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You may have heard about affiliate link cloaking and perhaps you're wondering if this is something you should be doing as well. Although some people may consider cloaked links to be a little dishonest - that you're trying to deceive your customers - I feel there are some valid reasons why you may want to consider cloaking your links.

Affiliate links can be hijacked - this occurs when someone, usually another affiliate, uses their own affiliate link to purchase the product you're promoting. For example, let's say I read about a product on your site and decide to check out the product's main sales site by clicking on your link. I then decide to purchase the product, however I copy the URL and then substitute my affiliate link in place of yours. When I buy the product using this new link, the commission is mine even though you did all the work to get me to buy the product. Affiliate links can be bypassed - this happens when a visitor simply navigates directly to the product's main sales site by removing the affiliate link. Some people may do this because they do not want you to receive any commission for the purchase they're about to make, even though you're the one that directed them towards the product. You can condense your affiliate links - many affiliate links can appear long, ugly, and uninviting for visitors to click on. People may avoid clicking on links that look unattractive so you may want to condense your link by cloaking it.

Now that you're aware of the various problems plaguing affiliate links, you may be asking yourself if you should actually use this method. There are some that feel affiliate link cloaking is a little dishonest, while others feel they're simply protecting their sales and maximizing their marketing efforts. You will need to ultimately decide whether affiliate link cloaking is right for your business. Do you want to learn more about affiliate link cloaking and find out exactly how to cloak your links? Find the insider scoop on the latest Internet Marketing products before you buy them! - Internet Marketing Reviews

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==== ==== The List Building Academy: Teaching The Best Strategies For Success! ==== ====

Why You Should Cloak Your Affiliate Links

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