. Weak words to describe the mission. Idiotic and Irresponsible. Better portray this particular part of the project.

It’s pretty where we live, our own piece of campo jungle. In the early days you had to look beyond the boundaries of pallets, stacked high with blocks, to allow your mind to wander and imagine how the view would finally be. Scent from the orange blossom is as vigorous as the mountain presence. Sunrise is worth getting up for and sunsets are worth waiting for. Close of business, tools cleaned and packed away, for me it was always the best time of the day, the end! Slumped in a deckchair with red sky and red wine!

by Michelle Mix

I’ve been Reformed

The Thesaurus also reads, absurdity, insanity and mad. Now we’re talking!

As if we didn’t have enough to think about, or budget for, we became surrogate parents. I’m sure, like many of you, rescue dogs have become a big part of your life. They move in, expect more love than Romeo, cost you a fortune and just take over. Furthermore, dog walking is another Michelle task because Brad has a dodgy knee! One evening after walking the hounds, I foolishly said “I’d love this view from our bedroom window” Apparently, all of the hair brain ideas surrounding the reform were mine. Brad keeps a clear conscience at all times. He devises ways to ensure that the job in hand was my proposal, thus relinquishing any responsibility for yet another crazy venture.

the views of our garden and the groves beyond. It since however has proved not ample space enough for Brad’s tomato plant life, seeing as I have to dodge the wasps & clamber over grow bags to reach my view. But at the time, I was sold on the idea, and as usual hadn’t considered the building implications. Everything was done manually, not with lifts or a crane, just two fools. Good Lord no, perish the thought Brad, of maybe getting some practical equipment or help to make life easier. That aside, Brads’ parents have been a tower of strength during the reform. Dad, although not in the best of health, still used to come over for two or three week stints to help. An extra pair of hands and his tactical ideas were great, but more so was his encouragement. He always arrived at a point when we were feeling low or fed up from all the work, and I had him on my side as protection from Brads’ bullying! He did however, bring to our door, an unwanted visitor who took up residence, went by the name of Charlie Chicken. Dad’s appetite was small, so I thought it a bit odd that he polished off his cornflakes every day and managed a packed lunch of similar size to ours. The handsome cock had wandered in and Dad befriended him. Charlie stayed on a while, but sadly met his unfortunate demise following a chase with one of our timid rescues! The ramp contraption for phase one was too steep and narrow. My limbs turned to jelly; I couldn’t face ‘walking the plank’ let alone pushing anything up it. So it was Brad’s own fault he made all trips upward with loaded barrows while I remained at ground level, solely in charge of the mixer. I kept supplies flowing and unloaded debris from his journeys downward, and we managed. When things run smoothly the Dynamic Duo make a good team! Phase two called for better working conditions. Brad constructed a ramp that will go down in history. Evil Knievel would have been proud performing stunts from it, 15 metres in length and more robust. The gentle incline was kinder to the legs, and made wider so I couldn’t whimper about falling over board. I had no excuse, ramp duties were shared for the rest of the project, and my legs toned in the process. As duos go, we’re hardly Batman & Robin, Brad refuses to wear tights! I wish our bank account resembled that of Posh & Becks, but it doesn’t! As couples go, I suppose The Flintstones are closer to home resemblance! When all’s said and done...I got my room with a view!

So a usual conspiracy began to form in his head and was rolled out over the next eighteen months as my suggestion! The building didn’t have an upstairs, so to install a first floor would provide.. 1.. Huge bedroom space, ample for all my jewellery and bag junk, 2.. Wardrobe and dressing area, ample for shoes and never to be worn clothing junk, 3.. En suite with sunken oval bath, ample for staying within the personal hygiene laws and storing all my lotions, potions and hair product junk, 4..Patio doors leading to private terrace, ample space to relax with wine and enjoy 16

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Costa Blanca

DOGS TO RE-HOME Female Boxer, 4 years old | 2 small dogs, approx 2.5 years old Please call Sonja for viewing of any of these dogs on 677 343 653 plus lots of puppies at Barneys. E-mail: • Web site:


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Bibliomaniac Page By Rob Innis

eBook News As the price of eBook readers (see below) falls, now available from 99.99 pds, so does the price of buying eBooks. WH Smiths have started a price cut war by reductions of 66% selling Stieg Larsson’s The Girls with the Dragon Tattoo for only 2.72 along with many other bestsellers. Whilst there is a lot of angst in the publishing world over the eBook revolution, it is now claimed by a recent survey of 1,200 e-reader owners by Marketing and Research Resources Inc. that people are reading more via their new eBook readers. Maybe because many are free to download legally. There are also ‘pirate’ sites where illegal downloads can be obtained. I wonder if this new technology means that we will also have eBibliomaniacs! Any Volunteers? UK libraries are under threat as part of government cost cutting measures. However, the latest idea of staffing libraries with volunteers has met with strong opposition from the professional librarians. Another issue is readers starting to prefer e-Books, which do not require to be stored in physical libraries. An uncertain future looms for the whole profession. Bibliomaniac Benefits – win a FREE book Books are a great source of entertainment, education and relaxation. Keeping the mind stimulated is supposed to help prevent Alzheimers. So how about a book that promises to ‘Age Proof your Brain’ written by Tony Buzan (“One of the world’s leading thinkers” Daily Mail) Fancy the challenge of boosting your IQ, sharpen your mind and maximising your memory? Then enter this month’s competition to win your free copy of this amazing book. See page 19 for the question. Costa Blanca Author Profile: Ken Scott Raised in the Scottish Borders, moved to that wonderful cosmopolitan metropolis of Newcastle upon Tyne at six years of age to attend the ‘University of Life.’ Scotty draws on the raw passion, honesty and genuine characters of the city he loves in every chapter he writes. He has received great critical acclaim for his first three works of fiction, ‘THE JACK OF HEARTS and the sequel ‘A MILLION WOULD BE NICE.’ His most recent novel ‘THE SUN WILL STILL SHINE TOMORROW,’ introduces Ashley Clark, a Newcastle born detective drummed out of the force by the PC brigade.

‘DO THE BIRDS STILL SING IN HELL’, an account of the incredible story of Horace ‘Jim’ Greasley, a POW during World War II. Scotty has also worked with numerous celebrities helping to compile their autobiographies. He lives south of Valencia in Spain with his family and his two dogs, Sir Bobby and Kiko. He also presents his football chat show, Countdown Café, on Coolfm97.4 radio every Saturday afternoon. You can listen and join in with the program via the net http://www.coolfm974. com Spanish Book Review - Keep an Eye out for ‘Spanish Eye’ Expat Nik Morton’s (See TIM March) 10th book is out now. Spanish Eye has been published by Solstice Publishing as an eBook. The book is bound to appeal to readers on the Costas as it is set there and features 21 tales from Leon Cazador, Private Investigator, who is half-English, halfSpanish and wholly against the ungodly. Cazador translated into English means hunter. He combats drugtraffickers, grave robbers, al-Qaeda infiltrators and conmen. Dodgy Spanish developers and shady Expat Englishmen face his wrath, while traders in human beings, stolen vehicles, and endangered species meet their match. Kidnappers, crooked mayors and conniving Lotharios come within his orbit of ire. Leon Cazador fights injustice in all its forms and often metes out his own rough justice. It’s what he does. All the Cazador stories have been published before in magazines and won awards. For this collection, they have been revised and enlarged. The Solstice editor remarks, ‘You are an amazing storyteller and put together a short story better than anyone I have read in quite a while. Your book is a joy to read!’ While a review states, the stories are ‘as thought provoking as they are entertaining.’ It can be obtained online via Nik’s blog - http://nik-writealot. prices from 2,96€ Bibliomaniac Teaser Question The answer to last month’s teaser question: Since its inaugural publication on 30 August 1859, Charles Dickens - A Tale of Two Cities has sold over 200 million copies in several languages, making it one of the most famous books in the history of fictional literature. Next teaser: Which famous English writer was the first to win the Nobel Prize in Literature? Answer on the next months Bibliomaniac Page. PS...I have become the proud owner of a Sony eBook reader. Well you can only be a Luddite for so long. My review will follow shortly.

Probably best known for his stunning ghostwritten masterpiece, 18

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Costa Blanca

Special Discount Offer for TIM readers Discover the whole of Valencia and the Costa Blanca with Inland Trips from the Costa Blanca and Small Hotels and Inns of Eastern Spain, by Derek Workman.

Santana Books are offering TIM readers a special 25% discount on both books, bought either individually or together. Now only 15€ each (plus 1.50€ p&p per book). For credit card payments please call 952 485838 or you can send a cheque to Santana Books, Apartado 41, 26950 Mijas-Pueblo (Málaga), with the reference, ‘Excursions’. (Please note, you must give this reference on both telephone and postal orders as only orders with this reference will receive the 25% discount.)

BOOK COMPETITION To enter cut out this coupon and send it along with your full name, address & daytime telephone number to: T.I.M. Apartado de Correos 285 • 03630 SAX (Alicante)

Win a free copy of Tony Buzan’s ‘Age Proof Your Mind’ Simply answer the following question... Question What is the title of Nik Morton’s 10th book (see page 10) Answer.................................................................................. Name..................................................................................... Email Address......................................................................... Address.......................................................................... ....................................................................................... Your Contact Tel number.......................................................... Closing Date for entries is the 19th October 2010 TIM’s decision is final

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TIM Magazine™ There are, essentially, three main types of Police in Spain Policia Local, Policia Nacional and the Guardia Civil. The police that we see most often are the Local Police; they usually dress in blue, often with fluorescent material woven into the design. They are employed by the various Town Halls and work only within the municipality so they usually know which places have the best coffee and snacks. Policia Local are armed. Their jobs include directing traffic inside the town, safeguarding members of the town administration, upholding bye-laws, assisting in local emergencies, sorting out disputes between neighbours and ensuring the safe running of gatherings of people. It says nothing in the legislation about roaming around pointlessly on scooters but they do that too. The National Police operate in towns and cities with a population of more than 30,000 people and drive around in cars and vans that have the colours of the Spanish flag woven into their blue and white paintwork. Their uniforms are often a dull, boiler suit blue with highish military boots though their office uniforms in police stations, or comisarias, are usually white shirts and blue trousers. The Policia Nacional are controlled by the Interior Ministry but because of the way that Spain delegates much of its authority to the Local Communities there are major differences about how they operate in different regions. In the Basque County and Catalonia, for instance, there are equivalent local forces, the Ertzaintza and Mossos d’Esquadra.

