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Terese Rognmo, CEO

New Year! So many things have happened at Tilikum Some good but also bad. The path was not meant to remain the same but keep changing for better. The show must go on, and it is time to leave the past in 2017 where belongs and look forward a new year! Keep your eyes peeled for any new exciting events, and check out our new Community Advocates and their new office! Cheers!


"The mission of TILIKUM is to serve and empower the DEAF, DEAF-BLIND, and Hearing Loss community to meet their educational, technical, and social needs, while respecting their language and culture."

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Happy New Year 2018!

I cannot believe how time has gone by, and there has been a lot of change at Tilikum-SWCDHH in the past few months. We had four, yes, you perceived me right, FOUR incidents at the Deaf center. All incidents were related to vandalism. One thing I want to say a big thank you to all of people in our communities who have contributed their times, money, and talents in fixing up SWCDHH! One of our offices has improved remarkable with beautiful color painted on the wall, and office desks, and it belongs to Community Advocates. However, we still have a long way to change our center. But before I forget, I want welcome our three new Community Advocates who have joined us! Please say hello to Maribeth Jensen, Robin Traveller, and David Poland when you see them mingling in our communities! I have many goals for Tilikum, but I could not do it by myself, you are part of those goals, and you can make it happening. Thus, enjoy reading our Newsletter with our goals, new Community Advocates, and the news we have for you!


Coffee Shop Project Tilikum is in progress in developing a business plan to set up a coffee shop location where employment opportunities would be giving to Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities, and a place where all communities can meet, mingle and chat while ordering a hot or cold drink and snacks. Tilikum is looking for people who want to participate in a small sub-committee and share ideas or suggestions to establish the coffee shop. Tilikum needs 5-7 volunteers who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals, and it will be up to 2 hours bi-weekly at the center. If you are interested to join the subcommittee or want more information, please email to anytime. Tax Community Day Tilikum is in process to set up a day for all communities to come at the center and get help with filling out tax forms. It would be our first time hosting the Tax Community Day. It will be announced as soon as possible.

Thanksgiving News Last year, we hosted a small Thanksgiving feast at the Center, and it was a success. So we will host again this year. Hopefully, you can come and join us. 5

Vandalism Incidents Never did we ever dream that we would have had four vandalism incidents at the Deaf Center. The first one was graffiti sprayed on the windows on the roof behind the building. It was not expected, but then another incident was when two young boys threw rocks on the windows behind the building. The glass door was badly smashed, and we had to board the door. The thing is that the building was not empty on that day, so apparently, the boys must have known that we were at the center and that we could not hear noises due to our deafness. So we decided it was time to install the alarm system, so we bought quality ones, and worked around it to set it up at our own. We thought it was the end of vandalism, but boy were we wrong! The third incident was bad enough that many valuable items were vastly destroyed, which put a huge hole on our budget. In case you were wondering did the alarm system ever catch the culprit on the third incident? The answer was no because the culprit destroyed the evidence before we could finish The whole alarm system installment. Finally, we have had enough of the last three incidents, and decided to hire the ADT Company to install the alarm system professionally. We hoped that it was the last vandalism incident, but no, it happened AGAIN! But, but, the vandalizer was finally caught by the ADT surveillance! Now the suspect is in the court, but the outcome of it has not yet been in. 6

Deaf Center got all attentions from the media press, and because of those incidents, our communities have gone extra miles to contribute their times, talents, and funds to improve our building! HUGE thanks to 131 donors who supported us financially to fix damaged areas! Especially the Community

Advocate office – it has newly and beautiful color of paint, new desk, and flooring! HUGE thanks to our ongoing volunteers who have removed graffiti off the window, replaced new lights in the kitchen and the CA office. We also want to thank Office Depot for donating lights. The center still has a long way to renovate the building, and make the best access for all communities who are in need for resources and services.


Leslie E.

Teresa G.

Vicki S.

We want to say many thanks to the donators who were willing to support our center with their funds. Their support means a lot to our community!

Jessica Y.F.

Kate D.

David H.

Patti D.

Linda G.

Jonathan R.

Traber S.

Sylvia P.

Deston N.

Karen G.

Michael A.

Timothy R.

Timothy W.

A Sellers

Christopher C.

Sue S.


Don H.

Seth W.

Signing Resources

Vicki E.

Kristin R.

Cynthia P.

Leslie P.

Carina R.

Jessica C.

Sonia B.


Kim S. R.

Brian C.

Allan M.

Anne D. V.

Jeannette P.

Steven L.


Steve R.

