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volume 36 / MAY / JUNE 2013


OCT 7 & 8

Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of TIGI® & Bed Head® Studios with Anthony Mascolo and the TIGI® International Creative Team


Up close & personal


Vince Davis General Manager TIGI® Americas 15 years at TIGI® and 23 years in the Professional Beauty Industry

Few things feel better than winning; a special win for me was TIGI® copyright©olour™ as Best New Colour at the 2013 Stylist Choice Awards. I’ve been in the industry a long time; I’ve seen colour lines come and go. Copyright©olour™ is unique, TIGI® created a colour offering to support the needs of salon professionals. It raises colour service levels, increases creativity with customized formulas for each client, all while reducing inventory and improving profitability. I knew our approach had to be tailored in the same way. We expanded our field education team across the country to support our copyright©olour™ salons during product transitions, and for ongoing training to support the needs of education. We have beefed up the available courses at both the SOHO Academy and the Dallas Learning Lab. Between our academies and in-salon education there are 3-5 colour education classes happening across the US and Canada almost every day of 2013. Salon Professionals want new choices and alternatives in hair coloring and TIGI® delivered. After only one year TIGI® has been selected as the choice that salons should ask for. This win is great momentum, it’s great energy in the office, in our educational courses and in your salons.

As TIGI® Global Creative Director, Nick Irwin has led the International Creative Team backstage at Fashion Week events throughout the world. During this Up Close and Personal evening, he will demonstrate one haircut that is currently relevant to the direction of our upcoming collection. He will also present and provide creative breakdown of one pre-cut model. And finally, he will demonstrate 2 Spring/ Summer ‘13 Fashion Week-inspired styling demonstrations. TIGI®’s Richy Kandasamy will detail all colour applications for each model. Richy is the TIGI® USA Technical Director working out of the TIGI® Advanced Academy in New York City via Seychelles and London.

REMAINING DATES April 28 - Atlanta, GA April 30 - Miami, FL May 19 - Houston, TX May 21 - Dallas, TX Richy Kandasamy

TIGI® USA Technical Director

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TIGI is proud to be the hair care sponsor for Children With Hair Loss.

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Children With Hair Loss (CWHL) is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that provides customized hair replacements and styling services, at no cost, to children with medically-related hair loss. To date, CWHL has helped thousands of children with medically-related hair loss at no cost to them and their families. TIGI® will assist CWHL with financial donations, but more importantly will help spread awareness throughout the professional hair care industry. We hope to partner with all of our customers and help provide an invaluable service to children with medicallyrelated hair loss. We look forward to working with all of our salon partners in this charitable partnership for years to come.

June 1-3 Get your TIGI® fix at Premiere Orlando! With a host of activities including a Main Stage performance featuring the TIGI® New York Academy Team, Hair Colour Stage performances featuring Global Creative Director Christel Lundqvist and a multitude of classroom and booth demonstrations, TIGI® will be showcasing its best and brightest. Visit for more information and to purchase tickets. TIGI® Booth #3866 and VIP Room #222B

For Serious Straight NEW Straighten Out™ For clients wanting supercharged straight hair. Superstar thermosetting polymers power this high performance hot iron cream. For 48 hour serious, serious straight, even in 98% humidity. Packed with conditioners to smooth the hair cuticle for super shine and calming static, combatting frizz and adding strength and elasticity.

Item# 140424

Retail size: 120ml / 4oz

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For Defined Curls NEW On The Rebound™ For clients wanting supercharged curls. Reform rebellious curls into soft and defined ringlets. Our curl recall technology instantly reforms, ensuring curls spring back into shape with just one scrunch. Thermal protection also fights frizz, smoothes curls and gives the hair serious shine.

Item# 140419

Retail size: 125ml / 4.22oz

UPC# 615908420777

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Spray Rockaholic™ Dirty Secret™ Dry Shampoo lightly at roots for oil control, texture and to set a solid foundation for your style. Then, blast the ends with Bed Head®’s classic shine enhancer, Headrush™. A perfect blend of texture and shine.

M ®



gy o l o

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Bringing together the Worlds of Science. Art. Hair

With passion and integrity, TIGI® takes you on a journey of hair transformation. Over time hair is restored, revived and awakened, metamorphosing into sublime, healthy looking shiny hair. TIGI® Hair Reborn™ is the latest innovation from TIGI® Haircare and features the rarest ingredients and finest fragrances. Hair Reborn™ offers 3 haircare journeys: Resurgence for dry hair, Serenity for frizzy hair and Awakening for damaged hair. Each journey provides a prescriptive solution for your client’s hair; with high octane back bar treatments as well as complete in-home regimen, including shampoos, conditioners, treatments and styling products.

Product Technology Hair Reborn™ introduces Hyper-Distillation™ in hair care, a patented purification process to concentrate the finest raw materials to their most potent form. The finest raw materials are extracted, intensified and concentrated into their most potent form to create advanced formulations.




