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December 1. 2016

Really Smile... Only Two More Mondays Until Upcoming Events from the Principal’s Desk

Christmas Break!

Congratulations Haley and Loftin!

Volume 1, Issue 2

West Blocton Christmas Parade 12/10 Band Concert 12/16 Final Exams: 12/15 and 12/16

Which student says, “You and me, we’re just like that”

December 15 and 16 are half days! And the 16th is the last day of school for 2016!

If you know the answer, see Mrs. Mabry for a prize!

Students return to school on January 4th. Pictured seated L-R: Loftin Hood, Representative from Marion College, Haley McElroy, Logan Green.; Standing L-R: Mr. and Mrs. Hood, Mrs. and Mr. McElroy

Congratulations to Haley McElroy and Loftin Hood for receiving Full Tuition Golf Scholarships from Marion College for their golfing skills.

These students were coached by Logan Greene. We expect to hear great things from these two! Watch out Tiger Woods and Meg Mallon .

Congratulations Grace Graham!

Jeff Parker from Farmers’ Insurance Company has donated $100 to the sponsor of the Tiger Times to be used to buy ink to print the color copies for the front office Thank you, Farmers Insurance!

Congratulations to Gracie Graham, her parents (Mr. and Mrs. Graham), and her coaches (Mr. Kevin Cotner, Edgar Cook, and Greg Farnetti) on her receiving a softball scholarship to Faulkner University. Pictured seated L-R: Mr. Graham, Grace Graham, Mrs. Graham Standing L-R: Edgar Cook, Kevin Cotner, Grace’s sisters (Crislyn and Anne Graham) Greg Farnetti, Terry Lawley (Principal)


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Senior Information— Cap and Gowns $50 

Senior fees before December $55 after December it’s $65

Sign up for the FASFA (all colleges require it)See Mr. Crim for help.

Future Engineers hard at work!

Secret Of The Week My first cat’s name was Momma Kitty. Which teacher am I?

Seniors: The mugs have been ordered; diploma covers are in; cap and gown sets are being purchased; the only thing lacking is YOUR DIPLOMA. And that is totally up to you!! Keep up with your grades and March in May! Staff Writers Robin Ryan Samantha Pruitt

M 1 8 15 22

T 2 9 16 23



MAY 2017 W 3 10 17 24(1/2)

T 4 11 18 25(1/2)

F 5 12 19 26


Seniors—Only 98 days left! I’m as small as an ant, as big as a whale. I’ll approach like a breeze, but can come like a gale. By some I get hit, but all have shown fear. I’ll dance to the music though I can’t hear. Of names I have many, of names I have one. I’m as slow as a snail, but from me you can’t run. What am I? Whoever can find Kallee Rowe first with the correct answer will receive a small prize.

Find Robin Ryan first with the answer and you will receive a small prizese

Madison Smelcer

Quotes of the week Growing old is mandatory but growing up is an optional.

Walt Disney

Volume 1, Issue 2

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WBHS Sports

Boys Varsity Team

Kevin Toxey

Junior Varsity

Tyler Pool

Jordan Kelser

Akil Cox

Jacob Graham

Keontea Taylor

De’Unte Holman

Andrew Stacy

Joshua Graham

Aaron Hubbard

Trey Underwood

Danzel Brooks

Jamon Johnson

Jay Genry

Tyler Rutledge

Rodney Crymes

Keenan Kelser

D’Angilo Evans

Andrue Sivley

Bailey Martin

Trent Underwood

Coaches Steven Motley

Damian Terry

And Stephen Preston


Kaywin Rice

McKenzie Parks

Anne Graham

Tessa Rivera

Grace Graham Zoe Roycroft Zakaria Hill Kallee Rowe Jadea Johnson Tiffiany Silcox Jessica Maynor Kaitlynn Stanley Amiya Williams

2016/2017 Cross Country Team Megan McCoy

Chace Mizzell

Hunter Temple

Makayla Dukes

Andy Jones

Joel Reach

Kaywin Rice

Nash Moore

Brandon Finley

Kathleen Essman

Justin Elam

Ryan Finley

Leslie Reach

Trent Morse

Alex McGilvary

Zacc Snelson

Luke Taylor

Kaleb Lyle

Justin Yancey

Manager: Paige DeMott

Coaches: Chelsea Chamberlain Samantha Englebert

Dear Jenny, I am a high school student who is being picked on by some bigger kids; do you have any advice? Anonymous Well I would have to tell you that you should be the bigger person and turn the other cheek. Also, let your parents or a teacher know that this is happening if it becomes too difficult to handle. If you need any advice send me an email at You can turn in the problem anonymously or you can send your name whatever you prefer. You can also slide your question under Mrs. Mabry’s door. She will get it to me.

