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Welcome to the 65th edition of The Inland Magazine.


Well a mixed bag of weather March turned out to be, but for the first time since October I took my fork and spade in hand and actually managed to get some gardening done. About time to! I had almost forgotten what a well kept garden looked like, but with a good few hours of back breaking work on one of the sunnier days of March, I have made inroads into the weeds and the pruning, and even though I say it myself, my garden is starting to look a lot more respectable, and no doubt over the coming weeks, it will start to look even more acceptable that is as long as I get the time and the weather to carry on where I have just left off.

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The monthly Motoring Column has now been taken over by Julian Ashington, Julian has had years of invaluable experience as a mechanic, and will be spreading his words of wisdom to you all through his new column, and we would like to extend a warm welcome to Julian from all of us here at the magazine.

Nickie (Alicante region)

March’s lucky competition winners were Mrs S. Keable of Villanusia alta El Moralet who won the signed copy of Nik Morton’s book Wings of The Overlord. The winner of the signed copy of Your Garden in Spain was Mrs M .Hansford of Totana Muria and last but not least, the winner of the March sponsored Spot the Bull was Mr J. Magredon of Hondon de los Frailes who spotted bully hiding on page 27 on Joal’s British Food advert so congratulations to all of last months winners. Look out for more Free to enter competitions inside this month’s edition and good luck.

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John Chandler (Murcia region)

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Happy Easter to you all.

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STATE OF THE NATION Words and photos by Rob Innis

To the shrewd observer there are superior ways of deciding on a town’s current level of prosperity than reading misleading government statistics. One of my favourite barometers during recent times was the amount of cranes stood proud on Torrevieja’s skyline. In the peak there were in excess of forty, today seven. Probably not all of those are actually working. But standing idle awaiting resolution of the legal and financial wranglings over the project before grinding back into action. The amount of luminous ‘Se Vende’ signs is no longer an accurate method of gauging the state of the nation. Too many have either simply blown away or been intentionally removed by the desperate sellers. Tired of either getting no interest or offers that were insulting. And anyway what good are the sale proceeds? With interest rates so low, it is better to retain ownership and hope for better times to return. Banks are a reliable sign of a town’s wealth. Now it is not only the branches opened with such reckless optimism on the urbanisations that now lie empty. It is also branches in town coming under the head office cost cutting review. I was in my bank the other day discussing some business and nobody else entered for at least 15 minutes (mind you it was early) remember those long never-ending queues of yesteryear? 2

Large gas guzzling Mercedes, BMWs, Audis, and even Porches people carriers used to be almost more commonplace than a humble Seat around town. Now they have virtually disappeared. To expensive to run and no takers for their faded ‘Se Vendes’ stuck on their back windows. Restaurants have been badly affected. Eating out now classified by many as a luxury has caused lots to close their doors or dramatically change their menu. The famous Spanish ‘Menu del Dia’can now be had for around 7€, hardly more than the cost in 2000, when 1,000 pts (6€) would have bought you a menu. Torrevieja, like other towns, has been granted millions of euros under the Governments ‘Plan E’ Plan Español para el Estimulo de la Economia y el Empleo. (Now you see why it is called Plan E) This money from central government is being used to stimulate the economy and create employment. Also like many other towns along the coast, this has involved the total remodelling and complete digging up of the town centre to create a more pedestrian friendly environment. Cars have been all but banished to the underground car parks. Torrevieja now proudly boasts a new above ground multistorey car park for those who decline the subterranean options.

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However, let us hope this entire wonderful pedestrian oasis of green and trendy seating does indeed tempt the spending public back into the town centre. There must be some businesses that have not seen a customer since before MP3 players and cell phones were ‘de rigueur’ for all shoppers. Needless to say, the astute Chinese continue to thrive, recently opening yet another supermarket size bazaar selling everything from toilet paper to underwear. However, it prevents the closed supermarkets and old cement warehouses from standing empty and becoming an eye sore and graffiti artist’s paradise. They also provide somewhere that forlorn persons can go on wet days to buy stuff they never knew they needed. The most profitable local industry at the moment must be the salt lakes. I recently saw five ships (a personal record) anchored at sea awaiting their turn to come into Torrevieja harbour to fill their holds with this white gold. Stocks must be much depleted in their frozen countries of origin, after the arctic like winters many have endured. Shame the salt company is not actually Spanish owned. No not another Chinese enterprise, but one they missed. I was going to comment that perhaps we should return to salt as a form of money. However, that, as research reveals, is a myth. By way of further topical comment, Torrevieja football club is reportedly in financial difficulties again. Similar to the current plight of some of the English teams, this is one trend that the local team should not follow (to make the Expat supporters feel at home?) Well that is ‘State of the Nation.’ Bottom line – as Yazz sang in 1980 ‘The Only Way Is Up’ what happened to her? Word is - she moved to Spain.

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Aromatic Plants for the Garden S

cented geraniums are not really geraniums at all, they are pelargoniums. They resemble geraniums and are from the same botanical family but there are some subtle differences mainly in the formation of the flowers. The best thing about scented geraniums is the unique and heavenly aroma that comes from its foliage and they are so easy to grow. The flowers are borne in clusters and are long lasting, usually in white or shades of lilac and pink although there are some varieties which have deep red blooms. The leaves can be almost as striking as the flowers and range from pale to dark green, sometimes variegated. The texture of the leaves is also variable with textures ranging from smooth and velvety to almost sticky and may be frilly or cut.

The scented geranium is characterised by its aroma and with over 100 varieties there is bound to be one to suit everybody’s taste but perhaps the most commonly known , and the hardiest , are the lemon or citrus scented ones like Pelargonium crispum. If you like strong peppermint scents then look out for P. tomentosum or try P. fragrans which smells of nutmeg. Other popular aromas to watch out for are rose, apple, orange, or cinnamon spice. The lemon and citrus scented varieties are supposed to help keep flies and mossies at bay. This is most likely based on the fact that generally speaking bugs do not like citronella although to be honest even if they don’t actively keep bugs away, placing the plants close to the house where you can gently rub the leaves every time you pass by to release the wonderful aroma, is probably not a bad idea Scented geraniums are pretty robust, most will survive a mild frost and are fine in hot sun although they do appreciate a little shade in the hottest part of the day during mid-summer. 4

SCENTED GERANIUMS They like a good well-drained soil and are probably happiest in containers. Don’t forget to water them! However there is a saying with geraniums “less is more” so don’t overdo it, just do not dry them out too much. Placing a pot saucer under the plant helps to stop water running off too quickly and if you find the compost has dried out so much that the plant is not taking in water then plunge it in a bucket of water for half an hour A monthly feed is beneficial and if you use a liquid feed you can be sure that as the plant takes in water it also takes in the feed. Granules can sometimes be a bit erratic in breaking down Keep dead-heading in the growing season and you will be rewarded

with blooms right through the summer. Early to mid November, trim plants back by about half and reduce the watering to once a month. If possible store in a light but frost free place such as a naya or outside store. The following March trim out any dead bits, step up the watering and if necessary pot on into a slightly larger pot Scented geraniums are fairly pest free but can be prone to white fly, so keep an eye on the plant and be ready to act promptly with an insecticidal spray. The leaves of scented geraniums can be used in the kitchen to flavour sugar. Layer leaves in a jar, cover with a couple of spoonfuls of sugar and then continue to layer leaves and sugar until the jar is full. Leave to infuse for a couple of weeks somewhere warm and then sift out the leaves. You will be left with a subtlety flavoured sugar which can be used in baking or in iced drinks. By Barbara Barton

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by Chris Haney

Fluids and Exercise As an exercise professional I come across so many people who complain of physiological problems which are connected to the effects of de-hydration, so before we really get into the height of summer please take heed of the following information.

performance only if you are exercising intensely for more than 90 minutes and sweat losses are low.

Exercise is thirsty work and your body fluid losses can be very high. If they are not replaced quickly then this can lead to dehydration. Prevention is better than cure, so what and how much should you be drinking?

Hypotonic Hypotonic drinks e.g. fruit juice diluted 1:3 are less concentrated than your body’s fluids. That is, they have fewer dissolved particles per 100ml (usually 2-3g per 100ml) they are designed to be absorbed more rapidly than water and, therefore, achieve faster dehydration.

Why is drinking important?

Hypotonic, Isotonic, Hypertonic – What’s the difference?

During exercise, your muscles produce heat. This must be expelled in order to keep your body working properly. Sweating is the most important way in which this happens. For every 600 calories of heat energy your body expends, you lose around a litre of sweat. During exercise you also lose fluid through the water vapour in the air you breathe out. The harder and longer you are exercising, and the hotter and more humid the environment, the more fluid you lose. During an hour’s workout you can expect to lose up to one litre (about 2 pints) of fluid – even more in hot conditions. What are the dangers of dehydration? If you carry on exercising without replacing fluid loss, You will become dehydrated. This will have an adverse effect on your physical performance and health. Exercise becomes much harder to perform, and you will fatigue sooner. A loss of just 2% of your weight will affect your ability to perform muscular work. A loss of 4% and you may experience nausea and vomiting. An 8% drop will cause dizziness, laboured breathing, weakness and confusion. Any drop beyond this could have very serious consequences. If you suffer from any of the following signs and symptoms then you are suffering from de-hydration!!!! Thirst * Decreased urine output * Dry mouth * Eyes stop making tears * Sweating may stop * Muscle cramps * Nausia and vomiting * Heart palpitations and many more problems without realising. When should I drink? Prevention is better than cure therefore make sure you are well hydrated before you start exercise. Drink plenty of fluid beforehand, especially in hot and humid weather. If you work out in the evenings make sure you have had enough fluid during the day (at least 1.5 litres). If you train in the morning, make sure you have plenty to drink first thing. Continue to take in fluid at suitable intervals during exercise whenever possible. Drink as much as you comfortably can – aim for about a quarter of a pint every 15 minutes. Drink freely after exercise to replace lost fluids. Don’t wait until you feel thirsty, as this means you are already dehydrated. The message is; drink before you are thirsty and before you become dehydrated. What should I drink? Water is an excellent fluid replacer. After all, this is mostly what you are losing in sweat, so this is what your body needs. If you are sweating profusely or exercising for over 1 hour, a dilute carbohydrate drink (up to 8g per 100ml) will help speed up water absorption and provide extra fuel. Dilute squash, diluted fruit juice or a commercial sports drink are also suitable. Avoid more concentrated drinks such as cola during exercise as they can exacerbate dehydration. They need diluting in the stomach before thy can be absorbed so delaying absorption. Carbohydrate supplements, based on glucose polymer (maltodextrins), provide up to 20tg carbohydrate per 100ml and my benefit


Isotonic Isotonic drinks, e.g. fruit juice dilated 1:1 have the same concentration of dissolved particles as your body fluids (usually 4-8g per 100ml). They will be absorbed either at the same speed as water or slightly faster, depending on exercise conditions. Hypertonic Hypertonic drinks, e.g. undiluted fruit juice, on the other hand are more concentrated than your body fluids and will be absorbed less quickly into your body. Chris Haney is your local Personal Trainer based at Esport gym in Hondon de los Frailes, and is always available to advise you how to correctly exercise and follow a good dietary plan. Telephone 679 008 021

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teeth whitening

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Welcome to a brand new edition of ‘Motoring’.

Before I introduce myself may I thank Paul for many years of informative and entertaining articles? For Paul’s customers I should remind you that the contact number for his successor is in last month’s edition. Now who am I? My name is Julian Ashington. With 17 years experience with Mercedes Benz, I am fully qualified and trained and a member of the Institute of Motoring Industry (UK). I am based in the Pinoso area and provide the following range of services:


by Julian Ashington


• Electrical and engine diagnostics for most makes of cars • Full and interim services • Repairs – engine and mechanical • ITV - pre-test check, paperwork and will take or accompany car and driver to the test • Pick-up and delivery service within the Fortuna, Jumilla, Yecla, Sax, Monovar and Hondon Valley areas (call for details) • All work guaranteed and invoice provided • See advert I aim to provide the reader with information regarding the maintenance and safety of the car. This will cover, for example, tips for keeping the car running, local features, car reviews, advice and information on legal matters as well as interesting articles centred on the wonderful world of motoring. Post-winter tips Now that the incredibly hard winter here in Spain has begun to disappear and spring beckons it is a good time for owners to carry out some simple measures to ensure that their car has survived. It is worth looking at the following: • Oil levels • Water levels • Windscreen washer fluid levels • Brake fluid levels • Lights • Tyre condition and pressures All of these can be carried out at home but if you prefer I can carry out this simple maintenance check on your behalf. Motoring music I am pleased to see that the BBC has reinstated the legendary theme music for the coming Formula One series. Of course I am sure you know that it is Fleetwood Mac playing ‘The Chain’. I am looking forward to writing future articles for you and in the meantime, safe and happy motoring.

