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==== ==== Noted Internet Marketer Launches Five E-Books Aimed At Internet Entrepreneurs ==== ====

Let's face it. Network marketers who can create endless leads have a leg up on the competition. And when those leads were generated using FREE methods, those network marketers have learned a priceless skill that will allow them to profit beyond belief. One way that these smart network marketers are generating these free leads is in online forums. A forum is an online community that posts questions and the knowledgeable members post their answers. It's a great way to meet new people, network with like-minds, and create a lot of leads... IF you're doing it the right way. Here's some tips so that you don't suffer from common mistakes: 1.) Do NOT sell your opportunity on the forum! Everyone will see this as spam... and who likes spam? NO ONE. And it will more than likely get you banned from the forum. Do NOT make forum posts for the sole purpose of creating leads. It's in bad taste and you'll get nowhere. 2.) People are attracted to those with INFORMATION. Namely information that they don't know. Hence, the reason they're at the forum to begin with - to ask questions. Invest time into your own education so that when people ask questions on the forum, you've got the answers. It won't be immediate, but over a period of time you can establish yourself as a leader in the forum just by adding value to the community. 3.) Create thought-provoking (and RESPONSE-provoking) threads. (A thread is just a new series of posts.) Ask controversial questions. Make a statement based on your own thoughts or something you heard and ask the community to post their thoughts. Start topics that are intriguing. Don't be afraid to "shake things up a bit" from time to time. 4.) STAY ACTIVE in the community on a regular basis. At least once per week for 30 mins, but never more than 2 hours per week. That's WAY too much for forum marketing and your time could be better spent on other forms of marketing. Here's some more MUSTS when starting up in forum marketing: Make sure that as soon as you register with a new forum that you create a profile. Include a professional picture, and a video if possible. Also include a link to your own website. You won't get in trouble promoting your business in your profile because the people viewing your profile are on that page because they're already LOOKING for more information on YOU specifically. Also, a BIG part of forum marketing is your SIGNATURE. Your signature is a few lines of text (no more than 3 lines usually) where you're allowed to promote yourself and/or have a link to your

website. THIS IS A MUST and is something you must setup BEFORE you start posting! Let me explain. As you're answering people's questions and adding value to the community, people are going to read your post and say to themselves "Wow. This person knows what they're talking about. I wonder what business they're in... I wonder what else can I learn from them..." And here's your chance to create a lead. In your signature, have some "sales copy". What I mean is make the text intriguing and spark some curiosity in the reader. One of the signatures I use in network marketing forums is this: "Discover How To Generate Endless Leads for Your MLM Business on Total Autopilot at ((my website link here))..." It generates interest and curiosity in the reader and might as well say, "click here or you'll regret it if you don't!" (ha ha) If you can, make the text BOLD and make it a different color... Blue is a good color, but I think RED is the best. Just try not to make it YELLOW or WHITE. You want to use a color that stands out from the rest of the page, so unless the background color of the forum is black stay away from lighter colors. This should give you a head start in your forum marketing. But you must put these steps in to ACTION if you want to see the results. Be patient because forum marketing takes some time to get going. And don't be afraid to start out being the one ASKING the questions first before you're the one ANSWERING them. You need to LEARN before you can TEACH. To Your Success, Adam Holland

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==== ==== Noted Internet Marketer Launches Five E-Books Aimed At Internet Entrepreneurs ==== ====

Generating MLM Leads Using Forum Marketing