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(Tijuana Mosaic) • Pa’ Bailar Tijuana

Greatness • Cultural Program



ijuana went through a difficult period

vast majority used throughout the world, was

between the years 2007 and 2010, as it dealt

designed and manufactured in Tijuana.

image was thoroughly tarnished by the deluge

Following his recovery, he shared this fact while

of reports alluding to the dangers it harbored.

dining with friends, along with the pride he felt,

Its positive attributes, strengths, and the

knowing that many people throughout the world

opportunities it had to offer were little known,

carry with them “in their heart” a little piece

even to the very citizens of Tijuana.

of Tijuana. Subsequently, the conversation of

with a wave of crime and violence. Tijuana’s

those present (renowned architect and sculptor,


In the midst of this depressing situation,

Jack Winer; Senior Vice President of Operations

local business leader and philanthropist,

at Plantronics, Alejandro Bustamante; and

José Galicot, had the misfortune of requiring

accomplished marketer, Tomas Perrin) turned

an emergency heart-valve transplant. While

to an exchange of information regarding still

discussing the details of his pending surgery,

more products that were locally designed,

he discovered incredibly that the valve that

manufactured, assembled in Tijuana and then

would be inserted in his heart, as are the

exported throughout the world.

At that moment, Mr. Galicot made a decision: In the face of the difficult times Tijuana was experiencing, these positive, extremely encouraging achievements that were placing our city at the international forefront in numerous areas of science, the arts, education and technology must be made known to the nation and the world.

Show others that at the heart of our city beats the innovative, hard-working energy of its citizens!


THE BUILDING OF CITIZENSHIP What makes Tijuana Innovadora different from any other seminar, conference, meeting, festival or exhibition? Tijuana Innovadora was first conceived as a

regional and national media, professionals

sort of intervention by the business sector,

from wide-ranging disciplines, civil society

originally developed as a novel, short-term

organizations, as well as hundreds of

event, which would bring together an active

students and residents from Tijuana and its

and engaged community.

surrounding areas, all whose sole objective was the wellbeing of Tijuana.

Under the guiding principle that “The only protagonist is Tijuana,” people who called Tijuana home, whether by birth or by circumstance, came together –as a

Together, we restored our collective dignity as a city, promoting a sense of belonging and our own development as citizens.

counterbalance to the media’s message of Tijuana’s devastation and helplessness- and

During this course of events, Tijuana Innova-

effectively demonstrated the economic,

dora developed into an authentic grassroots

creative and innovative reality of the city.

movement fed by fundamental changes in the community spirit of hundreds of volunteers


The first event brought together a diverse mix

and active participants, producing a dynamic

of participants from the private sector, the

redefinition of goals and focus, sensitive to the

Federal, State and Municipal governments,

conditions of the region and its residents.

We motivated people from far beyond our borders to look into exactly what was taking place in Tijuana. Many different groups, organizations and projects began to spring up and were supported within this social context, looking to construct and rebuild social relations, generate economic development, and encourage and disseminate values, while promoting a regional sense of calling. Other supported projects focused on collaborative projects based on principles of mutual support and the thoughtful appropriation of public areas. Tijuana Innovadora also continued its search for innovative, participant-promoted projects in the areas of science industry, art and culture; some of these with governmental participation. In 2012, in this our second Tijuana Innovadora event, we sought to complement and enrich the original concept. The volunteer coordinators presented their proposals and Tijuana Innovadora set out three objectives: to strengthen binational relations; to stimulate the creation of new and innovative vocations; and to continue sharing the experience and methodology acquired collectively by Tijuana Innovadora. This was all of this had to be done under the one working principle: Advancing Tijuana toward greatness. 7

GENERATION OF WEALTH AND SOCIAL CAPITAL Why do we say that Tijuana Innovadora ceased to be just an event, as has become a movement?


Comité Binacional (Binational Committee),

the community-at-large

Innovación y Juventud (Innovation and Youth)

have met every Wednesday

– the main purpose of which was to maintain

from 8:00 to 9:00 in the morning to

the dynamics of and breathe new life into

share what’s going on in our individual

these new social, economic, educational,

areas of activity, as well as the achievements

environmental and cultural activities and

of different organizations, collective

spaces our citizens were experiencing.

projects, institutions and individuals that pursue common goals to those of Tijuana

This ongoing process of empowerment

Innovadora: To promote a feeling of belonging,

uring the intermediate period between


through cooperative, joint and volunteer efforts

generate economic growth, bring about

the first (October 2010) and second

encouraged a series of proactive behaviors

positive and sustainable changes in the

(October 2012) Tijuana Innovadora events, the

and attitudes. Under the precept “Yes we can!”

environment, facilitate access to knowledge,

organization was working on different issues

Tijuana’s citizens looked to generate new

skills and abilities, and to strengthen

through a number of committees-

economic and social development. For over

our capacities to live in friendly,

De Voluntarios a Lideres (From Volunteers to

two years, with our founder Jose Galicot as

respectful, solidarity with others.

Leaders), Tijuana Verde (A Greener Tijuana),

host, Tijuana Innovadora and members of

These are the fruits of these efforts.





Discipline is the soul of an army. It makes small numbers formidable; procures success to the weak, and esteem to all. - George Washington.


The Tijuana Innovadora organization would like to collectively invite all those interested to find out what’s happening within our various committees and be brought up-to-date on our project schedule, as well as to exchange information relating to the activities and achievements of innovators from the Tijuana/San Diego region. We meet every Wednesday from 8:00 - 9:00 am at National Chamber of Commerce (CANACO) building in the Tijuana’s Zona Río area and also have periodic meetings in the U.S. The doors to the Agora, as we affectionately refer to it, are always open to anyone who is curious or interested in joining the Tijuana Innovadora Movement, as long as they join us in a rousing “Yes we can!”






he greatest example of Tijuana Innovadora achievements, and what we are

most proud of, has been the volunteer work of businessmen and women, professionals, academics and students; hundreds of men and women from all walks of economic, social, educational and cultural life, who willingly and willfully responded to the crisis situation our city was going through, consequently renewing community spirit within the region and enriching the meaning of the term “social responsibility� in the process.


What is the best example of TI and what we pride ourselves on? It is precisely these efforts that have sustained the strength and progress of the Tijuana Innovadora movement. The crisis has passed; however, the challenges facing our city are many. It is essential that we, as members of our community, be actively involved in organized efforts that transcend our day-to-day responsibilities, convinced that our grain of salt is beneficial and indeed vital, a reflection of our humanitarian spirit; this notwithstanding the fact that one invariably receives more than he or she gives, as this is truly stimulating work, where one makes many new friends and has a wonderful time in the process.



Leyva fotografĂ­a 19

20 Computer Engineering Chemical Engineering

Digital Graphic Design Engineering




Industrial Chemistry

Education for preschool instruction

Professional Technical degree in Accounting



Electronic Cybernetics Engineering

Logistical Engineering

Administrative management




International Commerce

Arts & Communication – Telemedia




Industrial Maintenance

Hispanic Literature and Language Arts / Literature

Find the Differences Industrial electromechanics

Electro mechanics


Education for Primary and middle-school

Software programmer

Pedagogy /Education


Commerce and Foreign Trade

Administration and political sciences

Customs processing

Computer Systems

Mechatronics Engineering


Information technology


Public Administration

Tourism and Marketing


International Business

Mechanical Engineering

Chemical Sciences and Engineering

Information Technology



International relations



Industrial Engineering

Economics and International relations

Public administration and accounting




Education for High School instruction or

Information Systems


General requirements, undefined majors

Business Administration and related fields





Instituto México

Instituto Cuauhtémoc

Inst. Tecn de Monterrey

Colegio Anglo Español






Normal Fronteriza de Tijuana



Southwestern College



No estudia


Preparatoria Federal Lázaro Cárdenas









GENERAL OVERVIEW Creativity • Tijuana Verde • Education • Cinematography • Medical Excellence • Civic Participation • Mass media • Strategic Design • Culinary Arts

Industry • Electronics • Automotive • Energy • Organizational Excellence • Medical Industry • Aerospace • Science and Technology

Humanism • Leaders and Entrepreneurs • Humanitarianism • Economics • Digital City • Philanthropy • Innovative Greatness • Metropolitan Development Plan


a an iju ned T “ , ow nt ve r,” ren the e t e nti irs rom , r f t Fro ies f ce u o n lit ien d to e a g c g i n s in tell rso vite tal ur , d the In s pe men re in e of 0 u l 1 e lity , 20 dora amo viron re w peop ea r to n f y I st a en ultu the d va a , d r n o y s t c r f el n Inn rts a olitic nd ce o e eve k co . Nob a e p r p n h of , arts scie ex dia er, o t in sta as n n dt me Twitt e are catio e co worl fety, f th my ro a u th the a’s s ted in nde , Jim lity ed ken d u n n a or fo dia sona aw na a Tijua r rep , co- ikipe ” a y g e pe u t r in eali o Tij f W how los d G r o l r a r r “ A de k-s n Ca mere ons, reg dark te ea foun d tal a ti r ir s, e u th o- t an sm h the enta ngth la s c e , s e s z e ug ne ali sin Pri pre s str ents Sto ourn d bu , thro and u id z o i j , n rs t B es les ng, a othe men norm he r as a , e ts, W y Ki h g .T as tle es on onis na’s e u rr r g o a m t a a L s a en ng g ia i Tiju all ed vin m, e, a Sli enc ated d ch ound al m y ha first s n tr rr ,b he on pre ons ties a s su ati more for t t i n i m n a e d d n u n d n n rt la eve Tijua po aa t op juan giona isits u o v Ti re ab se of as ay ime. he l t s l we ched s to ng t g o ri en d thin ery l v o go na ei tim



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Paola Antonelli

Steve Berlin Johnson

Richard A. Boucher

Maurizio Corbi

Phillipe P. Cousteau

Wolfgang Flur

Richard Florida

Arturo Elías Ayub


Denise Dresser

Katherine Grigsby

Charlie Iturriaga

Eduardo Verástegui

Carlos Kasuga

Natalie Jeremijenko

Martin Krammer

Anand Mahindra

Blake Mycoskie

Richard Stallman

Ada Yonath

Steve Wozniak

Alejandro Ramírez

Enrique Norten

Silvia Torres-Peimbert

Claudio X. González

Carlo Ratti

Richard Yelland

Andrés Madrigal



Carlos Alazraky

Esra’a Al-Shafei

Raul Alcalá

Chris Anderson

Ricardo Arnaiz

Pedro Aspe

Mónica Aspe

Carolina Aubanel

Patricia Aubanel

Alan Bersin

Martin Borchardt

Lourdes Botello

Salvador Camarena

Iván Carrillo

Jorge Carrillo

Edoardo Chavarín

Salomón Chertorivski

Mily Cohen

Gabriela Enrigue

Maricarmen Flores

Jorge Garralda

Rick Goings

Federico Graef

Tonatiuh Guillén

Doug Jones

Robert Kaplan

Scott Kirsner

Pablo Latapí

Jeff Light

Amy Lyman

Viviana Martínez Moreno

Adela Navarro

Carlos Puig

Sarah Reinertsen

Liebano Saénz

Ezra Shabot

Yuriria Sierra

Armando Talamantes

Gabriela Warketin

Gianfranco Zaccai

Sharon Zaga

Sam Zien

Michel Rojkind

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Enrique Villa Rivera

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Rodrigo Arboleda

Rodolfo Argote

Claudio Arriola

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Moritz Bilagher

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Miguel Ángel Cadena

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Jose Castillo

Derrik Chinn

Jae Chul Nam

David Cuartielles

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Claudio Cossío

Joe da Rosa

David del Ser

Dale Dougherty

Hernando Durán

Michael Chu

José Luis Cordeiro

Margarita Díaz Lopez

Flavio Díaz Mirón

German Escorcia

Francisco Fernández Lagos

Raúl García

Rodolfo Gerschman

Jorge Ferráez

Ignacio Fimbres

Javier Firpo

Eric Frost

Marco Gallardo

Laura Gómez

Erika Gómez

Javier González

José Carlos González-Méndez

Graciela Guerra Rivas


Miguel Ángel Guerrero

José Miguel Guerrero Guerrero

Manuel Guevara

Martin Gutiérrez Lacayo

Carlos Guzmán Bofill

Rodolfo Ham-Zhu

Mark Hatch

Matt Hebert

H. Hendler

Áaron Hernández Vázquez

Juan Manuel Hernández Niebla

Luis Herrera-Lasso Mijares

H. Herrera

Kurt Honold

Gibrán Horemheb

Pascual Ibánez

Lourdes Ibáñez Aldana

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Richard Kay

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Kelly Koskella

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Juan Antonio López Corvala

Jorge López Pérez

Yolanda Loria

Christina Anne Luhn

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Ana Laura Martínez

David Mayagoitia

Alejandro Maza

Kevin McGovern

Gastón Melo

Francisco Javier Mendieta

Maria Elena Miranda Pascual

Bruce Moore

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Virgilio Muñoz

Alberto Núñez

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Ariel Ortiz Lagarde

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Rafael Peréz Hernández


Jesús Pérez

Eric Pilaud

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Javier Plascencia

Alejandro Poiré

Halla Razak

Felix Recillas

Alfredo Renán González

Andrés Reyes Botello

Pablo Reyes Pruneda


Daniel Rubio

René y Uriel Salgado Velazco

Miguel Salinas Yáñez

Rodrigo Sánchez Ríos

Manuel Sandoval Ríos

Edgar San Juan

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Juan Sarracino Ruiz

Jason Short

Bob Slapin

Kit M. Song

Héctor Tajonar

Carlos Tamés Arjona

Jair Téllez Montaño

Ofelia Toledo Bacha Pineda

Marcela Valladolid

Martín G. Vázquez

Hugo Villa Smythe

George Whitesides

Cole Wilbur

Doretta Winkelman

Chris Yanov

Jorge Zavala

Carlos Zavala Ruiz

Arturo Zizumbo López

Albert Zlotnik




A Greener Tijuana Education Cinematography

Medical Excellence Civic Participation


Strategic Design

Culinary Arts


A GREENER TIJUANA The CESPT (State Public Services Commission of Tijuana) has taken measures to recycle water and to create a culture of conservation, such as the “Arturo Herrera” water plant, the InnovaCespt theme park, the plant at La Morita that includes an experimental vineyard, the infiltration project at Valle de las Palmas, and studies on systematization and lowest ecological cost, among others. - Hernando Durán, CESPT.

Whoever solves the water problem wins two Noble

Baja California is the

Prizes; one for science and the other for peace.

aquarium of the world.

- Kevin McGovern, McGovern Capital LLC, quoting Kennedy.

- Phillipe Cousteau quoting his grandfather Jacques Cousteau.