The Spanish


by Chris Thompson

If you have an NIE or a “Residencia”, then you got it from the National Police - they deal with identity cards and passports too. They control the entry and exit of people to and from Spain and matters around immigration and they’re the ones to look out for if you have your own cannabis farm as they deal with drug issues as well as most other types of criminal activity such as robbery, counterfeiting and the like. They also control private security firms and look after the gaming laws. The National Guard are a military, rather than civil, unit which mainly police rural areas. They are stationed in barracks, wear olive green uniforms and their vehicles are usually white and green. Nowadays they only wear their tricorn hats on ceremonial occasions. The Guardia deal with traffic, they’re the ones parked beside the roads with the radar guns and breath-test kits. Their motorbike patrols always go around in twos looking for all the world like Zip Nolan with their reflective sunglasses glinting in the sun. On the open road if the Gaurdia are parked up outside a bar the food and coffee will be good. The Guardia Civil deal with frontier security at ports and airports and so exercise customs and anti terrorist duties. An extension of that is that they operate the coastguard but, more surprisingly, they also police environmental matters whether that be illegal hunting or building without appropriate licences. In fact Guardia seem to be everywhere, they’re the sub aqua teams and the helicopter pilots, they transport prisoners and heavy loads and go in search of fraud and tax evasion. So the next time a man wearing a blue uniform, armed with a pump action shotgun pulls you over at a roadblock you can guess it won’t be about the ITV - more likely they’re looking for bank robbers! 20

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Costa Blanca

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The Wine Trail

Many people enjoy a nice bottle of Spanish wine. Rioja is the name that is normally associated with wine produced in Spain but perhaps Humedal Vino de La Mata will one day become popular – at least in this region. The Torrevieja La Mata Natural Park now has a wine trail or Ruta del Vino helping to promote the locally produced wine from the vines planted across a small area of the natural park. I was recently invited to walk the trail and see the vines for myself. Regular TIM readers will recall my previous articles on this beautiful park which is a paradise for those who like to escape into the peace and tranquillity of the countryside. The new wine trail offers another aspect to this already interesting and enjoyable location. The trail is easy to find – you walk from the main car park (see below) following the road with the cycle path and a few hundred meters along you will see a path and you can begin the wine trail walk. It is only around 1.5 mts long, those who prefer a long walk can also explore the other areas of the park. You will find helpful information boards along the walk with an English translation. The vines were planted during the 1950s by way of some diversification from the traditional crops and salt production. No pesticides or chemical fertilisers are used to grow the Merseguera grape which is late maturing and thrives even in areas with little rainfall. The vine is well adapted to different soil types. The clusters are medium sized and loose, with medium-sized grapes and greenish-yellow. You are requested not to pick the grapes which are not suitable for eating anyway. Around 6,000 bottles of wine are produced annually. I have sampled it and found it very pleasant, a little on the dry side (for me) with a wonderful golden colour. The wine is sold with a ‘declaracion de origin’ and the marketing is being handled by a bodega in Villena. Agriculture is one of the greatest activities that impacts on bird life by providing food and nesting places. This is of course a very important factor for the park which is home to many species including Hoopoe, Stone Curlew, European Serin, Red-legged partridge amongst many others. Cultivation of the vines is beneficial for the park’s fauna and so is a perfect arrangement for all concerned.

by Rob Innis

PARK FACT FILE Location: Accessed via roundabout on N332 La Mata – Torrevieja Car Parking: Free Bus: Costa Azul Alicante – Cartagena service Visitors Centre: Open daily except Monday Paths: Fairly flat. Some sandy in dry weather Disabled Access: Yes - along the decked path WCs: In Visitor Centre


After your visit it is easy to walk down to La Mata (there is an underpass to cross the road) and enjoy a tapa and maybe a glass of Humedal. For more information: For more photos: Please follow: Rules for preserving the Environment You are in a protected wildlife area with nesting birds. Keep dogs on a lead. To contribute to its preservation visitors should attempt to come in small groups, make as little noise as possible, not leave the paths marked out, respect animals and plants, not light fires, respect forestry rules, and leave no rubbish, waste or tracks of your presence along the route. Thank you.

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Costa Blanca

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Taperia Menu del dia Fantastic range of tapas Best breakfasts in the Hondons Full English & Spanish menus always available Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

Friday Saturday

Full evening menu Homemade Pie Night – choice of different fillings with chips, vegetables & gravy Menu del noche – 3 courses only 12 € including wine Steak night – from 7.00 pm – best quality rump steak, trimmings and a drink, glass of beer or wine – only 7.95 € Fish & Chips. Best quality Icelandic cod, chips, peas with bread & butter 7.95 € A special Menu del Dia or our normal daytime & evening menus available, including fish & chips & steak pies

Restaurante Traditional Sunday lunches are served in our air conditioned restaurant – 3 courses (including ½ bottle of wine) 12.50 € 2 courses (including glass of wine) 10.50 € One course (including glass of wine) 8.50 € Shoulder of Lamb available (min 2 persons) for a small supplement. Booking essential. International Menu nights are held on the first Saturday of each month Mexican Night - 6th November with 4 courses (including a glass of wine) at only 12.95 € We are now taking bookings for Christmas lunches with menus available in the bar. A special traditional 7 course Christmas Day lunch with Champagne & Canapés will be served from 1.00 pm for just 40 € per person. Our Boxing Day Buffet with Champagne Reception will not be beaten at 10 € per person BOOK NOW TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT

Gabriel & Helen look forward to welcoming you Open 7 days 9.30 am ‘til late Jaime 1, 15, Hondon de los Frailes (opposite Chemist) Tlf 645 578 518 E-mail: • Web site:


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KITCHEN Salmorejo


Salmorejo is a typical dish from Cordoba. ”It’s like gazpacho only thicker”. This does not actually do it justice as it is much better than gazpacho and many people who do not like gazpacho do like this dish. It is more of a dip than a soup and in Cordoba is generally eaten by dipping bread or dry bread sticks in it. You can also use a spoon. The





ingredients but you may want to experiment a bit as you may like the Salmorejo thick or you may prefer it a bit thinner. If you prefer it thinner than you need to add less bread or perhaps a little water. Be very careful with the quantity of garlic you use as it can be a bit overpowering.

PREPERATION The first thing to do is take the crust off the bread. You can use a Spanish stick bread but if you can’t get anything like this you could use stale sliced bread. If you are using a stick bread getting the crust off can be quite messy. You can use a peeler or cut the bread into thick slices and then cut off the crust use a large heavy knife. Chop the tomatoes up and put them in

* 1 clove of garlic * 1 soup spoon vinegar * 4 soup spoons of virgen olive oil salt * 2 hard boiled eggs and some chopped up


* 500 g very ripe, very red tomatoes

jamon serrano to put on top * 1 dry spanish/french stick bread (the quantity of bread may vary) * fresh stick bread or sliced bread to dip in the Salmorejo once it is finished

the food blender with the oil, vinegar, garlic and a little salt (you can also add the egg yolks from the hard boiled eggs at this stage if you want to). Blend this all together and then start to add the stale bread bit by bit. The mixture will very quickly become thicker and as you add the bread it will take longer for it to mix through. When no more bread will mix through it the Salmorejo is ready. You may not need to add all the bread or you may need a bit more.


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Costa Blanca

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Open 7 days – 7.00 am to 23.30 pm

Tony M Entertainment would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who attended the “Last Dance” at Finca Rotez and made it such a successful evening.

Menu del dia 8 € Menu del noche 10 € Wide Variety of Tapas Speciality Paellas & Barbequed meats

I would especially like to thank Paul & Bonnie for offering their services in controlling the car parking which undoubtedly enabled so many people to attend. Over 100 auction lots were sold on the night and there was also a raffle for the Finca Rotez plaque.

Pint of lager & tapas 1.80 € Half of lager & tapas 1.00 € Cornish Pasties, Sausage Rolls, Meat & Potato pies and many other goodies to eat in or take away

I would also like to thank Matt, Steve & Pauline for so ably attending the bar, John Chandler from The Inland Magazine for helping with the Auction and to my good friend Dave for running the BBQ. Thanks to everyone’s generosity a colossal 3,730 Euros was raised! The money was given to Rose and Terry and they have now returned to the UK to obtain the health care that Rose so desperately needs.

1st October – Ladies Day from 1.30 pm 10th October – Open Auction from 5.00 pm

Thanks again to everybody who attended - you have restored my faith in human kindness! Tony M

All enquires phone – 667 858 434 C/ Padre Claret,2, Hondon de los Frailes   


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Costa Blanca

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In the past, some readers have commented that I concentrate on “high end” restaurants and some people would appreciate reviews on eating establishments that are lower in cost. Please remember, it is rather more difficult to find good restaurants that are worth writing about at the lower end of the market, believe me I have eaten in a lot of “cheaper” bars and cafés, but I very rarely find one that is worth a restaurant review - the restaurant I am reviewing this month however is an exception. This restaurant will suit everyone, a real exception to the rule, fabulous food at affordable prices. This little café is a real Wolf in Sheep’s clothing, food of a quality that you would expect in a more up market establishment and prices that should be affordable by most people. I have to admit that I would not normally eat in a “pizza palace” as I do not like pizzas, but a recent 10 day visit by grand children etc. necessitated a visit to a “pizza” type establishment. The grand kids raved about the pizza’s they had, all made fresh. My wife, a confirmed “chipaholic” said, the chips were the best she has had for a long time, but what really did it for me was the Ceaser Salad. I love Ceaser Salad, but trying to find a good one is like searching for “hens teeth”. What a pleasure it was to finally find a “chef” that knows what they are doing, all I can say is that the Ceaser Salad produced in this cafe was fabulous, as good as any I have had anywhere else in the world and at a very reasonable price. Just this one experience, this one dish, made me want to see if it was just “a fluke”, a one off, an epiphany or could they reproduce it again - could there be “a second coming”. Even though I have dined in some of the best restaurants in the world and experienced some amazing gastronomic treats, at the end of the day I am just a “bloke”, an ordinary man with “needs”, I admit that man cannot live by Oysters and Foie Gras alone, occasionally he needs a “burger”, I love a good burger, if I do not have one when the need arises, I get “withdrawal symptoms” and the craving has to be satisfied, so why not kill two birds with 30

one stone - another ceaser salad and a burger - this wonderful little café did not let me down, another terrific ceaser salad and fabulous home made 100% beef burger and a good portion of hot crispy chips. My wife had chicken coated in a tomato sauce topped with parmesan cheese served with another portion of those wonderful chips. We washed this delightful food down with a surprisingly good, “slightly bubbly” Penescal Rose at just £4.50 a bottle. Since these initial visits we have been back a few more times, more ceaser salads, sirloin steaks, juicy and full of flavour, the owners take a pride in the supply of their meat, then “age it” further to enhance the flavour. My wife has also tried some of the pasta dishes, for which she gives a definite “thumbs up”. Occasionally they have specials at weekends, I tried the ribs a few weeks ago, so tender and really tasty and at just 7.50, great value for money. At the moment, on Sunday nights, they have live music which gives a great atmosphere. So just to be fair, do not expect posh table clothes, large crystal wine glasses, an extensive wine list or a range of fine French cognacs. The service can also be a little haphazard at times, especially when they are busy. All the dishes served in this establishment are prepared fresh and cooked fresh, so this can take a little longer than normal, but in my opinion, waiting a little time is a small price to pay for great food. What you will get is great food, a relaxed friendly atmosphere at very reasonable prices. This “little gem” takes some beating and I strongly recommend that you give it a try a great place for a group of friends to get together for “good grub” and a few “jars” and a relaxed chat. The Pasta Pizza Café is located in Avd. Rey Don Jaime 1, Sax, Alicante, on the corner opposite the Cruz Roca.. Weekends can be very busy, so if you want to make reservation call Guy or Sue on 966 314 155 or 615 266 374. They are open 6 days a week from 10:00 am till 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm till close. Closed on Tuesdays. By the way they also do takeaways. For restaurant owners - if you think you can do better or you believe you have something special to offer, why not send me an Email at barberic@terra .es

