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==== ==== The List Building Academy -- Teaching The Best Strategies For Success In Your Chosen Business! ==== ==== ID: 2881153 Author: Dian Sosita Date Published: Sep 06, 2009 Title: How to Stop Smoking? Realize Smoking Damages Summary: There are so many benefits to quit smoking, but none to continue as it does not do any good to health. Now, it depe... Body: How to stop smoking? This question is being asked by millions of smokers throughout the world who are willing to quit but are unable to do so for a long time. Are you also seeking some effective ways to help you stop smoking forever?If you really want to quit, you should first be sincere with yourself and motivate yourself to quit. No one can do so for you and even if they do, it will not be affective unless you yourself are convinced. Next, you need to become well acquainted with all important tips and tricks to stop smoking. It is really hard to persuade your mind to quit smoking because of your body depends on nicotine. Gradually, it becomes like a medicine to the body and people start considering it important for survival. In this way, psyche of someone comes with satisfying reminiscences of smoking cigarettes and it becomes a habit that is almost impossible to quit. Read again it says "almost impossible" which means if you stay determined it surely can be possible to stop smoking.Tips and tricks that guide you about how to stop smoking must be first known and then followed strictly. But even before that you should first know different harmful consequences that result from smoking. Smoking damages ones health badly and brings one closer to death. Besides, smoking all the time can also affect immune system of someone as well as other body parts thus you are more exposed to sickness and you will start experiencing various other effects like shaky hands, moodiness or difficulty in breathing. Giving up the habit of smoking, not only leaves with more money in pocket, but by doing so you are also lessening your medical bills.There are various experts, psychologists and doctors who will tell you how to stop smoking but the biggest challenge is implementing those. Most smokers know about the harmful effects of smoking but still cannot quit as they are addicted to it which can prove dangerous not only for themselves but also for their loved ones. Most smokers consider that it helps them get rid of their stress, but as a matter of fact, you start feeling more uneasy and anxious when you do not have cigarette in your hands. It actually depends entirely on you that whether you want to lead a healthy life or just want to add your name to the list of smokers. Dian Sosita has observed many people cases of how bad-behavior effects. She loves to help people get a quality life back. Quitting Smoking is one of her themes she likes to help others. To find an unique and easy way to quit smoking go to How to Stop Smoking

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How To Stop Smoking Realize Smoking Damages