...the production of the marine algae Aonori has been a great success because it’s comprised of 25% protein, 24% soluble fiber, and 27% our farm in San Quintin, Baja California, the production cost is lower, because it requires sea water, and we have it just a couple of kilometers away. - Armando León, Aonori Aquafarms.

Urban Water Management: Examples and Challenges

Innovation in Solving the World’s Water Pollution Problems

Iván Carrillo

Kevin McGovern

Chief Editor, Revista Quo

Hernando Durán

Director General, CESPT

Bruce Moore

Specialist in water issues

Halla Razak

Director of Colorado River programs


Recovery of the Tijuana River: Reconnecting the Urban with the Natural. Premier of the Video “The Tijuana River Connects”

President, The Water Initiative

Martín Gutiérrez Lacayo Director, PRONATURA

Hernando Durán CESPT

Virgilio Muñoz Director, CECUT

As a result of the Tijuana River Restoration project, we expect to regain trees, such as willows, aspen, and oaks, as well as over 100 species of flora and birds that have not been seen along the Tijuana River for quite a while and will now return to this site. - Gutiérrez Lacayo, Pronatura.

…1.2 billion people in the world do not have access to water... due to the lack of access to this precious resource, seven thousand children die each day...half of the hospital beds in the world are occupied by cases related to the lack of water. - Kevin McGovern, McGovern Capital LLC.

We have published several texts in collaboration with the Tijuana-San Diego region,...Marine Oasis is our representative film. - Doretta Winkelman, SDNHM.

What changes the planet is conscience, and what changes conscience is education. - Margarita Díaz, Proyecto Fronterizo de Educación Ambiental A.C.

We have been relying on one single source of water, and that is the big problem. - Halla Razak, SDCWA.

We are all connected to the Colorado River. - Bruce Moore, SNWA.

Environmental Education without Borders

Aonori Aquafarms, A Sustainable Business on the Brink of Conquering Global Markets

Margarita Díaz López

Director, Proyecto Fronterizo de Educación Ambiental

Carlos de la Parra

Forging a Sustainable World in the 21st Century Philippe Cousteau

Armando A. León

President and Director, Aonori Aquafarms

Environmentalist, Explorer, Social Entrepreneur, and Defender of the Environment

Environmental specialist, COLEF

Doretta Winkelman

Director of Binational Education, San Diego Museum of Natural History

Moderators: Carlos de la Parra. Hernando Durán. Gastón Luken. Patricia Saharagui Ruiz.


EDUCATION Good grades do not guarantee a good job. Critical thinking and collaboration is what we need our youth to learn. - Javier Firpo, Khan Academy.

Latin America is generating, participating and contributing 3.5% of the world’s knowledge, the United States contributes 25%, and China collaborates with 17%. These numbers are proportional to the development of those regions and show the close correlation between knowledge and the evolution of societies. - Enrique Villa, Conacyt.

Make all programs are free, so that all users are free...Free software is a matter of Human Rights. - Richard Stallman, Free Software Foundation

Memory is part of our existence and the societies of knowledge find themselves with the challenge of recovering it, notwithstanding the incessant production of digital documents. - Katherine Grigsby, UNESCO.

Education and Innovation

All the Knowledge, All the People

Germán Escorcia Saldarriaga

Felipe Cuamea Velázquez

Nancy A. Marlin

Katherine Grigsby

Ezra Shabot

Tonatiuh Guillén López

Enrique Villa

President, International Academy of Science and Technology - AiTyC

Moritz Bilagher

UNESCO Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean

Javier Firpo

Director of Education for Latin America, INTEL

Richard Yelland

Division Chief, Directorate for Education and Skills, OECD


Rector, Universidad Autónoma de Baja California, 2011-2015 Director and representative, UNESCO México President, COLEF

Provost, San Diego State University Journalist, MVS Radio Director, CONACyT

The challenge of institutions such as to continue generating quality knowledge and making it available to everyone. The access to it should be universal. - Tonatiuh Guillén, COLEF.

...during the course of three decades of educational investment, it has not been possible to bring the knowledge of students up to the speed at which it is being generated...the role of the teacher is fundamental. - Nancy A. Marlín, SDSU.

Children are in school, but they are not learning. This is attrition! - Moritz Bilagher, UNESCO.

...there is a paradox because those who are the highest educated, are those with the highest unemployment. - Dinorah Miller.

...high performing teachers, produce high performing leadership, the classroom atmosphere, classroom strategy, and parents are four areas fundamental to quality. - Richard Yelland, OCDE.

The educational system has focused on developing the cognitive aspect of students. However, the moral, artistic, civic, and physical aspects have been set aside and are being abandoned by teachers; thus it is not complying with the provisions referenced in Article 3 of the Constitution. - Gilberto Guevara, CIEYAPA, AC.

...3.5% of knowledge worldwide is contributed by the countries that make up Latin America, which places them at a distinct disadvantage, seeing that as of 2020, knowledge will be renewed every 27 days, as opposed

The priority of national education must be the education of the poor.

to today, when it is renewed every five years.

- Roger Díaz de Cossío, UNAM.

- Felipe Cuamea Velázquez, UABC.

Educate: A Verb in All of its Tenses

Free Software and Your Freedom

Roger Díaz de Cossío

Richard Stallman

Systems Engineering Coordinator, Engineering Institute, UNAM

President, Free Software Foundation

Gilberto Guevara

Specialist in Education

Gastón Melo

President, Espacio de Vinculación A.C.

Dinorah Miller

Academic and Researcher

Moderator: Márgara de León.


CINEMATOGRAPHY Mexico is becoming an economy based on efficient production...nevertheless, we register just one patent for every one million people, and this is contingent on the quality of education. - Alejandro Ramírez, Cinépolis.

Each time the movie studios have decided to set aside their fears and resistance to innovation, the film industry has grown. - Scott Kirsner, researcher.

...there is a very powerful weapon to further creativity, and it is the Internet...we must search for new things and not cease to learn. - Erika Gomez, Twitter.

There is very strong interest in making films right here in Baja California, and everything necessary to make it happen. - Maria Estela Fernandez, costume designer.

...I came to Tijuana to write the movie ‘Norteado’...the city embraced me, and I was able to present an image of Tijuana to the, the people of Tijuana identify quite a bit with the movie. - Edgar San Juan, movie maker. Mexico has personnel crossing the border to generate and train production staff...I am not worried about investing money in someone that is going to remain with us for a long period of time. - Kelly Koskella, Hollywood Rentals.

Technology in Cinema; a Story of Mistrust

Creativity and the Cinematographic Art of Baja California

Scott Kirsner

René Castillo

Writer, journalist and movie critic

Film and television promoter

María Estela Fernández Costume Designer

Innovation and the Future of the Movie Audience Experience

Erika Gómez

Graphic Designer

Marco Niro

Art Director and Production Designer

Alejandro Ramírez Magaña President, Cinépolis

Josué Palos

Graphic Designer

Edgar San Juan


Producer and Director

One must watch cinema that elevates human dignity. - Eduardo Verástegui, Metanoia Films.

...the simpler the mechanism for receiving incentives, the more likely they’ll be to return to the country with a new production project. - Doug Jones.

...we have to educate more film industry professionals in Baja California. - Hugo Villa, IMCINE.

This state is expecting important investment projects in cinema and a year-long television series in which 150



will be invested and which will generate an



nomic spillover. - Kurt Honold, Baja Estudios.

...we must provide incentives for producers to come to Baja California, not only producers from the United States, but also from the interior of Mexico. - José Larroque, Baker & McKenzie.

México: competitiveness and foreign productions

“Little Boy” – Made in Baja California Eduardo Verástegui

Kurt Honold

Actor and Producer

Baja Estudios

Doug Jones Film Producer

Kelly Koskella

President Hollywood Rentals

José Larroque

Attorney, Partner at Baker & McKenzie

Hugo Villa Smythe

Mexican Institute of Cinematography

Moderators: Carlos Carrillo. René Castillo.


MEDICAL EXCELLENCE At the UABC (Autonomous University of Baja California) there are avenues of research projects in the areas of diabetes and hypertension. Drug and HIV problems are being addressed on a bi-national level. Advancements are also being made in the treatment of diabetic ulcers with silver nano-particles.

Genomics, through sciences such as molecular biology, biochemistry or computer science, among many other fields of research, allows us to foresee the behavior of, and ways of treating, diverse illnesses...Baja California is an ideal place for the development of biotechnology.

- Alfredo Renán, UABC.

- Albert Zlotnik, UC Irvine.

...this border is also the home to the ATLS and ACLS courses for medical graduates –or those about to graduate- and physicians, and it’s practiced in the best local hospitals; this results in Tijuana having the best hospitals, with physicians who are board certified and recertified up to four times, and therefore, the quality of the service is the most suitable. - Rigoberto Pallares Aceves, Hospital Ángeles Tijuana.

If we join robotics, the diagnostic capability, bionics, genome medicine, and progenitor cells, and we align them effectively, we are talking about reaching one hundred years of life expectancy within the next ten years. - Salomon Chertorivski, Ministry of Health.

There are only two duly certified hospitals

Diabetic and hypertensive patients, whose situations

in the city.

are not brought under control, affect world health.

- Carlos Zavala Ruiz, Ángeles Health International.

- José Antonio Hurtado, Universidad Xochicalco.

65% of infants that receive medical attention at Shriners Hospitals have no sort of medical insurance...10% are from Mexico...of those children coming from Baja California, 50% are from Tijuana... - Kit M. Song, Shriners Hospitals for Children.

The Training of Health Professionals

The Certification Process for Health and Patient Safety Services

Lourdes Botello

General Editor, Balance magazine

Miguel Ángel Cadena

Chief of the Health Science Center of the UABC, Valle de la Palmas Campus

Alfredo Renán González

Director of the School of Medicine and Psychology, UABC Tijuana

José Antonio Hurtado

Director of the School of Medicine, Centro de Estudios Universitarios Xochicalco


Tijuana’s Talents Flor Ma. Guadalupe Ávila Fematt

Pablo Barragán

Director of Research and Teaching, National Institute of Geriatrics

Rigoberto Pallares Aceves

Director, Center for the Training of Minimally Invasive Surgery in Tijuana

TV Azteca and Milenio Internal medicine, Investigative Committee member, Hospital Ángeles Tijuana

Rodrigo Robledo Silva

Head of the Medical Arbitration Committee of Baja California

Carlos Zavala Ruiz

Business Development Director, Angeles Health International

Juan Antonio López Corvalá Juan José Parcero Valdés

Cardiac Surgeon, Head Researcher, Institute of Regenerative Medicine

Sergio René Salgado Peraza

Chief, U.S. President’s Office for the Control of Malaria in Africa

When a life is saved, humanity is saved. - Sergio Rene Salgado Peraza, Office of President Barack Obama.

With stem- cell transplants it is possible to regenerate the damaged areas of the heart and to have them recover 100% of their function. The patients can get back to his/her or normal life and considerably prolong his/her life expectancy. - Juan José Parcero Valdés, Institute of Regenerative Medicine.

...we have 500 students distributed in the areas of medicine, dentistry, psychology and nursing... Valle de las Palmas is a focal point for the development of physicians in Baja California. - Miguel Ángel Cadena, UABC.

We are developing mechanical prosthesis of arms and hands controlled by the brain. This technology is already on the market, but their sales and maintenance could be less costly in Mexico and the United States than those manufactured in Europe and Asia. - Hernando Ortega, UNAM.

There are advancements in genetic reprogramming for therapeutic purposes, which is where the world’s great laboratories are currently placing their bets with regard to innovation, as they seek to develop medicines that correct molecular structural deficiencies of cancer cells or of illnesses caused by genetic mutations. - Félix Recillas Targa, UNAM.

For 22 years I’ve been teaching surgeons throughout the continent the surgical technique known as endoscopy...a surgery that is non-aggressive for our body...for the last few years, I have trained physicians in the U.S in the application of the gastric band...a method that fights obesity. - Juan Antonio López Corvalá, Center for the Training of Minimally Invasive Surgery in Tijuana.

In our country, there are 10 million elderly people, and that number will tend to double. - Flor María Ávila Fematt, National Institute of Geriatrics.

Tijuana occupies the forth spot nationwide in terms of offering the best medical treatment in Mexico, which has resulted in the promotion of medical tourism and the arrival of patients and users predominantly from Southern California. - Rodrigo Robledo, State Government of Baja California

The Medicine of the Future: Moving Toward Greater Life Expectancy

The Influence of Genomics Albert Zlotnik

Salomón Chertorivski

Mexican politician and economist

Gibrán Horemheb Rubio GBV-C/HIV Researcher

Professor of Physiology and Biophysics, UC Irvine

Shriners Hospital for Children: The World’s Greatest Philanthropy

Hernando Ortega

Research Institute in Applied Mathematics and Systems (IIMAS), UNAM

Félix Recillas Targa

Researcher in Molecular Genetics

Kit M. Song

Medical Director, Shriners Hospitals for Children

Moderator: Javier López.



...we want to support those who have no voice, and I devote myself to provide a voice or representation for those who feel they have no representation, to shake up some consciences and to sow some seeds of everlasting indignation... - Denise Dresser, ITAM.

...the outlook began to change once three elements fell into place: the political commitment at all three levels of government; the breakdown of established patterns of action, by involving the Army in surveillance; and above all, civic participation... - Carolina Aubanel, Síntesis TV.

Civic Participation in Mexico

Democracy and the Media

Carolina Aubanel

Adrián Michel

Orlando Camacho

Alberto Nuñez Esteva

Rafael Liceága Campos

Gabriela Posada

Director, Síntesis TV

Director, Fundación México SOS Founder, Tijuana Opina

Congressman for the Federal District

Denise Dresser

Political scientist, writer and professor

President, Sociedad en Movimiento Reacciona Tijuana, and Director, FGK Publicidad

Moderators: Rafael Liceaga. Patricia San Román.


In 2009, new phrases, such as ‘In spite of everything, Tijuana takes action,’ emerged and were painted on walls as examples of social activism that involved artists, publicists, and ecologists, and which have even been replicated in cities such as Medellin. - Gabriela Posada, Reacciona Tijuana.

Citizen Committees, where neighbors take part in making decisions regarding the implementation of their delegation’s budgets, are of great value. - Adrián Michel, Congressman.

...I have two great examples of Tijuana: The Penal Reform, where, believe me, nowhere else is this being better implemented, and the community organization demonstrated by the residents of Tijuana in dealing with problems head on. - Orlando Camacho, S.O.S. México.

...what is needed is to promote education and civic participation, as the citizens come first, set above the government and its politicians.”demonstrated by the residents of Tijuana in dealing with problems head on. - Alberto Núñez Esteva, Sociedad en Movimiento.

