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Social Bookmarking Facts Coined by delicious in the late 2003, social bookmarking allows Internet users to save and organize bookmarks to a public website, tag them with keywords, share them with others, and see what others have bookmarked.. Although they are oftentimes public, the bookmarks can be saved privately and share them with a specific group of people or friends. If you wish to make a collection of social bookmarks, you have to register with a social bookmarking site. From there, you will be able to save bookmarks, add tags, and set a bookmark as public or private. In many social bookmarking services, you are allowed to comment, rate a particular bookmark, and browse through items based on the most popular, recently added, or a particular category such as fashion, health, politics, sports, etc. Thus, these features can easily make social connections with others who show interest in just about any topic Social Bookmarking Tags The use of social bookmarking system has far more advantages than the traditional automated resource location and classification software, such as search engine spiders, when it comes to making a high-quality search engine. This is primarily because a tag-based classification of Internet resources is performed by human beings, who comprehend the content of the resource. Social bookmarking has disadvantages, however, as it is mainly done by amateurs. As the social bookmarking sites cannot oversee how the resources are organized and tagged, an inconsistent or use poor of tags can take place. Another downside is that social bookmarking means saving data in another location that has to be maintained and updated. On the other hand, social bookmarking submission has evolved to be a popular search engine optimization tool (SEO) for SEO professionals. It has now become a simple step to making your site get noticed and generate more traffic. A brief description of SEO is that it is a process of improving a website's quantity from search engines through natural search results for targeted keywords. Social websites such as, Digg, and StumbleUpon are known to maximize the exposure of a particular website to a larger audience.

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==== ==== Noted Internet Marketer Launches Five E-Books Aimed At Internet Entrepreneurs ==== ====

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