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If your business is run in part or whole by utilizing a website then you are well aware of the importance of traffic, more importantly targeted traffic. All websites need traffic to stay successful, this is the lifeline of any business. This is no different than if a business was run primarily from a brick and mortar store front, without customers coming through the front door then the business will soon close. The same theory applies to any website, people need to know about your website and they need to visit, again and again. Though the methods may vary somewhat, all businesses whether online or offline need to promote their location in order for their targeted customer base to know how to find them. For the purposes of this article we will concentrate on the online type of business. The following "catch phrases" are used to keep our targeted traffic coming back to our site as well as bringing others with them. As you may well know, it is just human nature that the more we see something the more it will become part of our routine. Therefore the very first "catch phrase" that your website should use at the top of your page is; "Please Bookmark Our Site Now". This simple little phrase will keep you visitors coming back often as long as you have given them a good reason to bookmark your site. The best way to do this is to promise that you ad new content every day and keep that promise. People like to join "free" things, so start an affiliate program for your products or services. Then you could use the phrase; "Join Our Free Affiliate Program And Earn Commissions". The more people that join your free affiliate program, the more links that your site will have pointed at it, resulting in more traffic. Invite your visitors to give away your freebies to visitors of their website or even their e-mail list. Encourage your visitors to; "Give Away Our Freebies To Your Visitors", or your mailing list. This simple phrase and action could multiply your traffic virally beyond your wildest dreams, because all your freebies will contain a link back to your website. Set up a page on your site that says; "Please Fill Out Our Short Online Survey". Use this survey to gather visitor input on how you could improve your website. Listen to what your visitors want and then take action where appropriate and again your traffic will increase and even be more targeted. People are always looking for a promotion of some kind so why not have a online contest or sweepstakes on your site. Then in bold type say; "Enter Our Contest/Sweepstake". You will be amazed at how many people return to your website daily to enter and sooner or later they will see something that they must buy now. Never pass up the opportunity to use the phrase; "Please Tell A Friend About Our Website". If your website has done its job of grabbing the visitors attention and sparked their interest then this subtle reminder will get them to spread the word about your website. Again this will increase traffic

in the form of more targeted since they will be referred by someone they trust. Another way to inspire feedback about your site is to invite your visitors to; "Please Be Sure To Sign Our Guestbook". By allowing them to place their links in your guestbook you will once again have more links and constructive criticism to increase your targeted traffic. Consider having an online discussion board on your website. By utilizing this feature you could invite your visitors to; "Participate In Our Discussion Board". Here they will meet new people that they will more than likely want to keep in touch with so they will likely return to your website to do so on a regular basis, which again increases your targeted traffic. Invite all your visitors to; "Subscribe To Our Free E-Zine". With the ever increasing popularity of these online e-zines they have become a must have for all online businesses. Through this form of media you are able to build your list of targeted traffic as well as keep those customers informed of any changes in your website as well as specials or even new websites that you may be launching. In every copy of your e-zine that you e-mail to your list it is imperative that there is a link back to your website within that issue. Even though you have the copy rights to all your articles be sure that you let all your visitors know that they are welcome to; "Use Our Free Content On Your Website Or In Your E-Zine". By giving them your permission to republish your articles with your "about the author" resource box intact you will be getting free advertising all over the internet, which again will multiply your traffic rapidly. Keep in mind that sales on your website require action on the part of your customers. These "catch phases" that have been spoken of above, all stimulate some sort of action on the part of your customer(visitor), and most importantly they are designed to get your traffic to return. The point of getting your traffic to return is two fold, one being that more often than not it will take more than one visit to get a sale from each person and once they make that first purchase each time they return it will get easier for they will come to "trust" you and your business more with each visit. Run an honest and trustworthy business and the word will spread like a wild forest fire and before you know it has happen your website traffic will be exploding as well as your sales and profits. Copyright © 2006 Roy J. Keller (All Rights Reserved) About the author: NOTE: You have full permission to reprint this article within your website or newsletter as long as you leave the article fully intact and include the "About The Author" resource box. Thanks! :-)

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==== ==== Noted Internet Marketer Launches Five E-Books Aimed At Internet Entrepreneurs ==== ====

Increase Your Website Traffic By Using Catchy Phrases