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IYLS International Delegate Registration Booklet

Dear all:



What kind of challenge you are facing now? What is the solution to your challenge? Faced up with problems, many people are grumbling at them without doing anything. However, leaders are the ones find the solution to the problems. Since you are reading this, we are confident that you are interested in this pure leadership conference, IYLS. It is an excellent chance for you to learn better about your leadership style and discover your own potential. IYLS is the 1st international conference driven by AIESEC Mainland of China. Why international conference instead of national conference in the past?

IYLS is the 1st international conference driven by AIESEC Mainland of China. Why international conference instead of national conference in the past?



In the past, AIESEC Mainland of China are cultivating leaders. Nevertheless, the leaders are functional leaders, few of them are real leaders. When they turn alumni or compete in the society, they feel very difficult to deal with so many messy conditions. You are the future elite of every profession. You need more challenges now to be a real leader. International Youth Leadership Summit, a chance to challenge yourself in the international atmosphere. Be the leader of yourself!

Agenda *Time Sept.6th ~Sept.8th *Post Tour Sept 9th ~Sept.11th *Location Nanjing, China *Delegate LC TL&EB *Faci

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{Together We Lead to Impact}


Delegates are more aware about their personal visions and values

Delegates are empowered to confront & challenge their current leadership roles in life and their leadership roles in the future

Delegates could get international perspective to be encouraged to unleash their potential

SESSION DISPLAY • Day 1 Globally Competitive Forum •

What is global competitive talent? What kind of ability will increase your global competitiveness. How to rank yourself in the list of the leaders? Several leaders in business are invited to share their global experience and their own view on what is global competitive talent. Two rounds of workshop give you a closer chance to communicate with them.

SESSION DISPLAY • Day 2 Leadership Challenge •

Nowadays, leaders have to face more and more challenges. The challenge from work, the challenge from ability or the challenge from health.You cannot get a original answer from the book.You have to solve them by yourself. A simulation of challenge is given to help you learn more about your strengths and weaknesses of your leadership style. Thus, you can find the way to overcome the weakness and strengthen your advantages.

SESSION DISPLAY • Day 3 Leadership Challenge • It is no doubt that we are not isolated island in the society. Global Case Presentation is the occasion for you to learn from others. How do they take what is wanted from collection. It is also the time for you to build partnership with others. All roads lead to Rome. Find your own road now.

Iyls registration booklet  

2013 AIESEC MoC International youth leadership summit

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