Tijuana Innovadora, the celebration of dignity. - Orlando Camacho, S.O.S. México.


MEDIA …The sources used by foreign media are police reports, press bulletins and the coverage provided by the Mexican media. One possibility could be that local media further develop their information with other threads about life in Tijuana. - Jeff Light, San Diego Union Tribune.

In Mexico, the media have two challenges, one of form and the other, substance: Of form, as we must learn from investigative journalism and reclaim the different journalistic genres; of substance, as this implies maintaining a distance from the government and closeness to the public; a returning to the principles of journalism. - Adela Navarro, ZETA.

In order to carry out altruistic work, one must first abandon their vanity and jealousy, and then begin to do something in earnest. I do it on television, because it is where I began in journalism, and this is my tool. - Jorge Garralda, TV Azteca. must not confuse the “what” with the “how”...we can all be witnesses to a story...that does not make us all journalists or reporters... - Salvador Camarena, journalist.

The Foreign View of Mexico, from the Media’s Point of View Martín Borchardt

Media host and producer

Pedro Calderón

Social Responsibility in the Media

Interview: “Pablo vs. Pablo”

Jorge Garralda

Pablo Barragán

How the Social Networks Co-exist

Pablo Latapi

Jorge Camarillo Govea

New Challenges in the Handling of Information

Television journalist

TV host, Univisión, San Diego

Jeff Light

Editor, San Diego Union-Tribune

Business Thinking

Laura Gómez Twitter

Manuel Taméz

Head of Public Policy and Government Affairs for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, Google Inc.


Journalist, TV Azteca and Milenio Journalist, TV Azteca

Adela Navarro Co-director, Zeta

Society has begun embracing using another way to access information, and the media have changed along with the public’s access to social networks; they have been able to handle this transformation, and we are consuming information like never before, although I don’t know how willing we are to pay for it. - Gabriela Warketin, communications expert.

...unlike in the past, we will, now, actually be seeing real competition, which will get rid of the media that are lacking in content, allowing only those that provide content to survive. - Carlos Puig, Milenio.

Tijuana is no longer the country’s most danger-


ous border city. It has managed to turn things

all these



nothing new. They have are ideas that have

around and become a city of investment and

been carried over from past decades.

infrastructure; a city that calls us together.

- Pedro Calderón, Univisión.

- Yuriria Sierra, Imagen.

Tijuana is like a woman who knows she’s not pretty, but knows she’s not ugly either. Still, she knows she is charming, she’s engaging, and she’s passionate. - Pablo Latapí. TV Azteca.

SOCIAL NETWORKS Google+ is not referred to as

Facebook is a platform for



a social network; it is a tool

keeping up with the ac-



for socializing and for shar-

tivities of the people we

on through their mobile

ing your work product, and

know, while Twitter is an

devices, and in our country,

with all of the services that

open platform.

38% of the population use

this search engine offers. - Manuel Taméz, Google Inc.

of sign

this Social Network. - Laura Gómez, Twitter.

- Jorge Camarillo Govea.

Innovation in Social Networks and Communities Salvador Camarena Journalist

Carlos Puig Journalist

Yuriria Sierra

Journalist, Grupo Imagen

Gabriela Warketin

Communications expert

Moderators: Pablo Barragán, Alejandra Santos


STRATEGIC DESIGN create is not just a question of sensitivity, but rather one of understanding that which moves us to do what we’re doing, that “something” that motivates us…the creation must also generate an air of respect with regard to that which already exits... - Michel Rojkind, Rojkind Arquitectos.

...a in order to design an automobile, one must not only be skilled in drawing, but also be knowledgeable in the fields of aerodynamics, ergonomics, mechanics, assembly and disassembly…it can take up to six years for an automobile to go from first sketch to market introduction.… - Carlos Sánchez, Italdesign-Giugiaro.

...the lack of choices was what led me to come up with the idea of “transformable fashion.” - Ximena Valero, designer.

There is a great deal of environmental pollution…and we think plastic waste is to blame; one solution would be recycling polymers for the creation of furniture, as well as recycling agroindustrial waste, such as sugarcane bagasse, which can also be reused for this purpose, as it contains cellulose, a material ideally suited for this. - Arturo Zizumbo López, Instituto Tecnológico de Tijuana (ITT).

Urban Design Trends of the XXI Century

Successful Tijuana Designers

The importance of Design in Economic Development

Mary Carmen Flores Alejandro Hernández


Michel Rojkind

Automobile designer

Architecture critic and curator CEO, Rojkind Arquitectos

Carlos Sánchez Ximena Valero Fashion designer


Gianfranco Zaccai Industrial designer

The selection of furniture depends on practical and esthetic factors, where one must consider its functionality, based on size, shape, dimensions of spaces and distribution constraints. - Yolanda Loria, Muebles Dico.

...Baja California’s furniture tradition began during the sixties, reaching its highpoint in the nineties, when this type of craftsmanship was in high demand. - Armando Pedrero.

Passion gave me the strength to do whatever was necessary.

- Rivelino. work stands out for the mathematic precision of its design, which goes beyond geometry…I’ve implemented this style in all that I do: fashion design, industrial design, transformable miniature figures, architecture, and of course, in my sculptures... - Sebastián.

Art is the soul of Mexico. - Héctor Tajonar.

Everybody wants to form a part of the community, but also, that their traditions are preserved and that their local culture is respected, for which reason it is recommended to combine the global with the local. - Gianfranco Zaccai, Design Continuum.

Lectures by Sculptors

Furniture and Household Equipment Design


Alma Bejarano

María Elena Miranda Pascual


Matt Hebert

Armando Pedrero

Héctor Tajonar

Yolanda Loria

Arturo Zizumbo López

Sculptor Sculptor


Moderator Designer

Regional Director, Muebles Dico

Researcher and professor

Owner, Authentic Furniture de México Polymer specialist

Moderator: Alma Bejarano.


CULINARY ARTS Baja California’s restaurateurs aremaking history. - Javier Plascencia.

Traditional Mexican cuisine: Cultural Heritage of Humanity. - Gloria López, Mexican Gastronomic Culture Conservatory.

We have one of the best cocoas in the world; unfortunately, we have very little of it. - José Ramón Castillo, ¡Qué Bo!.

I like to promote cooking as a cultural legacy for our children... - Ofelia Toledo, restaurante Yu Ne Nisa.

The quality of the meal is simply the interaction between the individual and the food. - Pascual Ibáñez, Escuela de los Sentidos.

In Mexico, gastronomic journalism has existed for quite a while; nevertheless, it was limited to the restaurant reviews. Now, there are more gastronomic publications;...the Association of Gastronomic Journalists was founded to review and highlight national culinary art. - Rodolfo Gerschman, food editor and critic, wine columnist.

Reclaiming Our Gastronomy and History

From Tijuana for the World

Microphone on the Grill: Cooking Can Also Make You Famous

Luis Ricardo Bonilla Cazarín Ofelia Toledo Bacha Oaxaca chef

José Ramón Castillo Master chocolatier

Rodolfo Gerschman

Javier González

Director, Culinary Art School

Miguel Ángel Guerrero Chef

Food editor and critic, wine columnist

Javier Plascencia

Ana Laura Martínez

Martín San Román

Gloria López Morales

Jair Téllez

Deputy Director, The Culinary Art School Mexican Gastronomic Culture Conservatory


Culinary arts specialist

Marcela Valladolid

Chef, winner of Iron Chef

Sam Zien

Media personality “Sam, The Cooking Guy”

Chef Chef Chef

Moderator: Maribel Moreno.

The cuisine of Baja California...doesn’t dominate... it accompanies. - Javier González Vizcaíno, Culinary Art School.

The Baja Med concept has developed because there was no Baja California cuisine. I defend it and I live it, as I believe it goes beyond just providing the region with a cuisine. - Miguel Ángel Guerrero, chef.

We are focused on rescuing local cuisine, that cuisine preserved by the Kiliwas, Cucapah and Kumeyaay people. We have a lot to learn from them. We have to work to...make them noticed; have fishing returned to them; remove barriers so they can gather things; put them back on the map. - Ana Laura Martínez, The Culinary Art School.

...this place grew due to the demand for Baja California products in the United States. Based on said demand, producers began planting what the local gastronomy required, and from there, great chefs began using these products. - Martín San Román, chef.

In order to be universal, you have to be local. - Jair Téllez, chef.

The pride that Tijuana residents feel for their city hasn’t come free. - Sam Zien, “The Cooking Guy”.

I find an ‘innovative Tijuana’ that has decided to invest in its origins…that has embarked on this adventure, that has taken the pathway home. - Andrés Madrigal.

Waking up the Senses; Multisensory Gastronomy Pascual Ibáñez

Director, Escuela de los Sentidos

Cooking with Senses, Witness to the 21st Century Andrés Madrigal Chef



Electronics Automotive Energy Organizational Excellence Medical Industry Aerospace Science and Technology


ELECTRONICS What we do, we do openly so that anyone can use it in their products, whether for commercial purposes or not. That’s not of concern to us. - David Cuartielles, Arduino.

Using a Google map, our remote-control drones fly over the countryside to obtain data on matters such as reforestation, fauna and climatic conditions. - Jason Short, Smart Design.

The binational map system is a useful tool for businesses, as it facilitates locating potential clients or data necessary to develop their infrastructure and location. - Dave Hester, Kyocera International.

Tijuana has the potential to craft its own identity through the development of the animated film industry, this in addition its privileged geographic location close to Los Angeles and Hollywood where these are made. - Raúl García, animator.

Global Competitiveness

Open Hardware Madness

Binational Map

Mark Baydarian

David Cuartielles

Eric Frost

Adriana Eguía

Mark Hatch

Dave Hester

Juan Manuel Hernández

Jason Short

Christina Luhn

President, Leviton Manufacturing Co. Representative, Endeavor Businessman, Former President of Coparmex

Luis Aguirre Lang


Eric Pilaud

President, Custom Sensors and Technologies (CST)


Co-Founder, Arduino President, TechShop

Director of Design and Image, Smart Design

Director, Viz Center, SDSU Kyocera International Director, Mega-Region Initiative

David Mayagoitia

Co-founder of in3 and DEITAC

One of Tijuana Innovadora’s themes is binational collaboration,... not only what this region has to offer the world, but also the benefits these efforts can bring about for the mega-region and how San Diego, the Imperial Valley, Tijuana, Ensenada, Tecate and Mexicali can work together. - Christina Luhn, Mega-Region Initiative.

It is a plant open to everyone; there are engineers, artists, fathers, mothers, working in the same space. - Mark Hatch, TechShop.

The city is being forged by numerous creative projects; the animated film industry and the content industry, which will be in a position to compete with foreign projects. - Andrés Reyes Botello, Boxel Interactive.

We’re strategically positioned in the Pacific; we have complementary abilities and we are not competitors. - David Mayagoitia, Deitac.

The Rise of the Manufacturers: Rethinking Innovation and Education

The Future of Baja California in the Production of CGI Content

Silicon Valley: A Culture on Innovation and Risk

Dale Dougherty

Raúl García

Rocío Galván

Andrés Reyes Botello

Laura Gómez

Founder, “Make” magazine

Boxel Interactive Founder and General Director, Boxel Interactive

Journalist Twitter

Moderator: Guillermo Romero.


AUTOMOTIVE ...we must think not only of the United States as our main buyer... Mexico is the world’s fourth largest exporter of light automobiles we surpass even the United States - this confers upon us a great leaders. - Luis Olive Hawley, PROMEXICO.

...the ‘thinking’ work, that of design, was done in the United States. Now, it has to be done here. Develop the talent. That is the trend. - Steven Willing, Delphi.

My industry has achieved a close relationship with the universities, while everyone else is thinking about materials...the people graduating from universities must have the skills that are needed in order to develop local suppliers. - Jorge Loyo, Autoliv.

Tijuana has the possibility of becoming a logistic a fundamental point of influence with the United States – to the east and to the west -; with the Asia-Pacific traffic, and also, it is close to Europe – through the Panama Canal-... - Eduardo Aspero, Pacer México.

Requirements and Benefits of a Supply Chain in the Region Alfonso Carrillo

Undersecretary, SEDECO

Jorge Carrillo

Researcher, COLEF

Luis Olive Hawley

Chief, International Businesses Promotion Unit, PROMEXICO

Jorge Loyo

General Director, Autoliv

Steven Wiling

General Manager, Delphi


Baja California enjoys great wealth with regard to its human capital; developed within a binational culture … Mexican engineers are training their foreign colleagues abroad. - Alfonso Carrillo, Sedeco.

The migration of ‘the old school’ to the contemporary has been a gradual process, where I have made space for learning and assimilating new trends and thus be able to apply a global artistic expression in my work. - Maurizio Corbi, Pininfarina.

80% of our exports are in manufacturing, more than half of this is high-tech. - Carlos Guzmán Bofill, Proméxico.

This is my dream; that our state become the country’s best option with regard to automotive design and manufacturing... - Joe Da Rosa, Toyota.

Technology and Trends in Automotive Design

Regional Challenges in Infrastructure and Logistics

Maurizio Corbi

Eduardo Aspero

Senior Designer, Pininfarina

General Director, Pacer México

Carlos Guzmán Bofill

General Director, PROMEXICO

Joe Da Rosa

President, Toyota, B.C.

Moderator: Emmanuel Campillo.



PEMEX Exploracion has 31,256 wells that have been drilled in the country, 6,000 of these in production; sixty-five thousand kilometers of pipeline that run throughout the country; and 15 marine terminals. - Francisco Fernández Lagos, PEMEX.

The Logistics and Delivery of PEMEX and Refining

Energy Overview: Challenges and Opportunities

Francisco Fernández Lagos

Miguel Ángel Alonso Rubio

Deputy Director of Distribution, Pemex Refinación

General Director, Acciona México

Eduardo Andrade

Corporate Director, Iberdrola México

Claudio Bartolini

Geophysicist, Repsol USA Holdings Corporation

Felipe Bayón

Head of special projects, BP


...the main challenge that we will face will be to supply safe, reliable energy , sufficient for a growing population. - - Eduardo Andrade, Iberdrota México; Claudio Bartolini, Repsol USA Holdings Corporation; Felipe Bayón, BP; and Miguel Ángel Alonso Rubio, Acciona México.

This invention has the capacity to provide food and water to the population, to create an oasis in the middle of the dessert, to fight and reverse solar warming, and to provide decent and well-paid jobs to the residents of this region, and it is an innovation made in Tijuana. - Eduardo Oviedo Gonzalez, INOV Energía LEDSS.

Energy Sustainability Eduardo Oviedo González

Founder, INOV Energía and Co-founder, LEDSS La Era del Sexto Sol

Moderator: Jaye Galicot.


