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Kaposvár-Tüskevár Real-Estate Managing Ltd. owned real estate, the former Kaposfíl Ltd. located within the territory of the Fonógyár. 7400 Kaposvár, 24. Jutai road

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The real estate is located within Kaposvár, the city with the county right, lived by 70 thousands of citizens, at the south-western part of the country – from Lake Balaton 56 kms to the south – at the conjunction of the main roads 67 and 61, with 150 thousnds of people living in the surrounding.The block of buildings are located on the west side of the commercial and economical area of the city. The entrances are faced towards the Jutai road which is handling a significant vehicle traffic, 1 km far from the the bypass road of the city and 12 kms far from the Taszár airport, where in the near future an international air cargo base is planned. On the road 67 within 45 kms the M7 highway can be reached.The south and the west side of the block of builings are looking at the garden suburb, on the north and the east side the buildings are neighbouring by green belt and sport buildings- as it can be seen on the air picture at the top of the page.

The plot is 168.319 m2, the division of that is pictured by the below attached plat with the exact topographical numbers. The broken line of 5772/12 shows, that according the usage the border of the undivided common plot is the 47.140 m2 owned by Kaposvár-Tüskevár Ltd. The 5769/4 topographical numbered road is also a undivided common property with the town council of Kaposvár. The remaining areas with topographical numbers are exclusively owned by the Kaposvár-Tüskevár Ltd.

Number Topographical number

As stated in the Regulation Plan of Kaposvár Innercity: the regulation concerning the industrial and service area related to both as to the surroundings and to the Gksz 10 plot of Kaposvár-Tüskevár Ltd are the followings


Area m2



Industrial railway

8 302




8 071




3 911



Industrial railway




Industrial railway

1 818



Free-standing area 4 806



Free-standing area 2 340



Free-standing area 4 482



Industrial estate 86 370



Free-standing area 47 340


(7) The detailed description of the construction zone can be fin din the following table:

168 319

Industrial estate 5772/14 topographical number This part of the plot is the centre, basis of the entire collective group of plotparts, where the production took place. Everything can be found here except the water producing founts and the slop plant. Size of the plot: 86370 m2 Total inbuilt arealevel: 51628 m2 Level of built in: cca. 30% Green area: cca. 50% Max. height of buildings: 17 m (The factory is built in the year 1951, so the original, present height of the buildings are acceptable)

Roads: The real estate can be reached through the personal, and through the cargo entrance gate from the Jutai road. In front of the plant there are busstops of local as well as of distance routes. The Tüskevár stop of Kaposvár-Fonyód railway line is 600 meters far from it. From the Kaposvár - Fonyód railway line an industrial railway is running directly towards the main builiding’s ramp. The inner network of roads are suitable for reception of biggest size lorries, with turnings and side – and front platforms. Power maintenance: The plant - with 2 circle feed into, on 20 kV middle voltage - can get 5000 kW power electricity. The field lighting is calculated with approximately 30 kW/h with Hvl lightsources. The total lighting on average is 400 kW/h. Wired gas maintenance: From the national middlepress network the detach is p= 6 bar, on wiring NA 80 mm with own gas gauge (typ: Sz-3/2 power.: 600 m3/h) arrives the gas. Nominal caloric value is 34,5 Mjoule/m3.

Water drawing is from own founts. (Connection to the city network is possible from the Jutai road.) Founts: 2 piece of deep drilling founts (208 and 352 m) with the diving pumps the amount of water that can be exploited is 270 litre/minute and 180 litre/minute. The quality of the water is like drinking water. Reservoir: 1 piece 500 m3 depot from which through 4 pieces of 4 m3 size hidroforon the water comes into the operating network and 2 pieces of 250 m3 size of depot for fire safety reserve. The plant has the authority to terminate one of the 250 m3 size of pool. The cleaning of the slop is done in the own cleansing plant, connection to the city network is possible at the plot border. Boiler plant: 3 piece of 2500 kg/h steampowered (1630 kW/h heatpowered), AK 2.5/10 type pressed firebox, K1PSZER type boiler (year.: 1973,76,77) steam production (6 bar). Gas consumption cca. 140 m3/h, summer hot water production MTV-2000 gas boiler (5 m3/h gas consumption). All the three boiler is suitable for operating with gas. PCS-300 GN typ. and PCS-275 MV typ. built in lightning. Compressed air network is prepared in the plant. The center compressor settlement is located in the basement of the boiler room, with water backcooler, dividers and air tanks. Compressors: HGA-122 and GA-30 typ. /8 pieces./ Year: 1989, 94 Inbuilt performance: 1200 m3/hour. Heating, cooling: Hot water heating is working in the office building, repair workshop, garage and the east warehouse offices. The engine rooms can be tempered with the help of the steam heated units of the center cooling system. Cooling systems: Spinner building 2. floor hall: 3 pieces 200 000 m3/h axial ventilator (press) 2 pieces 24.000 m3/h L-l 16 KAEV unique (press) 1 piece 200 000 m3/h draw ventilator and 4 pieces 40 000 m3/h draw ventilator 1. floor hall: 16 pieces 24 000 m3/h HL-71 KAEV cooling system Ground floor spinner: 1 piece 200 000 m3/h press ventilator, 1 piece 200 000 m3/h draw ventilator Spindle hall: 1 piece 100 000 m3/h press ventilator, 1 piece 100 000 m3/h draw ventilator Small cleaning hall: 1 piece 24 000 m3/h L-l 16 KAEV unique.

