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You know how important traffic is to the life of your website? Of course you do. So how about I share with you some of the best ways to get traffic coming into your site using those "social marketing" sites that everyone's talking about? First of all what is social marketing? It's a new age of marketing where online communities of people share their interests and life with others by joining networks through a variety of social media markets such as MySpace, Facebook, Hi5, Twitter and many others. Knowing how to apply and approach this social marketing trend is a must if you want to get tons of free traffic to your site. The problem though is that social sites don't like marketers! It's true! So you have to be careful when you are using them that you don't get banned or caught out. A great way to get lots of traffic with your social marketing without getting banned is by applying this simple "5 H's": Humor Honesty Have fun Help people Humor: Injecting a little piece of humor to your social marketing profile makes it interesting and appealing to people, is a great way to attract lots of friends and expand your network. Honesty: Open yourself; let people know who you really are. As the word says social marketing is all about been "social", people in the networks are interested in meeting and sharing with others and they will really want to get to know you so be honest, don't pretend to be someone else (no point uploading photos to your profile of Justin Timberlake or Pamela Anderson). People appreciate honesty and will reward you with their trust.

Have fun: One of the greatest things about social marketing is that you can have lots of fun doing it. Just think about it: how cool is to generate money from the traffic that you get by meeting new people, learning new stuff and helping others. Isn't that awesome! Help people: The more you can help people the more they will help you in return. So add useful links and recommendations to your profiles. Point people in the right direction and answer any questions people post on your profile or contact you with. So remember: always apply the "5 H's" to your social marketing and start getting loads of free traffic to your site.

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==== ==== Noted Internet Marketer Launches Five E-Books Aimed At Internet Entrepreneurs ==== ====

Social Marketing Tips For Getting Massive Traffic