ORGANIZATIONAL EXCELLENCE ...we’ve been here through the good times and the bad. - Ignacio Fimbres, Calimax.

In order to achieve success, we must be clear on the goal to be achieve, have a strong foundation in order to be able to grow, bring together a great creative team, and learn, learn and learn... - María Eugenia Acevedo Márquez, Certus Laboratorio Clínico.

The key to success is based on the philosophy of a single mind, focusing on one sole objective... - Jae Cul Nam, Skyworks Solution de México.

Something very good about the city is that it is overflowing with talent, and we’re exporting it. - Aarón H. Vázquez, Turbotec.

Baja California Companies that Standout in the World

The Future of Pensions in México Dario Luna

María Eugenia Acevedo Márquez


Jae Chul Nam

Director of Economic, Social and Cultural Benefits, ISSSTE

Ignacio Fimbres Sánchez

Tijuana: Perception Trumps Reality

General Director, Certus Laboratorio Clínico

Pedro Vázquez Colmenares

General Manager, Skyworks Solution de México President, Grupo Calimax

Juan Manuel Hernández

Businessman, former president of Coparmex

Aaron H. Vázquez

Industrial sector specialist


Carlos Alazraki Publicist

It’s a very delicate matter that we cannot ignore; we must have a new national pension system, one that is comprehensive, financed and that covers the majority of Mexicans. - Pedro Vázquez Colmenares, ISSSTE.

Tijuana Innovadora is an ongoing effort, a fantastic event that I’ve not seen anywhere else in Mexico, not even in Mexico City. - Carlos Alazraki, Publicist.

This isn’t a contest, but rather a process, whereby companies are invited to form part of a model of efficiency that allows them to become better organizations, this requires quality companies. - Jonathan Díaz Castro, Baja California Institute for Quality and Competitiveness.

In Baja California there are around eighty-five thousand businesses, of which 99% are micro, small and medium, and which generate 68% of the jobs and distribute 45% of the wealth. - Alejandro Mungaray Lagarda, Ministry of Economic Development of Baja California.

The ‘secrets’ that have allowed us to grow: simple organizational structures, austerity measures, always keeping in mind the good times and the bad, productive assets, open-mindedness, and reinvestment of profits. - Arturo Elías Ayub, TELMEX.

Presentation of the 22nd Baja California Awards recognizing Quality and Competitiveness

Winning Organizations Category

Industry, Large-sized Jonathan Díaz Castro


President, Baja California Institute for Quality and Competitiveness

Education, Medium-sized

Alejandro Mungaray


Innovation: Competitiveness Against Competition


Service Industry, Large-sized

Secretary of Economic Development for Baja California

Government Moderator:

Arturo Elías Ayub

Board of Directors, TELMEX and Uno Noticias

Miguel Gracia.


MEDICAL INDUSTRY those of you young people who lose patience because you don’t see an immediate triumph, this is something achieved, bit-by-bit, over time. You don’t achieve success immediately. It comes with time, as a result of work, effort and sacrifice… - Raúl Alcalá.

We have various post-graduate offerings, thirteen engineer specialties, six master degree programs, four doctoral programs, and over 25,000 graduates. - José Guerrero Guerrero, ITT.

There are two types of stem cells: embryonic stem cells (ES) cells and adult stem cells… they can be obtained from bone marrow, fat, peripheral blood, the umbilical cord, etc. - Luis Romero Guerra, Progencell.

Through the student exchange program, approximately 400 students are studying at more than 72 universities in 20 different countries. - Luis Enrique Palafox, UABC.

We have to become specialized in certain processes. Graduates must go abroad and return. - Martín G. Vázquez, Carefusion.

I’m not telling you my story to impress you, but rather to leave a mark and to invite you to innovate. - Sarah Reinertsen.

Innovation in Education José Guerrero Guerrero

Luis E. Palafox

Jaime González Luna

Eduardo Salcedo

Juan Manuel Hernández

Miguel Salinas Yáñez

Salvador Lozano Luquín

Martín G. Vázquez

Director, Instituto Tecnológico de Tijuana Bucher Industries

Businessman and former president of Coparmex Director of Information Systems, Universidad Iberoamericana, Tijuana


Dean of the School of Chemistry, UABC Senior Vice President of DJO Global LLC Director of the School of Engineering of CETYS Vice President, Manufacturing Management, Carefusion

This procedure was first researched in Russia...there are

At our institution we have two

more than 35,000 stem cell trials and 8,700 laboratory

principal goals; to maintain our

tests going on right now in the Western Hemisphere.

relevance in the industry and

- Jackie R. See.

to constantly analyze our programs oriented toward international practices. - Miguel Salinas Yáñez, School of Engineering, CETYS.

Bariatric surgery consists in modifying the stomach or intestines so the patient eats less and loses weight … a third part of the population is overweight; this is 1.6 billion

Graduates should have global

people worldwide.

knowledge, but also local ex- Ariel Ortiz, OCC.

perience. - Salvador Lozano Luquín, Universidad Iberoamericana, Tijuana.

We need entrepreneurial talent. - Jaime González Luna, Bucher Industries.

There has to be a better prosthetic. I searched for it, and I couldn’t find it, so I decided to create it. - Sarah Reinertsen quoting Van Phillips, creator of the “Cheetah Leg.”

It’s no longer enough to just mass produce the ideas of a third party. - Eduardo Salcedo, DJ Ortho.

State-of-the-Art Medicine: Stem Cell Use in Ophthalmology

When the Medical Industry Meets the Indomitable Human Spirit

Tijuana, the cradle of information on bariatric surgery

Patricia Aubanel

Sarah Reinertsen

Ariel Ortiz Lagardere

Renowned clinical cardiologist

Athlete and motivator

Director, Obesity Control Center

Luis Gonzaga Romero Guerra

Orthopedist, Medical Director at Progencell

Jackie R. See

Pedaling from Within: The Tour of Life

Norma Niño Sulkowska

Raúl Alcalá Gallegos

Cardiologist, Pioneer in Stem Cell Research Pioneer in Stem Cell Use in Ophthalmology

Cycling champion

Moderators: Cynthya Rodríguez. Eduardo Salcedo.


AEROSPACE During the next twenty years, the number of flights will increase from 30 million currently to 60 million; passengers will increase from 3 to 6 million...and investment is projected to reach 120 billion dollars... educational institutions and young people should take a close look at the field of aeronautics: This represents a great development and investment opportunity for Tijuana and the rest of the world. - Roberto Kobeh González, OACI.

The certification that companies must obtain in order to be in the global market is AS9100...since 2010, the number of Mexican companies certified has increased by 32%. - Eduardo Solís, Eaton.

Mexico has many engineers...I you invite young people to study mathematics and the sciences because this is what Mexico needs. - Roberto Corral, Volare Engineering.

...there is an important task at hand because the world is setting its sight on Mexico; we are number one in terms of receiving investment...we represent 0.6% of the world-wide aerospace industry, so there is a huge market opportunity. - Tomás Silbaja, Baja California Aerospace Cluster.

In the aerospace industry we have a total of 266 companies that produce 33,000 direct jobs throughout the country. - Flavio Díaz, Bombardier.

Mexico’s Value Added in the Future of the World’s Aerospace Industry

Future Challenges in Civil Aviation Roberto Kobeh González

Roberto Corral

President, International Organization of Civil Aviation

Director of Sales and Marketing, Volare Engineering

Flavio Díaz Mirón

Manuel Sandoval Ríos

Virgin Galactic and the Space Company: Opening Up Space to Everyone

Tomás Sibaja

George Whitesides

Representative, Bombardier Executive Director of Prospective Analysis and Innovation, ProMexico President, Aerospace Cluster of Baja California

Eduardo Solís

Sales Manager, Eaton


President and CEO, Virgin Galactic

The creation of the ‘DIY Drones’ forums has served to inspire young talent to build small aircraft; an activity that in some cases has served as the basis for creating companies to manufacturing these devices to scale and to sell their parts and components. - Chris Anderson, Wired.

...we are hiring a lot of pilots for the command of spacecraft, and even though the capsules do not require a lot of steering, these types of vehicles have to be controlled manually...we need some of the world’s best pilots in order to fly safely into space. - George Whitesides, Virgin Galactic.

The exploitation of space in Mexico is in its infancy in comparison to aeronautics, - it only covers 2% - but the future looks bright because we have good work in the areas of telecommunications and satellites; we have talent, researchers, coordination and cooperation with space agencies such as NASA, RKA and JAXA. We have the science, but not the technology. - Francisco Javier Mendienta, AEM.

Projects and International Cooperation

DIY Drones: Open-source Innovation and its Affects on the Aerospace Industry

Francisco Javier Mendienta

General Director, Mexican Space Agency

Chris Anderson Wired Magazine

Moderator: Gilberto Macías.


SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY ...our research consists in isolating

...anticoagulant agents, proteins that are the

a marine protein with biological

basis for vaccines, as well as antioxidants that

activity to fight cancer, tuberculosis

can be useful in the prevention of illnesses

and diabetes.

have been discovered in the ocean. -Graciela Guerra, UABC.

- Alexei Licea Navarro, CICESE.

Mexico faces a fair number of obstacles to free competition: It has a lot of regulatory red tape...The government and banking institutions have financing programs, but they are earmarked for strong, already established markets and not for those that require encouragement. - Richard A. Boucher, OCDE.

...98% of bacteria are beneficial to plants, animals and humans. In search of these qualities, we’re working to isolate various proteins that have potential in the treatment of breast cancer...we have been working with bacteria for the last 15 years. We are going to look for metabolites to kill cancer cells and seek to have bacteria produce these (metabolites). - Jorge Olmos Soto, UABC.

...there are over 65,070 foot amputations of diabetic patients, mostly due to bacterial infections, which would justify the application of silver nanoparticles after the necrotic tissue has been removed. - Horacio Almanza.

The Role of Innovation as a New Source of Growth Richard A. Boucher

Deputy Secretary-General, OECD

Charting the future: The Impact of Science, Technology and Means of Communication in Modern Life Steven Berlin Johnson

Best-selling Author on the interaction of science, technology and personal experience


Mexican Scientists Horacio Almanza

Jorge Olmos

JosĂŠ Cordeiro

Silvia Torres-Peimbert

Graciela Guerra

First Mexican Astronomer, Women of science UNESCO. (Research: Chemical composition of nebulas).

Research Professor

Director, Venezuelan Node of the Millennium Project and Professor, Singularity University Researcher and Professor, UABC

Alexei Licea

Director, Biotechnology Division, CICESE. (Research: Diabetes, HIV, Tuberculosis)

Scientific, Biotechnology Innovator. (Research: Cancer) International Astronomical Union

...the success of people…will depend on their capacity to generate and access information…and to transform it into knowledge. - Javier Allard, AMITI.

...take those investments in hardware... and turn them into valuable information... - Eduardo Graniello, Intellego.

...the country’s research on the interstellar medium and the formation of stars is very important; these efforts require support and high technology. - José Cordeiro, Project Millennium/ Singularity University

...we work in high tech; we do a lot of development of instrumentation and computing techniques for the purpose of expanding our knowledge of nature, the understanding of our solar system, stars, gas among the stars...we want to know it all. - Silvia Torres Peimber, UAI.

...Tijuana’s principal institutional buildings will be incorporated into the group consisting of the 40 most important cities, which will be linked by Internet with an upgraded broadband of between 100 megabytes and 10 gigabytes per second... - Mónica Aspe Bernal, SCT.

ICT: A Disruptive Development Factor

Solving Mankind’s Challenges through Innovation

Javier Allard

Eduardo Graniello

Claudio Arriola

Armando Talamantes CNN México

Director, Venezuelan Node of the Millennium Project and Professor, Singularity University

Mónica Aspe

Manuel Taméz

Federico Graef

General Director, AMITI Director, BIT Center

Coordinator, Information and Knowledge Society, SCT

Founder, Intellego

Mexican Internet Association

José Cordeiro

Director, CICESE

Juan José Martínez

Claudia Calvin

CEO, Vydra

General Director, Mexican Board of Intl. Affairs and Founder, Mujeres Construyendo

Ismael Plascencia

Research Coordinator, School of Accounting and Administration, UABC

Moderators: Andrea Flores. Héctor Uraga.

Juan Sarracino

President, Sarracino & Sarracino Consulting

63’s to













Competitiveness, Mexico occupies the 117th

implement new computing tools on a

position out of 139 in terms of the incorporation

large scale, to find patterns in order to

of women within the labor market...behind

make predictions, and make decisions


that have an impact on the country’s

cannot be built up if half of the population is

economy and in people’s lives.

not incorporated into productivity.

- Manuel Tamez, AMI.



- Claudia Calvin, Mujeres Construyendo.

Capitalism is focused on generating wealth, but it forgets to share it. - Ismael Plascencia, UABC.

...CICESE has been granted 9 patents, 10 are currently being processed; copyrights and brands. - Federico Graef, CICESE.

...observation, perpetual questioning, experimentation, the development of networks and association of ideas are the skills of innovators. - Juan Sarracino, Sarracino & Sarracino Consulting.

64 innovative team requires an intellectual diversity amongst its members. - Steven Berlin Johnson.

...the company has an audience of ...the other area we believe has a lot of potential is education...the adoption of technology...and this has dual characteristics: It creates a new market...and boosts productivity. - Claudio Arriola, BIT Center.

five million people that read their magazines and now 17 million that read their [Internet] portals... we’re facing is different method of keeping oneself informed... - Armando Talamantes, CNN México.

...the four technologies of the future are: nano, bio, cogno and




manufacturing brains in 2018. - José Cordeiro, The Millennium Project.

From an energy perspective, the field of efficiency offers the




innovation. - Juan José Martínez, Vydra.



Leaders and Entrepreneurs Humanitarianism Economics The Digital City Philanthropy Innovative Greatness The Metropolitan Development Plan


LEADERS AND ENTREPRENEURS ...we must avoid the ABC syndrome of our generation: A stands for ‘Accuse’- accuse everyone else; B for ‘Blame’- blame everyone else, and C for ‘Complain’- complain about everyone else. - Roland Kwemain, Junior Chamber International.

Break the mental chains of colonization, the thinking that everything good comes from abroad. - Anand Mahindra.

Show Mexico and the rest of the world the Tijuana modus operandi. - Gaby Roldán, Yo Tijuaneo. in Tijuana, neighboring California, we have no excuse for not initiating projects. - Jordi Muñoz, 3D Robotics.

There is no story of leadership that does not entail work; regardless of at what level, many of hours of sacrifice and organization are required, and above all, efficiency, intelligence and a lot of determination... - Jorge Ferraez, Líderes.