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RE-PLATE MATE Don’t take a chance! Don’t break the law! Take the hassle out of re-registering your vehicle onto Spanish plates.

For a full, reliable service contact: Alan: Sandra:

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We can obtain new & used parts for most vehicles

Refer a friend and save money!

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Bibliomaniac Page By David John

Book News “77 Million Books turned into pulp fiction” Is the stunning headline created by a report produced by the Publishers Association. Apparently, so many titles are being printed that nobody wants to read and so are being sold off cheap to market stalls or being destroyed. What is not clear from the report is whether this amazing statistic is because of the financial downturn, or if the titles do not interest the book buying public or maybe, as reported last month, the electronic book reading devices like Kindle are hitting traditional book sales. Maybe a possible solution to this ‘environmentally obscene’ problem, according to some observers, is ‘Self-Publishing.’ Whereby production is better matched to the demand of the buying public. More on selfpublishing next month. Sex Sells

For more: Joy is, at present, writing a faction novel: THE CATALYST about a couple caught up in the 2005 London train bombings and has MY GENTLE WAR (autobiography) on a back burner. She also runs a monthly Creative Writing class for the University of the 3rd Age (U3A) Spanish Book Review by: Guest Reviewer John Bishop The Ghosts of Spain by Giles Tremlett

Getting published has become much more difficult. Unless you are able to write in the latest genre which the public is demanding. That, according to Hazel Cushion, publisher of Xcite books, is erotic books. “Sex seems to be recession proof,” the lady advises. Seems like the top shelf will have to grow wider to accommodate the genre. It is War on the UK High Street The amount of books being sold by Oxfam from their charity shops has long been a concern to traditional bookshops. Struggling to pay their overheads with decreasing sales against the Oxfam outlets with their subsidised rates and rents. Now Oxfam are opening shops purely to sell both second-hand and new books. Therefore, the ‘Book Sales War’ is really on in the UK high streets across the country. Chance to Win a Signed Book If you have ever wondered about the truth behind the famous London gangs this book reveals all. Real life villain Norman Johnson met all the big names from the Krays to Frank Sinatra on his travels, which included time in Spain. The Inland Magazine has one signed copy of ‘Black Eyes and Blue Blood’ to give away – just answer the question on Page 20 to enter for your chance to win a copy of this amazing book. Costa Blanca Authors Profile Joy Lennick writes articles, stories, poems, factual books and moved to Spain from Essex with her husband, Eric, in 2000. The couple have three sons. She won first prize in the first Torrevieja Short Story competition in 2005, and was a judge in subsequent years. 10

Libros International have now published Joy’s latest book: HURRICANE HALSEY, depicting the exciting adventures of Andrew Halsey as he rowed solo across challenging oceans in a 28ft boat. “The fact that he is an epileptic and had to be harnessed in, surprised many, but he is brave and tenacious to a fault!” Joy acted as biographer and details Andrew’s highs and lows as he battles with hurricanes plaguing the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. You can almost taste the salt!

If you want to appreciate modern Spain, read this book. Giles Tremlett, Madrid correspondent of ‘The Guardian’ had lived in the country for two decades when, five years ago, he embarked on ‘travels’ through Spain’s ‘hidden past’ in order to better understand its present. Beginning with the movement to uncover Civil War graves, he explores the legacy of Franco and the ‘tansicion’ to democracy, with its ‘pacto del olvido’, pact of forgetting. He then journeys across present-day Spain, assessing regional characteristics and tensions and considering the question ‘Is Spain one country or several?’ He finds a land of contrasts and contradictions, but one to be fascinated by and to celebrate. His material ranges widely – from tourism to terrorism, brothels to flamenco – and his observations are sharp and thought provoking. But always entertaining: his enthusiasm, love of Spain and lively journalistic style make sure of that. Available from from 6.56€ incl P&P and good bookshops. Obituary - The Readers Digest Has gone into liquidation costing around 120 job losses. A major part of the decision rested on its 125 million pound pension deficit. The UK version was founded in 1938 and was down to around 540,000 subscribers from its peak of over 2 million. “In many cases its readers have been, quite literally, dying off, and nobody has been replacing them,” said BBC correspondent Nick Higham. Administrators are hoping a buyer will be found for a relaunch.

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TWO FAB LITTLE ART GALLERIES IN MURCIA By Malcolm Thompson BEd (Hons) Hondon de las Nieves.


ave you been to an art gallery in Spain yet? I think everyone should make a little space in their lives for art and culture. After all, visual art and painting is one of the principal indicators of civilised culture so I’m told. If you never had the time before, (the No 1 reason), or thought art galleries weren’t ‘your cup of tea’, or maybe you thought art galleries were a bit ‘snobby’, possibly you just didn’t know where to find one, you have no excuse now you are retired and have a little spare time to spend. With this in mind, in January, myself and a group of amateur watercolour painters, the ‘Las Chumberas beginners painting group’, based near La Canalosa, took ourselves off on the train to Murcia to look at two fabulous little art galleries. Firstly, the Museo Ramon Gaya in the Plaza Santa Catalina, near the Plaza del Flores and the Museo de Bellas Artes on the Calle Obispo Frutos, near the bull ring. Both are free entry, but if you are a group it would be as well to book in advance. The Museo Ramon Gaya is housed in a delightful 19thC town house that has converted into an excellent space for displaying pictures and is worthy of note in it’s own right. On a previous visit to the gallery with an artist friend of mine and her husband, the whole of the Plaza del Flores was covered with stalls selling flowers for All Souls Day, (Halloween to us). The scent was heady, the colours magnificent and the sun was shining, however, on this occasion in January the weather was slightly less accommodating but being ‘Brits’ did we let that put us off? Of course not.

style and every painting shows a love for Spain and it’s culture. We then had a stroll across town to the Museo de Bellas Artes. Once again we were made welcome and the nice lady who accompanied us around the gallery was very informative and had endless patience with our broken Spanish. There are many important paintings here by mainly Spanish artists including Murillo and Ribero. If you’re into sculpture you wont be disappointed either as there are some very good works on show. The atmosphere is quiet and contemplative and the galleries are well lit with very little or no glare. Both galleries have toilets and the Museo de Bellas Artes has lockers for your coats and bags. Neither gallery has a café, but then, as soon as you put your nose out of the door there will be a bar or café within 20 meters or less! There is also printed material in English at the Museo de Bellas Artes but not much. It might be levelled as a legitimate criticism that museums and galleries in Spain have been slow to adopt a multi national outlook and provide more information in English, German and French. Nevertheless, they are rightly proud of their artists and are keen to show them off to the best advantage. It should be noted that nearly all museums and galleries in Spain are closed on Mondays and some museums and galleries siesta some don’t. The Museo Ramon Gaya does have an afternoon break the Museo de Bellas Artes de Murcia does not. So…..go and enjoy. If you would like more information about the Las Chumberas group email me at: Or check out my website at: Or you can phone me on: 616052079 Museum of Fine Arts of Murcia C/ Obispo Frutos, 12 Murcia (30003) Phone: 968239346 MuseoRamónGaya. PlazaSantaCatalinas 30004MurciaSpain. E-mail: museo.ramon.gaya @ website) Tel: 968 221099

Ramon Gaya was an important Spanish artist and writer and 2010 is the 100th anniversary of his birth in Murcia. To this end, there is a very excellent photo biography in the ground floor rooms that shows episodes from his life and himself at work in his studios. When we arrived at the Museo Ramon Gaya we were made very welcome indeed by the museum staff and were given a short introductory talk in English by a very nice young Spanish lady. So off we all went to the first floor and were stunned by an actual size copy of one of Spain’s most famous pictures. Ramon Gaya had made a copy of ‘The Third of May 1808’. The original is by Francisco De Goya and is housed in the Prado, Madrid. It depicts an execution in Madrid during Napoleons rampage through Europe and the original is a work of considerable national importance in Spain. We then spent the remainder of the time exploring four floors of wonderful paintings. Some in oil, some in watercolour and gouache and all of them worthy of our attention. Ramon Gaya painted in an essentially impressionistic 12

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(they also have a

Costa Blanca

Hello, and I have some great news for you this month – ITV 1 will be available in HD via satellite from April 2.......AT LAST !!!! The channel has signed deals with Virgin and Sky to join their free HD services, and will become a full time channel on Freesat as well, without needing to use the red button to access it. Bearing in mind the impending 2010 World

Cup, the full ITV1 schedule will be simulcast on the new channel, with the majority of peak time content available in ‘native’ HD, including all live football, (Oh Yes!!) and an increasing range of drama, factual and entertainment programming. Other ITV1 content including GMTV and the daytime schedule, will be upscaled. As well as ITV, Sky has moved quickly to announce that FIVE will also be launching on its HD platform. Five HD will debut in July on Sky+HD, and will be available without an

additional subscription to Sky+HD viewers with a Sky viewing card.

Away, as well as sports including cricket and Europa League football.

Five HD will join the recently-announced SkyNews HD and Hallmark Channel HD in Sky high-definition line-up; Sky are aiming to have 50 HD channels on the air <http:// targets_50_hd_channels> by Christmas.

ITV1 HD will be at channel 119 on Freesat, and 178 on Sky, FIVE HD has not confirmed its slot as of yet.

Five HD’s line-up will focus on its US drama imports including CSI and FlashForward, Australian soaps Neighbours and Home &

Regards, Lee

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Spanish Freeview


Goes Live by Rob Innis

For someone who still considers that he can ‘move his mouse with the best of them’ (sorry if that confuses you but do not give up on me yet) I do have to admit to a certain lack of technical understanding of current television technology. Having decided that I had been parted with far too many euros for the doubtful privilege of receiving pirated UK TV whilst living on the ‘Urb’ I decided to switch to the Spanish TV. Part of my new philosophy of living in the real Spain and saving money. I did upgrade to a small flat screen TV a while ago that received, with mixed picture quality, the standard range of around six Spanish channels from the normal aerial, or should it be antenna? Then the TV penny, so to speak, dropped in that my televisual experiences would be enhanced (sorry been reading too much

marketing hype) by the purchase of a TDT box. What is a TDT box? A fair question and the answer, I think, is a gizmo, which from the normal Spanish aerial receives digitally transmitted ‘Freeview’ channels, here known as TDT, Television Digital Terrestrial, with better picture quality and a few other tricks. Off I went to my local electrodomesticos shop with a budget of around forty euros in mind. Yes, the man said, I needed a TDT, as eventually without one I would not receive anything when analogue transmissions are turned off in April 2010. I opted for the Phillips model, if in doubt go with a name you know being my adage. Then, looking at all the shiny new televisions on display with screens bigger than my old local Odeon after it was converted into a 3-studio cinema, tragically long since demolished depriving us of another fine example of Art Deco architecture, I was seduced. Incredible a 32 inch set for 399 euros, which with a bit of feminine logic supplied by my knowledgeable better half, netted down to 359 euros given the 40 euros saving on the now no longer required TDT box. Then confusion set in, as I had missed the point that all new sets came with integral TDT. Well the man’s Spanish was a bit fast for me. Now many people, including my Dutch techno friend, extol the virtues of the large discount hypermarket stores especially those with a German sounding name. He later informed me that he had seen the same TV for less money in the aforementioned store. OK, I challenged him, but would they have delivered and set it up, had a chat about football and taken the rubbish away? In addition, I saved a round trip to Alicante of 100 kms so I have reduced my carbon footprint, I like to keep my arguments topical. He had to admit I had a point, or two. The new television dominates our lounge. However, the reception is superb as it is now digital. Channels, which were previously a bit fuzzy, notably Sexta that shows a lot of football, are now crystal clear. In addition, it receives radio channels so now the TV is also the wireless. The only thing it failed to do was stop me missing the kick off of a crunch football match, yes, Spanish channels TVE2 and TDP shows a lot of English football, naturally with Spanish commentary, far more fun . However, it is rumoured that only GOL TV, which requires paying a monthly subscription, will be showing British football next season. But wait the best is yet to come. Another neat feature, for the bilingually challenged, is being able to switch to the English language version of some films and programmes that are broadcast with the original soundtrack. So for me TDT is a winner. Doubtless I am already out of date with HDD and 3D and probably loads more confusing acronyms already here, or on the horizon. But I am a satisfied client. Anybody want to buy a one careful owner flat screen non TDT TV, no I thought not. The internet is rapidly becoming a viable alternative for receiving live sports, for free, including football matches, even if they are not being broadcast on either UK or Spanish TV. For more check out – you will need to download free software.