Buildings. Spinnery (3 levels) The central blocks of buildings ( A ) The roof of the central blocks of buildings is a flat top construction, with flash protection and modern, new wrapping. The outer walls are wrapped with mainly Lindab panles. The roof framework of 1. and 2. floors of the spinnery are made of concrete tray. The main beams can hold heavy loadings, the trays can hold 250 kg/m2. The inner height of the hall on the 2. floor is 4,5 meters, while on the 2. floor it is 5,6 meters heigh. The inner size of the working halls is 136 x 42 = 5712 m2. The halls are divided longitudinal direction by 18 rows of pillars, the division of those is mainly 7,2 m * 5,4 m.

The hall on the first floor is covered by parkett, the second floor is covered half by cast plastic. At both ends and the middle of the 6000 m2 halls are stairways located. Shipping is solved at the north side with 2 pieces of 1000 kg cargo elevator, at the south with 1 piece of 1000 kg elevator, while in the middle a 5000 kg cargo elevator is working. Lighting: fitting at the ceiling provides the general lightings. The workshop lighting is provided by rows of light tubes between the pillars. The advantage is that they can be transferred easily and cheap. Natural lights are provided by windows at the east side on both floor (1 and 2).

Water blocks and rest rooms are located at the south and north sides of the halls, as well as in the middle part.

The ground floor spinnery part on the south side is 63*48. The floor in this part is concrete and the hall is 4,6 meters heigh, while on the north part of the hall is laid by parkett and 3,5 meters heigh. The entire ground level hall’s – despite of the underground draw channels – loadability in every m2 is several tonns. Natural lights are not present, the light tubes are inbuilt into the ceiling.

„Orsózó” ,gherkin, pod warehouse. ( D ) To the 3 level spinnery from north the „orsozó” – gherkin ground level hall is attached and to it as well from north the pod warehouse with iron framework. The pod warehouse is covered by plates without sealant. At the north side the loading can be done through 13 roll-top gate. In the pod warehouse is the orsozó’s hall coolinghouse with size 73x11 = 803 m2. The roof of the buildings is concrete roof held by 40x40 pillars. The division of the pillars is 6,8 m x 4, 6 m. The hall’ size is 36x76= 2736 m2 Inner height is 4,3 m. On the west side of the hall, within 10 pillars with 2300 m2 parkett, while on the east part the floor is concrete. The ground level building’s roof system on the south is lower 3 meters high. In this line in 4,7 meters width worshops and offices are located. On the east side of the hall a row of offices are formed. From the north sloping ramps the machines can enter the hall. The east wall is neighbouring with the railway ramp. The cooling of the the „orsózó” hall is provided by 2 pieces of 100-100 m3/h capacity ventilator in the cooling house of size 22x5 m. Dipping and steam temper. The input is through the channels of panels on the ceiling, the output goes through under the floor inbuilt channels.

Water block (WC, washing rooms): at the north side of the rooms and in the offices. Lightings: wires on the pillars, direction east-west light tubes. The room is closed, natural light is not available.

Small cleaner (called ground level building part) connected from the south to the main builidng. The room open from the stairways, concrete floor, 20*22 m size and 5,7 m heigh. Iron framework, flat roof. No pillars in the room. Air circulation is by 2 pieces of KAEV cooling system, 24000 m3/h performance / piece. Heating and water block is not available in this part of building. Lighting: fittings on the ceiling, natural light is not available.

