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==== ==== The List Building Academy -- Teaching The Best Strategies For Success In Your Chosen Business! ==== ==== ID: 1243298 Author: Subin Han Date Published: Jun 18, 2008 Title: Types of Fad Diets Summary: Some fad diets focus on the type of food to eat, others on the time of day and still others question whether you sh... Body: There are many types of fad diets. Some of the fad diets focus on magically melting fat with not so secret formulas of foods or combinations of food that create destruction of fat cells. There are a few examples of these diets.One that cyber myth credits to Mayo Clinic is the 12-day grapefruit diet. This diet has one menu used everyday for twelve days and each meal menu contains a grapefruit. At the end of the twelve days, you get two days on your own and then back to the diet again.Another diet that focuses on what you eat is the lemonade diet. This fad diet allows only one item for ten days. That is a lemonade made with maple syrup, cayenne pepper and lemon juice, all added to a glass of purified water. The creators of this fad diet intended it to cleanse the body and bring better health, but once weight was lost, everyone jumped on the bandwagon to try it. For a cleanse it might be good, studies on occasional fasting show it beneficial. As a diet, it's the horrible. The metabolism slows and water weight lost, comes back quickly.There are diets that restrict the intake of specific foods.The Atkins diet and the South Beach diet restrict carbohydrate intake in different ways. Atkins simply cuts them down and the South Beach diet differentiates between good and bad carbohydrates. Both diets contain phases that start with starvation and bring you closer to normal eating as you continue. Long-term restriction of specific foods can be dangerous. The final phase of both diets are close to the normal requirements for carbohydrate intake.Other diets that restrict specific types of food is a low fat diet. Low fat is not "no fat" and doctors and health care professionals often prescribe these types of diets. The amount of fat in the diet necessary to maintain good health is part of a prescription diet. Some types of these fad diets, not prescribed, completely eliminate the fat from the diet. These types of fad diets cause many problems including depression from low cholesterol. Some types of fad diets are simply crash diets. The lemonade diet mentioned earlier is one of those. Crash diets eliminate almost all foods from the diet and create a starvation mode in the dieter's body. The grape diet, also called the grape juice diet, is another fad diet that started out as a health fast. This diet restricts the food intake to nothing but grapes for varied period.Another type of fad diet uses bad science as its basis. The diet plan explains that some foods take more calories to digest than they contain and lists all the foods that you need to consume to make the magic happen. These diets focus on low calorie foods and actually work because of food restriction.The final type of fad diet is the diet that tells you when to eat. The three-hour diet is one of the top fad diets in this category. The diet design creates consumption patterns every three hours. The small meals every three hours create a reduction of spikes in the blood sugar and keep the hunger pangs away.Another diet that fits this category is the "Nothing after 6" diet. The dieter

only has to remember one rule, eat nothing after 6 p.m. The diet states that food creates fat after that hour. One reason that it works is that a lot of diets fall apart with late night eating. Get rid of all that nasty stuff in your system and Lose 1 Jean Size Every 7 Days!... What nasty stuff? Find out HERE! Top 3 Weight-Loss Programs Reviewed Lose 30 Pounds in 30 Days!

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The Types Of Fad Diets  
The Types Of Fad Diets