Yo Tijuaneo ¿y tu? (I Tijuaneo! And you?)

Innovation within India

Representatives of Tijuana’s Youth

Anand Mahindra

Leadership Worthy of Trust Amy Lyman

Businessman, philanthropist, New Delhi

The Impact of One: The Ability of Youth to Create Positive Change

Rodolfo Ham-Zhu Bioengineering

Juan Pablo Kuri

Specialist in new technology

Viviana Martínez

Co-founder, A Great Place to Work Institute and Expert in Leadership


Young Tijuana Professionals in the Silicon Valley

Roland Kwemain

President, Junior Chamber International

Radio host

Rodrigo Sánchez Ríos

Master’s degree student in business and private capital investor

Jorge Ferraez

President, editorial board, Líderes magazine


Carlos M. Tamés

Project Director and Consultant, Project Management Advisors, Inc.

Have a cause! - Fermín García, Sosvia, Inc.

Learn to listen…get rid of your ego - Andres Reyes Botello, Boxel.

Our objective is to transform Mexico. - Alejandro Maza.

...we are experiencing the ‘humanization’ of pets. - Marco Gallardo, Power Pet.

Break the paradigms within the construction industry. - René and Uriel Salgado.

...I eliminate the stereotypes.

Look for Mexican talent...

- Derrik Chinn, Turista Libre.

- Ricardo Arnaiz, Animex.

...we seek the use of energies that don’t harm the environment. - Eduardo Durazo Watanabe.

Doing what one truly loves, becomes a calling. - David Abeles, TaylorMade Golf Adidas.

Entrepreneurs, capital does exist; dust off those ideas and let’s get to work! - Hernán Fernández, Ángel Ventures México. our company, we’ve created the technology that we required but couldn’t find on the market... - Charlie Iturriaga, OLLIN VFX.

There is no leadership without trust. - Amy Lyman, Great Place to Work Institute.

Mexico’s Most Outstanding Entrepreneurs Eduardo Durazo Watanabe Technology entrepreneur

Jorge López

Mexican entrepreneur

Alejandro Maza

Co-founder, “Yo propongo” (I propose)

Uriel and René Salgado Innovators in construction

Innovative Youth Transcending Borders

Entrepreneurs Transforming the Region

The strange case of the Mexican Behind the Oscar

José Manuel Aguilar

Ricardo Arnaiz

Charlie Iturriaga

Jordi Muñoz Bardales

Hernán Fernández

The Global Game of Golf: Economical and Social Impact

Biologist with a master’s degree and Ph.D. in biotechnology President, 3D Robotics

Enrique Betancourt

Executive Director, National Center for Crime Prevention and Citizen Participation

Founder, ANIMEX

Founder, Angel Ventures, México

Fermín García

President, Sosvia, Inc.

Edoardo Chavarín

Marco Gallardo

Derrik Chinn

Andrés Reyes Botello

Brand developer and creator of the NaCo clothing line Creator of Turista Libre

Christopher Yanov

Founder, Reality Changers

General Director, Power Pet Founder and General Director, Boxel Interactive

Special effects producer

David Abeles

David Abeles, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Taylor Made Golf Adidas and Ashworth Golf

Moderators: Laura Araujo. Miguel Marshall. Gabriela Roldán.


HUMANISM Be punctual, honest, hard-working, studious, and respectful. - Carlos Kasuga, Yakult.

...there are no instances of universities, schools, research centers or governments studying and tending the phenomenon of dehumanization. - David Livingstone Smith.

What’s happening here in Tijuana and San Diego will happen along the border, from here to Matamoros and Brownsville, to people from both countries. - Alan Bersin, Department of National Security of the United States.

...the best practices in border regions in any part of the world do not usually originate in the federal capital cities. It is the local communities, the people and authorities, which can really know and understand the underlying dynamics of the problems and the ways to solve them. - Luis Herrera-Lasso, Grupo Coppan.

Japanese-style Quality and Productivity, Applied to Small and Medium Businesses

Less than Humans; Understanding the Psychological Roots of War, Genocide and Atrocity

Carlos Kasuga

David Livingstone Smith

Tijuana, the Frontier between Development and Knowledge Alan Bersin

President, Yakult

Philosopher and author

Assistant Secretary of International Affairs, U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Luis Herrera-Lasso Mexican diplomat

Moderator: Magnolia Pineda.



...the banking system in Mexico has remained solid due to strong regulation and monitoring of lending institutions.

Mexico’s economic policy has been well managed, and we’ve overcome the mistakes of the past. - Pedro Aspe Armella.

- José Luis Ochoa, Institute for the Protection of Savings in Banks.

...integrity is not explained; it is seen, it is felt, it is noted. - José Carlos González, McDonald’s.

Leadership...Talent; Something Acquired or Developed?

Outlook on the Economic Situation of Mexico

José Carlos González

Pedro Aspe

Senior VP-Global CSR, Sustainability and Philanthropy, McDonald’s Corporation

Economist and Mexican politician

The role of Innovation as a Source of Growth José Luis Ochoa

Executive Secretary, Institute for the Protection of Savings in Banks

Moderator: Jaye Galicot.


DIGITAL CITY ...we have faith in you, our bilingual, bicultural border young people... - Claudio Arriola, BIT Center.

...when the objects come back to us, they’re able to tell us unexpected stories. - Carlo Ratti, MIT SENSEable City Lab.

There is a deficit of five thousand computer engineers in San Diego. - Bob Slapin, Executive Director, San Diego Software and Internet Council. is the responsibility of the Federal Government to establish public policies that foster knowledge; access to digital information…has gone from 6,000 public locations with Internet access to 36,000... - Mónica Aspe, SCT.

We have the idea that it’s difficult to go and sell to the United States, and I’m not going to tell you it’s not; but it’s also difficult for them to sell here; it is a huge business opportunity. - Jorge Zavala, TecBa.

Tijuana, the Path to a Sensible and Digital City

The Binational Digital Agenda Mónica Aspe

Carlo Ratti

Director, MIT SENSEable City Lab

Information and Knowledge Society, SCT

Claudio Arriola Director, BIT Center

Jorge Arroyo

Founder and CEO, Arkus Nexus Software Nearshoring Services

Flavio Olivieri

President, Tijuana EDC

Bob Slapin

Executive Director, San Diego Software and Internet Council

Jorge Zavala


Chief Digital Officer, TechBA

Digital Education in Latin America Rodrigo Arboleda Halaby

Chairman and CEO, One Laptop per Child Association

The Montessori philosophy that considers that children learn better by playing should be reformed, as it has been proven that students learn better by doing. - Rodrigo Arboleda OLPC.

If you want to work with the best, you have to have the best. - Miguel Mejía, TRESS International. a result from our participation in Tijuana Innovadora 2010, we were invited to run pilot tests in Silicon Valley schools. - Lourdes Ibáñez, Club LIA.

Globally, we are the second leading country with regard to social applications. Tijuana has 1 million people interacting daily. - Claudio Cossio, Maestros del Web (Webmasters).

If you don’t develop your people, you are not going to grow your company. The engine must always be innovation. - Ángel Sánchez, Arkus Nexus.

Creativity knows no race, gender or orientation, nor does it differentiate between people; it emerges from its environment. - Richard Florida .

we need to take advantage of our relationship as neighbor to the United States; there should be “ambassadors”...who cross the border to preach the capabilities that exist in Tijuana. - Jorge Arroyo, Arkus .

Success Stories in Digital Development

Creative Economy, a New Calling for Baja California

Claudio Cossio

Richard Florida

European Editor, Maestros del Web

Expert in Creative Economy

Tanya Escamilla Journalist

Lourdes Ibáñez

Co-founder and General Director, Club LIA

Miguel Mejía

Director, Grupo Tress Internacional

Ángel Sánchez Arkus Nexus

Moderator: Enrique Jiménez “Ejival”.


PHILANTHROPY ...there are three parties in any genocide: the perpetrators, who tend to be a small group of people; the victims, who are much more numerous; and the indifferent, who make up the vast majority. - Mily Cohen, Co-founder, Memory and Tolerance Museum, Mexico City.

Compassion without action makes no sense. - Sharon Zaga, Co-founder,Memory and Tolerance Museum, Mexico City.

In philanthropy, it is necessary to plan what one is going undertake, what will be done, what the mission will be, the objectives, strategies...create big ideas. - Cole Wilbur.

...the mobilization of time, talent and treasure to benefit our fellow human beings...are ways in which philanthropy can be expressed. - Michael Chu, Harvard University.

We must find better ways to foster these ways of working together between the public sector and private social organizations, such as Tijuana. - Alejandro Poiré, Secretary of the Interior, Mexico.

We have to reevaluate the role of companies and of people in a world where the wealth is concentrated among only a few... - Rick Goings, Tupperware.

Work together to share knowledge. - Robert Kaplan, IAF.

What We Do with Our Emotions

Conscientious Capitalism and the Future of Business

Alternative Business Models for the Creation of Social Value

Blake Mycoskie

Esra’a Al Shafei

Mily Cohen

Vice President and Co-Founder, Memory and Tolerance Museum

Sharon Zaga

TOMS Shoes

President and Co-Founder, Memory and Tolerance Museum

Problematic Educational Issues: Challenges and Solutions Claudio X. González Guajardo Moderators: Antonieta Beguerisse. Patricia Hernández.


President, Mexicanos Primero A.C.


David del Ser Founder, Frogtek

Gabriela Enrigue González Founder, Prospera

Javier Lozano

Founder, Clínicas de la Azúcar

Alejandro Poiré

Alejandro Poire, Secretary of the Interior, Mexico

People want to see you are do well, that you are successful. - Blake Mycoskie, TOMS Shoes.

With regard to charitable donations, the tax regulations in the United States are more attractive than those of Mexico. - Richard Kiy, ICF.

From the beginning with its first event in 2010, Tijuana Innovadora had a large-scale effect in terms of its influence, which extended far beyond the state. Its impact is national and international. - Claudio X. González Guajardo, Mexicanos Primero A.C.

One thing that is really important is to partner with other entrepreneurs. - Gabriela Enrigue González, Prospera.

Investment is reflected in the savings we provide Mexico in investments and in healthcare. - Javier Lozano, Clínicas del azúcar.

Nothing in this world is more valuable than hope.

We chose to concentrate our efforts on a specific type of customer.

- Esra’a Al Shafei,

- David del Ser, Frogtek.

Philanthropy and Social Investment in Mexico and Latin America: Lessons in Tijuana Michael Chu

Professor, Harvard University

Rick Goings

President and General Director, Tupperware Brands

Robert N. Kaplan

President and CEO, Inter-American Foundation (IAF)

Richard Kiy

CEO, International Community Foundation (ICF)

Cole Wilbur Philanthropist



The challenge lies in the content and in the means of communicating, in that in this new era represents a shift in paradigm. - Liébano Sáenz.

The Past, Present and Future of Technology

Stephen Gary Wozniak Co-Founder, Apple Computer


A Shift in Paradigm?

Liébano Sáenz Political analyst President and CEO, Gabinete de Comunicación Estratégica (GCE)

spaces as a means of communication, such as a land, a community where areas of disagreement are exposed and areas of agreement are discovered; even when these are temporary and precarious agreements - Enrique Norten.

Institutions don’t teach students to be skeptics, to question their teachers. They don’t invite us to explore. Those students are labeled as rebellious. - Stephen Wozniak.

Here, the people are not cured. They redefined their health. We don’t call them ‘patients’, but rather ‘inpatients’, because they are anxious to remedy their situation. - Natalie Jeremijenko.

The drums are physical labor. The synthesizer is mental. - Wolfgang Flür.

I was a Robot

This will kill that

Qué sigue en innovación y diseño

Wolfgang Flür

Enrique Norten

Natalie Jeremijenko

Electronic music pioneer, Kraftwerk

Founder, TEN Arquitectos

Scientist and digital artist, New York University Moderators: Jaye Galicot. Jorge Izquierdo.


METROPOLITAN DEVELOPMENT PLAN the past, Rosarito belonged to the Municipality of Tijuana, and now that it has become a municipality, it reintegrates itself, but now, within this innovative greater metropolitan area.

The concept of city has seen a broadening of meaning to include economic, social and cultural perspectives.

- Raúl Islas Espinoza, CDR.

- Rafael Pérez Fernández, IBERO.

...a metropolis such as Tijuana merits long-term planning.

...we must continue working, so as to not put future generations at risk.

- Humberto Jaramillo, CDT.

- José Manuel Jasso, CCET.

Within the Strategic Metropolitan Plan, the three cities, Tijuana, Tecate and Playas de Rosarito, will no longer be independent, though they will conserve their own identity.

...of the 56 metropolitan areas that exist in this country, the area encompassing Tijuana, Playas de Rosarito, and Tecate occupies the 6th spot nationally in terms of economic development; and registers 21st within Latin America.

- Sergio Montes Montoya, B.C.

- Rodolfo Argote, IMPLAN.

The strategies...include generating means for the economic growth, project evaluation and follow-up with the development teams that are working on the plans, and seeking financial alternatives in response to these actions. - Daniel Rubio, IMPLAN.

Digital Opportunities in Emerging Markets

Metropolitan Strategic Development Plan: Tijuana, Tecate, and Playas de Rosarito Rodolfo Argote

Aarón Bare

Global entrepreneur, Aaron Bare & Co.

Video: Agentes de Cambio (Agents of Change) José Castillo

Co-founder, Arquitectura 911sc


Director of Land Planning, Metropolitan Planning Institute

Raúl Islas Espinoza

President, Economic Development Advisory Board, Playas de Rosarito

José Manuel Jasso

President, Advisory Board, Economic Development of Tecate

Humberto Jaramillo

Executive President of the Board, Tijuana Economic Development Council (CDT)

Sergio Montes

Deputy Secretary of Infrastructure and Urban Development, State of Baja California

Rafael Pérez

Art and Design Department, Universidad Iberoamericana, León, Guanajuato

Daniel Rubio

Executive Director General, Metropolitan Planning Institute

The new type of design is also old; whenever we want to be constructive and positive with regard to the future, we also need to reflect on the past. - Paola Antonelli, MoMA. creative cities, disciplines such as architecture, design, gastronomy, music, literature are applied. Cities are not only sustained by economics, but also by creativity. - Martin Krammer.

The city dies when its citizens fails to participate. The one who innovates is the one who physically takes to the street. - José Castillo, Arquitectura 911sc.

This era has given rise to the phenomenon of disruption, in other words, of those technologies and innovations that provoke the disappearance of other products in the marketplace. - Aarón Bare.

I want to urge all women of the world to dedicate themselves to science, to potentiate their expertise; if this isn’t done, the capacity of the human brain is being wasted, because we represent half the population... - Ada Yonath, Noble Prize Laureate.

