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Introduction We work with our customers to enhance learning through the use of ICT while also reducing costs.

The use of modern technology opens countless exciting opportunities for teaching and learning and can help schools to transform the lives of young people. At Novatech, we not only understand those opportunities but also the challenge of working within tight budgets. From our humble beginnings as a small mail order business, to the £40 million turnover, award-winning ICT provider we are today, Novatech has been helping schools to fulfil their ICT requirements for over twenty years.

We design, assemble and support our own branded PCs, laptops, servers and peripherals and distribute them to customers across the country. Our clients range from large multinational organisations such as Lockheed Martin and BAE systems to schools as diverse as Millfield School in Somerset and South Downs College in Hampshire.

This document will give you further insight into some of the ways Novatech Education can keep your school’s ICT up to date without breaking the bank.

James Durrant Having worked with educators for many years we have observed requirements becoming increasingly specialist and feel that the time is right to launch Novatech Education; a department dedicated to serving our customers in this sector.

Head of Novatech Education. 

worry free computing. The procurement of your ICT doesn’t need to be daunting and we understand the complexities that can come with purchasing the right equipment in the right way. Novatech can guide you through the process to ensure that you take advantage of opportunities and avoid the pitfalls. Novatech is part of the Central Buying Consortium list of Pro5 Approved Suppliers.

Creation, Distribution and Consumption

Technology can be used to support specific learning outcomes, and as pedagogy evolves, so ICT must be able to deliver and support new ways of teaching and learning. With the right tools, teachers can become guides rather than instructors and the days when they imparted knowledge to passive learners, are moving on. Students could now be equipped and empowered to take responsibility for their own learning and research. Content is an over-used word, but it does

help to describe the myriad of information, course work and material that teachers, students and administrators create and access on a daily basis. There is no need to explain how important this is in education today, but Novatech knows that ICT must assist and enhance the creation, distribution and consumption of this content, in whatever form it may take. We believe that to provide a cost-effective and holistic plan, it is sensible to look at these three areas individually,

so in the following pages you’ll find a brief explanation of how we can deliver the ideal, tailor-made solution for your school. We try to keep complex issues simple and to listen carefully to those who have to use the systems we provide. Sometimes, jargon can be useful, but our overriding aim is to make the procurement, installation and support of your ICT as clear and straight-forward as possible.

Managed Services. For added peace of mind, Novatech Education can provide your school with a managed service that covers as much of your ICT as your school requires. This could include your infrastructure, wireless network, servers, network clients, such as workstations, and even interactive whiteboards. It not only gives a cost-effective solution that ensures peace of mind, but also the re-assurance that every aspect of your ICT is kept up-to date and functioning properly. New equipment and faults are dealt with swiftly by our own team of engineers and a long-term strategy is planned to get the best out of limited resources. We can even diagnose potential problems and resolve them before they impact on the school.

Content Creation Content Creation can take a wide variety of forms, from written documents and presentations to video or sound recordings or e-learning. It may be work prepared during PPA time or projects to be completed by the learner.

PC’s Individual machines can be tailored for any requirement – the demands of a Primary school classroom will be different from those of a Secondary school administrator. Space and power-consumption can be important considerations and we can create the right machines to enhance the classroom experience, whatever the subject or function. By offering all schools the opportunity to create bespoke PCs to suit their unique needs they can be priced accordingly, meaning that you only pay for what you need. If you are not sure, you can talk to

your account manager who will be happy to advise the best solution.

are highly capable of completing most school work with ease.

Laptops The same applies to the wide range of laptops we offer that can all be customised to your specification, from light ultra low energy units to powerful machines capable of handling advanced workloads. We can supply trolleys to ensure laptops are charged when needed and are available throughout the school.

Motherboard Bundles You don’t always need to buy a completely new machine; why not simply upgrade the important components? Motherboard Bundles are the perfect upgrade to give your existing PC a solid performance boost whilst saving you money. We carefully match components and assemble and test them using the same rigorous quality standards with which we build all our PCs.

Netbooks Often children’s tasks may not need the full functionality of a PC and despite their small size and lower price, netbooks

Novatech Telecom. Novatech can provide full telecom services from simple phone connections and broadband to state of the art exchanges and Voice Over Internet (VoIP) technology. It is a logical progression to ensure that this aspect of your school’s communications system is managed to work seamlessly with your IT equipment and that you benefit from the inevitable savings.

Content Distribution Having created the content, it then needs to be delivered to its intended audience, whether that is students who need to work collaboratively, teachers, parents or others. Inside the school, this is achieved through a combination of the items listed below:

Networks A well designed network infrastructure will not only be able to meet today’s demands but also be flexible enough to cope with future requirements. Modern Power Over Ethernet (POE) delivers high speed data transfer as well as power through the same cables, giving the ability to run accessories like printers through the network cable, reducing wiring and power demands. Wireless Making some parts of your network wireless removes the need for heavily cabled classrooms with fixed places where students can learn. Wifi enabled laptops and tablets give children the freedom to move easily between areas and lessons,

with their own machines, and to reduce infrastructure costs. Wireless can range from single access points, suitable for a small number of users, through to a complete intelligent managed solution, capable of allowing whole classes to logon and even watch video at the same time. Not sure what you need? Talk to one of our Account Managers. Servers and Virtualisation Servers are essential devices that store data and control networks, but they can be expensive to run and replace and form a significant part of your ICT budget. Some schools will have a number of

servers, each handling different operations such as confidential data storage and students’ documents, however, they usually run at a fraction of their full capability. It is now possible to re-programme or “virtualise” one server to handle multiple functions, cutting the number of physical servers and radically reducing power consumption and capital costs. Just as important is your backup solution – how are you going to keep your schools data safe? Novatech have a number of options your may like to consider.

Novatech Finance. Novatech Education can provide straight-forward and efficient funding of ICT equipment and its maintenance that not only spreads capital costs across manageable periods but also reduces unplanned expenses and irregular demands on tight budgets.

Content Consumption This is the point at which the audience will receive the information. The key here is to ensure that the medium is appropriate to the content being delivered.

PC’s As with the content creation stage, one size does not have to fit all. If it is only being used to consume content, is a full PC required and how powerful does it need to be? An “all in one” or bespoke unit will cut the cost and maximise space in the classroom, reducing the need for students to share computers. Laptops & Netbooks Light and portable, they can often be purchased by the students themselves, significantly reducing incidents of damage and offsetting capital costs.

Tablets & Handheld technology Another compact, lightweight and portable solution available is a touch-screen Tablet device. Whilst more expensive than a netbook they are prized by students, with the possibility of shifting the ownership requirement from the school to the parent. The opportunity to use other handheld-devices can also open up the possibility of using technology to for games-based learning and other emerging techniques.

Audio Visual Advances in white board and projection technology means that there is now a wider range of ways to deliver audio visual content. Short throw projection means that teachers do not have to face the glare of bright lights, and interactive boards mean that the transfer of content from teacher to student can be innovative and more effective.

Summary. Novatech can supply and install all the hardware your school requires, from individual laptops and workstations, to a ‘whole school solution’ integrated infrastructure and equipment. We aim to be flexible, putting your requirements first, while ensuring we give unequalled support for the smooth running of everything from the administration office and classroom to your telephones and servers. We will deliver quality, tailor-made solutions that will give your school outstanding value for money.

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