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The Dragon of the Nor th Kevin , Cristin Marii, Keity, Susanna, Timmo, Loree, Karl Mar tin

Parnu Koidula Gymnasium 2011

Once upon a time there was a very terrible monster. It came from the North and destroyed all living in its way. It was very hungry all the time...

It had a body like an ox and legs like a frog. And it had a tale like a serpent ten fanthoms in length. He moved like a frog – it jumped. It jumped half a mile on the ground. The Dragon of the North was very lazy and stayed on one place till it had eaten up whole neighbourhood.

Its body was covered with scales, they were harder than stone and iron. Nobody can destroy the Dragon. Its big eyes shine by night and even by day like the brightest candles. And anyone who ever looked into those eyes went voluntary into the Dragons mouth.

All kings in the neighbourhood had offered a lot of money for destroying the monster. Many brave men tried to do this but they all where killed by the Dragon. Then one old and wise man remembered what he had heard from the other old men - only king Salomon’s ring could help but nobody knew where the ring was.

At last a young man with a brave hart decided that it`s time to do something. On his way he met an old and wise man who knew that birds could help him. This old man taught him the speech of birds. Old man said: “When you get the king Salomon`s ring, come back and I`ll say what to do next.�

On the way the man listened to the birds and heard that the hellmaiden could help him. These birds showed him the way to the spring where the hell-maiden took a bath every year.

After swimming she found the young man and called him to her place. Birds said: Go and have a good time! But take care to give no blood or you sell your soul! Next morning the maiden asked him to stay with her always. Young man said that he must think about it.

One day the maiden took him into the sercet chamber and showed him many interesting things. One of them was the king Salomon`s ring. The maiden told that nobody knows all signs on the ring and can’t use it but she can . If she put it on her left hand she stays invisible or can fly like a bird . If she put it on her right hand nothing could hurt her and she can bild whatever she wishes and she can be the strongest human in the world .

The clever young men said that he didn’t believe it. So the maiden took the ring and showed him. She gave the ring to young man, he made himself invisible and then fly away. He was flying to the old wise man who taught him the speech of birds and landed there.

The old man read the ring and gave instructions how to overcome the Dragon of the North. He said: You must make an iron horse and put little wheeles under each foot. Then sit on your horse and take a spear in your hand, your ring could help you use it. When the Dragon bite your spear you must jump down and run out through it`s jaws then strike it into the ground

After few days you could go and kill him using the king Salomon`s ring. The young man went home and made as the old wise man had taught. He won the monster and married the king`s daughter. But the young man forgot to ask from the old wise man what to do with the dead Dragon`s body.

So it smelled very badly.

At that time the hell-maiden was looking for the young man everywhere and finally found him and punished him. She hid him into a big cave, nobody could find him.

His wife went to the old wise man and asked him for help. Of course she got it and after few months her husband was at home again.

At that time the old king died and the young brave man became a king.

Illustrated by Eliise, Artur, Christin, Marcus, Ilona, Kenzo, Maive, Markus and Raian

The end

The Dragon of the North  

Fr. R. Kreutzwald Estonian fairytale about the dragon of the north

The Dragon of the North  

Fr. R. Kreutzwald Estonian fairytale about the dragon of the north