(A shortened version of this article previously appeared as a blog on


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The Inland Magazine™ With another cold Winter drawing to a close Chaplin’s certainly had a spring in their step and they extended their winning streak to 4 games with a convincing 5-0 thrashing of Toldos Baixa that cemented their position in 5th. However, the glory run was brought to an unfortunate end when they were soundly beaten by 3rd placed Galera Sport, although Chaplin’s could actually have won that game too. Chaplin’s suffered two early blows in the match from which they could not recover. Firstly, they lost midfield engine Cameron Parker to a broken collarbone after only 15 minutes and then they had their goalkeeper sent off from the bench at halftime for dissent. Even then, it was still only 1-1 after 60 minutes with Chaplin’s having the chance to go 2-1 up from the penalty spot. However, the penalty was missed and with both teams being reduced to 10 men soon after Galera took full advantage of Chaplin’s goalkeeping situation and ran out as 5-1 winners. Shocking.

Worse was still to come when Chaplin’s were embarrassed by a 5-0 defeat by unbeaten leaders Veteranos de Benidorm, a game for Chaplin’s where the loss of their suspended goalkeeper and other big players left them exposed to the experience and class of Benidorm who showed why they were on top of Division 2. The result did flatter Benidorm though as for the much of the game it was quite an even battle.

However, Chaplin’s made amends the following week when they overcame 2nd placed Oranje Travel Temptations 3-2 in a thrilling encounter at the Albir Arena, Ray Charrington’s opener and a brace by Jay 0’Gara sending their arch rivals home empty handed. What a game!

If you would like to keep an eye on FC Chaplin’s please visit their website at


s n i l p a h C FC

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s COSASBUENAS BUILDERS S.L. All aspects of Construction & Building Work undertaken

Terracing > Plumbing > Ceilings Dry Lining > Electrics > Building Reforms Tel Bill Stewart: 686 040 656 or Ian Davies: 622 789 732


Chimneys and log burners cleaned. Fire Wood for sale. Almond, Olive etc, best prices in the area. Logs cut to size. Free Delivery & Free Chimney/log burner clean when you purchase more than 3 tons of wood. Land clearance & Tree Pruning

CALL ANGELA 658 626 315 E-mail: â&#x20AC;˘ Web site:


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They say there are more bars in Madrid than in the whole of Belgium By Chris Thompson

We were in the Gredos. It’s a hilly bit. Everyone in Rohan trousers and bandanas. We’d just driven up a perfectly reasonable, but very minor, road for 14kms to a place signposted Plataforma de Gredos. I don’t think we saw another car - maybe one - all the way. The scenery looked like the Scottish Highlands (well my version of them) down to lots of bright yellow bushes, a lot like gorse. The granite was green with lichen. The air tasted clean. The brae burbled. Suddenly there were lots of white lines on the road and a car park full of motors and even a coach. People were sitting in the open hatchbacks of their cars putting on boots and essential pieces of survival gear. They all had sticks, the ones that are called poles. We strolled around. Surprise, surprise, 5,720ft above sea level at the end of this little road there was a bar. Well we were in Spain. Wherever there are more than five people there is a good chance of a bar. For a long time I’ve believed there is always a bar, at the end of the road in Spain. Goodness knows how long ago but when I was still slim and my bones didn’t ache all the time. I was on holiday in Spain by myself. I’d been wandering around doing nothing in particular when I remembered that some friends, who had hired a villa near Mojacar in Almeria, had said that if I were close I should pop in. I was in Madrid, a mere 600kms away - close enough. So I got a train to Almeria and a bus to Mojacar. Mistakenly I got off at Mojacar Playa and had to walk the 5kms to the village proper. It was August so 5kms felt like quite a long way with my bag and the Spanish sun. If my bones were better then my Spanish was worse but I asked, in Mojacar village, how to get to the address I had for my friends. The policeman laughed and said I should get a bus. “Ah, there’s a bus?” “Yes, every Thursday”. It was Tuesday. “Are there taxis?” “Yes, we have two in the village - but Paco’s on holiday and Juan’s gone to Malaga.” I set out to walk. I walked a long way. When I first told the story it was 20kms, when I told it recently it was 30kms. Anyway, after hours of slogging away in the hot sun I finally saw a group of houses in the distance. I rejoiced, where there are people there’s a bar. I stumbled into the bar; “Quiero una cerveza, por favor, una cerveza muy, muy grande, y bien fría,” The woman behind the bar said “¿Qué? I tried again. The woman looked blank. “This is no time for f******* problems with my Spanish,” I almost shouted but to myself. “There’s no need to get rude!” said the woman behind the bar. She understood my order for a large cold beer perfectly in English and, as she explained, she’d only been in Spain for 22 years so she hadn’t yet managed to pick up the lingo. Proof positive of the bar theory though. 18

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Lezsonja’s Boarding Kennels are happy to announce that they are holding a sponsored “Doggie Walk” on the 13th June. All proceeds go to Barneys Dog Rescue. The stroll will start from Lezsonja’s at 10.30 on the 13th June; the stroll will be to the” Salinas boot sale” approx 3 kms. There are one or two bars on the way, sorry dog stops! Time is not the issue people and pets are. The biggest chain to date is 57 people and 52 dogs plus 3 budgies. The cost of this fun stroll is 1 euro per person and 1 euro per pet or people only 1 euro, any other donations will be greatly received. Muzzles must be warn, if you or your dog can get a bit naughty, but don’t worry we will feed you through a straw! Poo bags will also be available in case of accidents; they can also be used if your dog does a whoopsy to! To join in the fun you don’t need a dog, just come along for the stroll and support Barneys. There will be water awaiting you and your dog at the car boot. Ring Sonia or Lez for directions 677 343 653 Please come along if you can, its all for a good cause







Weds 9-10am, clinic held at Lezsonjas Kennels URGENCIAS/EMERGENCIES 636 473 909 Lunes a Viernes de 10 a 13.30 y 17.30 a 20.30 Sábados 10 a 13.30 Monday to Friday 10 to 13.30 and 17.30 to 20.30 Saturday 10 to 13.30 OUR SURGERYS CAN BE FOUND: C/. Rey Jaime I 15 • 965 475 342 C/. Doctor Fleming, 1 - 03630 SAX (Alicante)

Antrea german Shepard x full passport came august (bt) pre English owned

Max little brown boy, 4years, loves a bone and ball, castrated + vac’s up to date pre English owned.

Megan husky x 2 ½ years very play full and happy “bitch” passport but no (bt) pre English owned

Jack a smaller brown boy 4 and half years, loves cuddles castrated pre English owned

Mystique black and white boarder collie x , not good with cats or small dogs, passport but no ( bt) pre English owned

Ben Rottie, big lovely soppy boy 3 years, full passport, came August (bt) pre English owned

Please call Sonja for viewing of any of these dogs on 677 343 653 plus lots of puppies at Barneys.

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Chimneys and log burners cleaned. Fire Wood for sale.Almond, Olive etc, best prices in the area. Logs cut to size. Free Delivery & Free Chimney/log burner clean when you purchase more than 3 tons of wood. Land clearance & Tree Pruning

CALL ANGELA 658 626 315


Win a signed copy of Black Eyes and Blue Blood

(See page 10 for information) To enter cut out this coupon and send it along with your full name, address & daytime telephone number to: T.I.M. Apartado de Correos 285 • 03630 SAX (Alicante) Simply answer the following question... New York is also known as the Big.........? Answer.................................................................................. Name..................................................................................... Email Address......................................................................... Address.......................................................................... ....................................................................................... Your Contact Tel number.......................................................... Closing Date for entries is the 19th April 2010 - IM’s decision is final


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Billy the Bookcase By Chris Johansson

As you assemble your flatpack bookcase from IKEA, have you ever wondered why it’s called “Billy”? If you scan the Ikea catalogue, you will see that every product has a name and it’s usually a Swedish name whether or not the rest of the catalogue is in Spanish, Arabic, or Chinese. This is because Ikea’s founder was dyslexic and had problems reading long product descriptions. He found that he remembered them better by giving them a familiar one-word name. So chairs and shelves have men’s names, which explains Billy. Sofas have place names – there is one called Karlstad, a town in central Sweden. Other terms used are grammatical, musical, nautical or chemistry. Also women’s names, those of animals, and adjectives. There´s a set of knives called “Sharp”, “Doze” is a line of bed linen, “Forty Winks” is a bedroom blind, “Stubborn” a spatula and a line of children’s toys goes under the name of “Well-behaved.” Occasionally, despite great care and attention being paid to the naming of the items, a gaffe is committed. Thus, in English speaking countries, the unfortunate bench christened “Fartfull” had to be withdrawn until the sniggers had died down and a new name could be found. Ingvar Kampryd, the founder of IKEA, was born in 1926 on a farm called Elmtaryd near Agunnaryd village. When he started his company, he used his own initials and those of his birthplace to create the now world-famous company name. The logo uses this name, IKEA, in blue lettering on a yellow oval, which rests within a blue rectangle. It is a strikingly simple and easily recognisable trademark in the Swedish national colours and is now a company operating in 35 countries around the world with over 300 stores, thousands of employees and billions of euros in sales annually. Yet Ingvar Kampryd started very small indeed in 1943 by buying up matches in bulk and re-selling at a profit. He cycled from customer to customer at first then, when his business expanded, hired the local milk van to deliver goods. He introduced furniture into his range in 1947. It caught on so well that by 1951 that was his sole product. His concept for IKEA was, and still is, to sell functional, well-designed furniture at prices so low that as many people as possible could afford them. In order to cut costs and facilitate transport, IKEA was also a pioneer in the concept of customers assembling the furniture themselves - hence the flatpack. To reach potential customers, IKEA produces an annual catalogue in its hometown in Sweden, where they have Northern Europe’s largest photo studio. More copies are printed each year than the Bible - 190 million of them, in more than 25 languages. The company has also produced TV ads, usually funny and very effective but a number a bit too near the bone or in poor taste, which has been banned and can now be viewed on You Tube. Kampryd himself is probably one of the richest men in the world but has the reputation of being frugal to the point of meanness. The story goes that, if he stays at a hotel and uses a soft drink from the fridge in the room, he´ll go to a local store and buy one to replace it rather than have it put on his bill. He flies economy class, and has often popped into a local IKEA for a cheap meal of meatballs and lingonberry preserve. However, his frugality is part of a carefully managed image presented to the public as part of the IKEA concept. He does in fact own an estate in Sweden, a vineyard in France and a villa in Switzerland. However, his image took a severe knock when it became known in the 1990s that he had belonged to a post war Neo-Nazi group for several years. However, he admitted this and said it was the greatest mistake of his life. It did not stop the customers coming through the doors and 2009 saw 660 million visits to IKEA stores worldwide. Despite the present recession, IKEA goes from strength to strength and is constantly developing in innovative ways. One of its recent ventures is flatpack apartments and houses. IKEA is working with the construction firm Skanska and so far, they have built over 4000 apartments and houses in five countries. Unsurprisingly, following their founder’s original idea, they have names for these, too. The latest ones built in Southern Sweden are called”Bags I!” I would like to bet that most of them have a Billy bookcase in one of the rooms.


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How Do Your Take You Tea?

issued a broadsheet advertising tea at £6 and £10 per pound (ouch!), touting its virtues as “making the body active and lusty”, and “preserving perfect health until extreme old age”.

by Caron O’Rourke

It is reputed that the ritual of the Tea Ceremony was developed from the formal gatherings of the Chinese Monks of the Ch’an sect of Buddhism who would meet before prayer and drink tea from a single bowl. The original, Japanese Tea Ceremony was further enhanced in the 16th Century with the introduction of the pottery, Raku tea bowl. Raku Masters held a high status during this time because their tea bowls were modelled or cut by hand and were not thrown on the potters’ wheel. The Tea Masters who were influenced by Zen Buddhist philosophy took a unique pleasure in this direct treatment of clay; the subtle asymmetrical roughness of the tea bowls was highly suited to the natural balance of Zen philosophy.