Stephanie B.

Pedro H.

john W.

Chuck W.

Michele B.

Stacey C.

Jennifer H.

Linda M.

Tim W.

Angela C.

Susan G. B.

Brea H.

Amber G.

Doug P.

Alyssa S.

Kris B.

Molly S.

Whitney Family

Morgan B.

Deloris T.

Lindsey M.

Rekha C.

Meghan L.

Sarah B.

Mackenzie B.

Jean M.

Michael G.


Tamarah H.

Tammera P.R.

Shannon C.

Guy & Debra J.

Eli M. S.

Kurtis W.

Seattle Deaf Bowlers Club

Lauria M.

David D.

Erika P.

Mike L.

Karen A.

Ginger P.

Julie G.

Karen P.

Carey P.

Lauren B.

Rick W.

Matthew M.

Theresa M.

Robert Y.

Ginger P.

Mel L.

Ali L.

Nicole E.

Debbie A.

Christine V.

Mary L.

David B.

Kelly F.

Grace J.

Karen A.

Benjamin W.

The West

Stefanie G.

Lindsey M.

Diane R.

Josh B.

Jared E.

Tammy P.

Mish K.

Mark S.


Mary A.

Larry K.

Kit & Kat P.

Dori D.

Golden Time

Betsy B.

Tashia H.


Welcome our newest Community Advocates, and I am so exciting to have them in our team!

Robin Traveller Community Advocacy

Robin Traveller is the new Community Advocate for the Tri-Cities area. While she attended Washington State University Richland campus (2001-2004), she worked as Community Advocate for Hard of Hearing for SEWSCDHH for 3.5 years. Then, she moved to Salt Lake City to work for State of Utah Division of Services to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing for almost 13 years as Hard of Hearing Specialist/Supervisor. In December 2017, she retired and moved back home. She has a deep passion to help all D/d and Hard of Hearing people with client services, assistive technology, phone distribution program, and classes for hard of hearing. Since she does not want to idle in her retirement, she decided to back to SEWSCDHH for the next 5 years part time. She hopes to teach adults with hearing loss and their families who are struggling with communication

barriers. 9

Maribeth Jensen Community Advocacy Coordinator

Maribeth Jensen comes from Council Bluffs, Iowa. She graduated from Iowa School for the Deaf and went to Rochester Institute of Technology where she decided to major in Social Work. After graduating from RIT, she received a job as a Treatment Coordinator for the Youth and Family Services at Perspectives Corporation on the East coast. Her former boss James encouraged her to pursue her Master’s. Having relatives in Arizona and the warm weather, she hailed to Arizona State University and obtained her Master’s Degree in Social Work. With previous teachers and influential people in her life, she decided she would help people with their lives. Nothing makes her happy than knowing she has made a difference in that person’s life by seeing the person happy. In the next five years, she sees herself trying to find a position where she is at now where she can grow and take on new challenges over time. She would like to have opportunities where she can develop more of her skills, go out in the community and do outreach/education training and work with people she can really learn from. 10

David Edwin Community Advocacy David Edwin Poland is a life-long Washingtonian, whose family moved to Ellensburgh, Washington Territory prior to the Oregon Trail. He is hard of hearing, and graduated in 2015 Summa Cum Laude with a major in social work and minor in government. He has a 36 page research paper on Deaf older adults and their experiences in assisted living and nursing facilities as there is a great need for study on the aging population and Audism. Besides a focus on senior citizens, David worked with asylum seekers and has great interest in nclusion of people who are Deaf Blind, HOH/LV, Black, Latin, LGBTQ and Intersex, and any other under represented micro-minorities into every aspect of life in the SW region of Washington State. He felt called to become a Deaf Civil Rights advocate and activist because of the great societal ignorance that has led to many deaf people not having equitable education, or equal pay. David is currently second vice chair of the Washington State Democrats

Disabilities Issues Caucus, and has many Republican friends and connections in the community as the first Deaf member of Leadership Clark County. His goals include: to break down the barriers in Clark County for people with hearing loss or who are Deaf so that they can all use their skills to become selfsufficient, independent, and fully-participate in society in every way, including leadership; and to make Tilikum SWCDHH more recognized, utilized as a welcome home to all intersectionally-diverse d/Deaf people, including US Veterans

with hearing loss too. 11

The movie, “StarWars: The Last Jedi” was a smashing hit on Dec.17 in the evening. 206 attendees came to watch this movie! It was a breaking record for Tilikum in the past year. In April 2018,

Upcoming Movie! Tilikum will request an open captioned movie, A Quiet Place” and the date & time will be announced a few weeks prior to the release date in April.


