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Louisiana Tech’s

I/O Bulletin Industrial/Organizational Psychology Ph.D. Program

Welcome! The mission of the Industrial/Organizational Psychology doctoral program at Louisiana Tech is to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and ability to perform as consultants and educators. Knowledge gained in the classroom is blended with real-world, applied experience. Our program is committed to the Scientist-Practitioner model of psychology training, where the application of psychology in the workplace is accomplished through careful documentation and evaluation. The doctoral program was established in 2009 and has since gathered students and faculty from across the country.

The Program Begins Its Third Year A new school year has begun, and the I/O Doctoral Program is welcoming it’s new group of students. This new cohort boosts the program’s number of students to 14, and the returning students are working hard to mentor and socialize these newcomers. This new academic year also marks the final year for the inaugural cohort as they prepare for comprehensive exams and dissertation defenses. As the I/O group grows larger, there are many exciting events taking place as the members of our program continue to work together to enhance research and practice within the field of I/O Psychology.

Save the Date! Winter Retreat

Grand Opening

Dec. 9-11 The students and faculty will enjoy a team-building, funfilled weekend in New Orleans

Summer 2012 AROS Consulting will celebrate the opening of their new facility

SIOP April 2012 The students and faculty will attend the 27th Annual Conference in San Diego



Special Events The I/O Psychology Doctoral Program has had several interesting events this past year!

Consulting Challenge This past October, the second year students participated in a simulation of real-life client consulting pitch. Corporate judges from CenturyLink served as judges while each team provided an analysis of simulated data and proposed consulting services to address a hypothetical problem among the company’s employees. The professional relationship between AROS and CenturyLink provided the perfect environment in which to engage in this simulation.

The students were given the guidelines and provided with data and were given a 23-hour window in which to complete their proposal. Locked in a hotel room in Monroe, LA, the students worked diligently to conduct a thorough analysis, propose creative solutions, and pull it all together into a convincing sales pitch. Through participation in this consulting challenge, the students learned how to survive intense deadlines and gained invaluable experience in front of the corporate judges. This was an exciting experience for our second years as they were able to learn and show off their growth and learning through the first year of our PhD program!



26th Annual SIOP Conference in Chicago The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology is a professional association with a mission to ―enhance human well-being and performance in organizational and work settings by promoting the science, practice, and teaching of industrial-organizational psychology ( Last year, the Industrial/Organizational Psychology Program was able to attend SIOP’s 26th annual conference in Chicago in April. Throughout this conference members were provided with the opportunity to network with and speak with leaders in the field and attend symposiums aligned with their own research interests.

Looking Forward Next year, SIOP’s Annual Conference will be held in San Diego, CA The students and faculty have all submitted several entries for the upcoming SIOP conference and are looking forward to more professional experiences and opportunities. This conference is a unique occasion for the students and faculty to further relationships and to broaden their knowledge within the field of I/O Psychology.



Special Events Customer Appreciation Tailgate Homecoming is a very exciting and celebratory event for Louisiana Tech, and the students and faculty wanted to share this with the clients of AROS Consulting. In order to show our gratitude toward our clients, AROS hosted a tailgate event before the Homecoming football game on October 29th. The students, friends and family, faculty, and several AROS clients enjoyed great weather, delicious fried catfish and hushpuppies, music, and dancing while showing their support for the LA Tech Bulldogs!

Special thanks goes out to the Rabalais family for hosting the tailgate event at their RV and also to the Smoak and Frost families for their special assistance with set up, clean up, and food preparation! AROS looks forward to hosting more Client Appreciation events in the future.



Meet Our Students‌ Brittani Plaisance Brittani is from Thibodaux, LA and has a BS in Psychology and MS in Economic Development from the University of Southern Mississippi. Currently she is a first year PhD student researching the effects of conscientiousness on spatial ability among pilots. Fun Fact: Brittani is a Harry Potter expert and can tell you anything you want to know!

Christopher Huynh Chris was born and raised in Houston, TX and received his BS in Psychology from the University of Houston. Prior to beginning his first year as a PhD student, Chris spent a year working in executive search for Korn/Ferry Futurestep. Christopher's current research interests include emotional labor, culture & climate, and individual differences. Fun Fact: Christopher enjoys anything computer-related and playing sports.