Popular tea drinking strengthened the growth of the pottery industry: tea in China was traditionally drunk from Raku bowls but throughout Europe there was a need for good cups with handles causing tremendous growth in the pottery and porcelain industry. Most of us have a favourite tea cup, one which just fits us; our mood and our personality. We often cradle it, finding comfort in its warmth and we often have abstract memories when drinking tea – quiet moments shared with a loved one, gossip exchanged with friends and strength gained by sharing tea during times of adversity. So put the kettle on, cradle your favourite pottery cup and continue the great tradition of the Tea Ceremony. For further details visit

Westerners find it difficult to appreciate the simple tea bowl as it does not conform to the ideal that true beauty can only be achieved by following the neoclassical love of symmetry and proportion. Thankfully, these opposing views did not hinder the spread of the Tea Ceremony; Portuguese and Dutch traders first imported tea to Europe by 1610. European high society relished this new outlet for social etiquette within the Coffee Houses of every city. England was a latecomer to the tea trade, Thomas Garway, who owned an establishment in London sold tea as early as 1657 and

The Royal British Legion La Foia Branch This Branch facilitates persons living in Biar, Castalla, Ibi, Tibi, Onil and the surrounding areas. We meet every second Monday of each month. The April meeting is to be held on Monday 12th in Els Cristians (Pink Bar), Calle Jorge Juan No 3, in Onil at 1930hrs. Remember, you do not have to be either British or ex-military to be a member All enquiries to: Grant Moore 965 562 535; or Tony Henderson 677 647 518



RUNNING RIOT Recently I was fortunate to witness something new, fresh and special. On Friday 12th March at the Casa de Cultura in La Romana I watched the ‘La Romana Amateur Theatre Society’ (RATS) perform Derek Benfield’s farce ‘Running Riot’. It was the Society’s first production … and what a triumph it was! Gerda Van Daalen, Alan & Marilyn Cartledge, Jeff & Lesley Cartwright, Frank Bishop, Alain Cosyn, Nicki Smith and John Heckley were the players who, with only an occasional prompt from Christine Bishop, perfectly performed a very convoluted plot that was strewn with plenty of Derek Benfield’s witty dialogue. Hazel & Len Simm (Director and Stage Manager) supported by a small group of support staff: props, make-up, lighting, sound etc ensured that the cast were professionally supported. During the interval, there was the opportunity to purchase refreshments and to participate in a well supported raffle. Without doubt it was the best 5€ I have spent this year and I, for one, am eagerly looking forward to their next production. The ‘La Romana Amateur Theatre Society’ (RATS) aspires to expand and improve: and offers a warm welcome to anyone who would like to be a part of this friendly group either on or off stage. If you would like more information please contact Hazel (966 195 220) or Frank (965 696 597). Peter Broadbent

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Orihuela Costa Resort hosts ‘This is Spain Exhibitions’ trade fair The four star luxury Orihuela Costa Resort is to be the venue for the next ‘This is Spain Exhibitions’ trade fair which is to be held on the 23rd, 24th and 25th April 2010. The venue is ideal for an exhibition like this with an elegant, purpose built pavilion containing a large exhibition hall and plenty of outdoor space for people with larger products to display. To reach the Orihuela Costa Resort, come off the N332 at the La Zenia roundabout, head towards the sea, take the first right and follow the signs. You will find the resort on your left. The Resort has an elegant restaurant as well as an outdoor bar and snack area. You could also bring your swim suit as there is a pool at the Orihuela Costa Resort!

As well as the stands, there will be all day entertainment with music provided by TKO radio and Phoenix Promotions and dancing from Raquel Pena’s THE SEVILLANAS CLUB FLAMENCO DANCERS, the Kingsbury Academy of Dance, and Ghost Academy. Should anyone wish a change in career, an experienced magician will be on hand to teach the tricks of the trade and sell the necessary props! This will be a great day out for all the family, with many bargains and exhibition offers to suit all budgets, great entertainment and the ever popular raffle, all included in the 1 euro entry fee.

The ‘This is Spain Exhibitions’ are the most popular amongst the expat trade fairs and the stands fill up very quickly. There are still some stands available but you need to book your space now to ensure that your product or service reaches the widest possible audience! Stands come in a variety of sizes and prices to suit all business needs. There will be a wide range of exhibitors, as always, covering financial and insurance products, homes and gardens, jewellery, food and drink plus new products that have not been in Spain before. For gardening enthusiasts, Richard and Clodagh Handscombe, whose regular gardening features appear in the Round Town News, will be promoting Richard’s new book and will be available to answer all your gardening questions. Several well known charities will also be represented at the show. 26

For more information, and to book your stand, call Christine Roche on 627 409 881 or 96 563 2835 or email her at See the website at for regular updates and details of the businesses who will be exhibiting.

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Meanwhile, in a deep casserole dish, heat the olive oil over high heat. Add the garlic and fry, stirring often, for about 1 minute, or until golden. Using a slotted spoon, transfer the garlic to a mortar. Reserve the oil in the casserole dish off the heat. Add the almonds, parsley, and water to the mortar and pound with a pestle until a paste forms. Then set aside. Return the casserole dish to medium heat, add the onion, and sauté for 5 minutes, or until soft. Add the tomato and saffron, and mix well, and cook for 5 minutes longer to blend in the flavours. Meanwhile, in a saucepan, bring the stock to a boil, then decrease the heat to maintain a gentle simmer.


Add the monkfish, hake, and large and medium shrimp to the casserole dish and mix well with the onion and tomato. Stir in 1 cup of the hot stock and cook for 30 minutes, adding the remaining stock 1 cup at a time at 5-minute intervals. At the end of this time, all the fish will be cooked and the flavours will be blended. Season to taste with salt. Drain the clams and add them to the casserole dish along with the mussels, throwing away any that fail to close to the touch. Cook for 5 minutes longer, or until the clams and mussels open. Discard any mussels or clams that failed to open. Serve immediately. 30

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Scrub the clams under cold running water, discarding any that fail to close to the touch. In a large bowl, combine the clams, coarse salt, and water to cover and let stand for at least 30 minutes or up to 2 hours so that the clams release any sand trapped in their shells.

• 12 Manila or small littleneck or cherrystone clams • 1 tablespoon sea salt • 1/2 cup olive oil • 2 cloves garlic, peeled but left whole • 8 blanched almonds • 1 Tablespoon chopped fresh flatleaf parsley • 1 tablespoon water • 1 yellow onion, finely chopped •1 tomato, halved crosswise, grated on the large holes of a handheld grater, and skin discarded • Pinch of saffron threads • 6 cups fish Stock • 2 pounds monkfish fillet, cut into small pieces • 1 pound hake fillet, cut into small pieces •1 pound squid, cleaned and cut into thin rings • 6 large shrimp in the shell with heads intact • 12 medium shrimp, peeled • 1/2 pound mussels, scrubbed and debearded • 1/2 cup cava or sparkling white wine

Costa Blanca

Hondon de los Frailes Tel: 965 482 151

Open 7 days 7.30 am ‘til late (Closed Sun/Mon evenings) Tuesday to Saturday Special 8 € menu available lunchtime & evenings Sunday 4th April – Special Easter Sunday 4 course lunch with wine, served from 1.00-3.30 pm with live music from RUMOURS only 12.50 € per person Sunday 18th April – Our fabulous Sunday lunch at only 8.50 ȯ per person followed by live entertainment for keyboard/soloist Frankie Jones Sunday 2nd May – Sunday lunch followed by live music from solo artist Andy Jones BOOKING ESSENTIAL Friday remains our famous FISH ‘N’ CHIP NIGHT Takeaway service available Winter warmer Sunday lunch (including glass of wine or beer) 2 courses only 8.50 € served 1-3.30 pm Monthly Table top sales – Saturday 3rd April & 1st May Grab a bargain from 10.00 am Our friendly staff look forward to welcoming you! E-mail: • Web site:


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ORANGE IS THE COLOUR Where did that year go? It seems no time at all since we last celebrated Queen’s Day at La Finca and what a great time everybody had. So, Friday 30th April sees this year’s, now traditional, celebration of this great Dutch holiday and it promises to be bigger and better than ever before. If you have been previously you will need no further encouragement. If this will be your first time then the only rules are to enjoy yourselves and get into the party spirit. Wear something ORANGE, enjoy the atmosphere, buy or sell things that you don’t need or even want and just have a great day out! The free market starts at 2.00 pm and if you want to have your own stall, you should contact Marc on 626 482 465. FORTHCOMING EVENTS AT LA FINCA Friday 14th May – Summer Ball – a chance to put on your glad rags and show off your dancing skills Saturday 19th June – Fun in the Sun – another great day out with live music, children’s activities with food and drink to suit all tastes Details of these great events will be in the next editions of The Inland Magazine 32

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Juan Carlos, 1,28 Hondon de los Frailes Tel : 626 676 891

Forthcoming Events

Easter Dinner

Saturday 3rd April from 7.00 pm 3 course meal only 15 €

Non-stop Northern Soul & Motown Saturday 7th April from 8.00 pm Music, dancing & buffet only 5 €

Tex Mex night – Booking recommended Saturday 1st May from 7-10.00 pm Unlimited buffet only 9.95 €


Early Evening Bar Menu Weds, Thurs, Fri – 5-7.00 pm Still only 6 €


April offer 1.00-3.30 pm MENU DEL DIA ONLY 9.95 €

La Bohemia Café/bar Open 7 days – 9.30 ‘til late Traditional Spanish tapas and English food available All day English Breakfast & Menu del dia Traditional Sunday lunches Booking essential If it isn’t on our menu the chef will do his best! Calle Barrio Nuevo, 15, Benferri (Behind Caja Rural and Pensioners’

Private parties catered for New pool table now installed

Centre, Benferri)

Tel: 639 983 550 or 660 934 575 E-mail: • Web site:

Only 1 € per game 33

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Popular Music By John Currie Welcome to what I hope will be a regular feature in the magazine. I have loved popular music since I was old enough to appreciate music. I understand that music is very personal and people have their own musical tastes and preferences and all I can wish for is that I can rekindle the love of popular music and maybe generate a discussion about what kind of music really matters. I was born in 1950 and therefore my first major memories of popular music happened in the early 1960’s. That is not to say that in future years I did not learn to appreciate the music of the 1950’s and before; it merely sets a starting point for my involvement. I can still clearly remember buying my first LP. I was living in South London and on a Saturday afternoon I walked down to the local record shop wanting to buy a Beatles’ LP. Unfortunately they had none in stock and I left having purchased ‘Meet the Searchers’. At the start I was not too impressed but I soon learnt that the LP included some veritable classics such as ‘Love Potion No.9’ amongst others. Over the coming years I have very fond recollections of The Dakotas and ‘Cruel Sea’, The Beach Boys and ‘I get around’ and also listening to the first radio broadcast of The Beatles ‘She Loves You’. Magical moments in a magical decade of music. Soon the likes of Bob Dylan entered my musical world but as the years passed by, and by that I mean up until 2010, there have been many artists and groups that have impressed me and informed my view on life. In the 60’s Bob Dylan transformed my understanding of lyrics. In the 70’s oh, how I loved the new disco sound and in the 80’s ‘The Sound of Philadelphia’ captured me. Over the years I have been most interested in the songwriters and in what I would term ‘real’ music. In the months to come I hope to share with you what I mean by ‘real’ music. 34

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property rentals ad unless there is something missing

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ARE YOU AWARE OF YOUR TAX OBLIGATIONS AND THE FISCAL IMPLICATIONS OF BEING A RESIDENT OR NON-RESIDENT IN SPAIN? Having a residence card or certificate does not automatically make you a fiscal resident in Spain. In order to become a fiscal resident one as to register as such with the Hacienda or Tax Department. It is an interesting fact that many people presume that their residence cards or certificates automatically make them fiscal residents, and they only realise that they are not when something drastic happens, and then it is too late! European citizens residing in Spain for more than two months of each year, officially should have their green European citizen residence certificates issued by the National Police. As far as the Tax Department is concerned, those citizens who reside in Spain for more than 183 days of each year, are under obligation to inform the Tax Department of this fiscal residence status. This can be done by completing the necessary forms and presenting a series of documents at the Tax Department, or alternatively through your local Pellicer Heredia Office. Becoming a fiscal resident seriously affects the amount of Inheritance Tax your resident spouse or children will pay as your heirs on their legacies once you are gone. A lot of money can be saved through consulting a specialist who can advise you on how to obtain all the benefits offered to fiscal residents in some

communities, like the Communidad Valenciana and Murcia - in fact there is as much as a 99 % reduction offered on the Inheritance Tax in these areas to those who are officially registered as residents with the Tax Department. As a fiscal resident one does however also have certain obligations, like presenting the yearly Declaracion de la Renta or Income Tax Declaration in May-June of each year. The regulations concerning the yearly Income Tax Declaration do however change each year, and it is difficult for even the Spaniards to fathom out the instructions, let alone the foreigners, who have the added difficulty of the language to compete with. Those residents who receive two or more incomes, an income over a certain level per annum, or dividends from shares and nterest from investments from which the banks have retained a partial percentage, should do the yearly Income Tax Declaration, as money can be claimed back and returned. In some cases, even those who are not actually fiscal residents should also do the yearly Income Tax Declaration, however it is better to receive professional advice on this matter, as each case is different. For a free first consultation, to obtain your fiscal residence certificate or assist you in your yearly Income Tax Declaration, and above all - to give you PEACE OF MIND, contact us at PELLICER HEREDIA, Solicitors and Tax Advisors. We can be reached on: 96 548 0737 or 606 056 282 and info@ See our adverts on the cover and on page 20.

