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Making a choice on the leading Lamp Shades that match up to your room

There are so many ones of lamp shades UK to choose from that you may feel overcome by the undertaking of choosing a shade. But if you learn about the various types before you get started hunting through catalogues, you might be able to limit your search to the best styles and save yourself some time. For instance, you might first want to narrow the lampshades down by learning what types are suited to the theme of the room the lampshade will be in. If the theme of the room is traditional, you might want a conical shade; for a more modern look, a drum shade might be appropriate. There are other concerns that will focalize your choices. For a table lamp, for example, don’t let the lamp shade extend past the table’s perimeter. If the lamp will be near a television set, an opaque lamp shade of any material will reduce glare. A lamp shade made of semi-opaque paper or fabric will lend a warm, flattering glow. Our limited space doesn't allow us to cover very many of the numerous types of lampshades. Here are some types of lampshades to get you started, beginning with the elementary shapes:

Drum and Cylinder Shades These two varieties of round lampshades generally have vertical or near-vertical sides; the difference between them is primarily in their proportions. Drum shades are normally wider and cylinder shades are usually taller. Drums lampshades may be the safest of all shapes in terms of fire danger, because the bulb is located quite a ways from the shade.

Floor, Empire and Coolie Shades These three circular kinds have loped sides of varying degrees. Floor lamp shades have sides that are virtually as steep as drum or cylinder shades. Empire shades offer a medium slope and are wellproportioned for table lamps. Coolie shades feature the most gradual slope, with a smaller top diameter and a wider base. Coolie shades are rather close to the bulb.

Oriental-inspired Shades Release 2011

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There are many kinds of oriental-inspired lampshades. Probably the most well-known one is the paper ball shade with either Japanese or Chinese writing on it. Other examples would be the Puggi and the Shoji lamps.

Leather and Rawhide Shades These two kinds of fabric lampshades lend a western, earthy or rustic look to your lamp. Rawhide shades are a lot like their leather cousins, but rawhide isn’t exposed to the tanning process that leather undergoes. For this reason, rawhide is tough and almost clear, and can be stretched out (when wet) into almost any form you want. Tiffany lampshades are constructed of hand-rolled stained art glass, and they are what characterize Tiffany lamps. Light that gets filtered through these elegant lamps is breath-taking. Don’t worry if you notice lines, seeds or bubbles in the glass; these aren’t flaws, but rather the design and elegance of genuine stained art glass. The many subtle shadings of the glass show the uniqueness of every Tiffany lamp.

Mica Shades Mica is a mineral that is composed of layers of skinny transparent sheets. Mica can be black, green, pale brown or yellow. When light shines through a mica lampshade, it produces a mystical look that mesmerizes you.

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Making a choice on the leading Lamp Shades that match up to your room