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an oasis in the desert


meet our team Shawn Manley (Sr. Pastor) & Cheryl Manley (Hospitality & Women's Ministry) We believe in Desert Foursquare Church because God called us to this area with a burden to minister to the people of the Coachella Valley. We love deep and meaningful relationships, and we have a passion to see people connect to Christ. Our family moved to La Quinta from the Seattle area, and we are amazed by the incredible people he has brought to Desert Foursquare. We are a part of a movement of the Holy Spirit to bring people to Jesus and radically transform lives.

Bruce (Church Council Member) & Sharman Dow (Women's Ministry and Teacher) With a young and energetic staff, Christ will be served and many souls saved in the Coachella Valley! Desert Foursquare creates the opportunity to worship with believers and to be part of a Foursquare Church. It is uniquely positioned to bring a spirit filled message of the love of Christ to the residents of the Coachella Valley. Additionally Desert Foursquare can address underserved groups such as students at the College of the desert while at the same time meeting the needs of the senior population who truly needs Jesus Christ.

"To share the gospel and make disciples of Christ by connecting people to a healthy, vibrant church. We know, and are known in our community, and we are dedicated to the cause of interdenominational and worldwide evangelism."

Ryan Frederick (Worship Leader & Church Council Member) & Selena Frederick (Service Production) We feel called to minister through Christ to this desert community, and being a part of Desert Foursquare Church helps in that call. We believe in the message and culture of Foursquare. One of our personal goals is to be a part of a church plant, to help people know and grow in their relationship with God. The desert desperately needs a church that is relational and discipleship focused; we are excited to be a part of filling that need. Shannon Marth (Foursquare Kid’s Director) I am passionate about our kids! They are paramount in revealing God’s glory to their generation and the generations that surround them. A child has a voice that is uncomplicated in all circumstances, and it pierces the hardest of hearts with Christ's astounding love. The Bible instructs us to “Train a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not turn from it” [Proverbs 22:6]. I am eager to partner with the Desert community to bring these God breathed instructions to life.

Cliff and Vickie Ingle (Church Council Member & wife) The Lord led my wife and me to Desert Foursquare through a unique set of circumstances. After visiting a Desert Foursquare Sunday pre-launch service, I (Cliff ) felt the Lord telling me that this is where He wanted us at this time. We were attracted to this body by the excitement and passion of Shawn, Cheryl and the rest of the the people we met. God brought us here to use the gifts He has endowed us with in order to further the cause of Christ.

We felt so strongly about you that we were determined to share with you not only the Good News of God but also our lives. That’s how dear you were to us! � Thessalonians �:� Coachella Valley is a beautiful desert landscape. In the midst of its many gated communities, projects and events, many individuals still feel lost and alone. Our hope at Desert Foursquare Church is to help these individuals find the purpose, joy, and love that comes through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Launching in October ����, Desert Foursquare Church is currently meeting as a home church at Shawn and Cheryl Manley's home. In a short amount of time it has been encouraging to watch our church family grow and connect with young families, snow-birds, college students, and people who have lived in the valley all their life. Currently being chartered through the Southwest Foursquare District, Desert Foursquare Church is one of the four Foursquare churches that serve the ���,��� residents of Coachella Valley. We know that God called us to this area to love these people into the Kingdom.

we are planting...

A. The Great Commission requires us to plant churches: Matthew ��:�� Then Jesus came to them and said, “...go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit…” B. New churches best reach (a) New generations, (b) New residents, and (c) New people groups (a) New generations have oftentimes flocked to new congregations. Long-established congregations are usually not attractive to young adults because of their set traditions (such as time of worship, length of service, sermon topics, leadership-style, and emotional atmosphere) which reflect the sensibilities of long-time leaders from the older generations. (b) New residents may be attracted to new congregations because older congregations usually require �� years of church membership before new members are eligible for leadership positions. Conversely, new churches may offer new residents equal leadership opportunities as they offer long-time area residents. (c) New socio-cultural groups in a community may be served better by a new church plants that are intentionally multi-ethnic. New churches can structure services and materials that minister to each specific language as well as build accommodating bible studies with a flexibility that other, more established churches, might not have. C. New churches have a tendency to focus most of their resources on evangelism while established churches progress towards maintaining their church through being program-centered. D. New churches are able to integrate young, strong leaders into important ministry positions. F. New churches may challenge established churches to examine their processes and traditions Content adapted from Dr. Timothy Keller















= $151,220 *Based on a one-year startup budget

Our church council is responsible to see that we are financially sound, using our resources in God-honoring and God-directed ways. We manage our relationships and resources with transparency and excellence. Psalm ��:�� And David shepherded them with integrity of heart; with skillful hands he led them.


Although we live in beautiful area we know we are all in the midst of a spiritual battle. Please pray for our growing body of believers as well as how the Lord might want you to contribute. Desert Foursquare Church is looking for prayer partners, new members, financial partners and more. Contact Pastor Shawn Manley directly to share how you would like to encourage this fresh expression of church in the Coachella Valley.

DESERT FOURSQUARE CHURCH Desert Foursquare Church PO Box 1624 La Quinta CA 92247 Meeting in Palm Desert High School this fall

Shawn Manley 424.653.8323 Desert Foursquare Church is a part of the Church of the Foursquare Gospel International

Desert Foursquare Church Prospectus  

Informational book for for prospective church members.

Desert Foursquare Church Prospectus  

Informational book for for prospective church members.