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Costa Blanca





Cottage Pie, Liver & Bacon, Fish & Prawn Bake Lasagne, Moussaka, Hickory Chicken Homemade Soups & many more Homemade Dishes and items on the menu including Selection of Winter Warming Desserts

FULL ENGLISH BREAKFAST (6 items + fruit juice & toast & marmalade) 5 €

TRAVEL “PACK UPS” Sandwich/Baguette or Salad Bowl Cake, Fruit, Crisps & Bottle of Water 4 € CHRISTMAS STOCK & GREETING CARDS AVAILABLE FROM LAST WEEK IN OCTOBER

SPIT ROAST CHRISTMAS LUNCH 19th & 25th DECEMBER Call in to Tea Room for details of Menu WINTER OPENING HOURS (From 4th October) Mon–Fri 10.00 am–5.00 pm Reserve Party Bookings after 5.00 pm Sat 10.00 am – 2.00 pm

Celebrate Your Special Occasion with the knowledge the Mobile Catering will be supplied by a professional service either in your home or at a designated venue. HOG ROAST, BARBEQUE, HOT OR COLD BUFFET We can also, on your behalf, take care of all your party requirements. Call into the Tea Room to discuss your party requirements, without obligation, and collect an information pack or contact TINA & DAVE 690 289 044 or 965 482 120 Located Main Street, Hondon de las Frailes

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Popular Music

TIM Magazine™

Freddie Mercury by John Currie


hen I was asked by TIM to write the article for the October edition about Freddie Mercury I have to admit that I needed to think very carefully about it. I could understand the reason behind the request given that Freddie died on 24th November 1991 and the nineteenth anniversary of his untimely death was near to hand but of more concern to me was that I felt, and still do feel ill equipped and unqualified, to write about him. There are so many fans of Queen and Freddie in the world and so many people who adore and love the music that even as I sit at my computer and compose the article my primary wish is that what I write does his life justice. My first recollection of Queen was, like so many people, the release of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ in 1975. The song took over at number 1 in the UK charts from Billy Connolly’s ‘D.I.V.O.R.C.E’ and I have to say it was a refreshing if not remarkable change from the music that surrounded it. For years the so-called ‘Glam Rock’ music and disco had dominated the charts alongside the inevitable novelty songs that permeated the world of music. There cannot have been a workplace across the UK that did not reverberate to the sound of groups of men attempting to replicate the harmonies and rhythms of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. The complexity of the song and the high quality of the lyrics astounded everyone. Rarely are there songs of this quality. At the time I remembered ‘Good Vibrations’ and ‘A whiter shade of pale’ as iconic songs that stood apart from the rest. So Freddie’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ joined them. Once in a while, perhaps once in a lifetime a song, a singer and a songwriter comes along and the world is changed forever. To dissect Freddie is to misunderstand the nature of genius. There is a phrase ‘the whole is greater than the sum of the parts’. This is applicable to Freddie. Of course it is possible to try to piece him together and talk about his voice, his stage costumes, his makeup, his performances, his song-writing, his musicianship or even his private life but to do so is to attempt to define what makes a diamond a diamond; cut up a diamond in order to see how it works is to destroy it completely. Freddie shone, his brilliance was there for all to see and listen to. There is no need for a scientific analysis. From the standpoint of 2010 his life is laid before us. His music is there for us all to listen to and there are few artists whose music has endured so long and who are still loved and revered after so many years. Perhaps, not unlike Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley and John Lennon, it is the early demise that makes us look upon them so fondly. No one can predict what the future might have held for Freddie and perhaps it is better not to dwell on what might have been. Even now, the lyrics from ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ have resonances that, like the aftershocks of an earthquake, take us by surprise. Who would have guessed that ‘too late, my time has come’ would come back to haunt us after all these years? At this point I probably need to point out that I was never a fan of Queen! However, for anyone who enjoys music and understands what goes into a song and a performance, it is impossible not to recognise nor acknowledge the work of Freddie Mercury and his place in music history. I have been reliably informed by a close friend that Freddie’s ‘Crazy little thing called love’ inspired John Lennon to return to the world of music and writing in that he thought that rock and roll still lived on. That song was released in October 1979 and of course as we now know John survived for just one more year but in the meantime he recorded his final album ‘Double Fantasy’ that included ‘(Just like) Starting Over’ and ‘Woman’, two of his most beautiful works. Perhaps we have Freddie to thank for this.


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Costa Blanca

So what of Freddie’s song-writing contribution to Queen? One year before ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ Queen had released ‘Killer Queen’. It was indeed a portent of what was to come with the almost operatic quality of the production. In 1976 ‘Somebody to love’ provided an insight into the innovative production techniques that would become the hallmark of many queen songs. ‘Don’t stop me now’, released in 1979, has a biographical feel to it perhaps signalling Freddie’s attitude to life itself. Even from these few examples it is evident that Freddie was more than just a songwriter. He was an artist who lived his life through his music and whose music exemplified his soul. This alone sets him apart from so many other singers and artists. In a world when, even then and even more so now, when music is controlled my executives whose desire is to make money and make it quick even if music is sacrificed, Freddie stands apart and above the rest. I would very much doubt if he would even have made it past the initial auditions for X-Factor and I am sure Simon Cowell would not have recognised his true genius. Thankfully, art prevails. One of Freddie’s most popular songs was released in 1977, namely ‘We are the champions’. To say that it has attained iconic status is to understate reality and audiences all over the world have revelled in the anthem which usually was performed as a climax to their live performances.

Perhaps one of Freddie’s greatest compositions was ‘Barcelona’. Released originally in 1987 Freddie wrote the song in collaboration with musician and producer Mike Moran. The song was the official song of the 1992 Olympics held in Barcelona and was sung at the opening ceremony by Montserrat Caballé with Freddie’s voice being heard in the background recording. Indeed Freddie composed the song at the request of Montserrat and the album of the same name is testament to his considerable talent. As I approach the final third of this article I feel that I have failed to do any kind of justice to him. To list his biggest hits or to catalogue his achievements is to fail entirely in capturing the essence of what made Freddie the person he was and probably still is. My personal take is that Freddie was a person who transcended the world that many of us lived in and still do. To listen to him sing is to be transported to another place and another time. His voice, so powerful and pure, is unlike any other. The sheer emotion that penetrates every note and word enters the heart and stays there. It is impossible to listen to a Queen Song without being moved and without appreciating its timeless quality. It begs the question, ‘What would Queen have been without Freddie?’ Of course there is no answer to that but what about ‘What would Freddie have been without Queen?’ I have no doubt that Freddie could have been a juggler, a magician or even a car salesman and he would have been the best and the most original. Genius and artistry shows through everything. There are those of us who plod along, doing our best and perhaps achieving great things and then there are people like Freddie. He worked hard at his craft, he believed in everything he did. To witness one of his performances is to witness a great work of art or a natural wonder of the world. There is no point asking the questions ‘How?’ or ‘Why?’, best only to indulge oneself in greatness and beauty that comes along so rarely in one’s life. The world needs people like Freddie Mercury to remind us of what human beings are capable of. So how to end? Every year there is a celebration of Freddie’s life that takes place on or around his birthday, September 5th. It is called FFAD, ‘Freddie for a day’ and is organised on behalf of the Mercury Phoenix Trust, the HIV AIDS charity established in his memory. As the world begins to understand and be more tolerant about such matters so Freddie lives on. His memory and the love that so many people hold for him inspire people to move out of their normal everyday world to remind us all of his talent and greatness and perhaps also remind us of the fragile nature of our own lives. So as someone who started out as not being a fan of Queen, I can but thank Freddie for his contribution to music and to the world. He enjoys a rightful place in our hearts and although there will never be another Freddie Mercury; his legacy is his music, his love of privacy and the dignity with which he bore his own trials. His life clearly was a kind of magic for us all.

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e h t f o n r u t e R r e s u a h k n u F TIM Magazine™

by Marty Funkhauser

Three months in exile was quite a severe punishment and I’m still not convinced that what I wrote was really that offensive. The Editor has asked me to consider my thoughts before transferring them to print so here goes. Wayne Rooney, I just don’t get it, what’s the big deal? It’s a well-known fact that pregnant women are not attractive. So,

Back by popular demand

Coleen’s been up the duff, and let’s face it she’s no oil painting to begin with and she’s definitely not a size zero as well as being a tad short. Now, don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing that bad about a short girl I mean Shakira’s only four foot two but she has more than a hint of filth about her that Coleen’s never going to be accused of even if she rolled about in the mud for a couple of hours. So Wayne fancies a tart and her friend, which is only normal, and he’s prepared to pay for the whole thing at double the going rate. Good luck to him is what I say. Top suite in a top hotel, a bit of lunch and then a threesome and you don’t have to hug them afterwards. Ricky Hatton likes to snort a few lines of coke after a day supping fifty seven pints of Guiness, surely he’s just supporting the economy during difficult times? Ask yourself this,how many of Hatton’s victories were against Mexican Road Sweepers? Correct, far too many. The good news is that Amir Khan is reaching out to Ricky to help him through his struggle, “Ricky has done something wrong but everyone makes a mistake at some time in their life” says Khan perhaps referring to when he broke Geoffrey Hatton’s leg (no relation but great coincidence) whilst driving at 47mph on the wrong side of the road through Bolton town centre. During the court trial Khan who pleaded not guilty to a charge of dangerous driving said “If Mr Hatton had carried on walking across the pedestrian crossing there would not have been an accident”. Mr Hatton had declared that on seeing Khan’s car coming at him on the wrong side of the road he ran back to the kerb for safety. If I were you Ricky I would seek help from someone else. My favourite story concerns a 20yr old from Wakefield by the name of Chloe Mafia who appeared on The X-Factor a week ago. She was dressed as if on her way to the roundabout on the Los Montesinos road and had a pretty awful voice but Simon Cowell saw something in her that he liked, good job Wayne Rooney wasn’t on the judging panel. Ms Mafia, a single mother of a 20 month old child, later was found to be working as a £160 per hour prostitute (too cheap for Wayne anyway), but Simon Cowell refused to remove her from the competition declaring that “people form any walk of life should be able to win the competition”. Ms Mafia went on to X Factor Boot Camp only to be booted out of camp for “touting for business at the hotel”. Sheer class. Hope you missed me.


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Hello again, From the response I have received following last months’ troubleshooting advice, it seems that a lot of you have been given, shall we say, “less than expert advice”! Thank you all for your comments and feedback. I stumbled upon this purely by chance - you might also find it interesting. Go to www. or type in “real-time satellites in google earth” - I promise you, its an eye-opener! Those of you with sky subscriptions will have noticed that a new channel, namely Channel One, has appeared along with a few others recently. BskyB has recently bought Virgin Medias’ line-up of pay to view tv channels in a £160 million deal and will re-vamp its content in the near future.

New HD channels added this month were LIVING HD and GOOD FOOD HD. ITV2 HD, ITV3 HD and ITV4 HD will all be added in the next few weeks thus completing the promise of 50 HD channels before Xmas. Sky and LG have formally announced that they will be teaming up to launch Sky’s 3D service when it launches on 1st October 2010. This will include live coverage

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of the Ryder Cup from Celtic Manor, together with promotional material of LG’s extensive range of 3D tv’s, for those of you who already have a Sky+HD box and are therefore 3D-ready! If anyone has any enquiries about anything at all, please feel free to contact me as usual. Regards, Lee


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Libra is the only inanimate sign of the zodiac, all the others representing either humans or animals. Many modern astrologers regard it as the most desirable of zodiacal types because it represents the zenith of the year, the high point of the seasons, when the harvest of all the hard work of the spring is reaped. There is a mellowness and sense of relaxation in the air as mankind enjoys the last of the summer sun and the fruits of his toil. Librans too are among the most civilized of the twelve zodiacal characters and are often good looking. They have elegance, charm and good taste, are naturally kind, very gentle, and lovers of beauty, harmony (both in music and social living) and the pleasures that these bring.





