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OUTDOOR ADVENTURE! biking – Motala, the lakeside city of Östergötland offers comfortable accommodation combined with a variety of nature-oriented adventures for you, on your own, with your family or in a group. We recommend to try: • Fishing Weekend in Boren • Hiking Package in Tyleskogen • Kayaking and water sports on Vättern • Bike rides in the beautiful natural surroundings by Lake Vättern

Water sports in Varamon by Kona Windsurfing

Fishing, kayaking, bird watching, water sports, hiking,

Sporty days Cycling, running, swimming, water sports, triathlon - the and often plays host to major national and international championships. Plan your training here or attend an event. What is your challenge for this summer? We offer accommodation during events and the best conditions for your warm up before the start and for your recovery after your event.

Kanalsimmet / Open Water

sporty Motala offers excellent conditions for many sports

Venue of world events popular over the years and the biking festival has been expanded to include the Tjejvättern, Halvvättern, Vättern Bike Games, Vättern GP and Minivättern. However, Motala is not limited to cycling. It is often the venue of choice for hosting large international events within speedway, bandy, sailing and triathlon. If your sporting ambitions fall short of taking part, you can always enjoy the proceedings in a likeminded crowd of enthusiastic spectators.

Vättern Bike Games by Petter Blomberg

The cycling event Vätternrundan has become increasingly

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