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Welcome to the 84th edition of TIM, the Costa Blanca’s favourite, quality monthly magazine. Yes, we are celebrating our 7th birthday this month.

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Congratulations to Nickie and Richard, who have maintained incredible high production standards through difficult economic times, thanks to our dedicated contributors for their informative articles, also to loyal advertisers who know that TIM really enhances their businesses and, of course, to you, our readership, who make it all worthwhile. I thought you might appreciate a little insight into the production process (of course we all work 24/7 throughout the month!) but the real fun period is between the 19th and 24th - last minute advertising, articles, amendments and off to our ‘remote’ design and layout team (you can’t really get more ‘remote’ than the Scottish highlands!); proof-reading. Copy back and forth and then to our printers! Two or three days later the finished article is shipped back down and all the copies are distributed in about 3/ 4 days. So, when you are relaxing with this seemingly seamless product, remember it’s a bit like watching a swan gliding down the river, serene on the surface, but those little webbed feet are going like the clappers underneath. No wonder Bully makes him self scarce, last month he was found hiding on page 17, on the Elefants boot sale advert, and the winner of the 50 euros cash was Mrs K Wirral of La Mata Torrevieja. The winner of the Pleasure flight courtesy of Sol Aero was Mr Peter Kinchett of Ardillas, Urb Lomas de Don Juan Campamor. Congrats to both of our winners. There are 4 more Free to enter competitions inside of this months 7th Birthday edition of TIM. Anyway, we are all off to the birthday bash now – media tostada with a topping of our choice and a decaf. We know how to celebrate! No expense spared.


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At first glance, it may seem a slightly curious subject

to want to waste in the region of seven hundred and fifty odd words on but I bet people who live here know what I’m on about and, I daresay, one or two might have even made the same mistakes as me. Perhaps if I rather sheepishly own up to loitering near the ladies toilet with the camera on my mobile poised, the alarm bells would probably ring even louder. I’ll explain that comment in due course, and it really isn’t as depraved as it sounds, you’ll see.

You need to be a regular frequenter of local pubs and

cafeteria’s to fully understand that prolonged use of either will inevitably result in the need to spend a penny, or centimo as they say in these parts. With a bewildering array of top quality coffees and beers to choose from, a couple more things Spain, in my humble opinion, does better than the UK, trips to the loo can be many and frequent on a good night out. It’s just as well then that even in the dingiest looking bars or cafes, the facilities are invariably top notch; clean, well maintained and nearly always immaculate. Inside though is rarely the problem, putting aside the fact the disgusting habit of not actually flushing, even after a number two sit down jobby, seems ingrained in the native population.


aced with a choice of two doors, his and hers usually because the disabled facilities are pretty obvious, it’s remarkable how often it’s possible to get it wrong because the stylish artwork really isn’t that clear. Occasionally, thoughtful owners will helpfully add Caballeros or Señoras above or below their exotic designs. This tends to be the exception rather than the rule and all too often it’s every man, and frequently woman, for his or herself. If you’re lucky, a simple double-take will do and you can soon be on your way to the potty. It’s not always as simple as that though, and for anyone seated nearby, the slight pause as you

approach the dunny, staring intently, can only mean one thing. You haven’t got a clue which side to use!


’m not convinced it isn’t some kind of spoof played on unsuspecting punters by certain mischievous owners. This theory is lent a little credibility when you also consider most water closets are tucked away, either out of sight or behind bamboo or wicker type screens which cast murky shadows precisely where you need a little light. Curious that. Anyway, back to my surreptitious loitering with a mobile phone. I did attempt to illustrate these words, and, in the process emphasise the whole point of them, by snatching a couple or three shots of one or two of the more flamboyant offerings. It honestly didn’t occur to me in doing this I’d get quite a few quizzical looks from the pub patrons, especially the female clientele. I soon abandoned the completely misguided attempt.


favourite haunt of mine is one of those old fashioned cafeteria cum bar type places that probably haven’t changed in years. You know the sort, old fashioned fixtures and fittings, gloomy looking, with a massive mirror behind the bar and full of old blokes slapping down dominoes. I’m not even sure why I like it. Something to do with the loo’s maybe because imagine my delight, when, fearing the worst on my first visit, I ventured up the rather precarious stairs to be met by a very pleasing sight. Not for this salubrious joint though the cheap and tacky sticky backed labels commonly available from hardware stores that you might expect, oh no. Each bog door here was rather tastefully painted with full sized images of a bird in a bikini and a suntanned, blond beach bum. Presumably her boyfriend!

Quite why everywhere else in Spain can’t make it

this simple beats me. The worst culprits seem to be the trendy places popular with younger people, where, in keeping with the designer decor within, only arty, farty and completely over the top signage will do for the little boys, and girls, rooms. Elsewhere on my coffee or beer sampling travels I’ve encountered matadors and their female equivalents, Sevillano’s, big built naked people, (each of which was facing the other way exhibiting sizeable bottom cheeks), boy and girl baseball players and various sundry others distinguishable only by assorted headgear. There really is no such thing in Spain as bog standard, unless of course you count the fact that they’re all as difficult to tell apart as each other.


he final word must go to those ever resourceful Chinese, who, not content with their restaurants and giant superstores full of cheap colouring books and plastic toys, are already getting the hang of cafeterias too. The other day I went in one where, for the avoidance of any doubt, the gents and the ladies were identified by huge blue and red neon signs with flashing arrows considerately pointing the way. You’ve got to hand it to them. 2

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Costa Blanca

A basic Investment strategy Nick Venn DipPFS, Private Client Adviser

Whether you are an individual or a fully qualified Financial Adviser, to

Government backed Deposit Savings, Bank Deposit Accounts, Fixed Income or Gilts. You may need to tie your funds up for a year or two and accept that interest rates are generally not that attractive, but there are some very enticing products out there at the moment, giving generous interest rates in return for minimal or no risk to capital.

You will sit, somewhere between the perimeters of ‘Risk adverse and

Your remaining monies should be invested over the longer term, searching for returns over and above inflation which can lead to a mix of differing investments and a Portfolio can be prescribed to include Bank Deposit Accounts, Capital Protected or funds in the fixed interest / nonequity sector and perhaps, a small investment into a higher risk collective equity type fund, such as UK Growth or Global Equities. That is where, your individual risk profile comes into it’s own and a tailored portfolio must be designed with risk factors in mind.

be faced with an amount of money that is sat in front of you, needs an artful approach in order to invest in various types of products, not only to give a real chance of growth but this can somewhat be restricted by an individual’s attitude to risk.

Speculative’ and it is reasonable to accept the old adage of ‘risk versus reward’, where those that are happy to accept significant risk to their capital, will be provided with the potential of higher investment returns.

I initially, use a three box approach in setting out an Investment Strategy, namely Emergency Funds, Short Term and Medium-Long Term, perhaps on a ratio of say, 10%/20%/70% respectively.

Firstly, ensure that in addition to whatever regular income you have coming in, you set funds aside to cover those emergency cash needs, such as house or car repairs, large household bill, etc and I recommend a minimum of 6 months income is set aside in an instant access bank account. Secondly, for those short term savings, consider a selection of either

Please remember above all, that Past Performance can only act as a guide to future performance and offers no guarantee. Always seek independent financial advice. If you would like more information on portfolio planning, why not give me a call or email

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Solanum - The Chilean Potato Vine

No, I am not harping on about potatoes again! Solanum is a flowering vine which is a member of the potato family (Solanacae) and originates from Chile, hence its common name of Chilean Potato Vine There are many varieties of this plant and the one we have grown is Solanum Crispin Glasnevin. It has deep purple-blue flowers which are borne in clusters and, surprise surprise, look very much like the flowers on potato plants. The flowers are very slightly scented and have a contrasting yellow centre and the leaves are quite small.

It is fully hardy and in a mild area will flower all year. Plant in well drained soil, mixed in with some sharp sand or gravel and keep it moist. Cover roots with stones or rocks to keep heat from the base. Solanum climbs by scrambling so the stems will need to be tied in for support. Once established this plant is a vigorous grower and will produce masses of flowers. Pruning should be done early in the season, as growth starts, by taking out old wood and trimming it back a bit to stop the top flopping over.

Passion Flower Passion flowers are a favourite to use as a climber for walls, fences or to cover pergolas. They are especially popular due to having exotic looking blooms and produce attractive, sometimes edible fruits.


After the flowers, come the little berries but please be aware they are poisonous to humans.

The Garden

This month, a couple of favourite climbing plants for you to think about for next year

They have clinging tendrils which literally grab onto a support, bringing the stems in close and effectively securing the plant. It’s a vigorous grower and makes a tangled mass of leaves and stems which can grow 5m or even 10m tall. Leaves are generally evergreen but may be deciduous in cooler areas. This climber originates from Central and South America and there are around 350 varieties. The most commonly grown is probably the blue passion flower, Passiflora caerulea. Passion flowers are, in the main, easy to grow. They like a well drained soil in a reasonably sheltered area because their roots are prone to rot if kept cold and wet. When planting, mix in plenty of sharp sand or gravel and if using compost then use a loam based one rather than peat based, as this can easily become waterlogged. Many passion flowers can stand short periods of frost but established plants have a better chance of over wintering than very young ones. With this in mind, the best times to plant is early in the year or keep your plant in a container before planting out in the spring If we have a severe bout of cold weather and sub zero temperatures you might find your plant cut right back to the ground but no need to worry as generally the plant will recover and stems will rejuvenate the following summer. Flowers are produced from early to mid summer and are followed by the fruits. Although the fruits of Passiflora caerulea are edible they are insipid and not particularly tasty! So I would just enjoy the fruits for the interest they bring rather than harvesting them Pruning your passion flower is only necessary to keep it under control and generally tidy. This is best done in the spring time just as it begins growing. Water freely through the summer and sparingly through the winter, always guarding against over doing it because then you may find the roots will rot. “A garden is never so good as it will be next year “. Thomas Cooper 4

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By Barbara Barton

Costa Blanca

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JAGUARS A Purrrrfect day for the Big Cats

The second meeting of the Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club in Spain took

place on Sunday 25th September 2011 at Restaurant Los Almendros in Torrellano, near Alicante Airport. I was still nervous, only the second meeting, how many people would turn up. I need not have worried, the turn out was excellent with lots of new faces and of course an eclectic mix of beautiful cars. This meeting attracted some phenomenal examples of Jaguar engineering, an XK120 drophead and an XK140, both in immaculate condition, again we had a good selection of the iconic E types, one owner with a fabulous black V12 version drove all the way from Valencia. Another newcomer brought a super example of a Mark 2 Saloon that he has owned for over 30 years. Younger cars included, outstanding examples of XJS’s, XK8’s, XKR’s, XJ’s, and Sovereigns to mention just a few.

spot on and the food was fabulous, various starters, then a lamb shank, merluza or paella for the main course, followed by a plate of mixed desserts to die for especially the chocolate brownies. All this washed down with copious bottles of a fabulous wine and glasses of iced black coffee all for just 18.00 Euros. Two members said it was the best meal they have had at any car club meeting. Lunch completed we all gathered for group photographs. A last “drool” over some of the fabulous examples of automotive art and people were on their way just after 4:30pm. The next meeting to be held at Los Almendros is planned for the end of November, final dates to be confirmed.