Mrs. Elmore’s Constitutional History Class decorated a tree with ornaments that represents West Blocton’s History. Be sure to stop by the Tinsel Trail and see all the trees on exhibit. It’s Free to All.

Tinsel Trail at the Coke Ovens Park Thank you, Mrs. Amy Elmore for all your hard work organizing and planning the 2nd Annual Tinsel Trail. We really appreciate you and all your creative efforts!

Mrs. Dodd, Mr. Creighton, Mrs. A. Elmore, and the Science Department all have trees at the Tinsel Trails. Please go by and see all the trees at the Tinsel Trail.

We need your Help! Beginning on Sunday, December 4, please go to this website to vote for your favorite tree!

Earth and Space Science Class decorating on the Recycled Ornaments Science Tree

Environmental Science Class decorating the Recycled Ornaments Science Tree

Cheerleaders and Student Council decorating their tree.

Biology Class decorating the Recycled Ornaments Science Tree

Staff Writer

Outdoor Entertainments

Corey Terry “Taking you outside into the fun!”

2016-17 Deer Zone Map and Season Dates

Trey Lawley pings a large three point deer. Good job, Trey.

ANTLERED DEER: Statewide- one a day; (3) three during the season. One of the three must have at least 4 antler points 1" or longer on one antler (except Barbour County). A point is an antler projection of at least one inch in length from base to tip. Main beam tip shall be counted as a point regardless of length.

Nothing Good Happens on Rally Alley As he was running home, Dallas began to think. Endless questions starting rolling through his mind. Who was killed? Who killed them? Why did it happen? He arrived home, propped his arm up on the door frame to catch his breath, nervously checked his watch, and realized that he was late. His mom, Emily, came to the door. “Where have you been?” He fidgeted with his watch. “I stayed after school to work on my project, but on the way home I stopped to help Amy.” She put her hands on her hips. “Next time, you need to text me if you’re going to be late.” She hugged his neck and headed off to bed. He hurried to his room and thought about what had really happened. He was on his way home from working on his project, like he had said, when he heard a scream followed by a gunshot. He turned and went towards an alley. He saw someone

Barbour County Antler Restriction: bucks must have a minimum of three points on one side (except on the statewide special youth deer hunting data UNANTLERED DEER: (except spotted fawns) One per day in addition to one antlered buck per day. (exceptions may apply for selected areas with one deer per day limit on National Forest Service Lands). Courtesy of http://

He wasn’t quite sure what to do. In his room, he plopped down on his bed. He knew he had just witnessed a murder. Does he know I saw him? Will it make me a target if I go to the police? He decided to make an attempt at going to sleep and worry about it in the morning. He lay there worried, confused, and flustered until morning.

Meet Your Next President The United States Presidential Election of 2016 was the 58th and most recent quadrennial presidential election, held on Tuesday, November 8, 2016. The Republican nominee, businessman, and multibillionaire, Donald Trump from New York, and his running mate, Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana, were projected to defeat the Democratic Party nominee, former secretary of State and former Secretary Hillary Clinton from New York, and her running mate, Senator Tim Kaine from Virginia, once the Electoral College votes would be to cast. At around 2:45 A.M on November 9th, 2016, Trump had won the Electoral College votes over, and was announced as the new President-Elect of the United States of America. Here is some important background information on Mr. Donald Trump. Donald Trump was born on June 14th, 1926, at the time he is going to be inaugurated, he will be the oldest person to assume the presidency. (He is 70 years old). He left school at the age of 13 to a military school where he finished 8th grade and high school, then he went to college and then Donald received a bachelor's degree in economics at Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. He was not drafted into the Vietnam war because of a 1-Y deferment which was foot spurs.