Attending a big social event gives you a chance to forget your troubles. At times, you become so focused on a problem the rest of the world falls away. When this happens, you need to take a few steps back and take a look at the big picture. Whatever you’re struggling with, you have friends who are poised to help. Whether this assistance takes the form of money, advice, or just sympathetic ears is immaterial. The important thing is to reach out.

Taking the helm of a bureaucratic agency appeals to your love of order. You’re able to institute practical methods that will save time, money, and aggravation. Critics will accuse you of being big headed, but it’s only because they resent change. Be open to suggestions from the rank and file, as they’re the ones who are forced to deal with problems on a daily basis. If you stay focused, you can save your employer enough money to launch new initiatives.

Mythology adds a welcome splash of colour to your life. You’ve always had an active imagination. It becomes stifled when you’re forced to deal with mundane matters all the time. Grant yourself a release by reading a science fiction novel or studying ancient belief systems. You’ll soon be transported to another world where anything is possible. If you need suggestions on what to read, ask your local librarian. They will be happy to direct you to some good books.

A loan or gift of money will fall into your lap, quite unexpectedly. Take this opportunity to pamper yourself. Buying yourself an expensive gadget or new wardrobe runs contrary to your cautious instincts, but sometimes you need to be extravagant. Too often, you spend your hard earned money on other people’s welfare. Now it’s time to indulge your own needs. If you’ve been feeling a little frumpy, perk yourself up with a top to toe makeover.





It feels as though you can read a loved one’s mind right now. The two of you share a passion for art, culture, and music. Take this opportunity to plan a trip together. Visiting a city known for its museums and hotspots will be a welcome break for you both. If you’re single, there’s a good chance you’ll be engaged by the end of this trip. If you’re in a relationship, prepare for your partner to give you a beautiful token of their affection.

At long last, you have a chance to relax and unwind. Take the day off work, postpone chores for another time, or hire a babysitter. Devote this time to your pleasure. This could involve something active, like running through the park, or curling up and taking a long nap. Whatever you want is fine, so long as it allows you to put your worries aside. If you’re unemployed, you could get a job after volunteering at a charitable institution.

This isn’t the first time you’ve put a loved one on a pedestal. You’ve always felt a need to set your amour apart from the crowd in some way. Fairy tale ideals are all well and good, until reality comes crashing in. Fortunately, it looks like the air is suffused with pixie dust right now. Going on an idyllic holiday with your lover will only deepen your love for one another. If you’re single, head off for a resort in the mountains. You might meet someone special there.

One of the nice things about spending time with family is that you don’t need to explain yourself all the time. Your relatives know where you’re coming from, and will anticipate your reaction to exciting news. When you’re faced with a thrilling transition, you need a little private time to process the information. Nobody will be insulted if you go off on your own. You can always join the party later. Right now, you need to have a little peace and quiet.





Ideas for creative projects are flooding your brain. Lyrics, melodies, and images won’t wait; you need to capture them before they leave your head altogether. If that means asking to take the day off work, so be it. Probably you can write, record, or sketch these brainstorms on scrap paper in a few short minutes, then return to your duties. The important thing is to seize inspiration when it first hits, so you can return to it later, when you have time to develop these brainstorms.

Donating your time, money, or both to a charitable institution is a good impulse. Normally, you’re focused on the material world. The idea of giving away resources is repugnant to you. Deep down inside you’re a very generous person. Sharing your wealth with those who are less fortunate will be emotionally fulfilling. You can’t be happy when others are suffering. Choose a cause close to your heart and then support it in any way you can.

You’re very sensitive to your surroundings, so be careful about the company you keep. Pessimists can darken your outlook, causing you to expect the worst. Steer clear of gloomy people, even if it means going solo. As a general rule, you’re a pretty upbeat person. If left to your own devices, you’ll keep an eye out for exciting opportunities. Pretty soon, you’ll detect a chance to make a childhood dream come true. It’s not too late to take up a musical instrument!

Pay careful attention to your dreams. They are trying to tell you something about a domestic situation. Over the past few weeks, you haven’t been sure about whether you should move, get a roommate, or do some renovations. Your subconscious has very definite ideas about what you should do. By tuning into it, you won’t go wrong. It’s time to make a change, but take care you don’t break the bank while doing so. You can transform your life without going broke.

By Philip Garcia - 36

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Inurbe fincas

Beautiful detached country house with pool, located in a mountain area with stunning views. Low maintenance gardens. 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, fitted kitchen, lounge/diner with beamed ceilings & fireplace. Lots of extras including security grills, telephone, satellite TV etc. 10 minutes from all amenities.

257,500 €

c/ San Rafael, 11 03318 La Murada Alicante,


Contact: José Ramon Office/fax: 966 779 788 679 951 140 (Español) 699 457 387 (English) Ref 02002 NEW HONDON - ALICANTE




Detached country villa requiring completion. When finished – 3 beds, 2 baths, lounge/diner, kitchen. Large underbuild. Elevated location with lovely views. 10 mins from the centre of Hondon. 2 Build: 180 m 2 € 129,700 Plot: 5,300 m

Rustic style detached country house with high beamed ceilings. 3 beds, 2 baths, fitted kitchen, lounge/diner with fireplace. Enclosed gardens with auto entry system. 5 minutes from the centre of town. 2 Build: 180 m € 258,500

Spacious refurbished country house with 2 kitchens, 2 lounges, interior patio, BBQ. Roof terrace. Annexe with bedroom, bath, kitchen. Peaceful location, 5 mins from town. 2 Build: 295 m 2 € 147,400 Plot: 210 m

Modernised semi detached country house with scope for extension. 2 beds, bath, lounge/diner, fitted kitchen, interior patio. A/C, C/H, security grills. Peaceful location. 5 mins from town. 2 Build: 160 m 2 € 122,000 Plot: 400 m





Country house with pool. 3 beds, 2 baths, lounge/diner, sun room, fitted kitchen including appliances. Solar heating for water, Oil C/H. Telephone. Walking distance of town. 2 Build: 168 m 2 Plot: 500 m € 148,000

Fully furnished detached house with pool in a popular area within walking distance of town. 2 beds, 2 baths, lounge/diner, fitted kitchen. A/C. Underbuild, terrace, solarium with storage room. 2 Build: 175 m 2 € 165,000 Plot: 202 m

Detached country house with pool, tennis court, stables, tack room, feeding room. Large plot. 4 beds, 2 baths, lounge/diner, kitchen, utility. Separate apartment with bed and bath. Workshop. 2 Build: 405 m 2 € 197,000 Plot: 11,500 m

Detached country house with enclosed gardens & pool. 2 beds, bath, lounge/diner, fitted kitchen. Separate annexe with 2 beds, bath. Store. Telephone/internet. Sold fully furnished. 2 Build: 249 m 2 € 185,000 Plot 889 m




Ref 01993 BENFERRI

Detached country villa with pool. Enclosed gardens with auto irrigation. 3 beds, 2 baths, lounge/diner, fitted kitchen with appliances. C/H, A/C, Sat TV, security grills, flyscreens. 2 porches, garage. 5 mins from town. 2 Build: 173 m 2 Plot: 2,221 m € 226,000

Fully furnished detached country house with pool. 2 beds, bath, lounge/diner, fitted kitchen. Private access to first floor with bed, bath and kitchen. A/C. Terrace, spacious porch. 10 mins from town. 2 Build: 150 m 2 Plot: 60 m € 139,000

Beautiful, fully legal, detached villa with pool. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, lounge/diner, fitted & equipped kitchen. Large porch with lovely views. Enclosed gardens. Good location, 5 mins walk from town. 2 Build: 148 m 2 Plot: 1,500 m € 148,500

Very large detached country house with pool. 9 beds, 2 baths. Scope to provide more beds & baths. 2 lounges, luxury fitted kitchen. Ideal for use as B & B. Solarium with views to the mountains. Only 5 mins from the town. 2 Build: 204 m 2 Plot: 1,185 m € 241,700

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SERVICE OF REMEMBRANCE In front of the Parochial Church of St Peter, Pinoso The Hondón Valley plays the old Kentish game of “Bat and Trap” Members of the Hondón Valley Branch of The Royal British Legion enjoyed an interesting day playing the old Kentish game of Bat and Trap. We were lucky to have several expert players in the form of family members of our Poppy Appeal Organiser, Tony. The pitch was unlike any our experts had previously experienced, as it was the dusty uneven floor of a large warehouse on an industrial estate and needed to be swept before we could play! However it was great fun and there is now talk of setting up a league. The winning team – shown in the photo – romped away with the runs even though they didn’t have a level grassy pitch. Chris Wyatt – Branch Vice Chairman is seen holding the wooden trap. At the end of the game lunch was taken in the restaurant next door and money raised from the event went to this year’s Poppy Appeal. Anyway interested in coming along to the Branch meetings, or joining the Bat ‘n Trap League, can tel our secretary on 677 376 770 or secretary.hondonvalley3577@gmail. com. We meet the third Tuesday of each month at Restaurante Monte Alto, Polígono Industrial, Hondón de las Nieves starting at 7 p.m. for 7.30 p.m. For information about our forthcoming Food Fayre, Poppy Ball and Remembrance Service, as well as other social events, please go to branches/hondon-valley or contact the Secretary

The “MEMORABLE ORDER OF TIN HATS” The MOTHS, is an ex service personal organisation which revolves around the three ideals of true comradeship, mutual help , and sound memory, the idea of the order is to help fellow comrades in need and to remember all service personal who have answered the sun set call both in war and peace time. The Senor old Bill Costa Blanca Region the Old Bill La Foia Shell hole would like to thank the R.B.L Northern Spain for hi lighting the need for ex military Association in Spain to help with services personal who find they cannot cope with life in Spain. The Two Moths old bill’s and the La Foia shell hole would like to thank all who came along to the table top sale held at bar El Parque Onil and to all who attended the first shell meeting, The Old Bill’s and members would like to give special thanks to Brian and Ally better known as Starlight Illusions for a great nights entertainment. The next meeting of the MOTHS will be held at the La Foia Shell Hole on Nov 03-11-2010 at 1930hrs All Ex Service Personal are welcome to remember all who have answered the call. For further information

contact Senor Old Bill Tel 654646453 or E mail old.bill.moths@, La Fioa Old Bill Tel Land line 965-565-591. REMEMBER TO GET YOUR POPPY


To be held on SUNDAY 14 NOVEMBER 2010 At 12:15 p.m. Music during and after the service by Unión Lírica Pinosense Registered Charity No. 219279

(Spanish NIF G53055539 - N.A 4784)

“POPPIES IN SWINGTIME” A great concert planned to support the Poppy Appeal 2010. With our best local, international musicians providing a programme of music from the Era of Swing. Venue is the Casa de Cultura in Alfaz del Pi on Tuesday October 19 at 20.00 hrs. We can promise you an evening full of surprises, you will be thoroughly entertained and as the proceeds will be donated to the Poppy Appeal for welfare purposes you will be helping the community as well. Tickets are just 10 euros each and can be obtained from Mary Boutique of Alfaz or to make it really easy you can book your seats by telephone or e.mail and collect the tickets on the door before the show! If you get answer phone just leave your name and phone number and we will get back to you to confirm. Mary: 96 588 9912 Pam: 96 686 0735 email

“On With The Show”

will be performed at The Cardenal Belluga Theatre, San Fulgencio on 15th October at 20.00. Doors open at 19.30 Don’t miss the companies rendition of “I’ve got Rhythm”, played with some unusual instruments. All ticket sales for this show will go to S.E.M the local ambulance service to provide equipment for the new ambulance So far the group have donated €6.000 to Local Charities in the area. Tickets are available at 8 euros, from Liz on 966797983 or Maria on 966715891. Come along be entertained, see some fantastic dance routines and very colourful costumes. And most of all enjoy a good laugh.