The Jaguar Enthusiasts Club is the largest of the worlds Jaguar Clubs, it provides Jaguar owners the opportunity to benefit from the extensive resources provided by the club and to meet like minded people. The club aims to provide a World-wide ‘Friendly

As is usual in Spain we were lucky enough to have perfect weather,

so convertibles had tops down and bonnets were up displaying engines that were simply immaculate. To start the proceedings I had organised two competitions, best engine and a precision driving competition. Regarding the best engine competition, owners had obviously spent many hours cleaning and polishing these high performance power units, it was a pleasure to see, however it was also impossible to choose between each entrant so all entrants were presented with a winners certificate. The precision driving competition basically involved a timed course transporting a container of water on the bonnet of the car, around a fairly simple course with out spilling the water. Again we awarded all entrants a winners certificate, but members note it will not be so easy next time!

The meeting started at 12:00, this is what you call keen, I arrived

at 11:20 and some participants were there already. Jaguars and a common interest seems to bring out the best in people some of the people had never met each other before but within just a few minutes everybody was relaxed and friendly, proud to show off their pride and joy. Restaurant Los Almendros did us proud, the service was


Forum’ for all SS, Jaguar and Daimler enthusiasts enhancing the enjoyment of SS, Jaguar and Daimler ownership. The club offers a wide range of support, help and advice to any member. Members also benefit from a glossy 132 page A4 monthly magazine, Jaguar spares department and a technical advice service second to none. For more details check out the web site JEC in Spain is also proud to announce that they have negotiated a very special insurance deal for JEC members in Spain which will provide substantial savings for Jaguar owners who are registered members of the JEC.

If you live in Spain and own a Jaguar you should be a member of The Jaguar Enthusiasts Club. The JEC in Spain is organised by Eric Arnold who can be contacted by email or by phone on 609 931 647 or alternatively check out the JEC web site or come along to our next meeting and have a chat, contact Eric by email to register your interest.

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Costa Blanca

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TIM Magazine™

by Julian Ashington

Hello and welcome to this months motoring.

Well this year the summer continued right through October and I’m sure you have all enjoyed the additional sun.


Now though, its time to prepare your car for the winter to come, here are some simple checks you should be prepared for, such as checking all your lights are in good working order as the clocks have gone back the day light is shorter, ask a friend to help you check the brake lights, as like me, you may have had the displeasure of following a car with no brake lights, and indeed its not nice to do and can be very dangerous, not just only to the following driver , but also to the person whom maybe driving a car with no brake lights.


Also check that your washer jets and wiper blades are working correctly as there is nothing worse than struggling to see through the wind screen when it covered in grime. One more thing to check is your battery? How long has the battery been on your car or van? Battery’s average about 4 years before they need replacing and out here in Spain I have noticed that they don’t give you any notice they just die! Where as back in the U.K batteries seem to get lazy and at least do some times give you a little warning. If in doubt call in to your garage and have it checked out. Last month I have heard of a lot of speeding fines been dealt out, so just a reminder of the speed limits on Spanish roads as they are not always clear. The speed limits are nearly always marked but there are some roads where it is difficult to know exactly what the limit is. The speed limit on the motorway is 120 km (for now!) and on duel carriageways its 100 km. On open roads the limit is 90 km, and in towns 50 km and in residential areas as low as 20 km. There are also areas on the local roads where the limit is 80 km or can drop to 60 km usually at junctions or built up areas. The white lines at the edge of some country roads give you an indication of what the upper limit might be, as the wider the gap between the line and the edge of the road the higher the limit. So please be aware as none of us like fines and secondly it’s not the speed that kills, it’s the sudden stop! Hope you all have a happy holloween and bonfire knight. Be safe drive carefully till next month goodbye. E-mail: • Web site:

Costa Blanca

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1 day from 45 €

1 week from 120€

 Hyundai Getz, Fiesta or similar  Automatic cars available  Full airport service  Child seats & booster seats available  Ex hire cars available for purchase with FSH – Tel: 620 900 690 – 966 195 205

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TIM Magazine™ I once worked down a pit for about four hours. I was sent underground to help service a drill used to prevent the build up of methane gas. At the coalface, shrouded in dust and roasted alive by the heat we called for an electrician. When he came; he wore a tool belt, a miner’s hat, big boots and nothing else. It wasn’t my idea of a pleasant working environment. There are pits, or at least the remains of them, scattered in the hills near La Unión in Murcia. Silver, lead, iron and tin were mined here for hundreds of years on and off. It was silver won from these hills that paid for Hannibal’s elephants to cross the Alps. The last mine closed in 1990 leaving a legacy of spoil heaps, poisoned water, pithead gear and mining buildings dotted over miles of countryside. Take the narrow gauge railway from Cartagena to the edge of the Mar Menor at Los Nietos and you’ll get a good idea of the scale of it all. The train is also an interesting way to get to la Unión itself. La Unión is hardly the most picturesque town in Spain but it trades on its mining past. Immigrant workers from Andalucia, looking for work in the mines, brought their Flamenco music with them and the annual Cante de las Minas competition, held in August each year, celebrates that tradition. It is one of the most prestigious Flamenco events in the World. The town has had a mining museum for a few years. In my opinion it ranks as one of the most tedious museums I’ve ever visited but recently a new Parque Minaero has been opened and this Mining Park is much more like it. A little, road-going, train takes you from the park entrance up to the mine. The people from one of the train carriages get to put on silly hairnets and not so silly safety hats and go down into the mine whilst the other carriage load are held back a while and given an explanation of the washhouse buildings where the valuable ore was separated from the worthless rock scree. They get to see the mine a few minutes later. There is no cage to take you into the mine. It’s more like going into one of those limestone caves in Derbyshire than a deep coal pit. The walk in is relatively easy with good handrails and adequate lighting that manages not to detract from the atmosphere. Our guide was good; she managed to weave descriptions of life for the miners into the detail of how the mine was worked and the horrible ways that the workers were exploited by the rich businessmen of the town. When you’ve had the tour you can take the train back to the entrance or you can wander the site to take in other mine entrances, the washhouse and a tiny chapel that was once a dynamite store. If you’re a serious walker there are several routes through the hills including one down to the coast at the old mining port of Portman. If you do decide to visit the park you will need to make a reservation beforehand by phoning 968 002 140 as space is limited. We were told that they offer tours in English. Definitely a different way to spend a day. 10

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By Chris Thompson

Costa Blanca

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TIM Magazine™


INSULATE YOUR HOME – NOW YOU CAN WITH ECOCONFORT Spain can be cold in winter, and rising energy prices can make heating your property an increasingly expensive exercise. The most effective way of decreasing the bills and making the house more comfortable is to insulate the cavities in walls, floors and ceilings. The ecoConfort system fills the cavities with small polystyrene beads which are injected into the cavity together with a slow acting adhesive to give a solid and complete fill of the cavity. Installation is effected by drilling a series of 25mm holes through the outer wall of the cavity, and as the work is in normal circumstances carried out externally, there is a minimum of dirt or disruption inside the house. The insulation properties of the ecoConfort system remain effective for the life of the building and the insulation will not crack nor settle. It is resistant to attack from bacteria, moulds and fungi, and will not transmit water across the cavity, nor will it prejudice the fire resistant properties of the property. The insulation also helps to eliminate black mould patches which often appear on the walls of bedrooms and bathrooms Before starting any work a technician will visit to assess your property and offer a quotation. For more information visit email, or call

902 10 33 30 or 626 997 748


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Costa Blanca

FIREWOOD FOR SALE A “FREE” chimney clean with every load of wood

Stock up now with seasonal wood for Winter CALL ANGELA 658 626 315

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TIM Magazine™

Words and photos by Rob Innis September is one of the best months to explore Spain. Bright sunny

days with cooler temperatures are perfect for discovering more hidden Spanish gems. So I needed little persuasion to accept an offer to visit the Parque Natural Sierras de Cazorla, Segura y Las Villas last September.

Located in the province of Jaen in Andalucia this park is the largest protected area in Spain, and the second in Europe, covering around 270 square miles. It is hugely important for migratory birds and many species of animals and plants. It was declared a biosphere reserve in 1983 by UNESCO – which was established in 1971 to “promote interdisciplinary approaches to management, research and education in ecosystem conservation and sustainable use of natural resources.”

tall poplars standing erect and glistening in bright sun light. Wood for ship building, including the Spanish armada, was grown in these hills.

Our list of sightings grew rapidly and over just a few days we saw

many of the raptor family: Bonelli’s eagle, which upon our inspection had recently eaten a Kestrel, Booted Eagle, Sparrow Hawk and also a fast flying Peregrine Falcon. Also Griffin vultures, soaring above the smaller species - Pied Flycatcher, Tree creeper, Buntings, Wheatears etc.

It has been populated for thousands of years with Paleolithic remains from 9250AD but these small hamlets still have low populations and you can easily walk all day without encountering another soul. Throughout the area dark green vegetation is contrasted by dramatic limestone rock faces formed by the dissolving action of water on soluble stone. It is tempting to keep walking - just a few more kilometers to experience another dramatic view. Like all good hikes should we arrived in a welcoming local bar. Refreshing cold beer was served with free tasty tapas whilst we explained where we been exploring and what we had seen with the friendly locals. We set off at 6am and drove the 220 kms from the coast via Murcia and continued inland, past Caravaca, arriving in time for a late breakfast (fresh eggs from resident chickens) at the delightful Cotijo Rosa Blanca in Los Teatinos. A modern property, owned by British couple Melvyn and Wendy Squires, situated on the edge of a tranquil mountain village within the stunningly beautiful Sierra de Segura, part of the National Park. Early morning low temperatures soon increased with the sun rising and gaining strength as we set off from Rosa Blanca on our first walk. I was in the company of two expert ‘birders’ whose speed at seeing and recognizing a huge variety of species amazed me. Conditions were perfect as we ascended with only bird calls and camera clicks breaking the silence amongst Almorchon’s verdant hill tops. The park is famous for its variety of pine trees but there are oaks and incredibly 14

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Costa Blanca

ancient rights are under threat from those opposed to the ‘disruption’ caused to traffic by this migration.

