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Volume 1, Issue 1

Program’s Inaugural Year Comes to a Close Louisiana Tech’s Industrial/Organizational Psychology Ph.D. program has finished its inaugural year. Already, the faculty and students within the program have had many experiences aligned with the vision of the program. Some of these include the creation of a consulting group, Applied Research for Organizational Solutions (AROS), a trip to Atlanta for the Society of Industrial Organizational Psychology’s 25th annual conference, and the completion of various research projects and papers. Next up for these four pioneers? Mentoring a new group of students that entered the program in the Fall Quarter. The program is proud to welcome five new students to the fold. These students will work closely with the second-year students to ensure a successful transition and to continue to work towards meaningful study and research in the field of Industrial/Organizational Psychology.

AROS Projects  Validation study for a testing firm.  Employee Selection Project with a Shreveport, LA manufacturer  Economic Development Survey with the Lincoln Parish Chamber of Commerce  Membership Research for a local church  Customer Satisfaction Survey for a local animal clinic  Student Satisfaction Survey for Louisiana Tech Student Recreational Department  Employee Feedback Surveys for a Casino  Customer Satisfaction Survey for local dentists

Current I/O Psychology Doctoral Students

AROS Consulting The goal of developing a consulting group within the I/O PhD program is for students to gain applied experience, provide assistance to local organizations, and to gain funding for conference trips. AROS develops employee/customer satisfaction metrics, needs assessments, job analyses, statistical consulting, and much more. AROS has already gained the opportunity to work with several organizations and hopes to develop additional partnerships with companies in the future. The core philosophy upheld by AROS is that organizations have the expertise to find their own solutions when provided the tools and structure to do so. AROS aims at working in concert with organizations to empower them to meet their goals.

Dr. Mitzi Desselles Joins I/O Faculty Mitzi has devoted her career to demystifying why people do what they do. Starting from the premise posited by reversal theory that people are essentially paradoxical beings, her work has helped social, political and consumer organizations tap into both the rational and emotional factors that underlie behavior. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology from Louisiana State University, a Master of Arts degree from the University of Richmond and a Doctor of Philosophy in Industrial/ Organizational Psychology from Louisiana State University. She started her professional career on the faculty of Purdue University, where she was assistant professor of psychology. Mitzi is returning to academia after a leaving to work for DDB Needham Worldwide, an international advertising agency. From there, Mitzi joined Mobil Oil Corporation and was part of its successful merger with Exxon, resulting in today’s ExxonMobil Corporation. Excited by the revolutionary approach to leadership and organizational development championed by Apter International, she joined the group in 2000 and co-founded Apter Research in 2007. Recent clients have included HSBC, SABMiller-Coors, South Carolina Department of Public Safety, the Human Rights Campaign and Third Way. Her research area is the application of reversal theory to work motivation, leadership and team effectiveness. With her colleagues at Apter International, she has developed a suite of psychometric instruments including measures of organizational climate and leadership. Bio © Apter International Ltd

I/O Goes Green Some Industrial/Organizational Psychologists around the globe are joining the green movement and working to enhance environmental sustainability. In the October 2010 issue of The Industrial/Organizational Psychologist (TIP), Cathy L. Z. DuBois of Kent State University and David A. DuBois issued a call to action for all I/O Psychologists to embrace the green movement. Some tips they offered for going green:

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Start now! Don’t wait until a green initiative is requested! Make a plan and sell it before a customer can ask for it. Starting others on green initiatives may help to prevent another Deepwater Horizon disaster later!

Don’t be afraid to start small! Even simple ideas like turning off computers at night or saving paper may lead to an organization involving a stance on environmental sustainability into their vision.

Woodard Hall, Louisiana Tech Campus

25th Annual SIOP Conference

The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology is a professional association who’s mission is to ―enhance human well-being and performance in organizational and work settings by promoting the science, practice, and teaching of industrial-organizational psychology.‖ ( Last year’s students and faculty were able to attend SIOP’s 25 th annual conference in Atlanta during April. Students had the opportunity to meet with leaders in the field of I/O Psychology and attend symposiums aligned with their personal interests. In addition to the conference festivities, the students and faculty spent time seeing the sights of Atlanta by attending a Braves game, going to the Georgia Aquarium, and touring CNN headquarters. John Buckner, Luke Simmering, Dr. Tilman Sheets, and Dr. Frank Igou participated in the SIOP 5K Fun Run. There was a major flaw in the layout of the racecourse—part of it was unmarked! This led to confusion among the runners as to whether they had completed the race or not. Next years plans? Scout the course beforehand!