Life Expectancy: Rhetoric and Reality

Creative Cities and Cultural Development

Ada Yonath

Martin Krammer

Noble Prize Laureate in Chemistry

Creative Economy

The New Frontiers of Design Paola Antonelli

Curator, Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

Moderators: Raúl Cárdenas. Ana Martínez.



United States of America


















United Kingdom

South Korea










19 2












12 5




This event is not about making money; it’s about earning respect



s we’ve mentioned elsewhere, the idea of


and Tijuana Innovadora 2012, Bound for Great-

Tijuana Innovadora came about as the

ness were made possible thanks to the contri-

result of a conversation among friends, which

bution of economic resources, time, talent and

was then brought to fruition: An event that would

the collaboration of businesses, government,

present, both to locals and those not from our

educational institutions, charitable organiza-

City, the innovative reality of Tijuana, as opposed

tions, the media, students and local citizens.

to the image presented by the media. Under the disciplined leadership of Jose Ga-

- Alejandro Bustamante.

Tijuana Innovadora 2010, the Intelligent Frontier



licot, we have worked to generate human







52 41





26 35


49 33





28 30






and economic resources that allow for the

the investment in an event that promotes and

sources, tickets purchased for gala dinners,

project’s self-sustainable growth. The Tijuana

markets the city’s virtues and potential.

conferences and panels, as well as their input

Innovadora Movement is now registered as a not-for-profit, charitable organization.

regarding program management initiatives. Tijuana Innovadora 2012, Bound for Greatness, is profoundly grateful to the businesses, go-

Together, we once again demonstrated, regio-

Furthermore, we’ve sought that all the involved

vernment entities, charitable organizations

nally, nationally and internationally, the origi-

organizations, manufacturing plants, busi-

and individuals that collaborated and showed

nal and innovative nature of Tijuana; a national

nesses, institutions, collective projects, artists,

their commitment through direct and in-kind

role model to be followed.

etc., benefit both directly and indirectly from

investment in pavilions, the channeling of re-

















58 64













1. ABC Aluminum

11. Capta

23. D’Volada


47. Kyomex

2. Aeroméxico

12. Carl Zeiss Vision

24. DJ Orthopedics

36. Heineken

48. L.A. Cetto

3. Agencia Aduanal Jorge Díaz

13. Cecyte

25. El Informador

37. Hermosillo y Asoc.

49. La Estrella de Michoacán


14. Cervecería Tijuana

26. El Mexicano

38. Ibero

50. Loginam

5. Arte Público.


27. Endeavor: Indegsa / BTB /


51. Logística BLS

40. Innovatec Baja CDITBC

52. Macroplaza

Cardinal 5. Ciudad Habla.

Motiva / PowerPet

6. Axis

17. Clínica de Ojos de Tijuana

28. Focus

41. Inpade

53. MAR Intl.

7. Baker & McKenzie

18. Coca Cola

29. Foxconn

42. Instituto de Ciencias

54. Mental Tech

Abogados, S.C. FIC

19. Conacyt

30. G Tel

8. Calimax


31. Gasmart

43. Interpoint Security Systems 56. Mind Hub

9. Canacintra - Clúster

21. Corrugados de Baja

32. Gobierno del Estado

44. IOS Office

57. Morzan

33. Grupo ATISA


58. Morzan

34. Grupo Tress Internacional

46. Kyocera

59. MVS

mueblero 10. CANACO Tijuana



California 22. Cotuco


55. Milenio Radio

















102 86

104 81






60. Nihon Robotics Institute 61. Nissan 62. Panasonic

72. Secretaría de Educación Pública

84. Televisa

97. Unifront

85. Televisa

98. Uniradio

73. Secretaría de Gobernación 86. Telnor

99. Uniradio

63. Parque Industrial El Florido 74. Sedesol

87. Telvista


64. Periódico Frontera


88. Teska

101. Univision

65. Periódico Frontera

76. Sempra

89. The Union Tribune

102. Univision

66. Medios PPI

77. Síntesis

90. Tijuana Duty Free

103. Universidad Xochicalco

67. Procopio

78. Síntesis

91. Total Logistics

104. Xolos de Tijuana

68. Publimedios

79. Sol de Tijuana

92. Toyota

105. XX Ayuntamiento de Tijuana

69. Radio Latina

80. St Petersburg Vodka

93. Turbotec

70. Santander

81. Tacna

94. Tv Azteca

71. Secretaría de Economía /

82. Techmaster

95. Tv Azteca

83. Telcel

96. UABC

ProMéxico / Pymes

Promoters: Liliana Castellanos. Javier Espinoza. Patricia Hernández. Tomás Perrín. Jack Winer.






We need the commitment of the people who are promoting, demanding, opining, constructing, suggesting, and complying with their civic responsibilities. - Felipe Calderón.

Music by Do Re Mi Network Project, conducted by Eduardo Barrios, Director of the Baja California Orchestra, Tijuana Opera Company: Norma Navarrete, María Vargas, Andrés Olivares, Oscar Angulo, and Charlie Chávez, accompanied by Aiko Yamada on the piano




This, our country, is breaking down with each and every day, and according to most all of the news, there seems to be remedy. Philanthropists, nevertheless, believe there is. That is why they are so valuable. - Ángeles Mastretta.

Music by the “Arcano” duo, comprised of siblings Erika and Vick del Real Alvarado




I’m a bit embarrassed. I’m here to speak about changes in attitude; precisely here, where you have already achieved your doctorate in change of attitude. - Alfonso Romo.

Music by DJ Chris Ruelas




This is a wonderful evening I will never forget. Tijuana Innovadora is a project that I would love to replicate in my own country, so that the world will also know of all the good things India has to offer. - Anand Mahindra.


I hope to come back many times, because I’ve enjoyed everything that I’ve seen. - Carlos Falcó, Marquis of Griñón.

Music by tenor, Marco Antonio Labastida



rom the inception of Tijuana Innovadora,

and improve the quality of life as a direct

we have sought to be “educators.” We





see teaching as a process that, among










one’s ideas and prejudices; having the






individuals and society alike.

opportunity to transform society through sound communication, listening to others


and, certainly, to one’s self; developing

channeling of resources and activities has

attitudes, talents and vocations that revive

been designed to comply with our concept

personal preferences and passions; having

of education, described above, through the


mainstreaming of innovative leadership,




competencies that enhance productivity




solidarity and thinking.

The decidedly educational labor of Tijuana Innovadora seeks to enrich formal and informal education efforts and to collaborate in the comprehensive development of our region. These efforts include the designation of resources to a significant number of initiatives and not-for-profit organizations; the Volunteer and Leadership Program; the Education Committee with its Innovation Awards, guided tours and numerous workshops; as well as the Arte en la Industria (Art in Industry) program and participation in the Casa de las Ideas (House of Ideas) project. 92







A Greener Tijuana









The Media



Strategic Design



Culinary Arts






Automotive Industry



Organizational Excellence



Aerospace Industry



Ciencia y TecnologĂ­a



Leaders and Entrepreneurs






Digital City












Life Project Solar Oven

Celeste Castillo y Rocío Ibarra Carlos David Castro López


Organic Agriculture

The Green School

Ecological Garden

Conservation and Reuse of Water in Tijuana

Infiltration in the Tijuana River Basin

Hydroponic Cultivation

The Use of Wikipedia in the Classroom Memory of the World A Heroic Imagination as an Antidote to Bullying in Schools Educamp ITC for Teachers

Omar Pérez, Montserrat Alarcón y Enrique Soto Brenda Gonzalez Vazquez y Marlene Serrano Rojas

Aseret Brito, Danna Priscila García Chavez, Elizabeth Torres y Anahí Sánchez Rosa Angélica Hernández Galán, Alma Leola Guerra Canizalez y Delia Judith Gonzalez Zuñiga Adrian Posadas

Ing. Alejandro Caloca Galindo

Iván Martínez Rosa Ma. Fernández De Zamora Darío Sánchez

Dialogues Concerning Royalty-Free Licenses The National Sound Archive of Mexico: We Preserve the Memory of Sound for the Future

Fundamental Skills for the Manufacture of Vehicles

Guadalupe Curiel Defossé y Ricardo J. Jiménez Rivera

Richard Stallman, Yuridia Itzel Sierra y Ivan Martinez Tito Ávila Moran

Access to Resources at a Symbolic Cost, as a Platform to Further Entrepreneurship

Diana Caballero

MATH2ME: Mathematics for All (Class)

José Alejandro Andalón Estrada

MATH2ME: Mathematics for All (Mini Conference)

José Alejandro Andalón Estrada

Gerardo Brizuela Altamirano Israel Mendoza García


The Nanocharacterization and Research Unit

Carlos Cesar Apodaca y Sharon Jacqueline Villeda

Oscar Edel Contreras López

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Synthesis Methods of Nanomaterials and Biomaterials

Nanotechnology of the XXI Century

Learn to Develop Technological Ideas and Projects with Club Digital

Astronomy for Children

Cloud-based Platform Collaboration: Office 365 for Education

Gabriela Anaya, Juan Guzman


Blanca Margarita Parra Mosqueda, Deyanira Castilleja De León y Ana Cristina Bórquez Garcés

Raúl Montoya, Jesús Caín, Oscar Nuñez y Guillermo Romero

AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY How to Win the Noble Prize for Quality: The Design of an Innovative Business Model

Terpsicore Tabares Torres


The National Digital Periodical Library of Mexico

ELECTRONICS Innovation with Drones

Workshop on Light Polution

Solar Energy

Revlux, How to Identify a Quality LED Product

Gustavo Alonso Hirata Flores Leonel Susano Cota Araiza Eduardo A. Durazo Carlos Roman

Fernando Ávila

Uri López, Cecilia Aguillon y Hector Uraga Alexei Miridonov y Kuotaro Sanay Robles

Introduction to Biotechnology Basic Sound Effects Workshop

Saulo Cisneros

Visual Effects Workshop

Rodrigo Álvarez


Mass Acting Workshop “Silence, Camera, Action”

IMCINE, Support for Film Production Cinematographic Lighting Demonstration Aerial Cinematography Exhibit

Cinematographic Lighting Exhibit

Cinematographic Lighting Workshop

Constructive Creativity

Ivor Shier

How to do Business in Mexico

Eduardo Cisneros

Women as Key Factors in Business

Conscientious Leadership

Hugo Villa Smythe

Startup Weekend

Victor Duran

Do You Save or Do You Invest?

Ivor Shier

Cross-Border Journalism

Applying the Use of Social Networks to Civic Participation How do You Get to the Truth? Journalism in the Digital Age Television Workshop

Presentation of the Book, “A Chorus of Monologues” Behind the Cameras with Televisa Tijuana

Simon Somohano Rocío Álvarez

Miguel Ángel Isla Zavala / Axialent Omar Jacobo Monroy Soltero Wendy Montaño Gómez

Victor Duran

Business Geometry

Marco Alfonso Lepe Cisneros

Victor Duran

Business Culture for an Innovative Tijuana

Marco Alfonso Lepe Cisneros

The Search for Mobile Applications Opportunities: Word-of-Mouth and User Acquisition

Marketing Strategies Using Social Networks

Andrés Araujo Sanz

Claudio Armando Cossio Saucedo

Armando León Valladolid y Jorge Camarillo Govea Laura Castañeda, Carmen Escobosa y José Luis Jiménez

Yoga and Emotions

Esteban Camacho

Protolab Movil: “Interactive Electronics for Children”

Carmen González

Enrique Davis Mazlum Dean Miller

Guillermo Wilkins

Music and the Music Industry, Today and Tomorrow / Demonstration of Reactable

Raul Rodriguez

Mari Pili Becerra, Patricia Álvarez, Rigoberto García, Félix Guarello, Pablo Martínez e Iván Quezada y Maricarmen Flores

Philanthropic Contributions by Foundations for Hispanics-Latinos in the U.S. and Latin America

Pepe Mogt y Ramón Amezcua (Bostich + Fussible)

Gracia Goya, Michael Layton, Andy Carey

STRATEGIC PHILANTHROPY DESIGN CULINARY ARTS Municipal Citizenry, Government and Democracy

Creativity in Fashion Design The Creative Process to Design a Collection

New Trends in Experimental Design

Governmental Transparency, What’s Next? “In coordination with the Institute of Transparency and Access to Public Information of Baja California (ITAIPBC)”

Daniela Villa y Emedel García Hector Alejandro Hinojosa

Today, You Get to Touch Yourself

Roberto Lara Valenzuela

Civic Intelligence, Strategies and Tools

Are you an Activist and Live Day-to-Day?

The Barrel Monologues

Craft Beer Brewing

Andrés Hofmann

Roxana Salcedo y Homero Fuentes Alejandro Maza Ayala

Gabriela Enrigue González, Macarena Hernández De Obeso y Sandra Fernández Rodríguez

Dionisio Del Valle, Rodolfo Gerschman

Roberto Riatiga López y Omar Lopez Toscano

Coffee Appreciation Workshop: Extraordinary Coffee, No Sugar, No Milk...Enjoy It!

Alberto Song Trujillo

A Week of Coffee Tastings at Sospeso: Coffees from Around the World

Alberto Song Trujillo

The Culinary League for Special Youth

Chef Luis Castro

Innovation in Coffee: Creating a New Style and Method of Distinguishing Coffee

Marcos Reyes

Alberto Song Trujillo






…you have, once again, demonstrated (…) your profound love for Tijuana, which, once again, places you at the front and center of national public opinion and a good part of International public opinion, and for all the right reasons; for the reasons that Tijuana should always be on everyone’s mind. - Felipe Calderón.


PUBLIC ART Cardinal 5



aking into consideration the axes of TI

booths and at the Puente Mexico bridge, were

generating an audiovisual interpretation of

2012, creativity, industry and humanism,

then assembled to form one huge canvass,

the data, that is transformed into a musical

as well as the concepts of personal roots and

alluding to the interwoven social fabric of


identity, we created the “Cardinal 5” project.

Tijuana. Here, we also created “Textil Cardinal,”

according to the quantity of individuals and

Citizens completed: “What I most like about

a piece which repeat 33 times a pattern

the quickness and resolve of the guardians

Tijuana is...,” “I am a Tijuanense (citizen of

representing the connection between the

to get these people through the San Ysidro

Tijuana) from...,” “Tijuana is...” and “I work at...”

referenced sites. The piece on the Interne is

Border Crossing.

At each of these locations, which included

a work in algorithmic composition that takes

the international airport, main bus station,

data in real time from the RSS (news channel)

the lighthouse at Playas de Tijuana, toll-road

of the US Department of Homeland Security,





Creators Iván Abreu, Olga Margarita Dávila, Luis Garzón, Illya Haro, Eric Morales el “Dr. Morbito”, Ángeles Moreno, Gabriela Posada, Jhosell Rosell, Catalina Silva.