Just when you think life couldn’t get any better… BECKI’S of La Romana opens their doors to welcome you all to a new experience. Always ready and waiting with a smile and a cheery greeting, at BECKI’S you will find all your favorite British products, freshly baked bread, pies & pastries. BECKI’S also has WIFI internet access and a mobile phone top up service for all of the major networks. Plus, coming soon, fresh fruit & vegetables as well as English newspapers &magazines. Opening soon within Becki’s is

Currently under going a major face lift customers will soon be able to enjoy all the delights from the deli in the comfortable surroundings of The Grapevine. BECKI’S trusty chefs will be cooking up daily specials, hearty breakfasts, sandwiches & fresh salads as well as healthy choices and vegetarian options. Private functions also catered for. BECKI’S is open from 0930am ‘til 2pm Monday to Saturday. We look forward to welcoming you all there soon. See our advert on page 23


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I n t e r v i ew


D av y Jo n e s

The Inland Magazine™


by Clare Lawrence

Davy Jones is an icon, known not only for his singing, but also his acting; his comedy; his composing; his art and also his first love: horse riding. Clare Lawrence interviews Davy exclusively about all of his many abilities and finding out what it’s like to be celebrated for many different reasons. Hi Davy, many thanks for accepting my interview offer.

your heart? America, Japan, Australia, just about everywhere. Is there anywhere that you would not ever want to go back to? Jail. Hahaha.

How has 2010 been for you so far? Wonderful thank you.

Who have you worked with during your career that has made a big impact on your life? Micky, Mike and Peter.

Was 2009 a busy year for you? We had many dates and took part in quite a few charity events. Life has been good.

Is there anyone that you have worked with in the past that you would love to work with again? Anyone but Micky, Mike and Peter.

What’s it like to have had so many adoring female fans over the years? That side of my life is pretty crazy stuff. It’s good to see happy smiling faces over the foot lights.

What qualities do you look for in people that you like to work with? Punctual, professional.

I’m sure that you must have lots of male fans too; I know that a lot of people look up to individuals in the public eye; how does that make you feel? Very responsible. I tried horsed riding when I was younger, but unfortunately I got a bit scared when the horse cantered instead of trotted, so I gave up after that: what first got you into horse riding? Visiting Manchester Race Course as a young boy; this is now sadly closed. Do you have your own horses? Yes. I have three mares in foal and 8 riding horses. How else would you relax; do you perhaps like to read? I really like to walk, cycle, swim when I can find the time. I noticed on your website in your biography that you are an artist, what sort of art do you do? Photography, as I enjoy this form of artwork.

Do you have anything that you have done over the years that you look back upon with regret? If you don’t have regrets then you are a fool. What are you most proud of in your life? My bowling average. If you could live your life again, is there anything that you would do differently? I’d have a sex change but only because I’ve heard that women live longer. Do you like to go out for meals or do you prefer to stay at home? Little bit of both. Depends who’s cooking? What do you hope the rest of the year will bring? Sunshine on a cloudy day; apple pie; ice cream and barbecue. Thank you Davy, that’s all the questions I have for now. I hope that 2010 is a really good year for you and that you continue to enjoy all your many talents!

How does it feel to be recognised not only for your singing, but for acting, comedy, composing, and art and also horse riding? They all laughed at me when I said I was going to be a comedian...well they are not laughing now! Hahaha.

You can visit Davy Jones’s website at: HYPERLINK “http://”, you can contact him via his site.

It must be fantastic to have travelled the World. Do you have any particular places that are especially close to

Also, Davy is organising an “Ultimate Idols Cruise” which must be booked through Boscovs Travel.

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Costa Blanca

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An Apology Of Sorts by Marty Funkhauser


a! You are all expecting an apology by me aren’t you? Well, tough pontiff’s hat because this month we’re going to have a look at His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI and I shall be making no apologies whatsoever. We are only in April (as you read this) yet already 300 Germans have made claims that they were abused as children prompting Chancellor, Angela Merkel to launch a national investigation. In Ireland, Cardinal Sean Brady (Head of the Catholic Church) has admitted that he was present at meetings in the 70’s at which children were forced to sign a vow of silence, children who had been abused by a paedophile priest. Almost thirty years later, Brady has accepted that the church’s response has been “hopelessly inadequate” but he refuses to resign. Perhaps Brady believes that the reading of a papal apology absolves him of wrongdoing, perhaps he hopes for a new identity although he must realise that to receive one he must first torture and then murder a child. In 1979 in Essen, Germany, Father Peter Hullerman was accused of the sexual abuse of three children and, although a prominent psychiatrist rapidly concluded that Hulli (as he was known to his friends) was untreatable this did not stop the Archbishop of Munich, one Joseph Ratzinger, yes the now Pope Benedict XVI offering him a new home. Hulli was allowed to return to pastoral work and to teach in a local state school. Soon, he was in trouble again. He drank, showed pornographic videos to boys and abused them. He was convicted of the sexual abuse of minors and fined. Until last Monday Hulli was still working as a priest when he was suspended from duty after breaking a 2008 order preventing him from working with children. Gerhard Gruber, deputy to Ratzinger at the time, has accepted the blame for any serious mistakes that were made. I am loathing quoting from scripture but I feel absolutely vindicated to mention Matthew 7:20 “Wherefore by there fruits ye shall know them”. Jon Venables. Do we need to know what crimes he has committed that has brought him back into the news and possibly before a court? No, we don’t. We need to know what is relevant to the decision made by the faceless panel that awarded this evil child anonymity at the taxpayer’s expense. We need to know what precedence there has been that suggests their decision was anything more than pandering to the criminal rather than the victim. But, most of all, we need to know where we stand with the criminal justice system and the right to appeal. There has to be a case made that European law stands in the way of a country’s right to a sentencing made through a system recognised to be as fair as any that has withstood years and years and years. Have a great Easter. Take strength from whatever religion or beliefs that you hold dear but allow your mind to be open and if you feel the need to question something then please do so. 40

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Association of Locksmiths in Spain LOCKSMITHS Window & Shutter Locks Supplied & Fitted 24/7 Emergency Service All locksmith services carried out by fully trained members of the Association of Locksmiths in Spain. Also Locksmith training courses

Tel: 635 146 181

or visit

��������� ����������������������������������������� ������ ������������������������������������������������ ������������� ���������� ��������������������������� �������������� ���������������������������������� �������������������������� ����������� � ��������� ���� ���������������������� ������ ���� �������� �� ���� ��� � �� ������������� ������ ������� ���� ������������ ������ � ������������� ������ ���� ������������ ������ � �������� ��� ����� ���� ������������ ������ �������������������������������� ��� �������������� ������ ����� ���

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Culture? Torrevieja?.. More than you’d think! by Derek Workman

Which Spanish town was the first to recycle every drop of its waste water; will soon see the completion of a €46million stateof-the-art international music and dance conservatory, the only one in Europe fully adapted for disabled people; has one of the most modern hospitals in the world where not only is the technology so far ahead of the game to be almost futuristic, it also has equipment that can provide a simultaneous translation between doctor and patient in thirty-two languages; has one of the most important annual international choral competitions, and had the model of its €7million municipal theatre displayed in MOMA, the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art in New York, but is also condemned by malignant press as being a lowclass, Brit enclave, as devoid of Spanishness as a pork pie? It is Torrevieja, in the Southern Costa Blanca, a town who has been fighting a rear-guard action for years against a, particularly British, press who seem to want to know nothing about the true value of this cosmopolitan town. And for certain people it hurts. “It really hurts me personally when I hear all this bad and totally misleading press. I was interviewed by a major British television programme, as was the mayor, and they butchered everything we said just to suit their needs about a programme on crime. So I said to them, “Why pick on Torrevieja? Why don’t you do a programme on crime in Margate?”” Those words come from Graham Knight, Director of Torrevieja Town Hall’s Office for the Attention of Foreign Residents, and when he regales you with the list of just what’s good about Torrevieja, you begin to see why he gets upset. There’s a registered population of one hundred and four thousand people in Torrevieja, of which 52% are non-Spanish, but there are only 14,000 British, so it seems a bit nonsensical to keep referring to it as being a British ghetto. Strangely enough, the ‘posh’ North Costa Blanca town of Javea has an even larger percentage of non-Spanish residents, 54%, but that doesn’t get anywhere near the bad press that poor Torrevieja does. When Graham first bought a holiday home in 1987 the infrastructure left a lot to be desired. “When you came on holiday and first switched your lights on, everything else in the street went off!” But everything has improved incredibly since then, riding on the back of the major property boom. The first wave produced houses, houses, houses, but later the local government realised that they had to provide a lot more to draw and keep people in the town than just rows of streets. But that doesn’t mean that Torrevieja was just a ‘new town’ thrown up for the sake of residential tourism. 42

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Costa Blanca In the late 19th and early 20th century Torrevieja was the biggest ship-building port in the Mediterranean, constructing over three hundred tall ships. It’s two salt lakes, which help control the micro-climate that ensures good weather almost all year round, is the biggest in Europe, and it was a combination of tall ships and salt that brought fame to Torrevieja for its international choral competition, but more of that later. “Over the last few years there has been massive investment in the town,” continues Graham. “The King of Spain used to come here to sail, so we have the Real Club Nautico, with six hundred berths, then we built the International Marina, with nine hundreds berths, and more recently the Marina de la Salinas with a further 800, so Torrevieja now has more sports sailing berths than anywhere else in the Mediteranean. There’s the 5,000 seat Sports Palace, again one of the biggest on the Mediteranean coast; the stunning new Teatro Municipal, and an international music and dance conservatory, which is completely adapted for disabled people, and has a residence for them. It’s the result of a €46million investment, and has a 1500 seat congress centre, a symphonic auditorium that will seat four hundred, and a two thousand seat open air theatre on the roof. That will attract students from around the world to study at the highest level possible. It will probably become one of the most important music academies in Spain, after Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia.” But all this modernising doesn’t overlook Torrevieja’s roots, and a major part of the cultural calendar is the annual Habanera competition, held in the last week of July. It was because of the connection of tall ships and salt that the Habanera, a specific form of Torreviejense singing, came into being. Many of the ships built during the 19th and 20th centuries were used in the transportation of salt, once hauled by train to the dockside but now carried directly from the salinas, the salt lakes, by conveyor belt. One of the main ‘salt runs’ was to South America, specifically to Cuba, and during the long voyages the sailors would make up their own nostalgic songs, telling of their loved ones, their hopes, and the home they loved so much, Torrevieja. These were sung to a Cuban rhythm, and through time were passed down from mother to child as they were rocked to sleep in their cradle. Eventually the Habanera (taken from the Spanish pronunciation of Havana, Habana) became a specific folk song form. In 1955, during a particularly lean time, Juan Aparicio, Head of Press and Propaganda under the Franco regime, who had a holiday home in Torrevieja, suggested that the Town Hall create a Habanera competition, which it did, and it continues to this day. It has become one of the most important choral competitions of its kind in the world, and is televised in forty different countries. Last year there were twenty choirs from four continents competing. One of the most delightful buildings in Torrevieja is the beautiful Casino, not a gambling den, but a gentleman’s club. To see the canny side of the Torrevejense, step inside and look at the glorious carved and gilded ceiling in the main salon. The wood used in its construction over 150 years ago was taken from ships wrecked on the nearby Playa de los Naufragios, the Beach of the Shipwrecks. Graham Knight has lived in Torrevieja for more years than he has lived anywhere else, and is very proud of his adopted home. “I think that if all those who want heap derision on this cosmopolitan resort, it might be a good idea for them to visit Torrevieja and form their own opinion, instead of visiting a newsagent, picking up a daily rag, and letting someone form their opinion for them.” E-mail: • Web site:


