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ACTIVATING LEADERS SUMMIT 2014 INTRODUCTON Dear all, For thousands of time, we have heard that we need leadership, we have to cultivate leaders. So, what is leadership? What is your leadership style?

The Activating Leaders Summit(ALS) will mark the first step towards a lifelong journey of leadership and self-discovery. We seek to create a challenging learning environment through conversations and sessions on leadership development for our leaders in AIESEC. It will be a fabulous opportunity for you to experience the essence of leadership by forging strong and authentic relationships with yourself, your peers and the society. In addition, the delegates will be able to attend the day 0 of the International Presidents Meeting, where you are able to interact with the global MCP network. The Journey of Leadership, It starts here!

THEME The Journey of Leadership, It Starts Now!

OBJECTIVE  I am clear of my personal stand and values.  I feel motivated to become a better person for myself

and those around me.  I am empowered to be a global citizen to positively impact the society


Feb. 19th ~ 21th, 2014  Location Guangzhou, China Detailed session information is introduced below. Agenda will be informed later.

ALS 2014 REGISTRATION INFORMATION  Registration link: For Non-MoC AIESECer:  Delegate Fee: 166USD  More information:

E-mail: Facebook:

Day 1&2 -- Feb. 19th & 20th Members of MoC MC 1314 and International facis will cooperate with Global LEAD Partner “future consideration� to deliver sessions.

Day 3 Feb. 21th


Join IPM Day 0

Globe Village Showcase Chinese Culture! Enjoy Diversity! Mingle with MCPs from 110+ countries.

IPM Y2B SPEAKER: Quin Liu Logitech China CEO Calvin

AdMaster Beijing General Manager

Melissa Lam EF China General Manager & CFO Ping Li

Bacardi China VP F (or Sales Director Audie Wong

Amway China President Day 3 Feb. 21th


Youth To Business

Join IPM Day 0

Activating Leaders Summit information booklet for nonmoc delegate  
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