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Want to increase your website traffic? Many people and businesses believe that traffic is just going to appear when they have a website built and activated. This is usually not the case. The accessibility of the internet has created this misnomer that "if you build it they will come". There have been many aspiring online business people that have found out this reality the hard way. You can have a great looking site and a great product, and still have no online traffic. It takes work and patience to increase your website traffic. All websites on the world wide web are unique. They each have a different URL address and in most cases offer different products, information and/or services. Even though there are differences, the one thing they have in common is traffic. Internet surfers can visit your site through many different portals that can usually be categorized under one of four online "entryways": 1) Organic Search Traffic - results when a word or phrase is typed into a search engine or directory and the searcher selects a result of the query. There are no fees associated with organic search traffic once the website has been made search engine friendly. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a service that is underutilized by many website builders and owners because it is not well understood or they are just unaware that such a concept exists. Websites without basic SEO will have a poor search ranking, negatively effecting their websites potential traffic. SEO is an investment into your businesses website, the better your SEO the higher you will rank, driving more traffic to your website. 2) Site Linkage - is traffic generation from an affiliated site, through a link that website has referring to your site. It is only beneficial for your website to do this if your linked sites are not in direct competition with you. By working on this over time, you can build site linkage traffic that will pay off for increased traffic long term. Some of the more popular sites will charge a fee for site linkage or ask for a reciprocal link on your site. The advantage of site linkage is its low cost, while the disadvantages are that it can take some time to set up, expand, and keep current and some website owners prefer not to have reciprocal links. 3) Paid Traffic - can include any number of online marketing campaigns, such as Pay-PerClick(PPC) advertising, banner advertising, and e-mail mailing campaign. These traffic generators are great for quick guarantee website traffic and you can spend as much as your budget allows. The drawbacks are they can be very expensive compared to your Return on Investment (ROI) and they only generate traffic for as long as you pay the fee(s). 4) Direct Traffic - is from internet surfers who clicked a bookmark to come to your site or typed your site URL into their browser. Direct traffic can include visitors recruited via offline (i.e. print, television) campaigns. Media campaigns are usually very expensive and they only generate traffic

as long as you are advertising. As you can see, there are many ways to increase your websites traffic, but most of them take some work, some money and some patience. The only guarantee in website traffic is that if you do not do anything, the lack of effort will be reflected in the small amount of traffic to your website.

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==== ==== Noted Internet Marketer Launches Five E-Books Aimed At Internet Entrepreneurs ==== ====

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