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Maintenance / Sales

20 € (+iva) per hour

Individual Websites: Sell Your House / Promote Your Business Computers Repaired and Upgraded; Sales; Training Sax, Alicante STEVE: 966 967 439 or 650 354 629


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“Here Comes The Sun”

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by Roger Holden


t seems that the last few weeks have been a long, cold, lonely winter and hey, little darlin’ it seems like years since the sun was here. But the blossom is out and what a perfect time to indulge in some close-up photography. With close up photography we begin to see a whole new world of detail, that before was just a blur. Familiar objects take on a completely different appearance and new, undiscovered subjects are revealed. However, to photograph flowers, insects or other subjects we need a macro lens-‘macro’ being the technical term for close-up. Macro photography involves recording an image at least life-size. For example, a coin of 10mm. will appear on the sensor or film as the same size in diameter. A lot of lenses have macro settings but their reproduction ratios fall a long way short of life-size. True macro-lenses have at worst a reproduction ratio of 1:2. 1:1 is life-size; 1:2 is half that size and 1:4 is a quarter life-size. What subjects make good close-ups? Well, almost anything really. Close-ups of familiar subjects reveal textures, patterns and shapes that you wouldn’t usually notice. Natural objects like flowers, wood, leaves, small animals and insects are all good for macro-photography. Getting images sharp from front to back be more limited with this kind of photography, so focusing is very important. Decide which part of the image needs to be sharp and focus on that area. Auto-focus can struggle when you are working

so close to an object so you may have to focus manually, if your camera allows you to. If you can alter the aperture then choose the smallest f number ( given a higher number such as f18-just to confuse you!). Even this may only give you a small area of focus and your shutter speed will drop like nobody’s business, so a tripod is essential. If you want to blur the background then a large aperture is needed, such as f5.6. If shooting subjects like flowers then try and shield them from the wind as they will blur very easily. Well, have a go and remember the key word in photography is ‘enjoyment’. So now I’ll leave you with two Pro-tips. 1. Check your background suits your subject and look for strong colour contrast. Don’t be afraid to clear away clutter that may be in the way of a good composition but please ‘garden’ with care. 2. Bright but over cast days are the best for photographing flowers-the colours are more saturated. Rodger Holden LRPS Images copyright of Rodger Holden and cannot be used without prior permission

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FAB properties • FAB prices • FAB service

Sax - Ref: ff0539

Sax - Ref: ff0182

Renovated finca 3 beds, 2 baths Viewing highly reccommended. Lovely location

Finca close to town 4 beds, 2 baths Manageable, fenced plot Outbuildings & pool


177,000 EUROS.


Casas del Senor - Ref: ff0248

Sax - Ref: ff0241

1st floor apartment in village 3 double beds, 1 bath Fitted kitchen Great location REDUCED TO 62,000 EUROS

Well appointed country house Excellent condition 3 beds, 2 baths Swimming pool BARGAIN ONLY 166,000 EUROS

Tore del Rico - Ref: ff0443 Semi detached country house 4 beds, 1 bath Renovated inside Stunning location REDUCED NOW 106,000 EUROS

Sax - Ref: ff0490 large country house close to town 5 beds, 2 baths 3300m2 land Swimming pool NOW 149,000 EUROS

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Sax/Salinas Ref: ff0464 Very well maintained country house, 3 beds, 2 baths Swimming pool Beautiful gardens NOW ONLY 198,000 EUROS

Sax - Ref: ff0507 Well presented 2nd floor apartment, 3 beds, 1 bath Fitted kitchen Store room and roof terrace REDUCED 52,000 EUROS


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Ari es s u b jects a re co u ra g eo u s l e a d e r s w i t h a genuine concern for those they command, b e i n g re s p o n s i b l e p e o p l e , i t i s r a re t h a t t h e y w i l l u s e t h e i r s u bo r d i n a t e s t o o b ta i n th ei r o wn o b jecti v e s a s l e a d e r s , b u t o cca s i o n a l l y i t d o es ha p p e n . T h e y do not make very good followers b e c a u s e t h e y a re t o o “ t a k e c h a r g e ” . As the first sign in the zodiac, you, as an Ari a n (a s y o u a re referred to) , i s t o s i m p l y “get something started and lead the way”. M e n t a l l y A r i a n s a re i n t e l l e c t u a l a n d o b j e c t i v e . T h e y a re g o o d c h a m p i o n s o f l o s t c a u s e s a n d last - d i t c h re s i s t a n c e . Yo u l i k e e x t re m e s . P h y s i c a l , e m o t i o n a l an d m en ta l , a n d b en efi t p ro fo u n d l y b y ex p eri e n c i n g t h e m .





A difficult job will demand a period of concentration. This will keep you away from the main area of efforts. It is sensible to withdraw into the background and people around you should respect your need for seclusion to allow you to get on without interruptions or distracting gossip. A joint issue that has been causing some upset will clear and after some uncertainty, everything looks so much better.

You can safely go out on limbs which you’ve checked for basic strength and reliability. Take considered chances as once you’ve ruled out certain possibilities, the likelihood of this going the wrong way is already halved. It’s worth approaching a professional body again if new information comes to light about a claim that has been turned down in the past. An appeal could work in your favour.

When considering progress of recent ideas, ask yourself: did the vision stay its course and if not, why? Just as it looks as if everything is settled and secure, your composure is shattered by the interference of a third party. Events today might seem strange and what’s even more surreal is as one person pulls out of a deal there is someone ready to step in their place and on a business level, this will be the best move ever.

You might take on a very different challenge than usual today. You feel like you’re about to take a massive risk and you really aren’t sure how this is going to go. Even so you’re looking to make some improvements in your life and the only way to do this is to take a deep breath and go for it. This may eventually lead to a parting of the ways but if someone put the same amount of effort into making you happy as you do for them, life would be more bearable.





You need to decide how far you are planning to go with a certain challenge. It’s fun to put imaginative ideas into your work and to watch them enhance and enrich business interests. A discreet discussion will help you understand someone’s reluctance to sign up for a team effort. When they’re doing their best to avoid a member of that team, it’s reasonable to accept they’d rather not get involved.

Expect some disagreement over new methods or introductions to the work scene. You will admit you are being overly sensitive and critical but you can’t help feeling some people are being too hasty and they aren’t taking everything into account. Expect relationships to suffer slightly as a result of today’s misunderstandings. A friend or loved one is letting their vivid imagination run away with them and you just aren’t impressed.

A high risk could mean big rewards but what if you cut one too many corners? People have come to feel they can trust and rely on you and you won’t want to let them down today. If your decisions in any way effect another person’s life it’s only fair that you should let them have their say. A friend will be approaching you with some problems you would prefer not to get involved in. Even so you will do what you can to help them out and the bond between you will grow stronger.

A business and pleasure combination is all set for today. While pleasure is the theme you will also be on the lookout for career advancement tips. It’s worth attending a social function in connection with your job. You might hear a discreet whisper from a senior colleague to the effect that your prestige at work is high. Within a combined effort you can see how one person’s strength can help combat another’s weakness and others are glad of your insight.





You are determined to find a way to bring a failing project from out of the doldrums. After some intense negotiation, you could get people interested in your ideas and with their help, this will breathe new life into a project and steer it towards success. Events take you back to your first visit to a place you are at today and you will realise you’ve come a long way since then. A small hitch isn’t going to knock you back

You have almost clairvoyant insight into your personal progress and the future of your family. Mixed conditions prevail today. It will be down to you to decide what should get priority. You aren’t sure about how far you can trust a newcomer to your world and you might decide to give them the benefit of the doubt. This evening, a partner’s good luck will rub off on you in no small measure.

You’ve heard all about a person’s reputation before they are introduced to you! For this reason you might feel slightly in awe as you are introduced to each other. There is every chance you need their support to achieve your potential and you will get plenty of chances to persuade them your ideas are good ones. If you’re actively dating and searching for that someone special, you might feel you’ve met your soulmate today.

You may have to call all your willpower into action to resist an urge to buy a fairly costly gift. You know deep down inside this purchase cannot really be justified. Although income is reasonably stable, expenditures still tend to exceed what’s coming in. Weigh up all important decisions carefully and you might find that cutting back on pleasure purchases will help balance the book.

By Philip Garcia - 48

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Inelbe Electricas s.l.

Inurbe fincas

PROMOTER of 4 new, individually designed detached villas. Full architect´s plans and 10 year builder´s guarantee, habitation certificate etc. 1,500 m2 legal building plot.

c/ San Rafael, 11 03318 La Murada Alicante,

Ready for occupation in 4 months.


Contact: José Ramon Office/fax: 966 779 788 679 951 140 (Español) 699 457 387 (English)

Fantastic opportunity – 165,000 €



Ref 01820 Torre del Rico - MURCIA


Fully modernised country house. 2 beds, 2 baths, lounge, 2 porches, 2 terraces. Garage, BBQ. Separate apartment with 2 beds, bath, lounge, kitchen. Space for pool. Views to the mountains Build: 180 m2 € 155,000 Plot: 1293 m2

New villa (10 yr guarantee). 3 beds, 2 baths, lounge/diner, fitted kitchen. Large underbuild that could be developed. Mountain area with panoramic views, next to a natural park Build: 262 m2 € 139,000 Plot: 220 m2

New detached villa under construction. 10 yr guarantee, 3 beds, 2 baths, dressing room, fitted kitchen, lounge/diner. Spacious porch. Elevated position with lovely views. Build: 165 m2 € CALL Plot: 7,000 m2

Converted workshop with registered deed and permission to extend. Ample space for pool, garage, etc. Enclosed plot. Water and electricity. 10 minutes from the centre of town. 2 Build: 80: m €115,000 Plot: 2,000 m2





Fully furnished detached village with landscaped gardens and pool. 3 beds, 2 baths, lounge/diner, fitted kitchen. Terrace, BBQ, porch, garage. Hot/cold AC. Oil CH. Sat TV, internet. 2 Build: 135 m 2 Plot: 1,000 m € 165,000

Apartment, within walking distance of the town and all amenities. 3 beds, bath, 2 kitchens, lounge/diner with fireplace,storage, balcony, large solarium. Fully furnished. Hot/cold AC. Telephone. 2 Build: 140 m € 103,700

New detached villa with 10 yr guarantee. 2 beds with fitted wardrobes, 2 baths, dressing room, fitted kitchen. Lounge/diner with fireplace. Enclosed plot with auto entry sytem. Space for pool etc. 2 Build: 133 m 2 € 149,000 Plot: 3,178 m

Renovated rustic style country house. 5 beds, 2 baths, large lounge/diner with fireplace, fitted kitchen, utility room. Beamed ceilings. Ample space for extension. Huge patio. 2 Build: 328 m € 165,700 Plot 1,917 m2





Rustic style new detached villa with full plans and 10 yr guarantee, 3 beds, 2 baths, lounge/diner, fitted kitchen, spacious porch. Beamed ceilings. Peaceful area with lovely views. 3 months completion time. 2 Build: 120 m 2 Plot: 10,000 m € 135,000

Large rustic style country house. 5 beds, 2 baths, 2 lounges, 2 fitted kitchens, storage, utility room. Beamed ceilings. A little renovation required, ample space for extension. Patio, garage.

Renovated town house, centrally located. 3 beds, bath, lounge/diner, 2 kitchens, storage. Hot/cold AC. Large patio, solarium with lovely views. Sat TV, telephone. Fully furnished. Walking distance of village.

Large detached villa with pool and 2 wooden chalets. 4 beds with fitted wardrobes, 2 baths, 2 fitted kitchens, lounge. Heating. Grills/fly screens. Porch, spacious terraces, solarium. Panoramic views.

Build: 323 m2 2 Plot: 5,299 m

€ 157,500

Build: 150 m


€ 155,000

E-mail: • Web site:

Build: 167 m2 Plot: 58,868 m2

€ 255,000


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FUN PAGE FUNNY One day a man was walking along the beach and found a bottle. He looked around and didn’t see anyone so he opened it. A genie appeared and thanked the man for letting him out.



