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Masterplan Strategies - The Maker City

MAKER CITY: THE INSTITUTE FOR THE INNOVATION OF CERAMICS Spode Works, Stoke-on-Trent Year 6 – June 2018 Winner: RIBA Silver Medal Nomination (Part 2) The institute is a coalition of ceramic teaching, research and communal workshop spaces dedicated to facilitating the Third Industrial Revolution. The design explores the architectural implications the revolution entails through the form of neo-industrial space; a place which counterpoints consumption-based urban regeneration through engaging various communities with making, transforming de-industrialised districts, in this case the former ceramic factory known as Spode Works, as catalsysts for new types of industries which are orientated towards place and community..

Axonometric Drawing

Courtyard Section

The Ceramic Laboratory

The Maker Courtyard

The Ceramic Research Tower

Tower and Ceramic Lab Section

Ground Floor Plan

The Maker Street

Key Spaces of Engagement Diagram

THE WATCHMAKERS STUDIO Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham Year 5 – June 2017 Runner-up: Best Fifth-Year Portfolio The watchmakers studio is a a mixed-use workshop scheme designed to facilitate the needs of both students and young professionals in the art of professional watchmaking. The project was devised to utilise the profound heritage of the Jewellery Quarter as a mechanism for community regeneration, providing much needed open spaces to relax, meet people, and hold markets and events, as well as reinstating the intricate art of watchmaking with a public platform once more in the district.

Axonometric Drawing

Flow of Materiality Diagrams

Technical Detail Studies (inspired by the watchmaker)

The Watchmakers Studio

The Festival Promenade

Sketchbook Process Drawings

THE FESTIVAL HOUSE Lower Bristol Road, Bath Year 3 – June 2014 The Festival House is a series of interconnected internal and external performance spaces, whose spatial conditions adapt and blend seamlessly together when needed to cater for a variety of annual festivals. In a city where historical tourism has taken precedence over its local communities, this project sought to rectify this through offering a place where the locals are engaged to be a part of each event through a range of workshops and communal facilities, inviting international festivals from Bath’s sister cities to entice cultural engagement driven by the community.

Axonometric Drawing

Sketchbook Drawing - Adaptable Performance Spaces

Concept Models of Various Performance Spaces

Concept Model - The Festival Promenade

THE DABE PAVILION University of Nottingham Year 3 – September 2014 Shortlisted: DABE Pavilion Design Competition A stage and folly design for the 50th anniversary celebrations of the School of Architecture. Entry includes 3D realizations and tectonic design to test the fabrication and assembly of the project. Collaboration with members of staff and leadership of a workforce was required for the successful completion of the design.

Technical Detail Studies

Interior Perspective

Short Portfolio - Tim Fentem  

A short preview of my work highlighting key projects across my architectural degree

Short Portfolio - Tim Fentem  

A short preview of my work highlighting key projects across my architectural degree