Without a doubt, this magnificent coordination between artists, the state, and the activism of a non-forprofit organization (Tijuana Innovadora) can be considered the social application of Relational Aesthetics, as formulated by Nicolas Bourriaud, but above all, this is symptomatic of the multiple relationships that make up the social, cultural and political fabric of a city like Tijuana.

Ciudad Habla (City Speaks)

- Eduardo Egea, Arte al Día.

Tijuana Innovadora, in coordination the public art collective Arte Público Reacciona Tijuana, created the Ciudad Habla project as a part of the renewal and continuity process of the “Con Amor a Tijuana” (To Tijuana, with Love) project created by the Tijuana Image Committee founded by Jose Galicot. With the participation of local citizens, in addition to artists such as Once Cero Dos, Mode Orozco, Spell, Pablo Vega, and Shente Elizondo, and also, students and graduates of the UABC’s Faculty of Arts, images were captured reflecting the feelings of those who pass through the San Ysidro Border checkpoint. To date, work has been undertaken on walls located under the bridge a few meters away from the México border crossing when entering by car from San Ysidro and in two more places along the area between the pedestrian walkway and the Sentri Lane as you approach the US border crossing on your way out. 103


Tijuana´s culinary scene has taken a huge leap forward... - Sam Zien, “The Cooking Guy”.


rends, concepts, trademarks, festivals, food pairings, and wine tasting trips; Like

its people, the region’s gastronomy reflects a mixture of regions, ingredients and cuisines… the election, transformation and combination of ingredients that awaken our senses...The region’s gastronomy is another seductress that could not be left out of Tijuana Innovadora. This included the Batalla Culinaria (Culinary Battle), Culinary Expo; Gastronomic Pavilion, and master classes by renowned chefs.


Hosts Marcela Valladolid and Sam Zien, “The Cooking Guy”. Master Classes by Renowned Chefs Stephanie Armenta, 100% Organic, Macrobiotic Vegan Cooking; Ofelia Toledo, Pre-Hispanic and Isthmian Cooking; José Ramón Castillo, Evolutionary Mexican Chocolate Making. Culinary Battle, Participating Chefs Roberto Alcocer, Drew Deckman, Martín González, Miguel Ángel Guerrero, Diego Hernández, Paul McCabe, Javier Plascencia, Chad White. Chefs Serving as Judges Ricardo Bonilla, José Ramón Castillo, Bill Esparza, Javier Gonzales, Pascual Ibáñez, Ernesto Jiménez McFarland, Andrés Madrigal, Martín San Román.

Gestora Maribel Moreno.



...much to the pride of Tijuana’s residents, this salad has transcended borders, finding a place in many of the world’s leading restaurants.

in honor of having set a Guinness Record for world’s largest Caesar Salad back in 2007, hundreds of people joined in tasting the traditional Caesar salad, which is yet one more example of innovation in Tijuana.

- Chef Andrés Madrigal, quoted from the Huffington Post.

To break the Guinness Record in 2007, 3 tons 287 kilograms of salad were prepared. For the 2012 occasion, approximately 110 kilos of lettuce were used.


out in collaboration with CANIRAC (the restaurant

creation of the Caesar Salad by Italian im-

industry chamber), Caesar’s restaurant, and the

migrant Cesar Cardini on October 20, 1927, and


Remembering “Caesar Guinness” was carried

o commemorate the anniversary of the

students of the Culinary Art School of Tijuana.


Is it hard for us to stop being indifferent? - Mily Cohen and Sharon Zaga, Memory and Tolerance Museum.


he Fundacion Papalotl Mujeres en Movimiento and Tijuana Innovadora joined forc-

es to raise breast cancer awareness in men and women, coloring the Tijuana Cultural Arts Center (CECUT) pink, presenting the workshop “Hoy te toca tocar� (Today, You Get to Touch Yourself) and we dressing in pink to emphasize the importance of detecting cancer at an early stage.


BUSINESS ENCOUNTER Everyone is an innovator. Not one of us knows where is next Steve Jobs is going to come from. - Dale Dougherty.

aja California’s driving force companies of






presented an exhibition of the inputs they



50 000


Machining, coatings and finishes, calibration

require for their production processes. We then





Packing, packaging, laboratory supplies and equipment

held Business Encounters with regional small



468 000


Industrial maintenance, abrasives, industrial safety equipment

and medium companies (referred to in Mexico



23 M


Machining, packing, coatings and finishes


as PYMES) to identify potential suppliers.



18 M


Injection molding, packaging, extrusion molding





Injection molding, waste management

The primary industrial sectors represented in-





Packing, stationary, printing

cluded: Aerospace, Food, Promotional Articles,



50.5 M

2 591

Automotive, Beverage, Electrical, Electronic, Printing, Medical, Metalworking, Metrology, Furniture, Optical, Paper, Chemical, Recycling, and Transportation. The main certifications required: AS 9100 and NADCAP, HACCP, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, and JPMA. We have a lot of work to do!


Classification of Leading Companies

Principal Sectors Represented

Packing Machining

1 5

4 33

Mexicali Tijuana



Plastic 14

Tecate Rosarito






Coatings and Finishes


Chemical Products

Rodrigo Caballero. Jorge Figueroa.



What we do, we do openly so that anyone can use it in their products, whether for commercial purposes or not. That’s not of concern to us. - David Cuartielles.


nder the coordination of Eduardo Guizar from NASA, the group Jovenes de Baja

California Unidos en el Espacio 71 (Baja California Youth United in Space 71), made up of students from the Universidad Iberoamericana, the Universidad Autónoma de Baja California, the Centro de Capacitación #6 and the Politécnico de Baja California, launched two nanosatellites into space: “Cimarrón Sat 1” and “Lobo Sat 1”. Coordinator Eduardo Guízar, NASA.



Coordinators Esperanza Collin. Ana Gurría. Claudia Muñoz. Jefte Padilla.


Designers Ximena Valero, Louis Verdad, Ermedel GarcĂ­a, Daniela Villa and Llenuel.



...Tijuana is considered one of the most important cities in the world; it is a city that has witnessed a positive and transcendental change, to become a place filled with life and progress; this is reflected in projects such as Tijuana Innovadora, in which we are proud to participate. - G贸mez Moreno.

Coordinator Jaye Galicot.



There is something that is as necessary as our daily bread, and it is our daily peace; the peace without which even our bread tastes bitter. - Amado Nervo.

Honorable GurĂş Javier Ferrara.

Coordinator Esteban Camacho.



(Tijuana Mosaic)

Safety Ecology Public Spaces Employment Development Mobility Education Civic participation Culture Didn’t respond Content with things as they are Economy Reputation Didn’t propose anything

A Tijuana Innovadora research project carried


out with support from Maria Luz Bravo and


Yo Propongo.

Health Sports and Recreation

1. Process of civic participation: Tijuana Innovadora sought to learn what worries Tijuana residents about their city and how these things can be remedied. 2. Video: Thirty-two Tijuana residents, who were born in other states, share why the stayed in Tijuana. 3. Photos: An aesthetic approach by photographers to document these immigrants. Photography Carmela Castrejón. Roberto Córdoba-Leyva. Angélica Escoto. Luis García. Jofras. Itzel Martínez. David Maung. Julio Orozco.


PA’ BAILAR TIJUANA (Let’s dance Tijuana)

I am Netzahualcoyotl, I am the singer, I am the parrot with the great head. Take your flowers and your fan, and dance with them! - Nezahualcóyotl.

¡La Ciudad Despierta! (The City Awakes!) The musical group La Ballena de Jonás and the Lux Boreal dance company, respective creators of the song and the dance.

Coordinators Eunice Sandoval. Henry Torres.



Ten or eleven years ago, we had 1500 factories in Tijuana with 25,000 employees. Now, only 22 of these remain, and we want to see them flourish once again. - Ivรกn Ilko, Furniture Cluster.

Coordinator Alma Bejarano.



With the necessary discipline, it is very easy to achieve success. - Raúl Alcalá.

Coordinators Alfredo Pérez. César Pérez.




Cultural Kiosk

Materia de Deseo (Matter of Desire), by Xawery

Guitar and Bass Duo, Péndulo Cero. Norma Na-

Wolsky. La Línea (The Line), by Francisco

varrete and Aiko Yamada. Briz’s Latin Jazz Band:

Toledo. Trascendencia y Vanguardia desde

Jazz LatinoRay. Hozé Melendéz, Judy Garland.

Tijuana (Transcendence and Vanguard from

Lux Boreal. La Ballena de Jonás, Colin McAllister.

Tijuana), by Benjamín Serrano.

Subterráneo Danza Contemporánea. Trio Elixir Solar. Proyecto Lizárraga. Tijuana Camareta.

Coordinator Virgilio Muñoz.



Luna Azul. SAOKO. Jorge López and Rubén Her-

Metropolis, by Fritz Lang. 2001: A Space

nández. Pavlova Dance Company, Madame Ur

Odyssey, by Stanley Kubrick. Modern Times

y sus Hombres. Luna Clásica. Jorge Villalobos

by Charlie Chaplin. Las Buenas Hierbas (The

and Friends, Ticos Big Band. Lorena Villaseñor

Good Herbs) by invited guest, María Novaro.

and Francisco Guerrero. Soprano Trio Concerto

Chalán and La Sirga, by invited guest, Edgar

Recital. Grupo Ecléctica. Corazón de Piedra Ver-

San Juan.

de. Ticuán Dance Company. Ópera Ambulante (Traveling Opera) with the Mariachi Águila.


We want people to talk about Tijuana and to speak well of it! We thank the Mexican Postal Service, Correos de MĂŠxico, for having responded to our request and shown us their support and solidarity for the issuance of this stamp!

In acknowledgement of the cities and architectural icons of Mexico, the Mexican Postal Service is issuing a special postal stamp, Grandezas de Mexico: Tijuana Coordinator

- SPM, Correos de MĂŠxico.

Jaye Galicot.



33.6 million United States residents are of Mexican origin. - 2011 American Community Survey.


Tijuana-San Diego is the largest metropolitan area in the world, situated in two countries, with a total population of 4.7 million. - San Diego Chamber of Commerce / INEGI 2010 Regional.

We created the Binational committee to enrich and strengthen our binational, crossborder and intercultural relationships. Did you know that 53 million Hispanics live in the United States? We love you, Paisanos! Come join us as we prepare for Tijuana Innovadora 2014: We’re linking ideas, and we’re building realities. The Diaspora!

Coordinator Tatiana Martínez. Laura Araujo.




he 2012 Closing Ceremony was a mandate from TI 2010. After Pa’Bailar Tijuana, the pub-

lic in attendance called for an event that would allow the people of Tijuana and visitors alike to continue celebrating our city. We prepared a program with Hernán del Riego that would include a performance of Tijuana’s DO RE MI Comunidad youth orchestra together with the Baja California Orchestra under the direction of Garcia Barrios, plus a review of our most popular events, performances by Azul Monraz, Effectronix, Pa’Bailar Tijuana with Lux Boreal, and La Ballena de Jonas, a message from our founder, Jose Galicot, and as our finale, performances by Nortec, Bostitch & Fussible; all of them, proudly, Tijuana artists.


Sí se puede... - José Galicot.

Coordinators Jorge Izquierdo. Hernán del Riego.


STAFF 18 permanent and temporary


Gastronomic pavilion and closing ceremony participants

Workshop attendees



Attendees via School Tours



Culinary Battle, Expo, and Master Class Attendees.


3,000 Participants in Pedaling Toward Greatness

Pa Bailar Tijuana (rehearsal and event)


Public Art Participants

300,000 18,766

Closing Ceremony Activities

228 96 70 Committee meetings

Wednesday Plenary meetings

Binational meetings


300 Conference speakers invited

Collective Canvas/Cardinal 5/City Speaks projects

Mosaic Tijuana

7,000 (surveys)

Innovamoda Attendees


Pavilion Antendance


Esplanade Cultural Program Attendees

Dinner Attendees


18,500 Caesar Guiness Attendees



National Lottery Presentation Attendees

800 200,000 TI Postal Stamps Issued

Meditation for Peace Participants

346 Binational Region Events (Terrace)


Satellite Launch



Fighting Breast Cancer

700 43

Purchasing businesses, Business Encounter

Xolos Soccer Match Spectators


Attendance for Individual Events


SD Press Conference


Mexico City Press Conference

Tijuana Press Conference



Media reps


Agora attendees



Small/Medium businesses making offers


127 60 3 Participating Models

Castings for Models

Media Placement

September 2012/November 2012 Mentions Generated

5,816 Metropolitan Strategic Development Plan




Event Banners in

985 350

Time Capsule

Business Encounter

Agents of Change events

5,500 Inauguration


Press conferences during the event

Accredited Mexican and foreign journalists


Workshop facilitators

Workshops provided

105 169

Furniture Cluster Fair

11,200 125







hen facing crisis situations, as hu-

Comarca Lagunera

man beings, we can react in dif-

ferent manners. The incredible value of


the Tijuana Innovadora Movement lies in the fact that diverse areas of society, with distinct individual interests, joined collectively to discover the power of supportive nexus for the greater common good. In its infancy, the Movement had to learn and

La Paz

demonstrate its congruency, and much as a rolling snowball, it gradually began to grow, strengthened by the outspoken, native, migrant, diverse and exceptional community that is Tijuana.


Los Cabos


Puerto Vallarta

El Paso



Cd. Juárez


Various cities have approached us to get an understanding and grasp of Tijuana Innovadora’s know-how, and in Distrito Federal Poza Rica

an exercise of humility, commitment, congruence, philanthropy and love for our country, we have shared and continue to share – what we’ve learned with our fellow citizens. In this process, we’ve shared the message of

Cd. Nezahualcóyotl

our city and made many new friends; the most precious part of our journey. We thank you for your trust. Here is a small sampling... Distrito Federal






Alejandro Ramírez Cinépolis 128














Gritarán Lotería en Palacio Municipal.

Instalarán pabellón MiPyme en TI2012.

Realizan sorteo de lotería nacional en conmemoración a EnTi.

Fuente: Ciudad Tijuana.

Fecha: 12/03/12.

Autor: Redacción. Género: Comunicado de prensa. Tema: Mipymes. Tendencia: Positiva. Sección: General. Hora: 00:00:00 Duración: 00:00:00

Página: Portal. Comunicado: Sí. Costo: 4400 No. LINK Impactos:

Fuente: Uniradio. Autor: Redacción. Género: Comunicado de prensa. Tema: Sorteo. Sección: Noticias.