Four representatives from Louisiana Tech participated in the SIOP 5K Fun Run.

The students and faculty are currently working on research projects for the 2011 SIOP conference in Chicago.

Next Stop Chicago!

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Consulting I/O Psychologist Visits Dr. Robin Wentworth came to speak to the I/O Doctoral students about his experiences in internal consulting, external consulting, and self-employment. Robin talked to the students about the pros and cons of being self employed and consulting. He imparted wisdom and advice for the focus of the student’s program, including best ways to publish and focusing on the enjoyment of learning, rather than being focused on the tasks of getting grades. Robin’s primary focus is Organizational Development and his current work takes him all over the globe, with recent endeavors in the Middle East. Robin received his PhD from the University of Southern Mississippi in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. He previously worked as an Organizational Effectiveness Consultant at the Southern Company and is currently the President of Organizational Excellence International, P.C.

Sundown Tavern, Our Unofficial Meeting Place Downtown Ruston, nestled in the historic district, is the unofficial meeting place for the students and faculty. They often convene after a long week of studying and researching to enjoy some local delicacies, like fried green beans. The picturesque outdoor courtyard is a great place to relax and unwind. On Thursdays, they often run into their sister cohort, the students in the Counseling Psychology program.

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Fall Retreat

The first weekend in October brought a welcomed change of pace for our hardworking students and faculty. The group headed about 3 hours north into the hills of Arkansas to DeGray Lake for a retreat that featured presentations about current student and faculty research, lots of food, an early morning round of golf, a screening of Office Space and a few hours enjoying the water on a barge.

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Meet Our DeAnn Arnold {First Year} has her undergraduate degree in Psychology from LSU Shreveport and her Master’s in I/O Psychology from Louisiana Tech. She has over ten years of Human Resources experience, most recently as Director of HR at LSU Shreveport. Her research interest lies in motivation, performance, and selection. She lives in Ruston with her husband, mother, and two small children. In her spare time, she runs and is the owner of a photography business. Jeff Binder {Second Year} was born in Slidell, LA and received his Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology at Louisiana State University. Jeff is currently pursuing his PhD and Master’s in I/O Psychology at Louisiana Tech University, and was among the inaugural cohort in the new PhD program. Jeff’s research interests lie in personality testing, selection, training, and statistical procedures, as he works under the guise of Dr. Frank Igou. Jeff hopes to go into consulting upon the completion of his time at Louisiana Tech.

John Buckner {Second Year} received his Master’s in IndustrialOrganizational Psychology from Saint Cloud State University and Bachelor’s in Psychology and Sociology from the University of Wisconsin – River Falls. John’s current research focus is on employee emotional labor and technology in the workplace, and he is currently working under Dr. Kevin Mahoney. John’s family lives in his hometown of New Richmond, Wisconsin, and he plans to go into test construction in his I/O Psychology career.

Chris Castille {First Year} received his BS in psychology from Louisiana State University and is completing his requirements for both an MA and PhD in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Louisiana Tech. As an undergrad, Chris completed a research project into the correlates of happiness at work, as well as reactions to deceit and performance anxiety. Chris's research interest involves emotion regulation; specifically the purpose of positive emotions in coping with stress at work. His parents, older sister, and niece live in his hometown of New Iberia. Amy Frost {First Year} After receiving both a BA in Psychology and MA in Industrial / Organizational Psychology from Louisiana Tech, Amy is returning to complete her Ph.D. Her research interests focus on humanitarian work psychology, informed by her time spent working abroad with nongovernmental organizations. Amy's long term career goal is to work with aid and development organizations internally by assisting with organizational structuring and needs analysis, local and global perception analysis, fieldbased staff support, and cultural integration. Stephanie Murphy {First Year} Born and raised in South Louisiana, Stephanie received a BS in psychology from the University of New Orleans. She completed a research internship and did discharge planning for a rehabilitation hospital before pursuing her Ph.D. at Louisiana Tech University. Her research interest include work and family integration and employee selection. Currently she is researching applying reversal theory concepts to the workplace. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and watching the Saints. She and her son, Stephen, currently reside in Rus-