This is a stunningly beautiful area. Ideal for birdwatchers, photographers, hikers, painters or anyone who would like a change of scenery, plenty of peace and quiet along with some British and Andalucian hospitality. The walking can be as challenging or easy going as you like. There are way-marked routes through the park and Mel can offer his knowledge and experience on the best ones. My thanks go to John Edwards for sharing his local knowledge and Melvyn and Wendy Squires of Cortijo Rosa Blanca.

Back to the Rosa Blanca ( with its comfortable ensuite rooms and large lounge with TV, reference books and free Wi-Fi computer connections to relax in after enjoying a healthy 3-course dinner with home grown vegetables. The perfect end to a day’s adventures with an opportunity to plan the next. Our hosts invited us to join them in an off road drive across the park to

the visitor centre in Torre Del Vinagre. The centre is very impressive with plenty of information, cafeteria and a gift shop. Located opposite is another attraction - a botanical garden which is free to enter.

An exciting expedition as we bounced over rocky tracks, dry river

beds and through extensive wooded areas where we saw wild boar, fox and deer amongst plenty more birdlife. The cows and sheep grazing in the rather dry sparse fields will be moved down to lower areas during November. This has traditionally been done by the shepherds and land owners who herd their animals to their winter grazing areas. These

For more: Rosa Blanca Cortijo - Google - Parque Natural Sierras de Cazorla, Segura y Las Villas More photos

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SONRISA CHARITY Hondon de las Nieves

R.A.T.S La Romana Amateur Theatre Society The RATS of La Romana gave their 4th production on Friday 23rd & Saturday 24th September at the Casa de Cultura, La Romana. This time it was a variety show featuring nostalgic music & comedy which was well attended on both nights. The audience joined in enthusiastically with the sing alongs and comments of “The Best Yet” and “Worth Every Penny of The 5 Euros Entry” were heard. RATS continue to grow and look forward to their next production (a comedy) in the Spring. Mrs Mary Blake wrote to RATS:

The lasses of Sonrisa presenting a cheque for 2000 euros to Susan Reader of Paul Cunningham Nurses (PCN) at our Late Summer Ball at the La Romana Hotel on September 16th. “We thought everything about the whole night was fab - food, singer, magician, pipe band and a wonderful venue”. Bev and Rich - La Montanosa

Having just moved to Spain and looking for some entertainment, it was with trepidation that we went along to a show in La Romana, Casa de Cultura. As being of pension age we greatly appreciated the music and dancing, taking us back to our youth. It was great entertainment and well worth the 5€ entry. Talking to some cast members after the show, we couldn’t believe they were all amateur enthusiasts. Well done to all. Mrs Mary Blake.

The 2000 euros were raised from our earlier events but we would like to thank the following folks for additional fundraisers Margaret & Tony Brown - Chinese Murder Mystery Evening, Bar Central Gill McGinty - Ladies’ Night Paul - Charity Night, the Manor House Jane & Keith Walker - Wedding Anniversary PCN have traditionally operated along the coast and as far inland as Orihuela. With our encouragement they are now reaching out further and, only recently, provided their hospice at home services in Hondon de Los Frailes. Our last charity event of the year is a Christmas Fun Quiz on behalf of the Sienna Trust, at Bar Rocas on Saturday, December 10th - tickets 5 euros per person. Please see our posters for further details or contact Joan 687 074 097 -


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Costa Blanca

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Special offers always available. ASSOCIATES’ SERVICES: QROPS (No fees) Investments Currency exchange Pension reviews




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Consulate in the Community The Alicante consulate office in conjunction with the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) who are based in the same offices in Alicante, recently presented another informative event for a large crowd of Expats in Torrevieja. These sessions are held regularly throughout the region. There are around 1 million UK Expats in Spain with 300,000 living in the Alicante consulates area which covers around 50,000 sq kms and extends beyond Alicante. During a typical year they receive over 5,000 visitors and 26,500 phone calls making it one of the busiest consulates in the world. Paul Rodwell, British Consul Alicante, gave an entertaining and informative overview of the consulate’s role which includes assisting UK nationals on a large variety of matters but stops short of giving cash, legal advice, finding you work or getting you out of jail. They can issue emergency passports but are no longer involved in renewing passports. See their web site (details below) for more information. Martyn Standing, based in the Pension, Benefit and Healthcare team in Alicante, explained whilst they cannot process pension or benefit claims, that has to be done in the UK, they are able to provide accurate up to date information regarding these important issues. So you don’t have to rely on ‘the bloke down the bar.’ A quick quiz was held helping to highlight the key points on pension and benefit eligibility which some of the chosen entrants successfully answered. He stated that whilst some benefits including Pension Credit, Disability Allowance (Mobility Component) Income Support, and Housing Benefit and others are not available in Spain, others such as Winter Fuel Payments, Bereavements Benefits, and Sickness Benefits are, as long as people meet the criteria. Plenty of information is available on both UKinSpain and DirectGov web sites.

required to qualify for a full UK state pension. Also any years worked (legally!) in Spain can be included with UK contributions and may qualify you for a Spanish state pension, even if you don’t have the 15 years that is normally recognized as the requirement for Spain. Again people need to check the facts from reliable sources as they may have greater entitlements than they realize. On healthcare entitlements, the main point to remember is that Spanish entitlement is based on contributions and not purely residency like the UK. Full UK state pensioners have automatic entitlement following registration of the S1 form. Early retirees need to contribute, following their initial period of free cover, either by working in the system or applying for the Valencia Monthly Quota Scheme. This is currently set at 90€ per person per month which entitles them to a SIP card (provides access to Spanish health cover throughout Spain) with no existing pre-conditions – unlike most health insurance policies. Padron registration is compulsory for all health cover and is always encouraged as it provides other benefits. Very low income families may be entitled to free healthcare, subject to means testing by the Spanish government. Persons deciding to return to the UK might be required by the relevant UK local authority to undergo a Habitual Residency Test to prove their intentions to UK residency are genuine. This process could take 3 months so it is recommended to fully research a return like you should also research a move to Spain. A short question and answer session ended the event with points raised regarding healthcare and passports from the packed audience. These road shows have become slicker and more informative over the time they have been running and are well worth attending. They cost nothing except a couple of hours and are a great opportunity to get the facts on benefits, pensions and healthcare, important issues for all Expats.

Moving onto pensions - now only 30 years contributions are For more information: British Consul Alicante: Plaza de Calvo Sotelo, 1, 2º Apdo. de Correos 564 03001 Alicante Tel: 902 109 356 Tel: (+34) 91 334 2194 (alternative number) Fax: (+34) 96 514 05 28 E-mail: Visit these web sites:


Well done the Consulate and Pension, Benefit and Healthcare teams for working hard on our behalf and also to Iceland for providing light refreshments. Earlier in the day the teams had been at a local Iceland supermarket to meet Expats and as Paul Rodwell said ‘Probably the first time the British government has visited a supermarket.’ Another point made was that if you suspect someone of cheating by claiming benefits to which they are not entitled you can report your concerns to the Fraud Hotline on 900 554 440. My thanks go to Martyn Standing for his assistance with this article. • Web site:

Words by Rob Innis

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More fantastic offers available in store throughout November, together with our already great value for money selection of English and Dutch products. Well over 1,100 different lines now in stock with new items arriving weekly. Huge selection of Christmas cards, crackers and seasonal produce now in stock, including tins of all your favourite chocolates and much more. Please note that we will be closing at 14.00 on Tuesday 1st November Any unwanted items happily received in our charity shop. Big or small we will take it all!

Tel: 636 322 925 or 606 687 388

Avenida Blasco Banez, 62 (next to the school and ferreteria) Open (nearly all hours) Open Saturdays 10.00 am ‘til 4.00 pm. Monday - Saturday Roses for All donations gratefully received Proceeds go to Street Cats Charity

10.00 am – 7.00 pm 

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nurse Gladys Granville


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Jack Dees Motor Biking 28 Races - 1 Wheel Apart W

ell I hate to say I told you (I don’t really, I’m feeling rather smug about it) but those of you who missed the British Superbike Series missed an absolutely staggering climax to the season. Going into the last race at Brands local boy Tommy Hill was up against Californian John Hopkins and either of them could have won the championship – All (!) they had to do was beat the other one. Shakey Byrne won the race by a country mile but going into the last lap it was Hill and Hopkins, 2nd and 3rd.


n a race hailed by some commentators as the most exciting they’d ever seen, or the race of the decade, they overtook each other so many times I lost count. Hill won by .006 of a second – a wheel, absolutely amazing. I can’t wait for next season. Compared to this F1 looks like flower arranging!

events. and http:// are the places to go and if you use Google Chrome it’ll even translate it for you.

Casey Stoner wrapped up the MotoGP title at his home circuit of

Remember to check those bikes and get your wet gear ready,

Phillip Island with last year’s champion Jorge Lorenzo unable to compete through injury, so helmets off to Casey.

Despite Lorenzo losing out Spain does have something to shout about as Carlos Checa won the World Superbikes, bien hecho Carlos.

Due to time pressure I haven’t had time to research forthcoming


winter’s coming and the first rainfall makes the roads slippery as ice. It might be a good time to thank your lucky stars you’re living in Spain and not the UK though, at least we get to ride through the winter, y viva España!

Any feedback, news or questions or Happy riding, JD

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Win a Pleasure Flight Courtesy of Sol Aero Simply answer the question below, fill in your details, cut out the coupon and send to T.I.M. Apartado de Correos 285 • 03630 SAX (Alicante) Question: What type of aircraft do Solaero fly? Answer.................................................................................. Name..................................................................................... Email Address......................................................................... Address.......................................................................... ....................................................................................... Your Contact Tel number.......................................................... Closing Date for entries is the 19th November 2011 TIM’s decision is final Weight and height restrictions apply.


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SUDOKU NEWS From next month you will be able to view the answers to the crossword here!





