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Strategy 2021-24

Foreword We are really pleased to share with you the Bromley, Lewisham & Greenwich Mind (BLG Mind) strategy for the period of April 2021 to March 2024. The development of the strategy took several months, and benefited from the involvement of a wide range of staff, volunteers, clients, carers and members who have helped to shape our priorities. We also had valuable input from our commissioners and partner organisations, and were guided along the way by Strategy & Impact Consultant Jovana Ma. Many thanks to all of you. Our new strategy is being published against a backdrop of uncertainty, with the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic still not fully known. However, BLG Mind is determined to rise to the challenge and meet the growing demand for our services anticipated in the coming years.

We believe that this strategy will equip us to continue delivering high quality support in the local area, and introduce new services which align with the needs of the communities that we serve. We aim to ‘be there when it matters.’ Inclusivity is a key theme that runs throughout our strategy – it is an area which we really must consider in everything that we do if we are to meet the needs of the diverse communities we serve. Another key theme is partnership, and we anticipate that the services we are able to offer will continue to flourish and evolve thanks to strong connections with a range of statutory and voluntary sector partners. We look forward to your ongoing support and engagement as we prepare to respond to people’s needs over the next three years.

Rebecca Jarvis Ben Taylor (Chair) (Chief Executive)

Bromley, Lewisham & Greenwich Mind

Strategy 2021-24


Services Overview At the time of publication, BLG Mind services included:

Mental Health Services

Dementia Services

Community Mental Health support to develop skills and strategies to manage mental health problems while living fulfilling lives

Dementia Support Hubs providing post-diagnosis support, information and advice alongside training, coaching, and group activities

Employment Support to find work and retain employment during a period of ill-health

Respite at Home offer flexible respite support to people with dementia and their family carers

Peer Support delivered by people with lived experience of mental health problems

Training & consultancy to equip people to better understand and be able to support those living with dementia

Counselling, including culturally specific counselling Recovery College courses to develop skills and aid mental health recovery Suicide Bereavement support, delivered in partnership across SE London

Wellbeing & Resilience Services Mindful Mums for pregnant women and new mothers Being Dad for expectant and new fathers and male care-givers Mentally Healthy Universities workshops and groups for staff and students Training to increase people’s understanding of mental health, how to support others and how to look after their own wellbeing

Bromley, Lewisham & Greenwich Mind

Strategy 2021-24


Purpose, Vision & Values Purpose

We will help people to be mentally healthy, and work together with those experiencing mental health problems and dementia to improve their quality of life


Everyone with mental health problems and dementia in our local communities gets the support and respect they deserve


We always demonstrate our core values: Inclusive in our approach and all we do, so that we effectively meet the needs of our diverse communities Responsive to each individual we support and their unique needs, histories and aspirations Evolving, demonstrating continuous improvement, agility, innovation and effectiveness Together, working with our partners and people with lived experience of mental health problems & dementia and their support networks

Bromley, Lewisham & Greenwich Mind

Strategy 2021-24


Aims To achieve our purpose, we will:

Help people across our local

communities to develop approaches that build resilience, maintain wellbeing and encourage good mental health

Support people to make well

informed choices and address issues in their lives

Equip people to cope with, manage and improve their own mental health Facilitate access for people to fulfilling activities and meaningful involvement within their community

Improve understanding of the lived experience of people with mental health problems and dementia E nsure that diverse voices are influential in our planning, decision making and delivery

Bromley, Lewisham & Greenwich Mind

Strategy 2021-24


Theme 1

Excellence We will provide excellent quality, highly effective, evidence-based services:

Capture and use learning from

Covid-19 to create high-quality and inclusive service delivery models that provide a blend of in-person and remote support

Continue to develop our

understanding of service user experiences and engagement to inform future service development

Build partnerships with service

providers and community groups, ensuring that people are connected to the right support for them in a timely way

Share models of best practice for

services across different areas to promote consistency and enhance quality, whilst ensuring flexibility for tailoring to local needs

Consistently meet and strive to

exceed our contract and grant targets, and the requirements of external quality marks

Bromley, Lewisham & Greenwich Mind

Strategy 2021-24


Theme 2

Our People We will invest in our staff, volunteers and trustees to enable us to achieve our purpose

Map and enhance the journey of all

staff and volunteers to enable us to create a consistent positive experience for all and encourage retention

Further improve our internal

communications and collect feedback to ensure they are clear and effective

Promote and protect staff wellbeing,

considering the uniqueness of the support, recognition, flexibility and involvement required for each individual Encourage an inclusive, learning culture that enables sharing, collaboration and development across all parts of the organisation

Continually invest in the development and training of our people, enabling them to reach their potential and enhance their leadership skills

Bromley, Lewisham & Greenwich Mind

Strategy 2021-24


Theme 3

Development We will develop new services to meet the needs of our local communities

Develop effective partnerships to

deliver integrated, holistic services with our local mental health trusts

Deliver training, both to generate

income and to equip other organisations and community groups regarding mental health

Respond to emerging and ongoing

health, economic and social needs arising from Covid-19

Develop support across the age spectrum, including for young people and social opportunities for those with dementia

Increase our support to carers and

support networks of people with mental health problems and dementia

Spread and learn from models of best

practice across and beyond our Boroughs, including through partnership working with other local Minds

Develop targeted services that meet

the needs of people from under-served and under-represented communities

Bromley, Lewisham & Greenwich Mind

Strategy 2021-24


Theme 4

Engagement We will connect with the local community and other organisations to maximise the reach and impact of BLG Mind

Raise awareness of BLG Mind, including

by sharing stories and successes, to increase the reach, diversity and inclusion within our services and to support our financial sustainability

Develop engagement through an informed

approach to social and new media, in order to reach new and diverse audiences

Ensure our website continues to develop,

staying up to date and relevant, alongside offline communication routes to maximise accessibility

Build upon our relationships with

local organisations and community groups, particularly those working with under-served and under-represented communities

Ensure that the voices of a range of

people with lived experience become more influential in our service design, delivery and governance

Utilise our links with Mind and the Mind network to greater effect Take a leading role in representing mental

health, dementia and the voluntary sector in our local health and social care systems

Bromley, Lewisham & Greenwich Mind

Strategy 2021-24


Theme 5

Infrastructure We will maintain a reliable and flexible infrastructure that is fit for purpose and supports the current and future needs of the organisation

Undertake a strategic review of

Information and Communications Technology (ICT), including phones, laptops, video conferencing, wifi and software platforms, to better enable agile working

Upskill our staff to ensure they feel

confident using the technology they need to be as effective as possible

Make the best use of our premises to provide flexible spaces for services and staff

Make our buildings more accessible, welcoming and user-friendly for our clients and all those who use them

Ensure that we achieve best value with all our resources, reviewing purchasing arrangements where appropriate

Keep our central functions under

constant review, ensuring that they are resourced appropriately and structured to meet the needs of our services

Bromley, Lewisham & Greenwich Mind

Strategy 2021-24


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