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A 'Traffic Exchange' is very simply a place on the internet where you can go and do exactly that, exchange traffic with other traffic exchange users. It is a basic agreement between the users of traffic exchanges which says 'If I look at your website, you look at mine. The Traffic Exchange owners, of which there are many, have allowed the automation and regulation of this basic agreement between 'surfers'. There are many ways in which you can learn about traffic exchanges and how to use them successfully and effectively. In my own experience, it has been to jump in and start using them, you very quickly pick up a feel for each exchange and how it works, coupled with this are the emails which are sent out to you by each traffic exchange owner. These emails may at first glance seem a little pointless, but, if you actually take the time to read them, there is a deep mine of information within them. I'll now go into a few tips and ideas on how best to get results from traffic exchanges. 1. Whichever traffic exchange you use, don't promote your 'affiliate link', always use a squeeze or splash page. If you are not sure what one of these is, then make it your business to find out! However, in essence a squeeze page contains a 'strong or grabbing headline', it lists several benefits, it contains a 'call to action' and is generally aesthetically pleasing. Bear in mind, most traffic exchange users are there to get traffic to their web pages, your squeeze page needs to grab their attention, effectively halting their surf, and getting them to perform the action you have called for. This needs to be something that can generally be completed in seconds. Lets get this absolutely straight people WILL NOT stop and read an entire affiliate sign up page, you are wasting your time if you think they are going to! 2. Participate in each traffic exchange. On first look, many traffic exchanges seem very similar, but, when you take the time to study each one and get 'under the bonnet' of each, you will find it is more than just the pleasing graphics and catchy surf bars that are different. Each successful traffic exchange has something going for it that is a little unique and different. You will also begin to notice that various traffic exchanges work in teams. In fact, the whole traffic exchange community is extremely close knit, the owners of each exchange work with each other, support each other and consequently grow each other. Some of the unique things you will find are the downline builder over at Visit Maniac (owned by Sean Supplee), The competitions run by Traffic Bunnies, owned by Cindy Battye, The rewards for surfing 50 pages in 5 days out of 7 at Advertising Know How, owned by Robert Puddy. Take the time to get to know each exchange and it's unique benefits, it will help you get better results and even refer people to them, which will result in more traffic for you!

3. I have learned this from Soren Jordansen of Dagon Surf. DON'T dilute your surfing efforts by surfing too many exchanges at once. Ideally you should concentrate on 5 or 6 traffic exchanges to surf at once. How you choose which to use would probably be dictated by 'what's hot' and 'what's not'. There are many resources online to enable you to gather information about this but, you will find by working on your participation with each exchange, it will become obvious which ones you should be concentrating on. Personally I look for things like the 'Super Surf' option with 5 participating exchanges offering you a 10% increase in credits, or, where through participation, you have managed to get an 'upgraded membership' which will help you get a better surf ratio, perhaps 1:1 instead of the usual 2 or 3:1. 4. Check out the forums. one very useful forum for me has been the net marketing forum. This forum is moderated by Jon Olsen, owner of I Love Hits. This particular forum is where many of the bigger traffic exchange owners 'hang out' and discuss. Personally I met Sean Supplee here and managed to strike up a very good relationship, which is proving very fruitful, I was also able to find out about the launch of Traffic Gold Rush, one of the newest exchanges, but, which signed up 2300 users in less than 48 hours, not bad! 5. Develop a surfing Regime. Based on your results and knowledge, develop a surfing strategy optimised for results and of course, fun! It really must be fun because clicking for an hour or two a day can begin to become a little tedious. By participating, building your knowledge of traffic exchanges and using the right pages within them, it can be extremely satisfying and exciting to say the least. Lastly, and really this is important, set your goals, believe in yourself and fine tune as you go, it's a fun, exciting and fascinated journey which will reward you greatly!

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==== ==== Noted Internet Marketer Launches Five E-Books Aimed At Internet Entrepreneurs ==== ====

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