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==== ==== The List Building Academy -- Teaching The Best Strategies For Success In Your Chosen Business! ==== ==== ID: 1602732 Author: Sangeetha Nadarajan Date Published: Oct 20, 2008 Title: Frisky Romancing - The Outdoors Summary: Has the excitement in your marriage fizzled out? Is your spouse dedicating more time to familial issues and neglect... Body: Household chores half done, little ones running around and Mr./ Mrs. Spouse sits on the couch, cracking walnuts and scratching his/ her ear.Has the excitement in your marriage fizzled out? Is your spouse dedicating more time to familial issues and neglecting the spice in the bedroom? Well here's a thought. Send the kids to Grandma, close one eye to the mess sitting in the sink and take 'Spousie' out for a fun frisky-licious romp in the great outdoors.Did a double take there didn't you? Well before you cringe and wonder if we have lost it, think about it. Hubby/ Wifey is probably thinking the same thing but is too shy to bring it up. No, don't roll your eyes. You'd be amazed at half the things people don't suggest to their partners out of sheer embarrassment or having the idea shoved aside.So to make it easier for you to get this rolling, go ahead and explore this list of (legal) places that this fun activity can be carried out. (You can thank us later).NatureWhat better place to do a beautiful, natural act than surrounded by nature itself? Take along a picnic basket, a music player with the greatest love tunes to get you both in the mood and a bottle of wine. Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is one place you can consider as only the mornings and evenings see joggers and students. However do be sure to know the way back for many an 'explorer' has become lost due to either extremely poor navigation or the confusing intertwining of branches that block the way.BeachAhh, the sun, the sand and the sea. It can't get better than that. Studies have shown that women reach their happiest state in the water, regardless of it being the pool or the sea. However soft, warm sand tickling your feet and the cool sea water that washes over you will simply set you, and your better half, in the mood rather than the cold, hard cemented pee-filled pool.CinemaAngelina Jolie cups her hand around Antonio Banderas' head and makes out with him. Steamy and gets you in the mood doesn't it? Well replicate it! Cup 'spousie's' head and get on with it. Just make sure you're at the last row so that nobody behind can yell at you or pelt you with popcorn for blocking their view.ParkWondering why nature and park are on the list when they are so similar? Well simply because with the park, you have to be more careful. Joggers, children, park rangers, dogs and the elderly roam the park freely and well, to maintain your privacy and dignity, getting down and dirty with the spouse requires a tad bit of cautiousness.VacationAll right if these places don't really appeal to you and you want to carry out this friskiness with class then a vacation is in call here. Book the honeymoon suite. Nobody said that the honeymoon suite requires first time honeymooners. Create the honeymoon atmosphere. Rose petals on the bed, specially scented soap, boxes of assorted chocolates, the best wine you can afford and soft music to be played in the background. Granted this is not exactly the outdoors but then again, it is away from home and you have a door in your suite that does not demand you to keep the friskiness at

bay.There is nothing more fun than the thrill of being caught in these places. The mere thought of that just adds passion to the whole frisky business. Anyway, now that you have the places, we must let you know about the 'must-have' kit. Have a basket; pack it with champagne, spicy food and chocolates. The first thing you have to remember before you begin your little rendezvous is to not expose yourself or your partner in any way, for that can be charged under the Indecent Act. As long as you keep it clean, a good 'ol time of frisky fun is what you will be looking forward to. Author: Sangeetha Nadarajan Writer TheAsianParent.Com is a free weekly online parenting magazine targeted at educated, culturally engaged parents with children 0-6 years of age, parents-to-be, who are residing in Asia or of Asian heritage.We aim to be the number one source of Asian parenting news, opinion, education, and entertainment. We offer our readers lots of articles, videos and pod casts that are not just credible and relevant but cutting edge, stylish and lighthearted, which readers can expect every Monday. We also offer our readers a forum where they can meet like-minded parents to communicate, commiserate and celebrate the absurdity and wonder of it all. The magazine also gathers a pool of educators, doctors and advisors who are keen in promoting the well-being of children and parents. Together, TheAsianParent acts as a platform for communication and support for parents.

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Frisky Romancing - The Outdoors