Ann-Marie Rabalais Ann-Marie was born and raised in Bunkie, LA and received a BS in Psychology from the College of Charleston in South Carolina. She completed her Masters of Arts in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Louisiana Tech University before beginning her first year as a PhD student. Currently, she is researching emotions and job satisfaction through a Reversal Theory perspective. Fun Fact: Ann-Marie is the official program poker-night hostess inviting all of the students to her house for a little gambling fun!

James Tornabene James was born and raised just south of Houston and is currently a first year PhD student. He has earned an AS in Fire Service Management from Southern Arkansas Tech University, a BAAS from Texas A&M University – Texarkana, and a MS in I/O Psychology with a focus on administrative leadership from LA Tech. Fun Fact: James enjoys playing video games with his son, Bradley, to de-stress.



James De Leon James was born in New York and raised in the Dominican Republic, and he received his BS in I/O Psychology from Eastern Connecticut State University. He is currently a first year PhD student and he is currently researching the effects of job burnout on counterproductive work behaviors. Fun Fact: James is a huge New York Yankees fan!

Stephanie Murphy Stephanie was born and raised in South Louisiana. She serves as financial officer and project associate for AROS Consulting. She completed a research internship and did discharge planning for a rehabilitation hospital before pursuing her PhD at Louisiana Tech University. Currently, she is in her second year and researches diversity management, work & family integration, and the application of Reversal Theory to workplace concepts. Fun Fact: Stephanie and her two-year-old son Stephen are huge Saints fans. Who Dat?

Chris Castille Chris received his BS in Psychology from Louisiana State University and is in his second year of completing the requirements for both an MA and PhD in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Louisiana Tech. Currently, he is interested in intelligence and is presently designing assessments that will be compared with other assessments. Fun Fact: Chris was formerly a member and drum major for the 10-Time World Champion Cadets Drum & Bugle Corps, the world's oldest and most honored drum and bugle corps.

DeAnn Arnold DeAnn has her undergraduate degree in Psychology from LSU Shreveport and her MA in I/O Psychology from Louisiana Tech. She has over ten years of Human Resources experience, most recently as Director of HR at LSU-S. Currently, she is researching expertise in teams and job advertisement. Fun Fact: DeAnn moonlights as a photographer and has the world’s cutest kids!

Jeff Binder Jeff his Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology at Louisiana State University and his Master's in I/O Psychology at Louisiana Tech University, where he is continuing to earn his PhD. Jeff is currently looking to determine the relationship between chronic stress and health problems in firefighters. Fun fact: JEFF IS STANDING RIGHT BEHIND YOU!



Victoria Smoak Victoria is a Shreveport, LA native and a graduate of LSU Shreveport. She is a second year doctoral student and her research interests include cross cultural differences and predicting job performance in multi-national organizations. After completing her PhD, Victoria plans to live abroad and work as a consultant. Fun Fact: Victoria is like a flower; she is heliotropic.

Luke Simmering Luke received a BA from Oklahoma State University and a MA from Minnesota State University in I/O Psychology. Luke interned at Hogan Assessment Systems utilizing personality assessment in the employee selection/development domain. He is currently a third year doctoral student and is researching detection techniques for applicant faking. Fun Fact: Luke has bungee jumped from the world’s highest bungee jumping point in South Africa.

Amy Frost Amy Frost is originally from Louisiana and received both her BA and MA at Louisiana Tech. She worked abroad for the defense industry and in international development before returning to the United States to finish her PhD. Her research interests include humanitarian work psychology and corporate social responsibility initiatives and community alignment. Fun Fact: Amy speaks Darija, the colloquial Arabic dialect spoken in Morocco.

Cole Napper Cole is from Monroe, LA and was among the inaugural cohort of the PhD program. After receiving his BA and MA from Louisiana Tech, Cole is currently in his third year pursuing his PhD. He is currently researching traditional versus social networking, personality and 360 degree feedback, and university-based consulting groups. Fun Fact: Cole owns a bow tie with LA TECH colors—Go Bulldogs!

John Buckner John received a BS in Psychology and Sociology from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, a Master’s in I/O Psychology from Saint Cloud State University, and is a third year doctoral student. He is currently researching employee emotional labor and technology in the workplace. John plans to go into the field of test construction after completing his education. Fun Fact: John is an avid skeptic and enjoys examining (and debunking) paranormal and pseudo-scientific claims.



