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1. Looking at the maker of time 2001 32x40 in (80x100 cm)

ART is a privilege of very few people who have

an absolute knowledge of our origin, about the future, and the strongest driving force of the human race - LOVE. Through their work, these people communicate secret signs which invoke the memories of the future by opening the unattained levels of our collective reminiscence. Throughout the history of mankind there have not been many true artists, and today very few of them exist. TIHO is one of them, and you are given the opportunity to observe his magic and the secret signs that will lead you to the other world, which has always existed deep inside you waiting to be stirred. Fiona Diwan

... there is a law and obligation upon which similar beings travel through time and space in constant need to unite, and make the world move forward. On that path they have lots of hurdles which they overcome, either by going around them or sometimes just stand ing in front of them, waiting for a miracle to happen. This will only be possible for those who are different from others and who sense other different beings. The path of their union is blue, and their only indicator is intuition...

2. Vittoria 1996 40x26 in (100x65 cm)

3. Monalisa in timelessness 1999 32x40 in (80x100 cm)

All we really know is that creative artists influence people around them. There is no way to describe in technical terms what artists really do, mainly because they themselves are not fully aware of it‌

A part of him comes from a timeless space. All his life he has had a vague feeling that cannot be defined, and which he had experienced as a collision of time with reminiscences of the future. It seems to him that he has no say in his life and that nothing happens by chance...

4. An ermine with long coarse tongue 1999 32x40 in (80x100 cm)

5. Here I am 2005 16x20 in (40x50 cm)

6. Tiziana 1998 20x24 in (50x60 cm)

7. Fate 1993 52x36 in (130x90 cm)

Tiho was born on July 29th, 1961 in Cetinje, Montenegro, a Mediterranean town in the very heart of Europe. According to legend, Cetinje, mythically known as The Valley of Gods, is one of the strongest energetic spots on the world’s energy map. People who are born and raised there differ from others, as they carry science and art within themselves. Tiho enrolled in Cetinje’s prestigious Academy of Arts at the age of twentyseven and graduated at the top of his class. Before studying art, Tiho studied civil engineering, but ultimately decided that this was not his biggest passion. When he was in his third year of studies, Tiho founded “Art-Kok,” an organization which encompassed the town theatre, four music bands and various dancing groups. Tiho founded a local radio station in Cetinje and ran it for several years. After his graduation from the Academy of Arts, Tiho spent five years in Italy, as well as six months in Paris, refining his technique by visiting famous museums and studying the masterpieces of the world’s greatest artists. Tiho’s exhibitions attract an incredibly large number of people. His exhibition in Paris in 10/1999 was attended by 17,000 visitors, and the one in Podgorica in 05/2006 was seen by 40,000 people in 14 days’ time. According to Montena-Fax, at the opening of Tiho’s exhibition in Podgorica in 1998, there were about eight thousand and five hundred people. The Louvre has documented Tiho’s accomplishments, and is actively following his work. In Paris, Tiho was invited by prestigious university “Paris 8” to give lectures to art critics and art historians. Tiho’s paintings radiate an incredible amount of positive energy; some psychologists claim that his artwork has healing power. In 2007, Tiho published a critically acclaimed book titled “Marlen”, and he has written a script for the film “Soul Naked” which he plans to direct as well.

8. Pyramid and Love 2005 32x40 in (80x100 cm)

...I think there is something in his work that is not of this world. Some call it a mystery. It contains the discovery of love, of woman - that universal ideal of art‌

9. Soul naked 2003 32x40 in (80x100 cm)

... Psychologists claim that Tiho`s paintings cure people and make positive energetic space around them...

10. Mine 1998 32x40 in (80x100 cm)

11. Dream within a dream 1997-1998 40x40 in (100x100 cm)

Beautiful bodies with curvaceous thighs, and voluptuous breasts. The whiteness of soft skin flows like milk and melts into a milky web-like mass of mid-summer’s night dream. The Sphere, red and clear, is precisely and deliberately placed and has its aim, as a red Circe’s ball of thread, which slowly unravels, indicating to us a vast abundance of possible solutions in the infinite space. Which path is the right one? - Perhaps there lies the right solution that Tiho generously reveals to us through whitish velvety mist of firm and defined forms of his concubines. It’s a new world of the Amazons with piercing eyes, firm and tight muscles, with almost boyish curves of their bodies who rule their world singlehandedly. In their world, male presence is barely noticeable and hidden. It can be implied through various shapes of bars and straps, phalluses curling up around whitish bodies, and the red Sphere represents the artist himself. Tiho is present in his work as a prophet who can sense the future. His paintings represent human struggle for one’s identity and primary desire for infinity and eternal life, peace and perfect harmony, struggle in time, for time, and against limitations imposed by time.”