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Costa Blanca

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Tel: 965 474 314 • Mob: 675 218 436 •

FAB properties • FAB prices • FAB service

Sax - Ref: ff0557

Caudete - Ref: ff0545

Townhouse for renovation 85m2 in size 2 storeys Close to town centre

Finca with separate guest accommodation 5 beds, 3 baths Swimming pool Good rental income Only 240,000 euros

Bargain - only 29,999 euros

Sax - Ref: ff0529

Agost - Ref: ff0500

Sax - Ref: ff0554 Large house in hamlet for renovation. Good business opportunity, 220m2 build size with 60m2 courtyard. Fantastic views Excellent price Only 59,000 euros.

Salinas - Ref: ff0549

Sax - Ref: ff0311 Country finca 3 beds, 1 bath 2000m2 plot Lovely position Reduced - now 136,000 euros

Sax - Ref: ff0553

Townhouse in need of finishing 3 beds, 1 bath Most work completed Roof terrace

Fantastic villa 4 beds, 2 baths Orange grove & outbuildings Excellent condition

Townhouse with separate accommodation. 4 beds, 2.5 baths Many original features Terrace

Large cortijo for renovation 10 beds 1 bath 100m2 bodega Valenciano beams

Great price - just 48,000 euros.

Price 257,500 euros.

Very well priced at 125,000 euros.

Bargain price - 135,000 euros.

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Things British people below Retirement age should know by Rob Innis

The following is reproduced with permission of the British Consular Network, Spain. For more information, it is advisable to attend one of their frequent road shows or visit their web sites. Last month we printed the information for retired persons. This is a basic introduction to your pension, benefit and healthcare entitlements whilst in Spain. It is not a comprehensive guide and is designed to encourage you to find out more. The facts below have a letter at the end to direct you to the appropriate organisation, listed below, for further information. Do not forget, you will also find a wealth of information on their website http://www. 1. Integration is the key to ensuring you receive all the assistance you are entitled to in Spain. If you live here, you should make sure you find out what financial or social help the Spanish authorities can give you. (e) 2. If you are resident in Spain and have ever worked here, you should apply for your pension and any benefits through the INSS - the Spanish social security office. (e) 3. However, if you have never worked in Spain, you should apply to the International Pension Centre (IPC). (b) 4. You may be entitled to a Spanish pension if you have worked just one year in Spain, providing you have worked a total of at least 15 years in any EEA country. (e) 5. You can get certain UK benefits such as Employment Support Allowance, Disability Living Allowance and Bereavement Benefit in Spain. (b) 6. Provided you are registered on the padron, you may be able to access a wide range of services, assistance and means-tested benefits through social services. (g)

USEFUL CONTACTS a) UK Public Services all in one place

7. If you lose your job you could be eligible for Spanish unemployment benefit, even if you have only worked here for a short period of time. Make sure you include details of previous work in the UK on your application form to get your full benefit entitlement. (f)

b) Department for Work and Pensions International Pension Centre - 0044 191 218 7777 UK pension &benefit enquiries

8. Find out more about the UK Pension Reform Act if you will reach State Pension Age on or after 6th April 2010. (a)

c) Department of Health Overseas Healthcare Team - 0044 191 218 1999 E121, E106, UK-issued EHIC

9. If you have ever worked in the UK, you may be able to pay voluntary National Insurance contributions there for any year in the previous 6 years where you have not previously made sufficient contributions. These will count towards your pension. (d) 10. You and your dependants will be entitled to free healthcare from Spain if you are working and paying social security contributions here. (e) 11. If you are not working in Spain and have moved here recently, you may be able to access healthcare for a limited period on an E106 form. (c) 12. If you are resident in Spain but are on a low income and unable to get healthcare in any of the ways described above, you may be entitled to healthcare through social services under ‘sin recursos’. (g) 13. If you are resident in the UK and in Spain on a temporary basis, you can use your UK issued EHIC to access necessary treatment from the State health system while abroad. Please note: the UK EHIC does not cover routine or planned treatment in Spain. (c) 14. If you intend to return to the UK permanently, you should de-register with the relevant Spanish authorities before you go and be aware that you will have to prove your residency before you can apply for UK means-tested benefits. This is called the Habitual Residency Test.(a) 15. You must inform the International Pension Centre of any change in circumstance, including change of address, within 28 days. (b)


d) HM Revenue and Customs 0044 191 203 7010- Pension Forecast, Voluntary Contributions 0044 151 210 2222 - Tax, Residence enquiries e) Instituto Nacional de la Seguridad Social 900 166 565 - Spanish pension & benefit entitlement, Spanish-issued EHIC f) Servicio Publico de Empleo Estatal 901 119999 - Spanish unemployment benefit g) Spanish Social Services Instituto de Mayores y Servicios Sociales 901 109899 - general information on social care, means-tested benefits For detailed information on means-tested benefits, home help and more, contact the social worker at your local town hall. For information on ‘sin recursos’ healthcare, contact the social worker at your health centre.

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We can offer you advice on the following: 5 year GUARANTEED QUARTERLY INCOME BOND* £8.50% & €8.50% - 100% Capital Protected with 50% downside STUDENT ACCOMMODATION FUNDS* Returns of over 10% per annum not correlated with the Equity Markets INCOME BOND FUND* 7% STERLING or 6% EURO 12 MONTH TERM OTHER GUARANTEED & PROTECTED PLANS AVAILABLE QROPS – How Flexible is your UK Pension? Take the Test *All of the above investments are held in Spanish Compliant Portfolio Life Bond Independent Financial Advisers

WorldWideBroker is the leading Expat Financial Advisory Practice in the Netherlands and we are now in Spain, offering quality, regulated and insured advice to Expats living in Costa Blanca, Costa Calida, Murcia and Inland. We specialise in aiming to helping expatriates maximise their finances and plan for a comfortable future, whilst living abroad.

Local Office -Tel. 968 686 271

Email :

Fax. 968 686 271


Spain Head Office: WorldWideBroker Spain, Calle Bautista Bertomeu Sober 1-3-5, 1a Planta, Oficina 40, 03183 Torrevieja, Alicante Regulated by The Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets No 12017370 and Passported by EU regulations into Spain through the DGS.

RATS Following the success of their first production (“Running Wild”) in March this year Romana Amateur Theatre Society (RATS) are presenting a variety show featuring music, comedy sketches and a touch of magic! This second production is produced by Frank Bishop and involves most of the members in one way or another. This multi talented group is represented by all ages and several nationalities. The show entitled “Laughter, The Best Medicine” takes place at the Casa De Cultura La Romana on Friday 15th & Saturday 16th October at 8.p.m. Tickets priced at € 5 per person are available from outlets in La Romana, Hondon De Las Nieves & Hondon De Los Frailes and from members of the society. Refreshments will be available before the show and during the interval. “RATS” welcomes your support as all proceeds go to local charities.


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and with over 100 different doors from which to choose from as little as 11.50€ a door, you’ll have no trouble finding something to suit your needs. Because they know a thing or two out the business they are there to help and advise you, whether you are looking to fit one unit or an entire kitchen.

So, whether you are looking for that brand new, Ever dreamt of smartening up your kitchen but couldn’t individually designed dream kitchen installed by their face the drama of fighting with the language barrier? English speaking fitters or supply only if you prefer to Stop dreaming – your worries are over! fit it yourself or perhaps you simply want to smarten up your existing kitchen by replacing the doors or Kitchens Plus 1, is here to help you solve your worktops, why not give them a call on 968 184 235 or problems. email Kitchens Plus 1 is a small family business and proprietors Philip and Derrian Beech can boast over 20 years experience selling fitted kitchens in the UK. They pride themselves on taking interest in every job, no matter how small.

They are based in San Pedro del Pinatar and are only a short drive from the mud baths of the Mar Menor a great place to spend an afternoon after buying a kitchen, or go on a Monday & visit the local market. They are easily found just off junction 774 of the AP7 Torrevieja/ Cartagena motorway about 100m diagonally opposite They moved to Spain a few years ago to chill out but Lidl. The showroom is open Monday - Friday from it wasn’t long before they were back selling kitchens 9.30am - 2.30pm. E-mail: • Web site:


URBAN(ization) LIFE

TIM Magazine™ I live on an urbanization. Somebody has to, as Bill Bryson would say. I’ve actually lived on one here in Spain longer than I’ve lived anywhere before in my life, so it can’t be that bad. Actually, I’m being deliberately downbeat, it’s great and I’ll tell you why. Everything is within walking distance, in preparation for my retirement. Hang on, though - I have retired, sort of - how time flies when you’re having fun… where was I? Oh yes, staggering distance, now that I’m getting old(er). My bank, supermarkets, shops, parks, bars and restaurants, I can walk to them all – what more could anyone want? I don’t even have to get the car out to access all the above (and moan about the latest increase in petrol).

