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==== ==== The List Building Academy -- Teaching The Best Strategies For Success In Your Chosen Business! ==== ==== ID: 3022240 Author: Ryan S Price Date Published: Oct 02, 2009 Title: How to Build a Squeeze Page in 3 Steps Summary: Your squeeze page exists to serve one purpose and one purpose only; to add people to your list. All too often, som... Body: Your squeeze page exists to serve one purpose and one purpose only; to add people to your list.  All too often, somewhere during the creation process, squeeze pages evolve into something different and their whole purpose is lost.  This inevitably decreases conversion and limits the list pulling power of any squeeze page not setup correctly.  Follow a few golden rules and start building a list faster than ever before.Your squeeze page is the portal onto your list, where you store peoples names and emails so that you can stay in contact with them on a regular basis.  Essentially your squeeze page will contain these three elements:1. A Headline. This is where you will catch the readers attention and encourage them to read further.  The best headlines inform the reader that reading further can solve one of their problems, help them avoid pain or bring them pleasure.2. A Brief List of Benefits.  Make a list of the most important or most exciting benefits a user of your product or service may experience. Take the features of your product or service and turn them into a benefit, for example, if you sell a product that automatically closes doors, rather than saying 'Automatic closing mechanism' you would say 'No more cold drafts with the self-closing mechanism'.  Now the reader can visualize, no more cold drafts.  When writing your benefits think of the experience your users will have using your product or service.3. A Form Field from an Autoresponder.  This is simply an opt-in form to collect name and email so you can store them in an email database. Your autoresponder will take care of all of this for you.That is all there is to it.  Your squeeze page should have nothing more.  There should be no links pointing anywhere else.  Your squeeze page should exist to get one response from your readers only.  That response is to enter their name and email into the form field.  (note: if you are creating a squeeze page to use with Google Adwords you are required to set it up differently).  You can now start testing conversion rates, this is how many people fill in their details and submit them versus how many people land on your squeeze page.  You may then begin to test conversion strategies like adding images, audio or video to your squeeze page but remember, just because lots of flash images and video works in one industry it does not necessarily mean it will work in all industries.  So, just start with a basic squeeze page, don't delay in getting it online by waiting for video creation or the like, start testing now and determine what works for you.Now the question arises, is the squeeze page part of the main website, or is it on a separate page? Or can it be a form at the top of my blog?  The answer to all of those questions is 'Yes, It can be all'.  I actually recommend you do all to maximize your ability to list build however, if you are using traffic generation methods you must send all that traffic to a

squeeze page that is on a page of its own.  Remember, we don't want to distract our visitor from entering their name and email by having other things on the page or by making them search for our opt-in form.  The other options are just there to pick up subscribers who find your site in other ways.Here is another great tip.  Create two new folders on your computer, one to save copies of squeeze pages that you find are 'good', ones that compelled you to enter your name and email. The other folder to save squeeze pages that you thought were 'bad', or ones where you immediately closed the page.  After a while you will begin to see similar elements on the 'good' pages and similar elements on the 'bad' pages.  Now you just want to make your squeeze pages look more like the 'good' pages.  Remember, this is an ongoing process, take your time to build up your swipe file of 'good and bad' pages and start implementing changes to your squeeze pages.  This is dynamic because the needs and want of readers are always changing and almost everyone can benefit from monitoring and improving their conversion rates. Want more information on how to build a squeeze page and catapult your list into the thousands? Get my new List Building e-book []Ryan Price teaches internet marketing information to newbie internet marketers starting out in online business.

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How to Build a Squeeze Page in 3 Steps

How to Build a Squeeze Page in 3 Steps