Some of Trump’s ideas include renegotiating the U.S/ China trade deals, opposing "unfair" trade agreements such as NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) and the Trans-Pacific Partnership, pursuing energy independence using all energy sources while opposing climate change regulations such as the Clean Power Plan and the Paris Agreement, strongly enforcing immigration laws, building a wall along the U-S/Mexico border, reforming veteran’s affairs, replacing ObamaCare™ with a cheaper alternative, abolishing the Common Core education standards, investing in the country’s infrastructure, and simplifying the tax code with lower rates. Trump has never filed for Personal bankruptcy, but hotel and casino businesses of his have been declared bankrupt six times between 1991 and 2009 to re-negotiate debt with banks and owners of stock and bonds. Because the businesses used Chapter 11 bankruptcy, they were allowed to operate while negotiations proceeded. Trump was quoted by the magazine, Newsweek in 2011 saying, "I do play with the bankruptcy laws – they’re very good for me" as a tool for trimming debt. America, your next President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump. God Bless America.

Wikipedia; submitted by Austin Peoples

West Blocton Mock Election Results Staff Results






23% Clinton



9% Johnson



3% Stein

Guess Who

Student Results

In the Tiger Times 1982 Edition, a student was on the “B” honor roll in the 7th Grade. That student now works at our school. If you can guess that teacher’s name you will get a small prize from Mrs. Mabry.

AP Top 25 Teams

Tiger Sports By Aubrey Elmore

The West Blocton Girls’ Basketball team opened up their first game against West Minister Christian last week. It was a tough match for the tigers as they came up short, but look forward to their next game against Jemison on Tuesday. I asked Grace Graham how did she feel about the game she said “Nobody freaked out and everyone corrected their mistakes.” The West Blocton Boys played a hard fought game and won big against West Minister Christian. They played well on both offense and defense. The boys tell me they look forward to their matchup against Jemison on Tuesday. (They came in second place at the tournament! Congratulations!)



12-0 1525 —


Ohio State 11-1 1456 —


Clemson 11-1 1383 1




Michigan 10-2 1264 2


Wisconsin 10-2 1237 1


Oklahoma 9-2 1141 —


Penn State 10-2 1118 —


Colorado 10-2 1035 —


USC 9-3 948 2


Oklahoma State 9-2 931 1


Florida State


Western Michigan


West Virginia




Louisville 9-3 468 5



9-3 452 NR



8-4 423 2


Virginia Tech


Navy 9-2 387 NR


LSU 7-4 338 4

11-1 1298 2

9-3 847 3 12-0 807 1

9-2 726 5

8-3 471 2

9-3 420 NR

A Blast from the past…

1. Dirty Laundry—Don Henley

7. Mickey—Toni Basil

Mrs. Rice was cleaning out her attic and came across and an old 1982 Tiger Times. Here are the top 10 songs according to the Juniors and the Seniorsback then. Youtube them and see if you agree or if they were crazy.

2. Jack and Diane—John Cougar

8. The One Who Loves You—Glenn Frey

3. Hurts So Good—John Cougar 4. Rockin’ The Casbah—The Clash 5. Maneater—Hall and Oates 6. Who Can it Be Now?—Men At Work

9. Somebody’s Baby— Jackson Brown 10. Love Me Tomorrow—Chicago

WBHS CHEERLEADERS Coach Tiffany Dodd Caleigh Pope

Emma Hicks

Dakota Caffee

Jayna Crocker

Kaelyn Bruner

Kadi Nichols

Amaya Cottingham

Sophie Vick

Hannah Blackmon

Sophie Nichols

Chloe Deerman

Jaiden Farnetti

Anna Morse

Chaylee Mizzell

This is how we see the cheerleaders, but this is how they act when no one’s looking.

I interviewed Dillon Gray. He has 2 sisters, 1 is 40 and other is 43. He has 14 horses, 2 dogs, and 4 ducks. Dillon is 15 and his birthday is June 19, 2001. He wants to go to UA for computer engineering for 4 years. He's went to West Blocton for his whole school life time.

2nd Edition  
2nd Edition