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==== ==== The List Building Academy -- Teaching The Best Strategies For Success In Your Chosen Business! ==== ==== ID: 1176799 Author: Glenys Colclough Date Published: May 14, 2008 Title: Get Back To Nature Summary: Get back to nature with simply learning how to appreciate the little things nature has to offer us. You just may b... Body: On a recent trip to South Carolina, as I traveled the back roads on a warm spring afternoon I noticed something that never stood out to me before; the beauty of nature. I traveled those back roads a hundred times over, but everything on that day appeared bright, beautiful and in bloom magnified by ten.I rolled down the windows to let the warm air enter and along with it came the sweetest smell; it was almost intoxicating, but not overwhelming. It was the smell of spring with wild flowers reaching out beyond the winding country road, beautiful deep green leaves of oak trees waving their hello as I passed, and the bright sun graciously lighting my path.As I took in the scenery, I realized something very important; we should make it a point to get back to nature. What I mean by getting back to nature is we should take time to appreciate what God created to cover this earth; take time to stop and smell the roses.I know many of you may not be "outside" people, but there are many ways to get back to nature without getting your hands dirty and your feet wet. The next time you are in your car, simply roll down the windows on a warm day and let the air caress your face. When you walk through the park or a flower shop take notice of the flowers and the sweet smell of their perfume, and if you are bold enough to walk through your backyard without any shoes on to let the plush green grass tickle your feet by all means do so.I guarantee if you take a moment to get back to nature you will not only experience a sense of stillness and peace but God as well. You will see the true beauty of nature and its purpose for being apart of our lives. You will begin to appreciate the little things nature has to offer; things we rarely notice.This week I encourage you to get back to nature and enjoy the warmth of its beauty. You may notice something that never caught your eye before. This article was written by Glenys Colclough, author and motivational speark. She's the host of Inspire Me Radio, an online radio show designed to inspire and empower listeners to live their best life.You can tune into Inspire Me Radio at each and every Sunday from 6pm -7pm for a new experience on a different level.

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Get Back To Nature

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