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==== ==== Charles McDuffie launches five ebooks, available for free downloads, and offers information that would be crucial for a newbie as well as a veteran internet marketer. ==== ====

If you are already an avid internet marketer then you definitely would have heard about CPA marketing. If you are new to the arena of internet marketing then you should first get to know about CPA marketing, comprehend it, practice it and slowly delve into it, as there is lots of money to be made through it. in fact most internet marketers and website owners make a lot of income through CPA programs. The acronym CPA stands for 'cost per acquisition' or 'cost per action'. Here the user has to fill in a few forms or download a program and for doing so he is paid per form he fills in or per program he downloads. These forms to be filled in could be as short as two field forms such as newsletter subscription forms which require your name and email address or they could be longer. The longer forms might have other fields besides name and email such as residential address, age, contact numbers, monthly income and many more like the ones you might find in bank forms or insurance companies. The kinds of programs which are offered for downloading through CPA programs are wallpapers, screensavers, smileys, emoticons and more. The money you are paid for one email submission form ranges from 0.25$ to 4 $ and the longer forms could be worth 120$ to 140$. One thing to understand about CPA marketing is that you get paid when a user submits an accomplished form or downloads a program. What makes it interesting here is that the user is not charged anything for this and only his name and personal details are required. Hence you have to give the users more incentive to fill in the form or to download a program from your website. Once a program is downloaded or a filled in form is submitted, you earn a commission. CPA networks are those companies which act as the middlemen between CPA promoters and publishers. They take offers from the promoters and then the publishers generate traffic towards these very offers and they get a percentage of the lead. The publishers in CPA marketing are called affiliates. If you are interested in signing up for a CPA marketing program, then you should do some research over the internet as to who the best CPA programs promoters are. After you enroll with them you can choose from a list of offers you want to promote or advertise. For each individual offer you will be given a unique affiliate ID for promoting that particular offer. The good and not so complex part about the payment is that you will get a single check for all the commissions you have made for the promotion of all offers by you instead of multiple checks from a host of different promoters. You have to screen the various CPA offers available for promotion and choose those which according to you are probable of seeming interesting and different to the users. You do want to be

stuck with CPA offers which do not attract users and make no commission for you. CPA marketing can lead to lots of income but with time and patience. Also the choice of the CPA programs also makes an impact on this.

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==== ==== Charles McDuffie launches five ebooks, available for free downloads, and offers information that would be crucial for a newbie as well as a veteran internet marketer. ==== ====

Making Money Through CPA Marketing