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==== ==== The List Building Academy -- Teaching The Best Strategies For Success In Your Chosen Business! ==== ==== ID: 1620707 Author: John Mowatt Date Published: Oct 26, 2008 Title: Lose Weight Fast - The Best Way Summary: Most of us who are overweight would like to lose weight fast. The new diet programs based on research can provide m... Body: Most of us who are too heavy would like to take off some of that excess weight. We would really like to lose weight fast and easily. We are quite unhappy with our appearance but,then again,we have no desire to starve on a diet. The effects of the extra weight on our health are also worrisome. We finally come to the decision that it is time to lose some weight.Sometimes,usually if some special event is approaching,we would like to lose weight fast. Maybe we are attending a high school reunion and we just don't want to show up there badly overweight. Maybe summer vacation time is coming up and we want to look trim in our swimsuit.For whatever reason,we want to lose weight quickly. Or at any rate as fast as is reasonably possible. We don't expect a miracle but we surely would like to find a miraculous way to lose weight fast.The fact is that the amount of weight you can lose,and how quickly you can lose that weight,is dependent on how much overweight you are. If you are badly overweight you should probably expect to lose about one pound every day,or a little more,on a good diet program. Anything more drastic than that would require serious fasting and might be dangerous to your health.Disregard diets which are advertising huge weight losses in a short time. You simply can't lose 30 pounds in a week or anything like that. It's absolutely untrue and there is no way to do this. A good diet program will help you to lose weight fast and that is excellent. However once more you should not expect miracles.If you are around say 20 pounds over your best weight you should not expect to drop more than one pound daily on a really good diet program. You might lose weight quickly by fasting but this should only be done under strict medical supervision by your health care professional.You should not fast by eating no food at all. A modified fast which allows you to eat small amounts of solid foods and lots of liquids can be alright for a lot of people. But once more anything this drastic should be attempted only if you are in good health and after seeking the advice of your doctor.If you would like to know how to lose weight fast, the simple answer is that it will be much better for you to lose weight gradually. A slower rate of weight loss requires much less of a change in your lifestyle,and is a great deal simpler to achieve.If you take on a crash diet you may lose weight quite fast,but you no sooner come off the diet than you will gain all the pounds back again very quickly. Don't try crash dieting. It is very simply a poor idea.The new style of diet programs which are based on research are easy to stay on for extended periods of time. You can select the foods you would like to eat rather than having to go on a selection of foods you do not like at all. It is possible to drop many pounds and keep them off by staying with a really good diet program. There are several new no starvation diets available now which we recommend for long term weight loss.

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Lose Weight Fast - The Best Way  
Lose Weight Fast - The Best Way