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I've used many WordPress plug-ins that have made blogging easier but never one that builds back-links like WP Syndicator. Andy Fletcher is the brainchild behind the work of genius, I only wish I had his talents. The name tells the story of the purpose for this plug-in, basically it automatically spreads your blog posts around the internet giving you those ever-needed backlinks. This review of WP Syndicator will tell you how it actually syndicates your content and builds the back-links. How would you like to see a snippet of your blog post spread across 15 different web 2.0 properties just as soon as you click the "publish post" button on your blog. New 2.0 sites are always being added and tweaked but some of the sites that get your snippet can be,, Tumblr, Indentica, FriendFeed and Vox just to name a few. Also, Twitter will get a quick tweet with a link back to your blog. I love automated processes but you still need to spend an hour or so setting up the plug-in however, I think it is well worth the small effort considering the huge benefits. I must be getting lazy, because it really doesn't take that long to set up the 15 different web 2.0 properties. In fact, WP Syndicator makes it really easy to set these accounts up because you do it right through the plug-in, or should I say you can use the interface of the plug-in to set everything up. Don't worry if you run into a snag setting up the accounts there are some quick, to the point, video tutorials the help you along. As I mentioned, setting up the web 2.0 properties won't take you any longer than an hour and if you're a fast typist you can get it done in 30 minutes. Now that all the hard work is done, go ahead and write and post and hit publish. Your blog post will be automatically syndicated if you choose or you can do it manually. You get other choices also, if you want to go easy on, then just un-tick it before you hit the syndicate button. Some of the sites only want certain content, so you would want to be sure you don't send content that is contrary to the nature of the Web 2.0 site. All you need to do is tell the plug-in not to "syndicate" to the site or sites in question and your blog post won't be syndicated. It's really an easy task to post and syndicate a post. WP Syndicate takes an excerpt from your blog post, a length you can determine, and sends it to the 2.0 websites for syndication. There's a default setting of 95 words or 500 characters. At the end of your text snippet will be a hyper-linked text that links back to your blog post, something like "Continue Reading....", but you have the ability to change the anchor text to the keyword or keyword phrase of your choice! Since Twitter is automatically shortened and you can't have any anchor text with Twitter, the anchor text is changed into a shortened link such as a link. In reviewing WP Syndicator it is obvious that this plug-in has automated several boring but needed tasks. "So what?", you ask. Well, one benefit will be traffic from all the Web 2.0 websites

interested in reading the rest of your blog posts! If you're posts are quality posts people will be enticed to read further. Now if you've set up your blog correctly you will have some autoresponder optin forms displayed so WP Syndicator will help to grow your marketing lists! Perhaps the biggest benefit will be all the back-links pointing to your blog, just remember to use this tool responsibly and judiciously.

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==== ==== The List Building Academy: Teaching The Best Strategies For Success! ==== ====

A Review Of The WP Syndicator

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