Hydra-Synergy™ Shampoo Hydra-Synergy™ Conditioner Time Extend™ Moisture Lotion

Sublime Smooth™ Shampoo Sublime Smooth™ Conditioner Smoothing Texture Refine Masque

Deep Restoration Shampoo Deep Restoration Conditioner Reparative Nocturnal Therapy™

TIGI® Hair Reborn™ is carried in select salons. To request additional information on the brand or qualification requirements to become a Hair Reborn™ salon, please contact your TIGI® Sales Specialist.

invent it. own it. gloss It. Introducing 6 NEW gloss shades from TIGI® copyright©olour™ Available July 2013 • 9/21, 7/2, 6/3, 6/85, 4/88 • New! Clear with no lift 00/ • New! 5 volume/1.5% Activator TIGI® copyright©olour™ allows colourists the freedom to create customized colours, adapting shades for each season to allow clients to stay on trend. The NEW TIGI® copyright©olour™ gloss shade extensions enable colourists to have the ability to create an even broader spectrum of shades, catering for each and every client. Item # 845696 TIGI® copyright©olour™ gloss 9/21 845697 TIGI® copyright©olour™ gloss 7/2 845699 TIGI® copyright©olour™ gloss 6/85 845698 TIGI® copyright©olour™ gloss 6/3 845700 TIGI® copyright©olour™ gloss 4/88 845695 TIGI® copyright©olour™ gloss 00/ 845715 TIGI® copyright©olour™ activator 5vol/1.5%

UPC# 615908422177 615908422184 615908422207 615908422191 615908422214 615908422160 615908422399


TIGI® copyright©olour™ Creative Consultation App

The TIGI® copyright©olour™ Creative Consultation App has been designed exclusively for professional colourists to enhance creativity and increase client loyalty! Collect and tag photos to use as inspiration for yourself and your customers. View the hottest styles from TIGI®. Keep track of your clients, their appointments and new or unique haircolour shades!

Available for iPhone on iTunes Summer 2013

Get your GLOSS on!

Get this lip look by pairing Nude Perfect Lipliner with Faith Decadent Lipstick, and lightly glossing over with Candy Fixations Mega Whip Luxe Lipgloss.

Back by popular demand, Candy Fixations Luxe Lipgloss Collection. Brighten up your summer wardrobe with these tasty and fun limited edition shades!

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Karen Angel, the very first TIGI® Ambassador

and owner of Panache & Co. Salon in San Diego, California worked closely with Global Creative Director Nick Irwin, Eric Gomez and the rest of the TIGI® Talent Team to achieve the retro ultra-glam look.

Inspired by Alfred Hitchcock 1950’s heroines • Wigs were prepped with Catwalk® by TIGI® Session Series™ Transforming Dry Shampoo, perfect for adding texture to wigs or extensions. • Set with hot rollers and a blast of Catwalk® by TIGI® Sleek Mystique™ Look-Lock Hairspray • Once set, curls were brushed out into the desired shape with the aid of a little more Transforming Dry Shampoo to provide lift and texture.

Item Code: 471185

DETACHABLE BLADE CLIPPER ALL NEW LOOK • 2 speeds (2,800/3,300 SPM) for styling versatility • Powerful rotary motor cuts wet or dry • Anti-slip, soft grip housing with an ultra lightweight and ergonomical shape make it easy to hold • American designed and made with the industry’s ONLY 2 year warranty TIP FROM MITCHEL “Keep your clipper cool! Don’t forget to use a cool spray between each use.”

Editorial Make-Up May 15 Transition Cut & Transition Colour May 20-22

Graduation Skills June 17-19 Creative Consultation June 17-18 Creative Cut & Creative Colour June 24-25

Men’s Fashion Forecast with Mitchel Wilson June 10-11 Course Level: Intermediate Course Registration Expires: May 20-21

Mitchel Wilson

Creative Cut & Creative Colour May 6-7 May 13-14

Classic Colour & Classic Cutting June 10-13

Men are increasingly interested in their hair and appearance, and it is therefore key that hairdressers focus on this potential area of growth in their salons. The course includes a demonstration on live models and workshops on TIGI® male mannequin heads.

TIGI® SOHO Academy • 466 Broome St. • New York, NY 10013 Information and bookings • 888.311.TIGI (8444) or 212.702.9771

TIGI® LEWISVILLE Learning Lab •1655 Waters Ridge Drive • Lewisville, TX Information and bookings • 800.259.8596 •


Ask your TIGI® Sales Specialist about the special VIP guest that will be in attendance a hairdressing industry idol and TV personality!

When October 7-8, 2013

Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of TIGI® & Bed Head® Studios with Anthony Mascolo and his TIGI® International Creative Team

Where Gaylord Texan 1501 Gaylord Trail Grapevine, TX Hotel room rate per night: $179 To book your hotel room online go to: do?mode=welcome_ei_new&eventID=10568702 Please see your TIGI® Sales specialist for more information.

nd I are thrilled to invite you to our 2013 World Release. This amazing the result of months of brainstorming, researching and planning. We want to h you the incredible experiences that we’ve had over the last 10 years and take you into the future with the very eas from our innovative TIGI International Creative Team.”

Tickets now available on 16-world-release hurry, limited sEATING!

My team and I are thrilled to invite you to our 2013 World Release. This amazing event is the result of months of brainstorming, researching and planning. We want to share with you the incredible experiences that we’ve had over the last 10 years and take you into the future with the very latest ideas from our innovative TIGI International Creative Team.”

My team and I are thrilled to invite you to our 2013 World Release. This amazing event is the result of months of brainstorming, researching and planning. We want to share with you the incredible experiences that we’ve had over the last 10 years and take you into the future with the very latest ideas from our innovative TIGI International Creative Team.”

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