1 Giving no trouble at all (2,4,2,4) 9 Fleshy — satisfying (5) 10 French country house (7) 11 Japanese port, hit by an earthquake in 1995 (4) 12 Pure — very early keyboard instrument (8) 14 Very attractive person (6) 15 Largest city in Poland (6) 18 Overshoes (8) 20 Russian parliament (4) 22 Unbelievable! (7) 23 Mates (anag) (5) 24 Entertainer who plays music to reptiles (5,7)

2 Platform for airing one’s views? (7) 3 Variety of agate used for making cameos (4) 4 Pretence (6) 5 Chinese port (8) 6 Theatre of ancient Rome — picture house (5) 7 Twofold setback (6,6) 8 Old system of communicat­ion using fire (5,7) 13 Act secretly with others (8) 16 Boyfriend or girlfriend — crush (7) 17 Something’s largest dimension (6) 19 South American pack animal (5) 21 Russian emperor (4)

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THE artificial grass experts Artificial grass supplied & installed Complete garden design service Many different effects available Free site survey & quotation Patios/paths/planters/garden lights • 8 year guarantee • • • • •

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Lucky (Air) Man! (Final Part) I

had some great times in the RAF way back in those late sixties and early seventies, but firstly Bermuda (and Sally), and then the New York experience made that one a trip to remember: I even forgave Steve for leaving him with Pat (and Sally) in paradise for a week. It didn’t really get better than that travelwise during my five years, although Gan in The Maldives was heavenly too: Cyprus wasn’t bad, either...We lived through an exciting period in history where there was much fun to be had in those fast-changing times. My great mate Steve and I have stayed good friends over the last forty years, through life’s trials and tribulations.


pals from that period came in all shapes and sizes, colours and accents, and from them I learnt how to get on with my fellow man, to take the rough with the smooth and get on with life as it comes. Sure, there were a few I didn’t like, but none I loathed. Living, sleeping, washing, dressing, eating and drinking amongst your peers for any length of time is a terrific leveller, and I thank them all for smoothing out some rough edges I know I had when I joined in 1967. I’m not saying I was the finished article when I left in 1972, but I was a much better mixer and more tolerant of others as a result. I had lost touch over the years with several really good mates at the time who I shared some considerable experiences with, but now my book is unexpectedly bringing some of us back in touch and there is talk of a big reunion next year, where it all happened – that’s really exciting for me, and something I never thought possible.


f my original intention of joining the Royal Air Force was to work with aircraft, fly in them and see something of the world, then yes, I achieved all that. I enjoyed every minute on the Hercules – great aircraft, still going today. If the idea was to get away from home and experience life, meet new people, make great mates, mix, learn meanwhile having a ball (thanks, girls!), then yes: thank you to the Queen and The Royal Air Force. Put quite simply, I wouldn’t have missed it for the world - thanks for listening!

By John McGregor

John will be attending a Torrevieja ‘Wordplay’ Book–Signing

Event at ‘Bookworld’ at The Habanares shopping centre in Torrevieja on Wednesday 16th November. If you would like to attend this book-signing and meet John and talk to him about his reminiscences of his RAF (and very social!) life in the late sixties and early seventies, please come along, you will be made most welcome. It will be a fun day with Cava, bookmarks - and a free raffle with prizes!


very entertaining book ‘Fairy Tales of an SAC’ is available, signed on the day at €9.50. It is published in the UK by Woodfield Publishing of Bognor Regis, and you can also order it by credit card directly from Woodfield on 0044 1243 821234 at £9.95. Over 300 copies have now been sold and ‘Fairy Tales of an SAC’ makes a great Christmas present for friends or relatives who appreciate a good laugh, whether they were in the services or not - it has something for all ages and situations!

Oh, and one last thing - I’d better own up now to leading you

on a little during the story. At the time we met, the lovely Sally was going out steadily, and happily with a young policeman in Bermuda, but he was on leave in London when I flew in with Steve. With Pat knowing how the forces worked she got Sally to play her part, in coming to pick me up and bring me back in front of the aircrew, with displays of suitably amorous affection. ‘Shipley Pete’ related what he saw to our football team the following week - that livened up a wet Wednesday in the changing rooms - as the lads surmised what didn’t actually happen – and I let them, of course, just looking superior and smug. The truth was that while we were nightcapping on the patio I was falling asleep after a very long day, so the wonderful Sally tucked up a sleepy and tipsy John in her bed, slept on the settee herself, and very kindly woke him up to catch his plane with a welcoming cup of tea and a lovely smile - and then cooked him breakfast. You know the rest - that’s all true! O lucky (air) man!


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La Marina Business Pages

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Contact John McGregor

If you want your La Marina business advertised here

600 088 341

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British Coach Takes La Vila Rugby Club to the Top Rugby coach, Mark Hewitt, has taken CR La Vila

Breve and SUA Agen with return home matches at the ground in

in Villajoyosa to the top spot in the Spanish league.


Mark joined the club in 2009 and since then the team has gone from strength to strength. At the end of last season CR La Vila won the league and Hewitt won the Spanish Rugby Coach of the Year Award in Seville. Mark Hewitt, ex-Royal Marine, played rugby for the Royal Marines, Royal Navy, Combined Services and Plymouth Albion. After leaving the Royal Marines he spent time in the West Indies as a rugby development officer taking the first West Indies team to the Hong Kong 7’s. Returning to the UK he managed the academy at Gloucester Rugby Club, then became head coach at Cornish Pirates. He worked with the Spanish under 20’s squad before being recruited to CR La Vila. Winning the League means that CR La Vila is now in the Amlin Challenge Cup (equivalent to the UEFA cup in football). They will play against Sale Sharks in Manchester, and French Teams CA


The squad is multi-national with players from England, New Zealand, South Africa, Argentina, and of course Spain. Within the squad there are a number of Spanish International players at both 15’s and 7’s. Marks long term goal is to develop the local talent so that the majority of the team is Spanish and to that end has appointed local boy Paco Martinez as club captain Amlin Cup Fixtures SUA AGEN HOME VILLAJOYOSA 12TH NOVEMBER 2011






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Page 6

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“ Get on yer bike.” Monthly cycling tips / advice and routes. by Gary and Lynn “Cyclogical” Quesada.

Cycle Route 15.

Cycling from Quesada past Embalsa Torremendo to Torreaguera. We left Quesada on a Wednesday morning as it was a red day and we had the day off. We met at the shop at 10am (10 of us, 5 couples) and headed towards Los Montesinos. After passing through a deserted high street we picked up the Vistabella road and after 2 roundabouts turned right and cycled up and over the AP7 then turned left onto the canal which we followed all the way to the pumping station just passed Entre Naranjos and turned right. We cycled up the hill and onto a dirt track that takes you right into the car park of the Fortaleza restaurant where we all had our first coffee of the day. We then turned right and first left, heading for the reservoir Torremendo or La Pedrera and followed this road to the first junction where we turned left and after 100metres turned right signposted Torreaguera. This was a beautifully picturesque route and we followed the road for about 11kms until we came to a roundabout where we went straight across and headed for Sucina. At the next junction we turned left and followed this road for about 5kms until we saw signs for Torremendo. About a 1km up this road you come into a small hamlet called Canada de San Pedro where we stopped for a refreshment and a Tapas. After about an hour continued heading downhill towards the village of Torremendo. This road is fantastic and everyone commented that this was real Spain. In Torremendo we turned right and picked up the road around the reservoir again and headed towards San Miguel where we once again stopped for refreshments. Afterwards we headed back to the canal and followed it back to Vistabella, Los Montesinos and finally Quesada where we arrived about 7pm after a fantastic cycle ride that everyone thoroughly enjoyed. We cycled to Lo Marabu for a curry & a beer, a lovely end to our day. The road was very quiet and quite hilly in places but nothing too strenuous. Give it a try it’s a great route & one of my favourite’s. Total Distance: Approx 86 kms. Time: Allow 7 hours. Next month : Cycling to San Javier via Torreaguera. All Routes are now available





Gary and Lynn are available at Cyclogical in Quesada, Monday to Friday9-30am till 5-30pm and from 10am till 2pm on Saturdays to assist and advise you on all your cycling requirements, including route maps


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Going Out

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  

     E-mail: • Web site:


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Stuffed Trout

PREPERATION Chop the cleaned and washed champignon mushrooms. Heat 1 1/2 oz. butter in a pan, add the chopped mushroom and fry over a good steady flame, stirring constantly. Salt and season with pepper. Finally add the red paprika, mix and put aside. Soak the rolls in water and then squeeze out well. Mix 1 oz. butter with the egg, add the rolls, salt, and season with pepper. Also salt the cleaned trout inside and out. Add half the fried mushrooms to the stuffing, then divide into five for the insides of the five trout. Tie up well with string, and put into a buttered casserole. Warm the rest of the mushrooms again. Sprinkle on flour, and when it has fried a little, dilute with white wine, and when it comes to the boil, pour over the trout, cover with buttered grease proof paper, and put into a hot oven, and cook for 15 to 20 mins. When serving, put on a warmed fish plate, first removing the string. Boil the sauce a little, then mix in the sour cream, and boil again for a few mins. Then pour over the fish and serve. Boiled potatoes can be served with the fish.Garnish with lemon and almonds to finish off the dish.


1 1/2 rolls

6 oz. each

1 egg

7 oz. champignon

4 oz. butter


1/2 oz. red paprika

1 1/2 gill white wine


1 1/2 gill sour cream


1/4 oz. flour


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REFURBISHED FOR YOUR COMFORT & RELAXATION Formerly Rustic Original & more recently La Casita, Rafael’s Restaurant & Bar is now Under New Management & has been lovingly restored to its original unique rustic beauty creating a warm, friendly & inviting atmosphere. Come & sample our new, extensive bistro style menu in the refurbished 26 seater restaurant or just relax in our extensively stocked bar & bask in the warmth and glow of our large open log fire. We cater for all tastes & appetites from our ‘Desperate Dan’ pies & tasty snacks through to classic main courses including beer battered North Atlantic Haddock with chunky chips & best Aberdeen Angus sirloin steaks. Speciality starters & main courses include homemade Thai Prawn Cakes, whole baked Camembert, Grandpas Nilgiri Hills curries & succulent pan fried salmon fillet to name a mere selection. Why not enjoy ‘the most important meal of the day’ with us from 10.30am every day (except Monday, our day of rest) with Rafael’s hearty or light breakfast menu! From Scottish smoked mackerel or salmon, pancakes & French cinnamon toast to a full English breakfast with free range eggs, award winning homemade pork sausages & English grade A back bacon all washed down with a steaming hot cup of English Tea.

pot of English tea, homemade cakes, mini sandwiches (cut in triangles of course!) & last but not least our homemade fruit scones with real butter & a choice of preserves, with cream. Or for the more decadent, why not have a delicious glass of bubbly! From 10th November we will be showing all major sports events live from our winter proofed ‘sports terrace’ including football & rugby via Sky Sports & ESPN. We will also have a full monthly programme of Live Music & Entertainment so keep an eye on TIM & Rafael’s Face book page for our Event Guide. We have completely refurbished & extended the Terraced Area which is now fully covered & water tight with seating for approximately 60 people. For additional information on any of the above please contact Sarah on 618 888 429 or even better please call in for a chat where you will be assured of a very warm welcome. ** XMAS BOOKINGS NOW BEING TAKEN BUT TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT PLEASE DO NOT DELAY AS BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL & PLACES ARE LIMITED**

For the later starters & ‘Ladies that Lunch’ why not indulge yourself in our afternoon teas served between 3.30pm – 5.30pm. Treat yourself to a

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The summer has finally drawn to a close, and it’s now

that many of us start winter hibernation, staying at home much more, nursing steaming mugs of hot chocolate and hearty stews. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with doing that some of the time, health does start to suffer if it’s all we do. Here are a few ideas to make it easier to stay healthy over the winter months.