Gordana Glišić Jeglicka Tiho’s exhibition at YCC in Paris, October, 1999.

12. Myself 2004 32x40 in (80x100 cm)

13. Trinity 2005 24x36 in (60x90 cm)

When people realized that nothing could be claimed as certain on the basis of their partial and very narrow horizons, and when they became aware of the fact that the whole truth does not exist- the concept of an approximate truth occurred to them. If we don’t know what is going on beyond our horizons - at least we can make a guess. If nothing can be known for sure - it does not mean it’s not possible.

14. The beginning with red time 1997 40x40 in (100x100 cm)

15. Angel 1997 20x16 in (50x40 cm)

16.The serenity of love 1998 40x40 in (100x100 cm)

17. I’ll take twice 1997 20x20 in (50x50 cm)

Drawing 1 (ink on paper) 1995. 2x5 in (4,5x11,5 cm)

Drawing 2 (ink on paper) 1997. 5x7 in (13x17 cm)

Drawing 3 (ink on paper)

1995. 5x6 in(11,5x15 cm)

Drawing 4 (ink on paper)

1995. 4x8 in (11x21 cm)

Drawing 5 (ink on paper)

1995. 7x5 in (18x13 cm)

Drawing 6 (ink on paper)

1995. 8x5 in (20x14 cm)

Painting 1 (tempera on cardboard) 1990. 28x28 in (70x70 cm)

Drawing (carbon on paper) 1990. 35x51 in (90x130 cm)

Painting 2 (tempera on cardboard) 1990. 40x28 in (100x70 cm)

211 (pencil on paper) 1986. 28x40 in (70x100 cm)

Painting 3 (tempera on photography) 1983. 5x3 in (12x9 cm)

Milkmaid (tipography) 1989. 12x16 in ( 30x42 cm)

Time clock dreamt yesterday (tipography) 1989.

12x16 in ( 30x42 cm)

18. The end of suffering 1990 26x26 in (67x67 cm)

19. Lonely colors 1990 26x26 in (67x67 cm)

20. Perhaps 1992 59x43 in (150x110 cm)

21. A gift for orange 1993 51x40 in (126x98 cm)

22. Crucifix 1993 28x36 in (70x90 cm)

...Only similar things attract each other and are compatible... I am glad you too play the game of riddles with no sense… in a nutshell… everything is energy and we are only one of its forms, like all that surrounds us…Whether you believe in God or extraterrestrials… it doesn’t make any difference, after all…isn’t it logical that if God has created us, it is also possible that he has created more jerks like us, at some place in this infinite universe?… What I know …or at least I think I do, is that we are the products of a civilization similar to ours, but much more advanced, and that it is an infinite cycle in which we will play the same role when we evolve to the appropriate level... you can’t allow a young child to fly an airplane, you know...you have to wait for him to grow up and develop skills for it ... we are in a similar situation, our civilization ... but what I do know, and what you would like to know is that I had an encounter of the third kind... technically speaking ... on November 29th, 1999 in Paris at 2:30 p.m. ... I’m not going to tell you about the things I experienced before, except that sometimes I would feel something in the middle of the night which would make me wake up... and I did, after which I’d get ... stiff like this and my mouth would get into a rounded shape ... the same thing happened that night... take a hold of your hand ...and now let it go ... have you seen what it feels like ... something elevated from inside of me ... it’s the first time I had been able to speak in such a state, but most importantly, I saw the thing that elevated itself from me ... it was a woman’s body ... you know, like magma from volcano at midnight... all red with those black crusts all over it ... that’s most similar image to that one I saw ... and I said, with my mouth still puckered, please, don’t leave, tell me your name ... it’s amazing when you realize that what you have always thought to be correct turns out to be so ... I was a bit sceptical because I’ve never come across similar descriptions of them, but relief came half a year later... in a Brian de Palma film - Mission to Mars - an extraterrestrial was shown at the end of the movie and it looked very similar to what I had seen and had physical contact with; it explains how we were crated from their genes... I recommend that movie to you ... it would be illogical for me to be the only one to have seen that ... later in Paris, I met people who knew much more about this subject than I did... one morning after that had occurred to me, I woke up all and then.... all of it came together right here in my elbow... there’s more but most importantly, after that, I became fully aware of the reason why I was doing all this, and why it leaves such a powerful impression on you... and there you have it ... exerpt from Tiho’s movie script, “Soul Naked”