Fecha: 09/10/12. Página: Portal. Costo: 4000. Tendencia: Positiva. LINK

Fuente: Ciudad Tijuana. Autor: Redacción. Género: Comunicado de prensa. Tema: Sorteo EnTi Sección: General.

Fecha: 07/10/12. Página: Portal. Costo: 3500. Tendencia: Positiva. LINK

Comentarios: se realizará mañana (martes) a las 18:00 horas, en Palacio Municipal, aunque las puertas abrirán a las 16:30 horas; cabe destacar que los boletos de este magno sorteo llevan impreso el logo de "Tijuana Innovadora"


Comentarios: La SE instalará un pabellón Mipymes en Tijuana Innovadora 2012.

Comentarios: Debido a la trascendencia de este evento, la LN llevará a cabo el sorteo como parte de las actividades del EnTI 2012.

Notas por medios San Diego


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Tijuana plans conference to boost biz By TIERNEY PLUMB, The Daily Transcript Thursday, August 16, 2012 Article


San Diegans are invited to Tijuana’s massive-sized housewarming party this fall to potentially open up lines of business, culture and communication. Tijuana Innovadora, which will take place Oct. 11 to 21, aims to educate San Diegans and the world about what Tijuana has to offer. The event showcases innovation occurring in the region in such industries as automotive, aerospace, clean tech, electronics and medical devices, as well as strategic design, mass media and cinematography. Only 9 percent of San Diegans currently think Tijuana is important for them, and conference founder Jose Galicot wants to raise that figure. “This is not a tourist program,” he said. “We want two neighbors to know each other.” Some of the best minds in the world will flock south of the border to shed a light on Tijuana's leading — yet widely unknown — role in manufacturing and exporting. Confirmed speakers include Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL); entrepreneur Blake Mycoskie of Toms Shoes; Nobel laureate Ada Yonath; Richard Florida, bestselling author; and Emilio Azcárraga, who heads the largest media network in Latin America. Galicot gave an overview of the event at a press conference Aug. 14 at the Mingei Museum.

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“The first time we did it we were trying to make a noise so people will look around and see what is happening in Tijuana,” he said, referring to the inaugural Tijuana Innovadora held in 2010. This time, he said, planners are bringing in more educators, engineers, architects and artists from all over the world. Other notable expected attendees include New Delhi powerhouse Anand Mahindra, who heads 100 companies; Philippe Cousteau Jr., grandson of undersea explorer Jacques Cousteau; and Earl Anthony Wayne, the U.S. ambassador to Mexico. A goal is to educate outsiders on what Tijuana is doing and making in its factories every day, ranging from TVs to telecommunications equipment for airports and astronauts to heart pacemakers. “Tijuana is exporting $85 million a day in technology. We have 50 years of quality products that we make for the world,” Galicot said. Tickets cost $35 for a half day, including keynote addresses and panels, or $70 for a full day. The event also includes an expo to showcase small businesses on both sides of the border, as well as dozens of workshops. Planners are expecting about 50,000 Americans to attend, with an additional 5,000 from other countries. When the conference was last held in 2010, there were about 30,000 people north of the border who attended, according to event organizers. Round-trip transit to and from San Diego is being offered for $15. Starting Sept. 1, downtown San Diego will be sprinkled with banners publicizing the event. There will be about 80 banners in the Gaslamp area, including along Market Street. The San Diego region has 3 million people, compared to Tijuana’s 2 million. “We have more engineers in Tijuana than in San Diego. We can make a difference together and create more businesses and more ideas,” Galicot said. He said 2,000 volunteers are on board to help orchestrate the event and drive down costs. The event will also highlight Tijuana’s fashion industry, with an international “InnovaModa” fashion show Oct. 14. Locally-based designers will include Louis Verdad, who has designed for Madonna and other entertainers, and Ximena Valero, who once designed for Victoria’s Secret. Chefs from Tijuana and San Diego, including Food Network star and San Diego resident Marcela Valladolid, will whip up their best dishes during a culinary battle Oct. 13 at the Tijuana Grand Hotel. Leave Your Comment Name: E-mail: Comment: 1000 char. max. 9/4/2012

San Diego Source > News > Tijuana plans conference to boost biz

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Tijuana plans conference to boost biz By TIERNEY PLUMB, The Daily Transcript Thursday, August 16, 2012 Article


San Diegans are invited to Tijuana’s massive-sized housewarming party this fall to potentially open up lines of business, culture and communication. Tijuana Innovadora, which will take place Oct. 11 to 21, aims to educate San Diegans and the world about what Tijuana has to offer. The event showcases innovation occurring in the region in such industries as automotive, aerospace, clean tech, electronics and medical devices, as well as strategic design, mass media and cinematography. Only 9 percent of San Diegans currently think Tijuana is important for them, and conference founder Jose Galicot wants to raise that figure. “This is not a tourist program,” he said. “We want two neighbors to know each other.” Some of the best minds in the world will flock south of the border to shed a light on Tijuana's leading — yet widely unknown — role in manufacturing and exporting. Confirmed speakers include Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL); entrepreneur Blake Mycoskie of Toms Shoes; Nobel laureate Ada Yonath; Richard Florida, bestselling author; and Emilio Azcárraga, who heads the largest media network in Latin America. Galicot gave an overview of the event at a press conference Aug. 14 at the Mingei Museum.

RELATED SPECIAL REPORTS International Business

“The first time we did it we were trying to make a noise so people will look around and see what is happening in Tijuana,” he said, referring to the inaugural Tijuana Innovadora held in 2010. This time, he said, planners are bringing in more educators, engineers, architects and artists from all over the world. Other notable expected attendees include New Delhi powerhouse Anand Mahindra, who heads 100 companies; Philippe Cousteau Jr., grandson of undersea explorer Jacques Cousteau; and Earl Anthony Wayne, the U.S. ambassador to Mexico. A goal is to educate outsiders on what Tijuana is doing and making in its factories every day, ranging from TVs to telecommunications equipment for airports and astronauts to heart pacemakers. “Tijuana is exporting $85 million a day in technology. We have 50 years of quality products that we make for the world,” Galicot said. Tickets cost $35 for a half day, including keynote addresses and panels, or $70 for a full day. The event also includes an expo to showcase small businesses on both sides of the border, as well as dozens of workshops. Planners are expecting about 50,000 Americans to attend, with an additional 5,000 from other countries. When the conference was last held in 2010, there were about 30,000 people north of the border who attended, according to event organizers. Round-trip transit to and from San Diego is being offered for $15. Starting Sept. 1, downtown San Diego will be sprinkled with banners publicizing the event. There will be about 80 banners in the Gaslamp area, including along Market Street. The San Diego region has 3 million people, compared to Tijuana’s 2 million. “We have more engineers in Tijuana than in San Diego. We can make a difference together and create more businesses and more ideas,” Galicot said. He said 2,000 volunteers are on board to help orchestrate the event and drive down costs. The event will also highlight Tijuana’s fashion industry, with an international “InnovaModa” fashion show Oct. 14. Locally-based designers will include Louis Verdad, who has designed for Madonna and other entertainers, and Ximena Valero, who once designed for Victoria’s Secret. Chefs from Tijuana and San Diego, including Food Network star and San Diego resident Marcela Valladolid, will whip up their best dishes during a culinary battle Oct. 13 at the Tijuana Grand Hotel. Leave Your Comment Name: E-mail: Comment: 1000 char. max. 9/4/2012


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I am greatly pleased and honored that this is happening in my factory; it brings us closer to art, to culture, even if just a little... thank you...and more so due to the magnitude of the artist, who reflects feelings of love and glory for Mexico - Adriana Lujan, worker. Coordinator. Eduardo GurrĂ­a 142


As we launched our use of the word #Tijuanizando,





orchestrate an imaginary intervention of sorts to neutralize and even counter the use it had been given in the media, seeking to give it a nuance relating to culture, space, habits, and forms of interacting, creating and innovating.

Production. Claudia Basurto



To act is to add something of our own to the world. - Simone de Beauvoir.

We believe in the power of art and culture as a instrument to promote creative and innovative thinking, and as part of the prevention process. We seek to strengthen peaceful coexistence through activities, workshops and laboratories relating to innovative vocations, all for the children, youth and adults of Camino Verde and its surrounding neighborhoods that allow us this privilege.

Architects. Adriana Cuellar y Marcel Sรกnchez Director. Francisco Orozco 144


El Histri贸n (The Histrion), CECUT. Artist: Jack Winer

For the love of Tijuana - Jos茅 Galicot.

Sitio de Seguridad 2 (Safe Space 2), El Trompo. Artist: Daniel Ruanova


RECYCLING It is a question of discipline,” the Little Prince said to me later on. “When you’ve finished cleaning up in the morning, then it is time to attend to your planet, just so, with the greatest care - Antoine de Sain Exupery (paraphrased).




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e’ve talked about how Tijuana Innova-

The project managers are specialists in the

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dora’s most significant efforts, greatest

areas of responsibility that they assumed

staff, but the vast majority of them are

examples and sources of pride have been

and in which the presented proposals.

professionals with ongoing responsibilities

evidenced through the volunteer work of many

They provided suggestions pertaining to

in other organizations, who find the time to

individuals that took on the responsibilities of

speakers, workshops and projects to for

support and promote their city. Many thanks

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to all of them!

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Teresa Martínez. Valeria Acosta. Valeria Mo- dos / Hairdo: Basilio Muñoz. Luis Almanza. 2010/2012. 8.CIT. El Alma de Tijuana. 9. El

Montijo. Lizeth González. Lizmaelyn Altuzar. rales. Vianey Bueno. Vicente Ramírez. Víc- Richard Cabral. Maquillaje / Make-up: Adria- Colef. Actualidad-Perspectivas 2042. 10.El Lourdes Alicia. Lucerito Zagal. Lucero Fave- tor Bernal. Víctor Americano. Víctor Castro. na Pichardo. Basilio Muñoz. Elvia Félix. GOC Colef en el tiempo. 11.Universidad Xochila. Lucía Hernández. Lucio Arredondo. Luis

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juana. 17.Centro Israelita de Tijuana. 18.CIT.

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Nueva Puerta México. 22.Propuesta Ciuda-

Gabriel Ortiz Vega. Gerardo Mora. Jennifer

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dana Diseño Urbano. 23.Situación Empre-

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linary Battle Sponsors: Arballo vinos y sarial. 24.Tijuana Digital. 25.Tijuana Verde.

co A. Valderrábano. Marco A. Valencia. María

licores, Asombro Marketing, Cerveza fronte- 26.Sedesol. Camino Verde y Mi Comunidad.

Alejandra Gómez. María Betsabé Márquez. Apoyo en talleres / Workshops: Alber- ra, Club Gourmet, Cooking Choice, Culinary 27.XX Ayuntamiento. 28.Periódicos del 10 de María Concepción Rojas. María Félix Pérez. to Song Trujillo. Alma Bejarano. Ana Cecilia María Fernanda Nieves. María Guadalupe

Art School, El Sargazo, Grand Hotel Tijuana, diciembre del 2012.

de Anda. Azteca B.C. Bibiana Maciel. Carlos I Print - Chef Work, La canasta, Mision19,

Vega. María Isabel Molina. María José Ra- Carrillo. Carlos C. Apodaca. CESPT. Conalep

Mundo BRG, Secretaria de Turismo B C,

ygoza. Mariana Granados. Mariana Navarro.

B.C. Emmanuel Campillo. Ejival. FIC. Flavio Smart & Final, Studio Arsa, Telnor, ZECA

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Mosaico Tijuana: María Luz Bravo. Yo pro-

Mario Alberto Agüero. Mario Saúl Vargas. Ma- Márgara de León. Tony Robles. María Gonzá- pongo. Con el apoyo de Reacciona Tijuana. risol Romero. Marlene Rojo. Martha Valdez. lez. Maribel Moreno. Nina Pizá. Patricia Sa- Conapo. Sedesol. IMPLAN. Ayuntamiento de Martín Hernández. Martín Fernández. Marti- haragui. Ruiz René Castillo. Roxana Salcedo. Tijuana. Testimonios / Testimonies: Blanca na Zamoran. Martina Isabel Zamoran. Max

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Sánchez. Melina Gaxiola. Melina Leyva. Me- Agencias de modelos / Modeling

Juanita Ortiz. Max Mejía. Anita Hernández.

lissa Mora. Melissa Moreno. Melissa Flores. agencies: Class. Contempo Models. G.H. Rosa María Martínez. Rocío Gallardo. Ber- Memoria / Memoir: Idea Original y textos Melissa Carolina Sariñana. Melissa Esme- Management. Higher Model Management. ta Vivar. Alberto Licona. Teresa Riqué. Olga / Original Idea and writing: Claudia Basurto ralda Sariñana. Melissa García. Merari Soto.

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Miguel Ángel Ríos. Miguel Ángel Tolentino.

dels: Aileen García. Aliki Cosmidis. Andrea ge Bautista. Kevin y Ana Rosa Maldonado

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Mildred Cruz. Miriam Sánchez. Montserrat Hurtado. Blanca Iñiguez. Brisell Sánchez. Daniel Salinas. Nahum Hernández. Elías y Alejandra Luna. Ashelin Estrada. Voluntaria. Pérez. Nadia Ramírez. Nallely Mares. Nan- Candy Arballo. Dafne Anda. Dafne Fuer- Benjamín Sánchez. Said Rodríguez. Car- Traducción / Translation: Mark Banks. Mariona cy Grimaldi. Nancy N. Moreno. Nancy Pérez. te. Daniela Dominique. Daniela Gómez. men Padilla. Wendy Melisa Lugo. Raúl Cár- López. Gracias al apoyo de Susana Orozco y Natacha Yuriria. Natalia Inda. Nayeli Zepeda. Denisse Aldor. Elizabeth Alcántara. Ellen

denas. Gabriela Posada. Roberto Rosique. Alejandro González / Thanks Susana Orozco

Nayeli Torres. Nidia Arzola. Octavio Salcido. Drane. Eva Hernández. Fernanda Encinas. Mely González. Rómulo Sosa. Carlos Adolfo Omar Luna. Omar Velasco. Omar González. Grissel Osuna. Jimena de la Torre. Laura

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Real. Fotografía / Photography: Car-

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and Alejandro González for their help.

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Aguay. Stephanie Escobar. Stephanie Ra- Pedaling toward greatness: Baja Bike

Ricardo Cuenca. Ricardo Omar. Rigoberto

mírez. Tania Cantú. Violeta Trujillo. Wendy Team. Enduro. Gct Team. Linces. Afferrados.

Domínguez. Rocío Sánchez. Rosario Vea.

Ruiz. Yolanda Guzmán.

MTB. Lobos Team, Bici Mart. OpBc. Otay en

*** 155 | Tel. +52 (664) 635-6337 @TjInnovadora








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