Eating well When

it’s cold outside, it’s tempting to fill up on stodgy foods to help our bodies keep us warm. It’s true that we need extra calories in cold weather as we burn more than usual. However, it’s easy to let this become an excuse for eating badly, and when combined with lower-than-normal levels of exercise, that’s a recipe for gaining weight, which may be hard to shift come spring. To avoid this, up your fruit and vegetable intake rather than your intake of carbohydrates – not only are the calories lower, the vitamins are vital for warding off winter colds.

Use lean meats like chicken, Turkey and fish in stews and soups and stews , this is a great way to get your quota of vitamins and minerals. Eating brown bread, pasta and rice rather than the white versions will make you feel fuller for longer and give you slow releasing energy.


can fight infection and is a great immune booster. Echinacea a herbal extract can also boost your immunity against colds and flu and can be taken in


water of fruit juice. One of my favourite winter dinks (apart from alcoholic mulled wine) is a tea made with fresh ginger, lemon and honey. It is very soothing and warming and full of vitamin c.

Getting moving Exercising

outdoors when the sun’s shining is fun. When it’s snowing, it’s pretty much impossible. Not everyone can afford a gym membership for winter exercise, but that’s no reason to become inactive. Get yourself an indoor exercise kit, starting with weights, a balance ball and a yoga mat. You can also do simple stretch movements if you don’t have any equipment and use a chair to do various balance moves. Just search desk workouts on-line and you’ll find a whole host of different exercises. There are many good exercise books and DVDs on the market that will show you how to use them. If you’re short of money to buy them yourself, perhaps they’d make good Christmas gift idea! Something different


good diet and a bit of exercise will keep our bodies healthy, but sometimes our minds need a little pampering, particularly as lack of sunlight at this time of year can be depressing. To get out of a winter rut, get out and do something you wouldn’t normally do. Things such as going for a spa treatment, booking experience days or going on a day trip somewhere new are all good ways to get out of the house and out of the habit of sitting on the sofa watching television every weekend. Get out and about whatever the weather.

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              38

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2nd Birthday Congratulations, Kitchensplus1. Kitchensplus1 are now into their 3rd year of supplying good, honest, value for money kitchens here in Spain. In true Yorkshire style, proprietor Philip’s favourite phrase “Owt for Nowt” couldn’t be more true. Kitchensplus1 don’t need to offer any “free” gimmicks, which we all know has to be paid for by you, the customer, somewhere along the line. What they offer is value for money kitchens, all year round. Complemented by a customer service that is second to none, Philip has over 20 years experience in his industry & has accumulated a wealth of knowledge to advise you on how to improve, upgrade or replace your kitchen. So give yourself a Christmas treat & call him now on 968 184 235. He’ll come to you to discuss, in the comfort of your own home, just how you can bring some extra sparkle into your kitchen this Christmas!

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October 23rd - November 21st

Aries Putting money into savings is your primary goal. You’re tired of living hand to mouth, and want to have something to show for all of your hard work. Having a certain amount of your income automatically put into savings can be helpful. In time, you won’t even notice the sacrifice you’ll just become used to living on a reduced budget. As your nest egg grows, you’ll become less dependent on your job for survival. It’s much easier to like work when it isn’t compulsory.

Leo Nobody could ever question your loyalty to family. You do everything in your power to protect your loved ones from harm. Working long hours, defending a relative and arranging special treats for children are all part of your repertoire. In return, you feel as though you can tell your nearest and dearest anything without being judged. It’s a powerful bond that sustains you through difficult times and makes happy moments even more enjoyable.

Sagittarius Stepping out of the spotlight comes as a relief. You’re tired of being scrutinised all the time. Take this opportunity to commune with nature. Spending time with your pets will also be therapeutic. People are all well and good, but they can’t provide the unconditional love a furry friend can. Perform an anonymous act of kindness on a friend’s behalf. Your loved one needs a sign that the Universe isn’t entirely indifferent to their welfare.


Taurus Teaming up with a resourceful person who knows how to get things done will prove productive. You’re capable of fulfilling day to day duties, while your workmate is better suited to larger matters, like advertising and sales. If you’re single, there’s a good chance you’ll feel a romantic attraction to your partner. The two of you are complete opposites in so many ways, which makes for spicy repartee. Ultimately, you might fare better with someone who is a little less possessive.




Give yourself a break from reading, writing, and studying; indulge your sensual side instead. Enjoy a gourmet meal, scented bath, or luxurious nap. If you don’t rest, your mind will continue to race and your health will suffer. It’s difficult for a smart person like you to turn off your brain. Still, the more you practice, the easier it will be to balance your intellectual curiosity with your physical needs. Sometimes you neglect your body by spending so much time in thought.



You’ve got very definite ideas about how things should be done. This can drive a wedge between you and your colleagues. Refrain from supervising your peers’ work, even if you think you can do better. Nobody likes to be micromanaged, especially by people who have no authority. Keep your eyes on your own work. Find an outlet for your enormous intellectual curiosity. Taking a class, writing a book, or conducting some research will be extremely rewarding.

It’s extremely distasteful for you to discuss your financial affairs. You’re tired of people prying into your private affairs. Unfortunately, your sense of decorum makes it difficult to tell nosy parkers to mind their own business. Until you establish a firm boundary these pests will continue to poke and pry. This is a good time to buy antiques and used items. You will get excellent value for your money if you drive a hard bargain. Stand firm and don’t take ‘no’ for an answer.



Someone who is incapable of keeping the secret will be cast from your social circle. If there’s anything you hate, it’s having your private business discussed all over town. Although you’re uncomfortable so many people know embarrassing details of your life, it’s good to know you can no longer trust a particular confidante. Keep any privileged information away from their prying eyes, and make sure they are out of earshot when you’re talking on the phone.

Determination to succeed leaves your rivals in the dust. Nobody is willing to work as hard and make as many sacrifices as you. Fortunately, your efforts will be rewarded with a high profile job, raise, or promotion. For the most part, you’ll be able to operate in private, but there will be times when you’ll have to command the spotlight. At these moments, your economical use of words will serve you well. You never give away more information than necessary, which helps your employer.

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A variety of charismatic people are entering your social circle. Several will take a romantic interest in you. If you’re already in a relationship, you’ll have to watch your step with a dark, mysterious stranger whose sexuality threatens to overpower you. You wouldn’t want to do anything to your partner. If you’re single, on the other hand, feel free to pursue this relationship. You’ll yield better results if you play hard to get. The object of your affection enjoys the thrill of the chase.

Your powerful personality is a force with which to contend. If you don’t get what you want, you’re liable to plot revenge. Take care that any vindictive acts aren’t traced back to you, or your reputation will suffer. It’s better to take the direct approach to your desires, anyway. It’s virtually impossible for anyone to refuse your demands. This is a good time to go on job interviews, first dates, and auditions. The more you listen and the less you talk, the better.

Pisces You learn better through direct experience than study. Fortunately, an influential teacher is ready to let you to take the reins of an important assignment. You’ll make a few mistakes along the way, but don’t be too hard on yourself. In time, you’ll develop a technique that is the envy of all your peers. You have great instincts for finding information, building character profiles, and learning people’s weaknesses. This will serve you well in any job involving public relations or advertising.

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We need more properties to sell! Contact us to arrange an appointment


0034 679 951 140 (Español) 0034 699 457 387 (English) 0034 606 619 288 (Dutch) 0034 966 779 788 (Office/fax) c/ San Rafael, 11, 03318 La Murada, Alicante

Ref: 01985 – LA MURADA – FANTASTIC OPPORTUNITY – 87,000 € Furnished country house located in a small hamlet on the outskirts of this popular market town. • • • • • •

2 bedrooms, one bathroom Lounge/dining room with fireplace Fitted and equipped kitchen Separate apartment with bedroom & bathroom Lovely pool area, landcaped gardens, outdoor kitchen Peaceful area with panoramic views



Ref 02348 NEW Crevillente - ALICANTE


Detached country house only 5 mins from town. 2 beds, bath, lounge/diner with fireplace, fitted kitchen, enclosed sun room, terraces, patio, pool, outdoor storage. Build: 130 m2 Plot: 12,300 m2 € 179,000

Detached country house in a fenced plot with pool, terraces, porch. 3 beds, bath, lounge/diner, kitchen. Garage (27 m2). 5 mins from all amenities in the town.

Detached country house in a peaceful location with fantastic views. 2 beds, bath, lounge/diner with fireplace, kitchen with utility room. Enclosed gardens, 2 mins drive from town. Build: 70 m2 Plot: 2,000 m2 € 100,000

Country house in a peaceful area with lovely views. Enclosed gardens. 3 beds, 2 baths, lounge/diner, fitted kitchen with utility room. Terrace, solarium, garage. 3 mins drive from town. Build: 110 m2 Plot: 600 m2 € 150,000


Ref 02360 Hondon Frailes - Alicante

Ref 01812 Cañada del Trigo - Murcia


Detached villa with pool in elevated location. 3 beds with wardrobes, 2 baths, lounge/diner with fireplace, fitted kitchen. A/C, C/H. 2 porches, underbuild. Enclosed plot with auto entry Build: 155 m2 Plot: 2,700 m2 € 164,995

Fully furnished detached villa. 3 beds, 2 baths, lounge/diner with fireplace, fitted kitchen with utility room. Porch, enclosed landscaped gardens with auto entry system. Build: 135 m2 Plot: 8,427 m2 € 159,900

Individually designed detached villa within walking distance of town. 3 beds, 2 baths, fitted kitchen, lounge/diner with fireplace. Covered porch. 3,000 m2 enclosed with auto entry. Build: 136 m2 Plot: 10,005 m2 € 189,995


Detached rural house with pool, only 3 kms from town. Views of the valley & mountains. 3 beds, bath, lounge/diner with fireplace, fitted kitchen. Porch, terrace. Planted gardens. Build: 125 m2 Plot: 2,000 m2 € 149,995

Build: 85 m2 Plot: 2,500 m2

€ 122,000

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Costa Blanca

ExpEriEncE   thE rEal Spain  Inland property specialist Most properties within 40 mins of Alicante/Murcia New villas from €115,000 Reformation projects from €30,000 Country houses from €58,000 0034 645 746 176

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Dog rescue

October was another busy month with 9 dogs homed. A big thank you to Baz and Jo Parkin who raised 160.50 euros at their coffee morning. Well done!! Thanks also to all who supported them. Don’t forget 19th November, our Race Night at The Manor, come and join all the fun of the races. Finally Barneys 2012 calendar is out now just 6 euros each. Available at Cristina’s Vets, Get IT Connected Pinoso, Ruff’s, The English Supermarket Las Kalendas Fortuna, Malvinas La Romana, Lezsonja’s Salinas. Canisax Vets Sax, to name but a few. Get yours now and help us continue our work. C o n t ac t u s o n 6 5 9 2 7 4 5 7 3 o r E m a i l : b a r n e y s . h o p e @ g m a i l. c o m Website:

Hondón Valley RBL The Hondón Valley Branch of The Royal British Legion

Paul Cunningham Nurses try to be there at the latter stages, free of charge, for any terminally ill patients. Already they have supported many patients and their families. This service needs a constant stream of funds and is supported by many fund raising events.