23. The birth of time 1993 36x52 in (90x130 cm)

On November 29th 1999 in Paris, Tiho had a close encounter of the third kind (contact with extraterrestrial intelligence) as a logical continuation of everything that had happened to him from the early age.

24. The aliens taking time for a walk 1993 36x 52 in (90x130 cm)

25. Try 1993 52x36 in (130x90 cm)

26. The old cloud with three 1993 52x36 in (130x90 cm)

30. A little bit like that 1994 24x32 in (60x80 cm)

29. Journey 1994 22x28 in (57x71 cm)

28. The end of the story 1994 26x30 in (67x75 cm)

27. Celestial milk 1993 22x76 in (56x76 cm)

31. Silence and infinity 1993 39x25 in (97x63 cm)

32. A promise 1994 25x27 in (63x69 cm)

33. The key for waiting 1993 15x60 in (37x151 cm)

34. The memory of you 1994 53x32 in (133x81 cm)

35. The conversation about rain 1999 16x20 in (40x50 cm)

36. The conversation about you 1999 16x20 in (40x50 cm)

37. The valley of gods 1993 32x53 in (81x135 cm)

38. Time coincides with itself 1996 15x60 in (37x151 cm)

39. Cupid’s dream 1997 32x40 in (80x100 cm)

40. Passion 1998 20x32 in (50x80 cm)

the game of riddles with no sense the game with no rules, the game in which winning is the only forbidden thing, the game for rich, lunatics, geniuses and Gods, the game for those who cannot find, the game against oneself, the game with oneself, the game for love, the game of riddles with no sense

