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Future School - School in 2020

the click of the button for manage the system

Tiina Sarisalmi

difficult to apply in rural and disadvantaged areas

manage personal data manage the list of contacts link to different applications possibility to connect with teachers outside Europe students don’t lose their personal freedom better selection of the material used in teaching single application to manage the network active involvement of the students due to technology Collaborative and exploratory learning Student assessment and feedback is limited environment, Access is controllable, Web browsers and Internet connections are widely available, Extendibility, Accessibility, and Suitability

conclusion Phase 1: -connections with teachers outside Europe will most probably come true -managing the whole system with a click of a button-hope it will come true This is definitely real. I teach DATABASE DESIGN AND PROGRAMMING WITH SQL on the Oracle Academy platform. It is secure environment where students can access online courses and quizzes and run the applications on APEx. As teacher, I can manage accounts, reports about exams, logs...Also, the platform has a forum where teachers from Europe can discuss Phase 2: Scenario 4 (diversified teaching careers) seems to me the most probable feasible scenario for the future because of the diversification, personalization and autonomous learning that offers. Scenario 1 (enet -European education network) offers also many possibilities. I think all scenarios are possible because anything one man can imagine, other men can make real, sooner or later, but this is costly and effective management of time and resources. I think we are leading to the fourth scenario where teaching occurs either in class or virtually and mentoring is also digitalized. What we are just doing at this course seems to be a big step forward to this future context of school in 2025.


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School in 2020 - Team Work  

Team Work done at eTwinning Learning Event in November 2012

School in 2020 - Team Work  

Team Work done at eTwinning Learning Event in November 2012

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