The Branch are now putting the final touches to their Remembrance Service on llth November.

It will be held

in the Church at Hondón de los Frailes (in the pedestrian area) and everyone is asked to take their seats by 10.30 a.m. A lunch is available afterwards, and to book a meal, please ring our Secretary on 650 896 923 or email secretary. Branch meetings are normally held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month and new members are always welcome to come along. (December meeting on 13th ) 44

To help further raise the ongoing monies needed, there are now three Paul Cunningham Nurses charity shops Our team of nurses, carers and fundraisers are dedicated to working tirelessly. Many in the community have taken the Charity into their hearts and give generously, and not just money, as often just a little time can help a lot. Please help us continue helping more people spend their final days with dignity. If you would like to find out what you could do to help or find out more about the fund raising we do, please email: sueinthesun@hotmail. or call 639 318 526. Give a little - help a lot!

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Costa Blanca

Tel: 965 474 314 • Mob: 675 218 436 • FA B pr oper ties • FA B p r i c e s • FA B s e r v i c e

Sax - Ref: ff0418

Sax - Ref: ff0557

Gorgeous country house Lovely fitted kitchen 3 beds, 1 bath Fully fenced, great views

Town house for renovation 2 storey, 3 beds Mains electricity & water Real bargain

Country house close to town 4 beds, 2 baths Fabulous pool 10,000m2 fenced land

First floor apartment Fully fitted independent kitchen Living/dining room 3 beds

Only 133,995 euros.

Only 29,995 euros.

Only 191,995 euros.

Only 48,500 euros.

Salinas - Ref: ff0627

Raspay - Ref: ff0629

Sax - Ref: ff0631

Sax - Ref: ff0596

Sax/Salinas - Ref: ff0524

Salinas - Ref: ff0531

Finca with 13 kennels Licences already in place 8,700m2 land Garages & outbuildings

Finca with casita Close to town & amenities 3 beds, 3 baths Swimming pool

Large village house 5 beds, 2 baths Beautifully renovated Quality furniture included

Finca with casita Walk to town 4 beds, 2 baths Pool & outbuildings

Only 169,995 euros

Only 188,995 euros.

Only 134,995 euros.

Only 169,995 euros.

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UK TV on Internet 20 € (+iva) per hour Printer Ink - 50%

Websites designed from 200 € (incl. iva) Quality Hosting from 80 € (incl. iva) Computers Repaired and Upgraded; Sales; Training Sax, Alicante STEVE: 966 967 439 or 650 354 629

Qualified computer repairs Websites, Training & Advice Covering Pinoso, Fortuna, Hondons, La Romana and all surrounding areas FREE computer clinics: Tue in “T” de Tapas, Pinoso (10am - 2pm) Thrs in The Casle Bar, Baños de Fortuna (3pm - 6pm)

Web: email:


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Costa Blanca

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Hondon Valley Golf Society PAUL RICHARDS SMASHES HIS WAY ROUND FONT DEL LLOP AND GRABS CAPTAIN’S DAY TROPHY AS MARTIN, ALEC AND GEOFF WIN THEIR SECTIONS Paul Richards was the overall winner of the HVGS October Stableford on Captain’s Day less than 72 hours after robbers had smashed their way into his home and grabbed many of Paul’s prize possession. So there was some compensation for Paul as he won The Trophy, a Mick the Grip Voucher, spirits, wine, beer and golf balls donated by Font Del Llop Golf Resort. He also won his Matchplay semi final against Jim Lynch and now meets Rob Brown in the final. On a fine and sunny day the first of ten fourballs tee-ed off at 10.00 am after coffees on the terrace. The course was looking a picture despite some areas that had been recently reseeded. Font Del Llop had positioned all the markers for the day’s play and marked the buggies with the players names – a special touch and typical of the Font Del Llop management team. Captain John had promised members an exciting day and, in the event, it lived up to expectations. There was a plethora of prizes to play for on most of the holes as well as the Yellow Ball Competition. A full list of Prizes and Winners is printed below in this article. Chairman Ron and his little helpers did their best to get liquid and solid refreshments round to the golfers. Snifters of brandy and the odd dram of whisky seemed to have the desired effect especially on Alec the Lover but less so on Ken the Card! But beer and cold soft drinks were most popular by far as two cold boxes full of goodies provided by Captain John were eventually exhausted save a finger of brandy and a handful of choccy bars. Snacks were available for the members on their return to the Club House although the quantity, quality and content was disappointing to say the least. When the Committee complained about the food it transpired that the catering side of the club is franchised out to a separate company. Dave Bratley and his team checking the scorecards were the busiest group in the Club House as there were so many things to check and record. Eventually the white smoke appeared and Captain John was able to commence the prizegiving and bring the day to a successful close.

For information on how to join HVGS contact the Secretary, Jim Lynch, on 666208416 or email jamesandsue.lynch@ . To reserve your place on the list for the Society Golf Days contact the Captain, John Wilkinson, on 966967218 and 625550879 or e-mail .



ing HVG

S Golf D

ays and O

ther Eve

Tuesday 8th Nove El Plantio mber : Meet 09 .15 am in Clubhous e Monday 2 1st Novem Bar Pepin eber : AGM 6.0 0pm in R estaurant Friday 2n d Decemb er - La Fin Presentati ca Restau on and D rant inner Dan ce 7.30 p m Tuesday 13th Dec Alicante: ember Meet 09.1 5 am in C lubhouse


Winners HVGS CAPTAIN’S DAY – Font Del Llop – Tuesday 11th October 2011 Paul RICHARDS Overall Winner 32 Trophy, €15 Voucher, Beer, Box of Wine, Balls & Rum Martin TAYLOR Gold Winner 30 €10 Voucher, Beer, Box of Wine, Balls & Rum Alec AMOR Silver Winner 32 €10 Voucher, Beer, Box of Wine, Balls & Rum Geoff RABEY Bronze Winner 20 €10 Voucher, Beer, Box of Wine, Balls & Rum Ken CARDWELL Nearest the Pin 3rd Litre Soberano Dave TOMLINSON Nearest the Pin 9th Litre Soberano Mick REEVES Nearest the Pin 12th Litre Soberano Paul RICHARDS Nearest the Pin 16th Litre Soberano Mick REEVES Nearest the Pin 17th Litre Soberano Martin TAYLOR Longest Drive Gold Hole 1 Vodka Mix & Wine Albert BAGGALEY Longest Drive Silver Hole 9 Vodka Mix & Wine Steve MUNN Longest Drive Bronze Hole 10 Vodka Mix & Wine Rob BROWN Longest Drive with Iron Hole 18 Vodka Mix & Wine Graham PALMER Yellow Ball Team Comp Beer & Glass Larry INSKIP Yellow Ball Team Comp Beer & Glass Les GODDARD Yellow Ball Team Comp Beer & Glass Alan OGDEN Yellow Ball Team Comp Beer & Glass Dave BRATLEY Best Front Nine 14 Barrel Beer 2 Botts Wine Bob BERRIMAN Best Back Nine 18 Barrel Beer 2 Botts Wine Dave TOMLINSON Best Par 3s 12 Beer & Glass, Book Golf Tips Mick REEVES Best Guest 24 Whisky, Bott Wine Martin FORDER Must Try Harder Wine, Book of Golf Excuses Les GODDARD Lucky Numbers 21 on card Wine Larry INSKIP 2 on Card Balls Bob NASH Green Fee Refund €40.00 Cash Martin TAYLOR Football Scratchcard Plymouth €20.00 Cash • Web site:

Costa Blanca

CAMPO GOLF SOCIETY The September outing of the Campo GS was held on a lovely day, with everyone enjoying their golf. The results are as follows:RESULTS WINNER ALEC AMORE SECOND H.LAMBOO N/PTHIRD JAN HENDRIKS N/P 5TH JAN HENDRIKS N/P 13TH KARST MULDER N/P 12TH KOOS VAN BEEK DATES FOR 2011 25th Nov Alenda 1st Tee 10.00am 16th Dec Alicante 1st Tee 10.00am Christmas Meeting Jan 12th El Plantio €45 incl.buggy 1st Tee TBA

Brian has managed to get Alenda to reduce the number of minimum buggies required from 8 to 6 - every buggy, therefore, will now be €15 per buggy for between 12-16 players. GOLF BREAK TO BENIDORM The society is organising a 3-day golf break to the 4* Hotel Villatana in Benidorm for 20th March 2012. The cost is €155 for 3 nights B & B and 3-day’s golf. Can those interested please speak to Brian so he can add your name to the list. Transport will be arranged nearer the time. If this is successful, it is hoped that this could become an annual event. ANY OTHER SOCIETY MEMBERS ARE WELCOME TO JOIN US AT ANY TIME AND BENEFIT FROM OUR FAVOURABLE RATES. HOLIDAY GUESTS ARE ALSO CORDIALLY INVITED TO JOIN US FOR SALE BENROSS 460 Titanium Driver with Prolaunch Platinum shaft - with cover New €95 Set of clubs - bag, putter, irons and woods - €185 complete - NEW 4 TYRES - 205/17/R14’s - €100 - only used for a few miles

The Christmas meeting has been changed to Alicante at a cost of €45 which will include coffee & tostada on arrival, golf, buggy and 3-course meal (members’ meals subsidised by the society). We require 16 or 20 players for a Texas scramble.