This then leads me nicely onto walking – and exercise. This is essential now as I’m getting old(er), and I’m definitely not going to join a gym – can’t stand the Lycra. There are a few slopes on our urb, up and down, and a very short steep one nearby we locals call ‘Cardiac Hill’, for obvious reasons. But that’s good really because once you’ve mastered it - always assuming you make it the first time, of course - every time you reach the summit it’s become a little easier than the last. I’m sure I read somewhere you’re supposed to put the old ticker to the test every so often so that when the real thing does happen it can cope – attack-wise, I mean cheerful, aren’t I? So go ahead, find yourselves a short, sharp incline near you, preferably upwards and try it. Let me know how you get on. I’ll come and visit you, honest… What worries me a bit here though, is when some of my British tribe are so beastly to each other (great word that, beastly - very Anglo-Saxon). You have only to pick up your weekly copy of the EuroCoastreader to read the letters (and some of the replies) to make you think twice about your fellow countrymen. Before you realise it you then start regionalising – you know, playing that game when it dawns on you that ‘they’

– the writers - come from a different part of the UK to you, and you can deduce that due to the spelling and grammar displayed that they hardly went to school at all - and if they did paid little attention. Why do they always assume everybody else talks like they do, in slang vernacular – awight, mate? Know what I mean? And another thing, while I’m ascending my soap box - why can’t people spell anymore? Could they ever? I know, dyslexia rules, KO... but even in newspapers and magazines (this one excepted) the spelling is atrocious. Please don’t get me started on signs in shop windows! See, I’m being beastly to those affected already. Left, right, centre? That sounds like your military marching commands. I received lots of them many years ago when Pontius was a pilot, yes sir, been there, saluted it, and got the coarse clothing rash. No, what I meant was - where are your Spanish politics? I don’t believe I am particularly political, but last time, four years ago I think, I voted for one of those local European centre-ish, we’llsort-‘em-out-here urb-based parties, you know the sort; perhaps you belong to one. Well, that party I’m referring to has now disappeared up its own manifesto in disarray, leaving me wondering now if it’s not best to leave running Spain to the Spanish. What do you think? Yes, I know about land-grabs and houses built on the wrong type of land, and that needs sorting, but just think of this. If ‘back home’ a group of – erm – let’s say East Europeans decided to band together and try to vote themselves in and take over the running of your manor, guv (see, I’m regionalising again) what do you think would happen? Strife in the streets? Trouble in towns? Rumble in the Jungle? I think it would cause big trouble, but that’s what some of our own countrymen advocate here. So, for me, just at the moment, that’s where I am; in favour of leaving it to the incumbent nationals. One of the other good points of living on the urb is that this is a very cosmopolitan place to live. Why, I have French, German, Swedish, Spanish – oh and even English neighbours – and the good news is that all we Europeans get on bien, gracias. But if regionalities differ greatly in the UK, they’ve got nothing on national trends and habits here in paradise. Anyone remember Terry in the The Likely Lads? Very un PC-like today, he labelled the nationalities according to such idiosyncrasies as barmiest, loudest, racist, most aggressive/offensive, smelliest, best-natured, friendliest etc –. I’m tempted to have a go, what do you think? Maybe next time, eh? See you next month… By John McGregor


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FUN PAGE JOKES Halloween Q. What do goblins and ghosts drink when they’re hot and thirsty on Halloween? A. Ghoul-aid!!! Q. What is a Mummie’s favorite type of music? A. Wrap!!!!! Q. Why do demons and ghouls hang out together? A. Because demons are a ghouls best friend! Q. What’s a monster’s favorite bean? A. A human bean. Q. What did the skeleton say to the vampire? A. You suck. Q. Why did the ghost go into the bar? A. For the Boos. Q. Why didn’t the skeleton dance at the party? A. He had no body to dance with. Q. Where does Count Dracula usually eat his lunch? A. At the casketeria. Q. What happens when a ghost gets lost in the fog? A. He is mist.



1,3 Resentment (4,8) 3 See 1 8 Lacking interest (4) 9 Answer (8) 11 Undecided (2,3,5) 14 Silver State (6) 15 Annoying small animals or insects (6) 17 In ecstasy (10) 20 Shout or song in praise of God (8) 21 Narrow valley with a stream (4) 22,23 Work performed voluntarily without hope of material reward (6,2,4) 23 See 22

18 Roman fortification across Britain (8,4) 2 Family member (8) 4 Relating to sexual desire (6) 5 Washing establishment (10) 6 Unworldly (4) 7,13 Unnecessary fuss (4,3,5) 10 Old bouncer (anag) (6,4) 12 Oil alarm (anag) — Texas city (8) 13 See 7 16 Gambling establishment (6) 18 See 1 19 Bludgeon (4)

Q. Where did the goblin throw the football? A. Over the ghoul line.


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Alicante - Four Art Exhibitions and a Catalogue by Malcolm Thompson BEd(Hons)

Remember the summer? In Alicante the Ayuntamiento, The Diputacion de Alicante, The Bancaja Cultural and MUBAG put on some very good summer exhibitions. All free and all air conditioned of course. Starting with the noblest structure, the art exhibition in the Palace de Diputacion, near the railway station. This was without doubt excellent. Firstly, the entrance to the exhibition floor was in through the main gates and up through the front doors. Imposing just doesn’t describe it. Inside is the newly acquired collection of modern art on display to the public for the first time. It has to be said that there were some outstandingly accomplished pieces that grabbed ones attention immediately. Not only that, myself and friends were presented with a beautifully photographed catalogue free. Were we impressed? Of course we were. With the art, the building, the kindness and attention we were shown and the fabulous catalogue. Onwards to the Picasso exhibition at the Bancaja Cultural Centre on the Rambla Mendez Nunez. Now, I know not everyone is a Picasso fan and some of his work can be hard to fathom. The pictures in this exhibition were from his workshop in La Californie near Cannes, 1955-1960, not noted as his best years, and yes, it was hard to empathize with some of the concepts. One of the problems with Picasso is that you have to be aware of the whole cannon of his work before you can appreciate small, isolated parts of it. Nevertheless, we came, we saw, and formed our own opinion ‘first hand’ so to speak. However, I was more than a little miffed on an earlier visit to find that the audio guide was in Spanish only, argggh! Surely the Bancaja with its immense resources could organise a multi-lingual electronic guide. Needless to say, I was at pains to point this out to them. A few days later my wife and I spent another half day in Alicante. This time at the MUBAG and the Municipal Centre for the Arts, Plaza Quijano. MUBAG can always be relied on to produce a breathtaking exhibition and this was no exception. Titled ‘Modern Alicante, 1900-1960’. This exhibition is intended as a tribute to the artists of the golden age of culture in Alicante. It brings together nearly 234 works including paintings, texts, documents, photographs and films. If you are interested in what Spain was like fifty to sixty years ago this event was a ‘must see’. It is the second floor of the MUBAG that houses temporary exhibitions and is indisputably a most expertly lit and sympathetically hung first rate gallery. Finally, oh dear me, ‘100 Alicante Artists’ at the ‘Municipal Centre for the Arts’. Plaza Quijano. At any exhibition of art, blobs of blu-tak on the walls and a flattened cardboard box on the floor to catch the drips from a leaking roof are a strict no-no! Along with piles of boxes being stored on a deserted stage presented a somewhat shabby experience for the dedicated art lover. However, the day was saved by some good art. There were a few good pictures, some outstanding. All by local artists and in a wide variety of media. The exhibition will be organised in two shifts. The first shift ended in mid September and by the time you read this the second shift of fifty pictures will be in place. Ignore the setting, just go and look at the pictures and be bowled over by the skill of local artists. It is worth a visit despite the surroundings. To all art lovers who read this, I make a plea; get out there and go to the events. Alicante, Murcia and the surrounding areas are buzzing with artists and exhibitions of all descriptions. If you’re not sure where to look for upcoming events Google this: Alacalle - agenda cultural de Alicante. TTFN, 50

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On-Site Repairs

Maintenance / Sales

20 € (+iva) per hour

Individual Websites: Sell Your House / Promote Your Business Computers Repaired and Upgraded; Sales; Training Sax, Alicante STEVE: 966 967 439 or 650 354 629


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*Daytrips,longweekends,etc… Alltripswithenglishspeakingguide. *Alltripswithenglishspeakingguide. *Wecanhelpyoutoorganizeyourcoachtoursor tryourpreͲarrangedtours. *Takeadvantageofgroupbookingssowecan p f y ( p p ) passallthebenefitsontoyou(min45people). *ForOctober:daytriptoMurcia,visittingthemost importantplacesofthecity,75euros(guide,lunch, drinks,tapasandflamencoshowincluded).

1º Day: Place of Origin –Marina D´or:

The g group p will meet at the p place p previously y agreed. g Departure p to Marina D´or. Arrival to the hotel for lunch. After that you will have a free time in Marina D,or. Come back to the hotel for dinner and accommodation.

2º Day:Vall D´uxó Coves- Marina D´or:

After to have breakfast, you will visit the San Jose Coves. Come back hotel for l h and lunch d free f time ti to t enjoy j Marina M i D,or. D The Th leisure l i zone is i the th star t off the th Marina d'Or seawater spa. We recommend the following thalasso-thermal k Large main swimming pool with hydromassage beds, neck massage jets, swan neck jets, jacuzzis and infra-red light, saunas.

3º Day: Oceanographic (Valencia) – Place of Origin: Breakfast in the hotel and after departure to Valencia where you will visit The Oceanographic of the City of Arts and Sciences is the largest aquarium in Europe p y and contains representatives of the world’s main marine ecosystems. Each building is identified with the following aquatic environments: the Mediterranean, Wetlands, Temperate and Tropical Seas, Oceans, the Antarctic, the Arctic, Islands, and the Red Sea. Next the Group will have lunch in a restaurant and departure at place of origin.


C/AngelBruna,34bajo 30.203ͲCartagenaMURCIA TLFO:968.10.36.54EͲ CIMUͲ198m

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Interview with

DirkJan Ranzijn by Clare Lawrence DirkJan Ranzijn, is a professional organ player. He also takes professional pictures at circuses. Dirk is Dutch, but he also speaks English fluently and also German. Dirk was born in the town of Alkmaar, in Holland in 1968. I am going to delve into the World of Dirk and find out how he got started doing what he loves, where he has travelled to for both work and pleasure and what he does in his down time. Did you grow up in Alkmaar as well as being born there Dijk? I was been born in Alkmaar in 1968 and grew up not far from where I am living now, it’s in the heart of Alkmaar, which is a very picturesque, touristic town. When did you first show an interest in music? When I was about 5 years old I started to show an interest in show business generally, at that age I knew I wanted to be in the performing arts, but I never thought I would end up playing the organs/multi Keyboards on stage. Was the organ the first instrument that you played on? When I was about 10 years old I saw a little children’s keyboard in the window shop of a toy shop and I fell in love with it, I put it on my wishing list for Christmas and guess what?...... I got it...and there it was; the love for the keyboards/organs was born! I have noticed that a lot of Dutch people have a very good command of the English language too. When did you first start to learn English? When I was about 14 years old, we had English at the schools and it’s great that many youngsters now days speak English. What helps is that we don’t synchronize English speaking TV shows/series, we subtitle it, and so everyone hears it in English and reads what it means in Dutch. Do you think that your family being so into music influenced you in your love of music? Yes, definitely!! I have many members of my family working in the music/showbiz scene, and my mum was an amateur singer, singing in musicals and choirs, the love for music has been there all the time. It must be wonderful, having a job that is also your passion, as many people strive to achieve this, but never get that far. How do you think you have achieved this? To succeed in this business you need to be totally dedicated. In the beginning, when you just start performing, you need to accept all kind of gigs, from birthday party’s to wedding parties, etc... 54

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Costa Blanca In this day and age, lots of youngsters want to start at the top, not many are prepared to start at the bottom and learn how to present themselves, how to perform. With all the talent shows on television, youngsters are a star overnight, not knowing how to handle it, that’s why not many are successful. It’s difficult to lead a normal life in this business. That’s one of those things you have to accept, it’s difficult to keep up a relationship when you are on the road all the time, etc… What do you do in your down time, away from working? I always say that I’m leading two different lives. My main thing is my career in the music of course, but my other life is completely dedicated to the wonderful world of the Circus. Since my Father took me to the circus when I was 5 years of age I got infected by this ‘Circus Virus’ and never got rid of it. I’m very much involved in the European Circus scene as a photographer, doing lots of shootings for circuses, artists, acts, etc.... Seeing about 25 to 30 circuses a year, writing articles for the Dutch Circus Magazine and doing photo shootings as well for the UK Circus Association, 5 big circus web sites and I shoot for a Circus Agency in Rotterdam. Where have you travelled for work? I did, and still do, concerts in: Holland, Belgium, England, Wales, Scotland, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, and Poland. When you play on the organ, is it a solo performance or do you play with others too? It is a totally solo performance. A concert of 2 hours with 30 minutes interval. I have performed together with lots of Dutch Musical stars which were great and maybe we will do something again in the future, you never know. When did you first start playing the organ professionally? When I was 15 years old I gave my first concert in Holland. It was a charity concert for the Arthritis sufferers and it was fantastic!! From that moment on I wanted to be professional, so I took the jump. Thanks so much Dirk for taking the time out to answer these questions! Good luck in all you do, both with the organ playing and the circus photography!