41. Cosmic metamorphosis 1997 32x40 in (80x100 cm)

42. Perfection 2001 32x40 in (80x100 cm)

43. Entry to new dimension 1997 40x32 in (100x80 cm)

44. A painting for the nursery 1997 32x40 in (80x100 cm)

46. Yes, I will 1997 18x22 in (45x57 cm)

45. Observation of the dream 1997 20x20 in (50x50 cm)

47. I know 1999 24x16 in (60x40 cm)

51. Before rain 1996 24x32 in (60x80 cm)

50. Gentleness 1996 20x28 in (50x70 cm)

49. Reminiscence of the future 1996 22x29 in (57x73 cm)

48. Marlen 2005 20x24 in (50x60 cm)

52. Two is needed to get to three 1997 24x32 in (60x80 cm)

54. A sip of color 1991 20x12 in (50x30 cm)

55. The Beginning 1996 21x17 in (53x42 cm)

56. Waiting 1993 36x52 in (90x130 cm)

53. Self-portrait 1995 32x24 in (80x60 cm)

57. Curiosity 1997 24x32 in (60x80 cm)

58. Montengrin Woman 2002 40x28 in (100x70 cm)

59. Fairy 2002 48x30 in (120x74 cm)

61. A date in color 1991 10x7 in (25x17 cm) 60. The Miss for your love 1993 22x18 in (56x46 cm)

62. We’ll leave that 1993 29x20 in (73x51 cm)

63. It came 1993 30x20 in (76x50 cm)

64. Sorry for interrupting 1991 20x11 in (48x27 cm)

65. A wish like that 1994 10x20 in (25x50 cm)

66. So trivial 1994 10x20 in (25x50 cm)

67. The first little coat 1994 10x20 in (25x50 cm)

71. The Gate of Paradise 1993 9x21 in (22x52 cm)

70. That again 1993 20x24 in (50x60 cm)

68. Forejump 1992 20x29 in (50x73 cm)

69. Trap 1993 24x18 in (60x45 cm)

72. Jelena L.’s eyes 2004 16x32 in (40x80 cm)

73. The cloud in sense 1994 12x16 in (30x40 cm)

74. Alone 1994 12x16 in (30x40 cm)

75. Various 1994 12x16 in (30x40 cm)

76. Dusk 1994 16x12 in (40x30 cm)

77. In blue 1994 16x30 in (40x30 cm)

79. The game with me 1994 22x30 in (57x71 cm)

78. Imminence 1994 18x22 in (44x55 cm)

80. Pin ball 1994 16x12 in (40x30 cm)

81. Cetinje 1991 63x32 in (160x80 cm)

82. Splendidly billowed 1994 12x16 in (30x40 cm)

83. A cat and a dog 1994 12x16 in (30x40 cm)

84. The scream of pleasure 1993 24x16 in (60x40 cm)

85. Small crucifix 1993 26x20 in (64x50 cm)

the game of riddles with no sense the game with no rules the game in which winning is the only forbidden thing the game for rich, lunatics, geniuses and Gods the game for those who cannot find the game against oneself the game with oneself

the game for love

the game of riddles with no sense

86. Will I be 1983 5x4 in (13x10 cm)

Tiho painted this painting with his fingers and a toothpick on a canvas which had been left there a year before by his cousin who studied restoration...

87. A wish store 1997 12x32 in (30x80 cm)

88. Transformation of the actress 1997 24x32 in (60x80 cm)

89. Loneliness 1999-2001 20x16 in (50x40 cm)

90. They (females) 1997 20x16 in (50x40 cm)

91. They (males) 1997 20x16 in (50x40 cm)

92. The path to happiness 2001 20x16 in (50x40 cm)

... there is a law and obligation upon which similar beings travel through time and space in constant need to unite, and make the world move forward. On that path they have lots of hurdles which they overcome, either by going around them or sometimes just stand ing in front of them, waiting for a miracle to happen. This will only be possible for those who are different from others and who sense other different beings. The path of their union is blue, and their only indicator is intuition...

93. Rain, Sun, Snow and Song 1997 16x48 in (40x120 cm)

95. Serenity 1997 16x48 in (40x120 cm)

94. Space in time interval 1997 16x48 in (40x120 cm)

… Tiho explores reality somewhere in space between reminiscences of future and present… Tiho’s art is based on shifting of lines and wide colourful surfaces. The line which ends at the right moment wins every coincidence and reveals certain objects of sensual energy with secret codes. Blue color, lazure painted, attracts with its Dionysian beauty of the place in which Tiho has grown up. Time completely stands still in that blue sky which is like the glow of a crystal in which we can see the reflection of our soul.

I think there is something in his work that is not of this world. Some call it a mystery. It contains the discovery of love, of woman - that universal ideal of art…

96. Star gate 1999 32x40 in (80x100 cm)

97. The silhouette of the revolution in the ear 1997 32x40 in (80x100 cm)

Opening of exhibition in Belgrade Decembar/1993. Borislav Radović, poet …There’s no such thing as “better times” for an artist, for art is always a challenge to life, our opposition to triviality, lack of humor, stupidity, poverty and suffering that we cannot get accustomed to through life. Art is evermore a refusal to become passive, a refusal which brings us closer together. So it is with Tiho’s art. There’s gift and knowledge, all that you carry within you or acquire in time. They are gifts that originate from Cetinje, and are inhaled with Cetinje’s strong oxygen, and perceived in the vivacious colours of Cetinje: advantages that originate from that specific place and climate. But the game belongs to the artist only. And when he plays it, he says there are no rules, there is no victory or discovery, and when he plays a game with himself or against himself, it is always a game for love - courageous and fair, honest and humble. As Tiho himself says, he strives to rid his paintings of any coincidence. In this scanty and seemingly modest statement, you can discover a whole program that needs to be carried out without calculation and retreat. Instead of gleaning and careful calculation of how to get more and lose as little as possible, Tiho opted for the ‘all or nothing’ approach. That kind of gamble lies in the nature of true and revealing art. That’s what art is like, and it cannot be any different. After all, everything seems to be only practice, only a preparation for art. Tiho is fully aware that there is no room for pity for the artist or for his turning a blind eye on oneself. He uses film terms as a kind of supplement and a comment on his own artistic creation. After previously spinning the barrel of a gun with one bullet only…he places it against his temple to depict the position of the artist and points out to his dilemma, in order to be convincing in his presentation of the gambler’s nature - the one that doesn’t compromise in his search for something original and authentic … I don’t mean to be a “smart alec.” I just wanted to point out to the seriousness and lack of compromise in Tiho’s understanding of the artist’s position. He who plays the game with his whole existence does not have the right to let himself down. Apparently, Tiho is not one of those who give up easily. We sincerely wish him to complete the pleiad of his predecessors, master painters from Cetinje- Poček, Lubarda, Dimitrije Popović and Dado.