CONTACT BRIAN ON 966677852/ 618834774 OR BARRY 965480716/686374717 IF YOU HAVE ANY QUERIES WHATSOEVER

E-mail: • Web site:


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Win 2 free tickets in the VIP terrace for any league home game at CR La Villa Rugby Club The offer includes 2 free tickets, programme, and snacks and drinks at half time. Simply fill in your details below and cut out the coupon and send to T.I.M. Apartado de Correos 285 • 03630 SAX (Alicante)

Win a free “Galvanic spa non-surgical face lift treatment” (worth 35 euros) at Ambiente Hair and Beauty Center Pinoso Simply Answer the following question and fill in your details. Cut out the coupon and send to T.I.M. Apartado de Correos 285 • 03630 SAX (Alicante) What is Ambiente beauty offering for FREE? (see our advert page 30)

Name..................................................................................... Email Address.........................................................................


Address.......................................................................... .......................................................................................


Your Contact Tel number..........................................................

Email Address.........................................................................

Closing Date for entries is the 19th November 2011 TIM’s decision is final Weight and height restrictions apply.

Address.......................................................................... ....................................................................................... Your Contact Tel number..........................................................


Costa Blanca

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MORE PROPERTIES NEEDED Due to our new Dutch partner bringing us Dutch, French and Belgique clients Fixed fee with no upfront costs

Tel : 645746176 We have clients out everyday

La Romana Village Community Car Boot Sale Central market la Romana On Sunday 20th November Sellers .7.30 am Buyers 9am Pitches will be on a first come first served,unless pre booked No new goods will be allowed for sale with exception of hand crafted products

For further information Call English 661 145128 Spanish 618 331 523Pere ducompo 52

Treasure Chest

Now open to the public Quality new and used goods, gifts and accessories Goods taken on commission House Clearance whole and part houses and garages cleared moving house? having a clearout!We will buy all unwanted items from furniture to single items including vehicles Removals large van and driver for hire on hourly rates,prompt professional service guaranteed for further information please call 661 145128 • Web site:

Full/part house clearance Tel:654 075 433/675 874 665 email; elcofredeltesorosalinas@ Opening Hours: Thurs/Friday 6pm-8pm Sat/Sun 10am-1.30pm

c/Republica Dominicana , 03638, Salinas

Costa Blanca


Sell it Fast Sell it For FREE! You can place your unwanted items in our Classifieds section FREE of charge up to the value of 500 euros. Simply text your unwanted items too 680 976823 or email them to remember, no more than 25 words per item and no more than 3 items per household, and please always include what area you live in, we do not take FREE classifieds over the phone. Last day for Free ads is the 18th of the month When sending through your items by email, please only send in normal size text. GENERAL Wii console, two remotes and two numchucks, 5 games including Carnival, Playground, Wii Fit, Wii Sport and one other, Wii fit board, still has box hardly used no longer wanted 180 euros ovno Tel 606 891 644 Sax Bright red train - childrens ride, suitable for bar or fiestas. Very good condition. Good money spinner - 120 euros - La Murada 965 976 844 Stainless steel TECA Halogen hob, one month old - 51 x 60 cm, perfect condition - 100 euros, no offers plus TEKA electric fan oven (black) good condition 48 x 50 cm - 50 euros. - La Murada 965 976 844 FOR SALE; Golf clubs, Maxfli golf bag and collapsible trolley, umbrella and various accessories. Complete set includes; 5 wood, 3 wood, 1 wood, sand wedge, pitching wedge, 9 – 3 irons and 1 iron. All in excellent condition. Bad back forces reluctant sale – collection from Elche. 90€ TELEPHONE 650 594 112 Water tank 10,000 ltrs, surface or buried, two taps and lid as new, pump and regulator available, 1,000 euros Tel 652 293 904 Castalla

FOR SALE; FENDER Squier right handed electric lead guitar, case, Squier SP-10 Amplifier, cabling and Squier digital quartz tuner. Collection from Elche. 75 € TELEPHONE 650 594 112 High Chair,Plastic ,blue and cream, 30 euros ,Travel Cot used once ,immaculate 40euros, Car seat up to 2/3 year old 20e. Child’s Bath, plastic, blue 15e. Crevellente 649 229 353 For Sale :- (Brand New & Boxed) Astral sena pool pump & multi port filter valve ,includes connection fittings all documentation included,suitable for 10m x 5m Pools 225 Euros / Lot Tel 678 490 861 (Hondon De Los Frailes) Automatic garage door in good working condition. 2.6mW x 2.4mH with motor and frame. 250.00 Euros. Self collection. Benferri 639 380 812 Dogs Today monthly magazines, over 50 copies of back issues. In good condition. 15 euros, Pine Table oval, seats 6, in very good condition. 50 euros. La Murada Tel: 619 114 692 Chest freezer for sale - in good working order and good condition. 94cm x 60cm €40 Tel: 628 847 836 La Romana

If you have an item for sale over 500 euros or if you have a commercial advert and would like them listed in the Classifieds section of the magazine, then call 606 891644. You can also place your unwanted items for sale FREE of charge up to 2,000 euros on our classifieds web site at www, please remember when placing items for sale on our classifieds web site, that items placed on the web site will not appear automatically in the Classifieds section of the Tim magazine Send your small ads to BARGAINADS@YAHOO.ES Complete market stall with summer and winter awnings available.Hardly used this is a good opportunity to start your own business, 300 € Tel 606 196 886 Villamartin Ultimate pampering pack (4 in 1 set). Unused, still in box: mirror; facial sauna; foot massage; manicure set. Make excellent gift. Price €45. Tel: 699307503, 965488288. Albatera Large Sofa Bed, golden beige colour. Mattress as new very good quality, Sofa in excellent condition. 150 euros. Could deliver. La Murada Tel : 619 114 692 Double divan bed, as new condition, can deliver, bargin at 199euros Tel 633 324 547 Abanilla Double bed base 190 x 150 and headboard for sale Tibi area 35 euros Tel 664 753 231 Large 2 seater settee with mustard coloured fitted covers for sale. good condition, buyer to collect, bargain at 50euros. Call Carol on 617 215 295 Castalla Motocross KTM boots. 70e. wulf motocross pants and top 50e size 32 and another set in size 30, rip and roll goggles and neck brace 20, body armour

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and KTM leg shields 45e, black ash cabinet for lounge 25e. Radlette grill 15e. 6 large sofa cushions, 3 pink, 3 blue. 10e, huge stella pub light/sign. 50e, BMW wheels and tyres with spacers. 19 inch. 350e also , baby changing unit with drawers. full of baby clothes. 30e. brand new cot 50e. moses basket with bedding 30e. Tel 965 698 052 Busot 2.4 meter Sky dish, with twin lnb Pinoso 200 euros Tel 667 049 647 For sale, clarke wood turning lathe, single phase with drive centres and various tool rests, plus face plate. Good working order. Price: €75.00 Tel No. 693 596 581 Hondon de las Nieves Black iron queen-size bedframe/wooden slats for mattress 204cm x 155cm. Vgc €100, espresso cappuccino maker new €35, silver flat screen colour TV 52cm new €40. Silver teasmade/radio alarm vgc €30. Tel: Pinoso 965478718. Edesa immersion heater, 2 years old, excellent condition, tel 965 478388 or 638 611 388 Villena Philips TV in good condition, perfect working - screen 61 cm - with TDT box. 50 euros. Tel. 966180619 / 667 230 076, Hondón de las Nieves. 53

TIM Magazine™ 1.9 sky dish plus lnb 300 euros Tel 965 474672 or 636 246 027 Sax 2 medium size helmets good condition, 1 black, 1 red 40 euros each, 1 standing massager with speeds and times as good as new 85 euros Sax tel 667 757 843 Modern orange/red kitchen tier curtain/blind 136cmW x 172cmD €20. breville avance Electric Kettle. 2.0L €8, philips steam Iron. €5,HP photosmart 145 colour photo printer. Unused €40. Tel: Pinoso 965478718. Old Spanish style bedroom furniture, double bed, bed side tables x 2, dressing table with mirror and large wardrobe Pinoso area Tel 679 548 451 Single divan bed larger than average at 3’ 6” wide in good condition with storage space underneath + headboard, also bolster, pillow + El Corte Ingles duvet, all clean and hardly used. Castalla/Onil area.65 euro’s no offers. Phone 965 529 758 mob 696 285 214 Sofa bed 200 cm wide. Terracotta fabric. As new condition 195 Euros, Stone circular garden table with tulip design motif and three matching benches 120cm diameter 175 euros, Glass T V stand 90 x 50 cm 35 euros ,buyer to collect Hondon 966 192 583 / 637 269 752 (mob) Panasonic lumix tz28 compact digital camera (16 magnification) 130€. inst. book in English, tel. 968 696 021. 155 Ltr “ SAMAC” Cement Mixer,1/2 HP single phase motor 230 volts,6 years old, works OK ,60 Euros 25 Mtrs 16amp 3 core cable,with 16 amp connections 15 Euros, Tel 678 490 861 Hondon Valley Dog cage 2 door fold flat. Ideal for puppy training and transporting in vehicle. 84cm high 78cm wide 118cm long. 40 euros. Pinoso area 681 126 506 Modern large home/office L-shaped desk in light beech, brushed chrome legs V.G.C. 54

Also matching 3 drawers/filing + office chair on wheels. some slight marks. Buyer collects, will dismantle. Euro’s 150. Castalla 965 560 542 Puma electric wheelchair ,excellent condition, digital control panel. Adjustment for height and inclination; also manual adjustment for feet and headrest. Folds down for transport, battery indicator, lights and automatic charger. Maximum speed 12 Kmh and range 40Km. Transport can be arranged. Pinoso area 500€ Telephone 966 180 887

SERVICES Crystal Clear Window Cleaning Service Telephone to arrange a free quotation!! Ed or Graham 618 200 657 or email Large van leaving Spain to the UK and UK to Spain every month. space available both ways, very reliable Tel 966 500121 or 690 818090, UK mob: 07504 927034 email:

Sofa bed double, terracotta colour, bed slept on once Cost £1000 from cargo in England 70 euro or best offer Keith 07827817458 Hondon valley area


Honda generator 4 kw petrol, warranty 6 months, nearly new only 70 hours use, 350 euros Tel 679 657 308 Abanilla

*Mono capa *Skimming *Rendering *Tiling All building works undertaken Call: 636 573 791


Curtain poles, pine and white 10 euro for the lot Keith 07827817458 Hondon valley Chainsaw, challenge 14, electric, unused 45 euros Call 965 482048 or 636 553 918 Frailes

Yamaha moped 49cc Spanish plated, 2001,2 years itv, accept 300 euros, no offers Tel 655 212 868 Pinoso buyer pays transfer Quality push bikes, as new 60% off showroom price. Trek fuel ex6 610 euros. Trek 3900 210 euros, Trek 3700 110 euros few sizes available, bought for business that never started, helmets and accessories free with bike, also bike trailer 330kg, takes up to 13 bikes Tel Philip “Pinoso” 653 164 357

