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Memorials & Honorariums

In Honor of: Tristan Mills Mr. & Mrs. Larry Carlin

In Memory of: Joyce Wickson Brandon Coffman Jim & Jana Gregory Lee & Paula Caffey Gary & Joy Jones Dink & Pat Aryain Henry & Jody Cheuvront Larry & Karen Day David & Celesta Hicks Paul & Sharla Ogden Seminole Hot Oil Service, Inc. West Texas Agriplex, Inc. West Gaines Seed & Delinting Kenneth & Glenda Bass Michael & Theresa Edwards Randy & Kelley Clay Don & Jo Maddin George & Sharla Shivers Greg & Katy Wessels Glynn & Carlene Chandler George & Peggy Garrett James Seely Michael & Vicki Grimm Sue Elliott Ronnie and Connie Wallace Laura Hoffman

In Honor of: Gary Webb Billy & Mary C. McMaster

In Memory of: Flossie Kwasnick Partrice Brice

In Memory of: Marion & Gladys Whorton Mr. & Mrs. Jack D. Gressett

In Memory of: Samuel Shurtleff, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Norman A. Smith

In Memory of: Charles A. Williams Jack D. Gressett Mark Howe

In Memory of: Sally Stella Mrs. Nancy Redden Cobb

In Memory of: Audrey Grace Backes Mary S. Raithel Mr. Larry Abernathy Mack & Sherri Streety In Honor of: Reva Crump Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Perkins In Honor of: Marla Fry Mr. & Mrs. Al Beaty Ms. Barbara Foley In Memory of: Hugh Jones Maxine Jones In Memory of: Keeler, Annie Mrs. Herman E. Jenkins In Memory of: Madie Nance Leeroy & Nona Garlick In Memory of: Connie Saylor Shaw Mr. & Mrs. Robert Butler

In Honor of: Lt. Colonel Robert Butz Detachment 20

In Memory of: H.W. “Boots” Boykin Micahel & Carol Ford Wendy White Mr. & Mrs. Del Barnett

Spring News Letter 2010  

New Horizons News Letter Spring 2010