98. Two grazias and a concubine 1997 40x40 in (100x100 cm)

99. Self-portrait and two angels 1997 32x40 in (80x100 cm)

100. I could 1997 32x40 in (80x100 cm)

Somewhere in timeless space and interspace, two guardians of Horoscope were starting the game, and they appointed me a leader, whose responsibility was to translate for you into the language of understanding using colors, love, vanity and smells. ... there is a law and obligation upon which similar beings travel through time and space in constant need to unite, and make the world move forward.On that path they have lots of hurdles which they overcome, either by going around them or sometimes just stand ing in front of them, waiting for a miracle to happen. This will only be possible for those who are different from others and who sense other different beings. The path of their union is blue, and their only indicator is intuition... A part of him comes from a timeless space. All his life he has had a vague feeling that cannot be defined, and which he had experienced as a collision of time with reminiscences of the future. It seems to him that he has no say in his life and that nothing happens by chance. Sometimes he’d give anything for a little ordinariness… but only sometimes, when he occasionally loses a battle and his spirits dampen temporarily. At such times, his unusual origin is set in motion once more and he is once again the strongest one who climbs even higher in order to be more distant from everyone, but still hoping that someone might find him there one day. He believes in plentitude but not in the illusion of it, and believes that only similar things attract one another, because everything else is the absurdity of ordinary people. He believes that the search will be over one day, and he will return to where he belongs. He doesn’t believe in lies, even though he knows that people need to hear them just as he needs Cetinje in order to survive until being united once again. He knows that all is energy, and that there are codes for its use. He knows energy is best conveyed through LOVE, though he is not interested in the illusion of love, but only in complete love or none at all, because he does not approve of mediocrity in anything. She’s a princess. Always impeccable, smiling, seductive, completely harmonious physically, and at times ironic, in order to hide her dream-world and her insecurity in struggle with the truth which is not always pleasant. She owns the codes for his happiness and has been looking for him since the day she was born, because her luck lies in these codes as well, as does the key to the doors of other realms. The game began on the day they were born. They touched for the first time at one of his exhibitions, surrounded by eight thousand people, and time stood still for a while. When it resumed once again, he kissed her and said: YOU ARE A PART OF THIS AS WELL. He forgot about that until that day, four years later, when she described that meeting to him, which made him realize somebody was playing the game with him. They were lovers at the time. She was in another relationship, and was soon to be married. He had nobody, in spite of all the casual relationships with women. But none of them was his other half. He craved for the whole and the codes of creating it. He knew that those codes contained love, and that hands smelled of coconuts. She was looking for him, waiting for him to show up, unaware of that quest and her loneliness, which was invisible at first, because it was only piercing through her veil of happiness, making her sleep longer in escape from the world that had nothing to do with her. She didn’t remember her dreams. She held a strange map under her left breast as a secret sign for him. He had had no need for other women, for he had lived carelessly unburdened by common people’s worries, never knowing for sure the date, or even the year. He had been surrounded by people whom he had made happy, but had not been able to hide his loneliness from himself. He would constantly be