Very nice man with a big white van, Removals, deliveries, pick up service, all jobs considered. Call now on 669 547 068

CRAFTSMEN & DESIGN SERVICES 35 yrs unique skill base all work licensed and guarenteed specialising in * plastering internal/ external wall covering *stone masonry / brick & block work *plumbing, painting& decorating Free estimates help & advise Tel :966180636 or 620543155 e mail: craftsmendesign@

Panasonic Lumix G1 digital camera for sale. With 14-45 zoom lens and all original items, excellent condition. € 150 ono. Castalla area. 659 099 573 Dartboard and cabinet – unused gift with wall fixings, instructions and 9 darts. €30 Tel. 965 978984 or 669 615 185 (Pinoso)

repairs. Decking a speciality. Tel 966 182 839/662 048 869 or text 680 755 943

Long wheel base van leaving Spain mid November to the UK, returning first week of December space available both ways Tel 634 030636 PRS Removals Closing or closed your business? Need to sell your stock fast for cash? Then call us on 675 218 436 or 638 026 230 or email insolvencyespana@ Do you need a Translator! Translator available for doctors/ hospital appointments etc in Sax, Villena and Elda areas, complete discretion assured, Call Samantha on 697 925 947 Joiner/Carpenter Fully qualified joiner. 35 years experience (12 in Spain), anything from a shelf to a new roof. All general

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B. J. TOOL HIRE Macisvenda

You need it? We’ve got it! From Acrows to Wacker Plates Collection/Delivery available Repairs & Servicing to most types of tools. Chain Saws re-sharpened.

650 763 177 or 636 286 841

Costa Blanca


based in FORTUNA Murcia. Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps qualified. For more info. Tel 868027019/677107977 or www.chimneydoc

Nissan Terrano 2, 1998, 3 door, 2.4ltr petrol, 4 x 4 127,000 kms, new itv, bulbar,towbar, excellent condition, transfer shared 2,750 euros Tel 965 478388 or 638 611 333

of entertainment!! Also outside catering available from 5€ pp!! tel 618 200 657 or email for more info!!

Honda 250cc Super dream, starts and drives,needs little TLC, but with loads spares for easy repair. must go 150euros ono. 963 146 701


FORD KA3 MILLENIUM. RHD Air Con Alloys Leather etc. UK reg & MOT 1200€ Ian 608 293 596 SORRY TO HEAR YOU’RE LEAVING SPAIN!


Ford Ka 2005, 1.6 sport, Leather Interior, Alloy Wheels, Radio/ 5 Disc CD Player. Mot till 2013, One owner. Excellent condition, metallic grey, nippy, easy to drive and park. 73,000Km (45,000 miles). 10 mins San Miguel. 4,000 euros 966770388



For fun and shopping. For sale two mopeds like new. Spanish licence. I.T.V till 2013. € 500,-each 2 for € 950,-- Fortuna area . William 693 534 080. SUZUKI 803cc V-TWIN ENGINE SHAFT DRIVE. Japanese reliability + SACHS superb German construction. 8000k. Mint condition. 3300€ Ian 608 293 596

CASH We pay INSTANT CASH for ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING. Cars, Vans, Bikes, Quads, Caravans, Power Tools, Garden Furniture ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING!!!!!

From 1€ - €10.000 Same day collection Ring Phil Now 607 848 332 Lee 663 673 143 FORTUNA

2nd hand cars bought and sold Tel 691 260 502

Avon representatives required. Be your own boss, earn good commission and have fun! Call Jacqueline 679 548 451 PROPERTY SALE Inland Properties Town houses from 65,000e, 3 bedrooms,2 bathrooms Villas from 105,000e Land with water and electric from 35,000e all totally legal Also large selection of Coastal properties Tell us what you want! Phone 0034 617 987 859 email

Auction every 2nd and last Wednesday at bar central in Barbaroja starts 2pm, good food/ great atmosphere Call for info 636 456 139 EG Disco and Karaoke, available for private parties, functions, bars, special occasions. From 70€ for a night

Country properties wanted under 150,000 euros in and around Sax/Salinas/ Pinoso/ Villena/ Caudete and the surrounding areas Call Isa on 615 984745 or 966 153425 Wanted all types of household items, electrical/ power tools/ ladders and almost anything WHY! Call 671 251332 don’t delay get cash today. English couple just sold, need long term rent, any area, husband semi retired builder, maintainance on house taken care of for reasonable rent Tel 658 066 227




Estate Agency is looking for country houses for sale for up to 150,000 euros in the following areas. Sax, Salinas, Villena, Biar, Caudete, Pinoso, Onil, Elda, Petrer, Castalla and Monovar. We have clients looking in these areas at houses in this price range. For more information, please call Steve or Claire on 965 474 314, 675 218 436 or email fabfincas@


WANTED I buy fridges / washing machines / furniture /electricals / tools/ bikes, ! Anything! Get cash call Sue on 636 456 139 Want to sell your Spanish country house? Fabfincas

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PETS Free to a good home, a 5yr old staffordshire bull terrier. Would suit couple with no other pets, she is a wonderful gentle natured animal, unfortunately we are returning to England and have nowhere to house her with us!!! if interested call Chris on 966967947 Bengalese finches, cokc and hens 3 euros each Tibi 664 753 231 55

TIM Magazine™ GOATS, I have 4 (if not 2) Tibetan goats ,need a safe loving home ,due to illness,I cannot look after them anymore if you can help Tel 661 441 153 5 beautiful miniture doves for sale ( sparrow size ). easy to keep, 5 euros each or 20euros for the 5, also 7 young canaries 12euros each, or 10 euros each for 5 or more.Various colours Hondon Area 966677293

4 beautiful peach faced lovebirds. 14€ each, also my young cockatiel 30€. Selling due to illness. Well below shop prices. Hondon Tel: 966192581 Claire Crofts - Mobile Dog Grooming - Tel 649 280 204 Two cats, brother and sister 8 years old chipped, vaccinated, rabied and very loving needing


a good home togeather one is ginger one is marmalade can be seen at fortuna cattery

Spanish lessons resuming at Bar Pepin, 8th November, 5 euros per hour. contact Adele 667 858 434


ZUMBA! The worlds fastest growing fitness programme inspired by both Latin & International dance. Classes in Sax & surrounding areas. Call Tina 659 422 501

Pinoso Vineyard Christian Fellowship Traditional Christmas Carol Service Thursday 15th December 7pm. Followed by mince pies and mulled wine. c/veintiocho de marzo 20, Pinoso Tel 965478253/679 548 451

MABS CANCER SUPPORT GROUP FORTUNA Saturday 26th November. Hog Roast. CASTLE BAR, Friday 2nd December Xmas Bazaar LAS PALMERAS, information and volunteers contact Marion 968685278 DITCH THE WORKOUT, JOIN THE PARTY!! ZUMBA FITNESS CLASSES with Certified Zumba Instructor In Pinoso, La Romana, Fortuna, The Hondons, Barbarroja for details contact Donna 966195876 / 699408773

P.E.P.A. (The Helping Hands Charity for Animals) cordially invite you to Bridge the Divide at an ‘Audience with Deanna Sparks’ the Internationally Acclaimed Spiritual Medium (I.S.M./R.A.M.) who will be appearing at Restaurant Viva Espana, Oliva on Thurs 24th Nov from 3pm until 6pm. This promises to be a thought provoking, maybe emotional but most definitely an uplifting day. It is a ticket only event and numbers are limited. Tickets 10e to include afternoon tea. For more details see www. where you can purchase you tickets on line, buy them from the P.E.P.A. Charity Shops in La Font or L’Olleria or tel 647368322.

TRAVEL Special Christmas Offer. Driving to or from the UK? English guest house in France. Bed, Breakfast and Evening Meal for two, only 50 euros! or 3300 562331962 PROPERT RENTALS

Inland Property Specialists

We need your property! We have a list of clients waiting to buy & rent property in this area. Lowest commission rates No up front fees CALL US TODAY! 966180624 / 630976105

Send your small ads to:


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Costa Blanca

Winging it!

Grumpy old git!

A View from the pilot’s seat By Chris Pickles. (Sol-aero Flyers) Previous articles have given you an insight on flying in the area, how affordable it is, and how anybody can learn to be a pilot. I thought this time I would explain how to get your Private Pilots License, where you can train locally, and costs. The cheapest, and easiest route, is to first obtain your microlight license. The training counts towards the full JAR PPL if you want to take things further. Microlight is a word I hate, it conveys the wrong image, the term Light Sports Aircraft is increasingly used, and rightly so. These are proper aeroplanes, that share the same characteristics as their bigger Cessna/Piper brothers. I really believe that flying a Micro is more demanding than the larger stuff. We go into much shorter fields, are more wind affected, and we develop better judgment of heights, angles, and attitudes because we don’t have so many instruments doing it for us! The microlight license requires the following.

The medical costs about160 Euros at present, the exams 200, and the flight test 170. Administration is around 150 Euros. Freedom of the skies possible for about 3 grand! Well, how much is a set of top drawer golf clubs? Be different!! Christmas is nearly upon us again, so why not treat your loved one to a Solaero gift voucher? Beats socks and chocolate, (OK, not chocolate)! Until next time, Chocks away!

1. A class 2 medical certificate – Similar to the standard required to drive a HGV, so eat lots of pies, swear profusely, develop homicidal tendencies, and you should pass! Train with us and we can organize the medical for you.

Aeromoragon M1

2. Complete a minimum of 25 hours flying training, of which at least 10 hours must be flown solo. There is a license that can be obtained in 15, but it carries many restrictions. 3. Complete examinations in Meteorology, Navigation, Airlaw, Human factors, and aircraft technical. Sounds horrendous, but the subjects although wide ranging, are only basic knowledge, and very interesting (except airlaw!). 4. Pass a flight test with a CAA examiner. After that, if you want to progress to your JAR PPL, you need to complete a further 15 hours training, usually in a Cessna 172, You also have to take another Law paper, and flight test. There are two English schools in the area. Derek, of New Horizons at Benicolet. He flies an Icarus C42, and a Pegasus Quik (but not at the same time!) And then there is ourselves, Solaero, at our private strip near Pinoso. We have an attractive young lady pilot who flies an Aeromoragon M1, as well as her “grumpy old git of a flying instructor” husband...guess which one you´ll be getting! We charge 120Euro per hour, or 10 hours for 1000 Euro, and can arrange all the training, exams, and flight tests in house.

For more information call Chris / Janet 609 685 132 / 966 195 508 or see our main advert. (above)

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The Inland Magazine - November 2011  
The Inland Magazine - November 2011  

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