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SKEJTARE The purpose of this study was to examine the process of developing an identity as a skateboarder during adolescence. Our aim was to, from the actors’ point of view explore what impact their values, experiences and thoughts have on their identity as individuals as well as a collectivity. We also investigated which symbols that are significant for this group. For this essay a qualitative method was used; we conducted nine individual interviews and one group interview with young skaters from the ages of 15-17. Our main questions focused on how the respondents looked upon aspects of their own life as skaters, their interactions with peers and how they related to society and more traditional sports. The theories we applied, for our analysis, were pervaded by the ideas of social constructions of reality; concepts that we focused on were identity, youth culture, subculture, adolescence and symbols. Based on the outcome of the interviews, the majority of our respondents

saw skateboarding as a lifestyle, rather than just a sport or a past time interest. They had some difficulties describing what skateboarding means to them; instead they referred to a specific feeling that seems to be a central component within the lifestyle. Furthermore it is important, within the community, to create your own unique personal style. However, function and comfort were emphasized concerning their own personal style. This can be viewed through a desire to become authentic, which is a significant aspect of the skateboard community. The study shows that the young skateboarders use different symbols, such as language i.e. to create an identity as a skateboarder. The study also explains that the skateboard community is of great importance, and within the community meaning is constructed.

Personen jag har valt att fota är Sofia. Hon är och identifierar sig som en skejtare. Det är just därför jag har valt att fota henne, eftersom den identiteten anses vara ganska normbrytande. Utöver skejt har Sofia ett stort intresse för kläder och mode, men eftersom hon även är väldigt medveten om klimatkrisen som råder just nu och är lite utav en miljöaktivist precis som hennes fö-

rebild Greta Thunberg, handlar hon bara på Second- hand butiker för att inte klädkonsumtionen ska gå överstyr. ”Det jag gillar mest med inresset är alla kompisar man år och samhörigheten man känner med dem eftersom vi alla delar ett gemensamt intresse.”

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