East row of warehouses ( C ) On the east side of the 3 level spinnery all along – partly covered – a 14 meter wide yard is found, after that a 21 meters wide, ground level so called „ east warehouse row” divides the yard from the industrial railway. The warehouse row is flat roofed held by pillars. The roof is sloping towards the inner yard. The division of the pillars is 7.2 m x 5.2 m. The present walls can be changed, so the sizes of the rooms can vary. The floor is all over concrete. Heating is not available, it can be tempered. Water blocks are in the offices. At present, in the south part of the warehouse, all the 4 rooms are located for usage as storing the cotton waste, in another room a machine for dust elimination is placed.

These can be terminated. The so called „bale resting” (B) is a flat roofed building part in the yard, it is covered, iron framework and 63 m * 9,5 m size. Under the concrete there is land, so it can be oppress. Lighting: fitting ont he ceiling. Water block is not available. Heating, cooling non.

TMK and ingredient warehouse ( G ) Located at the south part of the main building, ground level, flat roofed. The warehouse part (east side) is connected with an irondoor, with ramp to the industrial railway. Between the two warehouses a covered passage can be found (4,8 m wide). The TMK warehouse is made up by two different height of builing parts (4,5 m and 3,4 m) in the ingredient warehouse th inner height is 4,5 m. As shown on the picture in the 27 m * 15 m hall of the ingredient warehouse 2 rows of pillars are present in direction of east-west with division of 5 meters. The lighting is again fittings, can be tempered. Water block is not present in the rooms.

Air-conditioning building part ( H ) This 3 level 36 m * 16 m size of building is attached from the east toward the middle stairways of the main building. At the ground floor there are the 5 transformers which convert 20 kV middle voltage into operating 380 V. Beside it there is the centre switch hall. The main cables are originated from here towards the buildings. (shown on separate picture) On the 2nd and 1st floor of the air-cpnditioning building the spinnery hall’s centre air-conditioner is placed. On the second floor the incoming ventilators, air-dippings, heating units can be found, while the outgoing system is placed ont he 1st floor (as the attached picture shows)

Main building (K) It connects the main building with the office building. From the 34 m long and 5 m wide corridor on the north a 6m wide row of offices, while on the south a 11m wide room hall issues. The offices are laid by parkett, heating is with hotwatered radiators, on the ceiling light tubes, natural light is present with windows. Inner height is 3,5 m.

The south room hall is with stone floor, tempered, despite the cantine that is with hotwatered radiators fitted. Lighting is solved by fittings, on the side looking at the yard, the whitewashed windows can only let a small amount of natural light in. On this side the halls can only be aired towards the corridor. Main building basement Under the east side of the centre building and the office building a basement is located as show non the picture. Mainly the dressing rooms, bath rooms are located here. Important factor is, the presence of the public utility subway, becase the wiring from the boiler room and the electricity center run trough this. On the south part of the office building the former plant kitchen and its containers, freezers‌etc can be found here int he basement. Under the office building there was also a civil security establishment located with a subway to the ground.

3rd level of the office building. ( O ) The personal entrance is from the Jutai road through the reception of the office building took place. The local bus stopped in front of the building, and the suburb lines’s buses stops were appointed here also. Two big parking places are located near to the building, among which 41 pieces of places are under roof. The offices ont he 1st and 2nd floors are faced towards east (Jutai road). Sizes are 5,5 m* 3 m. Inner height 2,7 m. The lenght of the office building is 83 m, width 13 m. In the middle and on the north side of the corridors at the end there is the stairways. On the 1st floor 39 offices can be found ( 22 looking at the street + 17 to the yard). On the 2nd floor 43 offices (23+20) are placed. Besides the middle stairway are the water blocks formed. The offices are laid by parkett, heating with hotwatered radiators. Lighting is provided by plastic windows and fittings, light tubes. On the ground level garage for motor vehicles and bicycles (6 pieces, 3,4m*13m size) are located. The south part of the building was used as a working hall with size of 14*13 meters (inner height 2,7 m), on the north part two cca 50 m2 size of building part can be used as service flats (3,8 *13 and 11. 5*10) with own washing room, kitchen, toilet. At the personal reception are the followings located: signal center of the fire protection system, gate opening of the cargo entrance, the center monitor of checking cameras, phone center and the fire signal system.

Club building (P ) Between the parking places of the office building at the bus turning is the club building located, with size of 14*11 meters, flat roofed, to which from the south a 3 m * 11 m part of building is attached with no heating, roof made of corrugated asbestos. The linoleum floor of the building is found with 70 cm under the ground level, can be reached by 4 stairs downstairs. The inner height is 2,7 m. Heating is with hotwatered radiators, lighting solved by light tube fittings + small sizes of windows providing natural light.

The club has its independent water block, kitchen, dishwashing, toilet washing room, office can also be found in the building. The position of the covered parking places can be seen on the picture. The area between the parking places is suitable enduring pebble road, that can be used in every season. The covered parking places can be closd by gates, can correctly be isolated from the surroundings.