“ Get on yer bike.” Monthly cycling tips / advice and routes. by Gary and Lynn “Cyclogical” Quesada. Route 2 Quesada to Torrevieja Marina/Beach. (15km each way) Leave Quesada by the Arches, go round the large roundabout and come off onto the cycle track, which runs along the side of the dual carriageway towards Torrevieja. Follow the cycle track until you come to the third roundabout, turn right towards Los Montesinos and cycle for 300metres on the road before turning left onto the old Railway line (just before the garden centre on the corner). Follow this track all the way to Torrevieja. About 1km along there is a cycle parking area and seats under a couple of trees and the views are fantastic. You can lock your bikes here and walk down to the edge of the Salt lakes and make snowballs with the salt. We have even seen people washing themselves in the water as the chemical content is supposed to be very good for you. After leaving here, follow the track that changes onto a paved path (the Verde Corridor). As you pass through La Siesta and San Luis follow this all the way until you come to the N332, which you cycle beneath. At this point you will see 2 newish buildings, one on each side, this is the old railway station and is now a museum for the Salt Lakes and well worth a look. 30 metres further on you will come to a main road. Stop at this road and look for the masts of the boats/ships etc. This is the Marina/ Beach area. You will have to cycle or walk through the streets and just head for the boats. There are plenty of restaurants and bars to choose in this area and some great Tapas Bars to satisfy your needs before retracing your tracks for your return journey. Next month: The helmet law and the cyclist. Gary and Lynn are available at Cyclogical Monday to Friday 9.30am-5.30pm and from 10am-2pm on Saturdays to assist and advise you on the right size, shape and type of cycle to suit you and for all your cycling needs including route maps. So look after your body’s health and wellbeing and “GET ON YER BIKE”.

You can contact Dirk at: or You can find out more about Dirk at his website at: Also, you can check out his amazing circus photography at: For bookings, please contact: or see the website at: E-mail: • Web site:


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Spanish Coffee By Gayle Hartley


he Spanish love their coffee and it is as much a part of everyday life as tapas or wine. A normal day for any typical Spaniard will always begin with a coffee served with hot milk. Similarly the day ends after the evening meal with a strong espresso style coffee served in a tiny glass or cup with lots of sugar. Throughout the day more cups will be consumed served in a variety of different ways in a range of different sized glasses or cups. Few countries can equal the variety and quality of the Spanish coffee and the secret to this is primarily in the bean. Spanish coffee is roasted and blended in a unique way resulting in a robust, smooth, full bodied cup every time. Excellent quality raw beans are always used and the two main blends produced are natural and mezcla, the latter being the hallmark of Spanish coffee. Mezcla blends are a result of the ‘torrefacto’ process which means that a small proportion of the raw beans, usually about 20% - 30% are ‘sugar sprayed’ with a fi ne mist of sugar before roasting. The glazed beans are then added to the other beans and slowly roasted where the sugar is burnt off leaving a dark roasted bean with a hint of caramel to create a deep rich coffee without any hint of bitterness. The beans are then used whole, or ground exceptionally fi ne as is always the case with Spanish ground coffees. Once the beans are roasted and ground there are a variety of different blends to choose from for use in the home ranging from 20/80% torrefacto / natural blends, to 50/50% and 100% blends, each with their own unique taste. The roasting of the beans and the blending is only just the beginning however. There is no better way to experience the true beauty of Spanish coffee than to sit a while in a traditional Spanish bar, take in the atmosphere, experience the aromas and try a real cup of Spanish coffee for yourself which is always freshly made and piping hot. Such is the social institution of coffee drinking in Spain, you can almost never go into a bar and ask for only a coffee as there are so many ways to drink it and each serving seems to have a style of glass all on its own. Café solo is the basis for all Spanish coffees. It is a small strong black coffee served in a small glass, popular at around 11am when workers come into bars for the main breakfast of the day. If you like black coffee and feel the solo may be a bit too strong, then try a café Americano which although not traditionally Spanish, is similar to a café solo but served in a larger glass or cup with a bit more water. Café con leche is the next most popular way to drink coffee, especially as the fi rst cup of the day. It is half café solo and half hot milk and can be served in a small glass or a tall thin glass.

them make it in Spanish bars where the milk is poured into a small metal jug and rapidly heated to a lovely froth with the steam from the espresso machine. Another variation on the coffee with milk is a café cortado, in this case a strong black coffee with only a drop of milk. Café sombra or manchado is also coffee with milk but this time largely milk with only a dash of coffee. The names sombra and manchado mean shade and stained respectively and signifi es the milk is shaded or stained with only a small amount of coffee. A truly delightful Spanish coffee is the café carajillo and if you watch it being served correctly, it is a pleasure in itself. A very small glass is used and into it goes a dash of brandy with a small glass of café solo waiting. The bartender then sets fi re to the brandy and with a teaspoon, spoons the brandy slowly up out of the glass before letting it drop back down again and this is repeated for a minute or so. When the alcohol has suffi ciently burned off, the café solo is poured into the glass resulting in a perfect morning tipple especially on cold days. The more rustic variety of this is regularly seen most mornings in bars where a café solo is served with a dash of brandy, aniseed, rum or whisky and more fashionably, Baileys, Crema Catalana or a cream rum liqueur. There is, however nothing quite like a proper café carajillo which must be tried at least once in your lifetime. For those with a sweet tooth there is a type of café con leche called a café bombon which is a small glass of condensed milk into which a café solo is slowly poured. The drink remains separated half black and half white until it is mixed, lovely to look at and deliciously satisfying but not so good for the teeth! During the summer months there is of course the iced coffee or café con hielo. The proper way to drink this is to have a café solo or café con leche whichever you prefer, and a tall glass filled with ice cubes on the side. You should pour your coffee over the ice to drink it the Spanish way. For me the true beauty of Spanish coffee is that whichever way you drink it at whatever time of the day, you are always guaranteed to experience a great cup of coffee. It is not important where you drink your coffee, indeed the most rustic and world worn Spanish bars will often serve the best coffee. Coffee is part of the fabric of life in Spain and everyone from the poorest farmer to the wealthiest land owners have a right to enjoy a good quality coffee at a reasonable price and so do you and I!

The best thing about having coffee this way is watching


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Association of Locksmiths in Spain LOCKSMITHS Window & Shutter Locks Supplied & Fitted 24/7 Emergency Service All locksmith services carried out by fully trained members of the Association of Locksmiths in Spain. Also Locksmith training courses

Tel: 635 146 181

or visit

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Hondon Valley Golf Society


Maurice the Money came right back into form at Font Del Llop, the new course between Aspe and Monforte del Cid. He scored 35 points to win the Silver Section ahead of Tony Brewer and Judith Williams who both scored 29points to win Gold and Bronze Sections respectively. At the end of the day Maurice also won the Green Fee Refund Draw and pocketed €40. This difficult but beautifully laid out course has magnificent views wherever you look and proved very popular with the HVGS members who will be looking to play there more often. The staff is most welcoming and little touches like attaching the Society Name and tee times of individual fourballs to the buggies sets Font Del Llop apart. Out on the course a slight breeze and a mainly sunny day made for nigh on perfect golfing conditions. Seven fourballs worked hard to discover a course management strategy commensurate with success on a strange course being played for the first time by the majority of golfers. Picturesque water features and mammoth bunkers proved quite a challenge to the higher handicap players who lost a large number of golf balls between them. A 5,3,3,5 finish over the final four holes is an unusual finishing sequence and unlike any other course on the South Costa Blanca circuit. Back on the Clubhouse terrace Captain Bob welcomed guests Will Moro, Bill Ward, Clive Dalton and Terry Arthur and reflected on the positive feedback he had received from members expressing their liking for this new venue in the hills before presenting the prizes. Annual General Meeting Members are advised that the HVGS AGM will take place on Monday 22nd November at Bar Pepin, Hondon de los Frailes at 18.00 pm. All members are requested to attend. The following Officers will be elected by members’ ballot if required – Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Captain, Vice Captain and Handicap Secretary. Apart from the Secretary and Captain all other Officers are standing for re-election. The Constitution states that all nominations for the Committee are to be proposed by one HVGS member and seconded by one other HVGS member and submitted to the incumbent Secretary no later than 30 days before the AGM. Agenda items and any questions must be received by the Secretary no later than 30 days before the date of the meeting. Resolutions must be accompanied by a written (or electronic) supporting case, and the member moving the resolution shall normally be expected to attend the AGM to present the case and respond to questions. End of Season Presentation Dinner Dance Once again La Finca Restaurant, situated on the Urb Montanoso between the two Hondons, is the venue for the event on Friday 3rd December starting at 19.30 pm. A 3-course meal will be followed by the Presentation of Trophies. Tony M will provide the live musical entertainment. Tickets are available on Golf Days at €15 for members and first guest and €20 for non-members. Please contact the Captain for additional information, special dietary requirements or to reserve your tickets. Only 70 tickets on a first come, first served basis are available. Members can select their menu choices from the list that will be displayed on the board at Golf Days and at the AGM. Dress is smart casual please – Jacket and Tie for the gentlemen, Posh frocks for the ladies!

Forthcoming HVGS Golf Days and Other Events Tuesday 12th October | Alenda Meet 09.15 am in Clubhouse Tuesday 9th November | El Plantio Meet 09.30 am in Clubhouse Monday 22nd November | AGM Bar Pepin 18.00 pm in the Restaurant Friday 3rd December | La Finca Presentation Dinner Dance 19.30 pm Tuesday 7th December | Alicante Meet 09.15 am in Clubhouse Winners HVGS Stableford - Font Del Llop Wednesday 1st September 2010 Member


Prize Malt Whisky Malt Whisky Malt Whisky Terry’s Brandy Terry’s Brandy Terry’s Brandy Rioja Rioja Wine €20.00 Cash €40.00 Cash

For information on how to join HVGS contact the Acting Secretary, Les Goddard, on 670966670 or email lesarsenal@ . To reserve your place on the list for the Society Golf Days contact the Captain, Bob Watson, on 663316366 or e-mail

Stop Press Condolences and sympathy from all members of HVGS go out to Ron Tailford and his family on the sad loss of his wife Mildred who passed away in the North East of England on Saturday 11th September after a long illness.



