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Medicine Hat School District Technology Newsletter October 2012 Have Questions?

Digital Citizenship

October has arrived and the hustle and

We are continuing to promote Commonsense Media as a

bustle of September is behind us. There have been many changes and upgrades to District technology over the summer. These changes and upgrades are necessary to keep current in the rapidly changing digital world.

great resource for teaching Digital Citizenship. It has resources for teachers, parents and students to learn more about the increasing use of technology in our world. The latest resource from this site you may want to distribute is called “I Took a Photo of My Friend That I Want to Share . . . Now What?” This is an infographic that provides choices when posting online. It is a free pdf download aimed at upper elementary and secondary students and you can find it here. A lighter version for early elementary students is called “All Digital Citizens.” The download to the pdf is available here.

There are many fantastic ways teachers are using online resources for instruction and learning. If you are using a resource you are excited about and would like to share, please email me and I would be happy to add it to my monthly newsletters.


you have any curricular, pedagogical or educational technology topics of interest that you would like to learn more about, email Terry at or me at or give me a call at extension 6988.

Around the District Buzz words at the ISTE 2012 conference I attended in June included the Flipped Classrooms, IPads and Google. Lindsay White from MHHS has combined an iPad app called Educreations (an app to create video lessons using the iPad) with her Google Site to create a Flipped Classroom. A Flipped Classroom model is a reversed teaching model that delivers instruction at home through interactive videos and brings the homework back into the classroom. This model supports the Bring Your Own Device handbooks being created around the province. To learn more about the Flipped Classroom, click here.

Blogging to improve writing and support peer assessment

Media Awareness Network has a new name and new look. It is now It is known as Canada’s Centre for media and digital literacy. It has information, lessons, games and activities for classrooms to learn more about living in a digital world.

June may provide some time to slip in some lessons regarding Digital Citizenship. I am available to come in and present to your class. The title of my presentation aimed at Grades 5-8 is “Online Presence: Are You Someone Different Online?” Contact me if you would like to book an hour timeslot in June for a presentation.

Safe Passwords are becoming more important as scams are increasing over the internet. While perusing the 2Learn resources regarding digital presence, I came across a great resource. Here is a video regarding safe passwords that you can use and share with your staff and students.

space or booking the computer lab. Teachers can check on their computer and do not need to find where the signup sheets are.

Websites of the Month

Block Posters is a great way to create posters for your classroom from digital images. The example on the right is using a word cluster created from the website Tagxedo and turning it into a poster. It is useful at any grade level and in any subject area.

Testmoz is a test generator that allows you to create online multiple choice/true and false tests that students can access and take and the results are recorded. This can be a pretty useful time saver for teachers and no membership is required.

Crickweb are free online education resources & games for the SMART Board and is aimed at Elementary levels.

Dso is music games site created by the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. It has lots of music trivia, activities, print outs and games for music.

PedagoNet is a site that provides Daily Physical Activity ideas and lessons for teachers.

Mrs. Brown’s Art class provides art ideas for K-5 classrooms.

Google Apps and Collaboration

Picasa is a photo sharing app owned by Google. This link shares ways in how you can collaborate using Picasa web albums. Keep in mind FOIP when using this application.

has grown to start the year. Grade 3 at Crestwood School has begun using with students to support writing.

Help students improve their internet search experience

Twitter users have increased in the District. People are

Create a Google Form to ask your staff members what

enjoying the anytime, anywhere any pace access to Professional Development and resources. We have a list of staff using Twitter. You can view our District Tweeps here. If you are on Twitter and are not on the list, please add your name. There are over 50 staff and counting. If you would like more information about Twitter here is a Twitter, Tweeps and Hashtags presentation I have created for PD.

Use a Google Document to create a table for the extra gym

with Google’s search feature help. This link has great tips to help in the classroom. they would like to see for school improvements. The feedback is anonymous and can set up dialogue at the first meeting of the year. You can also send out a Google Form to staff to place orders. Examples include school clothing, ordering food for meetings and signing up for the latest Survivor Pool.

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