1. Metallic element (7) 4. Netting (4) 6. Meet costs (6) 8. Metal fastener (5) 9. Educational speaker (8) 11. Military trainee (5) 12. Tender loving care (3) 13. Pivotal door joints (6) 15. Coagulated blood (4) 16. Social insect (3) 18. Of the mouth (4) 19. Laboratory rodent (3) 20. Benevolent (4) 21. Black gemstone (4) 22. Search for usable items (8)

2. Mirror image (10) 3. Gadget or device (slang) (6) 5. Seperate from whole (5) 7. Timothy ______ (007) (6) 8. Ceremonial practice (4) 10. Repeated from memory (7) 12. J.R.R _______ (fantasy writer) (7) 14. Vampire repellant (6) 16. Bushy hairstyle popular in disco (4) 17. Standard system of weights for gems (4)

The genie said, “For your kindness I will grant you a wish, but only one.” The man thought for a minute and said, “I have always wanted to visit Hawaii but have never been able to because I’m afraid of flying and ships make me seasick. So I wish for a road to be built from here to Hawaii.” The genie thought for a minute and said, “No, I don’t think I can do that. Just think of all the work involved: the pilings needed to hold up the highway, how deep they would have to be to reach the bottom of the ocean. Think of all the pavement that would be needed. No, that is just too much to ask.” The man thought for a minute and then told the genie, “Well, there is one other thing that I have always wanted. I would like to be able to understand my girlfriend. What makes her laugh and cry, why is she temperamental, why is she so difficult to get along with? Basically, what makes her tick?” The genie considered for a few minutes and said, “So, do you want two lanes or four?”


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Costa Blanca

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Pinoso Association for the Protection of Animals

CHARLIE This gorgeous boy is about a year old. He is very friendly with people and other dogs

DOTTY …is about 9 months old. Vac’d, very loving and friendly Is living with other dogs and loves her walks

INDIE Indie is a loving 10 month old, who gets on very with other dogs and is affectionate and loving with humans. He is vaccinated and neutered

RICO This lovely dog is a boxer cross, about 18 months old. He is very friendly with people and other dogs. He has been vaccinated.

Calling all Cat Lovers!

We still have several lovely adult cats in need of loving homes. They are all affectionate, neutered and house trained

Fa r e w e l l b u t n o t g o o d b y e ! Over two years ago, Linda and Laurie Trott founded the Pinoso Association for the Protection of Animals in answer to the dreadful plight of abandoned animals in the area. After a prolonged struggle with officialdom in both Valencia and Alicante they finally gained legal status for the Association. Last year, 2009, with the help of a brilliant team of volunteers, they converted a disused, semi-derelict garage into a Charity Shop, Café/Bar and H.Q. for PAPAs. In the 26 months since PAPAs was founded they have rescued over 200 dogs and cats as well as four chickens, 2 ducks and probably a partridge in a pear tree! As for many British ex-pats living in Spain, circumstances changed dramatically for Linda and Laurie last year. The financial crisis and the removal of free medical care for pre-retirement ex pats prompted Laurie to apply for a consultancy contract which he won in January this year. In order for Linda to access appropriate medical attention and for Laurie to fulfil his contract, they both need to return to the U.K. Linda says “Although it’s sad to leave, we’ll be back and forth to Spain. There’s been so much blood, sweat and tears, but it’s all been worthwhile to have been able to relieve the suffering of so many animals. It is my wish that the neutering campaign continues and the new Executive have agreed to this.” Laurie adds “It has been a very challenging two years, but so rewarding. My wish is that people continue to support the work of PAPAs through the new Executive by attending events and frequenting the Charity Shop and Café/Bar, PAPAs Pantry” Both Linda and Laurie said finally, “We wish the new Executive all our best wishes and the greatest of success. We want to thank everyone who has supported and helped ourselves and PAPAs, not only on our part, but on behalf of all those animals rescued in the past and future.” PAPAs have asked Linda and Laurie to play a consultative role and they have agreed to this. Details of PAPAs new Executive will be available soon at their website 52

Pinoso Association for the Protection of Animals

Registered Association Number: CV-01-043309-A

Tel: 680 170 298

E-mail: • Web site:

Costa Blanca

Tina has long been established in the catering business in Spain. Her premises in Hondon de los Frailes are the base for preparation and storage of food for the mobile catering service. The business is fully licensed and inspected by the legal authorities, which ensures that choosing Tina will give you a professional service of the highest standard.


Celebrate your special occasion with the knowledge your catering needs will be organised and provided by a professional service delivered to your door or designated venue. Buffet, barbeque or Hog roast. We look after the food whilst you party. Please contact TINA or DAVE – 690 289 044


The preparation, cooking and transportation of food will meet all the standards of Food and hygiene and so ensure the health and safety of your party guests. There is a wide range of food selections to choose from, designed to fit both your budget and the occasion. HOG ROAST, BARBEQUE, HOT & COLD BUFFETS. Included in the cost of your food choice we provide napkins, tablecloths and a full range of high quality inside/outside catering equipment (ie plates, cutlery, display dishes, glasses and commercial cooking equipment, for example Hog Roast machine, mobile barbeque, mobile tables and more!) We can also organise, on your behalf, additional party requirements (Disco, flowers, personalised party banners, balloons and decorations, cakes for al occasions, hairdresser, beautician, photographer, tables & chairs, sun umbrellas, transport and accommodation.

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On a fine, sunny day at Alenda when most golfers were expecting it to be cold and windy, Paul Richards won the Stableford Competition scoring 35 points playing off a recently adjusted society handicap of 9 having won last month’s event. Dug Blair won the Silver section and George Bromley the Bronze carding 28 and 23 points respectively. On an excellent day for Paul, he also won two of the three Nearest the Pin prizes.

Back in the Clubhouse Captain Bob welcomed guest Gordon Elliot and thanked members for their continued support despite the recession and run of cold weather that Spain and the rest of Europe had been experiencing. He presented the Winners prizes and urged members to support the Spring Hamper Draw

As well as the main competition members were competing as teams with the best two scores to count. The Best Team out of seven teams competing was Team 6 comprising Messrs Williams, Lawlor, Yuill and Cardwell who won on countback from Team 2 comprising Messrs Richards, Hopper and Pill and Mrs Peacham, both teams scoring 73 points.

The Draw will take place at El Plantio Golf on Wednesday 12th May. Members have been allocated one book of 10 tickets to sell at €1.00 per ticket. The last opportunity for Members to bring suitable items for the Hamper will be the HVGS Golf Day at Alicante on 13th April.

The course looked a picture when the first fourball tee-ed off at the slightly earlier than normal time of 9.36 am. Minor adjustments to the playing order had to be made as one member failed to appear and another member turned up who was not expected. Late arrivals from the urbanisation between the two Hondons and from Nieves itself threatened to upset the applecart. In the event it was not a major problem and all the members got away on time. Top tip - check your TIM magazine for start times; they do vary! Alternatively, call or email the Captain for tee times. His contact details appear on Membership Cards.


For information on how to join HVGS contact the Secretary, Trevor Batchelor, on 687987229 or email . To reserve your place on the list for the Society Golf Days contact the Captain, Bob Watson, on 663316366 or e-mail linbobinspain@

Winners HVGS March Stableford – Alenda Golf – Tuesday 9th March 2010 Member





Gold Winner


Presentation Rum


Silver Winner


Presentation Rum


Bronze Winner

23 on C/B

Presentation Rum


Nearest the Pin

4th (2nd shot)

Coffee Liqueur


Coffee Liqueur


Coffee Liqueur

73 points on C/B



Best Team








GF Refund

40€ cash

Forthcoming HVGS Golf Days and Other Events Tuesday 13th April Tuesday 8th June Thursday 12th August


Alicante Alenda El Plantio

Meet 10.15 am in Clubhouse Meet 08.45 am in Clubhouse Meet 08.45 am in Clubhouse

Wednesday 12th May Tuesday 13th July

El Plantio Alicante

Meet 09.15 am in Clubhouse Meet 09.15 am in Clubhouse

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Costa Blanca


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Without destruction; exactly of centimeter, with the newest equipment (Detectors+Cameras) we locate+repair every water leak inside/outside of buildings and underground.

Tel. 671 092 424

The Inland Magazine, The Individual Magazine, The Independent Magazine, We don’t claim to be the first and best for advertising! But our advertisers do. Tim, we deliver where the others simply fail, for coastal and inland advertising in Spain For advertising that works, Contact Nickie on 606

Terol Cats Now taking bookings. Tibi-Castalla-Ibi area. € 4 per day inc; food Limited availabllity Tel: 600 744127


Property and pet care.

CARE OF THE ELDERLY Long term or respite care in family home in quiet setting. one place available. For details contact 667089857 or 663543893.

You’re away! We look after the house, pets,garden,p ool,cleaning,airport drop (your vehicle). References available. E mail: lindacooper24@yahoo co uk. Steve:681 065 465

ADVERTISE WITH TIM Call Nickie for details on 606 891 644


B. J. TOOL HIRE Macisvenda

You need it? We’ve got it! From Acrows to Workmates

Advertise your property rental FREE, limited time offer.



Palmist, Clairvoyant Tarot Consultant Psychic Artist Crystal Healer 965 696 864 or 650 243 299 56

Repairs & Servicing to most types of tools. Chain Saws re-sharpened.

636 286 841 or 650 763 177

www. classifieds spain .eu

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Fancy a change of scenery? Try our Guest House in the French Pyrenees

0033 562 331 962 The Inland Magazine often copied but never equalled. For impact advertising that works, Call Nicki on 606 891 644 or email theinlandmagazine@

Costa Blanca

PREMIER INSECT SCREENS for an insect free life!

We supply and fit top quality insect screens to your doors and windows. Stop all those unwanted, Irritating, flies, mosquitoes and insects. Different designs available to meet your personal requirements, at a price you can afford.

Singer Entertainer Available for Private Functions. Bars, Hotels, etc... For Details or Demo Cd

Tel: 630 681 408

Call now for more information or a free quotation.

868 000 039/636 573 791

ADVERTISE WITH TIM Call Nickie for details on 606 891 644 E-mail: â&#x20AC;˘ Web site:


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IT’S SIMPLE IT’S FREE * & IT SELLS! FREE ADVERTS If you have an item to sell which is up to the value of 500 euros entrance into the Bargainads pages is FREE for no more than 25 words, no more than 3 items per household, this service is open to non commercial enterprises. Send your items for sale to or text 680 976 823, please make sure your Bargain advert is accompanied by the area in which you live. If all available space is taken, your advert will appear in the next available magazine. FREE at You can now also place your Classifieds up to the price of 500 euros FREE of charge in our classified section at www.

* PAID ADVERTS For Commercial adverts in the Bargainads section or to place adverts that are over the specified 500 euros, contact us on 606 891 644 or email Closing date for Bargain Adverts is the 18th of the month. Small Ads can be sent to TIM, Apartado De Correos 285, 03630 (SAX) Alicante

Send your small ads to BARGAINADS@YAHOO.ES 58


Offers are invited for wooden cabins, one 7 x 4 m approx, 2 storey and two 5 x 5 m approx. Buyer dismantles and collects. La Murada area. Tel: 618 114 692 2 x large orange gas bottles, 20 euros each or 35 euros for the pair. Buyer collects. Hondon area. 965 975 932 For sale. computer desk, ikea,light wood effect with drawer and filing cupboard.hardly used.38.00eu o.n.o tel ..630681408 Sax Babys pushchair/pram with umbrella, bag & cover dark blue very good condition 65 eurois Tel 649 280204 la Murada Pentax Espio 160 Compact 35mm camera, with Autofocus, Autoexposure, Autoflash, 38mm160mm Zoom lens, carry case and instructions. Excellent condition. Euros 95. Hondon de las Nieves 966195516/664897443 DIVING EQUIPMENT worth well over 1000€. Everything you need except tank & weights. Hardly used. Ring for details. Bargain at 500€ no offers. 693 101 785 Fortuna 2&3 seater sofas, they are both in good clean condition with removable covers for washing. They are light blue with a darker shadow pattern. tel 965617316 or mob 676650613 we are in the Tibi area. Lumbar chair. Vgc reclining with different positions, includes massage, cost 1800 euros willaccept 300 euros Sax 667 757843 Very heavy duty Brick/Slab cutter. Stihl TS400 Petrol. Exellent condition. Cost 1100 Euros sell for 300 Euros. Ontinyent. Tel: 962386126 Mobile: 690381084 Ikea round coffee table tempered glass, nickel plated steel. H40cm Diameter 100cm NOVELDA 677572073 30Euros Hotpoint tumble dryer 30 euros Sax Tel 625 095 386 For sale 1000 litre water tank 75 Euros. Phone 679787553 Castalla area Brand new pace sky box, still in box with all cables remote etc 80 euros Pinoso Tel 659 888606 4 x silver gas bottles, 20 euros each Tel 965 474419 (nr Sax ) Generator Honda 5.5hp 230-110 sockets 75€, Gas oven insert with electric fan 150€, Panasonic 26” TV -Donation to Papas, Tel 678338543 Teresa de Cofrentes, Ayora. Peace of mind for your loved ones..see page ???”