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Students Cole Napper {Second Year} After receiving his BA from Louisiana Tech University, Cole is currently in his second year pursuing his PhD and Master’s concurrently at Louisiana Tech University. Cole’s research interests are in leadership and response validity. He is currently researching the response validity of undergraduate students and testing their responses on a lie detection scale. Cole is a strong Louisiana Tech supporter and encourages you to be one, as well. He is from Monroe, LA and is currently single , and roommates with fellow second year, Jeff. Luke Simmering {Second Year} received a BA from Oklahoma State University and a MA in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Minnesota State University, With a research interest in personality assessment, Luke interned at Hogan Assessment Systems utilizing personality assessments in the employee selection/development domain. He currently is conducting research examining detection techniques for applicant faking. In his free time, Luke conducts customer satisfaction surveys for golf courses. Luke and his wife Morgan live in Ruston, LA with their dogs. Victoria Smoak {First Year} is a Shreveport, Louisiana native and a graduate of Louisiana State University in Shreveport. Before moving to Ruston, her life revolved around co-owning/managing a franchise in Shreveport. Consequently, she is focusing her current research on entrepreneurship and specifically, individual traits and behavioral outcomes of franchisees. After completing the PhD. program, she looks forward to working and living abroad.

Recent Student Research Presentations: Buckner, J. E., V, & Sheets, T. L. (2010, February). Exploring the Use of Technology in Establishing Experimental Control. Louisiana Academy of Sciences, Alexandria, LA. Livingston, M. M., Sheets, T. L., Tobacyk, J., Carter, A. Igou, F., McDaniel, J., & Buckner, J. E. V. (2010, October). Human Subjects Research Dilemmas: Following Rules, Protecting People, and Getting Results. Louisiana Psychological Association, Baton Rouge, LA. Poster Presentations: Buckner, J. E., V. (2010, April). Individual difference and item characteristic antecedents of acquiescent re sponding in personality assessment. Poster presented at the Southwestern Psychological Asso ciation, Dallas, TX. Mahoney, K. T., Buckner, J. E., V, Buboltz, W. C., Jr., & Doverspike, D. (2010, May). Individual Differences in Emotional Labor and Its Consequences. Poster presented at Association for Psychological Science, Boston, MA. Simmering, L. (2009). Examination and Construct Validity Confirmation of Two PersonalityBased Adjective Checklist Measures. Presentation at 2009 IO/OB conference, Chicago, IL. Publications: Levy, J. J., Castille, C. M., and Farley, J. A.. (2010). An Investigation of Musical Performance Anxiety in the Marching Arts. Manuscript submitted for publication. Mahoney, K. T., Buboltz, W. C., Jr., Buckner, J. E., V, & Doverspike, D. (In Review). Emotional Labor and American University Professors. Journal of Occupational Health Psychology. Walczyk, J. J., Castille, C. M., Igou, F., Nagata, E., and Merritt, J. K. (2010). A Social Norm Model of Rea tion to Deceit. Manuscript submitted for publication.

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Contributing to the Cause Our Applied Research and Organizational Solutions work group provides students with the opportunity to work on projects with a variety of companies and non-profit organizations. CurLouisiana Tech University Louisiana Tech University Department of Psychology P.O. Box 3163 Ruston, LA 71272 Phone: 1-318-257-4315 Fax: 1-318-257-3442 E-mail:

rently, any money given for completion of any projects is donated to the Louisiana Tech I/O PhD Program. Additional information is available at the website we use to administer surveys:

Looking to make a donation? Contact Dr. Tilman Sheets at

Louisiana Tech vs. Southern Miss Tailgate Louisiana Tech University is a proud member of the University of Louisiana System

The Louisiana Tech Industrial/Organizational Psychology Doctoral students and faculty teamed up with special guests from University of Southern Mississippi Alums for a great day of food, fun, and football! Program Director and Head of the Psychology Department, Tilman Sheets, was torn between his alma mater and his current school, but still made the best of the situation. After a grueling match between the Bulldogs and the Golden Eagles, Southern Miss came out on top with a score of 13 to 12, giving them a win on the road. Most notable was a torrential downpour during the second half of the game, leaving special guests Robin Wentworth, Mike Jenkins, and Stephen Bushardt soaked despite their win!

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2010 IO Bulletin  

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