Truck filler - Box producing workshop ( R ) The flat roofed building with size of 40*22 meters consisting of 3 parts: the truck filler ( 260 m2), the truck repairing workshop ( 110 m2) and the boksz producing workshop part ( 440 m2). On the east side there is a platform ramp and an iron door. Beside the ramp, the industrial railway can provide the opportunity for loading railway wagons.

The box producing part can operate individually, since dressing rooms, washing rooms and offices are located. Floor is concrete, can be oppressed in any degree. Inner height 3,4 meters, lighting is with light tube fittings, can be tempered with tube registers. The truck filler and the prescribed neutralizer both have pit systems. The floor is non-skid, acid-resistant. Side walls are made of kopolit glass providing a detonated surface, natural light is also provided through it, as well as the detonate secure row of lamps. In the repair workshop a repair pit can also be found.

Firefighter collection – Garage- Apprentice workshop (X) The building orogonally was used as a firefighter barrack. This is reflected also by on the ground floor located sum 26×12 meters, 6 pieces eah of 4m wide cargo standing in (with all gates), with inner height 3,7 m. In 2 of the garages there are also repair pits. Bath room, toilet, warehouse, repair workshop parts and offices complete the concrete floored halls; lighting: light tube fittings. Heating: with hotwatered radiators from the boiler house through the tubecorridor. The apprentice workshop with size of 22×12 meters sum 264m2 and lies up on the floor. It contains 3 workshop halls: 100 m2, 54m2 and 22 m2, besides them washing room, toilet, office…etc.Halls are laid by parkett, light tubes to provide light, hot watered radiators to heat. A 1,6m wide stone stair drives to the upper floors. Tubeframed warehouse (Y) Iron framework consisting of 4 plate roofed vessel part. The vessels are 13m wide, standing from 6 pieces of 6 m smaller parts. So the total area to stock is, 36m×13m=470m2×4= 1880m2, with 4,2m inner height. Entrance is provided by 3 m wide 2,8 m heigh irondoors on the eat and west sides. Well oppressed concrete base, without heating, hall lights.

Repair workshop (T) All the works concerning the maintenance was done in this building. Size: 85×11m=935 m2, inner height 3,9 m. The workshops operated here were: welder, folger, joiner, tinsmith, glazier, painter and locksmith. So the base is concrete with highly oppressed floor, light tubes, hot watered radiators + dressing-rooms, bathrooms, toilets, washing rooms, offices were formed in this flat roofed building. At the back of the building in an ironframeworked half roofed warehouse were the raw materials stored.

Boiler house ( L.) The boiler house is sized 600 m2 basearea, with 12 m inner height, 4 m heigh basement halls, joined with the boilerhouse oldwarehouse (M). In the boilerhouse we can find: the water softener, heat changer, boiler, water storage containers, pumps, as well as the compressor settlement with aircontainers, water backcoolers, oil divider… etc. The old chimney does not work, the boiler and the gas boilers operate into plate chimneys. The flor is laid by concrete and stone. Lighting: fire security fttings. The old-warehouse’s (K) condition is quiet bad , that can wait for demolishing (120 m2).

Chemical stuff warehouse ( U ) a flat roofed building with 5 pieces of halls of 3*7 meters, concrete floored. Strand dressing-room ( S ) out of usage a long ago, a 100 m2 sized building. Industrial railway: 5753/1, 5752 and 5753/2 Starting from the main building’s platform ramp to the Raktár street’s railway passage, this is the point where it is joining to the Kaposvár -Fonyód railway, after that it continues with 2 reverse – stage towards north. Many industrial railway diverge from it, to the north of Raktár street and also on the south side. The platforms are owned by MÁV, the plot is the property of Kaposvár-Tüskevár Ltd. 5772/12 plot part: The 118.716 m2 area is an undivided joint property with the Kaposvár Volán Zrt.- from which 47.340 m2 is the own property of the Ltd. – as shown on the picture according to the usage division towards the Badacsony street a road used by theVolán was appointed. The Volán Zrt also got a permission to approach through the 5772/14 numbered plot to use the direction: cargo reception gate – north/south lorryway – east economic gate. Both two founts (with buildings) and the plant slope settlement are also here located. The plotpart is green area, with 15 m level difference towards the Kaposvár-Fonyód railway on the east.


Kaposvár-Tüskevár Real-Estate Managing Ltd.  

The real estate is located within Kaposvár, the city with the county right, lived by 70 thousands of citizens, at the south-western part of...