Lovely clean pine double bed with long storage drawer underneath 140euros leather 3piece suite brown classical style, good quality serious offers invited Set of 4 matching drawers 2 bedside 52cm x 45cm 40euros pair chest style 103cm x 80cm = 40euros tall 52cm x 80cm = 35euros Sax 627115247 or Spanish air rifle, a1 condition plus box of 177 slugs, hardly used 90 euros Sax Tel 625 095 386 2 person operated petrol engine Auger hole drilling machine, hole size 21cm, length 80 cm price only 150 euros Tel 638 424 968 Ayora For sale, 2x 3ft single beds with headboards, good mattresses, very clean 100Euros, Extending table and 4 chairs mahogany colour 80x80 extends 80x140 vgc 50euros. Wardrobe, double double, 2mtrx2mtrx57cm teak colour, modern design lots of space vgc 150euros. 965475601 Sax

Walking/exercise machine, (not treadmill) walk miles and stay dry. 60euros. Ontinyent. Tel: 962386126 Mobile: 690381084 MCZ Smartbox F70 cast iron cassette fire , with convection fan’s.Only used this winter E450. Buyer must collect. Hondon de las Nieves. Tel. 648670052 2xbedside cabinets 40e, chest drawers 40e, set tall drawers 40euros, wooden computer desk with drawers + chair vgc 70euros, 2x wooden sun loungers with cushions 95euros 657204760 Sax Peace of mind for your loved ones..see page 15 Car steering-wheel lock (Pro Stoplock) for sale. Bargain, 10 Euros. Hondon area 966195516/664897443

Pool Ladder/Steps. Almost new so excellent condition 75euros. Pinoso Area Tel: 669978184

Sony Triniton 32inch Widescreen Tv 120 euros Stand for this TV with cable tidy 30 euros Sax 965474288 Mobile 637023914,Playstation 3 New never out of box unwanted gift 299 in Carrefour 250 euros, Sax 965474288 Mobile 637023914

Saxophone, Alto, stand, hard case + loads of music, excellent condition cost 1000 euros will sell for 500 euros Sax Tel 622 742428

Swimming pool steps (5 steps) good condition 45 euros ovno Sax 965474288 mobile 637023914 Anne Bisset P>O>Box 222 Sax 03630

4x oil filled radiators,1 lge,1 med,2 small 55euros, 2x halogen heaters vgc,20euros, DIY books The Knack,7 volumes with index,very useful 20 euros, computer desk small,basic 5 euros.965475601 Sax


aerial/antenna including pole €65 o.n.o, large swimming pool with pump, (used once) €75 o.n.o, hardback books various €2, €1.50, €1, childrens games/ toys etc, various Hondon area 663477202 Single bed base fully adjustable, not electric, 50 euros Tel 965 474 419 (nr Sax) Swimming pool cleaner , zodiac flipper type, hoses hardly used 50 euros Tel 965 474 419 Nr Sax Full set oversized golf clubs including bag, trolly, flight bag, balls, Pier Cardin golf shoes and other extras all in good condition 60 Euros. La Romana. 639920918 Samsung SV 651 6 head VCR little used, silver in excellent condition 60 Euros. La Romana 639920918 Petrol strimmer/brush cutter. Good condition. 100 euros Ontinyent. Tel: 962386126 Mobile: 690381084 Bread maker, good condition 22 euros Tel 667 757843 Inset vanity basin and hand basin and pedestal, white 10 euros each tel 965 474 419 Nr Sax

E-mail: • Web site:

Slow cooker (English) hardly used 20 euros, sony stack system, tape deck, record player 20 years old as new 150 euros Electric oil rads 22 euros, corner floor cupboard in pine, 2 inside shelves euros 15 , oval coffee table, comes with wheel attached 18 euros. Tel 667 757843 VERTICAL AWNING WITH WINDOW AND ALL FITTINGS. VERY STRONG, EXCELLENT CONDITION. LESS THAN 12 MONTHS OLD. 2.75M HIGH X 4.4M WIDE PINOSO €60 968434300/617711872 VERTICAL AWNING WITH WINDOW AND ALL FITTINGS. VERY STRONG, EXCELLENT CONDITION. LESS THAN 12 MONTHS OLD. 2.75M HIGH X 3.7M WIDE PINOSO €40 968434300/617711872 Quality A3 size desktop guillotine. Only 6 months old, still got box etc. self sharpening blade ideal for cutting posters, flyers etc..€140 & Automatic business card cutter, surplus to requirements. bought 6 months ago for 220eur + shipping from Holland. has a gutter cut between cards to allow bleed €100. email:

Costa Blanca SERVICES


Chain Link Fencing, Rigid Fencing and Perimeter walls. For a free no-obligation quote, log on at www. or call Keith 962 389 622 or 628 613 350

Kia Turismo 7 seater , reg may 2001, engine 1997cc , 3335 mpg, first class condition, regular maintainence 147,000 km, new ITV supplied, only 3,750 euros Call 638 424 968

Very nice man with a big white van, Removals, deliveries, pick up service, all jobs considered. Call now on 669 547 068 STRANDED! Your Driver incapacitated but your vehicle available. No Worries. Phone Michael. Ex Professional Driver/ Chauffuer available to drive you wherever you want or need to go. Reasonable rates. Tel: 965978907/659658760.

Joiner / Carpenter Fully qualified Joiner. Can undertake anything from A shelf to a new roof. All general repairs including break in damage




We pay INSTANT CASH same day for cars, vans, bikes, quads, aravans, trailers.Absolutely anything

From 1€ - €10.000 Same day collection

Ring Lee Now 663 673 143 Phil: 607 848 332 FORTUNA


Situated half an hour from Alicante.18,250 m2 of land with rustic house, Mostly olive and almond trees, in tranquil country side. Views of castle, valley and mountains. Large Ikea kitchen, laminate flooring.Brick built barbeque. Spanish pool, enclosed garden. Water and electricity Only partly renovated Reduced to 135,000 euros for more information call 622 848 249(English) 654 886 108(Spanish)

11,000 sq mtr plot in Caudete, all olive trees, beautiful view, water & electric close by. Only 30,000 euros Tel 634 0306636 Private sale. Onil - Fully renovated town house. 3 Double bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, new fitted kitchen. Light, bright and spacious. Close to all amenities. Absolute bargain. 79,000 euros. Tel: 636 167 650. No agents please. PROPERTY RENTALS

Pergolas/ carports/ wood stores made to order and any size or collect one today Example of items stocked Pergolas: 5m x 3m €330 - 3m x 2m €230

649540016 or --------------------------------------------Enjoy out door living 100% free from Mosquitoes, Flies, etc GO TO – Email: Tel: 649540016

PREMIER PLASTERING All aspects of plastering undertaken. Large variation of finishes available including: > Skimming (Smooth walls) > Rendering (Sand & Cement) > Monocapa/Raspado (All Colours) > Stone Cladding > Tiling All work guaranteed. All areas covered Call now 868 000 039 Mobile 636 573 791

Are you house hunting/ or looking for a relaxing Holliday 30 minutes inland from the coast and 25 mins from Alicante Airport in the real Spain! Long and Short lets available, fabolous road connections to all parts of Spain. Golf Couse 15 mins drive away.Two beds, two bathrooms, American kitchen/ dinner, Sky tv, Air con, use of pool and jaccuzi, beautifull views, great for walking or cyclists. Sax area call 638 026 230 for more info and prices.

ENTERTAINMENT Auction every Wednesday at bar central in Barbaroja starts 2pm, good food/ great atmosphere Call for info 636 456 139


Mature, solid timbers. Treated clear Workshop between Pinoso & Fortuna

Satellite TV problems? Free assessment by fully trained SKY technician. Telephone Brian on 680 783 221

situated within La Romana village, close all amenities. 3 beds 3 baths. Garage. 97sq mtr underbuild. Sun terrace. Pref. long term. 400per month + utilities. Tel 965978907/659658760.

Available now in Pinoso 2 x Static Caravan Plots, pool, bar and park area Tel 669 880 544 Static



www. classifiedsspain .eu


starting from 2,000 euros excellent condition Tel 669 880 544

Annie K Karaoke

Kabaret & Race Nights.

Salinas 3 Bedroom house to let short and long term lets available located within the village close to all amenities Mob. 07791869717

Bar, Private Function or Celebration.Call me now to discuss your requirements.

TO RENT OR FOR SALE Newly built townhouse

Fortuna & Inland Areas Covered

E-mail: • Web site:

689 077 551



Restaurant San Francisco

Well here we are now three years in business, and although we have been for sale for 6 months of that it seems entrepreneurs are thin on the ground. The Bar and restaurant continue to do well and even a year into the “crisis” is still profitable!! plus when this economy does turn around will double it (profit). If you are a family or a couple with some experience in the restaurant bar business come and talk to me. This is a very solid investment opportunity. For sale way below the cost of building it. All books for three years, income and net very clear. Owner will work alongside to train and advise.

662 048 747 steve.

PETS Finches and zebra finches for sale, 2 euros 50 each Tibi 664 753231 Westie Puppies for sale. Pedigree, microchip, vaccinated ready soon. Tel 646 164 896 Pinoso Budgies for sale, 10 euros each, some breeding pairs if required Tel 605 928 059 Sax

Dog loving couple, willing to care for your dog(s) in our home on a 1-2-1 basis, no other dog in home while yours in residence. Reasonable rates, Pinos area. For further details please e-mail desyinspain@ or ring 966 195 501

I buy fridges/ washing machines/ furniture/ electricals/ tools/ bikes, ! Anything! Get cash call Sue on 636 456 139


Consultants Wanted For national pre-paid funeral plan company Full Training and Support No age limit just caring and understanding personality Tel 669 284 373 or email

Wanted all types of household items, electrical/ power tools/ ladders and almost anything WHY! Call 671 251332 don’t delay get cash today. WANTED Bicycle suitable for 10 yr old boy. Tel: 965696213 La Romana area Properties 4 Sale wanted in the Pinoso area, Tel 645 746 176 We are looking for a keen fisherman to become third owner of small boat anyone interested contact Tony 680984921. Want to get your rental property rented? If so place your property “FREE” of charge including description, photos, your contact details, booking calendar all for “FREE” at www. don’t delay, start renting that empty property today.

Looking for a job 2 days a week. any job will do! in English speeking firm. Tom van den Dorpe, tel.: 655238314 or Wanted.Bass player for 4 piece band,Rock/Heavy Metal. based in Aspe. Age range 16 to 25.Spanish speaking helpful but not critical. Call Rory.Tel,690364590. All types of solar equipment, windturbine, generators, panels, inverters, chargers, batteries, etc, etc. Also, Solar hot water equipment. Cash waiting, call 686 181 995 Musicians wanted to play music & just have fun. Fortuna 627 806 934

HOLIDAYS Driving to the UK? English B&B in France close to the Spanish border. Peaceful location, ideal for your stopovers. Ring for details 0033 562 331 962 or visit our web site www.millefleursbb. EVENTS GARAGE SALE Las Casicas 19, FORTUNA SATURDAY MAY 1ST 11am – 1pm 696 209 567 Absolute beginners Spanish classes every Monday at Bar Pepin, Hondon de los Frailes at 11.30 am.. Only 3.50 € per hour. Reserve your place on 667 858 434.

Bargain adverts can be E-MAILED to or a TEXT TO: 680 976 823 (Please do not phone this number)

THE 19th of EACH MONTH. Adverts received after this will not appear in the next issue of TIM • Web site: 60 CLOSING DATE FOR ADVERTS IS E-mail:

The Inland Magazine April 2010  
The Inland Magazine April 2010  

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