remembering what he had said - that when you hit the bull’s eye, you miss all the rest, unaware that this center needs to have space for something else. Then, they met at the same place, and she walked into his life. Her presence brought him joy. In him she inspired harmony, with which he would cover the vanity that wanted to take him far away from her. In the beginning he was only aware of the pleasure her closeness would bring him, and didn’t mind her having another relationship, but when this pleasure became happiness, he began to suspect that she might be the one who had his codes, and nothing was clear to him except that he was being messed around with. He would look up to where the guardians of the Horoscope were. They were losing control over the game...but not the One who was playing the game with all of them. He began to want her for himself, but in an inappropriate moment, because she was not ready to make such a decision in spite of the magic that dazzled her and the magic she enchanted him with. She felt she was losing him, and all of the sudden she found herself in front of his wall of vanity that came between them. The magic was slowly evaporating. Nobody was in control of anything any longer, and it all began to blend in time, in a way which made the right things to happen at the wrong time, wrong words would 101. Anything is possible 1994 be said at the right time, and everything was upside 24x32 in (60x80 cm) down. She forgot about the codes of their happiness and got pregnant. He was with her throughout that whole situation, unaware of the fact that he was being torn to pieces, and only when he looked up did he sort his intuition. The game became a game of riddles with no sense. He stood paralyzed at the crossroads made of infinite number of life paths that disappeared one by one. He could no longer differentiate the blue color of merging. He was torn apart between the love for that which will never begin to live or smile at the sun, and his intuition which was telling him that right things were yet to come at the right time, with people who carried the tale of the future. After she had stopped using the codes, the world started to disappear before her eyes while she was contemplating certain life’s limits which were dangerous to cross. She did not know they didn’t exist, and even if they did, she had crossed them a long time ago. On a Monday night, a big white cat found its snack in the garbage can in front of the clinic. From Tiho’s book MARLEN

102. The mystery of a dream 1997 40x48 in (100x120 cm)

103. Nastasija 1997 30x48 in (83x122 cm)

In Cetinje, a person can witness some of the most unusual days, timelessly transparent, turned towards all sides of the world. He meets the cosmos at night when the gravitation of man towards the stars is clear and sweet to us. It doesn’t matter how we perceive the most beautiful night- as one with raindrops pattering on tin roofs, or the one with blue and white stripes of dry clouds that crack into equal fragments and merge once more; or if it’s a sparkly June night, heavy with the smell of lime trees as the sky over the South of Europe is high above filled with large constellations, and the sky is restless with falling stars. A man who is awake at such nights is himself like a star over Cetinje that is a guardian of eternity and creates eternity, and plays eternity‌ Man sees and understands.

104. Timelessness 1996 52x36 in (130x90 cm)

105. Here and somewhere over there 2001 40x40 in (100x100 cm)

Greetings to my favorite painter, Tiho. No, I haven’t forgotten you… on the contrary- I think about you more than ever. Every night you descend onto my shoulder, thus following me to my bed, where life out of the ordinary starts to unravel. Sometimes I do need to close my eyes in order to step into that world of mine, the world of creative visualization. But in spite of the power of those trips through dreams, time, infinity, I would like so much to feel your lips on mine, because I’m still more Earthly than cosmic. All this will further confirm to you that what flows between us comes from a distant past, or even future. Each time I would feel restless when thinking about you, I knew you needed my help, so I would exclude my mind and body from the present, and begin sending you the positive energy, love and attention. This ritual is so wonderful and special. I place myself in the black space of the cosmos, the stars are in the background, and somewhere below me is the Earth, the place where you are. My arms are placed tightly beside my body, and my legs are linked with cosmos by roots. That’s where all the strength and calmness come from, gathered from millions of particles of positive energy that makes circles through eternity. Such fluidity of light creates whirls through my body on the way to my head and, when reaching its peak, it flows out of me like a tunnel connecting me with you. You receive my message and it fills you from head to toe. If you feel hot at times, you should know that it’s me visiting you and communicating with you through this ritual, or, better said, my subconsciousness and yours are making love and creating fireworks. My store of dreams is still open for you. I will only say that the colors that prevail are those from your palette, and besides these, there is a person standing beside you, a hermaphrodite and I am not sure if you will send somebody to stand by my side, or if I’ll be the one to send somebody to carry my message to you. Tiho, my angel, take care and be yourself, and everything will fall into place. There is a woman who loves you with a special kind of love, you know who she is… 29.11.1999, Paris

106. The completeness of existence 1997 48x40 in (120x100 cm)

Narodna knjiga, Podgorica

Publishers: Design: tiho

Prepress: IMPULS studio

Print: OBOD, Cetinje

Paintings from 1 to 106 are made in technique oil on canvas.

Tira탑: 1000

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