Wednesday, February 28th 2018 Graiser Student Center

11:30 AM & 6:30 PM Special appearance by Heidi Branch Photos & Autographs If you need accommodation due to a disability in order to fully participate in this event, contact Clark college’s disability support services office at 13



Jack Artz

In fond memory of Jack Artz for his role and generous contribution made possible this community center. Home of South Washington Center of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Established in 1991, Southwest Washington Center of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing is the culmination of a vast grassroots effort. Individuals from Washington's second largest community of Deaf and Hard of Hearing banded together to obtain the necessary funding to set up our own center. We offer many programs and services to individuals, families, friends, co-workers and our community members. SWCDHH is a community based non-profit 501c(3) organization. We are funded by the State of Washington Department of Social and Health Services Aging & Long Term Care Agency, DSHS ALTCA, the Office of Deaf and Hard of Hearing, ODHH and our community partners. 16

If you want to share news or events related to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities, please email to with a flyer so it could be posted on Tilikum FB page and E-Newsletter. If you want to know details related to news and events or want to know what products Tilikum sell, then you can reach Stephen Hucke who is the Business Management, Communication Visual Specialist (CVS) and IT. He can be reached at either 360-533-4054 or




2 tablespoons butter, softened 1 tablespoon vegetable shortening 1-2 teaspoons peppermint extract food coloring (optional) 2-3 tablespoons hot water 1/2 pound powdered sugar edible glitter (optional) Yields: Approximately 75 mints

Directions 1. Mix ingredients in order. 2. Add 1 tablespoon of hot water at a time until the mixture can easily be rolled into a ball without being too sticky. 3. Roll each color into a ball and place on a cutting board with powdered sugar. Roll out each ball flat until it's approximately 1/4-inch thick. 4. Wait 10-15 minutes before cutting out the hearts. 5. Dip your cookie cutter in powdered sugar and cut out each heart. 6. Sprinkle with edible glitter, if desired. 7. Wait an additional 10-15 minutes before removing the hearts from the surrounding dough. 8. Store in an airtight container.



You are invited to DeafBlind Town Hall Meeting When:

Saturday March 3, 2018

Time :

9:30 am until 12:00 pm

Where: DeafBlind Service Center, 1620 18th Ave #200, Seattle, WA The purpose of this meeting is to collect feedback, ideas and solutions on Sign Language Interpreters for ODHH contract. Five DeafBlind Facilitators will lead the DeafBlind Town Hall Meeting - the DeafBlind way (touch communication only). Please confirm your attendance. Contact Berle Ross- Touch you soon, Berle Ross





Things at camp

Why camp hands up?

Swimming, hiking, cultural,

Fun! More fun! Super Fun Awaiting!

storytelling, art & craft, games, lectures and more!

Inspired, natured, compassion

Educational Activities

Age from 16 to 18.

To Develop Social Skills

Location: Packwood station

To Learn value of self

Oackwood WA on HWY 12

To build Character

To foster independence

Registration (open Sept 1st) Online or form available Upsated of Nov 25, 2017 Cost: $110 (Sept. 1 to April 30)

• •

Gives Wonderful Memories

Occupies the Summer

Meet new friends in the northwest

Late: $120 (May1 to May 20) No refund after May 21. Donations are accepted. Have Question? Camp Director, Ivan Alfaro or call (509) 594-4047

Enrichment Program

Camp Activities •

Camp Fire


Ackey Olympics

Nature Hikes


River Play


Hello Deaf, Hard of Hearing, CODA, and community! I have changed the prices of November 25, 2017. Registration is open. Cost: $110 (full payment) or $55 deposit (half payment) Available: Registration Online - CampHandsUp#/selectSessions/2134303 OR Registration Form (Revised) – see attached Facebook Page – Camp Hands Up (Official) – Click ‘LIKE’ Official Website – Camp Hands Up (Updated of prices) SPREAD THE WORD! Also, I will you help to funds/donation for our camp? Let me know. Hope I will see you in near future. Have questions? Give me a call (509) 594-4047 videophone or email (Note: Subject: ‘Camp Hands Up’) Sincerely, Ivan Alfaro Camp Director Camp Hands Up




"The mission of TILIKUM is to serve and empower the DEAF, DEAF-BLIND, and Hearing Loss community to meet their educational, technical, and social needs, while respecting their language and culture."


Tilikum's Winter & Spring Newsletter 2018  
Tilikum's Winter & Spring Newsletter 2018