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RESTAURANT PODS The Restaurant Pod structure is composed of three pods; one containing a bar and the other two containing restaurant seating and kitchens.

My involvement in this structure was to produce a SketchUp Model and a full set of orthographic drawings in response to developments in the design of the wooden ribs of the structure.

SketchUp Model of Restaurant Pods

Restaurant Pods Elevation

Restaurant Pods Elevation

6 meter Pod

4 meter Pod

2 meter Pod

The Pods were originally designed to be used as a public venue; However, I was asked to redevelop them at various different scales, which demonstrated their versatility, and to design interior layouts which could be suitable for domestic use. These layouts varied, from including en suite facilities and a double bed, to two chairs and a desk. I concluded that the pods could be used effectively up until a 4 meter diameter before major design changes would have had to been made. Restaurant Pods Plan

Restaurant Pods Section

Restaurant Pods Section

AMPHITHEATRE The Amphitheatre structure was designed as a performance arena, with a seated capacity of 108 people encircling a small stage in the centre.

Amphitheatre Elevation

Amphitheatre Ribs

Amphitheatre Ribs

Amphitheatre Elevation

SketchUp Model of Amphitheatre Ribs

Amphitheatre Section

My role in this scheme was to help redevelop the ribs and produce a SketchUp model, as well as a full set of orthographic drawings for the new structure. In a similar fashion to the Restaurant Pods, I also demonstrated that the structure could be rescaled to be used for alternative purposes to the original design. I concluded that this structure was far more suitable to this, as the absence of a roof made smaller solutions easier to achieve. Furthermore, I was instructed to go to Spring Gardens, London to carry out a site survey for a scheme which was to use Invisible Structures amphitheatre as a key element in the regeneration of Vauxhall Gardens, one of the cities leading public entertainment venues between the 17th and 19th centuries. Visualisation of Amphitheatre - Vauxhall Site

4 Meter Amphitheatre

4 Meter Amphitheatre

6 Meter Amphitheatre

8 Meter Amphitheatre

BURNING MAN This amphitheatre is a structure suspended from a crane, that is to take part in the Burning Man Festival in America. The initial idea for the amphitheatre is to have a skin that acts as a screen wrapped round the outside of the structure, with a series of projectors arranged within it which plays video.

Burning Man Plan

17 seater Burning Man Amphitheatre

32 seater Burning Man Amphitheatre

Visualisation of Burning Man Amphitheatre

38 seater Burning Man Amphitheatre

Mezzanine Plan of The Hive

Floor Plan of The Hive with Mezzanine


The Hive is a gallery space that is suspended off a tree. You enter the hive via a ladder on the underside of the structure, and once inside, you are surrounded by 360째 of varying sized wooden boxes, in which exhibits are placed. I was asked to redesign the interior of The Hive to demonstrate that it could have a private as well as a public use. I decided to remove the majority of the wooden boxes from the structure and include a mezzanine and a small seating area in my design.

Visualisation of The Hive

Section of The Hive with Mezzanine

SketchUp Model of The Hive with Mezzanine

Development Sketches of My Urban Scheme

Development Model of My Urban Scheme

Harbour View From Third Floor Gallery

For the Urban design project, our task was to design a Museum of Architecture in Ramsgate, a town famous for its history with the sea. The interesting combination of the urban landscape and the sea was something that inspired the design of the building. With the site of our project being in an undesirable area of the town, my concept was to create views from within the building, which showed off the best bits of Ramsgate which included the harbour and the old town.

View from Second Floor Gallery

View from Bookshop

Nighttime View of Rooftops and the Parish Church of St George from Third Floor Gallery

Visualisation of My Scheme in Context

Typical Floor Plan

Short Section

Ground Floor Plan

East Elevation

Long Section

Urban Final Model

The final scheme of Urban demonstrates how my concept of bringing the best parts of Ramsgate into the building was executed. The fact that I used a variety of different techniques to attain these views allowed me to include an element of surprise for the visitor of the museum. By introducing them to specific views on different stages of their unpredictable journey, the visitors would become increasingly intrigued as they walked around. View from Ramp

The Modular design brief asked us to create a student accommodation building using identical units on a historic site in the centre of Canterbury. My concept for this scheme was use my building to frame a view of Canterbury Cathedral that could be seen from a corner of the site.

Group Work Masterplan

Early Development Drawing

View Analysis Diagram

During the development of my scheme, my concept was developed to include the framing of the Greyfriars building which was situated on our site. I created a view analysis diagram to help determine the most appropriate position for my building to be situated on the plot. With this view analysis, I built a sketch model of the site which incorporated the data. By using a contextual model throughout the development of my scheme, I was able to ensure that the building both stayed true to my early conceptual ideas, and remained sensitive to its surroundings.

Development Model

This exploded diagram shows how each of my units were constructed; A steel frame was used as the primary structure, with stud walls used to divide the rooms. Hollow core concrete slabs were used for the floors in order to reduce its depth, which in turn helped minimise the vertical footprint of my building.

Exploded Construction Diagram of Module

Key Design Moves Diagram

South Elevation

Typical Floor Plan

Short Section

Long Section

Ground Floor Plan

In my scheme, the blocks containing a repetition of the modules are arranged in three wings. Each wing is treated uniquely in order to respond to their surroundings. The long section cuts through the tallest wing which is the one that frames the view of the cathedral. The short section has a lower profile, in order to allow it to have a more intimate connection with the river that the study bedrooms and the roof terrace look out on.

View of Greyfriars Building, Framed by Entrance Courtyard

These two visualisations show how my early conceptual ideas were carried through into my final scheme. I believe that having disciplined design development allowed me to create a scheme that was sensitive to both its historical and natural surroundings.

View of Canterbury Cathedral, Framed by My Scheme

The brief for the Landscape module was to design a building and a landscape for Stour Valley Arts to use as an educational centre in Kingswood, Kent. My concept behind the design, was to enhance the mysterious experience of the woodland for the visitor, by playing with their senses and creating a journey around the woodland to reach their destination. This sense of mystery was created in both the landscape and the building by using forms found in the woodland to help inspire the design.

Section A

Section B

South Elevation

Site Sketches Helped Influence the Design of My Building and Landscape

West Elevation

Landscape Plan

Ground Floor Plan

First Floor Plan

The view of the building through the coppice gives a good representation of what a visitor to my scheme would see on their approach to the building. The concept behind making the facades and the windows of my design in the forms they are, is based on the negative space in between the chaos of branches of the sweet chestnut trees. I felt these seemingly random forms would help engage the building with its surrounding woodland, and ultimately, help it tie in with my main concept of enhancing the mystery of the woodland.

Landscape Final Model

View of Building Through Coppice

Tim_Matthews Portfolio  
Tim_Matthews Portfolio  

A collection of my work from throughout university and into my year out