Tony BREWER Gold Winner 29 Maurice MILLS Silver Winner 35 Judith WILLIAMS Bronze Winner 29 Bill WARD Nearest the Pin 8th Judith WILLIAMS Nearest the Pin 16th Cliff PARKINSON Nearest the Pin 17th Clive DALTON Longest Drive 5th Jim LYNCH Draw for Best Pair 55 and Will MORO Draw for Best Pair Rioja Will MORO Best Guest 29 Ron GRAHAM Football Scratch card (Luton Town) Maurice MILLS GF Refund Draw

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Costa Blanca

CAMPO GOLF SOCIETY The August meeting of the Campo GS started on a sad note with the news that one of its founder members, Terry Hopper, had been taken ill and was being repatriated to the UK to receive treatment. Hopefully, while he is away, those members in touch with his family will keep us informed of his progress and pass on everyone’s best wishes for a speedy recovery and, hopefully, his return to Spain. Again, excellent scores were carded with Koos Van Beek recording 38 points. Well done, Koos, but look out for a handicap review! The society welcomed Tom Smith, a young guest, who managed a N/P on the 13th. RESULTS GOLD WINNER SECOND N/P 3RD HOLE N/P 13TH HOLE T N/P 16TH HOLE



Whilst every endeavour is made to ensure that members’ handicaps are correct, any member who has a query should have a word with Barry in the first instance who will be only too happy to review it. It has been proposed that we have a Christmas Hamper Draw this year which we hope all members will participate in - further details to follow. If anyone has any other ideas for further events, please contact Brian, Barry or Dave. FUTURE DATES 22nd October 2010 19th November 2010 17th December 2010

Alenda Alenda Alenda

first tee 10.00am first tee 10.00am first tee 10.00am

FOR SALE TAYLORMADE Driver - 10.5° - 8 months old New €240 - Special Price €90 POWER CADDY trolley and charger needs a new battery - €80 or with battery supplied €145 ANY MAKE OF GOLF CLUBS, BALLS OR SUPPLIES AVAILABLE AT REDUCED PRICES. CONTACT BRIAN JOHNSON ON 966677852 OR 618834774 FOR FURTHER DETAILS

FIREWOOD FOR SALE A “FREE” chimney clean with every load of wood

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Costa Blanca

B. J. TOOL HIRE Macisvenda

You need it? We’ve got it! From Acrows to Wacker Plates

Singer Entertainer

Collection/Delivery available

Available for Private Functions. Bars, Hotels, etc... For Details or Demo Cd

Repairs & Servicing to most types of tools.

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Open Art Studio Casa de Girasol, Les Encebras

30th October Saturday 11- 5pm See the Artwork Talk to the Artists Enjoy the Fine Art Courses

CARE OF THE ELDERLY Long term or respite care in family home in quiet setting. one place available. For details contact 659401945 or 677804691.

Chain Saws re-sharpened.

650 763 177 or 636 286 841

Call Caron 626 214 216

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BRAND NEW BOXED SILENT RUN GENERATOR 6.0-7.0KW. 10hp Yanmar Type Engine, Electric Start, Remote Control, ATS Ready, Digital Control Panel including; Surge / Voltage / Current / Oil Protection, 15L fuel tank giving 11hrs run time. 895€. Tel: 636 367 614 (La Romana).

following edition , space allowing or in the following subsequent edition there after. Text your items to 680 976 823. Property Rentals/ Sales or any type of other service, business opportunities etc, are classed as commercial adverts. Commercial adverts and Bargainads over 500 euros, Minimum advert size 15 words are 30 cents per word plus 18% iva. If sending a Commercial advert, please make sure you also send your full name, nie or passport number. Email or post to T.i.m Apartado de Correos 285 Sax 03630

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top range built in Microwave/ grill/oven. Cost over 700 quid will sell 240 euros Tel Pinoso town 638286770/148 Boys bike.. 25 Euros. Fans 5 Euros each. 671839685 Fortuna Roca white washbasin and pedestal - never used. €15 Tel 966968148 (Sax) Heating oil tank, metal, capacity 780 liters size 60 wide x 130 long x 102 high 60 euros Tibi Area 664 753231 30 pine chairs, 25 euros, ladies golf clubs with trolley 100 euros ono La Romana 679 937063 Samsung sky plus hd box, excellent condition, 175 euros, also activated white card 50 euros Fortuna 666 715489 Two centre pendant lights. One Tiffany style, one blue and white pottery. 20 Euros each. Fortuna 676557193 / 638706369 Beautiful dining room table and 6 mexican pine upholstered chairs cost €1200 last year as new €499 pinoso 968434300/617711872

Costa Blanca Selection of leather and suede ladies´jackets from 15 euros Radiators and valves in total 85 panel sections, various sizes....450 euros the lot scaffolding tower 3 metres long 140 euros Tel Pinoso town 638286770/148

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Ring Phil Now 607 848 332 Lee 663 673 143 FORTUNA


Are you house hunting/ or looking for a relaxing Holliday 30 minutes inland from the coast and 25 mins from Alicante Airport in the real Spain! Long and Short lets available, fabolous road connections to all parts of Spain. Golf Couse 15 mins drive away.Two beds, two bathrooms, American kitchen/ dinner, Sky tv, Air con, use of pool and jaccuzi, beautifull views, great for walking or cyclists. Sax area call 638 026 230 for more info and prices.

• Large variation of finishes available • All work guaranteed • All areas covered. Call now 868 000 039 Mobile 636 573 791

Very nice man with a big white van, Removals, deliveries, pick up service, all jobs considered. Call now on 669 547 068 VEHICLES

For Sale: Motorbike KTM 640 LC4, 2800 km, yr2000, 2 years ITV, 2500 euros (Pinoso) call: 620241713 RUNABOUT



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Restaurant San Francisco Open now three and a half years, and not only still in business,

Annie K Karaoke Quality Entertainment at a reasonable Price! Kabaret & Race Nights. Bar, Private Function or Celebration.Call me now to discuss your requirements .

689 077 551

Fortuna & Inland Areas Covered

but profitable, this is a very solid investment for sale at only 110,000 euros which is about 6 months of the gross takings, to include over 50,000 euros of equipment and installations, all




level guaranteed, full training available etc. If you are a family, or a couple with some experience in the restaurant/bar business, come and talk to me.

662 048 747 steve.

Can You Sell?? Tim is now looking to recruit people who can sell advertising space, you will need to be honest, be well presented, friendly and enjoy meeting people, have access to internet and phone. Tim requires sales people in all areas from Torrevieja to Benidorm. This is a commission only position, and would suit someone looking fot part time work, although the more you put in the more you get out. Email in the first instance theinlandmagazine@yahoo. Space available to rent (low cost) at Ambiente well-being centre in Pinoso (hairdressers/ therapists) call 620241713 ENTERTAINMENT

Auction every Wednesday at bar central in Barbaroja starts 2pm, good food/ great atmosphere Call for info 636 456 139 64



Good homes needed for 4 beautiful kittens, born 14th July, 1 black, 1 grey and white and two fawn with Siamese markings. Weaned and litter trained. These babies are absolutely gorgeous. Telephone 965475849 (Sax) DOG OBEDIENCE TRAINING CLASSES Beginners always welcome Hondon de los Frailes area Telephone : 680699766 WANTED Wanted under the worktop freezer, Sax. Tel 966 967 993 People needing their house cleaned or ironing done! Weekly or monthly to suit you. Debby 868 027 010. Fortuna area


BARC (Busot Animal Rescue Centre) hold a table top sale the third Saturday of every month at Browns Restaurant, The Colmar, on the N332 at Corveta Fuma, just outside Campello (near the tunnel). Set up time no earlier than 10am. All booked table proceeds go to BARC. For further details or to book a table contact Tony or Stuart on 965638247

Absolute beginners Spanish classes every Monday at Bar Pepin, Hondon de los Frailes at 11.30 am.. Only 3.50 € per hour. Reserve your place on 667 858 434.

Internationally acclaimed energy healer at Ambiente beauty, health & well-being centre in Pinoso from 11t Oct to the 15th of Oct - call 620241713 for more info or to make a booking.

BARC (Busot Animal Rescue Centre) Registered charity no. cv-01-044306-a

My name is Joy and I’m a pointer cross almost 2 years old. I was born at the kennels in Busot as my mum arrived there pregnant.People tell me I’m a lovely girl as I am friendly and like to play. I have never had a proper family home but if you could give me one please telephone Ann on 965221508 to arrange to see me.

Centre) hold a car boot sale on the car park of the Polisportivo Bar in Busot the first Sunday of every month. Set up time 8.30am for further details contact Sally on 620421073 or Irene on 965221124.All table booking proceeds go to Barc.

Any brother seeking to renew Masonic connections tel W.Bro Cliff 966 110 786 Or go to Wanted. Large amount of horse manure Pinoso area, delivery required. 608571145. I buy fridges / washing machines / furniture / electricals / tools/ bikes, ! Anything! Get cash call Sue on 636 456 139 Wanted all types of household items, electrical/ power tools/ ladders and almost anything WHY! Call 671 251332 don’t delay get cash today. EVENTS BARC (Busot Animal Rescue

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New Psychic development circle in Sax. Are you interested? Weekly Group Meeting Every Tuesday Evening For More Information Call Sue On 965475222. Are you curious? What Does The Future Hold For You? Tarot and Angel card readings Free of charge. Please Call 965475222 BIRTHDAYS Happy Birthday Rich, 2nd October. Lots of love Nickie. xxx. Happy Birthday Dad, love Jordan and Callum xx Happy Birthday Callum, 7th October. 13 years old, lots of love; mum, dad and Jordan xx

Costa Blanca


With the Summer now moving further behind us, this month I felt that it was only right to turn the attention to the next major event in many people’s calendar” Christmas”. In order to give you some ideas of what is expected to be big in the gadget market place for kids and grown ups alike this December, I have listed a couple of the products that many in the industry feel will be the big wish for this Xmas .


Skitterbot is a six legged robot toy that is designed to cover the ground by crawling at a reported top speed of one foot per second. Skitterbot is controlled and charged using a USB; the full re charge time for the Skitterbot is reportedly 30. /35 minutes this will give you approximately a 15 minute play period. The Skitterbot has flashing evil eyes and the robot its self comes in three colours with the option of a transparent body type as well. All skittebot’s have a separate radio frequency to allow for multiple skitterbot’s to be played with at any one time. Skitterbot is now available at Toys R us and other good toy stores from around 16.99 to 19.99 euros.

The revomaze is definitely the first puzzle in many years that is indeed going to rival the Rubik’s cube for superiority of the best ever and most wanted puzzle of all time along with been one of the best crafted and most entertaining puzzles ever.


The puzzle is an internal labyrinth of dead ends, traps and one way paths the puzzle its self is full of dead ends, traps and one way paths, and one false move will send you back to the beginning of the puzzle to start again. Ok it may sound easy from the above description , but what you need to bare in mind, is that you are totally blind whilst trying to solve the puzzle because the puzzle its self is contained within the tube, forcing you to rely totally on your memory of the in correct moves that you make in order to get you through to the end, with one wrong move sending the user back to the beginning to start again. Unlike other puzzles, there is a twist at the end when you do eventually manage to open the revomaze, inside of the puzzle you will find a code, which allows you to enter a live competition on line either in the USA or Uk and compete in a timed opening contest to win thousands of pounds in prizes. Indeed Ashton Pitt the inventors and designers of revomaze state that their product is “the most intriguing puzzle on the planet” The revomaze comes in five different colours, blue, green, bronze, silver and gold the colour denotes the difficulty of each puzzle and each of these is individually milled from a solid block of metal

by Terry Marshall

Revomaze puzzles start at 79.95 pounds for the original metal edition, but the manufacturers have now come out with the Revomaze obsession which is made from plastic and retails at around a third of the price of the original. E-mail: • Web site:

The Inland Magazine October 2010  

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