Meet Our Faculty… Tilman Sheets Dr. Tilman Sheets received his PhD in Psychology with an emphasis in I/O Psychology from the University of Southern Mississippi. He is currently an associate professor and chair of the psychology department at Louisiana Tech. Dr. Sheets specializes in the areas of employee selection and organizational metrics. Fun Fact: He enjoys cooking and experimenting with different ingredients for dry rubs for smoking various types of meat. Some speculate this is because smoked meat goes so well with beer.

Mitzi Desselles Dr. Mitzi Desselles holds a PhD in I/O Psychology from Louisiana State University and currently serves as Director of AROS Consulting. She has recently returned to academia and is an assistant professor in the graduate program. Dr. Desselles’ research area is the application of reversal theory to leadership, team effectiveness, and the management of change. Fun Fact: She likes spending her summers practicing her French in France.

Frank Igou Dr. Frank Igou is the Coordinator of the I/O Psychology Master’s Program and Assistant Professor of Psychology at Louisiana Tech. He holds a B.S. in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin –Oshkosh and an M.S. and Ph.D. in I/O Psychology from Auburn University. Dr. Igou has over 20 years of experience assisting organizations in areas relating to recruitment, selection, diversity issues, E.E.O.C. compliance and litigation support. Fun Fact: He spends his free time mountain biking and building electric guitars.

Kevin Mahoney Dr. Kevin Mahoney received his PhD in I/O Psychology from the University of Akron and is currently an assistant professor of graduate psychology courses in leadership, training and development, and performance management. Dr. Mahoney’s research interests include emotions at work, decision-making, and the history of psychology and management. Fun Fact: Nothing is more fun than getting a pub accepted.


Current Student Research


Publications: Buckner, J. E., V, & Mahoney, K. T. (Under Review). Individual Differences and Emotional Labor: An Experiment on Positive Display Rules. Personality and Individual Differences. Levy, J. J., Castille, C. M., & Farley, J. A. (2011, March). An investigation of musical performance anxiety in the marching arts. Medical Problems of Performing Artists. Simmering, L., Sachau, D. (2011). Trying to Buy a Better Game. Joint Research Project published in Golf Digest Walcyk, J. J., Castille, C. M., & Igou, F. P. (in review). A social norm model of tolerance of deceit. Presentations: Arnold, D. H., Murphy, S.L., Castille, C. M., Buckner, J. E. (2011, July). These hoops were made for jumping through: Applicant reactions to job advertisements with selection tool cues. Paper presentation at the International Personnel Assessment Council, Washington, D.C. Binder, J. M., Murphy, S. L., & Arnold, D. H. (2011, February). 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Other News… New AROS Consulting Facility Plans are in the works to remodel an existing building on campus to serve as the new site for AROS Consulting. This new facility will include office and meeting space and will provide students in the doctoral program with the opportunity to conduct business and host meetings in a professional, business environment. The members of AROS are excited to settle into their new facility and to continue to enhance the organization.

Winter Conference Next month, the students and faculty will take part in their annual retreat. This year, the program will be travelling to New Orleans by train and will enjoy many team-building opportunities and exciting activities. On the agenda is the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas, Café du Monde, Celebration in the Oaks and Christmas on Fulton Street, and Bourbon/Frenchman Street Nightlife! While experiencing the many entertaining aspects of the Crescent City, the students and faculty will get to know one another better and create memories that will last a lifetime. Winter Conference will be a heartily welcomed holiday from the hard work our program members perform daily.

I/O Family Additions Third year Jeff Binder and his girlfriend of six years announced their engagement this fall and plan on being married in the next year. Also, another third year, John Buckner, and his new fiancée plan to be married in the near future as well. Luke Simmering and his wife, Morgan, welcomed a new baby, William, into their family in September. All the program members congratulate these three on their exciting happenings and welcome these new additions to our I/O Family!

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Contributing to the Cause – AROS Consulting Our Applied Research and Organizational Solutions work group provides students with the opportunity to work on project with a variety of companies and non-profit organizations. Currently, any money given for completion of any project is donated to the Louisiana Tech I/O PhD program. Additional information is available at our AROS website:

Looking to make a donation? Contact Dr. Tilman Sheets at

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2011 I/O Bulletin  

2011 Newsletter for the Industrial/Organizational Psychology Ph.D. program at Louisiana Tech University.